Aaron and Jacksí Dorm Room Mutual Hand Job Fantasy


I am a freshman in college and I share a dorm room with this hot guy named Aaron. Even though Aaron and I were randomly paired as room mates, we get along really well. Over the six weeks we have been sharing a room, Aaron has talked a lot about his girlfriend and has shown me pictures of her. This is the first time they have ever been apart and he talks about how much he misses her. I have also shown pictures of my "girlfriend" to Aaron. She is actually my best friend. I have known her since I was eight and she is the only person I have ever told that I might be gay.


It is midterms and Aaron and I have been really busy and studying hard. It is Friday afternoon. Aaron had his last midterm that morning and I just finished my last midterm and have returned to our room.


The dorm room is not very big, our beds are pushed up against opposite walls, with only about four feet in between them.


Aaron is lounging on his bed, bare foot and wearing a pair of silky basketball shorts and a college tee. I am wearing my standard blue jeans, boxers and a flannel shirt. I kick off my shoes and plop down on my bed opposite of Aaron.


Aaron: Well Jack, we made it through our first midterms.

Jack: Hell yes! I'm worn out.

Aaron: I think we deserve a little celebration.


Aaron gets off his bed and goes to his closet. He turns around and triumphantly holds out a bottle of Black Velvet. As he walks back with the bottle, his crotch is at my eye level and I can't help noticing his cock flopping around inside his shorts, he is obviously not wearing any underwear.


Aaron hands the bottle to me then sits down on the edge of his bed. I take a big swig. It is the first time I have ever had any liquor, I have only had beer before this. I make a face and Aaron laughs. I am also sitting on the edge of my bed. I pass the bottle to Aaron, he takes a drink. We pass it back and fourth to each other a few more times. I am beginning to enjoy the warm feeling brought on by the alcohol. I lean back on my bed with my head and shoulders against the wall and my feet still on the floor.


Aaron tries to pass the bottle to me. I stretch out my arm but we are too far apart, so he comes over to my bed and sits down right next to me. We are both leaning back now with our head and shoulders against the wall and our feet on the floor. Our arms are slightly touching and he accidentally steps on my stocking foot with his bare foot and then moves it off and says sorry.


We continue passing the bottle back and fourth, feeling very mellow and just chit chatting. Then the subject turns to his girlfriend.


Aaron: I've been trying to get my girlfriend to send me naked pictures of herself.

Jack: Really? How are you doing that?

Aaron: Iíve been sending her pictures of my dick and asking for her to do the same.

Jack: You want her to send you pictures of her dick?


Aaron laughs and punches my arm.


Aaron: No, asshole, you know what I mean.


I laugh and punch him back.


Jack: Has it worked, has she sent you any naked pictures yet?

Aaron: No.

Jack: Why not?

Aaron: She says she doesn't want a picture of just my dick, she wants to see all of me naked including my face.

Jack: And you have a problem with that?

Aaron: Fuck no, I'll do anything to get her to send me some naked pictures, It's just that with my shitty little flip phone I can't seem to get the right angle for head to toe selfies.

Jack: Sucks for you. You must be the last person in the world who still owns a flip phone.

Aaron: Yeah, it royally sucks for me, but I think I have a solution.

Jack: What?


Aaron turns his head and looks directly at me.


Aaron: You could take pictures of me using your fancy smart phone.


I pause for a moment inwardly shouting hallelujah and pretending to think it over.


Jack: Sure why not, happy to help out a bud.

Aaron: There's just one thing.

Jack: What?

Aaron: You realize I'm going to have to be hard, right?


I pause again. I can't believe my luck. Of course I have seen Aaron naked from time to time during our six weeks of being room mates, but they were just brief fleeting glimpses. Now I will be able to get a really good long look and I'll get to see him Rock. Fucking. Hard. I have never ever seen another guys erection in person before. Just the thought of this was getting me hard.


Aaron must have taken my silence as reluctance.


Aaron: Jack, I'll do the same thing for you, I'll take pictures of you with a hardon so maybe you can get your girlfriend to send naked pictures too.

Jack: Okay, Aaron, it's a deal.


Aaron stands, looking down at me. I hope he doesn't notice I am hard under my jeans. He quickly pulls off his shorts and takes off his tee. Before I even realize what is happening, there stands Aaron before me, totally butt assed naked.


Aaron: So, how do we start?

Jack: Okay, I guess we're doing this right now.

Aaron: Jack, I'm a little drunk and if I don't do it now, I might loose my nerve.

Jack: I'll get my phone.


Aaron isn't hard yet, but he does have a semi. I then start taking pictures of him standing there naked. In spite of both of us being mildly intoxicated, we are a bit nervous and we're laughing and making lame jokes.


Aaron: You better get some photos of me hard now.


I stop taking pictures and just stand there, blatantly watching Aaron stroke his cock. He gets hard quickly and I resume taking pictures.


Aaron: Okay, Jack. Now it's your turn.

Jack: It's alright, Aaron, you don't have to.

Aaron: Don't be stupid, Jack. Trust me. You'll thank me, your girlfriend will thank me, and most importantly, your dick will thank me.


Aaron walks right up to me, still with a raging hardon, and gently pries my phone out of my hands. I walk over to my closet to get undressed. I take off my socks one at a time, then my shirt and tee shirt. I have a boner that is not going away and as I take off my jeans and then my boxers I turn my back towards Aaron, irrationally trying to hide it from him.


Aaron: Jack, you stud! You're already hard.


I nervously laugh at his observation. Aaron starts taking pictures of me and my boner. I had assumed he would put his clothes back on first, but he is still naked and still just as hard. Apparently his boner isnít going away either.


Aaron: I think that's enough, sit down. Lets see how they turned out.


I sit on my bed and Aaron sits down pressed up hard against me. Our bodies are touching from our shoulders all they way down to our feet. His skin is emanating a lot of heat. It feels like he is on fire. His foot is resting on top of my foot.


Aaron: These photos turned out really great. What do you think, Jack?


Aaronís breath was sour smelling from the scotch, but I found myself enjoying it.


Jack: They look great.


I wasn't actually looking at the photos, but looking down at Aaronís naked body next to my naked body and I was especially staring at his hard cock just inches away from my hard cock. Both of our cocks were leaking large amounts of precum and little pools of it were forming underneath the tips. His body heat was intoxicating.


Aaron puts down the phone and looks at our cocks.


Aaron: I think we have a situation here, Jack.


Then Aaron grabs his cock in a tight fist.


Aaron: I think we better rub one out before we spontaneously explode.

Jack: You are okay with that? Iíve never jacked off with another guy before.

Aaron: It's no big deal, I used to have circle jerks with the guys in my neighborhood before. And besides, every night since we moved in together after we turn out the lights, I can hear you jacking off, so I figure thatís a good time for me to jack off too, so technically, yeah, you have jacked off with another guy.


Aaron then starts stroking his cock and at this point I am too drunk and too horny and too gay to resist and I start stroking my dick, matching Aaron stroke for stroke.


I am really enjoying the sight of Aaronís dick in his hand. I can still feel his foot on my foot and then he starts curling his toes up and down on my foot, almost like he is caressing it. And without even thinking about what I was doing, just getting caught up in the moment, I let go of my cock and reach out and grab Aaronís cock.


My hand forces Aaron to let go of his cock and he has this surprised almost shocked look on his face. I start moving my hand up and down and he gasps.


Aaron: Fuck, Jack, that feels so fucking good.


Then Aaron reaches over and starts stroking my cock and I know what he means. Then I can't hold back any longer. I don't want to hold back any longer. I HAVE to CUM!


Jack: Fuck, donít stop, Aaron, don't stop, I'm going to cum

Aaron: Yeah Jack, shoot you load. Shoot it!


Aaronís hand strokes my cock faster. He reaches over with his other hand and rolls by balls in his fingers and I start cumming, spurt after gushing spurt into my hair and Aaronís hair and on the wall behind us and on our chests and faces. Iím still stoking Aaronís throbbing thick cock and before I finish my last spurt Aaron starts thrusting uncontrollably in my hand and then his hot jiz begins to shower us both and we are all over again being rained upon with hot sticky ropes of cum.


Aaron: Fuck that felt good.

Jack: Wow. Weíre a mess.

Aaron: I think I got some in my mouth.


Then Aaron drags two fingers across my chest and nipples and loads up a wad of our mixed cum and puts it in his mouth and makes a big smacking sound as he sucks our spent sperm off his fingers.


Aaron goes over to the hamper and tosses me a towel. I wipe myself down and then I wipe Aaron down. He takes the towel from me.


Aaron: You still have some in your hair.

Jack: Yours or mine?

Aaron: Impossible to tell.


Aaron eventually finds a dry spot on the towel and tries to get the cum out of my hair, then he puts the towel back in the hamper. He grabs the bottle of Black Velvet and we sit back down on my bed, still naked with limp dicks oozing out the last bits of our orgasms. Aaron takes a drink and passes me the bottle.