"Taking a Stand


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"I'm just thinking," Grayson said after he put the book beside him on the bed.

"Thinking about what?" I asked.

"Wyatt," Grayson explained. "I'm trying to be patient but being around him makes me nuts. I want more than Wyatt can give."

"He might want more, too," I replied. "He's afraid though. Afraid of getting hurt."

"I'd never hurt Wyatt," Grayson responded.

"I know you wouldn't," I added. "Don't forget you would be his first relationship with a man."

"I never thought about being his first," Grayson added.

"Both of you seem to be trying too hard to go slowly," I continued. "My advice, even though you didn't ask for my advice, would be to talk. Honestly talk to one another. He's afraid you're too nice to tell him what you want out of a relationship. Is he right? You're too nice?"

Grayson didn't move from his position on the bed. He seemed to stare at the spots on the ceiling except there we no spots on the ceiling.

"Wyatt and I need to talk, Trevor," Grayson said after a few moments of silence. "He's right, you know. I'm too nice. It's a shield I've developed. I can thank my father for me being too nice. My mother runs interference for me with my father. My father walks all over me. I need to stop being nice."

"You have a point, Grayson," I agreed. "What do you want in a relationship with Wyatt?"

"I want intimacy," Grayson explained. "I want to help him. I'll tell him how I feel. I might even tell my father how I feel. Thanks, Trevor."

Chapter 9: Talking the talk. Walking the walk.

"Relax, Ryan," I said to Ryan as we neared my parent's home. "You'll love my family and my family will love you! I promise."

"I should have read something about organic farming so I'll have something to talk about with your Dad Philip," Ryan finally said.

"Ryan," I began. "Dad P has more to talk about than organic farming. It's his work not his life. Talk to him about anything. Politics. Social justice. Being a dad. You could even talk to him about our sex life, and it wouldn't phase him."

"I don't believe our sex life would be something I'd share with your father," Ryan replied. "Do you think your brothers will like the teddy bears I brought for them?"

"Ryan," I continued to calm my boyfriend as he sat in the passenger seat nervously looking out the window at the passing flat farm land. "My brothers are four. Of course, they'll like the bears. Relax! At least you can't worry about Barkley and Barlow's gift. They'll have the dog biscuits eaten before you can turn around."

"Oh! God!" Ryan said in desperation. "What if the dogs don't like me? Will they bite?"

"The only thing they will bite is their chewy toys," I explained. "They get hyper around new people, but I've never known them to bite. Have you ever owned a dog?"

"No," Ryan replied. "Mom hated dog hair."

"You aren't afraid of dogs, are you?" I asked.

Ryan didn't answer.

"Ryan," I said again. "You aren't afraid of dogs, right?"

"I've never been around dogs in a long term living situation," Ryan explained. "I've known dogs on the street. Like when they went for a walk with the owners armed with litter bags. But I haven't encountered dogs living with their owners in an actual house."

"Have you ever been around, like, a cow?" I asked.

"A cow?" Ryan asked. "You mean up close and personal?"

"Yes," I replied.

"No," Ryan replied. "Why?"

"I'll take you to meet Mabel," I added.

"Mabel?" Ryan asked as he looked at me like I had two heads.

"She's a wise old cow who, some believe, has spiritual powers," I explained.

"You're shitting me!" Ryan exclaimed.

"No," I tried to explain without laughing. "Dad J has given several talks to the congregation about the advice Mabel has given him."

"Are you high on drugs or something, Trevor?" Ryan asked.

"Nope," I continued as I kept trying to suppress the laughter boiling over inside me. "One talk even went viral on the Internet."

"Trevor," Ryan began. "It's a good thing I love you. Otherwise, I'd need to have you committed to a psych ward."

I turned into the driveway and shut off the car. "Relax, Ry," I added. "You'll be fine."

Ryan and I stepped out of the car just as the front door flew open. Two excited boys and two rambunctious dogs came scampering to the car.

"Trevor! Trevor!" Sam and Tim shouted in unison. They both leaped in the air and miraculously landed in my arms. One twin on my left arm. The other twin on my right arm.

"You guys grew!" I said as I put them back on the concrete driveway. "And you need to consider eliminating your welcome leap. You nearly knocked me out."

"Is he your boyfriend, Trevor?" Sam asked as he pointed toward Ryan.

"Of course, he's Trevor's boyfriend," Tim said as he turned his attention to Ryan. "What's your name?"

"Ryan," Ryan replied. "You're Tim, correct?"

"How did you know?" Tim asked.

"Trevor told me all about you two," Ryan explained as Sam joined them. "And you're Sam."

"Yes," Sam added. "This is Barkley and Barlow. They sleep with us."

The two dogs decided they needed to give Ryan the sniff test as Sam and Tim introduced themselves. Ryan held out his hand, palm up, and let the dogs sniff. He tensed when the two dogs decided to lick his face.

"Trevor!" Dad P exclaimed as he slipped out the door followed by Dad J. We did a group hug before I introduced Ryan.

"Dads, this is Ryan Dodson," I began as the three of them shook hands. "Ryan, these are my Dads, Jeffery and Phillip Harris-LeBlanc."

Dad J pulled Ryan in for a hug. "Welcome to our home, Ryan. You've been the topic of many conversations recently. It's wonderful to finally meet you."

"Thank you, Mr. Harris-LeBlanc," Ryan said as Dad J released him from the welcome hug.

"I'm Jeffery and he is Philip," Dad J said. "Grab your stuff, and we'll help you get settled."

Ryan and I pulled our duffels out of the trunk and followed Dads and Sam and Tim into the house.

"I hope you don't mind, Trevor, but we've invited Sam and Chris Williamson to join us for dinner," Dad P explained. "We've asked our nanny to ride heard over the boys tonight. We might be able to have an adult conversation."

"Terrific!" I replied. "You'll love them, Ryan. They're really cool."

"Wow!" Ryan exclaimed as he caught his first look at the inside of the house. "This is an amazing house!"

"You've done some serious decorating, too!" I said as I surveyed some of the new pieces in the living/dining area. "The new sofas finally arrived!"

"It only took eighteen months," Dad P explained "We'd almost forgotten they were ordered."

"Let's put this stuff in my room, Ry," I said. "We'll be right back, Dads!"

I led the way up the stairs and into my room. I opened my bedroom door and dropped my bag. "This must be a parent conspiracy! I used to have twin beds in here!"

"You certainly don't anymore," Ryan replied as he picked up my bag and brought it beside the king bed. "Think you have enough windows in here?"

"The sun peaks out over those trees every morning," I explained. "I never needed an alarm set because you just know it's time to crawl out of bed and into the shower."

"Do you ever close the blinds?" Ryan asked.

"No," I replied. "The house sits on the lot so the back side is secluded. And we'll turn off the lights when you make love to me tonight."

"You're so thoughtful, Tre," Ryan said with a smile. "How did you know I wanted to bang you in your childhood bedroom?"

"I just guessed," I replied. "Shall we join the others downstairs?"

We found my dads sitting at the kitchen island drinking coffee.

"Thanks for the bed, Dads," I said as we joined them. "It's funny. Ryan's parents did the same for his bedroom when we visited them."

"How nice," Dad J said. "Trevor, could you help me with something?"

"Sure," I said as I followed Dad J to the pantry.

"I thought you said Ryan was cute," Dad J said in a hushed tone.

"He is cute," I replied.

"No, Trevor," Dad J continued. "He's seriously gorgeous."

"Are you perving on my boyfriend?" I asked with a smile.

"No," Dad J replied. "I may be married, but I can still look."

"Thanks Dad," I finally said. "It's too early to tell, but I think he might be the one."

I saw Dad J's left eyebrow raise.

"What happened to the sex-only relationship?" Dad J finally asked.

"We changed our minds," I said with a smile. "You warned me, remember?"

"Yup," Dad J replied. "Here. Take this."

Dad J handed me a plastic pitcher we use beside the pool.

"What's this for?" I asked.

"We can't leave here empty handed," Dad J responded as he picked up a plastic tray, and we rejoined Dad P and Ryan.

I put the pitcher ceremoniously on top of the island before taking a seat beside Ryan.

"You're Dad started telling me about Mabel," Ryan explained. "I can't wait to meet her."

"You who haven't even been close to a dog want to meet a cow?" I asked.

"I need to start somewhere," Ryan exclaimed.

I leaned in to kiss Ryan without thinking. We both turned beet red.

"You don't need to hide your feelings for one another around us, Trevor," Dad P said to us.

"Thanks, Dad," I said as I smiled at Ryan. "I told you they were cool."

Ryan smiled back.

"Sam, Chris, and family will be here at six," Dad J explained.

"We should head upstairs and change clothes," I suggested. "See you guys in a bit!"

"Don't use all the hot water, Trevor," Dad P said. He smiled broadly.

"Dad!" I exclaimed in mock horror. "You're jumping to conclusions again!

I grabbed Ryan's hand, and we continued on our way upstairs.

"Did your Dad really suspect we wanted to have sex in the shower?" Ryan asked.

"I'd planned on it," I said as I pulled Ryan close to me. "What do you think about my plans?"

"How quickly can you get undressed?" Ryan asked as he already began to strip.

Clothes flew everywhere. I pulled a naked Ryan into the bathroom and went straight to the shower.

"Perfect," I said as I tested the water temperature.

We locked our lips together. Hard cock brushing hard cock.

"Have... I... told you... I... love you... today?" I asked.

"Show me," Ryan exclaimed.

I didn't need to be told how Ryan wanted me to show him. I slid my body down so I knelt in front of Ryan's hard dick, and I eagerly took it into my mouth.

"Oh, God, Trevor!" Ryan exclaimed. "I won't last."

"That's the point!" I hissed and then went back to work.

"Trevor! Trevor! Ahhhhhh!" Ryan exclaimed after a few more minutes as he began to unload in my mouth.

"Up, Tre," Ryan said as I took the last drop into my mouth.

I slowly raised my body to a standing position and looked Ryan in the eyes.

"Kiss me," Ryan whispered.

I leaned in and touched his lips with mine.

The doorbell downstairs rang.

"Shit!" I exclaimed. "They're here."

We quickly finished showering, dried off, and dressed. Once we made certain we were presentable, we headed downstairs.


I laid beside Ryan watching him sleep the morning after we arrived. The sun streamed through the windows on a bright, sunny day. His eyes flickered open.

"What?" he murmured as he looked at me with one eye open.

"You're cute when you're asleep," I whispered.

He didn't budge.

"Are you saying I'm not cute when I'm awake?" he asked with his barely audible voice.

"You're cute all the time," I began. "When you're awake or when you're asleep. When you're dressed. Or when you're naked. Always."

"Are you saying you'll move in with me because I'm always cute?" Ryan asked as he moved his head so both eyes were open and looking at me.

"I'm talking with my Dads this morning," I explained. "I want you to be with me when I do."

"What if they get mad at me for trying to subvert you?" Ryan asked. He was beginning to smile.

"I'll just point out how cute you are when you're naked," I replied.

"Enough talking," Ryan finally said. "I need coffee before we get too deeply involved here."

"Let's go!" I said as I slid out of bed and grabbed my jeans from yesterday. Ryan did the same.

We arrived in the kitchen in time to see a glimpse of family life in the Harris-LeBlanc household. Dad J and Dad P sitting at the kitchen island watching Sam and Tim chase Barkley and Barlow around in circles.

Ryan and I suddenly became the focus of Sam and Tim. Sam raced toward me and Tim toward Ryan. They both leaped into the air at the same time and Sam landed in my out-stretched arms. Ryan instinctively caught Tim.

"Sugar high," Dad J said as he watched. "They found the cookies. Now you know what ten cookies each does for five-year-old-boys."

"You guys are a little too big to be jumping into people's arms," I said to both boys. "You're heavy now! You could hurt someone if they weren't expecting you to jump."

"Sorry, Trevor," Tim apologized.

"You looked like you wanted attention," Sam added.

"They need coffee before they get attention," Dad P said to the boys.

"Thanks for understanding, Dad," I said with a smile as Ryan and I both lowered the boys to the floor. Dad J handed us coffee.

"Thank you," Ryan said.

Once we had coffee in hand, I guided us to two empty stools.

"What's on your agenda for today?" Dad J asked.

"Ryan wants to meet Mabel," I began. "After a meet and greet, I'm taking him on the lux tour of the town. We'll be finished in three seconds and then head to the coffee shop where we'll sit and watch the rednecks come and go."

"Sounds exciting," Dad P said with a smile. "You might want to look at the Organic Farms headquarters building site. You'll be amazed at the progress."

"The rednecks also don't seem to be as interesting as they once were," Dad J added. "They've lost their grove, it seems."

"Trevor," Dad P said as he looked up from his tablet. "What was your friend Remington's last name?"

"Mortimore," I replied. "Why?"

Dad P slid his tablet in front of me. I read the headlines of the article dad had been reading.

"Holy shit!" I exclaimed after reading the first few sentences.

"What's wrong, Trevor?" Ryan asked.

I read the opening paragraph aloud to Ryan, "Jennifer Astor Mortimore and her husband Westfield Hathaway Mortimore were arraigned in Federal Court for money laundering, fraud, grand larceny, lying to federal agents, and tax evasion. The couple was ordered held without bail."

"Who are they, again?" Ryan asked.

"Remington's mother and father," I replied. "It gets worse. Federal agents seized all the couple's personal and business assets including their son Remington Allen Mortimore's multi-million-dollar real estate holdings in central Illinois. Federal agents are still investigating the son as a possible co-conspirator."

"I think your ex-boyfriend could be in a pot of trouble," Dad J added.

"I know I shouldn't say this, but it couldn't have happened to a better pair," I said. "But to entangle their only son in this mess makes me fucking angry!"

"Trevor said a bad word," Tim announced.

"Sorry," I said as I looked at Tim. "Remington might be an arrogant pr... person, but he doesn't have the temperament to be mixed up in this stuff."

"You should call him or text him to make certain he's okay," Ryan suggested. "Or maybe not, in case his phone is tapped."

"I think I'd hold off until you know more about his possible entanglement," Dad P suggested. "Maybe we should stop speculating. You said last night you had something to discuss with us this morning. It might be a more pleasant conversation than the Mortimore family."

"Ah..." I stammered as I put my hand on Ryan's thigh to steady my nerves. "Yea. Ahm... Ryan found an apartment off campus for next school year. And he asked if I'd like to be his roommate. I told him I needed to speak with you."

Dad P and Dad J looked at one another and then to me and Ryan. Dad J spoke first, "You used the word `roommate.' Is it `roommate' or `boyfriend'?"

"Ah...," I stammered again and looked at Ryan. "Boyfriend."

"What if things don't work out?" Dad P asked. "I'm not trying to be pessimistic, but you both need to consider the possibility."

"If our relationship doesn't work out, which I doubt will happen, I'd still like to have Trevor as my roommate if we can't stay boyfriends," Ryan replied. "We'd still be best friends. Right, Tre?"

"Yes," I replied. "It's a two-bedroom and two-bath apartment. When Ryan and I went into this relationship, neither one of us thought we'd end up where we are now, especially not this early. But, we knew we would wind up best friends at the very least."

"How much is the rent?" Dad J asked.

"Nine hundred," Ryan said. "But it's a twelve-month lease."

"Still cheaper than the dorm," Dad P said.

"What happens when you graduate, and Trevor won't for another year?" Dad J asked.

"We haven't talked much about Trevor's last year," Ryan replied. "I hopefully can find a job somewhere in the area. And, when Trevor goes to Harvard Divinity, we'd be in the center of a major tech area."

"Trevor," Dad J began. "Your dad and I know you'll be responsible while you're in school. We have faith in you to do the right thing. So, the decision will be yours. However, my advice to you, Trevor, would be to hang on to Ryan for the long-term. He not only looks good, he's a very caring and warm guy. You're good together."

I looked at Ryan. Ryan looked at me. We both looked at my Dads.

"Thanks, Dads," I finally said as I put my arm around Ryan's shoulder. "We won't disappoint you, we promise."


"I hope you don't mind Sam and Tim tagging along with us to the farm," I whispered as I maneuvered the Suburban onto the highway to Dad P's farm. Taking the SUV seemed easier than attempting to get the car seats into my car.

"Nope," Ryan whispered back. "They're fun."

"The dogs seem excited, too," I added as I watched them as they romped in the very back row of seats.

Mabel saw the SUV approach and sauntered to the fence awaiting our attention. We removed Sam and Tim from their car seats before letting the dogs out. The instant Barkley and Barlow hit the ground they sped away to an enclosure where several cows munched on grass.

"Holy shit!" Ryan exclaimed as he saw the speed in which the dogs ran. "Those dudes are fast! What are they doing now?"

We watched as Barkley and Barlow circled the group of cows and began to move them into a tighter circle.

"They're herding the cows," I explained. "It's something Border Collies do. It's their natural instinct to herd and to keep animals together and safe."

"Mooo!" Mabel bellowed.

"Let me introduce you to Mabel," I said as I grabbed Ryan's hand and led him to the fence. "Mabel, this is Ryan. Ryan, this is Mabel."

"Nice to meet you, Mabel," Ryan said.

"Mooo!" Mabel bellowed again.

"She likes you, Ryan," Tim added.

"You need to feed her a sugar cube," Sam explained. "She won't like you if you don't give it to her."

"Sugar cube?" Ryan asked as he looked to me for advice.

"Feed her a sugar cube," I replied as I fished a sugar cube out of my pocket, put in my up facing palm, and held it under Mabel's nose. Mabel's giant cow tongue swiped the cube off my hand. "Now, you do it."

"Me?" Ryan asked with fear in his eyes. "You want me to hold out my hand... and let Mabel... take the sugar cube?"

"Of course," I said as I handed Ryan a sugar cube.

"What if she bites?" Ryan asked.

"She won't bite you, and you and she will be friends for life if you feed her the cube," I continued.

Ryan tentatively held out his palm with the sugar cube in it. Mabel eyed Ryan and swiped her cow tongue across Ryan's palm taking the cube with it.

"Mooo!" Mabel bellowed.

"See," I said to Ryan "She likes you!"

"Mooo to you, too, Mabel," Ryan finally said as he found his handkerchief to wipe the cow slobber off his hand.

Mabel looked at Ryan, then at me. Ryan. Me. Ryan. Me.

"What's she doing?" Ryan asked.

"She's trying to tell you something," Sam explained.

"Take care of each other," Tim added.

Ryan and I turned to look at Tim and Sam.

"Take care of each other?" I asked.

"Like our daddies do," Sam further explained.

I turned to Ryan and we smiled at one another.

"We're screwed, Tre," Ryan said as I grabbed his hand and put it on Mabel's snout.

"She likes to be petted here," I explained.

"How did she become a psychic with her own quarters?" Ryan asked as he stroked the fur on Mabel's snout.

"Let me give you some background," I began to explain. "Sam Williamson's parents used to own this whole farm. Five thousand acres."

"Isn't five thousand acres a pretty big farm?" Ryan asked.

"It's huge," I continued my explanation. "Not another one this big in the state. They sold it to the company my dad works for fifty million dollars the same year Sam started school as a freshman at UIUC. Needless to say, the Williamsons aren't hurting for cash. This will be the last Christmas they host Christmas Day dinner. You should join us. It's a sit-down dinner for about fifty or more people. They serve dinner in the third-floor ballroom of their house."

"They have a ballroom?" Ryan asked. "On the third floor? What kind of house is this anyway?"

"It's the house Sam's great-grandfather built," I continued. "Sam was the fourth generation to live in it."

"Why will this be the last Christmas the Williamsons host Christmas Day dinner?" Ryan asked.

"Sam's parents will build a new house in the town limits," I continued. "They are selling the house to my dad's company for a conference and retreat center."

"For a small town, it seems as though a lot of well-healed people live here," Ryan added.

"My dad jokes that the Williamsons own half of the town," I said. "Which might be true...! Back to Mabel. Mabel became Sam's pet when they were both younger. While the other cows were marched off to the stockyards, Mabel stayed and stayed and stayed. When the Williamsons sold the farm, my dad offered to keep Mabel in her pen and take care of her. She's like the queen of the farm."

"You're a lucky cow, Mabel," Ryan said to Mabel.

"How would you like to head back to the big city?" I asked.

"Sure," Ryan replied. "How big is a five-thousand-acre farm?"

"It's almost eight square miles," I replied. "This farm isn't square. It's two miles wide and four miles long."

"Holy sh... cow!" Ryan said as he realized the two little ones were in the back seat.

We pulled into the driveway of our house. Ryan and I pulled sleeping Tim and Sam out of their car seats, carried them inside, and put them on their bed. They had fallen asleep on the ride back.

We found my Dads in the office. They each had laptops and were typing away.

"Hi Dads," I said as we entered the office. "We put Sam and Tim on their bed. They fell asleep on the way home."

"Then you did good!" Dad P said as he turned from his laptop and looked quizzically at us. "How's Mabel?"

"She's a great cow," Ryan mused with more enthusiasm than Dad P thought he should have. "Intellectually challenging."

"So, you're a Mabel convert now?" Dad J asked as he turned toward us and smiled.

Something was up!

"Should I be worried about something, Dads?" I finally asked.

"Worried?" Dad P asked. "Why should you be worried?"

"You're both looking at us as though we had three heads," I replied.

"Sit for a moment," Dad J suggested.

We sat on the love seat opposite my dads' desks. We clutched the arms of the love seat.

"Have you signed a lease on an apartment yet, Ryan?" Dad P asked.

"No," Ryan replied. "I'm supposed to speak to the manager after the holidays. He has one he's holding for me. Why?"

"Don't sign it," Dad J said.

"I don't understand," Ryan added.

"We have an option for you," Dad P began. "It would only cost you about two hundred dollars a month. Were you ever in the condo Chris and Sam had in Champaign, Trevor?"

"Yea," I said with caution in my voice. "You took me there to recover the stuff from the hard drive on the laptop my father destroyed. Why?"

"We talked to Chris," Dad J continued. "He offered to sell it to us. We decided to buy it from him as long as you agree to a few terms."

"What terms?" I asked. I saw the snicker in my dads' eyes.

"We buy it," Dad P said. "We'll put it in both of your names. You'll be responsible for the condo fees, taxes, and condo insurance. It'll cost about two hundred dollars a month. We'll sell it when you've graduated."

"Why both names?" Ryan asked

"Why not?" Dad J asked.

"What if we split as a couple?" Ryan asked

"Then, you'll both own a condo together," Dad P said. "You said you'd be best friends even if you aren't a couple, right?"

"Yup," I responded. "Ryan, I've learned one important lesson since I began living with these two. Just say yes. You have no option."

"Okay," Ryan replied as he smiled at me. "You're right, you know, Tre. Your dads are awesome."

"I know," I replied as I stood and pulled dads into a hug.


Finding Remington

Ryan and I were on our way to Starbucks after our last class on Tuesday afternoon following our trip to Southern Illinois.

"Tre," Ryan said as he nudged my arm. "Remington."

I looked in front of us to see Remington walking toward us with his eyes glued to the ground. He almost passed us without noticing.

"Remington," I said as he almost bumped into me.

"Trevor!" Remington said when he looked up. "How have you been?"

"Good," I replied. "You?"

"The last month has been pretty rough," Remington replied.

"We're on our way to Starbucks, Remington," Ryan said. "Would you like to join us?"

"I don't want to intrude," Remington replied.

"Not a problem, dude," I added. "We'd love to have you join us."

Remington thought for a few short moments. "Okay."

We found a table, ordered our drinks, and sat. Ryan and I on one side of the booth. Remington on the opposite side. Ryan and I both bought a large Carmel Macchiato. Remington bought a small black coffee.

"I suppose you've heard the news," Remington began. "My lifestyle has changed drastically."

"I saw an article in the newspaper this weekend while we were visiting my dads," I explained. "How are you holding up?"

"I'm adjusting," Remington began. "My condo, car, checking account, college fund, and anything else of value were seized. I found a cheap room in some old lady's house about a mile from campus. I'm learning about public transportation. I have a temporary snap card to buy food. I have a job at a supermarket near where I live. And I probably won't be in school after this semester unless a miracle happens."

"How can they take your college fund?" Ryan asked.

"It was funded by illegally gained money," Remington replied.

"And your parents?" I asked.

"It's a foregone conclusion they won't be out of prison for a long, long time," Remington replied. "They nearly sucked me into their spiderweb of greed. I thought I'd be joining them in prison until the investigators discovered I didn't know anything about this mess."

"Have you talked to them?" I asked.

"Nope," Remington replied. "Not a word. I could live my life without contacting them. They would have sold me down the river if they could get out from under this mess."

"How much is involved in this incident?" Ryan asked.

"It's not an incident," Remington explained. "It's many incidents. My mother's overseas business interests turned out to be money laundering venues. My father and another business partner stole about one billion dollars from investors. My parents owe the IRS several million in back taxes. This whole grand lifestyle of theirs was built on illegally obtained money. They've been doing this for fifteen or more years. Neither one of them has made an honest dollar for a long, long time."

"Can't you get some financial aid to help pay for college?" I asked.

"I tried," Remington said as he played with the plastic top of the coffee cup. "The frozen assets still remain on the books as property of my parents until the feds actually take it. So, no."

"Would you mind if I get some information about possible financial assistance beyond the normal sources?" I asked.

"Trevor, I will be grateful for any help as long as it's not mafia connected money," Remington said. When he looked up from playing with his cup, I noticed his eyes were very watery. "For the first time in my life, I have no where to turn. It's scary."

"Call me tomorrow evening," I suggested. "I hope to know more by then."

"I don't have a phone," Remington said.

"Oh," I said. "Meet me here about five o'clock tomorrow afternoon."

"We're grabbing a bit to eat in the student union, Remington," Ryan added. "Would you like to join us?"

"I'll grab something when I get home," Remington replied. "Thanks anyway."

"Remington, if it's the money, I owe you a couple of dinners," I added.

"Then it's settled," Ryan said as he stood and grabbed his back pack.

"I don't want to be a free loader, guys," Remington countered.

Ryan dropped his backpack again and leaned over the table and planted his hands palms down on the table and looked directly into Remington's eyes.

"Look, Remington," Ryan began. "I don't know you very well, but I do know when Trevor makes an offer, the offer is genuine and heartfelt. You're not in this by yourself, Remington. You've got Trevor looking out for you. You've got me who will be beside Trevor the whole way. So, you have two people who want to help you get out of this mess. Let us help."

"Ryan is captain of the wrestling team, Remington," I added. "I've seen him in action. You don't want to piss him off!"

Remington smiled for the first time since we met him on our way to Starbucks.


Return to Starbucks

Ryan and I found Remington sitting at the same table as yesterday afternoon. Ryan and I stopped and ordered three Carmel Macchiatos.

I put one of the Macchiatos in front of Remington. Ryan and I sat opposite Remington.

"I have good news, Remington," I began. "I asked about alternative financial situations from some people I know who just graduated from here last year. You have an appointment with Garcon LaBelle tomorrow at ten am. He's in room 403 in the financial aid office."

"Why is this LaBelle any different than the other financial aid officers?" Remington asked.

"He manages a scholarship program for emergencies such as this," I explained. "You were invited—and I need to stress the word invited—to participate in this program. He's helped another friend who had serious issues to overcome. You'll not only have your education paid, but you'll also receive help with housing and living expenses."

"In other words, you're telling me not to blow this off," Remington added with another smile.

"Exactly," I said. "I had a family friend from my hometown transfer money to purchase two Visa pre-paid cards. Each loaded with one thousand dollars. Here's one. Meet Ryan and me at the pasta place after your appointment. After we eat lunch, you, Ryan, and I will go to the Verizon store and get you a working phone. Then, I'll turn over the last card to you to use until the scholarship program for you gets funded. Questions?"

"What happens when the scholarship runs out?" Remington asked.

"You'll have your degree," I replied as I looked Remington in the eyes. His eyes were getting misty again.

"Thank you, Trevor," Remington said in a low, hushed voice. "I don't know what else to say."

"Say we'll see you tomorrow at the pasta place," I added.

"I'll see you tomorrow at the pasta place," Remington said with a smile now forming on his face.

"It's good to see you smile again, Remington," I said.

"I have something to smile about," Remington added. "Friends like you don't often fall into people's lives.

"You also need to start going to the gym with us again," Ryan said. "Tuesday and Thursday. Ten am. Be there."

"Yes, Sir," Remington said as we all stood to leave.

Ryan pulled Remington in for a hug. He had one last thing to say when the hug ended. "I thought you were an asshole when I first met you. Now, I think I'm beginning to actually like you."

"I'll try not to pull my asshole routine," Remington added.

I hugged Remington. "Life will get better, Remington. Trust me. Shit happened to me, but I found my dads. Shit happened to you, but you're getting another chance."

"I won't forget this, Trevor," Remington replied. "Take good care of him, Ryan."

"I will, Remington," Ryan said as he put his hand in mine. "I will."

Remington headed to the bus stop, and Ryan and I began our walk home.

"He's a nice guy, Tre," Ryan said as he squeezed my hand. "Do you regret dropping him as your boyfriend?"

I stopped dead in my tracks and stood looked into Ryan's eyes.

"Ryan," I began. "No, I don't regret dropping Remington as my boyfriend. You're my boyfriend now, Ryan. I will never look back and say `what if'. I love you, and my feelings for you will never waiver. Never. Understand?"

Ryan smiled and leaned in to kiss me. "I understand, Tre. And just for the record. I'll always love you, too."

"Good," I said as we resumed our walk to the dorm.

"Tre," Ryan added after a moment of silence. "Will you stay the night with me?"

"What about Rupert?" I asked.

"I'm not planning on plowing your ass tonight, Tre," Ryan said with a huge grin. "I just want to be close to you."

"Okay," I replied. "I'd like to be close to you, too."


To be continued...

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