Long Dong Silver


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Long Dong Silver

"Wh-wh -why duh-duh-does cash ca-ca count as a deb-deb-debit?" I heard a boy's voice say in the row behind me and looked around, curious to see who was stammering.

It wasn't a bad stammer. He was easy enough to understand, only stammering on the first few words, reminding me of an engine on an old car I once had., It would sputter and cough when I started it up, but it always fired, and once it had, it ran well.

It didn't seem to bother him because he spoke up to ask a question when he could have remained quiet. I turned around to see who was speaking.

Damn! He was cute, slender, about 5'8" I was later to determine and about 125 pounds max. He looked about fifteen or sixteen, but we were in a second-year college class, so he was probably closer to nineteen. I was immediately attracted to him. When we gathered in groups during the latter part of class, I made sure to get in a group with him. When we introduced ourselves, he said, "I'm Josh."

The next class, I sat next to him, and when the attendance sheet came around, I saw he signed his name next to the name, Joshua Silver, on the sheet. Down on the sheet, I signed next to my name, John Wilkins.

As the weeks passed, we became more friendly. Because he looked so young, I wanted to ask him how old he was, but I was afraid to insult him by asking. Toward the end of the class, he began growing facial hair, a sparse beard, but one heavier than any fifteen or sixteen-year-old could grow, so I knew he had to be eighteen. The state's age of consent was eighteen so I was relieved, not that his being seventeen would have stopped me. What kid at seventeen isn't having sex already?

He had definitely triggered my gaydar, but since I wasn't sure and any advance I made might be construed as sexual harassment, I hadn't proposed anything. I guess if I'd had guts, I would have, but I was a little paranoid about hitting on him.

The last week of classes, he was sitting in the last seat in the row next to the wall. I sat down next to him and saw he was wearing sweat pants. He usually wore jeans. He smiled at me; I nodded to him, put down my pack, and took out a pad of paper to take notes.

As the instructor did her thing, he slouched down in his seat and my gaze was drawn to his crotch and the tent his dick was making in his sweat pants. As high as the pinnacle of the tent was, it was obvious he wore no underwear, and the location of the pinnacle let me know his dick had to be inches longer than mine. I had almost six inches, but this kid had eight or nine. Feeling him looking at me, I raised my gaze to his face, my eyes wide. He smiled; I smiled, and glancing back at his hard dick, I let out my breath through my mouth in a swoosh, letting him know I was impressed. His smile became a grin when I did, and it was all I could do to keep from reaching over to grab hold of it.

Leaning over, I whispered in his ear, "Want to come over to my place after class?"

"Th-th-th- thought you'd never ask," he said.

Fuck! At twenty-six, I was probably seven years older than he was, but he had just seduced me.

You are gay, aren't you?" I asked him after class.

"Y-y -yeah, and I knew you were, too," he said. I-I-I was hoping you'd put a move on me, but you never did."

"I was afraid you'd think I was some old perv," I said.

"Y-y-you're not that old. How old are you?"

"Twenty-six," I said. "That probably seems ancient to you. How old are you?"

"E-e-eighteen, almost nineteen. Tw-tw-twenty-six isn't so old. I like it that you're older than me. I-I-I've never been with a guy before, and I'd rather my first time be with someone experienced like you."

"Hey, it's not like I fuck around all the time."

"I-I-I'm not saying you do, b-b-but you have had sex with a guy before, haven't you?"

"With a few," I say.

"C-c-cool. Are we having sex?"

"Shit! I hope so," I said. "You got me so turned on I'm about to cream my shorts. If we're not having sex, I'm going into a stall and jacking off."

"I-I-I've jacked off fantasizing having sex with you," he said. "Does that make me weird?"

"If it does, I'm just as weird, because I jack off all the time fantasizing about you."

"D-d-do you live with someone?"

"No, I have my own apartment."

"Ar-ar-are we going there?"

"If we aren't, I'm going to be extremely disappointed, and like I said, I'll spend the next thirty minutes or so jacking off."

"I-I-I never jacked off until I was fourteen," he said, "not until I was already having wet dreams."

"Why so late? I was jacking off at twelve."

"Wh-wh when I was in the second grade, some kid in the restroom at school said, "God! Your penis is so big." I felt like some kind of freak and hated my dick. I even tried to cut if off once but chickened out. I didn't like touching it even. After that, I wouldn't even pee at a urinal. I always went into a stall."

"Do you still hate your dick?"

"Na-na- no. "I-I-I've watch enough porn to see that some guys have even bigger dicks and have seen people look at mine in the restrooms and got the impression they liked what they saw. One older guy, when I was fourteen, propositioned me in the restroom at the mall. `Fuck, Kid, what a fucking dick. I'd love to have one like that,' and it wasn't even hard."

"How long is it when it's not hard?" I asked.

"Usually over six inches."

Then, I had to ask the big question: "How long is it hard?"

"O-over nine inches," he said.


"Eh-eh- is that too big?"

"No," I reassured him, "it's not too big by any means. It's just that I've never seen one that big."

"Wh-what's the biggest one you ever saw?"

"A little over seven maybe."

"Eh-eh-except for porn, I've only seen one other hard dick besides mine."

"Where and when was that?"

"I-I-was in the mall restroom with my friend and the door to one of the stalls was partly open, but we could see someone was inside it, and we could see some movement, so my friend pushed the door open and inside was a kid jacking off. He was probably the same age as me, and he kept jacking off even though the door was open. I jacked off for the first time when I got home. It turned me on to see him jack off. I-I-I guess that was the closest I've ever come to having sex because I used to fantasize jacking off with that kid. I even jacked off at the mall, but I locked the stall door first. I-I-I kind of wanted to leave it open, but I didn't have the guts to do it.

"You ever show anyone your dick the way you showed it to me today?"

Ah-ah-couple of times. B-b-but not as blatantly as I-I did with you. Eh-eh either I was mistaken they were gay, or they weren't interested in me, b-b-because nothing happened. I-I was kind of embarrassed because it didn't. I thought maybe they thought I was ugly."

"You aren't fucking ugly. You're a longways from being ugly. I fucking fell in love with you the first time I saw you."

"B-B-but I stutter."

"So? You don't seem to let that stop you. You talk in class."

"I don't like it, but there's not much I can do a-about it."

"You don't stutter bad. I've heard a lot worse. This is going to sound weird, but I like your stutter. It makes you different, and I admire you because you don't let it keep you from talking in class."

"Do you think I'm good looking?"

"I think you're fucking hot."

"B-b-but I'm too skinny."

"So? I'm too fat." I said.

"You're not fat."

"I got more padding around my waist than I like," I said.

"W-well, I like how you look."

"I fucking love how you look. Like I said, you're fucking hot."

"Do you like my beard?"

"Yeah," I said, even though I didn't really like it. "It's cool." I wasn't about to say anything that would make him feel insecure and spoil any chance of taking him to bed. By then, we were at my locker, and I was getting my things out of it.

"D-do you have a c-car?" he asked.

"Yeah. Do you?"

"Na-na-no, but I-I wish I did."

"Well, mine isn't much, but it gets me around."

When we were in my car driving to my place, he said, "D-d-do you want to see it?

"What?" I said, even though I was pretty sure what he meant.

M-m-my dick. Do you want to see it?"

"Yeah, I want to see it," I said, and he pushed down his sweats.

It was the longest dick I'd ever seen. Since it was proportionally not so big around, it looked even longer than it was. It took all my will power to keep driving instead of pulling over and giving him a blowjob right then and there, but we made it to my apartment. He pulled up his sweat pants, but his hard dick was still tenting them. We made it to my apartment without running into anyone.

Once inside, I shut and locked my door, pushed down his sweats, and went to my knees taking his dick into my mouth. I couldn't wait until we got to the bedroom Actually, we never made it to the bedroom. The living room floor did us just fine.

He came no sooner than his dick hit them back of my throat, and he pumped a good size load into my mouth. His dick was still hard, but I stopped long enough for us to get naked.

"Y-y-you don't think I'm too skinny," he said.

"I think you're fucking perfect."

"I think you have a nice dick," he said, "even it's a little short."

A little defensive, I said, "It's bigger than average." It wasn't much bigger than average, but it was a little bit bigger than average of the dicks on men in the USA.

"I-I didn't mean to insult you," he said, perhaps sensing my indignation.

"I wasn't insulted, but not everyone has a kingly dick like yours."

"Do you like it?"

"I think it's the most beautiful dick I've ever seen."

"Wh -what did it taste like when I spurted into your mouth?"

"One way to find out."

"B-by sucking your dick?"

"Yeah, but you don't have to if you don't want to. I'm content sucking yours."

"I want to, but I'm probably no good at it."

"Hey, there are no bad blowjobs. There are good blowjobs, great blowjobs, and fantastic blowjobs, but there are no bad ones. You'll do fine."

I lay with my back on the floor, and he crawled between my legs and took my dick into his mouth. His teeth scraped my dick as it slid passed them, but that only excited me more. I knew, as turned on as I was, it wouldn't take me long to cum. I'd probably last longer than he had but not by much, and the feel of his hot mouth on my dick confirmed that supposition. Grasping his head, I pulled it to my dick and pumped my load into his mouth. He gagged a little but swallowed it.

"How was it? I said when he looked up at me.

Shrugging, he said, "Tastes a little weird, but it's not too bad."

"Yeah, I guess I thought it tasted weird the first time, but now, I like the taste."

"Was I okay?

"You were fucking great," I said.

"D-do you want me to do it again?" he said.

"Let's do something else?"

"What?" he said.

"Let's fuck."

"D-do guys really do that?"

"If you've watched porn like you say you have, you know they do."

"I-I mean regular guys. Have you?"

"Many times, and I want to see what it's like to have that monster dick of yours inside me."

"Y-you want me to fuck you?"

"Damn straight I want you to fuck me, but let me get some lube from the bathroom first." I got up and went into the bathroom to get some out of the medicine cabinet. I've probably had dicks as thick as his up me, but I hadn't for a long time so I might need some lube, and if I got lucky enough to fuck him, I'd need lube for that.

"What do I do?" he said as I spread lube on his hard dick. God! I loved that dick.

"Just stick it up my butthole. Nature will take over. Your body will know what to do once it's in."

After lubing my hole, I laid on my back with him on top of me and guided his dick to my hole. It took some thrusting on his part, but finally it slid it -- and in -- and in. I half expected to taste his cum when he shot.

Once his dick was in, his body did know what to do as was demonstrated by how fiercely he began humping me. He came right away, but his dick stayed hard and after a brief pause, he was humping me again. He fucked me four times before he had to take a break.

Hell, I remembered those days when I could cum ten times during a session, but they were long past.

Lying on top of me, his dick still inside me but not quite hard -- it was long enough that it didn't slide out -- he lowered his face to mine and kissed me, an open mouth kiss without any tongue. I slid my tongue into his mouth and he reciprocated, our tongues playing tag with each other. As our tongues played tag, I felt his dick harden inside of me, and he started humping me again, taking his time, his thrusts slow and rhythmic. In and out his dick slid, all nine inches of it, one moment deep inside me and the next moment almost out, only the head and another inch or so inside me. It might be the kid's first time to fuck, but he was learning fast. Before the night was over, he would be an expert.

After he came, he let his dick slide all the way out, causing me some disappointment. He could have gone on all night, and it would have been fine with me.

"Do me," he said, still on top of me, no stutter that time. Reaching for it, I grabbed the tube of lube and spread lube on his butthole, running my middle finger, well smeared with lube up his hole. "Umm," he moaned, and I figured he like having my finger up it.

After spreading lube on my dick, I guided it to his hole and thrust. He'd never been fucked before so it took me some effort to get it in. I was afraid I'd hurt him, but he never complained, and before long I was all the way in. He was moaning, and so was I.

"I like it," he said. "I fucking like it."

I came, and it was me that kept my dick in until it was hard enough to fuck him again. A virgin, he was so fucking tight. I fucked him, taking my time, finally coming again, and we both decided it was time to take a break. I'd cum three times. I needed one.

"Let's take a shower," I said, so we did, and after I'd washed off his dick, I gave him another blowjob in the shower, and he lasted long enough for me to deepthroat him. I got all nine inches down my throat, burying my nose in his pubic hair. "God! I love you," I said.

"I love having sex with you," he said. It wasn't "I love you," but it would have to do."

I did love him, but I was often too quick at falling in love.

Back in the living room, he picked up his phone and looked at it. "Oh, shit! I got to go," he said. I still live with my parents, and they expect me home for dinner. Can you give me a ride? If you can't, I'll catch a bus."

I took him home, and before he got out, he leaned over and kissed me. I thought my heart was going to explode: it was beating so fast.

The next class was our last for the quarter. By the time I got to the class, he was seated in his usual seat next to the window, but another boy, another John, John Turner, was seated next to him. They were friends from before. "Hey, I said, sitting next to John.

"Hey," they both said.

When I got Josh to myself, which turned out to be difficult since he was always talking to John, I said, "You want to come over?"

"Uh, I can't," he said. "Me and John are doing something."

"Y-you and John?" I said. Suddenly, it was me who was stuttering.

"Yeah, he said.

"Why don't you give me your phone number, and I'll call you sometime."

"Maybe I better not."

"Why?" I said, and sensing someone watching, I glanced over to see John watching us.

"After dinner last night, I went over to John's. I've always been kind of in love with him, and I knew he liked me, but nothing was happening, so I guess I used you to make him jealous. Don't get me wrong. I like you, and I'm glad we made out. I'm glad I chose you for my first time, but I didn't count on you falling in love with me. Hell, you hardly know me. Can't you just accept what we did as a fun, one-time, thing? John and I made out last night, and we plan to move in together."

"Sure, no big deal," I said, but it was a big deal. Like I said, I fall in love too easily. It had happened before. " You're not stuttering."

"Yeah, John noticed, too. Maybe, I have to thank you for that. Don't get me wrong. I'm grateful for everything. You were my first, and I'll never forget you, but I can't see you again."

He turned, walked over to John, and they left together.