Tamed Jock Goes Crazy - Chapter One - Xavier


* This story is fiction. Any resemblance to actual events or living persons is coincidental. As an author personal experiences – images, events, memories, words – flavor my writing, and while some elements of this story may be based in fact, the characters are entirely fictional.

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Introductory note: This story is a sequel to my story, “The Taming of the Jock,” which takes place over the Memorial Day weekend that is mentioned several times in this story. It is not necessary to read Taming first; this story stands on its own. However, Taming provides a more fulsome introduction to the main characters and how they got to where they are. Taming and the rest of my Nifty stories can be found under ‘Colton’ in the author index. Enjoy the tale!



By Colton Aalto


I opened my eyes to three bright red digits on my alarm clock reading 5:16 a.m. It took a second for my brain to comprehend the time, but once over that hurdle, I was wide awake and hopped out of bed. I turned off the alarm before it had a chance to sound.

Lately I’d often been waking up before the alarm sounded. Rising at 5:20 a.m. every morning had been hell when I started, the day after my high school graduation, but I’d gotten used to the schedule as the summer wore on. Getting up at the same time, even on weekends, made my body feel better than when I’d followed my typical high school routine – staying up late on Fridays and Saturdays, lounging in bed until midmorning the next day and then struggling into school early Monday morning.

I sorta liked being up before the alarm sounded. It gave me a few extra minutes to get to the gym by the 6:00 a.m. opening time.

I hit the bathroom. I’d showered the night before, after a long day outside working as a pool boy. Yesterday I’d also had a night baseball game and enjoyed a little extracurricular activity after the game, meaning a shower before bed was essential. My morning ritual was to sponge down, slap on some deodorant, brush my teeth and run a comb through my long blond locks. I also administered a quick enema to deal with anything that hadn’t gotten out. I’d been on that routine since Memorial Day; I wanted to be prepared. I’d shower at the gym after working out.

More from habit than necessity, I ran a razor over my face. Scruff was okay at my pool-boy job, although my smooth face was incapable of producing anything that I viewed as a passable growth. I could go days and not have more than fuzz. Several of my fellow pool boys had sexy, trimmed beards. Maybe in a few years I’d match them, but not soon.

I fished a pair of running shorts from my closet. I wore a small – 28 to 30-inches – and while the shorts fit me in the waist they were kinda tight elsewhere. Well, around my glutes. My ass had definitely gotten harder and better-defined after a summer of doing squats and other butt exercises. I didn’t bother with a jock strap because the shorts had an inner liner, but the thin material left little to the imagination. The shorts wedged into my ass crack and the outline of my plumped-up cock was clearly visible.

The feel of the silky material against my bare cock triggered a momentary urge to detour from my routine and crank out a load. I had enough time for a quick wank but it would be less satisfying that waiting for action later. I could count on my buddies Tony and Lang to be horny and ready to get some nut out. So I settled for giving my semi-hard dick a couple of squeezes before slipping on some anklets, stuffing my feet into a pair of running shoes and hitting the kitchen for a quick protein smoothie and coffee.

I was outside in the cool early-morning air five minutes ahead of schedule, wearing nothing but shorts, socks and shoes. All summer long I’d jogged to the gym shirtless. The summer mornings weren’t cool enough to warrant a shirt and if I wore one it would only soak up sweat and need to be washed twenty minutes after I’d put it on. Plus, I liked showing off my abs.

Okay, I loved showing off my abs. Yeah, I was a little bit of an exhibitionist. Maybe more than a little bit, but hell, by any measure my abs were spectacular. Without a doubt they were ripped. If you got it, flaunt it.

My chest, arms and legs were okay. Actually they were damn good. But my abs were incredible. My six pack was a fucking eight pack of tight skin stretched over a double row of smooth river rocks. Throughout high school my abs had been, hands down, the best among the high school jocks. They were the product of good genes and plenty of sports activities – football, basketball, baseball and cycling. My summer routine had done nothing but improve them. Days as a pool boy coupled with my dedicated workout schedule meant that the minimal body fat I possessed at the beginning of the summer had melted away. My abs absolutely popped out.

I couldn’t resist glancing next door at Tyhcinn’s house. The skinny black geek with the improbably huge slab of manhood was into my abs. After he told me he liked them, I was hooked. I’d do anything to keep them looking good for him. Indeed, my six-mornings-a-week gym workouts were the direct result of Tyhcinn telling me he wanted my body in perfect shape.

His house was dark, the only lights coming from the faint glows emitted by perpetually-lit LEDs on household devices. Tyhcinn’s parents wouldn’t be up for half an hour. Tyhcinn was asleep in his room upstairs.

Tyhcinn slept naked and I imagined the sheets pulled down over his skinny frame just enough to expose the impressive slab of thick black meat between his legs. And the big black eggs that hung low beneath his cock. I loved how Tyhcinn’s donkey dong arched gracefully all the way past his hip when it was soft, but I wondered if it was hard. Maybe he was having a wet dream, firing cum missiles onto his flat stomach and chest. If so, I hoped he was dreaming about burying his butt buster in my ass, fucking my brains out and emptying his balls deep in my guts. I loved how his monster shaft filled me and how my ass felt when wave after wave of his thick cum rifled into me. I swear my hole tingled for hours after the nerd used it. Merely thinking about it caused me to pop some wood.

Damn. It was still before 6:00 a.m. and I was fucking horny as hell. Tyhcinn did that to me.

Maybe the dweeb would text me tonight and tell me to get my pale white ass over to his house so he could use my holes. I hoped so. Last night after my baseball game, he’d summoned me with a four-word text that instantly made me hard: ‘get ur ass here.’ He rode me like a cheap whore, telling me I was his bitch and drilling me until I squealed. The black geek seeded my boi pussy with a giant load, immediately shoved his cock into my mouth and let me work it until it was hard again and then plowed my ass again. After his second load rifled deep into my hole, he told me to get the fuck out so he could get some sleep. His spunk was still leaking from my abused fuck chute when I got home.

There was a risk that our fuck session last night meant Tyhcinn wouldn’t need to relieve his balls again tonight. But hell, he was a horny teenager like I was, so even if he was having a wet dream on top of breeding me twice last night, the odds were good that he’d want me again tonight. Plus, he was headed out of town with his parents tomorrow so maybe he’d want a fuck or two for the road.

Hell, I hoped so. I loved wrapping my lips around Tyhcinn’s big ass buster and getting him warmed up before he face-fucked me until my eyes watered. I looked forward to throwing my legs in the air and feeling his big prong occupy my ass and then pound it like he was trying to rip me apart. I couldn’t get enough of having his manhood buried in me while he bred me like a bitch.

Fuck, I was totally his bitch, as improbable as it may sound. Tyhcinn was the brainiest kid in our high school by far, but he was a hopeless nerd. He wore thick black glasses and constantly had his head buried in a book. Admittedly he’d gotten an Ivy League college scholarship out of it.

I was anything but a nerd. I was a big high school jock – all-state in football, starting point guard in basketball, stud shortstop in baseball. And yeah, prom king, too. I’d gotten a college baseball scholarship and in another month I’d be a freshman college jock.

Despite all that, the nerd owned me. Totally and completely. Go figure.

I tore my eyes from Tyhcinn’s house. I needed to get my ass to the gym to make sure my body continued to meet with his approval. The last thing I wanted to hear was Tyhcinn telling me he’d found a white jock he liked breeding better than me.

My route to the gym ran through the woods that stretched along a deep ravine behind our house. It bisected the city, a snaking strip of greenery that had spawned various parks and athletic fields and was home to owls and an occasional fox or coyote. Often the creek at the bottom produced a misty cloud that hung low over the ravine.

The gym was almost exactly five kilometers from my house. At the beginning of the summer, I struggled to arrive much before 6:05 or 6:10. But I’d gradually sliced time off my run until lately I’d been waiting for the doors to open at 6:00. With my early start this morning, I’d have time to kill.

I settled into a good pace and sort of zoned out as I ran through the trees and mist. Already, in late July, it was darker in the morning than a month ago. In another three weeks the light would be even dimmer, but I knew the pathway so well that I could manage it in the dark. And after that, I’d be gone, starting my freshman year of college.

For the second time, I was tempted to interrupt my routine long enough to get a load out. Recalling how Tyhcinn’s black python felt inside me last night had caused my cock to thicken. Despite my jog it was still springy. Hidden in the mist, I could stop long enough to whip my dick out and paint the local vegetation with strips of fresh boi jizz.

Again I resisted the urge, instead continuing toward the gym. I liked being horny. Fantasizing about cock made my day of cleaning pools go faster. After what happened last night after Tyhcinn torched my ass, I knew my mind would be fixated on how great it felt to wrap my lips around a stiff shaft and take it up the ass. I’d be thinking about dick all day long. Damn.

As he was dismissing me Tyhcinn peered through his black-rimmed glasses and said, “You’re a natural slut, Tyler. You need to let go and be yourself. From now on, you’re gonna flirt with any boy who might be interested. You’re gonna make it very clear that you’re easy. If a man gives even the barest hint that he might want it, you’re gonna give it up. No, let me correct that. You’re gonna beg for it first and then give it up. Dudes gonna figure out that you’re hungry for cock and your holes are available to anyone who wants to use them. You need to become the cock whore you were meant to be.”

I must have looked shell-shocked. After a moment Tyhcinn clenched his jaws and said sternly, “Do we understand one another, Tyler?” I nodded my head in agreement, although I scarcely grasped what he was saying.

My relationship with the skinny black nerd was a long, complicated story, but he and I had come to an understanding about certain things. First and foremost, he called the shots. He was in charge and I did whatever he wanted. I liked it that way and it felt, well, natural.

As soon as Tyhcinn told me I was a cock whore, something clicked. He was right. I’d been one forever, but I only began to accept it after Memorial Day, when the geek had taken my cherry and then invited Tony and Lang to party with him in my ass more-or-less nonstop for the entire holiday weekend. Unlike Tyhcinn, Tony and Lang were big jocks. At the time I hated what the three did to me. Or, more accurately, I told myself I hated it, at least at the beginning. Deep down I loved it. The weekend had fast-forwarded me into a full-on love for cock.

Now I was about to enter a new phase of my sex life. Tyhcinn’s orders would be liberating. I wouldn’t anguish over whether to do it with a guy who wanted me and then regret saying no or saying yes. Tyhcinn had solved those problems. It would be relaxing to go with the flow and not worry about whether I should be hooking up or not. I was a cum dump and I’d take any cock available. I’d crave it. I’d go looking for it.

If Tyhcinn said I was cock whore, then I was a cock whore. Even if it wasn’t entirely clear to me exactly how that worked. I was about to find out.

When I arrived at the gym, panting slightly and sweat-soaked, the front door was still locked. My shaggy, surfer-blond hair was plastered to my forehead. Being outdoors cleaning pools all summer had bleached it until it was almost white, and between my work and baseball schedules, there hadn’t been a window to get to a barber shop. My hair hadn’t been cut for two months.

I was ambivalent about my long hair, but half the guys on the baseball team were going with long hair for the summer, so I fit in. I didn’t worry about being mistaken for a girl because I rarely wore a shirt. As pool boys, we were issued lifeguard-red swim trunks and smart, white polo shirts. The shirts were seldom used. I had a sharp, dark tan line hovering below my waist that documented how much time I’d been bare-chested during the summer.

I thought my long, blond locks, coupled with my perpetually flushed cheeks and puffy, too-red lips, made me too pretty. Still, my hair was distinctive and I got plenty of stares, so maybe the long hair thing was working.

With time to kill, I considered taking a lap around the baseball field next to the gym or maybe doing some pushups. Before I made a decision, the gym door opened and Xavier greeted me with a smile.

I was surprised to see him on a Friday. He did a 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. shift at the gym, opening it Mondays through Thursdays. I was envious of his schedule, which gave him three-day weekends, not to mention having late afternoons and evenings free. On most days I was still cleaning swimming pools and sweating in the summer heat hours after Xavier got off work.

Xavier was a lanky black dude who was a year older than me. Over the course of the summer, I’d gotten to know him because I was at the gym every morning that he worked. He was cool, a basketball player at the university I’d be attending in the fall. Once he found out I’d be playing sports there he acted as if we were lifelong buddies. I was barely 18 and considered it cool that a college dude a year older than me treated me like one of his bros.

Xavier invited me into the gym. “You’re early, Tyler,” he smiled, “you’re always early, but lately you’re getting here before I open. Don’t you ever take a break?”

I shrugged. “Sundays. Thanks for letting me in. Didn’t think you worked Fridays.”

“Don’t normally, but the dude who’s usually here broke his leg last night so the boss asked me to open up today. Sucks getting up this early on Friday.”

We walked down the empty hallway and as we reached the gym office, Xavier stopped and gave me a funny look. He leaned close and said, “You know, during the summer, this place is dead at this time of day. Nobody else will be here for a good 20 minutes. That’d be enough time for us to have a little fun. You could make getting out of bed this early worth my while.” He grinned and groped himself, squeezing his junk beneath his white gym shorts.

I stood wide-eyed, wondering if Xavier was actually making a pass at me. I couldn’t believe it.

But any doubt was erased when Xavier stepped closer and whispered, “Come on, dude, I know you like getting it. I’ve seen you and your boyfriend Tony going at it like bunnies. And not only once. From what I can tell, you’re extremely fond of dick in your ass. Sure sounds like that from the way you moan when Tony’s ramming his cock in your boi pussy. I’d say you’re damn hungry for dick.”

Xavier stared at me with bright, excited eyes. “C’mon, bro. I could scratch that itch in your sweet ass. That’d feel mighty fine. Mighty fine.” Once again he cupped a big hand around his promising bulge.


Tony was my workout buddy and met me at the gym every morning, except on our off day on Sunday. Regardless of whatever muscle group he chose to focus on, our gym sessions always ended with a work out for our cocks. We’d sucked each other off and I’d topped the Italian stallion a couple of times, but mostly Tony wanted to pound my ass. I was good with that. I’d grown to love the dude’s fat cock and how he slam-fucked me and filled my hole with thick cum. We thought we’d been careful not to screw where anyone could see us but apparently we hadn’t been discreet enough.

I felt my face burning. “Um, Tony’s not my boyfriend,” I mumbled.

“Hell, that’s good, Tyler!” Xavier replied, smiling and slapping me on the back like we’d been friends forever. “That means you won’t be cheating if you let me fuck that awesome bubble butt of yours. I’ve been watching you all summer and hands down you have the most fuckable ass in the city. You’ve got an amazing body, too. These abs are to die for. You’re the prettiest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Kinda like the long blond hair thing and your tan line, just barely above your ass crack.” Smiling like a cat contemplating a canary, he slid his hand over the hard mounds of my abs, still wet and shiny with sweat from my run.

The entire time I’d known Xavier it hadn’t occurred to me that he might be gay or bisexual. Fuck, he might not be gay or bi. He might be straight but merely want to get off. I thought the reason he was so friendly during the summer was because we’d both be athletes at same college in the fall, but maybe he was after my body. It was flattering to think so.

Xavier squeezed his junk again. It was continuing to swell. “C’mon Tyler. I need to drop some nut. I didn’t have time to take care of my morning wood today. But you could help with that little problem.”

From the outline of the snake inside Xavier’s gym shorts, it didn’t look like a little problem. It was a rather big problem. Regardless, my decision had been made for me. It was cast in stone the previous night as I’d left Tyhcinn’s room.

It was almost like Tyhcinn knew what would happen with Xavier. I couldn’t disobey the geek. There was the possibility he and Xavier were friends or at least acquaintances. Tyhcinn was a total dweeb and Xavier was a big jock, so it wasn’t like they moved in the same circles, but they were both black and only a year apart. The black community in the city wasn’t that big, so their parents might be friends. I couldn’t chance refusing Xavier because it might get back to Tyhcinn. I had to let the man have his way with me.

Not that I wanted to tell the black jock no. I was flattered that he’d noticed my abs and wanted me, and I more than okay with getting it on with him. I was more than okay with getting it on with a whole army of guys. It was dawning on me that Tyhcinn instructing me to be a cum dump was merely giving me license to do what I wanted to do anyway.

Yeah, Tyhcinn could read me like a book. He was right about me. I was a cock whore and I’d give it up to Xavier. My first day as a full-fledged cock whore was starting off with a bang.

It wasn’t like the slender black dude’s offer was bad. He was tall – 6’5” or so – with a surprisingly muscular body that was the product of years on the basketball court. His skin was midnight black and I wondered what his cock would look like. I’d only been with one black man before. Tyhcinn. He was hung like a horse and Xavier looked like he was well-endowed, too. But regardless of how big he was, I’d service Xavier’s dick. Tyhcinn had been clear that I had to, but I wanted it, too.

I stood frozen, knowing what I needed to do – what I wanted to do – but also realizing I was starting a new chapter in my life. Things would never be the same.

Xavier misinterpreted my hesitation, thinking he needed to be more persuasive. “Dude let me bury my bone in that awesome bubble butt of yours. I ain’t never fucked a white boy who didn’t love what I did to his pussy and didn’t beg me for more. I’ll give you a ride you won’t never forget. I want to do you, baby. I want that ass.” He stepped close to me and one of his big hands clutched my butt and gripped my glutes. His smell was intoxicating.

I heard myself saying, “You see something you like, take it. Whatever you want, it’s yours. You enjoy that ass however you like.” My life was changing forever.

A big smile crossed Xavier’s face. In no time he’d pushed me into the gym office and closed the door. He grabbed my head and planted a big, sloppy kiss on me. Shoving his tongue inside my mouth, he ground his big, puffy lips against mine.

“Fuck, yeah, baby,” Xavier hissed. “You got yourself one horny motherfucker here.”

Not straight, I thought. Straight boys run the gamut. Some won’t do anything with another dude, period. Then there are dudes who’ll happily take a blow job from another guy if the circumstances are right. Some will fuck a guy in the ass if the opportunity arises and they don’t think it’s too gay. And a few straight boys might even reciprocate to the extent of beating another dude off. In exceedingly rare situations, even reciprocate by sucking cock.

But straight boys don’t kiss other boys.

Xavier seized each of my ass cheeks with a big hand, holding my butt in an iron grip. He pulled me next to his body and his package pressed against my stomach. He kneaded my ass as we snogged and he slipped my jogging shorts over my hips to expose my bare butt. A long finger slithered into my sweaty ass crack. “Fuck, this pussy is damn hot,” he gasped. “Been watching you all summer. You’re too pretty not to notice. You always coming in here first thing in the morning shirtless, showing off your perfect abs and your fine bubble butt. That piece of ass was made to take cock. Should’ve been fucking it all summer.”

I got a little thrill from Xavier complimenting my abs and my butt. I don’t know how I would have responded if he’d made a pass at me before Tyhcinn gave me my orders last night. But now my path was clear and fuck, I wanted it. I moaned, sliding my hand into his gym shorts and finding a swelling cock encased in a tight jock strap. Maybe the stud’s meat wasn’t the size of Tyhcinn’s, despite being a big jock while Tyhcinn was a huge geek. But I didn’t care. The warm cock was big enough to do some major damage and I wanted it. I slipped my hand inside the pouch of his jock strap. His junk was hot and moist in my hand and I squeezed his shaft.

“That right, baby,” Xavier growled. “You want my big black cock, don’t you? You want it shoved down your throat and crammed in your boi pussy. You wanna be my bitch. You wanna be the black man’s bitch.”

I wasn’t particular about race. If a man was as hot and sexy as Xavier, I was happy to be his bitch, whether he was black, white, brown, yellow or any combination. Particularly if he’d use his tool to pound me silly.

Xavier put his hands on my shoulders and pressed me to my knees with an excited look. Damn, he was handsome. He slipped his gym-issued, baby blue polo shirt over his head, kicked off his white shorts, and pulled his jock strap down to expose an uncut boner and two smooth black eggs. His hand gripped his tool and he slapped it across my face a couple of times, bringing a happy smile to his face. He liked boys on their knees with his coal-black fuck stick resting on their faces. He liked me in that position. But hell, I liked being there.

I gripped his cock, wrapping both hands around the hot shaft and feeling it pulse. I pulled his foreskin down, exposing the head of his penis. A drop of clear pre-cum appeared in his piss slit and I eagerly tongued it. I continued licking his smooth, veiny rod while massaging his full black nuts.

“Yeah, baby. Suck that cock!” Xavier hissed. “Oh, that’s good.”

I licked up and down Xavier’s manhood and then took the head in my mouth. A muffled moan escaped the stud’s lips. I swallowed more and more of his tool and he began to thrust his hips forward, forcing his hard pole farther and farther down my throat. Soon my nose was crushed in his kinky pubes as his dick occupied my mouth and throat.

“You look damn good with black dick in your mouth, pretty boy,” Xavier laughed. “Those red lips were made to wrap around my junk. You one damn pretty cocksucker.” I mumbled thanks. Hard to speak clearly with a mouthful of cock.

My dick was slippery with sweat and pre-cum and I closed my hand over it and gave it a couple of strokes. But I let it rest, content to concentrate on the black python in my mouth. “Fuck yeah, fuck yeah,” Xavier groaned, “that good, that good.”

I began bobbing back and forth on the stud’s cock, relishing the feeling of it pressing against the sides of my throat as it sank into my mouth. Xavier was enjoying my work as well. He rested his hands lightly on my bare shoulders and murmured encouragement, only occasionally grabbing my head and urging me onto his dick. He could totally control me if he wanted to. He could deliver a brutal face fuck and had before. I wasn’t the first boy to suck his dick and I wouldn’t be the last.

I sucked like I was hungry for cock. I was hungry, but I’m kinda competitive and I wanted to give Xavier the best damn blow job he’d ever had.

“White boy likes black dick,” Xavier mused, more to himself than to me. He was right. I was into sucking him.

Xavier liked getting head but was intent on taking my ass. He pulled me to my feet, turned me around and pushed me over his desktop. I moaned as I felt his hot breath on my ass and soon his tongue was licking my hole, darting in and out of me.

“Dude, this is one beautiful asshole,” Xavier said. “I see what that horn dog Tony has been after all this time. That boy know a good thing when he see it. This hole was made for dick.”

Xavier replaced his mouth with his cock, still wet from the blow job I’d administered. He circled my hole and prodded it, then breached my sphincter, causing me to gasp as my hole stretched. “Fuck yeah, baby,” he moaned, leaning over me and grabbing my shoulders with his big hands. “You’re tight! My cock is gonna open up your sweet ass.”

Xavier’s smooth, bare chest pressed against my back as he relentlessly powered inside me. Twice I felt a stab of pain and gasped, but he sensed it each time and pulled out long enough for me to relax. With a final forceful thrust, he was deep inside me. I moaned happily.

“Yeah, you like black cock all the way up your ass, don’t you, white boy? I’m gonna spoil you, teach you to love getting banged by big black cock.”

Tyhcinn had already accomplished that feat, but Xavier wasn’t doing anything that would cause me to rethink my love for black dick. Quite the contrary. But hell, like I said, I loved them all. When a dick is all the way up your ass, you can’t tell what color it is. They all feel wonderful.

“You want it, don’t you baby? Tell me what you want me to do to your tight white pussy.”

“Fuck it,” I begged. “Fuck that ass! Ram your cock inside me and breed me!”

“Hell yeah,” Xavier growled happily. “You gonna get dicked, bitch. You gonna get dicked good.” He began to pound my defenseless hole, pulling his cock almost all the way out before powering back inside me with quick, forceful thrusts. His dangling balls slapped against my nuts each time he slammed into me.

“Ride me!” I gasped. “Make me your bitch. Fuck me with your big black cock!” Xavier responded with a grunt as he pounded into so hard that he moved the desk a couple of inches.

For several long minutes the only sounds were Xavier’s heavy breathing and the slapping sounds of his crotch hitting my ass cheeks as he drilled my hole. Damn, his cock felt awesome inside me. It was like a slick steel rod penetrating me. Tyhcinn had been in me less than twelve hours ago, breeding my boi pussy with his black monster, but I was so fucking horny it was like I hadn’t cum for a week.

Xavier panted as he rammed his cock deep into my guts. He punctured a deep thrust by holding his dick still for a long moment and growled, “FUCK! Your ass is tight and right, dude.” He pulled almost all the way out, plowed back inside me and began a furious fuck of my hole.

Damn, the dude’s pole felt great drilling my jock pussy. I didn’t get the impression Xavier focused much on targeting dudes’ prostates, but he was poking mine enough to make me tingle. I started squeezing my ass in time to the stud’s thrusts, causing him to growl louder as he slammed into my defenseless hole. Damn, did I ever love the feeling of a stiff shaft pummeling my pussy.

Not having been with him before, I had a hard time anticipating when Xavier would climax. I’d only been with three other guys – Tyhcinn, Tony and Lang. There was little mystery when Tony and Lang were about to cum. I sensed it and even if I hadn’t, they usually announced it well in advance. Tyhcinn was harder to read. His climaxes sometimes snuck up on me.

A couple of times I was sure Xavier was about to nut but each time he merely picked up the pace and rammed me harder and faster. Finally he groaned, “Fuck, I’m cumming! Take my spunk, bitch! I’m cumming in your hole!”

“Yeah, gimme your cum. Shoot it in me!”

Moments later Xavier powered into me with a final, deep thrust and his black snake fired. In seconds my hole was wet. Like, really wet. The stud had saved up a huge load of jizz that was gushing into my ass. I lost track of the number of times he shot. Every time I thought that he was finished, another spurt rifled into me.

As the last round from his balls discharged, Xavier rested on my back, panting in my ear. His dick was still wedged in my hole and his hot, sweaty muscles surrounded me. “Fuck,” he gasped, “I knew your ass would be great, but I didn’t realize how great! You like taking my dick, baby?”

“Uh, huh,” I whispered.

“Tell me what you like, white boy.”

“Your big black cock breeding my white pussy, fucking me deep.”

Xavier ground his prick inside my sloppy hole as if he was trying to embed his spunk even farther inside me. He slid me backward, impaling my hole even more on his shaft, but freeing my hard cock from the desktop. The stud closed a big hand around it. “Yeah, baby, I can tell you liked it. Liked getting dicked by my big black cock. I like my white boys to be rock hard when they take my cum. Shows how much they want it.”

Rock hard I was. And hell yeah, I’d wanted it.

He began to fist me slowly. It wouldn’t take much work on my pre-cum soaked tool to put me over the edge. I liked getting off with dick inside me.

“Yeah, baby, gimme that nut. Shoot while I’ve got my bone buried in your butt. Show me how much you loved being bred by the man.”

Xavier’s hand slid back and forth on my pre-cum coated dick while he slipped his other hand in between my legs and clamped it around my sweaty ball sac. My ass, my dick and my balls were all sending waves of pleasure through me. I’d shoot in seconds.

The phone rang. Xavier hesitated, continuing to work me. After the third ring, he grumbled, “Damn,” and reached for the phone. My gaping asshole was suddenly empty of cock and my dick was left wet and throbbing, edged to the verge of a climax.

The call was apparently from the manager of the gym. Xavier answered with a series of short responses: “Yes, sir,” “I got it,” and “No problem.” As the call dragged on, I felt silly sprawled on the desk with cum threatening to drip from my hole. My cock was deflating. I gave up and retrieved my jogging shorts, pulling them back on. They were damp from my sweat but likely to get considerably wetter as the black stud’s massive load seeped from my hole.

I waited for the call to end, admiring Xavier’s lanky body. I hadn’t gotten a good look at his chest until now, which was unfortunate, because the dude was ripped. His pecs stood out and a small silver barbell pierced his left nipple. The dude had an impressive six pack. His muscles were fluid and jumped whenever he moved.

Xavier finished the call and gave me a hungry look. He pushed me against the wall, kissing me and grinding his soft cock against my stomach. “You’re fucking hot,” he gasped. “I knew your ass would be great, but you a damn good cocksucker, too. You’re precisely what I need: a white bitch boy to take care of my dick and relieve my balls. From now on, when you show up every morning, you’re gonna handle my morning wood. Like I said, your ass is tight and right. Perfect for my cock. We gonna have some fun.”

He planted another kiss on my mouth and cupped my junk through my running shorts. “The best part is that we’ll be at the same college. In the fall, I’ll have me a white bitch fuck toy. Playing ball and studying don’t leave much time to cruise for ass to fuck. You’ve got the perfect one to keep my cock happy.”

I remembered Tyhcinn’s directive. Flirt and give it up. I’d given it up but other than my comment that Xavier should take what he wanted, I hadn’t done much flirting. Sure, I’d been an easy score, but maybe I needed to announce I was a cum dump. And a cock whore. The stud was claiming my ass to use whenever he saw fit and maybe I should offer him the keys to it.

I might have been putting the cart before the horse, but I said the first thing that came to mind. “You own my ass, stud. You can fuck my brains out any time you want. I need your black ball juice. I’ll be your personal cock whore.”

Xavier gave me a big grin and sighed, “Fuck, yeah!”

I couldn’t resist bending forward and licking Xavier’s tits, swirling my tongue around the barbell. And yeah, I wanted to cop one more feel of his thick dick and heavy balls. With the heat of our fuck, his nuts hung extra low. The next time he used me, I wanted to swirl those eggs around in my mouth.

I slipped out of Xavier’s office, glancing at the clock in the lobby. 6:20 a.m. I’d have to hurry to soak up the cum leaking from my hole and change out of my running shorts before Tony arrived. Fortunately the dude was seldom early.



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