Neil's Ambition

By Kit

This story involves sexual activity between males - if this is likely to offend you, or is illegal where you live, then do not read any further.  The events described here are fictional, and any resemblances to real people are purely coincidental. The story is copyright of the author and may not be distributed or placed on any web sites without written permission from the author.

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Birmingham in the rain can be really depressing, and as I looked out of the window on that cold, grey evening, I felt like phoning Matt with an excuse for not attending his party.  Matt and I had met at university when he was 18 and I was 20, and it had been lust at first sight.  For a year we both thought we were in love, and had even shared a tiny apartment, but even if it had been love, it didn't last.  However, we had remained friends, and six months after our break-up we still met socially at least once every week.

Not only was the weather miserable, but I also had only two more days before I had to complete a report for my PhD supervisor, so I didn't really want to go out.  However, it was Matt's birthday and I had promised to go to his party, so with a sigh I picked up the plastic bag, grabbed my keys and ran out to the car.   The bag contained Matt's birthday card and a carefully wrapped present, which despite my care still looked like a crumpled ball of coloured paper.  Wrapping a soft and fluffy teddy bear and making it look neat was far beyond my meagre skills.

Matt was training to be a nurse and the party was being held in the apartment he shared with three other trainee nurses, all of whom were female.  When I arrived, there were about a dozen people already there, and as I handed the bag to Matt, he noticed that I was staring at a gorgeous young guy who was chatting with a couple of girls.

"Now, now, Steve," Matt said quietly, with a knowing smile, "you can look, but not touch.  That's  Julie's boyfriend, Neil."

Julie was also a student nurse, and I'd met her a few times in the past though we'd never exchanged more than a couple of words.

"Pity," I whispered, blushing and looking around to make sure no-one was close enough to overhear, "because he's very cute."

"Yeah," he replied with a glint in his eye, "he's even cuter than you.  He's a first-year Drama student and he wants to be an actor."

I blushed again, not considering myself to be cute at all.  In fact, though I was proud of my intellect, I considered my physical appearance to be very ordinary.  I thought that my short, straight hair was a mediocre shade of brown, that my eyes were a boring hazel, and that my average height and build combined to make my overall appearance rather boring.  What I considered my best features, my swimmers body and my six-pack abdominals, couldn't even be seen unless I took off my clothes.

Neil, on the other hand, was strikingly different.  He was not as tall as me, and he was very slim, with dark, curly hair and boyish good looks.  When I first saw him I couldn't see the colour of his eyes, but later, when Matt introduced us, I noticed that they were the most piercing blue I'd ever seen.

Despite the introduction, Neil hardly seemed to notice my presence, and he spent most of his time talking to Julie.  After just a couple of hours at the party, I decided to leave, telling Matt that I had to work on my report.  As I left, I noticed Neil and Julie sitting on the sofa, embracing and with their lips locked together.

The  next time I met Neil was a few weeks later at a more intimate gathering; when Matt invited me to dinner.  Apart from myself, there were four other guests, including Neil and Julie.  The atmosphere was very relaxed and we all got very drunk and had a great time, though Neil was obviously a little shy and did not contribute much to the conversation.  Everyone, including Neil, seemed quite comfortable with the knowledge that Matt and I were gay and had been boyfriends.

Some weeks went by before my path crossed with Neil's for the third time, one Friday night at yet another nurses' party.  This time the party was being held in a large rented house shared by 5 nurses, and some time around midnight I found Neil sitting on the stairs alone, morosely staring into plastic cup of white wine.  Feeling braver than I usually do, I sat next to him.

"Hey, Neil," I said, trying to hide my nervousness, "where's Julie?"

"She's gone home to Wales for the weekend," he replied without looking at me. "Her dad's ill."

"Nothing too serious, I hope," I said cheerily.

"Actually it is," he said, looking up at me with a frown. "He had a heart attack."

"Oh," I said, blushing and feeling foolish.

When he saw my red face, he smiled kindly.

"Well, maybe not so serious.  He's getting better now."

"How long has she been in Wales?" I asked, unconsciously staring into his gorgeous eyes.

"Two weeks," he replied as his smile faded, "and this is my second week all alone."

"All alone?  Don't you have lots of other friends?"

"Not really," he said dejectedly, "since I met Julie I've been spending most of my time with her and I don't know many people in Birmingham."

Having had a few drinks, I was less inhibited than usual, and said the first thing that entered my mind.

"Well," I said to be friendly, and with no ulterior motive, "if you've nothing better to do, why not come and have dinner at my place tomorrow?"

My offer had been serious, but I hadn't really expected him to accept, so I was taken by surprise when he nodded and beamed his smile at me.

"That'd be great!" he said.

What surprised me even more than his positive response was the fact that he did not ask if there would be any other guests.  Still in a state of shock, I gave him my address and phone number and told him to turn up at around 7.30.  We continued chatting for awhile, but soon after that, the party broke up and we went our separate ways.

The next evening Neil turned up precisely on time and with a huge carton of wine.  He was looking even more gorgeous than usual, with tight pale blue jeans and white shirt open at the neck to show a brown, hairless chest.  To my surprise we found no difficulty chatting about common interests, and during our conversation I grew to appreciate his quick wit and ready humour.

By the end of the meal we were getting on like lifelong buddies.  No doubt this feeling of closeness was helped by the liberal quantities of wine, but we were only merry and neither of us was really drunk. To be honest, at that stage I was wondering if I should  make a pass at him, but refrained from doing so because I did not want to harm a blossoming friendship.

After eating, we were sitting on the sofa chatting when he noticed that I had a large stack of videos by the TV set and our discussion turned to our favourite movies.  I asked him what plays he liked and what he'd acted in, and considering he was still not quite 19, I was mildly surprised when he recited a long list of his appearances.

"What play or movie would you like to appear in?" I asked.

The question, which I posed just to make conversation, seemed relatively inoffensive and almost trivial, so I was surprised when he blushed and looked away without answering.  After a couple of minutes he broke the uncomfortable silence with what appeared to be a complete change of subject.

"Steve, errm... do you have any rude videos?" he asked, still without looking at me.

"Er..." I replied, turning bright red, "a few, but I doubt you'd be interested.  Most are gay, but I do have a bisexual one that I bought by mistake"

"That's something I always wanted to be in," he said, looking me in the eyes for the first time in several minutes.

"What?" I asked, not really believing what I thought he meant.

"Ever since I started acting when I was sixteen, I wanted to be in a porno movie."

When he said that, his tone of voice was almost challenging, though he appeared to be very nervous.

"Why?" I asked in amazement.

"Well, it just seems like it would be fun having sex, getting paid for it, and not having to worry about emotional involvement.  Slam, bam, thank-you m'am, without the guilt."

"I never thought about it like that before," I said, surprised that someone who seemed as shy and innocent as Neil should say something like that.

"Anyway," he said after a few moments of silence, "can we watch that bi video then?"

I went to my bedroom to get the tape, put it on the video machine, and went to sit next to Neil on the sofa.  That particular tape, which is not one of my favourites, starts off with a heterosexual couple, later joined by a second guy.  The next scene involves a guy and a transvestite, followed by another scene which starts with a gay couple who are later joined by a woman.  Finally, there is a mass orgy with all combinations of male and female.  All scenes featured both oral and anal sex.

During the course of the video it was clear from the bulge in Neil's jeans that he was getting extremely aroused, and the sight of that, rather than the action on the video itself, got  me very aroused as well.  The interesting thing that I noticed was that  his  arousal was as obvious during the gay scenes as it was in the more 'straight' scenes.  At the beginning of the video he did not say much, but as it progressed he made various  comments about how he missed Julie and how they would often spend most of the weekend screwing.  He also kept hinting that he and Julie did not mind one another having an occasional 'bit on the side'.

"Cor, Steve, this is a great video... and it's making me really horny!" he said as the  final orgy scene was in progress.

"If you want to relieve your tensions, " I said, half jokingly and half in hope, "I won't mind if you take it out and have a wank."

I was startled at how quickly he then unzipped his flies and pulled out his cock.  It was one of the most beautiful I've ever seen and appeared to be a little over 7" long, quite slim, with bronze smooth  skin, and an oozing red head just peeking out of his  foreskin.  The head was my favourite type, tapered and elegant.  He easily peeled back the foreskin, let it move back again, and then looked at me

"This would be more fun if you took yours out as well," he said with a cheeky smile which showed no signs of embarrassment.

Needing no second invitation, I took out my own leaking cock, and it was immediately grabbed by Neil.  He said he had always wanted to touch another guy's cock, but had never previously dared to do so.  Although I knew that many otherwise straight guys like to mess around with another guy sometimes, I did not expect Neil to lean  over and start kissing me and pushing his tongue deep into my mouth.

The video came to an end and we made no attempt at conversation as we slowly caressed and undressed one another on the  sofa.  Neil's body was stunningly gorgeous - brown, lithe, smooth and slim, but muscular.  To my delighted amazement he had absolutely no body hair apart from his pubes, and even his legs were almost hairless.

Now naked, and still kissing and stroking one another's bodies and cocks, I led him to my bedroom where I laid him on the bed.  As I began to lick and kiss his body all over, I noticed it was slightly salty with fresh sweat, and I was turned on by the musky male odours produced by his state of arousal.  Soon after I reached his cock with my tongue, he quickly moved around and engulfed my own cock in his mouth.  Although he lacked practice or expertise in sucking cock, what he  lacked in technique was more than compensated for by his obvious enthusiasm, and we both came in each others mouths almost simultaneously.  I swallowed all the gallons of creamy spunk he produced, and I was a little surprised when he also swallowed all of mine.

We turned round and lay next to each other, face to face, smiling and stroking sweating bodies, then we kissed and began to fondle one another's cocks again.  Now that his cock was soft, the foreskin completely covered the head, but as I gently toyed with it, it began to harden, and his blue eyes twinkled at me.  For several minutes we lay without words, stomach to stomach, rubbing our hardening cocks between our bodies.

As  he was  supposedly  straight, I had so far avoided going near his bum hole, but now I grasped his  small, muscular ass cheeks and massaged them.  Although I normally have a slight preference to fucking rather than being fucked, and could never take a thick cock, his cock was so slim, and I was so turned on that I asked if he wanted to fuck me.

"I can fuck Julie when she gets back," he replied with a shy but cheeky grin, "and she loves to suck me off, but there is something she can't do for me..."

His voice faded away as he looked deep into my eyes, and though I guessed what he wished to say, I wanted to hear him say it, so I just raised a questioning eyebrow.  He took a deep breath before he continued.

"I want to be fucked," he said very quietly, "and I want you to be the one to do it."

He was my guest, so being a gentleman, I readily agreed to perform that service for him.  As he had never been fucked before, I took  everything slowly, patiently, and gently that first time, making sure he was relaxed and really wanted it.  I licked and sucked his cock and balls while I slowly and gently rubbed a finger, well lubricated with saliva, just around the outside of his virgin pinky-brown bum hole.

With him still lying on his back, I continued my ministrations for several minutes until the opening started to relax on its own.  Then I occasionally slipped my finger in and out of his hole, just a tiny bit, until eventually the whole of one finger could fit inside.  The muscles were still very tight, but he was obviously loving it as he was leaking buckets of pre-cum and moaning with pleasure.

Once he was happy and not uncomfortable, I would occasionally slip two fingers in.  But as the hole was still quite tight, I was tempted to take things no further, until Neil insisted that he really needed to be fucked.  So I continued with two fingers for a couple of minutes, before reaching to get a condom and some lube from my bedside cabinet.  I returned to sucking his cock while I rolled the condom onto my cock, and continued sucking as coated my cock and his hole with liberal amounts of lube.

"Now, Steve," he moaned urgently, "please, now."

I lifted up his legs and tried to slip my cock gently and slowly into his hole, but it was still too tight, so I lay on my back and suggested he straddle me instead, and sit on my cock.  That worked wonders, and as my throbbing cock slipped slowly into his ass, he grimaced in momentary pain and stopped with half of it inside him.  After a few moments, he began to smile, and as lowered himself all the way onto my cock, we both almost fainted with pleasure.  Keeping my cock buried deep inside him, he leaned forward and gave me a deep kiss.

After that first entry into his body, he said he wanted to try it in every possible position, and each time the entry was easier.  First we lay on our sides and I entered him from behind, then I fucked him doggie fashion while rubbing his slippery cock until he collapsed face down on the bed.  In that position, I fucked him while he fucked the mattress, and we both came together in an explosion of mutual pleasure.  We were so exhausted that we both began to doze in that position, with my cock still  inside him, but when I began to soften, I withdrew before the condom could off.

An hour or so later, I felt his sticky body moving against mine and my cock began to stiffen against his buttocks.  The smell of our sex began to really turn me on, and I reached round to massage his already-stiff cock.  Then he turned to face me, and it was obvious that he couldn't get enough cock up his ass as he raised his legs and wrapped them around my waist, locking his ankles behind my back.  I quickly grabbed another condom from the bedside cabinet, and even without further lubrication, penetrated him relatively easily.  As I began to give him a long, slow fucking, I leaned forward and we kissed deeply while he and slowly massaged his dick.

We gently fucked like that for awhile, until I found that could bend further down, and get his cock in my mouth while still fucking him. Now I could fuck him and suck him at the same time, and the stimulation was so intensely pleasurable, that I'm sure we would have cum immediately had we not cum twice already that night.  After some minutes of this, he shot his load into my eager mouth, and the contractions of his ass muscles when he came were sufficient to start my orgasm, so we came almost simultaneously.

The next morning, we were very tired, but managed to wank each other off before having a shower together.  I loved showering with such a gorgeous guy, rubbing our soapy bodies together as we did, and although we had a long, fun shower, neither of us managed another orgasm.  This didn't seem to matter though, as we just enjoyed one another's company.

"Ya know that was just fun, don't you?" he said with a slight frown as we dried one another off. "I like you, but I love Julie."

"Er, yeah, of course," I stuttered.

Although he hadn't told me anything that I didn't already know, I couldn't help feeling disappointed.  He may have read the disappointment in my eyes, because he smiled and spoke again.

"I mean, we can do it again sometime if you like, but I won't get emotionally involved, so I thought I should tell you cos I don't want you to get hurt."

We then had a leisurely breakfast, and after promising to get back in touch, he went home.  After what he'd said, I wondered if he would contact me again, but three days later he phoned and asked if he could come round to see me the next weekend.

During the next couple of months he came round about a dozen times, mostly, but not always, when Julie was away, and we had passionate sex each time.  Although he fucked me a couple of times, he always insisted on being fucked at least once per visit.  He sometimes hinted that Julie knew about us, but if she did, she never showed any signs of it when we met at various social events.  Also, on almost every visit he pointed out that although he enjoyed our fun together, he loved Julie and wanted to be 'just friends' with me.  Despite that, I couldn't help developing a strong emotional attachment to him, and I knew that if I allowed myself, I could easily fall in love with him.

About six months after I first met Neil, Julie moved to live with her family in Wales, and he went with her.  I never heard from Neil after that, though about a year later I heard through Matt that Neil and Julie had got married.  Many times since then I have thought of Neil fondly as the boy I could have loved, if only he'd let me.  I also often wonder if he found other ways of getting his ass stimulated in the way he so loved, and if he ever did succeed in his ambition to act in a porno video.