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Spring Break Surprise

Part 4



Wow. We'd done it in the morning, and then in the afternoon. Then we'd sat around for hours in our underwear, watching YouTube and Netflix and Hulu. We'd gotten dressed and had dinner at the cafeteria about seven. Since then we'd done more YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and other things on our laptops.

One thing I did was to find out exactly where the prostate was, exactly what it was, how it worked, and a lot of images of it. By the time I was done, I probably knew as much about it as a doctor.

Taking a piss felt pretty good. That tingling/burning was more pleasure than pain, and I more liked it than anything else. It was far weaker each time I pissed, but was a little stronger the first piss after using the sound, but was never as bad as the first time was.

Then, about ten, as we were watching separate things on our laptops, he asked, "So, you wanna go again?"

I smiled back at his big smile, and nodded. My dick was hard before I asked, "Use the sound again during blow-jobs?"

"Hell yeah!"

Damn. I was really liking how my first year at college was finally shaping up.

He got the things from his ToolRider bag in the closet, and picked up the paper towels, and I joined him on my bed.

We didn't waste any time. We stripped, got the paper towels in place, and sat down across from each other. It was then that I noticed that the sound was not the same one.

"What's that?" I asked, not sure if I was going to want him using it on me, though I might use it on him.

"It's another sounding rod. It's called a deep chain sound. It's a bit longer," he said, letting the long chain-like thing dangle from his fingers by the loop. Then he handed it to me.

Click here to see the deep chain sound.

"A bit?" I asked.

"Yeah. You use it on me, and then, if you want, I'll use it on you. If it's too much, say so, and I'll use the first one instead."

"Uh, okay."

I thought that since the first felt so great, that maybe this one might feel even better. It was at least twice as long, and the big beads were about the same size as the ovals on the first sound. It was flexible, too.

He took the sound back and dipped it into the alcohol, wiped it clean, and laid it down to dry. Meanwhile, I powdered a glove, put it on my left hand, and lubed my first two gloved fingers. He powdered a glove, put it on his left hand, and then we leaned forward and worked our fingers into each other. We found our prostates and got to work.

It's amazing how good that is. It's as if the back end of my throbbing cock was being worked the way a wet, slippery hand worked my head. It was tingly, pulsing, twisting pleasure. It didn't take very long before a drop of pre-cum appeared at my open hole. It was a moment before one oozed out of his tight hole. I picked up the chain and held it above his dick.

"It's flexible. How do I get it to go in?"

"It isn't real flexible. You can sort of let it dangle and wiggle it in."


It wasn't easy, and was kind of fun, but I got the little nib on the end to finally go into his hole. From then on it was easier. It was flexible, but it didn't bend very much, and pushing down on it made it go in easily, even though the big beads met some resistance against his tight hole.

I put my thumb up against his tube and could feel the little balls sliding into his urethra. And I knew the sensation felt great to him.

"How far do I put it in?" I asked when a couple of inches was inside.

"Go all the way, big boy," he said, which made me laugh. "Pull some of it out, put some back in, like with the other one."

I loved feeling that thing moving through his thick tube. The balls slid smoothly, but the big ones sort of popped in and out of his hole a little. And the wet sounds it made were so fucking hot.

Finally the big piece on the ring was snuggled up against the end of his dick. It was amazing to think all that thing was inside him. I wondered how far it went. His dick was pretty long, but that thing was longer than his dick.

I followed his thick tube where it went in deep behind his sack, and I could still feel it in there. I finally found the end of the chain right where the back of his sack was. He was sighing and almost groaning as I explored up there. I rubbed the end of the chain and he groaned.

With the sound all the way in, I leaned down onto my elbow and put his big head in my mouth. It was odd with that loop there, but that didn't stop me from enjoying sucking his big dick.

"Oh, shit, that's fucking great!" he moaned.

His cock was long enough that I could wrap one hand around the shaft and still have a few inches to bob up and down on.

Sucking a big dick is so satisfying. There is something so fulfilling and wonderful about having a mouth full of hot, hard, silky-skinned cock between my lips and on my tongue.

He was really enjoying it. That sound made him squirm and moan more than the other one had. Or maybe it was because this was the third sex session today.

"I'm gonna blow," he said. "When I start, hook your tongue in the ring and pull it out slowly."

I hummed, "Mmm-hmm," with his dick in my mouth.

"Oh, shit. Do that again."

I started humming.

"Oh, shit! Yeah!"

I started humming one of my favorite songs.

"Oh, fuck, yeah!" he groaned.

I could hear his huge grin in his voice. I knew this was really flipping his lid, and that turned me on even more.

"Okay, soon," he said.

I could feel his cock growing bigger in my mouth.

"Okay, start pulling it out," he grunted.

I would have rather sucked him as he came, but if this was what he wanted....

I put my tongue through the loop and pulled the sound out with it.

"Oh-my-God!" he said, his legs shaking. "Yes!"

My hand felt his cock swelling up and pulsing with every wave. I saw his cum welling up out of his tight hole around the chain in heavy waves. His balls up were up tight and jiggling.

When the end of the chain came out of his hole, a huge, thick, long stream of cum kept oozing out of his hole. Cum was dripping off the chain. His cum rolled down the underside of his thick cock and onto my fingers. It was really warm and really thick. His dick kept pulsing but no more cum was exiting his hole. His legs stopped shaking and he sighed really loudly.

"Damn! That was awesome!" he sighed.

"It looked like it," I said once I had taken the sound-ring out of my mouth.

He pulled his fingers out of me and fell onto his back and grinned. I was ready to try it. It looked like it felt great.

"I'll give you your turn in a few," he sighed


I hoped he wasn't long. I was really, really ready. My dick had leaked a trail down the underside almost to my balls. He wasn't looking, so I put the chain sound in my mouth and sucked it clean, then licked his cum off my fingers. I pretended to clean the sound, but was looking forward to having it in my dick with traces of his cum on it.

"How long will you need?" I asked as I removed the glove.

He sat up on his elbows, smiled, and said, "I can't make you wait."

He picked up the sound with his bare hand, and scooted forward. He put his fingers back inside of me, and dangled the chain sound above my throbbing dick. He had no trouble getting the tip of it into my slightly gaping hole, and then it slid smoothly into me.

It felt a lot like the other sound, at first. He got some of it, about the same length as the other one, then pulled some of it out. Then put a little more in. The part of my urethra that hadn't been exposed to the new sensation went wild. I mean, there seemed to be even more sensitive nerves deeper inside.

"Oh, shit!" I sighed, big waves of shivers all through my thighs.

He pulled some out, put more in, over and over. His fingers rubbed me inside, too, the whole time. Man, I was leaking pre-cum all down my dick, and he didn't seem to mind it was getting all over his thumb and the webbing between it and his first finger.

"Okay so far?" he asked.

"Oh, hell yeah!"

Then he rubbed my tube, and I felt every little ball as his fingertip moved over it. God, damn, that was great!

The deeper in that thing went, the more intense it felt. He said half of it was in. I could feel it. It seemed to be nearly to my asshole, but I knew it wasn't that long.

In, out some, in some more. Damn, he took his time getting it all in. Fucking amazing! I couldn't believe how much of it went into my dick. I'd never thought that there were nerves inside my urethra, and would have bet that they wouldn't register pleasure - but there sure were! And they further up that long sound went, the more sensitive those nerves seemed to be. I felt the end of it pushing up against something very sensitive when the ring finally reached the tip of my dick. If it had another inch of length I would have made him stop.

"Like it?" he asked.

"Oh, hell yeah!" I said again.

Man, having something so deep inside me was fucking amazing! Not just the sensations of it, but the fact of it.

He leaned down, and I felt his lips slide over my head, then down my shaft, and then I felt him sucking. Oh, holy shit! The waves of suction running down my dick were intensified by the chain sound in my tube. I could feel the waves as they moved over the individual balls.

"Geeze!" I half-groaned and half-grunted.

My legs were vibrating like a sub-woofer. I was not going to last long at all.

"I'm going off really soon!" I squeaked.

He stopped and pulled down on my balls, grinning at me. He played with them for a minute or so, then leaned down and sucked me again.

I had to lean onto the back of his shoulders because I was almost weak from the intensity of the sensations he was creating in my dick and groin.

The intense waves started up again, and I warned him again. He stopped again, grinning at me kind of devilishly.

"I'm going to make you beg me to let you cum," he said.

I felt my eyes grow big.

"Not if I don't tell you when I'm getting close," I pointed out.

He laughed, then said, "We'll see."

He leaned down and began sucking me again. I leaned onto his back and shoulders, and knew I had control. I could lean forward and keep him from leaving my dick until I shot in his mouth.

Oh, damn, it was so good! This time I didn't say anything as I felt those big waves of pre-orgasm start. And he stopped sucking. I didn't even try to lean up, he just stayed there, not sucking me, and I could feel his hot breath, but no so much as a lip or his tongue.

I had to laugh, "How'd you know?"

He laughed, which I felt as a warm breath on my cock, which felt great. He played with my balls, and then slid his gloved fingers inside my ass. My prostate almost complained as he started working on it, which only made it that much more awesome.

He didn't suck, just licked lightly, and he didn't put a lot of pressure on my walnut. He just teased. It was almost maddening! My dick jumped in anticipation at every touch of his soft, warm, wet tongue, but he just kept teasingly, lightly licking all over it.

I was not going to beg.

It seemed like an hour before I suddenly felt his mouth close tightly on my cock and the almost too-intense pleasure of suction. But it was a brief period of pleasure before he stopped again. His finger even stopped working my insides.

For a while he only breathed on my dick, and his finger stayed motionless. Then his finger moved gently again. So gently. Almost not enough to feel. Then a little harder. Then it went tap-tap-tap.

Fuck! My cock throbbed up to intensely hard with every tap. It might make me cum, I hoped. The pressure grew in intensity as he slowly tapped my prostate. I was sure I was going to blow off. But then he stopped.

But I was not going to beg.

Then he sucked. Oh, yes! But only for a shot time. I was nearing orgasm quickly, but he stopped before it happened. Again. This time, barely.

But I was not going to beg.

Then his finger tapped again, then rubbed, then held against it. Oh, yeah, going to!

Then he stopped.

Damn it! I was shaking all over, and even starting to sweat. My legs were shaking the most, my thighs vibrating like a sub-woofer again.

Then he was bobbing up and down, sometimes taking the sound out a little and then wiggling it back in. His fingers sometimes tapped, sometimes rubbed, but only for a brief moment or two - and then there was nothing.

Geeze! This was more intense than anything before. I had no idea of how intense it could get until then. It was like torture.

I was getting so close! I tried not to let any signs of my coming orgasm show, but then his finger was stationary in my ass, his mouth only breathed hot air on my dick, and my impending orgasm slowly slid away.

"Okay," I relented, "Please make me cum."

He laughed, then hummed on my dick. Oh, hell yeah! Then his finger moved against my walnut, tapping and then rubbing, and then he sucked and hummed.

Oh, hell yes!

I refused to let any signs show of the orgasm that was building up huge enough to make me scream. I felt the pulse deep down inside, and with that sound in there, and his finger, and the suction, I knew I was going to blow the biggest wad of my life!

Then he stopped!

How did he know?

"Please!" I begged.

"Please, what?" he asked.

"Please! Make me cum!"

His mouth clamped down on my dick, his finger pushed up hard against my walnut and didn't relent, and the suction returned. I felt his tongue wiping every centimeter of my head and moving the ring of the sound, and...

I remember the rhythmic clenching of my anus around his fingers, the powerful pulses of my prostate against those fingers, and the feeling of the sound being vibrated by his humming and his tongue - but most of all I remember the almost painful feeling deep in my urethra as my prostate convulsed tightly around the end of the long sound. It was a hair from being pain, and made the entire experience one of near-fear as well.

The incredibly powerful pulsations as I ejaculated semen in explosive waves around the end of the sound combined pain and pleasure in a way I'd never felt before, or could have possibly expected. It was like pumping hot lava.

I can't tell you if I was silent, made a soft groan or moan, or screamed at the top of my lungs. I saw nothing but sparkling dots in a field of black. I don't even know if I took a single breath or not.

But I did feel the sound being slowly pulled out of my urethra while the waves of convulsions pushed my semen through my dick with such force I feared something might rip open under the pressure.

I was suddenly shaking and nearly convulsing as I sort of came to. I was leaning onto his bare back, shaking and spent. I fell onto my back, the ceiling a blurry mass as my eyes began to function again. I actually had no recollection of seeing anything but sparkling red dots during that orgasm. I must have closed my eyes, or nearly blacked out.

I panted and laughed, and moaned, and laid there, nearly exhausted.

I shuddered all over twice, and then drew a heavy, shaking breath.

"Liked that, huh?" he asked, his voice husky and throaty.

"Oh... yeah..." I heaved.

"I think I know something else you're going to like," he said.

I sat up, shakily, and asked, "What's that?"

He was cleaning the sound, and had already removed the glove. The paper towels were even wadded up and ready to be thrown away. He ginned, but didn't say anything.

"What?" I asked.

"You'll see," he said, that devilish grin making me want to grab him with both arms and hug the stuffing out of him. "Tomorrow."

"Uh," I complained, like a little kid told he had to wait until tomorrow to do something he wanted to do right now.

He smiled and laughed, and said, "Tomorrow. Right now, I'm starving. How about some mac and cheese?"

"Sure," I said.

I looked down at my dick and saw that it was deeply purple on the head, and the shaft was red. It felt kind of numb, and kind of hot, and bobbed a bit as it finished softening up.

There was no sign of my wad.




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