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MONTSABOT CHARTERHOUSE by Andrej Koymasky © 2018
written on 29 June 2002
Translated by the Author
English text kindly revised by Brian

In the Charterhouse were living two hundred and fifty-nine boys, who lived in the already restored eleven little houses. The adults numbered in all forty-one, as many were back from the war.

Roland was somewhat annoyed seeing the American soldiers loitering, when they weren't on duty, all over the Charterhouse grounds. Besides the fact that, differently from the German soldiers, one could often find them bare-chested sprawling almost everywhere, on the meadows or along the brook, near the small lake or in the wood, and who, besides continuously chewing gum, almost all smoked and offered the boys not only chocolate and gum but also cigarettes.

He tried to protest with the two captains, who were living in the Saint Bruno Chapel, but without appreciable results. He therefore summoned all the family-heads, inviting them to explain to the boys that it was better not to accept those gifts, and mainly the cigarettes. According to the educational style of the Charterhouse, he didn't want to prohibit it, but he hoped that explaining how much smoking was bad for the health, the boys would avoid it.

Americans were not more undisciplined than the Germans, but were noisier, possibly merrier, like big boys grown up too fast. And they were more disorderly. They were anyway fascinating, to the Charterhouse boys' eyes, not only for their cheerful joviality, but also because, while the Germans were "all the same", almost made with a mould, the Americans were a multiethnic bunch - black, natives, Italians, Scottish, Irish, French, Mexicans... you couldn't find two alike...

"Hey, boy!" became a greeting that the Charterhouse boys started to use amongst them, even though the older preferred to say "Hey, man!" Another habit they took, mainly amongst the boys of twelve - fifteen years of age, was the "gimme five!" (then called "gimme skin" and being a "low five"). They were insignificant habits, but they were just the tip of the iceberg of the kind of relationship that began in a few months between the Americans and the boys, and that never existed with the Germans even though they lived in the Charterhouse for almost four years.

One of the boys who most liked to loiter around the American soldiers, and who seemed to know most of them by name, was Julien Roussel, a sixteen year old boy with fine, almost aristocratic features, with a big mane of light brown hair and bright green eyes. He still had a boyish face but one in which was already appearing the signs of manhood. He was always merry, witty, available, curious, and he had a pleasantly lazy gait. He was the classic "friend of everybody", be they his companions or the young soldiers.

"Hi, Julien!" one day Jimmy Vaughan, one of the soldiers working at the printing plant, greeted him.

"Hi, Jimmy. How's it going?" the boy merrily answered.

"A deadly bore. Here there is nothing to do, when you're not on duty."

"Why don't you go downtown?"

"Nah! What have I got to do there? Waste my money? Whores skin you alive and can't make you happy how you want, girls don't give it to you and you have to court them for ages and shower them with gifts..."

"Did you already go with whores, Jimmy?" Julien asked him, curious.

"Yeah, just a few times. Only when I couldn't stand it any more... You know, you can't beat it all day long, can you?"

Julien giggled, "And how are the whores?"

"I told you, they aren't really good at it. They don't care for your cock, but only for your money. They pretend to enjoy it and cheat on you. I bet you never did it with a woman, did you?"

"No, never. There aren't any here."

"So, then you do it amongst you boys, right?"

Julien was about to answer yes, but he remembered the lessons about what the people of outside think of it, and about the laws... therefore he lied and answered, "No way... each one by himself..."

"Ha, a hand can never be the substitute of a good fuck, I say..."

They changed the subject. But a few days later Jimmy met Julien again and after saluting each other Jimmy came again to that subject.

"At your age I was already fucking here and there, don't you know?" he told him looking at him with a sly expression.

"It's so easy in your country to find girls who give it to you?"

"A little, yes... but we didn't do it just with girls... most of the times... you know... we did it between us boys... just to cure the urge... When hormones roar, especially at your age... a hole is worth another, a mouth is worth another, don't you see?"

"But... and now?" the boy asked, curious, thinking that all summed up he would have liked trying it with Jimmy.

"You do the best you can." the young soldier answered, looking straight in his eyes with a little smile.

They were strolling in the wood at the back of the small lake, walking up towards the transmitter antenna. Suddenly Jimmy pushed Julien against the trunk of a tree and put a hand between his legs, cheekily groping it.

"I would like doing it with you, Julien, do you know?" he said with a hot and low voice.

The boy shuddered but didn't escape that intimate and provoking touching.

"Do you like to kiss?" the young man asked him and, before Julien could answer, kissed him deeply and vigorously on the mouth, going on to knead his genitals through his trousers.

Julien was at once aroused.

"You like it, boy, eh?" Jimmy asked him with a cheeky and provoking smile. "You got a good hard-on real quick... Tell me, wouldn't you like doing it with me?"

Julien nodded in assent and Jimmy kissed him again, and tried to unbutton the boy's trousers. Julien stopped him, blocking his hand with both his hands and pushing it away from his swollen fly.

"Not here... not now... somebody could come..." he murmured, blushing.

"You're right, Julien. But you... you're a tasty treat... you made me get hard like a gun barrel just looking at you, you know?"

"You want to fuck me in the arse?" Julien asked him in a low voice.

"Sure! Would you like that?" the soldier readily answered.

Julien felt him between the legs and at once withdrew his hand, "Yours is big... you would hurt me..."

"No... It's just a question of being skilled, and I'm skilled. Moreover I've a special cream made to do it... If you tell me when, the next time I will have it and so... what do you say?"

"But where? It's dangerous... if they catch us..."

"I know a good place. Up near the antenna, have you been up there?"

"No, it's off limits for us boys."

"I went there, with a mate working at the transmitter. The Germans built a bunker up there, unused now, empty, to control the road coming from the back. It is small but plenty good enough... there are two floors. The lower one has no windows and nobody can see us. The door squeaks, so if somebody came we would have time to tidy ourselves and to say we were just having a look. But nobody usually goes up there..."

"You already went up there? With a friend?"

"Sure thing!"

"To... to do those things?"

"Sure, to fuck. So, then, will you come? Tomorrow at this time?"

"How can I get there?"

"You walk up there through the wood, until you reach the boundary mesh-fence. Then you walk along it until you find yourself right in front of the bunker. I'll wait for you in there, on the bottom floor. All right? Are you game?"


Julien was excited. Back in his family's little house, he tried to hide his excitement. He knew that if Henri, the family-head, came to know about his date, he would do his best to dissuade him...

Finally, the next day, Julien walked up beyond the small lake, crossed the wood, reached the mesh-fence with the barbed wire, and walked along it until he saw the concrete bunker. It had narrow and large embrasures all around and an iron door in front. He pushed it with both hands, vigorously, and the door slowly opened with a squeaking sound that resounded inside. When there was enough space, he slipped inside and pushed the door back, until it was closed again.

He looked around - from the embrasures were coming blades of light that made the empty domed space surreal. Opposite to the entrance door there was a narrow stairway leading down. He crossed the room in just three paces and started to go downstairs in the growing darkness.

At mid way he stopped and called in a low voice, "Jimmy?"

The American soldier's voice came from the dark, "Yes, come..."

"It's dark..." Julien said, slowly going down some more steps.

"Just follow the stairway... there is no danger, it's all empty..." Jimmy's voice instructed, with a warm and alluring tone.

Julien went down cautiously, brushing the cold and coarse concrete surface of the curved wall with his hand. Finally the stair ended.

"Where are you?" Julien asked, trying to pierce the darkness with his eyes - he could see absolutely nothing.

"Here." Jimmy's voice answered. "Stretch out your arms and come towards my voice... come on... here it's totally empty, you can't trip up..."

Julien slowly went forward, almost dragging his feet. His heart was wildly beating and he was already aroused, he could feel his member vigorously push under the cloth of his trousers. Suddenly his arms, that he was slowly moving in half a circle in front, touched the arms of the American. Their hands met and the American pulled him towards himself.

"Are you ready for a good fuck?" the voice loaded with lust asked him.

"Yes..." the boy whispered.

The American's hands started to undress him. Julien wasn't wearing anything under his jacket and trousers. Soon his trousers were piled up around his ankles and his jacket was open. The American's hands groped him everywhere.

"You're already hard, boy!" the American said. "Bend over so I can spread the cream on your little ass... You'll see, you won't forget this adventure so easy..."

He felt the young man's fingers rummage between his buttocks, then lubricate his hole. Then a finger penetrated inside him, moving back and forth. Then two fingers.

"How many cocks did you already take, here, boy?" Jimmy asked him, giggling. "You are no virgin, you are too relaxed..." he added, pushing in three fingers.

Julien didn't answer.

"And how many cocks do you want to take here, now?" the soldier insisted, going on to fuck him with three fingers.

"Yours..." Julien whispered, feeling pleasure at those fingers working, a pleasure that the feeling of mystery of that darkness seemed to amplify, like it amplified their voices.

"No... not just mine... right, boys? You will take four cocks, today!"

Julien had just the time to ask himself why his friend Jimmy said these words, when two electric lamps lit and the boy saw three more soldiers draw nearer, amongst them he recognised Malcom, a black soldier, and all three had their hard cocks out of their trousers.

"Hey, Jimmy... no... let me go!" Julien exclaimed, scared.

But Jimmy blocked him and the three other soldiers were on him. Julien felt their hands all over his body, keeping him still, groping him, while the four, now talking in English, were exchanging jokes and laughing...

"No, not so, not so... I came here only for you, Jimmy..." the boy protested again.

"But Jimmy is our friend, and we share everything amongst friends, including nice little asses like yours!" Joseph, a soldier of Italian origins merrily told him.

"Come on, you like taking cocks in your mouth and your ass! And today you can enjoy them in all colours and sizes!" Kevin, a soldier from Kentucky, said to him.

"No, please..." moaned Julien trying to wriggle free, even though he understood he could do nothing against those four strong and above all horny young men.

He was aware that under there he had no chance to escape them, and even if he yelled at the top of his lungs, nobody could hear him.

Thus he had to submit to the urges of the four young men, who in turn took him first in front then in his back rear, until all four were sufficiently satisfied and gave vent to their libido. Malcolm came twice in his little arse, and Joseph once in his mouth and another in his rear.

While they were taking him, they were touching, groping him all over, pinched and slapped his buttocks... and commented aloud, making comments that Julien could not understand but that raised laughter in the other soldiers.

They didn't hurt him, except Joseph, a bit, because he had a bigger tool, but Julien was feeling humiliated, used, treated worst than a whore, like an object and even though out of pride he tried to control himself and didn't utter not even a moan, burning tears were flowing from his eyes.

When finally all four were satisfied, the soldiers tidied their uniforms and Julien was left in peace to dress himself. Then the four went upstairs, without even waiting for the boy.

Only Jimmy turned to look back at mid-stairway and said in a cheerful tone, "See you the next time, boy! You are good with your mouth and have a nice ass! I'm sure we will amuse ourselves again! Ah, and... don't try to tell anybody, or you risk finding yourself with a knife in your belly, understood?"

"Go fuck yourself, you and your bastard friends!" Julien yelled him trying not to let hear the tears he had in his voice.

Again in the dark, Julien found the way back. While he was leaving the bunker, he heard the noise of a jeep going down on the other road behind the mountain. He crossed the wood and slowly went back to his little family-house, now allowing himself the luxury of sobbing aloud, to give vent to his anger.

Finally also the Americans left the Charterhouse. What the Institution gained during the two successive occupations were the three sheds, with a very good kitchen facility and annexed mess that they could use when they needed to prepare food for many people, but usually each "family" prepared his food. Then they also had the shed with the transmitter installation and the printing machines, so that Roland decided to find some skilled instructors to make the boys work there so that, while on one hand they could learn a profession, on the other could start to produce their books as well as to have a little private broadcast. The Americans left them also a projector, so that the mess was used as a movie theatre for the boys.

What they lost, was that now they had to take down all the walls that closed the colonnade, restore it as well as Saint Bruno's chapel, where they decided to make the Great Hall useful also in the occasion of parties, and they had to dispose of tons of debris and useless things that the Americans abandoned up there.

In 1946 everything was finally again in order. They decided then to throw a party to which they invited all the Charterhouse alumni. For the occasion, Serge had an idea - with the boys he started to do a careful research in all the Institution's documents to find the old pictures of the boys that had lived in the Charterhouse. They made enlargements of some pictures, copies of others, all of the same size, so that each "family" could hang on a wall of their living room all the pictures they were able to find, with the name and the birthday written on each frame. That wall was named "The family album".

Many alumni answered the invitation and some, seeing that their picture was missing, promised to send one. On that occasion the soldiers' kitchen and mess was really useful. As the boys had also decided to print the Charterhouse magazine, almost all the alumni asked to receive it and paid a subscription, at times more than abundant, with real pleasure. Many of the alumni came with their families, wives and children, and some with a "friend" that, they confided to Roland or to Serge, was really their lover.

In 1947 a dark red car with a German license plate arrived at the Charterhouse. From it stepped a blond young man, not yet thirty years old, elegantly dressed. To the boy who went to receive him he asked if he could see the dean.

Roland was absent, as he had gone to Paris to ask the new Minister of Education what were the requirements to get state recognition for their school and also to get, as an orphanage, a subsidy to carry on their mission in an even better way. Therefore the newcomer was received by Serge.

"Quite likely you do not remember me," the young man said with a shy smile, in rather good French, "my name is Nikolas Gundram, I was one of the soldiers of the German company that was here at the Charterhouse during the war..."

"Ah, how do you do? I don't remember your name, but now that you tell me so... I have the faint feeling I remember you... Please, have a seat. How can I help you?" Serge kindly said.

"You see... even though our commander, major von Schwerin, expressly forbid it," the young man said and blushed slightly, "I made friends with one of your boys... and I would like now to be able to find him again..."

"Ah, major von Schwerin, yes. Do you have news of him?"

"He did two years of prison, but he is now again free. He was a good man, there weren't real charges against him."

"I have no doubts. If we knew, we too could witness in his favour. He behaved as a real gentleman with us." Serge said, nodding. "And you? Did you have problems?"

"No, I was a simple soldier on duty for communications. I was just sent back home."

"So, you were saying you would like to track back one of our boys? Who is he?"

"His name is Maurice, he now is twenty-three... Maurice Cavrel..."

"I will check immediately to see if we still have his address... So, you became friends..."

"Yes, trying not to be caught, especially by my superiors."

"It seems that you succeeded..." Serge said with a smile.

The young man lightly blushed again, then said, "Yes... and Maurice's friendship was really precious to me, he was a really sweet boy, he made me feel much less like I was far from home... and differently than many others, he never saw me or made me feel like an... like an enemy."

"I see. If you would please follow me, I can check in our files..."

They went to the secretary's office, crossing the square and going into the old Guests Quarters.

"You restored everything... It's beautiful here, now. The walled up colonnade was really depressing to see... and possibly also our presence was so..."

"Thank heaven it is part of the past. War is a really ugly thing... both for the winner and for the loser."

"I totally agree with you, sir."

They went in to see the secretary.

"Robert, can you check the file of an alumnus, please? His name is Maurice Cavrel, he should be born in 1934, a year more or less..." Serge asked to the boy working there.

"Yes... here is his card, Serge."

"Well, so... Yes, here is written that he works in the vineyard of Monsieur Rodier... He took part in our alumni party last year, confirming this address. Wait, I will write it down... Do you know were Rodier's vineyards are?"

"No, sir..."

"About thirty kilometres from here. Robert will show you on the road map how you can get there... It is not difficult."

"Thank you very much, sir."

So Nikolas reached Rodier's vineyards with his Volkswagen. There he asked if they could call Maurice. He had to wait for about an hour, but finally the boy appeared. They recognised each other at once and, careless of the personnel glances, ran into each other's arms.

"Nikolas! You really came!"

"I promised you, Maurice..." the German said sweetly. "My God, how beautiful you have become!" he then whispered.

"You have time, I hope."

"Yes, I have a week free..."

"I'll go and ask for leave... then... I don't have a flat all for me, I share a room with other workers... but possibly... Where did you stop?"

"I didn't yet look for a place..."

"There is a little hotel, mid-way between here and the town... we can book a room there, what do you think?"

"Just one? Don't you think they will find it... weird?"

"No, no, it happens all the time... moreover, being less expensive... But how are you, tell me!"

"Very well, especially now that I found you again..."

When they were up in their hotel room, they at once were in each other's arms and this time they could exchange a long kiss, full of joy and passion.

"Did you get a boyfriend, in these years?" Nikolas asked in a subdued and timorous tone.

"No. I promised you I would wait for you, didn't I? And you?"

"I neither... I didn't but thinking of you..."

"But tell me... What are you doing now in Germany? You went back, didn't you? If you knew how many times I asked myself if all went well for you, how many times I prayed to all the saints that nothing bad happened you..."

"Yes, I went back, they dissolved the army, I got my discharge. I went to Frankfurt, where before the war my family lived... The town was almost all destroyed from the bombing... My family, were all dead by the end of the war... I may possibly have some relatives somewhere, but didn't look for them. I found a job as an interpreter, I earn quite good money... And now I'm here... and if you still want me... I would like now to live with you, as we planned..."

"If I still want you? Of course! I told you that I waited for you all these years, didn't I? But tell me... would you like it better I come to Germany, or do you want to move here to France?"

"Nothing more ties me to Germany, really nothing. All I have now is you, you are my family. Moreover, you don't speak German, I can speak French. If I just found a job here, I would willingly stay in France... if you want."

"My God, Nikolas! I want, I want, I want! Nikolas, my man!"

"Maurice, my boy... Do you know that I love you very, very much?"

"Why then don't you take me to that bed and tell me with all your body, as you are so able to tell me..." the young Frenchman asked him with an alluring air, joyfully smiling, and taking his hand, drew him towards the bed.

They undressed each other, slowly, caressing and kissing and savouring those sweet moments that still divided them from the so desired union.

"How beautiful you have become, my love!" Nikolas murmured looking at the naked body of his lover.

"You really like me?" the young Frenchman asked, somewhat flirtatious.

"I always liked you, but now more than ever!" Nikolas said bending down to kiss him.

"Did you ever look at yourself in a mirror?" Maurice asked.

"Yes... why?"

"Because you are as beautiful as a god! Anything but me!"

"Don't you know that each lover is the mirror of the beauty of his beloved one?" the young German asked him tenderly, brushing with his fingertips the almost hairless body of his boy.

"So, then... make me even more handsome, my love... take me!" Maurice murmured, incredibly excited.

He folded his legs, pulling his knees to the sides of his chest and so offering himself to his lover. Nikolas kneeled sitting on his heels and made his knees slip forward spreading them at the sides of the small and firm arse the boy was offering him. His beautiful member, hard as granite, hot like a summer sun, laid itself on the throbbing hole, which awaited it greedily.

"Go on... fill me..." the handsome French boy murmured with shining eyes.

"Here I am, my love..." Nikolas answered in a moved murmur, slipping forward, leaning his hands on Maurice shoulders and pulling him towards his groin.

As he was slipping inside, invading him, filling him, the beautiful face of Maurice shone in a joyous smile, and when finally the slow and long run came to its end, Maurice emitted a long and tremulous sigh full of pleasure and passion.

"Finally... I am again yours!"

"Are you happy?"

"More than happy... I love you, Nikolas, I love you so much!"

"I too..." the young German murmured and finally started to pound inside him.

Maurice raised his head a little from the pillow, stretching it towards Nikolas. The young man lowered his head and their mouths met, united. Almost alternating his member and his tongue pushes, Nikolas was so taking him at both ends and Maurice shuddered with growing intensity for that double, wonderful penetration.

When their mouths parted, the handsome French boy whispered, "My God, I didn't remember it was so good... You are making me die with pleasure, my beloved man!"

"I terribly missed you, do you know? Far from you I was feeling lost... useless... totally lifeless..."

"You are all mine, Nikolas..."

"Yes, I am all yours! Will we look for a home together? I want to never again be separated from you, Oh, Maurice, it so splendid being again united... in this way..."

They made love into the evening, never sated with each other, then they decided to go downstairs for supper, but only after promising each other they would go up again to resume making love.

The day after, Maurice decided they had to go to the Charterhouse - he had an idea. He asked to meet Serge and, in the presence of Nikolas, he set forth his request.

"Serge, I know that if you can you will do it, and that if you tell us no it would only be because you really cannot... therefore I dare to make this request of you. Nikolas and I, when I was still seventeen, became lovers, here in the Charterhouse. When at nineteen I had to quit, we promised each other that he would come and look for me, once the war was over, so that we could live together in one way or another. Now Nikolas kept his promise and we have finally met again and we are, if possible, even more in love than before.

"Nikolas would like to get a job here in France, in order for us to stay together. He is now working as an interpreter for the French headquarters in Berlin. So I was thinking that, as he knows German perfectly and knows rather well also French... he could possibly come to work here in the Charterhouse as a teacher of German... At least we can work nearby... I don't have to leave my job in the winery... Do you think it possible?"

Serge listened then said, "I cannot decide this, I have to wait for Roland to be back and to summon the council. I will really willingly back your request. It could be a good idea teaching German also to those of our boys who would like to learn it... Do you feel like becoming a teacher, Nikolas? Would you like to work for our boys?"

"I would try to do my best... I would gather documentation, would prepare myself... And I would like, yes... even though indirectly... I owe very much to the Charterhouse - I owe it my lover."

Roland was back with very good news. So they addressed Maurice and Nikolas's request. Everybody agreed and also one of the teachers proposed to hire Maurice also - he could start a small vineyard there in the Charterhouse compound to teach the boys to work in it, and also to make some wine they could sell with their other products...

When Roland told Maurice what they had decided, the two young men were happy. Maurice accepted the proposal. So in the Old Guest House, they got two adjoining rooms and Nikolas and Maurice were hired. Roland carried on all the needed steps to get to Nikolas a working visa in France.


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