Rape of Rocky


Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys.
It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, or offends you, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

If you are underage, or if this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut.
If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.

This story is copyrighted, ©2005. It is therefore illegal to copy or use any part of this story without my written permission.

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     My heart totally broke as I opened the door to my dorm room. Huddled under the desk was six foot four, two hundred and fifty pounds of quivering naked boy flesh. His knees were pulled against his chest, his arms wrapped around them, holding them against his quivering body. His face was buried between his knees as his tears flowed down the taught muscles of his lower legs. His wails could be heard even before I got to the door. Something had hurt this gentle giant and bad. Here was a sixteen year old behemoth capable of lifting a kitten with a single hand or breaking bones with a single thumb. The left tackle of the states number one highschool football team. A powerhouse of brawn and brain.
      I crawled to him. He was my room mate. I loved him dearly, though he didn't know how dearly. It would kill me if he found out that I was queer and he rejected me. I had kept quiet for our two years together. As I got closer what I saw made my stomach turn sour and I was ready to kill. On the floor, between his legs was a puddle. The liquid ran from his open and gapping ass hole, exposed before me as he sat in anguish. I moved slowly, ever closer. I knew what was on the floor. I put out a finger and touched it. I brought it to my nose. It was cum. Had he been raped? To react like this I thought so.
      I tried to talk to him. Even in his anguish his gentle voice told me to go away. I could not get him to relax. I worried about his mind. I told him that I would call an ambulance. He pled with me not to do so. I had to get him to get off of the cold floor. He was going to get sick if he weren't already. How long had he been like this? I had no clue. I got close and put my arms around him. "Leave me alone, I ain't no fucking queer."
      "I know that, my friend. I have been your roomy for two years. I know you. You do need a friend right now. Won't you let your friend help you?"
      "You don't want a friend like me. Not now. Not since everybody knows."
      "I don't know. I don't think anybody knows. I am the only one here." I heard noise in the hallway. I kicked the door shut before anybody could get to the door and look in. Somebody knocked. I ignored it. I moved against Rocky. His name is Richard but he is rock hard so the name hung on him in junior high had stuck. Again a knock on the door. I grabbed a blanket from my bed, which was the closest. I threw it over the desk and let it hang, completely hiding my roomy, my friend.
      I opened the door. There were two or three guys trying to look inside. "We heard crying. Is Rocky hurt?"
      "No, the big lummox stumped his toe and let loose like I would never believe he could. A big ole guy like that. Well it does hurt when you hit your toe just right. He's okay now." I turned away and shut the door. I heard talking for several minutes but they eventually went away.
      "A big lummox am I, huh?"
      Rocky was looking at me with a grin on his face. I pulled at his offered hand and helped from under his hiding place. I led him to his bed and told him to lay on his face. I got a wet warm wash cloth. I spread his legs. He resisted. I slapped his ass. He giggled at me and told me he would break me in half. "Later," I told him. I got his legs apart and I washed the mess from around his ass hole. He was bruised and tender. I told him to lay still.
      I went to my dresser and pulled out some cream. My dad knows I am gay. He is too. He has raised me by himself. We have never had sex but we talk about it so I know more than your average fifteen year old faggot. Dad and I call it like it is. There are no gays around us. You suck cock you're a fag. You take it up the ass, you're a fag. It is much more fun to be a queer if you don't make excuses for who you are or how you feel. Oh, I'm not stupid. I'm not out to anybody but dad and his boyfriend. Dad has a nineteen year old boyfriend that has lived with us since he was thirteen. His drunken mother doesn't care. Give her a bottle of cheap wine and she's fine.
      I spread the cream on Rocky's bruised ass. He grabbed my hand. I told him to lay still. I told him that he had a cute ass for a fat man but I wasn't in to a fat ass. That got a laugh. This was a joke between us. He would pick on me and I would call him a fat ass. He doesn't have an ounce of fat in his entire body and he knows that I know it. Alright, he calls me wimpy. Repeat it and I'll fucking clock you, or get Rocky to rock your lights. If he hits you your lights will be out for a long time.
      Rocky moaned as the cream did its thing. It makes a mild heat. Nothing like lineament. Just a wild warmth and it is very soothing. Dad says it is especially for ass fuckers. It makes a rough go bearable. I have heard him and Kyle go at it. Kyle is a major bottom and he likes it big and hard. If I am any kin to dad I can bet the man is big. I am fifteen and sort of on the small side in stature. But in manhood I can hold my own against anyone of campus.
      This used to be a military school with marching and guns and uniforms and all of that shit. Some big shake up a few years ago changed the format so it is coed but the girls are on the other side of the campus. Not far enough away for me. I couldn't care less if I never saw a girl. Give me cock, lot's of cock, great big monster hanging cocks, don't fence me in. Let me ride up and slide up, oh go back in. I love cocks, lots of cum up my bum. I can't begin, to tell you I need you. come let me feel you, oh please cum--again. I'm queer, I'm proud. All I need is a cock to break my cherry. I am virgin to everything but my hand, either one. I love to jack off left handed, it feels so weird. I can't say it feels as if someone else is doing me as I have never had anyone else touch me. I just know it feels alien.
      I can jerk off left handed and make it last for almost an hour as I wiggle all over the bed and let the feeling flow. I need to cum so bad but I won't stop. I just keep on stroking and torturing myself. If I grab it with my right hand I cum and am done. I can't stroke thru the cum with my right hand. When I start to shoot I just pull my foreskin back and hold my cock upright and let the jizz fountain out. With my left hand I can keep right on going, clear through the cum and long afterwards. I have made myself go three times without stopping once, using my left hand. It is so intense. I don't see much because my hand is a blur over my ejaculating cock and the skin and the hand makes the cum just soak me down. My balls drip with cum after one of these sessions. I get a lot of them because I know when Rocky will be at practice and how long he will be. I go for as long as I can then I take the time to scoop up all of my cum that I can find and lick it up. I love the taste of my own cum and I can't wait to taste someone else's.
      Rocky was looking at me as I played my fingers around his ass in the pretense of putting cream on him. "If anybody else tried that I would kill him, you know." His words shocked me back to reality. I pulled my hand away and blushed as I put the lid on the cream. I rose up and put the jar away and took the washcloth to the our bathroom. I was glad that our room was in one of the new buildings with semi-private baths for every two rooms.
      Rocky was still naked as he came up behind me. He put his arms around me and held me close to himself. In a minute or two he turned me around and pulled me back in to him. "You are my friend and I am so glad that you think so. I would not know what to do without you." He bent over and kissed me. I am five foot six a midget compared to this half boy, half ox. He picked me up and carried me to my bed. He took off my shoes then my shirt. He lay me back and pulled off my socks and then he unfastened my pants. He pulled them down. My hard nine inch cock popped up. "I knew you'd be free balling," he giggled as my cock stood tall before us. "I never told you how nice I think that big boy is. I wish mine was that big.
      I looked between my legs at his cock head peeping over the top of his thigh. I have never seen him hard before. I had no idea what was happening. I just lay there and let him call the shots. He looked at me for the longest time. He took my cock in his hand and the electricity shot through me like fire. "I liked your little song. I feel the same way sometimes. I just can't be honest about it like you were."
      "What song is that?" I asked innocently enough.
      "The one about give me cock that you sang while you put cream in my ass."
      I jerked upright. "I sang that out loud? Oh my fucking....oh man, don't fucking hurt me Rock. I didn't mean..." I began to cry when I was picked up and pulled into the gentle giants lap. He put his arms around me and held me as I shook myself apart. Was he going to crush the living life out of me. I was so scared I almost peed, right there in his lap. That would be a death sentence.
      "I will never hurt you, wimpy, I love you. Can't you tell. I have been in love with you since last year. I tell you I have practice and sneak into Lumpy and Red's room. I aim my video camera at you and watch you jack off. I can get a straight shot right up between your legs. I love to watch as your balls dance around. Sometimes I can see your ass hole pucker and I want to eat it so bad. That's what got me fucked today."
      I was all ears. I watched as his face distorted. He started to cry. I put my lips against his and he opened his mouth. I let my tongue rush in to be met with a rushing outgoing train. His tongue was as strong as the rest of him. I loved his taste. We swapped spit for a long time until I heard someone clear his throat. I jerked around to see red standing there with a huge hard on sticking out of his fiery red bush. Lumpy was behind him with his arms around our neighbor. They walked in, naked as jay birds and sat down on our desk chairs, "so are you together now."
      "I am just now opening up. You guys just fucked it all up. I don't know if he is gay or not. I don't know if he likes me or not. You didn't give me time," Rock said.
      "Sorrrry." They started to rise.
      "Sit," I commanded in a voice I didn't know existed in me. "Tell me, Rock. NOW!!"
      Rocky looked at me with genuine fear in his eyes. "I am in love with you, like I said. I am gay. I hope that you don't hate me now."
      "Well, let me sit the record straight for the three of you obviously twisted individuals. I am not gay. There is not a gay bone in my body. I can't believe what I am hearing from all of you, and you two. Are you a couple Are you lovers? Well then you need to know something and you need to know it now." I was on a roll and I had them all scarred shitless as they stared at me in sheer terror.
      "You are not fucking gay either. I can tell that you two are as fucking queer as I am and if you can't admit it then fuck you both, and often and let me in too.
      "As for you, my overgrown and simple friend. Of course I love you. I live for a look from you. I spend hours on my bed dreaming of the things I want you to do to my queer body. I want you to do me in ways that you can not begin to imagine. I am incensed to know that you have been taping me an you have never let me watch the tapes with you. Who else has seen them"
      "Only one guy, He raped me when he saw them." Lumpy and Red jumped up at that statement. "Sit down, I will tell you what happened. When you left he was still in your room watching the video with me. He was naked and jacking off. I pulled off my clothes and was jacking off also. Suddenly he threw me to the ground and shoved his cock in me. He fucked me hard. He didn't last long. He went limp and got up to dress. "Thanks, faggot." was all he said. He was laughing as he walked out of your door. I crawled in here and my babe found me. I was ready to kill but I am okay now."
      "Who was it?" I wanted to know.
      "Don't tell him, Rock. We'll take care of it. He is so fucking dead. I mean like, not breathing. He did the same thing to that freshman last year. Five of us gang raped him all night and all he did was say "thanks!" This time it's over."
      "Look, guys...."
      "Don't get in this. This is between him and us. Rocky, you stay out of it too. You hear me. I mean it man, I don't want to have to hurt you." Red was tough. He was small but wiry and super strong. I have seen him in a fight before. Worse, I saw the other guy afterwards. I wanted to know what was going on. I was stared down.
      Lumpy and Red left after turning off the lights and putting the chairs back. Rocky pulled the blankets back on my bed and lay down in it. He lay down beside me and held me. After a time he kissed my cheek. I turned to him and kissed his lips.
      "I love you so much, little buddy. You are no fucking wimp any more. You are a giant yourself. You saved me tonight. I was really going to off myself." I jerked at that remark but he held me tight. "Don't worry. That thought passed. It's all in the past now. Let's start from here. Will you be my boyfriend, queer boy?"
      I laughed into his mouth as our lips locked and our tongues dueled. For a giant he was so gentle. I felt love flow. I have never had sex so I had nothing to compare this too except life's experiences. This was by far the best experience of my life. My dad always told me that when the right man came along I would know it in my soul. He told me not to let sex be any kind of guide but to let my feelings for the man himself tell me. I was getting the word from this encounter. I only had to ask myself if Rock would respect me in the morning. Well, he had instigated this entire scenario.
      Rock wrapped his hand around my cock, "Do you mind?" Fuck no I didn't mind and I told him so. His hand almost completely encompassed my whole cock, balls and all. Maybe three inches was sticking out above his thumb as he fondled my nuts and squeezed the base of my cock. Man, this even felt better than my left hand. I loved it.
      It took awhile but I finally got Rocky's cock into my mouth. He was a stretcher. His cock was only around seven or seven and a half inches long. On his big body it fit like a glove but the girth. I could not believe that a cock could be that thick. It was a true three inches wide. I measured it four times. I could barely get my mouth around it. I hurt, bad. That cock of his stretched my jaw but by golly, by gum, I got the job done. I was up to about an inch beyond the head of his massive man meat when he tried to drown me with gallons of his cum. Never in my life did I ever think that anything could taste so good.
      We lay together for a few hours when he whispered in my ear. "I wanted you to be the first to fuck me. That bastard ruined everything."
      "He ruined nothing but what you let him ruin. If you believe that you are damaged goods or that I, or anyone else would hold what he did against you then you know very little about me. You are the best thing that I have ever had. I want you so bad and now that I have you I will never let you go. I won't do anything that you don't want to do but if you would let me fuck you I would be the most honored queer in the world."
      "I want you. I have wanted you forever. I can't do you, that's obvious but I want you in me." I took my time to spread his butt hole open. He loved my tongue as well as my fingers and was begging for my cock long before I was ready to enter him. I wanted to be absolutely sure that I in no way created any memories of his earlier disaster. Our sex was quiet and loving. He made me feel like I was the king of the world as I rode my long dick deep into his rectum. His kisses never stopped as he soaked my face with his huge tongue.
      My climax was deep and satisfying. We separated but he was not ready for me to lay beside him. He turned me around and began to rim me as I had done him in preparation for my entry. His tongue made entry into my nether region. I am not lying, he licked my prostate. I could feel his tongue lave across it over and over again. Well like I have said before, I am small, he is huge. I don't have enough meat on my bones to make a good sandwich. Nothing stood between my butt hole and my prostate but a tiny slip of ass and his tongue more than covered the distance. Who needs to be fucked when your man can do that kind of number on you?
      As he did his number on me I was back at work, trying to get more of his cock down my throat. This time I managed almost four inches. I could not get my whole hand around the shaft. I was only able to use two fingers and a thumb and still have room to move up and down as I stroked and sucked him to a wonderful climax. That time I know we left each other feeling as good as the other.
      The next morning there was a lot of commotion over by the admin. building. Being the nosy person I am I had to go see what was happening. The second string quarter back of our foot ball team was getting out of the back of a limousine. His head was bandaged and his eyes were black. His nose was clearly broken. His left leg was in a cast as well as his right arm.
      "I vant to know, und right now, who it is dat hast done dis ting to mine son. You vill tell me, no?" said a walking barrel of a man much used to being in charge. Two huge barrels stood on either side of him and watched the crowd through their dark glasses.
      "I'm not at all sure that anything was done to your son. I do know that he raped another boy last night. He may have fallen as he tried to run away." The Dean of the school was no slacker when it came to a face off. I had seen him stand up to some mighty self perceived powerful people in my five years at this school for the socially elite.
      "Vas is dis dat you are saying dat my boy is a poof...ahhh, homosectual? Da. You had better haf some very goot proof of such a story or I vill break you my leetle man."
      "What proof do you need?" A tiny little eighth grader stepped out of the crowd. The Dean grabbed the boy and pushed him away. He jerked away from the Dean and looked the Q.B. in the eye. "You took me into the locker room and shoved your cock in my ass and I had to have surgery. I never told anyone it was you but now I find that you have done the same to others and I am ashamed that I did not tell. You told me that if I told, you would have your father's men break my father's legs and rape my mother. Well my parents are dead, ass hole. You can't touch them. You are sick and I hate you." The boy broke into tears as his friends surrounded him and pulled him away.
      "You did dis ting to dat leetle boy?" He hit his son so hard that the echo reverberated across the campus. Two sheriff's deputies threw the man against his car and put hand cuffs on him. The two body guards moved to help him and had the sheriff's gun pointed right into the face of one of them. Both men backed off with their hands in the air. "Help me you fucking bastards." They both shook their heads and moved away. "You are both fired. I vill haf you out of de country by night."
      "Sir, you are under arrest for assault on a minor. You have the right to remain silent..."
      "I haf a right to fucking kill the faggot bastard. He is not mine son nine more. I have no son. He is a faggot. He force himself on leetle boy. Boy, hey boy. I am sorry boy. I will send you money."
      "If this boy has been sexually assaulting the students at this school why have we not heard of it. I think that we need to talk."
      "Mr. Sheriff, may I spek, bitte?"
      "Yeah, what do you want? Let him go, deputy. I won't charge you mister. If it were my kid I would hit him too. Just don't do that in front of a cop. We are supposed to arrest you."
      "Are you go do dat, ah charge, my son?"
      "I have to. I have a victim and there are others. What he has done is vile."
      "Uncle Jack?" Rocky stepped up. Uncle? Who knew. "Uncle Jack, I was the victim yesterday. I..."
      "Where is that faggot? I will kill him." The sheriff was wild eyed.
      Rocky grabbed the man and spun him around like a toy. "Listen to me, please." The sheriff was listening. The boy had moved the six foot sheriff as if he was nothing and he held him in a death grip. "Please, the Dean is right. This will hurt the school. The ass hole is gone. I think that his dad will take care of him. Please don't push this. Uncle Jack, I can't go in front of people and tell them what he did. Look at me. I could have killed him but he did it anyway. I am..."
      "Shhhh, don't say another word, son. I understand." Turning to the father he asked, "What did you want to say?"
      "I vant to give de boys dat Eric hurt money. I vill give to de school money. I vill take my son avay. I know vere he vill be very happy with faggots like heemselv. Ve have some very goot gulags in mine country."
      "Dean Wilson, how many boys are there?"
      "Five, that I know of, now that I know of Rocky."
      "Four boys and you never told me."
      "The boys won't even let me tell their parents. They are ashamed."
      "You know that I can put you in prison for keeping this information from me. You have to tell me by law."
      "I have no direct proof, only rumor. Little Mikey would not tell who did this to him and he refused to even admit that it was rape. It was only assumed by the doctors. No semen was found so no one knew if it was sexual or if the boy had in fact hurt himself when he tried to stick a broomstick up his ass, as he swore he had done. Today is the first time I knew what happened."
      I looked at Mike. He was so cute and so small and so innocent. My heart poured out to the boy. I wanted to become his friend. No, I didn't want to have sex with him, even though he was cute enough. I looked around and the only ones standing near were the police and Mike, Rocky, me, and the Dean. The father looked at the Dean. "Vun hundred tousund for each boy in dere own account, no parents if de don't vunt. Und vun minnion to der school." The Dean looked at him and then the sheriff. "Okay, zwie, uh two million." The dean nodded.
      The man and the dean went into the admin. offices. Everybody else went their own way. I put my arm on Mikey. He looked up at me then at Rocky. Rocky picked him up and put him on his shoulders. The two of them became very close friends. Mikey likes to get sucked and he is learning to suck but he wants no part of butt fucking. I can't blame him.
      Rocky and Mikey have an ATM card and they buy, buy, buy. I try to tell them that the money will run out but Mikey showed me that he is only spending the interest. Rocky showed me his balance and he was too. Who knew that Rocky had a brain?

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