Tamed Jock Goes Crazy - Chapter Eighteen - 4pm Tal, Tak and Tay


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By Colton Aalto

CHAPTER 18 - 4:00 P.M. - TAL, TAK & TAY

After our afternoon delight above the garage, DJ dropped me close to my house. I was thrilled that the stud liked my cocksucking and my ass, not to mention my abs. He looked damn sexy in his dress Marine uniform. I was bummed that I'd met him on my last day in town before leaving for college. I would have been thrilled to spend more time underneath him. The idea of the hot Marine saving up his cum because of the constraints of living in the barracks and draining his overcharged balls in my holes was a guaranteed jack off fantasy. Not that I'd actually had to whack myself off during the summer; I'd had plenty of other ways to get a load out.

I took a long shower, cleaning out my tender and juiced hole, and finished packing for college. I didn't have much left to do as I'd packed most of my stuff earlier in the week. After I finished, I fooled around on my cell for a while, curious as to whether the mystery dude with the humongous cock had texted me. To my disappointment I didn't have any new photos of the giant tool or any messages from him. I feared I might not hear from him after I left for college.

Bored, I decided to take my bike out for a spin before stopping at the gym to clean out my locker and pick up my shit. I slipped into some bike shorts and slapped on sunscreen, not planning to wear a shirt. After going shirtless all summer on my pool-boy job, I was so used to being bare-chested that it felt completely natural. I liked the feel of the wind against my skin as I peddled.

It had been a while since I rode the bike path along the deep ravine that split the city, so I followed it until it turned into a dirt trail on the outskirts of town. I returned on the trail along the opposite side of the ravine. That took me through the area where Lang and I had cleaned pools during the summer. It included a gentrified commercial area that hosted a couple of blocks of trendy restaurants and shops. And two gay bars. Earlier in the summer I'd been past them late at night when they were hopping. But it was too early for anything to be happening. Even if I wanted to go in, I hadn't brought money, let alone a fake ID.

I meandered through the big old houses nearby, stopping to look at the Pattens' huge mansion. I wondered if Lachlan Patten was at home or at work in his office downtown. Even though it was Saturday afternoon, he was probably in his office. The pool house at the back of the lot brought back plenty of memories. Mostly of Lang balling me there virtually every Friday evening, but also my hookup with Marshall and Dillon, the Brit-Aussie duo.

A couple of blocks from the Pattens', I passed the modest house that Rai and Nils shared. They were the hot interracial couple who I'd first hooked up with three weeks ago. I'd heard from them once since then and spent a couple of hours getting my ass drilled by the two studs, along with fucking Rai while Nils watched. Nils was into that shit, but I wasn't about to complain about dicking his hard-assed Marine husband. Or getting the couple's twin black and white tools in my holes.

As I rode by the house I glanced into the backyard and stopped in my tracks. Beyond the pool stood a two-car garage with rooms above it. The shades were drawn. It had to be where DJ had taken me and fucked me silly. It made sense. Rai had been in the Marines and must have known DJ. Hell, knowing how Rai and Nils were into three-ways, maybe DJ was one of their overnight guests. The only thing better than watching the three hunks getting in on would be if I was in the action too and it was a foursome.

On the spur of the moment, I stopped and rang the doorbell. I wanted to tell Rai and Nils that I was headed for college but I'd be up for three-ways whenever I was in town. And ask about DJ.

When nobody answered I began to think Rai and Nils weren't home. I was about the leave when a young man appeared. He was shirtless and incredibly hot. I stammered, "Um, are Nils and Rai home?"

"Nah, they're out of town for a couple of weeks. I'm housesitting. Do you want to leave a message?"

"Uh, yeah. Um, tell them that Tyler stopped by. I was riding past on my bike and thought I'd say hi."

"Sure, I'll tell them." The house sitter was damn handsome. He looked like Nils, although his hair was a mess of auburn curls rather than Nils' blond spikes. He had Nils' long eyelashes, ice-blue bedroom eyes, long jawline and high cheekbones. The dude's cheeks were ruddy red, making him look delicious. While he wasn't as built as Nils, he had an amazing taunt, ripped body.

My brain told me the correct thing to do was to thank the dude and take my leave. My cock instructed me to stare at the hunk for as long as possible. My cock won the battle, because I gawked so long that the dude broke the awkward silence and said, "Um, I'm Tal, Nils' brother."

Tal was younger than Nils, probably in his early twenties, although with his red cheeks and curly mop of hair, he could pass for a high school kid. I wondered if he'd inherited the same big dick that Nils had. Not that I was complaining about the amazing job that Cal's smallish prick had done on my hole earlier in the day but...

Okay, I admit big dicks held a certain allure for me.

We shook hands and the dude took a good long look at my bare chest and ripped abs. I got a little thrill when any man focused on my abs and this was no different. A sly look crossed his face. "So, Tyler, I know what my brother likes. Chocolate and vanilla. He has a steady diet of chocolate at home but loves vanilla on occasion. You're about as close to one of his vanilla wet dreams as possible. Long blond hair, dark tan, ripped abs, and an ass to die for. I know he and Rai are into three-ways and before they left town they described a hot pool boy who they'd done a couple of times during the summer. They claimed he had a bubble butt that wouldn't stop. Did I mention long blond hair, too? Dark tan? Awesome abs? You wouldn't be the pool boy, would you?"

I felt my face grow red, but as a cock whore I shouldn't have been embarrassed. Flirt and give it up had been Tyhcinn's instructions when he told me to embrace my inner cum slut. That was only three weeks ago but it seemed like eons ago. I quickly came up with a suggestive retort. "Um, yeah, I worked on Nils and Rai's pool. As for the rest of what they said... well, you should never accept another man's opinion about a hot ass without trying it out yourself."

Tal laughed, his smile making him look amazingly handsome. "You're hot to trot, aren't you? Nils and Rai were right about that. Well, my brother and I share the same taste in boys. Chocolate and vanilla. I get plenty of chocolate at home too, but I never miss a chance for a little vanilla delight. Like Nils, I love long haired blonds with a dark tans, ripped bodies, and hot asses. Asses that won't stop. Nils and Rai told me to use anything at the house that I wanted, but it never occurred to me that use of their pool boy was included in the offer." Grinning, he motioned me into the house. My cock was already pressing against my spandex bike shorts in anticipation.

As soon as the door closed Tal grabbed my head with both hands and planted a big kiss on my lips. His tongue was inside my mouth in moments and he kissed me hungrily, running his hands over my bare chest and abs. I put my arms around his shoulders and felt his strong back muscles as he pressed against me.

Predictably, my tight bike shorts were displaying a wet spot of pre-cum in a minute or two. Tal shoved them down and my dick sprang free and pointed toward the ceiling. But it wasn't my cock that held his attention. He kept an iron grip on my ass. I had no delusions about what he wanted and no qualms about giving it to him.

Guys are like that, grabbing ass to establish who's topping and who's bottoming. It's sort of an alpha male signal. Tal needn't have worried about marking his territory. I was ready for him to take me. I wondered if he'd fuck me in the living room or haul me upstairs to a bedroom. Or hell, maybe he'd want to ball me by the pool like his brother did the first time he fucked me. It was secluded enough we could get away with it.

Tal came up for air long enough to say, "Fuck, you're a wet dream. Your ass is to die for." We went back to French kissing as he ran his hands over my abs, squeezed my cock and manhandled my ass cheeks. He circled my anus with a finger and slipped it into my hole. I'd cleaned it out in the shower after DJ did me, but he wouldn't have to dig very far to find left-over cum.

I heard a deep voice say, "What's this? Cheating on us again Tal?" I looked up in surprise to find a tall, shirtless Asian muscle boy smirking at us.

"Ha!" Tal laughed, unfazed by the intrusion. "This is Tyler, Nils and Rai's pool boy. You know, the hot slut with the dynamite ass they talked about. The kid they did three-ways with. I'd say they were spot on when they said he was an incredibly hot little tramp. Tyler, this is Takaaki. One of my boyfriends. Nobody calls him Takaaki except in Japan. It's Tak for short."

I found it more than a little awkward to be introduced to the man when I'd been hungrily sucking face with his boyfriend. And yeah, my shorts were at my ankles, my cock was standing at attention and my ass was hosting one of Tal's fingers.

If Tak was pissed, he didn't show it. He plopped onto the couch and grabbed his crotch, commenting, "Don't let me stop you. I'm into watching my boyfriends make love." Tal went back to devouring my mouth and playing with my ass.

Our audience got bigger. It wasn't long before a slender black man wearing thick glasses appeared. Unlike Tal and Tak, he was wearing a loose shirt and while the other two men were twentysomething, he was ten or fifteen years older. He even had a touch of grey hair at his temples. In his glasses, he looked distinguished and studious.

Okay, he was totally a hot black daddy. In a deep voice, he said, "I heard the doorbell ring and figured it was a delivery, but I didn't realize the delivery was a blond sex toy."

Tal laughed and said, "Yeah. Nils and Rai have the best toys. Tyler, this is my other boyfriend, Tay. Tay as in Taylor, but that's only on his business cards. We're a trouple. Ménage à trois if you're into French." I'd been into French since 9:00 a.m. this morning, about the time Aziz fucked the cum out of me while whispering mysterious French words in my ear.

Tay joined Tak on the couch, sliding a hand between the Japanese man's thighs and beginning to fondle his junk. He said, "Carry on! I'd have brought popcorn if I knew the show would be this good."

At first I felt ridiculous and was nervous kissing Tal while Tak and Tay watched, but then I asked myself what would a good cock whore do? Play it for all it was worth, of course. I gave into my exhibitionist streak. Put on a good show, I told myself. Maybe the trouple was into four-ways like Nils and Rai were into three-ways. Or maybe they were only into one-on-one action. Either way, I'd take advantage of the situation. All three dudes were hot, albeit in different ways, and I wouldn't mind getting it on with each of them.

I managed to wiggle Tal's shorts and underwear off and was happy to discover he'd inherited the family dick. His big prong was springy and thick and I worked it for a couple of minutes with my hands before dropping to my knees. I missed having his fingers in my boi pussy but wanted his big white weapon in my mouth.

I licked his dick and balls and began to ease the head into my mouth. The dude was at least as well-endowed as his big brother. Fuck, he might be bigger although his dong might have looked bigger because the dude shaved his pubes. His thick shaft forced its way down my throat and I greedily swallowed inch after inch. Finally my nose was pressed into the smooth skin above the base of his cock. I began bobbing back and forth, sucking the hunky dude's fuck equipment. It was a dick that could do some damage. That ran in the family. During the second three-way I did with Nils and Rai, the blond stud railed on my ass like he hadn't gotten any in a week, which I knew couldn't be the case because he was married to a hot Creole man with a dynamite ass. I swear I could feel Nils's thick rod pressing against my stomach from the inside and I felt like I was a puppet being manipulated by his tool.

As I worked Tal's big rod, he hissed, "Shit, pool boy sucks like a Hoover. Nils didn't say anything about him being a master cocksucker."

Tay answered. "Yeah, well, your big brother has a one-track mind. For him sex is all about sinking his dick into a tight asshole and fucking forever."

"Huh, like you're any different."

"So I like a tight ass. Who doesn't? I gotta say, pool boy's bubble butt looks as good as advertised. He's mine after you're finished."

"Wait, I saw him first!" Tak protested.

Tay smiled. "We'll go together darling, like always" He leaned over and planted a big kiss on Tak. He'd worked the Japanese man's impressive erection from his shorts and was massaging it.

It was a little weird to hear the three men bantering over their sex life and talking about me like I wasn't there. Tak pulled a thin black snake from Tay's shorts and began to slowly stroke it, but the two men made no move to join in the action with Tal and me. I was enough of an exhibitionist that I didn't mind putting on a show for them. If watching their boyfriend's shaft ram my holes got them horny, I was all for it.

Tal let me do the work on his dong. I loved letting the big prick slide out of my mouth and then quickly swallowing it, feeling its girth press against the sides of my throat. The stud had some major balls to go with his buttbuster dick and I played with them, squeezing harder and harder as the hunk murmured approval.

"Suck that cock and squeeze those balls, baby," he growled. With a mouthful of cock, I couldn't respond other than to suck and squeeze harder.

Tal began thrusting his groin forward and we got into a rhythm as I devoured his throbbing junk. He was already pre-cumming and I took my mouth off his big dick for a moment to use both hands on it. I stroked it several times and forced out a big dollop of thick, clear liquid, savoring it on my tongue.

Before I could return to duty and deep throat the stud's manhood, he gasped and groaned, "Oh fuck!" A ribbon of thick cum fired from his cock and splattered onto my face. His dick added three more cum lines before he grabbed my head and forced his quivering cock into my mouth. The stud continued to fire as I did my best to swallow while sucking and pressuring his balls.

Tak chortled. "Been a while since you had a premature ejaculation. Pool boy's mouth must be something else."

"Shit," was the only response Tal mustered. I continued to milk his rod until he pulled it from my mouth. He hesitated a few moments and then used his softening prick to smear his cum across my face. Some of it had gotten in my hair, too. Tal let me lick his load off his cock. He tasted tangy – sweet and a bit salty.

Tak and Tay were slowly working each other's dicks, having stripped at some point while I sucked Tal. Tay was lean and had nice muscles along with some shiny hardware gracing his pierced nipples. The silver metal stood out against his dark skin. Tak had a hunky, buff body with big, veiny muscles. Like most Asian men, his chest was smooth, but he had a thick thatch of black hair at the base of his cock.

The two dudes gave me big grins, and the Japanese muscle man said, "Now you have to fuck his ass, pool boy. That's the way he likes it. Don't ask why. Most dudes don't want to get fucked after they've cum, but Tal loves it that way. Especially when he cums too fast."

Tal's eyes were glassy as I squeezed the last drop of jizz from his big tool. He whispered, "Yeah, fuck me. The lube's upstairs."

Hell. The ripped dude was totally hot and my already-hard dick lurched as I thought about drilling his ass. He led me to an upstairs bedroom and Tak and Tay followed us, still slowing beating their meat. The lube was conveniently resting on a nightstand and Tal tossed it to me and dropped onto the bed, hoisting his legs in the air and revealing a puckered hole fringed with the same auburn hair that graced his head. The stud looked damn hot with his hard six pack, pumped pecs, and flushed red cheeks. His big, semi-hard rod reached past his bellybutton and his low hanging balls still looked like they were filled with juice even though he'd spermed my face.

I greased my leaky pole and pressed it into Tal's ass. He grimaced as I breached his sphincter so I withdrew before taking another pass. This time I got halfway in before Tal scrunched his face and grunted. I pulled out again to give him time to relax and relubed my dick. The fucker was tight and I'd need plenty of grease.

The third time was the charm. I sank all the way into the hunky stud's butt, wedging my dick in his hot, moist hole. He moaned and grabbed my hips, holding me still for a long minute. Then he released me and growled, "Fuck yeah. That feels so good. Fuck my ass. Fuck it!"

I need no encouragement. I pulled out and slid back in, positioning Tal's ankles on my shoulders as I began to drill him. He gripped my ass cheeks and pulled me all the way inside him, hissing, "Fuck that hole. Ride me like a whore!"

I got into my fuck rhythm, thrusting deep into Tal's chute. He tugged my shoulders forward and grabbed my head, pulling me into a French kiss. His knees were next to his head as we sucked face and I fucked ass. His tight hole was wet and felt awesome clamped around my dick.

"Fuck that ass!" Tal growled. "Give it to me the way you fucked my brother-in-law. Fuck me like you fucked Rai. I want it exactly the way you bred his hot hole."

Apparently Nils and Rai shared the details of our three-ways. It felt vaguely incestuous to fuck Nils' younger brother in a room next to Nils and Rai's bedroom, where they'd tag-teamed my ass for hours on my last visit. They'd begged me to spend the night but I couldn't explain staying out all night to my parents so I had to pass. I wondered if Nils would be pissed if he found out about me and his little brother, but given how unconstrained he was about sex, I doubted he'd be bothered. Dude would probably regret that he hadn't been home to watch. It was weird that Tal's boyfriends liked to watch and so did Nils.

Tak and Tay were enjoying the show, leering at Tal getting fucked. "Yeah, grind your dick into his pussy, pool boy," Tak snickered. Tay sneered, "Think about it Tal. This is what happens to Rai every fucking night in the room next door. Getting bred by a white boy." He looked at me and added, "He doesn't get much vanilla cock. Open the fucker up so Tak and I can use his hole later."

Tay pumped Tak's surprisingly thick dick and pulled the Asian stud's hard rod down all the way and let it flop up against his flat stomach, which was hot to see. Tay's black shaft wasn't as thick as Tak's, but it was thickly veined and rigid, and it looked like it was as hard as a steel rod. I was enough of an exhibitionist to get off on putting on a show for the duo. I'd liked showing off for Nils, too.

I sorta zoned out, ramming into Tal's tight ass while the dude held my head and kissed me feverishly. I snapped to when I sensed Tak behind me. The Asian stud apparently had his fill of watching and wanted in on the action. He'd lubed his dick and positioned it at the entrance to my hole.

"You sure I shouldn't open the boy up first?" Tay asked. His uncut black pole was shiny with pre-cum.

"Nils never said anything about having to open pool boy up slowly. If he handled Nils' dick, he can handle mine. Besides, he'll need to be a lot more open later."

I went for it. Grabbing Tak's hips, I pulled out of Tal's hole and impaled myself on Tak's dick in one quick motion. The muscle boy behind me gasped. I'd never have chanced that move if it hadn't gotten stretched wide by Tony, Lang and the international fuck boys and then drilled in the john by Joe before getting slam-fucked by DJ, but it felt wonderful to have a cock inside me again.

The fuck train was on. Tak mostly stayed still as I bounced back and forth between his rigid shaft and Tal's deep hole. I was fucking Tal and fucking myself at the same time and it felt great. I couldn't tell if Tal even knew his boyfriend's cock was imbedded in my hole, but the curly haired stud kept moaning and urging me to fuck him harder. I couldn't see Tak, but the Japanese hunk must have been enjoying my ass because he was growling, "Fuck yourself, fuck your tight ass on my big dick."

Tak grabbed my long hair and pulled me up, clamping a muscular forearm across my chest. With his other hand, he played with my tits as I continued to thrust into Tal's hole and impale myself on Tak's dick as I withdrew.

Tay joined the action, straddling Tal and sliding his smooth shaft down my throat and beginning to pump my mouth. My nose pressed into his trimmed black pubes. My head was pinned between Tak's muscular chest and Tay's long prick. I couldn't resist grabbing Tay's low hanging balls and kneading them. Probably my imagination, but I thought I could feel his nut swirling around inside his sac.

I was getting close. The whole scene was wild. A cock in my ass, a cock in my mouth, a pair of balls in my hand, and my own cock in Tal's tight ass. I was still tasting Tal's tangy jizz, mixed with Tay's syrupy pre-cum. I felt my nut build, but improbably Tal beat me to it. His dick was the only one not in a tight hole and he'd nutted once already. His cock had gotten semi hard again after his premature ejaculation and although neither of us had touched it as I balled him, it shot a second load. His climax started as a couple of oozing releases as his prick jerked but I happened to time a thrust into his ass precisely as his rod fired and a thick volley of spunk shot from his dick and splattered on his flat stomach. After that I matched my thrusts with his spurts, causing several more jizz ribbons to arch from his cock. Tal moaned and groaned in a high-pitched whine. I'd fucked the cum out of him and he'd climaxed hands-free again.

Too much was happening and I shot after a couple additional deep thrusts into Tal's butt. I clenched my ass cheeks as I blew my load, firing wave after wave into Tal's tight ass.

I stopped moving back and forth, and Tak took control of the fuck. He began thrusting rapid-fire into my chute, growling in my ear, "Clench those ass cheeks, baby. Your ass was made for cock. I'm gonna fuck you into tomorrow." He rammed his fat tool into my hole, pinching my tits and holding me tight with his thick forearm. My cock was still wedged into Tal's ass and the dude had to feel my body jerk every time Tak drilled into me. It was sort of like Tak was causing my still hard cock to fuck his boyfriend's juiced ass. Not to be left out of the action, Tay continued to face fuck me with abandon.

As Tak worked my hole, my cock softened and I began to worry it would slip out of Tal's ass. But with a deep growl, Tak slammed into my butt one final time and his nut surged into me, wave after wave of thick jizz firing into my hole. Panting, he gasped, "Oh fuck that was good! Damn, your ass is tight and hot." A minute later, Tay filled my mouth with ball juice without warning. I was still panting from fucking Tal and I had to fight to swallow it all. Tay clamped his hands around my head and forced my throat onto his long rod, growling, "Suck, baby, suck. Drink that jizz!"

I nursed Tay's black rod, sucking the last drop of juice from his piss slit, but I was hungry for another taste of Tal's cum, so as soon as Tak pulled out of my hole, I bent down and licked the curly haired dude's smooth stomach clean. I didn't want to ignore Tak so I took his semi hard pole into my mouth and cleaned it off, too.

I looked up from Tak's cock to see Tal staring at me hungrily. I had barely finished licking the Asian muscle man's spunk off his dick when his boyfriend pulled me into a kiss. We sucked face for a long time before he grabbed me and rolled me over on the bed. He was on top of me and wasted no time in hoisting my legs and diving into my spermy hole. I guess he wanted to taste his boyfriend's jizz. I didn't blame him. It was damn good.

Tak and Tay were back to watching, slowly massaging their semi-hard dongs, but Tay revealed that their boyfriend had something else in mind, too. "Now you're in for a treat, pool boy. Once Tal gets a couple of loads out, he can fuck without blowing too soon. He's gonna party in your ass, baby."

Tal ate my sloppy hole with abandon, sucking cum from it and sticking his tongue inside me repeatedly until I was moaning and begging him to fuck me. His big prong was rock hard again, and he grabbed it with his fist, flopping it from side to side, and asked, "You want this pool boy? I'm gonna find out if my brother was right about your sweet ass. You want it? You want to get fucked in the ass like a whore?"

"Yes! I want it. Shove it into my hole and fuck me." I knew after Tak had juiced my ass that I wouldn't have trouble taking Tal's big snake and I was hungry for the feeling of a cock inside me. "Fuck my ass like you own it!"

My last comment brought a big smile to Tal's face. "I do own it, boy. You're gonna find out what it feels like to be owned by my big dick. I'm fucking you raw. No lube." With his spit and the remnants of Tak's load, I wouldn't miss the lube.

Tal positioned his white python at the entrance to my hole and put my ankles on his broad shoulders. He grabbed my hips and with a loud grunt rammed his dick into my ass in one quick, brutal thrust. My voice was at least an octave too high as I cried out, "Oh fuck yeah! Fuck it. Fuck my ass! You own my hole."

"Yes!" Tal growled, holding my hips tight as he pulled out and slammed back into my hole.

I figured I was in for a long fuck, given that Tal had climaxed twice already. I was fine with that. I loved the feeling of a man's cock sliding into me and occupying my hole. And Tal's big piece fully occupied me. With his curly hair and handsome face – not to mention ripped body – the eye candy hovering over me was great. I slid my legs down from his shoulders and wrapped them around his body, using them to pull the stud farther into me.

Tal's dick was a battering ram. He continually pounded my hole, sometimes pulling all the way out before powering back into me with all the force he could muster. It was a fabulous fuck. We were both hot and sweaty before we flipped but now we were drenched. Every time his groin collided with my ass, drops of sweat fell from his curly hair, making me feel like I was in a rain forest.

Tal had been inside me for a good 15 minutes when he grabbed me and rolled over on the bed, never pulling his thick dick from my hole. I was now on top of the stud but he barely paused his pummeling of my ass. He grabbed my glutes and held my hips as he repeatedly thrust into my hole.

Tak took the opportunity to climb onto the bed and sit on his boyfriend's face. All I could hear were Tal's happy grunts as he ate the Asian stud's hole. The position allowed me to chow down on the Tak's uncut prick, giving me the chance to stuff my nose into his thick black pubes, which I'd wanted to do ever since seeing them for the first time. Dick in my mouth and dick in my ass, and I was in heaven. Spit roasted again. I'd lost track of how many times today I'd had a stiff shaft in both holes.

There was, however, a fourth cock in the room and Tay soon made its presence known. I felt something hard pressing against my hole and realized the slender black daddy was behind me, prodding me. I wondered if Tay would pull me off Tal's thick prick and shove his black pole inside me instead. Maybe they'd tag team my ass. Sure enough, Tay lifted my hips enough so that Tal slipped out, causing the horny white boy to let out a frustrated moan.

Tay's tool was longer than Tal's but not as thick. He drilled into my defenseless hole, fully occupying it, and began a series of deep thrusts that caused my cock to jump each time he hit rock bottom. It wasn't long, however, before he pulled out and planted my ass back on Tal's thick prick.

I struggled to get Tak's manhood down my throat as Tay and Tal took turns pummeling my fuck chute. Little did I know that a final chapter remained in the fuck story.

Tal was fully embedded in me when I felt the head of Tay's long dong pressing against my anus. This time he wasn't waiting for Tal to relinquish my hole; he wanted in at the same time. There was no way my abused fuck chute could accommodate a second cock, even stretched as it had to be after a day of taking a dozen dicks. That didn't stop Tay. He continued to press the head of his cock into my asshole while Tal pounded it.

Tal pulled almost all of the way out of me, but when his fuck stick pounded back into me, it wasn't alone. Tay popped inside me too. I gasped and practically strangled myself on Tak's thick rod. Fuck! I was being double penetrated. My anus was wrenched so far open that I feared it would rip, but Tay jammed his black rod all the way inside me with a quick thrust. The two boyfriends began fucking in unison, both pulling almost all the way out before sliding back in, filling me like I'd never been filled before. My ass was being forced to host two rock hard fuck tools.

Damn! Two dicks inside my hole at the same time. Tal had mentioned that both he and Nils liked chocolate and vanilla, but I was getting a chocolate and vanilla double fuck. Double penetrated while a third fat prick was jammed down my throat. My boner slid against Tal's abs with each double thrust into my ass while Tay wrapped his dark arms around my chest and Tak shoved his Asian butt buster into my mouth. I couldn't help but wonder if the trouple routinely double penetrated each other.

The three studs climaxed at almost the same time. Tay had leaned over me and pulled Tak into a long kiss when Tal growled, "Fuck yeah! Take my seed! I'm cumming in your tight hole!" Tay almost beat him to it, jizzing my ass a moment later. My hole was still taking the double eruptions when Tak shot a big wad of jizz into my mouth. I slurped hungrily, getting juiced in both holes as Tal and Tay fired into my ass as Tak rifled down my throat. Like his brother, Tal continued to thrust into my spermy hole the entire time his dick was firing, never holding still.

In the aftermath, the four of us were a mess of tangled arms and legs, cummy cocks and sweaty torsos. All three dudes nuzzled me and I wondered if they might be up for another round. It would have been round three for Tak and Tay and round four for Tal. But the conversation turned a little weird.

Tak wanted to know if Rai's muscular marine ass was as good as Nils claimed and what fucking the Creole ex-marine was like. Tal asked what his brother's cock felt like when it was inside my boi pussy and if he fucked as rough as Rai claimed. Tay was interested how Nils's cock felt in my holes as compared to his brother's. Tak asked if Nils ever took it up the ass, and that question set off a round of speculation. Tay thought he did, Tak thought he didn't, and Tal was mysteriously silent, like he knew the answer but wasn't saying. All three men peppered me for details about the couple. I hesitated although Nils and Rai had obviously not been shy about revealing their three-ways with me.

Tay mused, "I bet Rai's been DPed before. The way he talks about Nawlins and the Marines, it sounds like he did it all before Nils arrived on the scene."

Tal snorted. "If he didn't do it all before, he did it all afterwards. Without a doubt my brother made certain of that."

I got the sense that the trouple wouldn't mind an incestuous five-way. Or maybe an incestuous six-way with me. Cock whore or not, I wasn't certain about that. I mean, all five men had bred me and I'd be perfectly happy for them to line up and do it again. And again, and again. I'd do a six-way in a heartbeat if one of the dudes asked or even better if one of the dudes simply told me it was happening. It was only the thought of Tal and Nils getting it on with each other that was weird. Probably Tal was only curious about his older brother and they wouldn't do anything together.

Except... maybe DP me together. Taking the brothers' huge tools at the same time would be a challenge. I was up for it. Tal, Nils and I could have a vanilla party while Tay and Rai had a chocolate party and Tak added some Asian spice. Then we could draw straws for the next coupling. Maybe I'd get two black cocks in that round.

The thought of taking two black rods at the same time made me think of what might happen when I got to college and Xavier and Yves made good on their promise to pass me back and forth. I didn't know if the two black basketballers would be up for it, but maybe I'd propose that they DP me. Hell, yeah, it was only a matter of time until I'd broach the subject, even though the two studs both had huge cocks and I wasn't certain I could manage them at the same time. Maybe I'd have to have them shove their two cocks together so I could sit on them. That would let me control the penetration. If they did me together, they'd both get to go first.

The more I thought about a six-way, the more I got over my reservations about the incestuous aspect of it. It wasn't like Nils and Tal would be fucking each other if I was in the middle and they were both drilling me. Earlier in the Summer Aid and his brother Ash had spit roasted me, and while it would be kinkier if Nils's and Tal's cocks were sliding against each other while they DPed me, it wasn't that different. So what if Nils and Tal each got off feeling their hard dick pressed against their brother's shaft while they were both inside my hole. So what if Nils enjoyed watching his husband get DPed by Tak and Tay. So what if Tak and Tay enjoyed watching their boyfriend hook up with his brother and me.

I had a sick mind.

It was getting late and I was supposed to be home for dinner, so I untangled myself and announced I had to leave. I got the impression that another DP or two was on the agenda for the trouple. The only issue was which of the studs was going to bottom, but that didn't take long to be revealed. As I slithered into my bike shorts, Tal gave his boyfriends a hungry look and said, "I want some of what Tyler just enjoyed. I've had some vanilla spunk, but I need a load of chocolate cum and some Japanese jizz. Plug my hole so I'll be wide open to take both of you later."

Tak found a big black butt plug and worked it into Tal's ass. The slut liked it enough that his big prong was semi-hard by the time I left. Tal and Nils looked alike, from their muscular bodies down to their oversized cocks, but had different kinks. Nils liked to watch and seemed to be a top. Tal liked being watched and seemed to be mostly a bottom, although he was versatile enough to have bred my ass. I regretted that I wasn't going to enjoy a couple more rounds with the trouple.

The bike ride to the gym and then home was, well, different. My ass was so full of cum and so stretched from the DP that jizz leaked from it virtually every time I pushed down a peddle. The smell of spunk and the memories of the hot four-way caused my cock to get hard. Once, stopped at a light, a dude on a motorcycle beside me grinned and pointed to my boner. I shrugged and he laughed before speeding away.

When I stopped at the gym I gazed at the stand of trees where Cal and I had hooked up. Recalling the five loads he'd dumped in me and the five loads I'd taken in the gym kept me rock hard. It looked like I was carrying a flashlight in my spandex bike shorts. While I was collecting my junk, I kept my backpack in front of me to hide my boner, although if someone had expressed interest, I wouldn't have had a problem showing them the goods. But it was late on Saturday afternoon and the place was empty.

By the time I got home, the liner in my bike shorts was soaked with ball juice. The stuff smelled heavenly and I was tempted to wear the shorts again without washing them. I hadn't planned to pack them with my college stuff, but maybe I would after all.



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