Taking Possession

By: Frap

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Wrote this while me and the family went to California a few weekends ago. I might continue the story!



Jake walked into his dorm room and nodded to his roommate which immediately perked up at seeing the hot jock in nothing but a wet towel loosely tied around his waist. His roommate, Paul, was a nerd, plain and simple. Paul got straight A's, didn't even know that American football and soccer were two different sports, that s until Jake started educating him. Jake had seen the poor nerd and took him under his wing. Paul loved being around the sexy jock quite often so had no issues learning the difference between a "ball," "strike," and an "out." Paul was very gay and very closeted. He got picked on enough in high school and now in college for being a nerd, he figured he'd get picked on for being gay as well.

At first he was worried about having such a hot roommate and friend, he was afraid he'd slip up and stare too long. Luckily though it didn't bother Jake, as he had slipped up many times an gotten caught looking many times. Jake seemed to encourage it even. After the first time Jake caught Paul looking at him obviously checking him out and trying to get a better look. Jake seemed to stop caring about being modest. Immediately after his shower and after the door to the hallway was closed he'd whip off his towel and stand there in all his naked glory. And glorious it was, to Paul, Jake seemed to participate in every sport ever made. He had the body of a model, very defined and perfectly proportioned muscles. A very attractive face with piercing eyes and a square jaw. Jake was the center piece to all of Paul's jerk off fantasies. And Jake made sure he was plenty of material, if Jake was ever horny he'd just start jerking, doesn't matter if Paul was home or not. Paul stopped trying to pretend he wasn't interested and openly watched. Paul never offered to go any further with their exhibitionistic and voyeuristic relationship, as he was afraid he would damage the blessing he had already been given.

Jake, however, had other plans. As per usual the second the door was shut he stripped off his towel and bared his naked body for Paul to see. Jake had been trying to get into Paul's pants for months now, but Paul was too shy or something to pick up on the very obvious hints he had been dropping. `I mean come on! What straight guy fucking jerks off in front of his roommate like it's a totally normal occurrence?' Jake thought to himself.

Jake started walking around their dorm room, his big semi-hard cock bouncing with every step. Paul watched him like a panther that was pacing back and forth in a cage. Both boys were thinking about the other, both boys knew the other was thinking about him. It had almost become a game, but on boy was tired of playing. Jake grew angrier and angrier with every step. `What do I have to fucking to get him to pick up on it?'Jake thought to himself incredulously. Jake's pud was growing longer and thicker with every step as well. Paul was beginning to be unsure about this situation, this wasn't any kind of behavior he had seen Jake display before.

After what seemed like an eternity, Jake was completely erect, his big hard penis swaying slightly with every step. Jake thought up scenario after scenario of what would get Paul to have sex with him. And the last thought he had before he decided to make a move was maybe Paul didn't want to have sex with him, maybe Paul wanted to be forced and taken. To someone like Jake, he assumed that Paul had picked up on the signs and was waiting for him to make the first move. Jake suddenly stopped mid-step, his big hard cock bouncing slightly due to his sudden halt. Paul was forced out of the trance he had been put into by watching the swaying hard dick travel back and forth across his room. Jake turned to Paul and Paul suddenly found the dick that had given him so many fantasies staring him in the face.

Jake simply said, "I'm horny." He reached down and pulled a bead of precum off his cockhead and let Paul see the string of pre snap back to his cock once it had too much tension. Paul moaned every so slightly as he saw another bead of precum form on the end of the magnificent penis that had kept him so horny all semester. Paul gulped and replied with a nervous laugh, "I can tell."

Jake asked flatly, "And what are you going to do about it?" Paul blinked and looked at Jake's face, which did nothing to ease his own raging boner.

Paul meekly replied, "What do you mean?"

Jake laughed and mockingly mimicked him, "'What do you mean?'--Are you an idiot? I'm asking you, faggot, what are you going to do to help get me off?!" As each word left his mouth Jake's volume increased in a crescendo until he was practically yelling at Paul. Paul was shocked at the sudden turn of events.

After a few seconds of silence, with neither boy moving save for the slight throb in Jake's dick, Paul managed to stammer out, "Uuhh..." Paul was totally and completely dumbfounded by this behavior.

Jake crossed his arms and shifted his weight as he explained, "Listen gay boy, I've been treating you to a perverted peep show which no doubt gave you hundreds of jerk off fantasies—" Paul suddenly blushed at that and Jake knew he had been right with his gamble "—and now it's time to pay the piper. You're going to please me in any way I wish and at any time. You're basically now my sex slave." As Jake said the last few words his cock bounced as if to emphasize what that would entail.

Paul looked up at the serious face and down at the penis he had lusted after for so long. He was torn between the sudden turn of events, his desire to have sex with this sexy man and the guilt of being a slave. Paul simply nodded and said, "Okay, Jake. I understand." Before the sounds had all finished coming out of Paul's mouth, his mouth received a summary SLAP.

Jake frowned and barked, "Friends call me Jake, gay sluts call me `Master.' Don't make me correct you again."

Paul was stunned and quickly recovered with a, "Yes Master, I'm sorry."

Jake's frown lessened and he said, "Good slut. Now, your Master is still horny, get me off while I study." Jake promptly laid down in his bed with his textbook propped up on his chest. Paul was frozen, completely thrown off track, his min reeling from the suddenness of it all. Jake looked up from his book over at the frozen boy and said forcefully, "Listen boy, if you're not over here sucking my dick by the time I count to 5. I'm going to beat you so hard you're going to wish I called you out all those weeks ago when you were spying on me...1...2—" Paul quickly jumped out of his bed and start pleasing the cock that had kept him so horny all semester. Jake sighed happily as the boy he has pursued for so long was finally giving him some love. Jake was rather enjoying his power and position over Paul and went back to studying. Paul was a virgin but what he lacked in experience he made up for in eagerness and a healthy porn life. He licked and sucked what he could fit in his mouth, which wasn't much and jerked and rubbed what he couldn't. Jake had no complaints despite his bravado this was his first blowjob in a while, he was happy to have a mouth, regardless of its skill. Jake moved a hand from his book to the back of his new slave's head and applied gentle pressure on the back.

Paul took more and more into his mouth and felt the cock enter his throat and continue down. Paul was gagging violently as the cock invaded his throat his eyes were tearing up as the monster penis was pushed deeper and deeper down his throat. Paul was thankful he didn't eat breakfast and his stomach was empty from having just woken up. If he hadn't he was sure he would have lost his breakfast all over his new Master's dick. Jake let go of Paul's head and Paul instantly came up for air. Paul start coughing and sputtering and gasping for air.

Jake peeked his around the side of the book and said, "If you have time to cough or do whatever it is you're doing then you have time to stroke me." Paul's hand obediently started masturbating his Master's dick, which was now slick with his bile, saliva and throat juices. Paul spent a minute catching his breath, his thin nerdy frame gasping for air and spitting between gasps. Jake mussed as he read more about applied mathematics that Paul managed to never stop stroking.

Jake decided to reward him slightly, he barked, "Finish me off with your hand, but put your lips on my head. I want you to suck every drop of my cum down." Paul had pretty much cleared his throat and had made up for all the air he had lost and immediately complied. His lips locked onto the cockhead like a vacuum and he began stroking furiously from head to pubes. He added a slight twist like he had seen in porn videos. The pleasure was too much for Jake which promptly came right on the spot. Paul tried to swallow every bit that came out but was wholely unsuccessful.

After Jake came down from his orgasm high and noticed this fact immediately by feeling the cum running down his cock. Jake growled and said to Paul, "You idiot! I just had a shower. Now you're going to going to clean me up." Paul got up and before he could take a single stop he heard a voice behind him bark at him, "Where are you going?!" Paul turned around and his breath caught looking at the sexy scene before him, Jake naked on his bed with a textbook on his chest and his cock hard and covered in cum and juices.

Paul said, "I was going to get a towel or a rag Master"

Jake laughed lightly and shook his head, "You start with your tongue. You seem to be misunderstanding me, slut. All my cum is either going into your mouth or into your ass.—" The thought of anal sex with Jake and his huge cock was both scary and intoxicating to Paul, his knees almost gave out at the thought "—I'm never going to jerk off again. Or if I do you're going to be right here ready to swallow it all. Hence you need to lick up every drop you spilt and you better hurry because if it dries on me I'll beat you." Paul instantly fell to his knees at the side of Jake's bed and began obediently licking every tiny drop that may have even possibly been cum. Once he was satisfied that every drop had been cleaned up he grabbed a rag and a towel and wet the rag. He returned and wiped up Jake's cock, balls and surrounding skin, thighs and his taint. Paul did something Jake did not expect he took the rag and sucked on every spot that he used to clean Jake to ensure every bit of cum had been ingested.

Jake beamed silently at the progress his slave was making. Paul proceeded to dry his Master with the towel. Paul placed a final kiss on the cock he had just worshiped and asked his Master, "Master do you require anything else?" Again Jake smiled at the speed Paul was adapting to his new role.

Jake smiled and said, "Well I am a little cold."

Paul nodded and said, "Certainly I'll cover you with a blanket."

Paul began to move the covers over his new Master but was stopped by a hand and a voice that said, "You don't understand, the only `covers' I want is a slut to cuddle with.—" Jake looked at Paul and smirked slightly, "—happen to know anyone."

Paul smiled slightly and climbed next to his Master and cuddled up closely, before drifting off for a nap Paul felt a hand on his head and a voice that said, "You did very good, my slut."

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