"Taking a Stand


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"What if your parents discover your boyfriend is sleeping in the same bed as their son before their son tells them he's gay?" I asked. I couldn't help but smile.

"It's a chance I'm willing to take," Ryan added. He smiled again.

`God, I loved his smile,' I thought to myself. `So sexy!'

"So?" Ryan asked.

"I'd love to join you," I replied. "On one condition—I get to take you to Yoshi's for Brunch on Sunday."

"Deal," Ryan said. Instead of offering his hand to shake mind, he leaned in and kissed me.

I smiled back at him.

"Shall I pack my pajamas?" I asked.

"No," Ryan replied. "I've slept naked since I turned twelve. So, no, don't bother with the pajamas. Besides, my brother walks around the upstairs of our house naked most of the time. I thought I should warn you."

"Does he look anything like you?" I asked.

"An exact duplicate except he's two years younger," Ryan replied. "Are you planning on making a pass at him and push me to the sidelines?"

"Of course not," I replied. "I like my men older."

Chapter 08: The Meeting

"Don't be nervous, Tre," Ryan said as we turned onto the street near his parents' house. "Mom and Dad will love you. My brother will love you. My sister... she could be tricky. Relax."

I took a deep breath as we turned into the driveway.

"I'm as relaxed as I can be," I said to Ryan.

"Okay then," Ryan said as we stepped out of the car. "Let's go meet the Dobson family."

We left our backpacks and duffle bags in the trunk.

Ryan opened the door and shouted, "We're home!"

Footstep pounded down the stairs. A Ryan look alike arrived in the entry hall.

"Trever, this is my brother, Tommie," Ryan said. "Tommie, this is Trevor Harris-LeBlanc."

Tommie looked uncertain as to how he should greet me.

"It's nice to meet you," Tommie finally said as he started to offer his hand for a handshake. A few seconds later he engulfed me in a bear hug.

Tommie turned his attention to Ryan. "You did good, bro," he finally said as he and Ryan embraced.

Mr. and Mrs. Dobson emerged from the back of the house.

"Mom, Dad, this is Trevor Harris-LeBlanc," Ryan began. "Trevor, these are my parents Rene and Jefferson Dobson."

"Welcome to our home, Trevor" Mrs. Dobson added.

"Thank you, Mrs. Dobson," I responded.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Son," Mr. Dobson finally said as we shook hands.

"You, too, Mr. Dobson," I said with a little nervousness present in my voice.

Mr. Dobson looked exactly like his sons. Six-one, mahogany brown hair, green eyes, and a nice body. Mrs. Dobson, brown hair, petite, stylish, and kind looking. Her eyes darted from Ryan to me. Back to Ryan then me.

"Linda left to pick up some things she needed at Macy's," Mrs. Dobson explained. "She'll be home shortly. In the meantime, why don't we sit around the kitchen island. I made some peanut butter cookies, and I just made a pot of coffee."

"Terrific," Ryan added as we followed his mother to the kitchen.

The conversation continued as Mrs. Dobson arranged our snack.

"Ryan told us you're a music major," Mr. Dobson said as he sat next to me.

"Yes," I replied. "I've always loved to play the piano. I took voice lessons after I started living with my Dads, Jeffery and Philip Harris-LeBlanc. I've taught myself to play the guitar."

"Wonderful!" Mrs. Dobson said. "How does it feel being a Congressman's son?"

I saw Ryan wince at his mother's question.

"It's too early to tell," I replied. "I helped Dad J campaign. I met a lot of people. And knowing my father, he'll be one excellent Congressman. It's ironic. My ex-father also served in Congress, but he couldn't keep a campaign promise if his life depended on it."

"Why did you call him your ex-father?" Mr. Dobson asked.

I looked at Ryan.

"It's okay, Trevor," Ryan said with a smile.

"I'll try to keep this simple," I began. "I was fifteen. I brought a book home from the library called, How to Tell Your Parent's You're Gay. My father saw the book, and he beat the pulp out of me."

"He beat you for being gay?" Tommie exclaimed.

"Yea," I continued. "If my father hadn't passed out from the alcohol I'd probably be dead. I had met Dad J a week earlier. I left the house while my father lay passed out from excessive drinking. I called Dad J because I had seen him about a week earlier and gave me his card. He and Dad P showed up minutes later and took me to the ER. They were able to get custody of me. And here we are!"

"Do you ever see your ex-father?" Mr. Dobson asked.

"No," I replied. "The feds carted him off to Federal Prison after he was convicted of fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud across state lines, and embezzlement. He won't be out for several more years. I try to forget the as... guy."

"Do you have any other family?" Tommie asked.

"I have four-year-old twin brothers," I explained. "They're mischievous for being four. You'd think maybe twenty. They have a habit of destroying plants. One jumped into the toilet twice. Another jumped out the window. And the last one went outside through the sliding glass doors. The doors were closed."

"Do you want some more coffee, Tre?" Ryan asked.

I handed him the cup and watched Mrs. Dobson follow Ryan to the coffee pot.

"Thanks," I said when he returned with a full cup.

"So, how long have you two been dating?" Mrs. Dobson asked.

Ryan almost spit out his last sip of coffee. I swallowed.

"How did you know?" Ryan asked after wiping some residual coffee off his lips.

"I'm your mother," Mrs. Dobson replied. "Mothers have a way of knowing. So, how long have you been dating?"

"A little over a month," Ryan replied. "We've known each other since the beginning of school. My roommate is Tre's friend. A group of us go to the gym every Tuesday and Thursday morning."

"We're still wondering when your brother is coming out," Mr. Dobson added.

"Dad!" Tommie exclaimed.

"You are gay, right?" Mr. Dobson asked.

"Yes, but...," Tommie replied. "Can't we have a little privacy here? If I had a boyfriend who looked like Trevor, I'd have come out before this."

"He's taken, Tommie," Ryan said with a smile.

"If you want to freshen up before dinner, I put fresh towels in your bathroom, Ryan. Two sets," Mrs Dobson said to us.

"Thanks, Mom," Ryan said as he slipped off the stool. "We should get our stuff out of the car, Tre. I can give you a tour of the house after we've cleaned up."

We headed to Ryan's car, "Interesting conversation, don't you think, Ry?"

"I'm still in shock," Ryan replied. "Never did I think my mother would ask how long we've been dating."

"It's easier than having the shit beat out of you like I did," I said. "Seriously, I thought it was cute. Are we staying in the same room?"

"It appears so," Ryan replied. "There are twin beds in my room. We're used to sleeping in twin beds, right, Tre?"

"We've had some practice," I said as we slipped back into the house and up the stairs to the second floor.

Ryan stopped just as he entered his room.

"Holy shit!" Ryan exclaimed. "They switched out the twin beds for a king. I'm beginning to think my mother is psychic."

"After tonight, we'll know what sleeping with each other in a normal bed is like," I said as we both set our duffle bags beside the bed.

"I can't wait," Ryan said as he pulled me toward him for a kiss.

"You're making it difficult for me to go downstairs, Ry," I whisper.

"We might need to take a nap," Ryan added. He still had his arms resting on my shoulders. "Wouldn't a nap be fun?"

"Yes," I replied as I rubbed my lips against his. "But I don't want to explain to your parents we needed to fuck before dinner."

"You have a point," Ryan said. His eyes shimmered from the lights in the bedroom. "Sometimes you just no fun, Tre."

"We should save the fun until after dinner," I suggested. "We'll have more time to enjoy ourselves."

"You're such a practical boyfriend, Tre," Ryan said as he finally released me from his grasp.

"I try to be, Ry," I continued. "But it's so damn hard being alone in the room with you. Maybe we should go downstairs and join the rest of your family."

"Why are you always so practical, Tre?" Ryan asked.

"Ask me the same question tonight when we're in bed," I suggested.

"You're on," Ryan replied as he grabbed my hand and led me out the door and down the stairs.

"Ryan!" a young woman I presumed to be Ryan's sister greeted us at the bottom of the stairs. "It's about time I get to meet your boyfriend! I'm Linda."

"Trevor," I responded.

"Trevor Harris-LeBlanc, meet my oldest sibling, Linda Dobson," Ryan added.

"We'll need to compare notes," Linda said. "I think we have the same taste in men!"

Linda wrapped her arms around me and gave me what I now believe is a Dobson hug.

"It's great to meet you, Trevor," Linda said as we separated. "Welcome to the Dobson fun house!"

"Thank you," I said.

"Let's sit in the living room and talk," Linda added. "I want to hear everything. Who is Trevor Harris-LeBlanc? How did you meet? When did you decide you were boyfriends? Everything."

"Hang on, Tre," Ryan said to me. "This will be a long night!"


The First Morning

My body reacted to the sunlight streaming through the window. When my eyes adjusted, I decided it wasn't a dream.

I propped my head up with my arm and watched Ryan sleep next to me.

After a few minutes, Ryan's eyes fluttered open.

"What are you looking at, Tre?" Ryan asked in his sleepy voice.

"You," I said as I leaned down to kiss him.

He reacted by wrapping his arm around me and pulling me closer.

"Did you sleep well?" Ryan asked.

"Yes," I replied. "You?"

"No," Ryan replied. "I kept waking up. I wanted my dick inside you again. Over and over."

We both heard the door open. We looked up and saw Tommie naked as can be wearing a huge smile. He was still wet from the shower.

"I thought I should warn you," Tommie said to us. "Mom has planned this huge breakfast for this morning. You might want to wash the smell of sex off you in the shower and come downstairs."

Ryan turned to me. "This is Mom's thing every time we're all here on a Saturday morning. She does this breakfast spread which will compare with many of the fanciest brunches around town."

"Then, we'd best not keep your mother waiting," I replied.

Ryan slipped the comforter off us. And we stepped out of bed. Tommie still stood in the door watching his naked brother and his naked boyfriend get out of bed.

"Yup," Tommie said after he surveyed my body. "You did really well, bro!"

"Shut up, Tommie," Ryan said as he threw yesterday's briefs at him. "Go!"

"See you downstairs," Tommie said as he turned and left the room.

"Do you want to shower together to save time?" Ryan asked.

"Yes," I replied as I leaned in to kiss Ryan. "I don't believe it will be much of a time saver, but it will be a lot of fun."

We stepped into the huge shower after Ryan had adjusted the water temperature. Two shower heads and a rainforest shower sent streams of water onto our bodies.

I put my arms around Ryan, kissed him, sunk to my knees, and put Ryan's big dick in my mouth.

"Oh! Shit! Tre!" Ryan hissed as I began working his dick with my tongue and mouth.

"At the rate your going, Tre," Ryan whimpered. "This won't take long."

I didn't let up. I slipped a finger into Ryan's ass and found the perfect spot to massage.

"Oh! Tre! Oh! Fuck, Tre! I'm cumming, Tre!" Ryan hissed as I felt his body begin to convulse before my mouth filled with his cum.

"Tre," Ryan whispered as he pulled me onto my feet before he kissed me. "We need to do this more often. What about you?"

"What about me?" I asked.

"Don't you want to get off?" Ryan asked.

"I'll get off when you put your big dick in my ass later today," I whispered.

"Deal!" Ryan replied and kissed me several more times.

"Ry," I whispered between kisses. "We won't be at breakfast until tomorrow if we keep this up."

"Yea," Ryan said as we pulled apart and finished showering.

We shut the water off, and Ryan stepped out of the shower and grabbed two towels. I dried him as he dried me. Finally, we were dressed and on our way downstairs.

"Good morning, Trevor, Ryan!" Ryan's mother greeted us. "You know where the coffee is, Ryan. Grab some. We'll get this show started when everyone else is down."

Tommie sauntered down the stairs and into the kitchen. Linda appeared from where ever her bedroom was. Ryan's father returned from the dining room.

"I started a fire," Mr. Dobson explained. "I thought it would be nice this morning to eat beside a roaring fire in the fireplace."

Mrs. Dobson shewed everyone into the dining room, and we all found our seats from last night.

"Everything looks wonderful," I said to the group. Then we all dug in and began eating.

"Mom told me last night after you'd turned in, Trevor, about your father beating you up because you were gay," Linda began.

"Yea," I replied. "It was his last act as my father. I'm extremely lucky my Dads helped me get resettled and away from him and my mother. For the first time in my life, I felt safe and loved."

"I hope to meet your Dads sometime, Trevor," Linda said. "I heard your father speak on television during his campaign. He must be an amazing man."

"He is," I replied. "Dad Philip is pretty amazing, too."

"Do you plan on teaching music after you finish undergrad?" Mrs. Dobson asked.

"I don't think so," I said. "I might go to Harvard Divinity after my undergrad is complete. Dad J went there."

"Tell them about your Dad's first job out of Divinity school," Ryan suggested.

I explained my father's work in San Francisco.

"When he talks about the people he worked with, he sometimes gets a little teary eyed," I continued. "He became involved personally with every person he met. Some managed to make it out of the cycle. Others didn't. He became invested in every person he encountered who needed his help. I think the losses he suffered forced him to give up the work. It was just too much to handle day in and day out. Over and over again. I'm thankful he did give it up and return to his hometown as a youth minister for the UCC church where his mother is the pastor."

"Do you want to do the work your father did for his first years out of college?" Mrs. Dobson asked.

"I don't know if I could handle it," I replied. "Dad J is a strong man, yet he's kind and gentle and loving. It's too early for me to decide if I will go to Divinity school, but the idea does keep running around in my head. Enough about me. Linda, what's your major?"

"It's funny you should ask," Linda began. "When I first went off to college, I had lofty ideas. I wanted to make a difference in the world. I took several political science classes, but politics isn't in my gene pool. I'm working toward a creative writing degree. Mom and Dad almost burst into flames when I told them I wanted to be a writer. Last summer I did and internship at the Chicago Tribune. I liked the work and the people, but I'm still not sure what I want to do with my life after school."

"You're a great writer, Lin," Ryan said. "Go into advertising. Write a novel. Write speeches for politicians."

"So, what are you guys doing for the rest of the day?" Mrs. Dobson asked.

"I want to show Trever around the hood," Ryan explained. "I'm exposing him to public transportation, too. No car today. Busses, subways, and walking. And since Trevor is addicted to Starbucks, we'll find one to visit later this afternoon. Maybe I can convince him to do a song for us before dinner."

"Ryan!" I scolded.

"We'd love to hear you sing, Trevor," Mrs Dobson added. "We have the piano tuned regularly. It would be nice to use it for a change."

"If I'm in the mood to embarrass myself later, I will consider it," I agreed.

"Do you guys want to go to church with us tomorrow morning?" Mrs. Dobson asked.

"Where do you go?" I asked.

"St. Paul's UCC Church in Lincoln Park," Ryan replied. "You'd like the music."

"I've been there," I said. "Family friends of ours, Sam and Chris, were married there. It's a delightful place. Nice people. The choir from St. Paul's also joined the choir at our church for a funeral a few years ago. The guy who died was a young physician's assistant who used to live in Lincoln Park and went to St. Paul's."

"So, do you think you want to go?" Ryan asked.

"Sure," I replied.



Ryan took me everywhere in a whirlwind of activity. Finally, we rested at Starbucks.

"Sometimes today, I thought you were trying to wear me down so I would be at your mercy tonight when you pillage my body," I said to Ryan after we had retrieved our drinks and settled at a table in Starbucks.

"Did it work?" Ryan asked

I paused and smiled. "Yes."

"Good... What did you like best today?" Ryan asked.

"Being with you," I replied quickly.

"Thank you, but seriously, what's your favorite place we went today?" Ryan asked.

"Climbing the stairs of the subway and watching your picture-perfect ass muscles undulate in your flawlessly tight jeans," I replied.

"Seriously, Tre?" Ryan asked again.

"Walking around Lakeview and watching all the people walk by us," I said. "The diversity and the energy of the area. It's so alive."

"Dobson!" we heard a voice call out.

We turned toward the voice as an amazing looking African American guy sauntered to our table.

"What brings you back to the hood, Dobson?" the guy asked as he stood beside us.

"Showing my friend from college around the area," Ryan explained. "Drew, this is my friend Trevor Harris-LeBlanc. Trevor, this is Drew Harrington. We were on the wrestling team together."

We exchanged pleasantries.

"Why don't you join us?" Ryan asked.

"Sure," Drew said as he slipped onto a chair beside me and dropped his gym bag on the floor next to him. "How do you two know one another?"

"Trevor's friend Rupert and I are roommates," Ryan explained. "How've you been?"

"Stuck," Drew replied as he took off the cup lid before he continued. "My mom passed away last summer, and I've been taking care of my little brothers.

"Shit, Drew," Ryan said. "I'm so sorry."

"It's just life," Drew replied. "I dropped out of college. I was working three jobs to keep us fed, housed, and clothed until a couple of months ago. I found a gig which pays well. I work nights, but I make decent money."

"Congratulations on the job," Ryan said.

"You still wrestling?"

"Yea," Ryan replied. "I'm captain of the team this year."

"Congratulations," Drew added as he looked at Ryan, then at me, and then back to Ryan. "Are you two boyfriends?"

I saw the surprised look on Ryan's face.

"Yes," Ryan answered as a looked at me and smiled. "How did you know?"

"It was just a matter of time before you admitted to yourself you were gay," Drew said as he smiled at Ryan. "You were also the only guy on the team who got hard when you wrestled with me."

"Oh! Jeez!" Ryan exclaimed. "You?"

"Yea," Drew replied. "I'm sure you noticed I was in the same state."

"It's hard... difficult not to," Ryan said with a smile.

"You might want to try wrestling with your boyfriend, Trevor," Drew said with a smile. "It's highly erotic, right Ryan?"

"Ah... Yes," Ryan admitted. "Did anyone else know?"

"Yea," Drew said with a smile spreading across his face. "Rodney."

"The captain of our wrestling team?" Ryan asked. "Is he... you know... gay?"

"No," Drew said. "At least he wasn't in high school. Anyone can change. Right, Ryan?"

"Yes, Drew," Ryan said. He, too, had a smile on his face.

"I need to run," Drew finally said after he and Ryan exchanged a long glance at each other. "I need to get ready for work."

"How can I get in contact with you?" Ryan asked.

"Phone," Drew replied as he pulled a paper out of his gym bag and scribbled his phone number on it. "You?"

Ryan ripped off the bottom half of the paper and wrote his phone number and email address on it. "Stay in touch, Drew. Please?"

"I will," Drew replied and turned to me. "Take care of him, Trevor. He's a good guy. One of the best."

"I will Drew," I said. "It was a pleasure meeting you."

Drew left Starbucks. Ryan sat quietly for a moment.

"He's not telling us something," Ryan finally said. "And, he's lost some of his spark."

"I noticed he changed the subject to wrestling after you congratulated him on his job," I said with measured pace.

"Yea," Ryan said as his sad look turned into a happy face. "We need a rousing end to our perfect day of sightseeing."


You're On

"Have you decided what you want to sing before dinner?" Ryan asked as we descended to the firs floor after we showered and changed.

"You're presuming a lot, Ry," I said.

"Please," Ryan pleaded. "For me. I haven't had a chance to hear you sing. Please."

"I could do part of my audition before they accepted me into the music program," I suggested. "But you need to promise me you won't laugh."

"Why would I laugh?" Ryan asked.

"A couple of songs are a little corny, but I did the arrangements," I explained.

"What are the songs?" Ryan asked.

"'Lean on Me,' `Lead with Your Heart,' `You Are Beautiful,' and `Amazing Grace,'" I said. "Too many?"

"No, not at all!" Ryan enthused. "I hope you have an encore. My family can get persistent when they want something. I want to hear you sing now. The family apparently has dispersed into the land of Oz."

We walked into the living room where the black lacquered baby grand piano lived. I sat down and payed a few bars of a "Lean on Me."

"Perfect," I said. "You have a choice. Either sit next to me or on the right so I can see you."

He chose to stand.

I began.

When I finished, I looked up at Ryan.

"God your good!" Ryan said as he put his hand on my face and caressed it. "So beautiful. You meant every word you sang, didn't you?"

"Yup," I replied. "I sort of put myself into the music. Sometimes I don't know anyone else is around except me and the music."

"Another one, Tre," Ryan said in a whisper. "Please."

"This one's for you," I said as looked Ryan in the eye. "Because you are so beautiful."

I begin the song, "You are so beautiful..."

I didn't take my eyes off Ryan. When I finished, I reached up and wiped a tear off Ryan's cheek with my fingers.

"I didn't mean to make you cry, Ry," I said.

"I couldn't help it," Ryan said as he sat on the bench next to me. "It was like you were singing the song for me."

"I was," I replied.

"Another, please," Ryan asked

By the time I finished "Lead with Your Heart" and "Amazing Grace," the whole Dobson family listened in.

"You're amazing, Trevor," Linda said after I finished.

"Amazing is too strong of a word," I replied. "I just get into the music. It's like its part of me or I'm part of it."

"You need a music contract," Tommie added.

"It's not happening," I continued.


The ride home

"Thanks for coming with me this weekend, Tre," Ryan said. "It really meant a lot to me. You meeting my family made me very happy."

"Thanks for asking me," I added. "I enjoyed myself. You have a delightful family. Now you'll need to go south and meet mine."

"I'd love to," Ryan said to me.

We sat in silence for a few minutes. I kept steeling a glance at Ryan. He looked peaceful.

"Tre," Ryan finally began. "I was just thinking how nice it would be... how nice it would be for you to move in with me next fall. I hope I'm not being too pushy."

"It would be nice," I agreed. I paused for a few moments. "I want to be impetuous and say yes, but I need to think about it. I also need to talk to my Dads. They do, after all, control the money."

"You're so practical, Tre," Ryan added. "You think things through before you jump into something you might regret later. It's a good trait to have."

"Sometimes I think it's an impediment," I said. "It'd be nice to finally do something spontaneously."

"Did you think about us for a long time?" Ryan asked.

"You just sort of popped into my life unexpectedly," I said as I smiled at Ryan. "I thought we had it all figured out. Sex-only boyfriends. It didn't take me long to realize I'd already fallen for you, and I... really love you. It's an amazing feeling, don't you think?"

"Yea," Ryan said as his megawatt smile competed with the sun drifting lower and lower in the sky. "I thought I'd blown it with the couldn't-figure-out-if-I'm-gay-or-not act. Are we going too fast for you, Tre?"

"Why did you ask?" I asked.

"I don't want to push you into something you might not be ready for," Ryan continued.

"I wouldn't have agreed to meet your family if I thought we were moving to quickly," I explained. "The first time I saw you I wanted to get to know you better."

"The first time you saw me was while Rupert was banging your ass," Ryan said with a laugh in his voice.

"He'd just finished, remember?" I asked. We were both smiling.

"Was he your first?" Ryan asked.

"Yea," I said. "He was my first. I never thought about it before, but yes... But... you're the best."

"Flattery will get my dick in your ass, Tre," Ryan responded.

"I'm counting on it," I continued. "It wasn't the same the first time with you. With Rupert, we just made one another feel good. With you, it was more. I don't even know how to describe it. I like sleeping next to you. Hearing your heart beat and your breathing. Feeling your warm body next to mine. Watching you as you sleep. Those things have become sensual to me. It's like we share an energy bubble when we're together. Even now. I don't want to ramble, but did you know as you walk by a person on a sidewalk your energy field overlaps with the other person. We don't even know it, but we're connecting with total strangers. So, if you can connect with someone just walking by them, think about when you're sleeping next to someone."

"So, are you telling me you just want to sleep next to me and not have sex?" Ryan asked.

"No fucking way, Ry," I replied. "It's even better when you're inside me."

"We'll need to stop this discussion, Tre," Ryan said. "Otherwise, I'll lose my mind this week."

"Okay, I'll change the subject," I agreed. "Do you think your friend Drew wasn't telling you some major details about his current life?"

"Yes," Ryan replied. "He seemed off after we touched on his life with his brothers."

"Maybe it's his job," I suggested. "Do you think he would do something illegal just to get by?"

"Drew's family didn't have a lot of money," Ryan explained. "He attended Francis Parker on a scholarship. He's a brilliant guy and had terrific grades. He always stayed out of the limelight except for wrestling and academics."

"He looks physically solid, too," I added.

"Hey," Ryan said. "Was my boyfriend perving on Drew's body?"

"I spend all my spare time perving on your body, Ry," I replied.

"Speaking of perving on bodies, would you spend the night with me?" Ryan asked.

"What about Rupert?" I asked.

"He hasn't been in the dorm on Sunday night for several weeks," Ryan explained. "Even if he did, it's not like he hasn't seen us naked or together before."

"True," I agreed. "Let me check on Greyson first. He's pretty pissed about his parents. He's worried they'll cut him off because he won't play heterosexual date night. And he and Wyatt seem to be getting along. I think something is brewing, but it hasn't stopped perking yet."

I sent a text to Grayson. His return text read, `Enjoy your time with Ryan. I'm enjoying mine with Wyatt.'

"It looks like it's a go tonight, Ry," I said. "Grayson and Wyatt are keeping each other company."


The gym group congregated at the pasta place after our workout. Rob seemed to be in a foul mood, and Mikado wasn't around. I wasn't about to get involved with their issues.

"How did meeting Ryan's parents go, Trevor?" Grayson asked.

"Great!" I enthused. "I had a wonderful time, and I enjoyed meeting his parents and his siblings."

"And a king bed in Ryan's room didn't dampen the spirits, I bet," Rupert said. "Right, Tre?"

"We were very comfortable, thank you," I replied. I offered no further details.

"I heard Trevor play the piano and sing over the weekend," Ryan said. "He's a remarkably talented singer."

"You're just saying that because he's your boyfriend and you don't want to be shut off," Jefferson added.

"Nope," Ryan said as he squeezed my thigh under the table. "He's a terrific showman, too. He should do an album and a tour. Have you ever thought about going on tour to promote your music?"

"You're way too kind, Ry," I replied wanting the attention on me to go away. Ryan's touch on my thigh made my dick hard. I whispered into Ryan's ear. "Yes."

Ryan turned to me, "Yes, what?"

"Yes, I'll move in with you," I whispered again.

Ryan's smile loomed large.

"Where's Makato. Robby?" Wyatt asked.

"He's probably somewhere with his finger up his ass," Robby replied.

"Relationship not doing well, Robby?" Grayson asked.

"It's nonexistent," Robby replied.

"When did this happen?" I asked.

"Over the weekend," Robby explained. "He had his dick up someone else's ass."

"Opps," Harry said.

"Did you give him a chance to explain?" I asked.

"Explain what?" Robby continued. "Why he can't keep his dick in his pants?"

"I see your point," I added. "What if he came back groveling and asking for forgiveness?"

"It's bad enough, Trevor, he had his dick in another guy's ass," Robby explained. "But the guy with the ass was a chubby short guy."

"You might change your mind in a week or so," I offered.

"Why would I change my mind?" Robby exclaimed. "He's a premature ejaculator and a narcissist."

"Why did you spend so much time with him?" Ryan asked.

"I liked his body," Robby replied. "He's toast! No further comments."

"Rupert," Grayson asked. "Are you staying in the dorm next year?"

"Yea," Rupert replied. "I have no choice. My scholarship covers the dorm but not off campus living. Our dorm manager asked me to become a resident assistant. I'd get a private room if I did."

"You'd be good at the job," I suggested. "Contrary to some rumors you are a very caring person."

"Thank you, Trevor," Rupert replied. "What rumors?"

"Your predisposition to become an authority figure," Ryan said. "Your sessions with the insect guy would come in handy."

"Hmmm," Rupert replied with a smile. "I never thought of it quite in that way."

"Insect guy?" Jefferson asked.

"It's a long story, Jefferson," Rupert added. "One I'd rather not get into now."


"How are things with you and Grayson?" I asked Wyatt as we walked to Starbucks after our last class.

"Good," Wyatt said. He seemed ready to say something but decided against it.

"Something you want to tell me, Wyatt?" I asked as we stepped into Starbucks.

"I'll explain after we get settled," Wyatt replied.

We ordered and found a table near the front windows.

Wyatt began. "I like Grayson a lot. But I need to break it off with him before either one of us gets hurt."

"Why?" I asked.

"Grayson wants more in a relationship than I can give right now," Wyatt continued.

"Have you and he talked about this?" I asked.

"Yes," Wyatt explained. "He still tells me its not a problem for him, but he must be frustrated as shit."

"You haven't gotten over your suicide attempt, have you?" I asked.

"No," Wyatt added in a whisper. "My shrink thinks I'm using the bad memories of the suicide attempt as a crutch."

"Are you hesitating to get more involved with Grayson because you might not think he's the one you want to have a relationship with?" I asked.

"Part of it," Wyatt admitted. "I need someone in my life who can tell me to get over myself and move on with life. Grayson's too nice. He's afraid he'll hurt my feelings or damage my psyche. I don't want to be a broken man. I want more than moping around looking for excuses about my life."

"Tell him," I urged.

"I can't," Wyatt said.

"Why?" I asked.

"I don't want him to think I'm using him to recover from my mental issues," Wyatt explained. "I've always thought of myself as a giver. Now I think of myself as nothing but a taker with no giving in return."

"But Wyatt, you need to do something for yourself if you want to move on," I suggested. "What do you really need from Grayson you're not letting him give?"

"Slow, caring intimacy," Wyatt spit out. "I crave physical interaction with someone. Hands on my body. Kisses on my lips. But I back off whenever he tries. It's like I'm afraid I won't know how to react."

"Do you want the slow, caring intimacy to be with Grayson?" I asked.

"Yes," Wyatt replied. "When we've slept together, I loved the way he felt wrapped around my body."

"Then, talk to him," I began. "Tell him everything you told me."

"You sound like my shrink," Wyatt said with a smile.

"God only knows I've had enough experience in therapy," I said.


I arrived at my dorm room after I finished my conversation with Wyatt. Grayson reclined on his bed, reading a book, and clad in nothing but black and yellow Diesel briefs.

"What's the occasion, Grayson?" I asked.

"What do you mean?" Grayson responded.

"You're all dressed up," I said as I dropped by backpack on my tiny desk.

"I'm just thinking," Grayson said after he put the book beside him on the bed.

"Thinking about what?" I asked.

"Wyatt," Grayson explained. "I'm trying to be patient but being around him makes me nuts. I want more than Wyatt can give."

"He might want more, too," I replied. "He's afraid though. Afraid of getting hurt."

"I'd never hurt Wyatt," Grayson responded.

"I know you wouldn't," I added. "Don't forget you would be his first relationship with a man."

"I never thought about being his first," Grayson added.

"Both of you seem to be trying too hard to go slowly," I continued. "My advice, even though you didn't ask for my advice, would be to talk. Honestly talk to one another. He's afraid you're too nice to tell him what you want out of a relationship. Is he right? You're too nice?"

Grayson didn't move from his position on the bed. He seemed to stare at the spots on the ceiling except there we no spots on the ceiling.

"Wyatt and I need to talk, Trevor," Grayson said after a few moments of silence. "He's right, you know. I'm too nice. It's a shield I've developed. I can thank my father for me being too nice. My mother runs interference for me with my father. My father walks all over me. I need to stop being nice."

"You have a point, Grayson," I agreed. "What do you want in a relationship with Wyatt?"

"I want intimacy," Grayson explained. "I want to help him. I'll tell him how I feel. I might even tell my father how I feel. Thanks, Trevor."

To be continued...

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