"MONTSABOT CHARTERHOUSE" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, or because you think you really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.

MONTSABOT CHARTERHOUSE by Andrej Koymasky © 2018
written on 29 June 2002
Translated by the Author
English text kindly revised by Brian

In 1980 one of the Ancestors decided to give to the Charterhouse about fifty TV sets, one for each Family-house and one for each classroom, and the technician who installed them did so that they could also be used for internal transmissions.

This represented a real revolution for the Charterhouse, in fact up to then there were only three TV sets in all the Charterhouse, one in the dean's house, one in the teachers' living room, and one in the celebrations hall. Being able to freely access the programs gave to the boys a better (even though partial and at times distorted) vision of the "outside world". But the college decided that it was important to comment with the boys on the programs they saw, in order to correct that part of the information that was in some ways faulty or partisan.

Preparing the sixtieth anniversary of the Charterhouse, that fell in 1984, the boys thought to prepare a set of programs for the internal channel. Therefore Marc bought three cameras and the needed equipment to mix and edit the boy's films. When the Ancestors went to the Charterhouse for the celebrations and saw the boys' work, they decided to take up a collection amongst them to equip the Charterhouse with a small but fully equipped TV studio, near the radio studio. But while the radio could be heard outside, downtown, the TV channel was only internal, therefore there the boys could enjoy much more freedom in their programs.

Then the Charterhouse prepared to celebrate the centennial of the founder's birth, Roland Laforest, which fell in 1989. For the occasion they made a book, a TV program, and asked one of the Ancestors who was a very good sculptor to carve a life size statue of Roland, which was installed on a pedestal symmetrical to the fountain on the Charterhouse square. Serge, who unveiled the statue, seeing the features of his old lover so perfectly represented, couldn't help but cry, moved.

A second innovation was introduced in the Charterhouse for this centennial - computer equipment, so that the boys could learn to use them.

Amongst the boys of the Charterhouse, in the family-house of the Ratafee, there was a boy who had been admitted when he was just two years old whose name was Khaled. His parents were an unmarried couple, he was a French and she was an Algerian: when her brothers came to know that she had become pregnant by a French boy, they waited for him one evening and stabbed him to death. Khaled's mother then killed herself.

So Khaled was entrusted and reared up in the Charterhouse. He was likeable, lively, charming, he had a strong personality, loved sports and had a passion for nature; he therefore spent all his free time in the greenhouse to help Felix, a twenty-five old instructor who was in charge of it.

Khaled, gradually and unavoidably, felt more and more attracted to Felix, but as he was also a rather shy boy, he never showed his attraction to the young man. The only thing his companions noticed was that, after Khaled was fifteen and was in the older boys age group, he stopped having sex with them. This was not at all unusual, and when the family-head pointed it out to their adult advisor, this told him that possibly Khaled was just feeling more attracted towards girls, and that therefore he was no longer interested in the other boys.

In the climate of mutual respect of the Charterhouse, nobody ever tried to force the boy. Also his companions, after his first refusals, stopped trying it with him. By the way the boy seemed serene, merry like always, and like before he applied himself seriously to all his activities.

Felix, on his side, was feeling more and more attracted to the boy, because even though Khaled was just seventeen, he was well developed both physically and in his character. Moreover his mixed origins made of him, as often happens in these cases, a boy decidedly sensual and attractive.

But following the Charterhouse rules, according to which the older boy must never initiate sexual activity with a younger one, and even less an adult with one of the minor boys, Felix never dared to let the boy become aware of his desire. He possibly had been even too careful, because, even without an explicit request, therefore without breaking the rules, one can let the other guess something...

One day Felix, going back to his room on the second floor of the Old Guest House, as he entered stopped nonplussed at the door - Khaled was on his bed, totally naked, lying down and leaning on a elbow, and looked at him with an indescribable smile, half way between cheekiness and shyness.

"Khaled! What are you doing here?"

"I was waiting for you, Felix..."

"But, how did you get in?" he asked closing the door behind him.

"I just climbed from outside, as I saw that your window was open..."

"Are you crazy? You could fall, hurt yourself... Moreover... what idea to come in my room without telling me anything? And If I didn't want you?" he said, finally drawing nearer to the bed.

"You don't want me?" the boy asked, becoming serious. "I hoped... I thought... that if you saw me so... Should I dress myself?"

"No... Yes... No. It's not that. My God, Khaled, I like you a lot... you are handsome, you are sensuous, you are... desirable. You just caught me unawares. You never let me know that..."

"I didn't dare... and you didn't seem interested in me..."

"You didn't dare? What bullshit, you got the guts to let me find you naked on my bed!"

"Are you angry with me?"

"Yes... a little..."

"But... but you got a hard-on... it's visible, you know?" the boy said raising a hand and gently touching the young man's swollen fly.

"I'm not a log, am I? You are beautiful... naked... on my bed..."

"So, then, you desire me? Do you want to make love with me? Do you want? I'm already seventeen, rules don't forbid it..."

"Khaled... certainly I would like... God, how beautiful you are..." the young man said putting his handbag on the floor, and with a hand caressed the boy's chest lightly, then with the tips of his fingers brushed one of his nipples and both at once hardened, while the boy's member was starting to rise, throbbing with his heartbeat.

"So, then... why don't you undress and come down here with me?" the boy asked him in a low voice, with an alluring tone.

"Khaled... I like only being a top, not at all a bottom, I warn you..." the young man said caressing his hollow and tense belly.

"And I like above all taking it, especially by one like you..." the boy answered gently seizing his hard member through the trousers cloth.

"You are a tempting little devil, do you know?" the young man said to him, starting to unbutton his shirt, and smiling at him.

"I hoped to be so... It's been two years I have dreamt of you... and this moment... But you once said you like older boys... and now possibly I'm old enough to appeal to you..."

"Sure thing you are appealing." Felix said, opening his trousers and pushing them down together with his underpants.

Khaled leaned out and kissed the young man's beautiful member already fiercely erect. He then licked it up and down with care. Felix shuddered and caressed his hair.

"Wouldn't you like to shove it in my mouth?" the boy asked, looking up at him from below.

Felix nodded. Khaled opened his mouth and the young man pushed it inside. The boy started to suck it moving his tongue against it. Felix shuddered and closed his eyes. Khaled, going on to suck it and to move his head back and forth, raised his eyes and saw the blissful expression of the instructor, and felt happy.

Then Felix parted from him and ended undressing completely. He then got on the bed, kneeling; Khaled sat up and took with a hand the beautiful hard member, glossy with his saliva.

"Do you like how I give head?" the boy asked.

"Yes, you are good at it... And do you like doing it?"

"Yes, it's a good feeling having a beautiful cock like yours in my mouth, between my lips... and I am longing to feel it also inside my backside..." Khaled answered and went down to suck it again, while raising a hand to tease the young man's nipples and with the other hand he gently and with the right pressure, kneaded his testicle sack.

After some while, he parted and asked, "Felix... can you come a couple of times, one after the other?"

"Yes, at times I can reach even three orgasms. Why?"

"Because now I would like to get to discover your taste, but then I would like taking it also in my arse..."

"All you want, Khaled... all you want..." the young man answered while the boy resumed giving him head with real gusto.

Felix caressed his hair, neck, and shoulders. The boy was really skilled and the young man was feeling pleasure rapidly accumulate in his body. Khaled felt that the magic moment was approaching and with real skill did so to accelerate it. In a short while, in fact, Felix stiffened and started to erupt lukewarm jets in the boy's mouth. Khaled was gulping down the manly nectar that Felix was so abundantly feeding to him.

When he drank even the last drop, Khaled went on to gently suck for a short while, so that the young man's erection, that was decreasing, found back all its vigour thank to the intensity of the pleasure that the hypersensitive skin of the member received by the boy's skilled mouth.

Then Khaled kneeled up, looked at him, licked his lips and said, "Your taste is different from what I was guessing..."

"If you didn't like it, you could not gulp it down..." Felix murmured, his voice warm and raucous, still shuddering for the intensity of his orgasm.

"I didn't say that I didn't like it. It just was less sweet than I expected... but it was tasty. I like your taste... But now... you will put it into my backside, won't you? You will take me? Please?"

"How would you like it, Khaled?" the young man asked him, caressing him.

"As you like... To me any way will be good, as long as it's good for you..."

"Well, then..." Felix said, sitting on the bed.

He took the boy and had him sit on his lap, facing him. He kissed him in the mouth and felt the taste of his own seed, even though diluted. He then had Khaled hoist himself a little, holding him at his waist - the boy seized the strong member of the young man, still rock-hard, that darted in his hand, and guided it. He let himself down on that beautiful rod pointing upwards, helped by Felix, until the swollen glans was centred on his throbbing and eager hole.

Before letting himself totally down, the boy folded his legs under him and, placing his knees at the sides of the instructor, finally let himself go slowly down. When the strong rod started to slip inside his hot channel, Khaled closed his eyes to better savour the feelings he was getting and with a joyous moan, he went slowly down, down, until it was totally inside him. When he had taken in all of it, he embraced Felix' neck, opened his eyes and smiled joyously.

"Oh yes... it's good having you finally inside me... Do you like it too?" the boy asked almost in a whisper.

"Yes, Khaled, I love everything about you."

"Really?" the boy asked with shining eyes.

"Of course... and above all I love the joy with which you make love."

Khaled started to slowly slip off, to then let himself go down again all in one go, and each time he slipped off and let him go down, he uttered a low moan filled with pleasure. Then his ups and downs gradually became shorter but faster, until he reached a rhythm like a strong gallop. Meanwhile Felix teased his nipples, and from time to time kissed him pushing all his tongue into the boy's mouth, almost as if he was taking him from both ends at once...

Khaled was gone almost wild and his face was slightly reddened from the excitation and breathed almost at rhythm with his bouncing on the young man's lap. His hard member brushed against the firm belly of the young man, so increasing Khaled's pleasure feelings.

The boy seemed to lose his control - he tossed randomly on Felix' lap. And then he showered the young man's belly and his own with strong jets of his seed, moaning aloud. His sphincter's contractions at each of the jets and the uncoordinated movements, set off a second, strong orgasm in the young man.

For a moment both became still, half embraced, noisily breathing. Then Felix gently pushed Khaled to lay his back on the bed, made him fold his legs at the sides of his body and lying on the boy so folded in two, restarted to pound inside him with virile and renewed vigour. Khaled smiled him happily and encouraged him with short and low words, his voice hoarse for the intensity of the pleasure.

"Yes... so... how good! Stronger... fill me... fill me all... Oh, Felix... go on... go on..."

The young man didn't absolutely need to be encouraged, he was totally gone - he never before felt such a great pleasure in making love. The bed was waving in rhythm, the bed head was knocking faintly against the wall with each lunge of the young man in the tight and warm channel of the boy. This time the orgasm was late to come therefore both enjoyed that ride for several minutes. But finally a third, vigorous orgasm violently shook Felix body, and he strongly pushed it all inside the boy and flooded the warm and soft channel for the second time. Then he crumpled on top of him, worn out.

While both were recovering their calm, with difficulty, Khaled caressed the young man's back.

Then he asked in a whisper, "Did you like it with me, Felix?"

"Incredibly! You are fantastic!"

"Do you have a boyfriend, Felix?"

"Yes and no..."

"Here at the Charterhouse?"

"No, downtown. He is the waiter at the railway station bar."

"Do you like him? Why did you say yes and no?"

"I like him... but he is nothing compared to you. And I said yes and no, because he is not my boyfriend, we simply at times amuse ourselves with each other. He also does it with other men."

"And you?"

"At times, but not so often."

"Do you want me again here with you?"

"Each time you want, Khaled."

"And... would you like me to be your boyfriend?"

"I would like, yes... but you have to leave in a couple years..."

"I can possibly remain downtown..."

"But you, do you want me as your man?"

"I would like... but if I am your boy... can you promise me that you won't go with others any more? I will go with nobody, if I'm your boy."

"Khaled, don't you think it is somewhat early to bind yourself?"

"Because I am seventeen?"

"Also... and also because this is just the first time we make love."

"But I like you a lot, and it's two years I know you... and I love how you make love... No, I don't think at all it is too early to be bound... But it is possibly you who don't want to be bound..."

"No, I too like you a lot, Khaled. And not only for how you make love... But if you become my boyfriend, you have to promise me one thing..."

"I told you, I will never do it with anybody else!"

"No... not that... You have to promise me that you will always tell me the truth about all you think, feel, and desire... As I will do with you."

In 1990 Serge, during the night, suddenly died. The doctor said that his heart gave out. Serge was by the way eighty-three years old. After the death of his Roland, Serge didn't have any other lover - to those who asked him why, he answered with a smile, "I love Roland too much, to be able to find room in my heart for another man..."

The college decided to also have carved a statue of Serge and to put it near that of Roland, suitably remaking the pedestal, so that a smiling Serge looked towards his lover. In fact Serge was, together with Roland, the Charterhouse founder.

In 1992 Marc's lover, Valery, a thirty-seven year old Ancestor who in the Charterhouse was in charge of the radio-studio together with the boys, while he was riding on his motorbike, a truck collided with him. Unhappily Valery got a lesion to his spine, therefore all his four limbs were paralyzed. So Marc, in spite that he was just fifty-two years old, resigned from his office of dean to be able to devote himself totally to his lover.

The college gathered and elected as new dean Denis, an Ancestor of thirty-five years who had been accepted in the Charterhouse in 1957 when he was just a new born baby of a few months of age, and who was the maths teacher of the boys. Although he was quite young, Denis was a really balanced person, and he was really loved by the boys and appreciated by his colleagues.

In 1992 the Charterhouse connected to the Internet and the boys made its homepage accessible to everybody, but with a special section which only the Ancestors could access, in France or abroad, using a password. This marked the third revolution in the Charterhouse, because the boys learned to navigate and the net revealed a precious means for their research and their information.

In 1994, the seventieth anniversary of the Charterhouse foundation was celebrated. In that occasion they had to rent the sports arena downtown, as the Ancestors with their families were so numerous that it was impossible to gather all of them at the Charterhouse.

In 1997, the Tours police chief, he too an Ancestor, called Dean Denis to inform him that a report had been made against the Charterhouse, from which a young man just graduated, where he said that the institution was a centre "for perverting the boys, who were forced to commit homosexual acts". The report also revealed that in the library there were two secret rooms with a secret archive. He warned them that soon a group of policemen would arrive at the Charterhouse to carry on a search and an inquiry.

Denis at once gathered all the adults and all the responsible of the boys, including the family-heads, and informed them of the report and of the need to make disappear all that could be compromising. They gathered all that material, emptying the secret rooms of the library and putting on the shelves all the ancient and rare books, to justify why they were hidden; all the material they gathered was loaded into a van in the night time, and was brought to the garage of one of the Ancestors in another town.

Just in time. The day after, the police came and with a search warrant, and they carried on a very meticulous search, while a staff sent by the inquiring authority started to carry on interrogations and more interrogations.

The boys were prepared always for such a situation therefore, in spite that the interrogations lasted for more than a month, nothing resulted from them. At the end both the police and the inquirers had to leave the field, and all the accusations were deemed false.

But Denis wanted to know who made the report against them and why. Through the Ancestor who had informed them, they came to know the boy's name. So one of the teachers, as he knew that name, said that he could possibly know what happened and why.

That boy had had a relationship with him. When he had to leave the Charterhouse, he asked that teacher to stay in touch, as he was in love and wanted to keep their relationship alive. But the teacher told him that he not only was not in love with him, but that he already had another boy. After a jealousy scene, that boy told him that he would make him pay for that... and this was surely why he made that report against the Charterhouse.

Denis told that teacher he possibly acted with thoughtlessness, and that especially the adults had to be more than careful in their relationships with the boys.

In 1998 the boys introduced a petition to the Dean - seeing the ancient uniforms of the Charterhouse, they judged they were more beautiful, elegant and original than the current ones, therefore they asked that they be re-established.

Denis judged that, as the boys agreed in an overwhelming number, it wasn't necessary to get the assent of the adults; therefore he called together the council and asked the authorization to proceed. The council accepted Denis' request due to the unanimity. So the young dean did research on the Ancestors' card files and, as he hoped, found that amongst them there was one who worked as a fashion designer for Versace.

He called him and asked him if he felt like studying the ancient uniforms, of which a sample remained in their museum, to create a new one that would match the ancient style with the advantages of modern materials. The designer, whose name was Jean-Luc Blanchet, enthusiastically accepted the proposal. During his vacation he went to the Charterhouse to study that old sample of uniform, measured it, shot pictures, carefully analysed all its parts, therefore he started to draw sketches and drawings. Back in Italy, he studied which were the most suitable modern fabrics, where to have the accessories made, mainly the kepi and the spats, and finally presented a set of fashion plates for approval.

The boys were called to examine the plates and to cast their vote that could be expressed in three ways - yes, no, and yes but with modifications. At the end the result was that ninety-one per cent voted a yes. The last problem that remained was how to carry out the change of uniforms - making new ones for all the boys, a summer, a middle season and a winter one, would cost too much, so that they could not face such an expense. But on the other hand, changing them only while the boys were growing up and needed a new uniform, would require a too long period, where two different uniforms would be used, and nobody liked this. Therefore the college decided to take up once again a collection amongst all the Ancestors...

Transfers of money started to come, but it seemed that there wasn't the usual enthusiasm as on other occasions, therefore the sum was increasing very slowly. The Charterhouse, adding up the state allowances, and what remained of the initial capital, and also with the money earned thanks to the boys' activities, could easily face the normal expenses, but could not save a big sum of money.

Some of the boys proposed to use their personal savings, but Denis objected - that money had to be used for them when, reaching nineteen years of age, they had to leave the Charterhouse, to start a work activity or to pay for their studies if they wanted to enrol in a university.

It seemed a dead end path, a problem without a solution. It was already 1999 and it had not yet been possible to do anything. The boys were somewhat disappointed, anyway were resigned to give up the idea and to go on wearing the uniform they wore up to then.

But in 2000, came a letter from a notary's office in Paris.

"Gentle sir the Dean of Montsabot Charterhouse,

On charge of the notary's office Purdy, Farrell and Barrus of Los Angeles, we are pleased to inform you that Mister Jean-Claude Mossaudin, alumnus of your institution, deceased on July 27th 1999, left in inheritance to your institution the sum of American dollars 500,000 (five hundred thousands) with the clause they have to be used to give to all your boys, in equal shares, goods they choose to get, after a suitable vote.

We therefore pray you to have the said vote for the boys' choice carried out, and to send us the voting's minutes, undersigned by all the boys you are assisting who are of age as well as by a commission of teachers with also your personal signature.

We also pray you to attach all the documents following the attached list and to let us know all the needed banking data to which to make the money transfer.

We remain at your disposal for any and every explanation,
Notaries Jospin, Leroy and Souret, in Paris."

The sum was more than sufficient to manufacture all the uniforms and, added to the funds gathered for that aim, was more than abundant. Denis then summoned all the family-heads and gave them the good news. He then asked them to do a formal vote in each of the family-houses, in the presence of three adult witnesses and to write down the minutes to send to the notaries. He also asked the boys to decide how they desired that the remaining amount of money had to be used.

After the voting and gathering of the minutes, the family-heads informed Denis about what the boys decided to do with the remaining money. They asked to get a computer connected to the Internet to be placed in each family-house. The college approved the request.

Thus all the papers and the required documents were sent to the notaries' office in Paris. On September of 2001, the inherited sum was transferred to the Charterhouse bank account, and so the orders for the making of the new uniforms were sent.

When the first deliveries were finally made, the boys were happy and the older ones each Sunday were strutting about in their new uniforms in the town's streets, admired by everybody.

"The little Cartusians", as they were called downtown, "became really elegant!" people said, pleased and proud, and not a few girls, as well as a few boys, made sweet eyes to the Charterhouse's boys...


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