"Taking a Stand


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"I pray my parents don't make this worse than it already is," Remington replied with a smile. "I take control of my trust when I turn twenty-five. I'll need to be frugal until then... and get a job."

"I hate to ask this, but how much money do you normally get every month?" I asked.

"Five grand a month," Remington replied. "Mr. Cook paid my condo assessments. I'm afraid the condo will need to go so I can afford to stay in college."

"When is the last time you've slept, Remington?" I asked.

"A couple of hours last night," Remington replied. "About the same every night for the last three weeks. I look like shit, don't I?"

"You look tired," I responded. "Why haven't you slept?"

"I worried about you and me," Remington replied. "You're the one person in my life who's made me really happy, Trevor. And, now, I see us slipping away because of some punishment my parents heap on me."

"You hurt me once when you told me a couple of weeks ago we needed to stop seeing one another for a while," I explained. "I can't get hurt anymore, Remington. So, until you decide you can live with your parents' decision to shut you off or they decide you can see me again, I cannot be involved in a quasi-relationship with you. Good bye, Remington."

"Trevor, please," Remington pleaded. "Tell me what I can do?"

"Grow a spine, Remington," I said as I turned and walked out of the coffee shop.

Chapter 07: Exploration

Ryan and Trevor

"Ryan! Over here," I exclaimed as I saw Ryan slip through the door to Starbucks.

"You had your hair cut again," Ryan said as he sat down across the table from me. "Looks good."

"Thanks," I replied. "Something seems different with you."

"I've convinced my parents to let me live off campus starting next semester," Ryan explained. "I'm on the lease my parents signed at the rental office. It's a one-bedroom place about three blocks from campus. It's only two blocks away from here."

"Congratulations," I exclaimed. "You must be stoked to get out of the dorm."

"Yea," Ryan replied. "I am. I love Rupert dearly, but I like privacy. I've also just been told I made the debate team."

"Debate team, huh?" I added. "Congratulations! Muscle and brains. Nice combination. I've never met someone on the debate team and on the wrestling team."

"Thanks," Ryan replied. He suddenly had a serious look on his face. "Rupert still hasn't talked to me about where he disappeared over the weekend. Did he talk to you about it?"

"He only said he met some friends from back home," I explained. "He didn't say much else, and I didn't push it."

"How are you and Remington doing?" Ryan asked after we had dispensed with the Rupert business.

"We're not," I answered. I explained the whole scenario between Remington and me.

"My first reaction is to tell Remington to grow some balls and tell his parents to bug off," Ryan began. "My second reaction: He doesn't know how to stand up to his parents, or he doesn't know how to live without money in his pocket."

"I suspect a little of both," I agreed. "His life is so unlike mine. We live in separate universes."

I watched Ryan look down at his cup on the table. He kept fidgeting with the lid.

"Is something bothering you, Ryan?" I asked.

"No," Ryan said as he continued to play nervously with cup lid. "Nothing is bothering me, really. I'm just confused."

He finally looked up and our eyes locked.

"Are you confused about you and me?" I asked.

"Yes," Ryan replied. "Ever since I met you, Trevor, I've had this crush on you. I knew it wasn't reciprocal because you were dating Remington. It didn't help when I suggested we have a threesome with Rupert. I never thought it might be reciprocal."

"You're worried I'd see you a couple of times and then throw you to the side?" I asked.

"No," Ryan replied. "I don't believe either of us is ready to have a committed relationship. You're still sorting out the abusive relationship you had with your ex-father as well as Remington's self-absorption. I'm still figuring out what being gay means. I just know I like being around you. You're easy to talk with. You're not judgmental. You're funny, witty, and extremely good looing! I fantasize about what it might be like to have sex with you and Rupert."

"I'm a sex object, huh?" I asked with a smile.

"You're a newly minted gay man's sexual fantasies come true," Ryan added with a smile.

"Can I make money being someone's sexual fantasies?" I asked.

"Probably," Ryan replied with a smile as our eyes locked. "It's illegal in forty-nine states though."

"In your newly minted gay man's mind, could you ever have a sexual relationship with someone without the strings and complications of being long term?" I asked.

"With you, yes," Ryan replied with our eyes still locked together. "You?"

"Rupert and I had one," I replied. "And, you have the physical characteristics which make up my sexual fantasies. I do have one question I need to ask."

"Ask away," Ryan replied.

"How did you learn about rough sex?" I asked.

"Porn," Ryan explained. "I've done a lot of research. I should major in porn."

"How would you like to become my teacher as well as my sex only boyfriend?" I asked. I was half kidding—maybe not.

"I'd be honored," Ryan replied.



I need to ask you something, Dad," I said to Dad J as we talked on the phone. My conversation with Ryan yesterday afternoon still stuck in my mind.

"Of course," Dad J replied.

"Do you believe two gay men can have a sexual relationship without getting involved emotionally?" I blurted.

An eerie silence filled the air of our conversation. Finally, Dad J replied. "Yes, I do. And the sex-only relationship may evolve into something else. So be prepared."

"Have you had a sex only relationship?" I asked.

"Yes," Dad J added.

"Did it evolve into something bigger?" I asked.

"Yes," Dad J explained. "It was difficult when we had to end it, but we both knew the risks going into this relationship. The people involved need to express their expectations and agree to discuss the relationship with each other openly and often."

"Thanks, Dad," I said. "You've helped me a lot."

"I take it you're trying something new in leu of a relationship with Remington," Dad said to me.

"I'm thinking about it," I replied. "I'm giving it consideration, but I haven't made a decision yet. Are you keeping busy with your transition from youth minister to a Congress person?"

"I haven't given it much consideration," Dad explained. "I still don't think of myself as a soon-to-be Congress person. I think I've made a really bad decision to run almost every day."

"You'll do great things, Dad," I added.

"Thanks," Dad replied. "I, ah, think I need to go. I heard weird sounds emanating from the kitchen. Sam and Tim and the dogs are in the kitchen."

"Got it, Dad," I replied. "Go save the kitchen. We'll talk later."

"Love you, Trevor," Dad added.

"Love you, too, Dad," I said as we clicked off the call.

I sat watching at my phone sit idle. Ryan and I needed to talk.

"Trevor!" Ryan exclaimed as he picked up the phone.

"Hi, Ryan," I said. I instantly had a smile across my face upon hearing his voice. "Are you busy tonight?"

"Nope," Ryan replied. "I have a date with my hand and a porn film. What's on your mind?"

"Dinner somewhere tonight and maybe a movie, video games, talk, or whatever," I suggested.

"Sure," Ryan replied. "Just to let you know, Rupert will be with his friends from back home again tonight."

"Are you suggesting we do something not related to the movies, video games, and talking?" I asked.

"Yes," Ryan replied. "Does it bother you?"

"Nope," I replied. "It excites me. I had a talk with Dad J a few moments ago."

"You didn't tell him about our discussion, did you?" Ryan asked.

"As a matter of fact, I did," I explained. "He has firsthand experience, it seems. It was when he lived in San Francisco. His only warning was it might lead to something more than a sex-only relationship. The parties involved need to be aware of the possibilities and what the ramifications might mean for the relationship and friendship."

"Let me see if I follow you here, Trevor," Ryan began. "You actually talked to your father, a minister, about the possibility of having a relationship based solely on our desire to have sex with one another."

"Yes," I replied.

"I could never talk with my father or my mother about something like this!" Ryan whispered into the phone.

"You don't have two gay Dads as parents, either," I added. "Now, what if I meet you outside your dorm around seven and we can walk to this terrific, yet inexpensive, place I know."

"Perfect," Ryan responded. "I'll meet you outside unless you want to come to my room first."

"The way I feel right now, Ryan, we might not ever leave," I suggested.


Trevor and Ryan

"You're running around here like the world is on fire," Grayson said as he watched me rummage through my closet looking for the perfect jeans to show off my assets. "Relax!"

"Okay," I said as I pulled a pair of very distressed and very tight jeans out of my closet and slipped them on.

"Aren't you forgetting something, Trevor?" Grayson said.

"Ah...," I stammered. "Like what?"

"Underwear?" Grayson continued.

"Ruins the moment," I said while I finished slipping on a tight, red polo. "What are you and Wyatt doing tonight?"

"His Dads are taking us out to dinner," Grayson explained.

"Terrific!" I responded. "Where?"

"I don't know," Grayson said. "They're surprising us."

"Are you two becoming serious?" I asked.

"It's difficult to know," Grayson explained. "I would like it to become more serious, but Wyatt isn't ready. I don't want to push him."

"Maybe he's waiting on you to push," I suggested. "Wyatt's more durable than some people give him credit. He's probably afraid to broch the subject for fear he'll get rebuffed."

"What if you're wrong?" Grayson asked.

"He'll tell you," I said. "He might be getting over a trauma, but I don't believe, from what I've talked with him about, he's unable to listen to possible scenarios with the two of you. Go easy, and don't push too hard."

"I'll try to be gentle," Grayson promised. "I'd never do anything intentional to hurt Wyatt. He's a very sweat man."

"He is," I said. "Now, I need to go. Have fun with Wyatt and his Dads."

"You have fun with Ryan," Grayson replied as I slipped out the door.

I walked across the quad to Ryan's dorm as though I floated on air. Something gave me a lively step, and I believe it derived from moving beyond Remington.

I arrived just as Ryan walked out of his dorm.

"Ryan!" I exclaimed.

He walked quickly to join me. He surprised me by pulling me into a big, big bear hug.

"If we weren't standing in the very center of the entrance to my dorm, I'd kiss you," Ryan said as he pulled back. He slipped his hands to mine. "Lead the way, Trevor."

"You'll like this place," I explained. "It's quiet, casual, and economical—and I'm buying."

"You don't need to buy me dinner, Trevor," Ryan replied.

"I know I don't," I replied. "But I am."

"Guess what? I'm slowly getting information from Rupert who his mystery friends are," Ryan explained. "They live in Sodorus, a little village south of Champaign. One is a professor at UIUC and the other is a banker. Ed is the professor, and Fred is the banker."

"So Rupert is the chicken bait for the chicken hawks," I added.

"I never thought of him being chicken bait," Ryan said with a smile. "Obviously, Rupert likes being the chicken bait because he went to visit with them for the second time."

"We need to have a debriefing when he returns this time," I suggested as I held the door of the restaurant open for Ryan.

"Trevor!" the owner, Kyle, exclaims. "You're back!"

"Of course," I replied. "Kyle, this is my friend, Ryan. Ryan, this is the owner of the restaurant, Kyle. Kyle's from my hometown."

"Welcome to Kyle's, Ryan," Kyle said to Ryan. "Trevor has brought a stream of customers in here since he started at UIUC. How are your Dads holding out after the election?"

"Dad J seems terrified," I explained. "Dad P seems his usually confident self. They both have their hands full with Sam and Tim."

"Your table in the corner again, Trevor?" Kyle asked.

"Perfect," I replied as we followed Kyle to the table tucked away in a cozy corner near the front window.

Ryan and I sat opposite one another. Kyle handed us the menus with a little sidebar about the offerings.

"We serve locally sourced items prepared with a healthy living component. Vegan and vegetarian options are listed on the menu. If you have any questions, Donovan, your server, will be pleased to answer your questions," Kyle explained. "Enjoy!"

"Have you been to Chicago a lot?" Ryan asked.

"Not a lot, but we attended a wedding a few years ago, and we spent time there while Sam and Tim's mother was in Hospice. The wedding was in the W Lakeshore hotel. Our friends, Sam and Chris Williamson, the guys who were married, have a condo in Lake Point Tower," I explained. "My Dads like a restaurant in Lake View. Maybe you've heard about it, Yoshi's?"

"Yoshi's is my family's second dining room," Ryan replied. "Didn't Sam Williamson attend UIUC?"

"He graduated from here last May," I explained. "Why? Do you know him?"

"I've heard about him," Ryan replied. "He led discussion groups on campus about international human rights violations concerning the LGBTQ community. He had this cute boyfriend."

"Husband," I added. "And, yes, Chris is an exceedingly attractive man. He's lots of fun, too. He helped me decide where to go to college. He went here."

"I want to hear you sing sometime," Ryan added."

"I accept requests," I replied. "What kind of music do you like?"

"I like most music," Ryan replied. "I'm not too much into the rappers. Other than rap, I'm pretty comfortable with almost any type of music. You?"

"Almost anything, as well," I replied. "I'm partial to songs with energy. Lots of energy.""

"Justine Bieber type of energy?" Ryan asked.

"More like Maroon 5," I explained. "Josh Groban, Danny Calvert, The Tenors, and others with energy."

"We do have a piano here, Trevor," Donovan our waiter said as he appeared beside our table. "Maybe after you finish your entrees and before dessert. You could do a love song, Trevor."

"Will you please cut the shit, Donovan," I said to our very handsome waiter. "I wouldn't know where to start."

"'One Time Glory' comes to mind," Donovan suggested.

"It's a little heavy for an after-dinner crowd," I replied. "I'll think about it."

"Have you both made a decision? Or, do you need more time?" Donovan asked.

Donovan took our orders and left Ryan and me alone to talk.

"I've been thinking about our conversation about us and where this might all lead," Ryan began. "I don't want to get heavy here, Trevor, but I need to tell you I'm a little scared of what this all means."

"Why?" I asked.

"I tried to be a butch hetero man over the summer," Ryan continued. "It didn't work. It wasn't me. This is me. I want it to work. But I don't know how to make it work. People will hate me."

"This may sound like I've ignored everything you just mentioned, but I believe a story my Dad told me the first time I met him."

"Let me tell you the story he told me, Ryan... Keep in mind, when he told me this story, I was a scared fifteen-year-old boy sitting across from him... He told me about a boy just about my age who thought he was different from the other kids he went to school with. He went to the same high school I attended. The boy had the same feelings you are having... He liked boys. He was afraid to tell anyone because he didn't know how other people would react to his announcement. He couldn't even bring himself to tell his parents. He was racked with guilt... Finally, the pressure to keep his feelings secret was too much for him to cope with... He found a bunch of pain killers in his parents' medicine cabinet... He went into his bedroom and swallowed the entire bottle of pain killers. His father came home early from work and found him passed out with the empty bottle of pills on the side of the bed... The boy's father rushed him to the hospital... His stomach was pumped out, and he nearly died from the overdose of pain killers... But, he made it through the night. When he woke up the next morning, he saw his mother and father sitting beside his bed. His parents asked the boy why he swallowed the pain killers... The boy finally admitted to his parents that he was gay... But, you know what? They didn't care. They didn't hate him because he was gay... They told him they still loved him very much... That was the first step in his journey to accept that he was gay... He didn't tell a lot of his classmates he was gay, but he did confide in some of his closest friends... He found out that it didn't matter to any of them... His friends didn't hate him because he was gay. The boy graduated from high school and went to college... He took a job in San Francisco working with gay youth, homeless youth, drug addicted youth, and mentally challenged youth after college. He came back to his hometown after working in San Francisco for a number of years. And, he met another guy, who was also gay, and they started making a life together... They bought a house together... Their neighbors didn't hate them because they were gay. Of course, some people didn't accept them as a couple, but they were able to create a very nice life together... So, you see Ryan, being gay doesn't automatically mean everyone hates you."

"The boy was your Dad?" Ryan asked.

"Yup," I replied.

"Every family needs a Jeffery Harris-LeBlanc," Ryan replied.

"You can borrow my copy when you need him," I replied with a smile.

"Thanks," Ryan replied.

"Tell me about how you decided to study digital media and cinema?" I asked.

"By accident," Ryan replied. "I had an internship with a nonprofit group in Chicago the summer between my junior and senior year in high school. They put me on a story project. We did short video interviews of people living with HIV. Their stories were amazing. One day, we were shorthanded and the guy in charge put me on a camera. One of the guys told his story. There is something about looking through the lens of a camera. It's a totally different vantage point than sitting on the sidelines and watching as the story teller tells his tale. I had no idea what the hell I was doing. I loved the way the guys eyes danced and then saddened as he spoke. I trained the camera on his eyes and mouth. Another camera had a long shot of him from the waist up. The editor used the footage of the guy's face when the story began to get powerful. I watched the edited version of the film and knew exactly what I wanted to do."

"You'll make a name for yourself," I said. "I can tell. Your whole being lit up with excitement and energy when you talked about the first video you did."

"I do get excited when I'm working on something I believe in," Ryan continued. "It doesn't need to be video work. I need to find a story to tell. I want the stories to have meaning, not just for a few people, but for everyone."

"You sound like my Dad in some ways," I added. "I also think of music in the same way. I want what I sing, play, compose to be something which give people hope or the promise of stability."

"Maybe we can work together," Ryan said. "You write the music. I make the film. We only need a writer, and we're in business."

I suddenly saw Ryan the cinematographer sitting opposite me and not the muscle hunk I normally think of him as. `I could be in trouble before this sex-only relationship begins,' I thought to myself.

"How did this sensitive, caring straight boy from Chicago develop into such a porn addict?" I asked.

"It's in my genes," Ryan began. "I found my father's porn collection one day when I was fourteen. It was magazines, but, for a fourteen-year-old teenager with raging hormones, it gave me an outlet. His collection consisted mostly of hetero stuff. A few, however, were male on male magazines with a BDSM slant."

"Your father had gay BDSM porn magazines?" I exclaimed. "What was your reaction to this discovery?"

"I felt a little creeped out in the beginning," Ryan replied. "Then I became obsessed with those few magazines with extreme content. I finally realized my new obsession overpowered my sensibility. I... ahm... I often fantasized about my Dad as the masochist. My shrink had a grand time with that revelation."

Ryan the muscle stud took center stage again.

"And now?" I asked. "Who's the masochist now?"

"I won't answer your question because I don't believe we're ready to go there at this point," Ryan said with a smile.

"I think we're all somehow masochists at one time or another in our life," I began. "We all prepare for our life work based on what others want. We're beating ourselves up over what others perceive as our chosen course of life. Not following one's own dreams is a form of self-abuse... Wait...! Let's go back to the beginning of this conversation. You said, I believe, Ed and Fred are Rupert's new local friends?"

"Yes," Ryan replied.

"I have a feeling Rupert may be exploring more than a friendship if my hunch is correct," I suggested.

"What do you mean?" Ryan asked.

"Local legends come to mind which puts characters Ed and Fred into the category of the local BDSM/leather experts," I added.

"How do you know this tidbit of information?" Ryan asked.

"Sam and Chris spent a weekend showing me around campus last spring," I explained. "They introduced me to Ed as we were passing the Entomology research lab. Ed's research deals with studying cockroaches fitted with prosthetic limbs to learn more about the kinetics of making prosthetics for humans."

"You've got to be shitting me!" Ryan exclaimed.

"Nope," I replied. "Ed took me into his lab to show me his collection of cockroaches scurrying around on prosthetic limbs. Hundreds and hundreds of cockroaches. Cockroaches everywhere."

"Enough, Trevor!" Ryan exclaimed again. "We're about to eat dinner. No more cockroach stories!"

"Got it," I said with a smile. "Ed, as the legend goes, takes the Sadist role, and Fred the masochist role. Together they've formed the Ed and Fred University of BDSM and teach willing UIUC students—all male of course—the fine art of BDSM techniques. I'm told they demonstrate the techniques live."

"And our little Rupert studies with the Masters," Ryan added. We both smiled broadly.

"More power to him if he's interested in the subject," I continued. "He'll at least know if he's interested."

Donovan arrived with our entrees. "Gentlemen!" he exclaimed as he put on plate in front of Ryan and another in front of me. "Please let me know if you need anything else. In the meantime, enjoy!"

"Thank you, Donovan," I said before he left.

"Donovan reminds me of someone," Ryan said softly. "I'm not sure who, but he reminds me of someone."

"Colby Melvin," I added. "Underwear model. As in Underwear Expert. As in sexy."

"I kinda get it, Trevor," Ryan said. "I wonder what he looks like in his underwear?"

"I don't know, but he looks pretty good naked," I replied.

Ryan raised his right eye brow and stared at me.

"What?" I asked.

"Where have you seen him naked?" Ryan asked.

"Gym," I replied. "Showers. High school. Swim team."

"Oh," Ryan replied. "You were on the swim team?"

"Yup," I replied. "The only sport I had any interest in. Robby and I were co-captains our senior year."

"Kyle?" Ryan asked.

"I haven't seen him naked or in his underwear," I explained. "I have seen him in a tight t-shirt. Nicely put together. His wife is nice, too."

"Kids?" Ryan asked.

"Twins," I replied. "They're two."

"Nice," Ryan added. "What do you want to do with your degree in music?"

"I haven't decided," I replied. "I'm fairly certain I want to get a Divinity degree after the BA. My Dad went to Harvard Divinity. I think I might like to study there, as well."

"A minister, huh?" Ryan asked.

"Possibly," I explained. "Does it freak you out I might want to become a minister?"

"Nope," Ryan replied.


Rupert's Weekend

Ryan, Rupert, and I gathered at Starbucks on Tuesday evening after our last class. Ryan and I decided we would debrief Rupert if we could manage it.

"How was your weekend, Rupert?" I asked after we settled into our usual table in the corner near the front window.

"Interesting," Rupert replied. "I had a good time."

"Did you go any place special?" Ryan asked.

"Ed and Fred invited me for dinner Friday evening with some other friends of theirs," Rupert explained. "On Saturday, Ed took me to his lab and showed me the cockroaches running around on prostheses. His research helps develop new prostheses. He showed me his collection of photographs taken with famous people. All because he studied cockroaches as part of his doctoral thesis."

"Fascinating," I replied. "And Saturday evening?"

"We settled into the media room in the basement of their home to watch movies," Rupert replied.

"What kind of movies?" Ryan asked.

"Ones you've probably never heard about," Rupert explained. He seemed to get fidgety.

"Try us," I suggested.

"Ah... Ah... Ah... Oh! The Chicken Boy," Rupert finally spit out.

"Chicken boy as in for the chicken hawks to play with?" Ryan asked.

"What do you mean?" Rupert asked.

"Cut the shit, Rupert," I said with a smile. "We know Ed and Fred are the token BDSM couple in the area."

"Oh," Rupert replied as his face turned the reddest I've ever seen on him. "How did you know about Ed and Fred?"

"Sam and Chris introduced Ed to me when we were touring the campus," I explained. "I saw Ed's cockroach collection. They also filled me in on some of the activities Ed and Fred like to host in their basement playroom. I have, however, no first-hand experience."

"I thought I was surprised when Trevor and I had rough sex the other day," Ryan said. "Oops. Sorry, Trevor."

"Nothing to be sorry about, Ryan," I replied. "What was your favorite part of Saturday evening, Rupert."

Rupert went from looking like he was the target on a firing ranged to a kid in a candy shop. "You really don't expect me to answer your question, right?"

"We're just curious, Rupert," Ryan said.

"Can we just say I enjoyed my time with Ed and Fred?" Rupert asked.

"So, you're seeing them again?" I asked.

"Yes," Rupert replied. "Next weekend."

"How does this work when they are a couple and you are a third?" Ryan asked.

"Terrific," Rupert replied. "Ed and Fred orchestrate threesomes extremely well."

"Not to change the subject, but did you notice all my boyfriends first name begin in the letter R?" I asked. "Robbie, Rupert, Remington, and Ryan."

"You're on a roll," Ryan added.

"Perhaps," I replied.

"Maybe this one will be a keeper," Rupert said as he looked at Ryan who instantly turned red. "You mentioned rough sex, Ryan. What did you have in mind?"

"I spilled the beans to Trevor, so I should give you a heads up, too," Ryan began. "I found some BDSM porn magazines my father had. Most of his porn collection consisted of straight shit. I got really turned on by the BDSM stuff. I'm not certain I'd want to go beyond tying someone up and playing with his body."

"Fascinating," Rupert quietly said. "A little bondage and pounding someone's ass makes me more than just a little excited."

"I... ah... I... I wondered... I wondered if the two of you might consider a threesome?" Ryan asked.

Rupert and I exchanged glances. I smiled at Rupert. Rupert's smile widened.

"Who gets tied up?" Rupert asked.

Suddenly four eyes fixed on mine.

"You don't really think... you don't really think I'd consent to... to get tied up," I finally managed to say.

Ryan and Rupert's eyes found each other. Their smiles grew wider and wider.

"No," I said. "Absolutely not. I'd never be able to handle you two tying me up. No. It's not going to work."

"You could pick a safe word," Rupert suggested. "We'd agree to stop whenever you said the safe word. Hell! I'll even go first."

"It's a deal," I replied.

"Have you ever tied anyone up?" Ryan asked Rupert.

"No," Rupert replied. "I did get tied up last weekend. It's an amazing feeling."

"So, you are the only person in this group who knows even the first thing about tying someone up," Ryan said. "Who would show us what to do?"

Ryan and Rupert's eyes locked on mine for a second time.

"Hey!" Rupert exclaimed. "Maybe we should ask Master Ed and Fred to show us how to do it."

"So, this threesome has now become a group of five," I exclaimed. "This sounds more like an orgy!"

"Then, you'll agree to get tied up?" Ryan said to me.

Ryan, who sat on the same side of the table as me, reached over and grabbed my crotch.

"A little excited, are we?" Ryan asked with his hand still on my crotch.

"All right," I exclaimed. "All right, I'll do it. Provided you agree to stop whenever I feel uncomfortable."

"Of course," Ryan replied. "Right, Rupert?"

"Of course," Rupert agreed.

I knew they both had other thoughts, but... shit...! I'll do it.

"Against my better judgment, I'll agree," I said. "Just the three of us. No one else. No one outside the three of us knows about this. Okay?"

"It will be our little secret," Ryan replied.

"Our secret," Rupert agreed.

"When?" Ryan asked.

"I'm booked this weekend," Rupert replied. "Maybe the following weekend."

"It's a date," Ryan agreed.

"Don't I get a chance to consent?" I asked.

"No," they both say in unison.



Grayson and I arrived at the gym precisely at 10 am. Rupert and Ryan arrived next. The others followed in a few moments.

"How was everyone's weekend," Harrison asked the group as we began to change in the locker room of the gym.

"Peachy," I replied.

"What did you and Wyatt do this weekend, Grayson?" Rupert asked.

"We just hung out and relaxed," Grayson replied.

"We caught up on some classwork, too," Wyatt added.

"How was dinner on Saturday evening?" Jefferson asked.

"Dinner?" Grayson asked.

"Leon and Roma's," Henry added.

"Oh! Dinner," Wyatt replied. "Great! The food is terrific there. And it's not expensive."

"What time did you get back to your dorm room on Sunday?" Jefferson asked.

"Is this an interrogation?" Wyatt finally replied. "Okay! Grayson and I went out to dinner. Then, we went back to his room and fucked like there is no tomorrow. And Grayson walked me back to my dorm room around four on Sunday afternoon. He even kissed me at the entrance of the dorm. Any other questions?"

"Touchy!" Henry said as he pulled Wyatt into a hug. "I'm happy you're moving on with things, kiddo! Take good care of him, Grayson, or you'll be on my shit list!"

"Yes, Sir," Grayson replied. He and Wyatt were beet red.

"Can we get cracking here?" Rob asked. "I for one wish all the couples in the group all the happiness you can possibly find. In the mean time, my muscles are atrophying."

We all followed Rob into the weight room.

Ryan decided he would help me with my workout.

"You should try another ten pounds on the bench press," Ryan suggested. "You don't seem to be working as hard as you could."

I agreed, and I started the second set.

"Ugh!" I exclaimed after I lowered the weights onto the bench press safety. "I can't do the last set at this weight."

"Trevor, trust me on this," Ryan pleaded.

"Yea, Trevor," Rupert agreed. "You can easily do the last set. Just try it."

"If I die on this bench press, I'll haunt all of you until the end of time," I hissed before I started to the last set.

The guys began counting the reps.

"Only two more, Trev," Wyatt said encouragingly.

"Yea, Trev," Rupert added. "One more, Trev. Just one more!"

"Ugggghhhh!" I said as I slammed the bar onto the safety. "My arms will never be the same. I won't be able to write. I won't be able to type. I'll flunk out of college if I can't type. I may haunt you all even though I didn't die!"

"Tomorrow you'll really feel it," Henry added. "But, on Thursday, you'll thank us. You'll be so stoked you might even add more weights for all your routines."

"I'm not good with pain," I warned everyone. "When my ex-father beat me up, they practically put me on morphine until I recovered. My Dad J said I complained for five straight days."

Ryan and I continued our workout. Ryan insisted I use ten extra pounds for the biceps and five for the triceps. I thought I'd die!

"I'll give you a massage later today for being such a sport about changes to your workout routine," Ryan said as we walked back to the locker room. "It will help to soothe your muscles."

"You do massages?" Henry asked.

"Yup," Ryan replied. "I learned massage therapy while I worked in a gym during the summers."

"How much would it cost me if I wanted you to give me a massage?" Jefferson asked.

"I can't legally charge for massages," Ryan replied. "I'm not board certified in massage therapy. I have all the courses and practicum, but I never took the board tests."

"You could buy the dude lunch sometime, Jefferson," Henry suggested. "If he's as good at giving a massage as he is giving workout advice, I think you would wide up buying him several lunches."

"He is good," Rupert added. "He can make you feel human again after you do a serious workout."

"Excuse me," a voice behind me said. "Are you Trevor Harris-LeBlanc, the Congressman's son?"

I turned toward the voice. I had a jock strap in my hand.

"Yes," I replied. "And you are?"

"I'm Lance Grimes," the voice said. "My family lives in your father's district."

"I'm happy to meet you, Lance," I replied as I held out the hand not holding my jock strap.

Lance had a nice, trim body... a naked body with a towel draped across his shoulders. His body looked as though he was an Olympic swimmer.

"Your father helped out my family even before he was elected," Lance explained. "He helped us stay in our house when it was about to be foreclosed."

"My Dad does things like he did for you and your family," I replied. "It's been his life's work—helping people."

"He didn't even tell anyone during his campaign," Lance added. "Most politicians would have told the world."

"My Dad doesn't help people for recognition," I added. "He does it because someone needs help."

"I'll be on my way," Lance said as he looked around at all the naked guys surrounding me. They all stopped to listen to the exchange between Lance and me. "I just wanted you to know I'm grateful."

"Thank you, Lance," I responded. "I hope I see you around sometime."

Lance walked towards the showers. The entire gym group watched as the muscles in his ass expanded and contracted.

"Nice guy," Makato said after Lance made it out of earshot.

"Good looking, too," Ryan added.

We showered and dressed without another naked man speaking to our group.

"Are you two now officially boyfriends?" Rob asked Ryan and me as we walked to the pasta place.

"No," Ryan said before I could. "Takes time to be boyfriends. Right, Trevor?"

"Yup," I replied even though I secretly wanted to say yes. "It takes time."

"Rupert," Ryan began. "You never told us about your weekend with Ed and Fred. How did it go?"

"Some information should remain private," Rupert said to Ryan. Rupert's squinty eyes exposed his unwillingness to discuss the situation any further.

I nudged Ryan's shoulder and nodded toward Robby and Makato. They were holding hands.

"Maybe some day we will be holding hands in public," Ryan whispered to me.

I smiled. I also found Ryan's hand and closed mine around it. He smiled even bigger.


Christina talks basics

"I haven't seen you in ages, Trevor," Christina said as we gathered around a common table in the student union coffee shop. "What's happening in your life?"

"It's pretty much the same as it was the last time we talked," I explained. "Well, that's a lie. I dated this stud named Remington for a while. Then, I figured out he was a narcissistic asshole with way too much money. I told him to leave me alone until he grows a spine."

"Money gone to his head?" Christina asked.

"No," I replied. "He's too used to his family having money to know what he wants out of life. I met his mother. She didn't think I had the class necessary for Remington."

"You have more class in your dick than most rich assholes," Christina added. "Just as well he didn't work out. After a few dates, he would bore you. What else have you been up to?"

"You remember Ryan, Rupert's roommate?" I asked.

"He's the straight dude turned gay who wanted to have a threesome with you and Rupert," Christina responded.

"Yes," I explained. "I had one date with him... I also had a talk with Dad J about having a relationship based on sex and not love. It seems he's had experience. Back to Ryan. He taught me to enjoy rough sex. He's also peaked my interest in finding out more about BDSM relationships."

Christina almost spit out her coffee.

"How the fuck did BDSM relationships find its way into a conversation between two classically inexperienced young gay men?" Christina asked after she'd mopped up the coffee.

"Ryan found some of his Dad's porn magazines when he was about fourteen," I began. "A few had gay BDSM relationships. In addition, Ryan and I found out Rupert had befriended two local BDSM experts in town. He's learning the ropes."


Are We or Aren't We?

Ryan and I met at Starbucks as has become the norm for us after I finished my last class.

"How was class?" Ryan asked as we settled into a booth in the back. I bought us both a large caramel macchiato with my Starbucks rewards points.

"It was okay," I replied. "I just couldn't get into it. I had other things on my mind. Chemistry always does that to me."

"What kind of other things?" Ryan asked. He looked a little worried.

"I was thinking about you, actually," I answered.

"Me?" Ryan asked. His voice told me he became even more worried.

"I was just thinking about how terrific a guy you really are," I continued.

"Me?" Ryan asked.

"Yup," I replied. "I'm lucky to have met you. I always thought Wyatt and I would become best friends. But, I can see where I was wrong."

"Why?" Ryan asked. "Wyatt's a really nice guy."

"Yea," I continued. "He is a very nice guy. At one point, before his suicide attempt, I thought I'd like to have a relationship with him. But, after he turned gay on me, he wasn't in my head as relationship material."

"Who is?" Ryan asked.

"You," I answered as I looked Ryan into his brilliant eyes I had tried to avoid. "After I fumbled for your hand on our walk to lunch today from the gym, and you didn't pull back, I started thinking. I may not be able to continue a sex-only relationship with you, Ryan. My mind is a jumble of feelings and emotions right now. You're the most stable of the four R's I have been in lust with."

"You're so cute when you're serious," Ryan added as his smile brightened again.

"You're so cute then you're naked," I added. "Seriously, I didn't want to scare you off."

"You're not scaring me off," Ryan responded. "Did you mind when I suggested you use more weights in the weight room today?"

"Nope," I replied. "On the contrary. I'm glad you took an interest."

"Do you want to do something this weekend?" Ryan asked.

"Sure," I replied. "Any ideas?"

"We could go out to dinner on Friday," Ryan began. "Then, we could see a movie. Then, you can come back to my dorm room. We could play video games. We could listen to music. We could investigate BDSM porn movies. We could get naked and have fabulously exciting sex. We could wake up on Saturday morning and get breakfast somewhere before we go for a walk or a drive. Then we could take a nap. Find something to eat somewhere."

"I get the picture, Ryan," I interrupted him. "I'd love to spend the weekend with you. Rupert will be away, correct?"

"Yes," Ryan replied. "He said to expect him back between four and six pm on Sunday."

"This will be a long week for me," I added.

"Why?" Ryan asked.

"Anticipation of the weekend," I explained.

"Rupert mentioned he had a meeting to attend on campus tomorrow evening," Ryan said. "We could play video games in my room while Rupert is away."

"As much as I'd like to join you, I'm hesitant to see you tomorrow evening," I tried to explain. "I may be presuming a lot here, but I don't want to have quickie sex with you. If we're having a sex-only relationship, I want it not to be rushed."


The Doctor Is in

"How have you been since our last visit?" Dr. Basheer Ahmad asked.

I explained my conversations with Ryan about rough sex, Dad J about sex only relationships, Rupert's foray into BDSM, and the upcoming threesome with Ryan and Rupert.

"You've been busy!" Dr. A said after I had finished. "Where does all this leave you psychologically?"

"Confused as shit," I began. "Excited as shit. I'm looking forward to being tied up. Am I a sick person?"

"No," Dr. A replied. "BDSM doesn't suit everyone, but some people enjoy it. Some couples refer to BDSM as a lifestyle. Others dabble. It's healthy to open yourself up to new experiences—to feel the way you and your partner react to alternative sexual activities. Restraints often add a heightened sense of sexual energy for both the Dominant and the submissive. So, no, Trevor, you're not a sick person. You are a healthy young man experimenting with your sexual being. You're learning what you want and don't want. Does being with your former boyfriend and your current sex-only boyfriend make you nervous?"

"No," I replied. "Being with Rupert and Ryan doesn't make me nervous. I trust them both. It's just the opposite, really. I feel as though I'm running out of my staid, safe environment and into an exciting period of my life. A period free of shame and prurient rules. Freedom is suddenly an exciting, independence generating part of my life.


Threesome <Questioning the following sections function.>

<I could condense this into a conversation with Trevor and his Dad, Jeffery. But I originally wrote this "scene." Let me know what you think. Is it too much? Is it necessary? Do I go into too much detail? I'll appreciate your comments.>

"Great dinner!" I exclaimed as we walked out of the restaurant on our way to Ryan and Rupert's dorm room. "How did you find this place?"

"Ed and Fred told me about it," Rupert replied. "They eat out more than in."

"Tell them thanks for telling us about the place," Ryan added.

We continued our journey in silence for a few moments.

"Are you nervous, Trev?" Rupert asked.

"A little," I replied. "I'm nervous, but I'm also eager. I'm not sharing this with my Dad, though. I can just hear the conversation now, `Hi, Dad. Guess what. I'm having sex with my ex-boyfriend and my sex-only boyfriend.''

"I can see where your conversation might be problematic," Ryan said as he grabbed my hand. "Right, Rupert?"

"Knowing Trevor's father, he would try to give him advice," Rupert replied. "Right, Trev?"

"You might be right," I added as I felt Rupert's hand take my free one. The three of us walked literally hand-in-hand back to the dorm.

I followed Ryan and Rupert into the elevator and waited. It seemed like an eternity before the elevator stopped at the eleventh floor.

We walked into the door after Ryan opened it with his key card. Instead of turning on the overhead light like he normally would, he chose a table lamp on his desk. Rupert did the same. The lamps created a nice, cozy, warm atmosphere.

We stood in the middle of the room. Rupert pulled Ryan and me close to him. First, he kissed me. Then, Ryan.

"Let's do this together," Rupert whispered as he stepped back and unbuttoned his shirt.

My dick turned hard as Rupert's shirt hit the floor. I refrained from sucking on Rupert's nipples.

Ryan took his turn next. I watched, almost in slow motion, as Ryan unbuttoned his shirt and let it fall to the floor.

Ryan and Rupert must have noticed my apprehension. They both leaned in and kissed me. Their tongues into my mouth.

`I want this so badly,' I thought to myself as I put my hand on Ryan and Rupert's naked backs.

I kissed back.

Rupert and Ryan released me from their hold. It was my turn.

I unbuttoned my shirt. First button. Second button. I looked directly at Ryan. He smiled at me. Then Rupert. He, too, smiled. I continued until finally I let my shirt fall to the floor.

The three of us shared another kiss.

As though some link connected us, the three of us toed off our sneakers. Then the sox came off.

`Show time!' I thought as I watched Rupert unbutton his super tight jeans. His erection showed through the denim.

As Rupert pulled his jeans down, his dick slapped against his stomach. All eight hard inches of dick. Cock and balls free of hair. Pubes neatly trimmed.

The three of us kissed again. Rupert's hand touched my naked back. When Ryan's hand landed near Rupert's, I nearly came.

Ryan started loosening his jeans. I watched intently as he exposed, first, his pubic hairs. Then the base of his cock. He pushed his jeans down to his knees.

Rupert stepped out of his jeans. He took his right hand and began stroking his dick. The three of us kissed again.

Ryan lost no time in working his jeans off. He performed the act with more enthusiasm than Rupert. He quickly unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans and pushed them downward.

And there it was. Ryan's totally hard, uncut ten-inch dick. So meaty. So perfect. I stared until Ryan and Rupert pulled me in for another kiss.

"You need to get out of those jeans, Trev," Rupert suggested.

I pulled away and loosened the top button. The zipper seemed to make an overly audible sound as I pushed it down. I pull them down and pitched them to the side with my feet.

"This is so much more enjoyable," Ryan hissed as his dick and Rupert's dick and my dick rubbed against one another.

We put our arms around each other and made a tight formation. Ryan offered his lips and tongue first. Then Rupert.

"You take one, Ryan, and I'll take the other," Rupert whispered.

When their fingers touched my nipples I knew exactly what Rupert had referred to. My whole body tingled.

"Ooooooo!" I moaned in pleasure as Rupert and Ryan teased my nipples.

My dick twitched when I felt Ryan's free hand caress my left ass cheek. Rupert's free hand landed on my right ass cheek.

"Close your eyes, Tre," Rupert whispered into my ear. "Let yourself go. Enjoy the moment."

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the touch of my lover's hands against my skin.

"You like this, don't you, Tre?" Rupert asked in a whisper.

"Yea," I squeaked.

"I'll bet you'll like this, too," Rupert added.

Rupert moved his hand from my ass cheek into the crack of my ass. He touched my asshole, and tremors shuddered through my body.

"Shit, Ru," I cooed. "So, so good."

I felt Ryan's hand leave my ass cheek and then settled on my balls. He slowly and gently stroked my balls with his fingertips.

"Oh, God!" I whimpered.

Ryan's lips found mine. I parted my lips and let Ryan's tongue in.

"I like... the name... Tre," Ryan whispered between kisses. "Can I call you Tre?"

"Yes," I whispered back before I settled in to feel the warmth of Ryan's kisses.

Rupert began nibbling on my earlobe.

I was on sensory overload.

Ryan's kisses became more passionate. Rupert's body slipped away.

Ryan moved in front of me, wrapped his arms around my neck, and pulled me closer. Naked body next to naked body. Hard dick next to hard dick.

"Ahhhh!" I hissed as Rupert spread my ass cheeks and found my asshole with his tongue.

Ryan pulled away from me. He cupped his hands around my face. His smile lit the room. His eyes twinkled.

"God, I love you, Tre," Ryan whispered to me before he pulled me against his and added another passionate kiss.

I heard Ryan's words, but Rupert's tongue in my asshole kept my attention.

"It's time, Ryan," Rupert whispered to my other lover. He'd stood with his hard, hard dick rubbing against my asshole.

"It's time," Ryan whispered as he pulled away from my lips. He took my hand and led me to the side of the bed. It hit me Ryan and Rupert had moved the two twin beds together.

Ryan slipped into bed and pulled me with him. We moved slowly as Ryan guided me on top of him. I looked into Ryan's eyes. Ryan's words hit me, but I couldn't speak. I moved my lips to his beautiful mouth instead. I gently brushed my lips across Ryan's. My body shivered.

Rupert's fingers brushed against my asshole. Cold lube. Rupert's body slide onto mine as I continued to kiss Ryan. Rupert's dick touched my asshole and sent me flying.

I stopped kissing Ryan as I felt Rupert's dick start its journey up my ass. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation.

"Shit, Tre," Rupert hissed. "I've missed your beautiful ass."

"Just don't stop, Ru," I whimpered before Ryan started kissing me again.

Ryan cuffed my face in his hands and looked me in the eye. I saw him smile.

"You want it, don't you, Tre?" Ryan asked like a lover would ask. I knew what he meant.

"Yes," I whispered back. "I want it, Ryan."

"Harder, Ru," Ryan hissed. "He wants it harder. Fuck him harder, Ru."

"You want it harder, Tre?" Rupert asked. "I'll give you harder, then. How's this?"

Rupert began to pound my ass. Harder. I felt Rupert lift his body up by his arms. His punch into my ass became like a battering ram.

"More," I hissed as Ryan put his arms around my neck and moved my head beside his.

My face to Ryan's face.

My dick rubbed against Ryan's hard dick every time Rupert slammed into my ass.

Rupert pause just long enough to lean down and kiss Ryan.

"He wants it badly, Ru," Ryan whispered as they broke their kiss. "Give it to him, Ru. Give him what he wants."

Rupert resumed his attack on my ass, only this time he put his whole body into slamming his dick into me. Rupert's sweat dripped off his body onto my naked back. My sweat and Ryan's sweat mixed on our stomachs.

"This is it, Tre," Rupert almost screamed. "Ahhhhhhhhhh!"

His dick spewed cum into the condom. With every spurt, Rupert jabbed his dick into me. ""Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" With every moan, Rupert's dick blasted his cum into the condom as he slammed into me.

Rupert rested his body on top of me... on top of us. The sound of our heavy breathing filled the otherwise silent room.

"Did you ever think your ex-boyfriend and your current boyfriend would tie you to the bed and fuck you, Tre?" Rupert hissed

"No," I replied.

"You want it, though, don't you, Tre?" Rupert continued.

"Yes," I replied breathlessly.

"Yes, what?" Rupert asked.

I thought quickly about what Rupert was saying. I suddenly understood.

"Yes, Sir," I exclaimed.

"Good boy," Rupert said as he pulled his dick out of my ass and slid out of the bed to toss the condom.

Ryan rolled me over so I was on my back with Ryan on top of me. His hard dick seemed to have gotten bigger and harder.

Rupert pulled a chain with a leather cuff attached to it from behind the left side of the headboard.

Ryan, still on top of me, smiled broadly before he reached to the right side of the headboard and pulled out an identical chain with a leather cuff attached to it.

Rupert worked on attaching one leather cuff to my left wrist while Ryan connected the right.

Ryan slipped off the top of me and onto his side next to me. Rupert took the same position on the opposite side.

"How do you feel now, Tre?" Ryan asked as he drew circles around my right nipple.

"It feels like someone else is restrained and waiting for something," I replied. "Vulnerable."

"You're not afraid, are you, Tre?" Ryan asked.

"No," I replied.

"I promise we won't do anything to hurt you, Tre," Rupert whispered as he joined Ryan in drawing circles around my left nipple.

Ryan leaned in to kiss me. I jumped as his lips met mine. Ryan pulled back after a few moments.

"Everything feels so much more sensual than normal," I whispered.

Rupert's hand slid down my body, touching my skin lightly. He put his hand around my hard, hard dick and began to slowly and gently stroke it with his hand.

Ryan's hand found my balls.

"You have great balls, Tre," Ryan cooed as he cuffed them in his hand.

"You're cock and balls need some attention, though," Rupert whispered into my ear after he nibbled on my earlobe. "Don't you think so, Rye?"

"Lots of attention," Ryan whispered into my other ear.

Rupert separated himself from Ryan and me and slipped into the bathroom. I heard water running in the bathroom. Ryan leaned in to kiss me again with his hand still cupping my balls.

"Feels so good, Rye," I whispered as Ryan's lips teased mine.

I didn't hear, see, or feel anything but Ryan's lips on mine. His steady breathing became background music. His heart beat pounding next to mine reverberated as though it were the percussion section.

The spell broke as I felt Rupert's body slide back into place.

Ryan pulled away. His eyes looked so calming.

"Tre," I heard Rupert whisper. "We won't hurt you or make you do something you don't want to do. You know that, right, Tre?"

"Yes," I whimpered as both Rupert and Ryan's hands came back to drawing circles around my nipples. The finger occasionally grazed the nipple sending rushes of energy through my body.

"We're taking care of you tonight, Tre," Ryan continued in his soft, soothing voice. "We want to make you feel good, experience new sensations, and ride your high to new levels. You're our focus tonight, Tre. Do you like having two lovers touching your body? Fingers, lips, nipples, dicks."

"We're giving you something else tonight, Tre," Rupert hissed. "You've let your pubic hair and the hair on your cock and balls go. We'll take care of it for you, Tre. Is that okay with you, Tre?"

"Anything you want, Ru," I hissed back and both Ryan and Rupert turned their fingers attention to my nipple. "Do anything you want, Rye."

"I told you he'd like this, Rye," Rupert said to Ryan who now intently locked his eyes on mine. "He looks so peaceful. Vulnerable. Eager. Tre is the perfect lover right now, Ryan. Don't let him get away."

Ryan and Rupert both pulled my nipples between their thumb and index finger and clamped them together.

"Oh! Fuck!" I hissed as the sensations of squeezing my nipple sent me flying. I still couldn't take my eyes off Ryan's.

Rupert slid out of the bed. He crawled between my legs and spread them with his. But he didn't fuck me. I felt him begin dropping warm from a wash cloth water on my crotch. I heard a noise like shaving cream spurting out of its container. The cream felt good on my skin. I could almost hear the scape of a razor across my crotch.

I hadn't taken my eyes off Ryan's. I stayed motionless as I looked at Ryan's eyes and bright smile. "I love when you smile, Ry," I whispered.

"It's easy," Ryan whispered back. "You make me so happy, Tre."

Ryan leaned in to kiss me again. His lips and his tongue heightened the feeling of Rupert's razor scraping the hair off my crotch. Rupert moved on to shave my dick, and he finished with my balls.

Rupert cleaned of my cock and balls and crotch before he slid back into place beside me.

I felt the heat of another set of lips as Rupert's mouth moved closer and closer to mine and Ryan's. I wanted to pull them both closer to me, but, of course, I couldn't.

Rupert pulled away from our kisses.

"I think he's ready, Rye," Rupert said with a barely audible voice. Yet his words pounded into my head.

Ryan moved slowly as he positioned himself on top of me chest to chest. Stomach to stomach. Cock to Cock.

I missed the warmth of his body on top of me when he slid between my legs. I watched in slow motion as Ryan rolled on a condom, and lathered it with lube. I caught my breath as he raised my leg on his shoulders.

"Awwwwwwwweee," I moaned as the tip of Ryan's cock touched my asshole.

"Don't cum, Tre," Ryan hissed as his dick slide into me. "Don't cum until I tell you to cum. Understand, Tre?"

"Yessss," I replied as I reveled in the feeling of Ryan's dick push further and further into me.

Ryan paused just as I felt his trimmed pubic hair touch my newly shaved balls. Our eyes locked as Ryan stayed motionless.

"Go," I said giving Ryan the signal to begin.

Ryan began to pull his giant dick out of my ass. The deliberate unhurried pace of Ryan pulling back his dick enhanced the sensuousness I felt.

Ryan added speed and pressure with each stroke.

"Harder," I hissed.

Ryan's already bright smile lit up even more. Faster. Harder. Faster. Harder. Faster. Harder. Faster. Harder. Ryan kept pounding and pounding. Rupert's hand stroked my dick in sync with Ryan's thrusts.

"You ready, baby?" Ryan hissed as the sweat poured off his body and he put all of his energy into fucking me. "Cum with me, baby! Cum with me!"

My dick started spurting cum just as I felt the first load explode out of Ryan's dick. My orgasm left cum splattered on my chest and stomach. Ryan's left his body convulsing. I happened to see Rupert's dick also shoot shortly after Ryan and me.

Ryan rested his body on top of mine until his breathing returned to normal and his body recuperated. Ryan lifted his upper body off mine with his arms and smiled at me before he leaned down to give me a peck on the lips.

"I don't want to take my dick out of your ass, Tre," Ryan whispered. "I want to stay just like this. Sweaty. Covered with cum. Drained physically. And feeling the mind-blowing sensation after making love to my boyfriend."

"Lay on top of me again, Ry," I whispered back. "Your body on top of mine makes me feel safe and... and...

"Loved?" Rupert asked.

"Yea," I whispered back. "Loved."


The Morning After <Questioning the following sections function.>

My eyes fluttered open as the morning sun poured into the room. Rupert cuddled next to me with his back to my stomach. Ryan's arm pulled my back tight against Ryan's front. A very familiar feeling big dick poked menacingly as my asshole.

"I didn't want to move and wake you up," Ryan whispered into my ear. "You feel so good cuddled like this, Tre. How are you?"

"I am still wondering if last night was a dream," I whispered back.

"Our cum-stained bodies and sheets prove it wasn't a dream, Tre," Rupert said without moving an inch from his cuddled position. He turned his body and looked into my eyes. "I think you and Ry have some things to talk about today, Tre. You two are beautiful together. The way you look at each other. The way you touch each other. The way you speak to each other. And, as much as I want to flip you onto your stomach and fuck you, I'll take a shower, grab a bit to eat, and let the two of you talk. Or whatever else you might want to accomplish."

Rupert slid out of the bed. Ryan and I watched the muscles on his naked ass undulate as he made his way to the shower. Finally, I turned around to face Ryan.

"Do we have something to talk about, Ry?" I asked.

"Yea," Ryan replied as he nibbled on nose. "I think we do need to talk."

"Where?" I asked.

"Here is fine with me," Ryan said with a smile. "We might get distracted though."

"I like distractions," I replied.

"I do too," Ryan whispered as he began to kiss me. "You are... a very... distracting... person, Tre."

"Ry," I whispered. "Make love... to me... again. I need... to feel... you... in me."

Ryan didn't stop kissing me as he rolled me onto my back until he sat back between my legs and rested on is calves.

We looked each other in the eye as Ryan rolled on the condom. He hoisted his legs onto his shoulders and smiled at me. No words.

"Fuck me hard, Ry," I whispered. "Please fuck me hard."

Ryan's smile grew even brighter.

The first touch of the tip of Ryan's dick on my asshole sent shivers running through my body. I reached out to Ryan and pulled him toward me so I could kiss him.

The feeling of Ryan's dick sinking slowly further and further into my ass drove me to want more kisses.

"God I love you, Ry" I hissed just as Ryan's pubic hairs rubbed against my hairless balls.

Ryan paused and pulled away from me. He suddenly looked scared.

`Fuck,' I said to myself. `He wasn't ready.'

I watched Ryan intently as he stayed motionless. His dick in my ass. His eyes fixed on mine. No expressions.

I quietly watched as Ryan's expression changed. His smile grew bigger and bigger. His eyes seemed brighter. He leaned down and kissed me.

"I love you, too, Tre," Ryan whispered as he pulled away from me so we could see each other. "Does this mean you're not my sex-only boyfriend from now on?"

"I prefer to think of us as lovers," I added just as Rupert walked naked out of the bathroom. He dried his hair with a bath towel as he walked toward the closet.

"I knew it wouldn't take long before you put your dick in him again, Ry," Rupert added as he grabbed some ratty, tight jeans and began to pull them on. "I won't be back at the dorm tonight. Ed and Fred are taking me to breakfast this morning, and then I'm going to visit them overnight."

Ryan had tugged on his jeans, pulled a shirt over his head, and stuck his feet in his trainers. No sox or underwear. He sat on the edge of the bed.

"I meant what I said earlier," Rupert said as he put his hand on Ryan's naked back. "You two are unbelievably beautiful together. Work on it, okay."

Rupert leaned down and kissed me and then Ryan. "Have fun."

Ryan and I stayed motionless. His big dick in my ass. My legs resting on his shoulder. My dick standing at attention.

"Will you come home with me next weekend and meet my family?" Ryan asked.

I looked at him and probably looked totally confused.

"Ry, you asked me to meet your parents next week with your dick in my ass, and my hairless balls against your pubic hairs," I said in amazement. "And I'd love to meet your parents next weekend. Now, Ry, please finish what you've started."


Parent Talk at Starbucks

"My mom and dad have requested my attendance at a family dinner next weekend," Ryan explained. "They've pestered me for a couple of weeks. My brother Elton has something to spring on my parents and me. My mom and dad thought I should be with them. I planned to drive up on Friday night. We'd be finished on Sunday in time for us to drive back to school."

"Do they know about you being gay?" I asked.

"No," Ryan said with his head down so he wouldn't look into my eyes. "My brother does. My parents don't. I sort of don't want to be alone with them when I tell them I'm gay and have a boyfriend."

"You want your boyfriend to protect you when you tell your parents their son is gay," I summarized. "Do I have the details correct here?"

"Yes," Ryan responded. He finally looked directly at me. "Please. I don't want to let the entire weekend slide by without being with you."

"What if your parents discover your boyfriend is sleeping in the same bed as their son before their son tells them he's gay?" I asked. I couldn't help but smile.

"It's a chance I'm willing to take," Ryan added. He smiled again.

`God, I loved his smile,' I thought to myself. `So sexy!'

"So?" Ryan asked.

"I'd love to join you," I replied. "On one condition—I get to take you to Yoshi's for Brunch on Sunday."

"Deal," Ryan said. Instead of offering his hand to shake mind, he leaned in and kissed me.

I smiled back at him.

"Shall I pack my pajamas?" I asked.

"No," Ryan replied. "I've slept naked since I turned twelve. So, no, don't bother with the pajamas. Besides, my brother walks around the upstairs of our house naked most of the time. I thought I should warn you."

"Does he look anything like you?" I asked.

"An exact duplicate except he's two years younger," Ryan replied. "Are you planning on making a pass at him and push me to the sidelines?"

"Of course not," I replied. "I like my men older."

To be continued...

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