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Short Story Series. Gay Romance. College.  Explicit Sex.
Have you ever sat on the beach on a summer day and wondered what people were talking about while letting the surf break over their feet as they walked along? The reader of this series of short stories tunes in on the surprising and often astonishing conversations of young college guys and gets sucked into the drama and action of their lives.


Did you ever stop to consider why most of the world’s population wants to live by the sea? There’s something about walking along the warm sand, getting your bare feet wet, feeling the sun’s rays and cool air that sparks something in you. You are energized and inspired. You can work, play, talk, laugh, cry, love, despair, think and feel by the sea like nowhere else on earth.

Chapter One - Ray and Tom

The boys jogged easily at the edge of the surf. They had just completed their first year at the State University and moved out of the freshman dormitory into a two-bedroom con­dominium at the beach. Through the generosity of their parents, the condo was to be their home for the summer and the balance of their university career, if they desired. They shouldn’t have had a care in the world. Long, lean, muscular and handsome, clad only in swimming trunks, the pair turned many heads as they moved down the beach. With their looks and wealth, they had the world by the tail, or so it would have appeared.

Tom had worn a frown since they hit the beach and Ray watched him with a worried ex­pression. Being extremely sensitive to his brother, Ray could stand the negative vibes no longer. “Why so glum chum?” he said, trying to sound cheerful. “We moved into our own place two days ago and we’re finally on our own, for the first time in our lives.”

Without altering his stride, or erasing the frown, Tom countered, “Do you realize that this is the first time in our lives we’ve had separate bedrooms?”

“Yeah, but we’ll sleep together like we always have.”

“Then why did we buy a two-bedroom condo? It wasn’t Mom and Dad’s idea.”

“For guests, silly,” Ray said, incredulous.

They continued to jog for a few more steps, their feet splashing in the surf, when Tom asked quietly, “Is Linda coming over tonight?” Ray and Linda had met and begun dating six months ago. They were currently going out together at least twice a week.

“Yes!” Ray said emphatically. “This will be the first time we’ve been on a date without having to hunt for privacy.” He wasn’t kidding. Until now, he had lived in the dorm with Tom and she still lived with her parents near the university.

“You mean you need a make-out place,” Tom said with a strained wry grin.

“You said it,” Ray returned his grin. “It’ll be nice to kiss her somewhere beside the back row of a movie theater or the back seat of a car.”

“But, I’ll be there.”

“Oh, uh, well, we’ll use my bedroom.” Tom picked up the pace sharply and Ray sprinted to keep up.

“Is she going to stay the night?” Tom asked quietly.

“Not very likely. Her folks will expect me to bring her home at a reasonable hour. But we’ve talked about how we can arrange for her to stay over.”

“You’re getting serious about her, aren’t you?” Tom asked, not looking at Ray. “You’ve dated her longer than any other girl.”

“I guess so. I hadn’t really thought about it,” Ray said, tentatively.

Tom slowed their pace to a walk. “Ray, do you enjoy having sex with her?”

“Yeah, I do,” Ray answered shyly, somewhat uncomfortable. He had never hidden the fact that he had a sexual relationship with Linda, but he hadn’t discussed it with Tom ei­ther. “How did you know that we’d had sex?”

Tom barked out a laugh. “Oh I don’t know, maybe it was the pack of condoms and the motel receipt on the dressing table.”

Ray gave an embarrassed cough and laugh. “I never could hide anything from you, could I?” Tom didn’t respond to his ironic humor. “Look, you’re upset about something. Spit it out.” Tom said nothing. “Is it the fact that I have sex with Linda?” Tom nodded. “Well, you’ve never said anything about it before.”

“That’s because you always came home to me,” Tom retorted. He stopped walking and stared at the sand.

“And I’ll still be home with you,” Ray said, a hint of frustration rising in his voice.

Tom looked into Ray’s eyes. “Look, it’s just that I can’t stand the thought of you having sex with her under the same roof with me.”

Ray rolled his eyes. “I can see where this is going Tom. I told you years ago that I wasn’t gay.”

Tom looked evenly at Ray and asked, “Then why do you have sex with me?”

Ray was taken aback. They had never broached this topic before, even thought about it until now, but apparently, Tom had. Ray’s face flushed and he looked around him, as if for an escape from this conversation. “Aw gee, come on.”

“No Ray,” Tom said softly, placing a hand on Ray’s shoulder, “Answer me, please.”

Ray cast about for words he’d never strung together to make the thought. “Well, because we always have. We’ve slept in the same bed for nineteen years. We’ve always done eve­rything together. We’re twins.”

Tom’s eyes remained locked on to his brother’s. “You left out one important component: we love each other. But I’ll let that pass for now. The main point is that we’re not only twins, we’re identical twins with the same identical DNA. We’re closer kin than we are to our parents. We not only look alike, we think alike, we are alike in every specific detail, and we have the same sexuality. We played around with sex when we were little, but we became lovers when we were twelve.”

Ray didn’t know how to answer that, so he countered, “Would you rather I was dating an­other guy?”

Tom didn’t break eye contact, but softened his words. “I’d be hurt, but I would under­stand it if you fell in love with another man.”

The word “love” suddenly rang true to Ray. They had never spoken of their love for each other. He wondered why. He didn’t have an answer, so he tried changing the topic. “Tom, do you realize this is the first argument we’ve ever had?”

Tom sat down on the dry sand and dug his feet into it. “Yeah, it is. We’ve always been reasonable and worked things out without an argument.” He smiled up into his twin’s face. “And I’m trying to reason with you. We’re so much alike we can almost talk with­out speaking. So I know this much about you; I could tell if you were really in love with another guy, and I would give you to him willingly because I love you and I want you to be happy. I could even get used to the idea of you making love in the bedroom next to mine.” And, he added so softly that Ray barely heard him, “If you really loved another guy enough to make a lifetime commitment to him, I could get used to the idea that you would never share my bed again.”

Ray joined his brother on the sand. He was emotionally shaken to the point of tears. New ideas and feelings were waking within him. He picked up a handful of sand and let it run through his fingers trying to find the courage to verbalize the next point that had to be discussed. “You’re saying that you don’t think I’m in love with Linda.”

“I know you’re not, because you can’t be. You’re gay, like me.”

“Tom, you’re right, I do love you. Because you’re my brother, my twin. We’re as close as two people can be. But, you say you’re gay and I say I’m straight. One of us is wrong.”

Ray looked at his twin sadly and forebear giving him the obvious retort. Instead, he took Ray’s hand and said wearily, “Yes, and the truth will reveal itself sooner or later.”

Ray’s frustration bubbled to the surface. He dropped Tom’s hand and dug his feet into the sand fiercely. “Shit Tom! I’m so confused! We should have worked this out years ago.”

Tom stood up and brushed the sand away. “Yep, you’re right about that. We’re at a real sticking point.” He turned to his brother and said firmly but not unkindly, “I love you more than life itself. And I want us to work this out before it tears us apart.” He took a deep breath and continued, “But this is how I feel; I like Linda; she’s a nice girl, but I can’t stay in the condo while you make love to her. When she arrives tonight I’ll leave you two alone.”

Suddenly, it hit Ray that their lives were about to change. And he didn’t feel like it was his fault. His anger at his brother flared and he choked the unfamiliar feeling back. “Oh come on! This is bullshit! Where will you go? What will you do? Are you trying to lay a guilt trip on me?”

Tom replied calmly, “No, I’m not laying guilt on you. I’ve explained reasonably how I feel.” He then managed an odd smile. “It’ll be an arrangement, like roommates in the dorm: one guy vacates the room while the other smuggles his date in for the evening.”

Ray stood up and brushed himself off thinking about it. “Okay, if that’s the way you want to play it.”

There was no more to say now, so they left the beach and made their way back to the condo just as the sun was setting. They took separate showers, an unusual event in their lives, and dressed in their separate bedrooms.

Ray entered the kitchen as Tom popped the top on a can of Coke. “I was thinking of mak­ing spaghetti for dinner. What kind of sauce do you want with it? Linda likes sun dried tomato.”

Tom chugged half the Coke and smiled. “Go with the sun dried tomato then. I’ll grab din­ner somewhere while I’m out. I thought I’d make a full evening of it.”

Ray looked a bit hurt. “But, spaghetti is one of your favorite dishes. And, I was gonna crack a bottle of that five year-old Cabernet.”

Tom placed his hands on his brother’s shoulders and smiled into his eyes. “Bro, you both want to be alone tonight here in the new place. So, I’m going to let you enjoy it.” He kissed Ray on the forehead and pinched his cheek.

Ray grinned. “Okay, but you’ve got to promise me you’ll have a good time yourself.”

Tom winked, picked up his car keys and left.

He drove downtown and had a delicious dinner at an upscale restaurant. He savored the various courses, but remembered the times his twin had shared the experience with him. He lingered over a last glass of wine, holding the goblet at eye level. Studying the rich color of the liquid, he recalled how identical his tastes were to Ray’s, in food, clothes, music, art. They even liked the same kind of people. Were their similar preferences cul­turally inspired or because of their identical DNA? Having no answer to the question, he drained the glass and left the restaurant with a hollow feeling in his stomach, as if he hadn’t eaten.

The cool night air cleared his head, but not his confusion. He needed a diversion and thought he might find it at the movieplex a block away. Even with sixteen movies playing, he found that the last showing had begun for all but two. He picked one that they had talked about seeing. They? “Shit,” he thought, “forget about him and enjoy it on your own.” And he did. It was a comedy and cheered him up considerably.

Walking back to his car, he checked his watch. Five minutes past midnight. Ray should have driven Linda home by now, or at least be on his way back.

He smiled when he saw Ray’s car in the garage. He parked his identical Lexus next to it and let himself into the condo. One lamp glowed dimly in the living room. He was thirsty and made his way through the dining room to the kitchen. The spicy odor of pasta sauce hung in the air. Flicking the light on in the kitchen, he smiled when he noticed that it was spotless. Both he and Ray were obsessively clean. As he opened a bottle of water, he chuckled thinking that no matter how horny Ray was, he wouldn’t leave the kitchen a mess to have sex first. “Should I take a shower before I go to bed?” he wondered. He sighed, running the cool water bottle over his face. He shivered contemplating the famil­iar touch of Ray’s skin next to his, the scent of his musk and the taste of his lips.

His dick rock hard in his jeans, he killed the light in the kitchen and made his way back to the bedrooms. “To hell with the shower,” he thought, giggling to himself, “I’m ready for my lover.” He giggled again remembering how horny Ray was when he came home from a date with Linda. “How does he have enough stamina to have sex twice in one night? Could I do that?” He didn’t know. He had never had sex with anyone but Ray. Never wanted to.

He had just eased open the door to his bed room when he heard a noise. He straightened and turned. There it was again. He turned to the door to Ray's room. He heard it again. This time it was clear, a woman’s voice moaning in ecstasy. His heart squeezed, his blood ran cold and every hair on his body stood on end.

She was still there!

Blood pounding in his temples, he entered his bedroom and emptied his gym bag. He threw a change of clothes and his usual toilet articles into it, pulled his bedroom door closed and left the condo. He drove back downtown and checked into the first hotel he saw. It was nice enough. “Probably better than that motel where Ray fucked Linda,” he thought bitterly as he surveyed his room.

God, but he felt lonely!

His heart was still pounding and his nerves were still on edge, so, minutes later, he found himself back in the lobby heading toward the bar. “It’s closed sir,” a polite voice said. He turned to look at the young man at the registration desk. “Sorry. It closes at midnight.”

Tom frowned in annoyance and approached the desk. “Is there another bar nearby that might be open?”

The young man studied Tom for a few seconds. “Yes sir. There’s one down the street that you might enjoy that’s open until two.” He looked at his watch and took a deep breath. “I get off in five minutes. I can show you where it is.” Tom smiled, giving the man the cour­age to continue. “Would you like some company? If I may be so bold, you look like you could use some cheering up.”

Tom readily agreed. The young man introduced himself as Barry, and then disappeared behind a curtain, reappearing a few minutes later wearing a university letter jacket. This was the perfect icebreaker for them. They left the hotel discussing their university status, classes and majors. Barry was pre-law, two years ahead of Tom and on the swim team. Once inside the bar, they ordered drinks and settled at a table. Barry favored Tom with a wide grin and said, “Okay, what is a university student doing checking in to a hotel, alone, on a Friday night looking like he just lost his dog?”

Tom laughed and sipped his drink. “My brother invited his girlfriend over for the night and I’m giving them some space.”

Barry smiled. “That’s very generous of you. Bet you would have liked to have had your own date over instead, huh?”

Tom frowned and looked into his glass. “Yeah, I sure would have.”

Barry realized he had touched a sore spot and quickly changed the subject. He looked around the room and said, “Looks like a nice crowd tonight.”

Tom surveyed the room for the first time and his eyes went wide. All the patrons were men. Some of them were holding hands or dancing together. He looked back at Barry and exclaimed, “This is a gay bar!”

The smile instantly vanished from Barry’s face. “Uh, yeah. Uh, sorry. Please don’t be upset. I just assumed that you were gay. We can leave if you’re uncomfortable,” he said lamely, starting to get up.

Tom motioned him back into his chair. “It’s all right. I’m gay. It’s just that I’ve never been in a gay bar before.” Barry sat down with a huge sigh of relief. Tom smiled wickedly at him. “I assume since you brought me here that you’re gay too.”

“As a goose. But, I just came out recently, so I haven’t dated many men.”

Tom cocked an eyebrow at him. “Well, it seems that you should have plenty of opportu­nity, working at a hotel and being so close to a gay bar.”

Barry’s face went red and he studied his drink. “Yeah, you would think so, but I’m kind of shy. I don’t know how I had the courage to approach you tonight.” He glanced appre­ciatively at Tom. “Yeah, I do too. You seemed so nice and you looked so lonely. And you’re a hunk. I just couldn’t pass you up,” he finished with a shy grin.

It was Tom’s turn to blush. “Well, you’re not so bad yourself. You’re a nice guy, and you were kind enough to try to cheer me up.”

Barry slowly reached across the small table and took Tom’s hand. Tom looked down. The hand felt warm and soothing, yet strong. He glanced up at Barry. The boy was strong and shapely. He studied Barry’s face. It wasn’t handsome; it was beautiful. And it carried a kind expression. Barry cleared his throat. “I’d like to do more than just cheer you up.” Then, he squeaked out, “Could we spend the night together?” His fingers closed around Tom’s tightly.

Tom’s Adam’s apple bobbed. “Let’s go back to the hotel,” he breathed.

Five minutes later Tom closed and locked the door to his room. Barry drew him into his arms and a tender kiss that quickly turned passionate. They continued to kiss as they un­dressed each other.

Soon, they were naked on the bed, whispering endearments in between kisses. Barry rolled on top and smothered his lover’s face and ears with kisses, while Tom stroked the taught muscles of Barry’s back. Their passion was evident as their rampant cocks ground together. Tom rolled Barry on his back and attacked his nipples, suckling first one, then the other before making his way to the boy’s throbbing dick. Pre-cum oozed from its ex­cited tip. Tom laved it hungrily and swallowed the whole prize. Barry worked his way around to claim Tom’s member.

They labored slowly, and in unison, bringing each other close to orgasm, then backing off, savoring their sweet mating to the highest degree. In the end, human longing pre­vailed and they rewarded each other with streams of male nectar. They cuddled, kissed and petted, then sank into deep satisfied sleep.

When the car horn sounded at eight o’clock, Ray kissed Linda good-bye and waived as she drove off with her friend Kathy. He wore a self-satisfied smile. After dinner last night—which Linda had enjoyed very much—they had decided to call her parents and tell them that he would take her to Kathy’s house to spend the night so she and Kathy could go shopping early this morning. And, the ploy had worked.

Humming to himself, Ray made his way quietly back into the condo. He made the bed in his room and opened the windows to let the scent of their love making drift out into the morning air. Tom’s door was still closed. Ray knew he would be a little pissed that Linda had stayed over, but he would make him a delicious breakfast and take him to bed to make things right. He stroked the erection in his pants and headed for the kitchen with a chuckle.

Tom woke as he usually did, with his head on his lover’s shoulder. He wanted to wake up every morning like this for the rest of his life. He breathed a contented sigh and hugged his partner closer. But, something was wrong. He jolted awake and sniffed the shoulder. It didn’t smell like Ray. He let his fingertips glide over his lover’s chest, feeling the mus­cles and soft hair pattern. It didn’t feel like Ray. “Good morning,” a soft voice purred. It didn’t sound like Ray.

He pulled back and looked into Barry’s smiling eyes. Tom blinked and then remembered. He relaxed and burrowed his head under Barry’s chin. “Oh man,” he thought, “Talk about new experiences! I’ve met another boy, had sex with him and spent the night with him all in one day.” He chuckled quietly and let the thoughts run free. “Man, when I get started, I don’t do anything half way.”

Barry broke his reverie. “Tom, it’s after nine o’clock and housekeeping will be here shortly.” He kissed Tom’s hair and stroked it. “As wonderful as it is to snuggle with you, we’d better get up.”

Barry’s stomach picked that moment to rumble, sending them into fits of laughter. Tom gave Barry a quick kiss on the lips. “Okay, let’s take a shower and then get something to eat.” The shower lasted much longer than they expected. As they washed each other, their ardor renewed and they made love once again.

Tom packed his bag and they descended to the lobby. He checked out at the desk and ushered Barry into the hotel’s restaurant. After they had ordered, Barry broached the sub­ject uppermost in his mind. “Tom, like I told you last night, I don’t sleep around. Hitting on you was a hunch that you wouldn’t just be a one night stand. And, I was right. You’re a keeper. What I’m trying to say is, I would really like to see you again. Often.”

Barry’s soft brown eyes beguiled Tom. He smiled wistfully. “I like you very much. Last night was wonderful.”

Barry broke in excitedly, “Then you’ll see me again?”

“It depends on how things work out with my brother.” He really did like Barry. He felt that they shared something more than sex last night. Therefore, he knew he must tell the boy the truth, the whole story. He began the tale as their food was served.

By nine o’clock Ray had a good start on breakfast. He was preparing eggs Benedict. He had toasted the English muffins, sliced the Canadian bacon, and whipped up the Hollan­daise sauce. Now, the water was boiling for the eggs. He decided to wake Tom before he poached them however. Eggs Benedict should be served fresh.

On his way to the bedroom, he checked the dining table. Beautiful! The silver, crystal and flatware were set perfectly. He whipped off his T-shirt, adjusted his half-hard dick in his jeans and knocked softly on Tom’s door. Peeking in, he sang, “Wake up sleepyhead.”

Then, his heart froze in his chest. Blood pounding, he raced back to the kitchen and burst through the door to the garage. A dozen questions shot through his mind, two of which flashed red: Did he leave because Linda spent the night? Was he angry enough to get into an auto accident, and is he hurt and in a hospital somewhere?

He returned to Tom’s room and surveyed it closely, spotting Tom’s gym clothes tossed in a corner. “Okay, his gym bag is missing,” he thought miserably. “He came home, realized Linda was still here, packed and left. Shit!”

His stomach knotted and turned sour. Suddenly, the room grew cold. He rubbed his bare shoulders briskly. Backing slowly out of the room, he turned to move down the hall. The condo suddenly grew immense and lonely. Yes, it was very lonely, not knowing when Tom would return. Heretofore, he had always known where he was in relation to his twin, in every way. He sat down at the kitchen table and stared at the wall.

Just before noon, Tom eased his car into the garage, grabbed his bag and entered the kitchen. Ray was still sitting at the table. An electric-like charge passed through them when their eyes locked.

“Hey,” Tom said softly.

Ray straightened in his chair. “Hey,” he returned.

They almost smiled.

Ray stood up and said, “Hungry?”

“No, I’ve had breakfast. Thank you.”


“Yes, please.” Ray poured a mug full and placed it in the microwave.

Still facing the microwave, Ray said, “I freaked when I discovered that you weren’t here this morning.” The microwave chimed and he handed the mug to Tom with trembling hands. “I don’t have a right to ask this, but what did you do last night?”

Tom sipped the coffee. “I don’t mind telling you. I had dinner at Musso’s.”

Ray forced a smile. “Let me guess. You had chicken picatta.”

“Yep. You know me well. Then, I went to a movie and drove back here about midnight.” Ray visibly cringed and sat down at the table, wiping non-existent specks of dust from it. “I was about to join you in bed when I heard you two.” He paused, then continued, the quality of his voice grew hard. “How come she stayed over?”

Ray shrugged. “I wanted to find out what it was like to wake up with her I guess. After dinner, we got down to some heavy petting and decided to tell her parents that she was going to stay over at Kathy’s house so they could get an early start on shopping this morning.”

“You lied to her parents,” Tom said matter-of-factly.

“Yeah. But we were talking about you,” Ray returned defensively.

“Well, when I realized what was going on, I packed a bag and checked into a hotel down­town, but I couldn’t sleep. So, I went down to the lobby bar, but it was closed. I asked the desk clerk if there was another one nearby. He went off duty then and offered to show me.” Tom chuckled. “I must have looked like a real mess, because he said I looked like I could use some cheering up.” He took a deep breath. Ray’s eyes never left his. “On the way to the bar, I found out he was a University student too. So, we got talking and he joined me. We seemed to click. As the bar was closing, he said he would like to spend the night with me. So, I took him back to my room.”

Ray shot out of the chair and yelled, “You picked up a strange guy and slept with him?” He began to pace around the room. “How could you do that?” he asked, not really want­ing to know the answer.

Tom remained calm. He intercepted Ray and guided him back to the chair. “No. He wasn’t a strange guy. He was a hotel employee who offered me comfort and companion­ship, so I got to know him.”

He walked around behind his brother and massaged his taught shoulders. “He was sweet and kind and loving Ray. He gave me what I needed. I was comforted and well-loved.” He stared into space as his fingers worked his brother’s muscles. “We didn’t just have sex. We made love, like you and I do Ray.”

Ray began to relax, but hung his head in misery. He had nothing to say to those state­ments. As Tom’s fingers worked, he looked at the two tattoos on his twin’s shoulder blades. They were good, as tattoos go, but he grimaced in distaste at the thought of them marring Ray’s flawless skin. Ray asked meekly, “Um, why were you so late getting back this morning? I’ve been worried sick.”

Tom’s hands dropped from Ray’s shoulders. He walked around to the other side of the ta­ble and met Ray’s eyes. “We woke up late, we made love again, we showered and then we had breakfast. Then, I left.” He stared into Ray’s eyes. Ray opened his mouth to say something, but Tom interrupted him. “Let’s go walking on the beach. That always clears our heads. Then, we can talk sensibly.”

Ray nodded in agreement. Minutes later, they were in shorts walking along the hot sand to the water. Ray asked quietly, “Are you going to see him again?”

Tom sighed. He knew that would be the next question. “He asked to see me again, but whether I would or not depends on how we work out our situation. So, I had to bring him up to date. I told him everything.”

“You told him about us?”

“Yes, it was only fair. He understood. He gave me his phone number and we parted.”

They were walking along the edge of the surf. The combination of warm sun, cool air and cool water on their feet was soothing. Ray sighed. “You didn’t answer my question. Are you going to use the phone number?”

“I don’t want to. But, I will if I have to.” Ray started to speak, but Tom went on. “I learned something last night. Barry was a wonderful lover. I woke up in his arms this morning, just like I wake up in yours. It felt good.”

Tom stopped and looked deep into his twin’s eyes. “But, he wasn’t you. Now that I’ve been with another man, I know without a doubt that it’s you I love. There’s a spark and fire between us whether we’re making love or doing something together or just sitting in the same room. We resonate Ray.”

Ray said fiercely, “I do love you Tom! I’m your brother, your twin. I love you with all my heart!”

Tom nodded sadly, “And it’s you I want, as a lover, exclusively, with a lifetime commit­ment. We’re gay lovers and I won’t accept anything less from you.”

“Are you telling me I have to give up Linda?”

“No, I wouldn’t do that. I’m simply telling you what I want.”

“What will you do if I don’t stop seeing Linda?"

“I’ll quit claim my half of the condo to you and buy another for myself.”

“You’ll move out? Leave me?” Ray was in tears.

“Yes,” Tom said quietly.

Ray grabbed Tom’s arms and shook them. “But I’ve told you, I’m not gay.”

Tom walked up onto the dry sand and sat down. He patted a patch beside him. Ray plopped down and held his head in his hands. Tom stared at the horizon, then asked, “What would Dad say if you told him you were gay?”

Ray shuddered violently. “He’d have a heart attack, after he killed me.”

Tom nodded. “So he would, considering his views and our strict religious upbringing.” He scratched his jaw, deep in thought. “I’ve been thinking about some things. Now, listen carefully and don’t get mad at me until I’ve finished. When did we first go out for sports in school?”

Ray thought for a moment. “When we were twelve or thirteen.”

“And what did Dad always do when he saw one of our practices or games?”

Ray huffed, “He lectured us all the way home about what we did wrong.”

“Exactly. Nothing we ever did was good enough for him. We tried everything we could think of to please him, didn’t we?”

“Yeah. We tried out for every sport until we found ones we could excel at.”

“We tried other stuff too. I vowed to have a four-point-oh grade point average all the way through school. What did you do?”

Ray’s eyes opened wide. “Well, uh . . . ”

“You discovered girls. Dad was so proud of you for that. He never was happy that I didn’t become a stud, but he was content with my scholarship. It was right after you started dating—which you didn’t do until you were almost seventeen, by the way—that Dad bought you a car. Then, he grudgingly bought me one several months later.” Ray just looked at him. “And, what was Dad’s reaction to your new tattoos?”

“I don’t remember.”

“Yes you do. He yelled and screamed for a few minutes, then laughed and said you were growing up and becoming a man. You got those tattoos just to prove to Dad that you were a macho man,” he said emphatically.

Then, his voice softened and he said miserably, “I knew we were gay before we left jun­ior high and I accepted it. But, I knew Dad wouldn’t. So, I kept quiet when I saw you do­ing things just to prove to Dad that you were straight. I sat by and let you delude yourself so I wouldn’t have to.”

He pulled Ray into a hug and rested his head on his twin’s shoulder. “I’m so sorry Ray. I stood by and let you fuck up your life all these years. I should have been strong. We both should have been strong. We should have stood up to Dad together and told him we were lovers.”

Ray pushed Tom away and stood up. “No! I don’t believe it!”

Tom stood and brushed the sand off his skin. He looked sadly at Ray and nodded, then turned and headed for the condo. Ray stared after him for a full minute, and then fol­lowed.

Tom spent most of the afternoon in his bedroom reading and listening to music while Ray became increasingly nervous. He bustled around the place cleaning and straightening, bringing Tom snacks and coffee every so often. When the sun was low on the horizon, he prepared a light dinner, which they ate quietly, barely looking at each other.

After the meal, they sat on the couch and watched TV until Tom yawned and said he was going to hit the sack. He walked into his bedroom and Ray started to follow him inside. Tom turned and stopped him gently. “No Ray. Don’t make it any worse. You’ve made your decision.” He motioned Ray toward the room across the hall and shut his door.

Tom sighed heavily and fiercely refused to cry. He didn’t want to think about his lover sleeping away from his bed. He didn’t want to think about his lover disavowing him. He didn’t want to think about the calls he would have to make to his attorney and real estate agent tomorrow morning. He flung his clothes from his body and fell into bed. Two hours passed slowly until he sank into a fitful sleep.

He awoke when the sun knifed through the window blinds and smiled to himself. He was at peace. He moaned softly at the familiar scent and feel of warm, comforting skin stretched across firm muscles. He luxuriated at the safe feeling of Ray’s strong arms around him.

Ray? He looked up into his twin’s smiling eyes. “Ray, what are you doing here?”

Ray’s smile widened. “I’ve made my decision, my FINAL decision.” He sealed it with a deep kiss, and much more.

Chapter Two - Craig and Kevin

Craig and Kevin walked slowly down the beach as they had a thousand times before, wearing shorts; that’s about it. Craig was shirtless, his usual summer dress.

Their footprints sank alternately into wet and dry sand as they ambled on, each with his thoughts, because today’s beach walk was different from all the others they had enjoyed together since they were in kindergarten.

Finally, Kevin sucked in a breath of fresh sea air and spoke to his best buddy for the past twelve years. “Did you enjoy what we did last night?”

Craig waited several heartbeats before he answered, “Yeah I did. But I still don’t know why it happened.” Kevin kept silent, sensing that Craig wasn’t finished. “Shit Kevin, we’ve slept together a zillion times and that never happened before. What’s going on?”

“Are you nervous about it or disgusted about it?”

Their pace down the beach slowed a bit before Craig responded. “No, I don’t think so. I mean, I’ve know you forever. We’re like brothers. So, I’m cool. And, I couldn’t be dis­gusted about anything we did together.” He hesitated for a moment. “I’m just surprised that we did that.”

Kevin looked up from the sand and stole a quick glance at Craig. “Well, I mean, like you said, we’re like brothers, closer than brothers as far as I’m concerned.”

“Yeah,” Craig admitted.

“So, I’ve been thinking.” Kevin’s voice trailed off.

“Thinking what?”

Kevin took another deep breath. “Craig, do you love me?” he mumbled, staring at the sand.

Craig looked up at Kevin in surprise. “Wow! That’s heavy Kev. I’ve never thought about us in those terms.”

Kevin wouldn’t meet Craig’s eyes. “Well, don’t brothers love each other?”


“So? You’re the most important person in my life Craig. You’re always there for me. I’ve told you all my secrets, even stuff I can’t tell my folks, or the priest. So why shouldn’t I love you?”

Craig’s eyes narrowed as he gazed into the distance. “Yeah, I see what you mean. I feel the same way about you.” He nodded his head with a sense of conviction. “Yeah, you’re right. I do love you.”

With Craig’s admission ringing in his ears, Kevin hurried on. “Okay, so we love each other, and we’re closer than brothers. Then wouldn’t what we did be a natural expression of our love?” He glanced at Craig not without a look of pleading.

Craig stopped and met Kevin’s eyes for a moment. Then, he smiled and put his arm around his buddy's shoulders and pulled him into a hug. “Yeah, it did seem right.”

Kevin expelled a large breath. “Great. It just took you by surprised. Right?”

“Yeah, but the surprise is over. I’ll know what to expect next time,” he said with a grin, wiggling his eyebrows up and down.”

“Next time?” Kevin whispered in surprise.

“Yeah,” Craig laughed, “but I hope you shave before we go to bed tonight. You gave me whisker burns on certain sensitive parts of my body last night.”

Kevin gaped into Craig’s laughing face. “Why you rat! I’ll show you whisker burn!”

Craig, laughing like a hyena, took off at a run down the beach, his best friend and new lover hot on his tracks. “Wait until I catch you, you turkey,” Kevin shouted with glee.

Both boys knew that their friendship would be taken to an even deeper level tonight.

Chapter Three - Joe and Dave

“Man, think of it! Twenty-five dollars each, maybe more, for a couple of hours work,” Joe said, quite excited. He actually skipped a few steps, his bare feet splashing in the edge of the surf as they took their daily walk along the beach.

“Yeah, but don’t you think that there’s something kind of weird about this deal?” Dave muttered. “He might be some kind of pervert or something.”

“Aw look man,” Joe whined, “We’ve got exactly $2.64 between us and a month before either of our parents sends us some money. We gotta eat.”

Joe and Dave were freshmen at the State University. They had shared a room in the dorm since the beginning of the term and had become fast friends. Neither had lived away from home before, and they quickly discovered how badly they could mismanage their money.

“Yeah, it didn’t feel good to have the coach yell at us about our lousy practice today,” Dave admitted.

“You said it! We can’t keep up our strength on one meal a day. If we don’t perform, he’ll kick us off the team.”

The boys were attending State U courtesy of gymnastics scholarships. They both shud­dered at the thought of being kicked off the team. The scholarships would be withdrawn and they would be thrown out of school.

“And I hate to think how much louder my old man would yell than the coach did if I get kicked out of school,” Joe said with conviction.

“Okay, so we’ve got to have money and quick,” Dave said with resignation,” but, I’m still bothered about having our pictures taken.”

Joe threw up his hands in exasperation. “Dave buddy, would our own coach give us a bum steer on this?”

After their coach had finished yelling at them about their poor performance at practice, he asked them about their eating habits. When they confessed to eating only one meal a day for lack of funds, he renewed his verbal tirade, reminding them of their minimum daily calorie requirements. In the end, he had slipped them $20 each and told them to go eat a good dinner. Then, he had given them a business card, suggesting they might find some quick money there.

“Well,” Dave said doubtfully, “Coach did say the guy was a friend of his.”

“Right,” Joe averred, “and Coach always keeps an eye out for models for him. That’s all we’re going to be doing, modeling.” Joe eyed his roommate’s sleek, perfectly propor­tioned body striding gracefully, only in swim trunks, and added, “I have the feeling that your body is just what the photographer is looking for. And with what we’ve got between our legs, we can up our pay scale if we want to.”

When the boys had returned to the dorm after practice, they immediately called the pho­tographer and made an appointment to meet with him the following night. During the conversation, the man had explained a lengthy payment plan for posing.

“That’s what makes me think he’s a pervert Joe,” Dave whined.

“Look buddy,” Joe said soothingly, “we only have to go as far as we want to. We get $25 each posing in swimsuits or underwear, $50 nude, $75 with an erection, $100 for a cum shot, and $150 if we do stuff with each other.” Joe’s voice went up a decibel or two with each price.

Dave stopped and faced his friend. “Dude, can you spell ‘greed’? You’ve got dollar signs in your eyes. Think about what you just said. You’re suggesting we pose nude,” and his voice trailed off, “and other stuff.”

“Dave, the guy’s a business man, a photographer. He's photographed thousands of guys, and women too probably. It’s the way he makes his living. He knows what sells. Do you really think he’d shell out that kind of money just to put the make on you?”

Dave looked confused. “Sell? What do you think he’ll do with our pictures after he takes them?”

“Sell ‘em to a magazine I expect,” Joe said with a shrug of his shoulders.

“A magazine?” Dave exclaimed in panic. “Do you really want nude pictures of us pub­lished in some magazine? What if our families see them?”

Joe started to chuckle, then progressed to uproarious laughter that ended in a coughing fit. Finally, he caught his breath. “Dave, my good friend, can you really see your dad or mother or your grandmother buying that kind of magazine?”

“Well, no,” Dave said doubtfully, “but what if one of our friends or teammates sees those pictures?”

“So be it. We’ve got nothing to be ashamed of,” he said, grabbing his crotch obscenely. “And, if Coach gives out those cards to all the starving students, then probably most of our gymnastic team has had its collective erection photographed.”

Dave didn’t have a quick come back to that statement, so he kept silent. By this time, they were at the dorm. They trudged up to the room and sat on their beds, opposite each other, thinking.

“Okay, if we only pose in our underwear, we get $25 each and we’re still short on funds. So, we’ve got to pose nude,” Dave complained, “or more.”

Joe didn’t answer immediately. Dave stared at him and could fairly hear the wheels turn­ing in his head. Finally, Joe looked up, wearing a look of determination. “Dave, if we do stuff with each other, we’ll make $150 each and God knows we need the money, and quick.” He leaned closer to his friend and said conspiratorially, “But what if we were so good at doing stuff with each other that the guy would want to photograph us again and again?”

Dave stared at his buddy dumbfounded. “Joe, I haven’t gotten a hard on in front of an­other guy since junior high.”

“Neither have I,” Joe said reasonably. “Let’s try.”

“Are you kidding me?”

“Nope. It’ll be fun.” Joe stood up and whipped off his swimsuit, baring his crotch to Dave, sitting about three feet away.

Dave stared at Joe’s massive cock and balls. He had seen his roommate nude hundreds of times, but not in this context. Joe was an erotic sight. His body was perfect. Only his genitals were out of proportion. Now he could smell Joe’s musk. It smelled like sex.

Joe reached out and took Dave’s arm, bidding him to stand up. Their eyes locked, in si­lent communication. Dave’s hands moved slowly to slide his swimsuit down to his an­kles. Without breaking eye contact, he kicked them aside.

To their surprise, their cocks began to stir. Joe arched an eyebrow at Dave and they both began to feel a tingling in their low-hanging balls. They looked down at their dicks, watching them slowly rise to half-staff.

Dave and Joe were evenly matched in the penis department. As Joe said earlier, neither of them had anything to be ashamed of. Now, their cocks were at full mast and throbbing.

Simultaneously, their eyes rose, raking the other’s body. When their eyes met, the lust there was plain to see. The corners of their mouths curled into smiles.

“Well,” Dave purred, “now we know we can get a hard-on in front of each other. Do you think we can do anything more?”

Joe flashed him a lust-filled grin, and said, “There’s only one way to find out,” as he reached for Dave’s big dick.

Chapter Four - Jake and Chad

The boys jogged easily down the beach, their bare feet splashing lightly at the edge of the surf. It was a beautiful morning, perhaps half an hour after sunrise.

“Man, I feel great this morning,” Jake bellowed.

Chad had sponsored Jake as a pledge to his fraternity at State University. He looked askance at his charge. “Jake, you are fucking amazing!”

Jake turned to Chad in surprise. “Really, why do you say that?”

“After all the stuff you did last night, you should be out on your ass.” He shook his head again in disbelief.

Jake shrugged his shoulders. “Aw, the initiation wasn’t so bad. I enjoyed it,” he grinned broadly.

“That’s what bothers me. We were prepared to make some concessions for you, but they weren’t necessary,” Chad said with conviction.

The smile slid from Jake’s face and he slowed his pace to a walk. “Look Chad, I may only be a freshman and a naive preacher’s son, but I’m sophisticated enough to realize that the only reason you sponsored me was to bring up the grade point average for the fraternity.” They stopped. Jake put his fists on his hips, glared at Chad and continued. “Please just let me enjoy having some fun for the first time in my life.”

Chad had the decency to look embarrassed. He turned to continue their walk down the beach. “Look man, you’re right. That’s why we wanted you in the fraternity. You have the highest grade point average in the freshman class.” He tried to mask his chagrin with humor. “It also helped that you’re a handsome dude and built like a brick shithouse.” Then, he looked quizzically at Jake and verbalized what had been bothering him. “We checked you out pretty carefully, but are you sure you’re a minister’s son?”

Jake gave his fraternity brother an ironic smile. “Chad, my name is Jacob Isaac Matthew. Doesn’t that sound like the name of a Bible-thumping preacher’s son? And, my dad’s name is Isaac David Matthew,” he said with a self-deprecating grin.

Chad grinned in return and nodded his head. “Yeah, that sounds right. But, you went through the initiation tasks like you had done that stuff all your life.”

Jake barked a mirthless laugh. “Fat chance. I was never allowed to do anything that the other kids did for fun, so I put all my energy into academics and sports.”

Chad looked at Jake’s body with approval. “I believe that. You’ve got a body to die for. You’ll probably be on the next Olympic gymnastics team.” He recalled last night’s initia­tion ceremony and chuckled to himself. “But man, you smoked that weed like a pro.”

Jake smiled happily. “Yeah, it was great. I never knew marijuana would taste so good. And it made me feel great! I loved it!”

“But, you inhaled it. Then, you swilled the beer like it was soda pop.”

Jake giggled. “All my life I’ve wondered what beer tasted like. Now I think I’m hooked. I can’t wait to drink more.”

Chad harrumphed. “I’d take it easy if I were you. You drank a twelve pack in less than two hours.” He looked evenly at his charge. “And you didn’t act like you were drunk.”

Jake’s eyes were innocent as he asked, “Was I supposed to?”

“Didn’t you see what was happening to the other pledges?” Chad asked incredulously.

“I didn’t notice that they were drunk” He looked embarrassed, then sad. “I don’t even know what that’s like. I just thought they were having a good time.”

Chad just shook his head in wonder. “But, what really flabbergasted me was your per­formance during the circle jerk.”

Jake’s face brightened. “Man, that was the best! I’d never masturbated before.”

Chad grinned evilly. “Well, you must have been saving it up for years, because you shot your wad four times, before the last one of the pledges shot their first.”

He slapped Jake on the back and exclaimed, “You, my boy, are a fraternity row natural! You’re smart; you’re handsome; you’re an athlete. You can out smoke and out drink and out cum anybody in our house! Shit, you’ll be the chapter president by the end of the year if we don’t watch out!”

Jake beamed. “Well, I don’t know why I didn’t get high from the pot and beer, but the other pledge’s hand just felt so good on my penis, and my hand felt really great on the next guy’s.” He ran out of words to describe how he felt. “I’ve waked up with erections before, but my dick was the hardest it’s ever been last night.”

Chad giggled. “I thought the guy would crap when you licked his cum off your hand.”

It was Jake’s turn to giggle. “Yeah, but you should have seen his face when the pledge master told him to suck my dick.” He winced, recalling the painful memory. “He must not have done a good job, because he kept scraping me with his teeth.”

“Yeah, but you came a fifth time in about three minutes.” He wanted to say something else, but wasn’t sure it he should. Then, he shrugged his shoulders and said, “And, you didn’t seem to mind sucking me off later in our room.” He blushed furiously. “And, your kisses were so great . . .” His voice trailed off and he looked at the sand at his feet.

Jake was caught up in the memory. “Well, the pledge master said we had to drink our sponsors’ semen to bond with . . . ” He broke off, struck by Chad’s expression. He stopped his frat brother with a hand on his arm. His eyes reduced to angry slits. “Chad, did the other pledges suck their sponsors?”

Chad began to sweat. “Yeah, they did. I did when I was a pledge too. But . . . ."

“You mean what happened AFTER I sucked you wasn’t part of the initiation?”

“No,” Chad admitted in a small voice.

“You kissed me. And then we . . . .”

Chad cut him off. “Yeah, I kissed you,” he said, almost in tears.

“Chad,” Jake said softly, “were you making fun of me?” His breath caught in his throat. “Or, were you taking advantage of me because I’m naive?”

Tears in his eyes, Chad stopped and grabbed both of Jake’s arms. “Oh God no, Jake! None of that!” He took a deep breath, unsure how to explain himself. “Jake, honest to God, I don’t know what came over me.” He shook his head. “Aw shit, yes I do.”

He smiled wryly into Jake’s eyes and the words tumbled out. “Last night in bed, you were so hot, so passionate, so innocent, and so handsome. I just got caught up in it. You were perfect when you sucked me. I never came so quick. As you drank my cum, you looked up at me and your eyes were so full of lust and innocence, I just couldn’t resist. I just had to kiss you. Then, you kissed me back and it was so perfect. No girl ever kissed me that well.” His voice faltered, full of emotion. “Then, one thing led to another . . . .” Tears poured down his cheeks and he looked away. “I’m so sorry Jake.”

Jake placed his hands on Chad’s. “Don’t be sorry. You made me feel better than I’ve ever felt in my life. It felt so right, so good.” He cocked his head to one side. “I’ve often won­dered what it would feel like to make love with someone and you showed me.” Chad started to protest. “No Chad. Thank you.”

Chad dropped Jake’s hands and gave him a small smile. “Well, like I said, I just got caught up in the moment.”

Jake grinned into Chad’s eyes. “But, you enjoyed it, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, I did.”

“You did it of your own free will?”

“Um hm. You’re the most passionate person I’ve ever slept with. You’re hard to ignore in bed.”

They turned and resumed their jog. Jake said with a wicked grin, “And, it’s a fraternity sponsor’s duty to guide a new member.”

“Uh huh.”

Jake suppressed a giggle. “Then it’s fortunate that we’re roommates isn’t it? In the pri­vacy of our room, you can guide me in the things I need to learn.”

Chad’s face broke into a wide grin. “Like I said, you’re a natural. So, I don’t think there’s much I can teach you. But, I’ll try.”

They stopped and looked into each other’s eyes. “I’d like that Chad.”

Chad smiled shyly. “I would too. Let’s go back to the frat house.”

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