Tamed Jock Goes Crazy - Chapter Nineteen - 8pm - Tyhcinn


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By Colton Aalto

CHAPTER 19 - 8:00 P.M. - TYHCINN

Tyhcinn and I were both headed to college within a couple of days Tyhcinn was flying out Tuesday, while my parents were driving me to school tomorrow, on Sunday. My mom threw a farewell party and invited Tyhcinn and his parents. We'd lived next door as long as I could remember and our moms were best friends. Our dads, not so much. It would be more accurate to say they tolerated each other.

My dad grilled hamburgers and Tyhcinn's mom brought some incredible potato salad. Potato salad isn't my favorite I view it as mayonnaise with filler but Tyhcinn's mom was an amazing cook and her version was delicious. The burgers were okay. Actually, not bad. Years of complaints had caused my dad to concede that not all hamburgers needed to be well-done, charred-black hockey pucks.

Mom was excited that Tyhcinn was going to an Ivy League school and pumped him mercilessly for details even though she'd heard them all before. Tyhcinn's dad and my dad were more interested in my baseball scholarship and gave me the same treatment. The conversation brought home the fact that Tyhcinn and I would be separated. I'd come to rely on him so quickly and thoroughly that I felt a bit at a loss.

After dinner, our moms yakked on the back porch and our dads did their usual thing vegging in front of the TV, drinking beer and watching whatever sporting event happened to be on. They were scraping rock bottom pre-season NFL games but as usual they stared at the TV and engaged in minimal conversation. If a baseball game had been on I might have watched, but since there wasn't, I was looking for an excuse to split. Tyhcinn raised an eyebrow and gave me a slight smile and I gladly accepted his implicit offer. We'd followed the same routine for years. Our parents would get together and after dinner Tyhcinn and I would sneak off to play games or whatever. Tonight I had a feeling Tyhcinn had a different type of game in mind. I was all for it.

"Get your dad's `70s slut cutoffs and that cropped T-shirt," Tyhcinn said as soon as we were out of our parents' earshot. "Barefoot, no underwear. That'll be perfect for Lang's `70s disco party. You're driving, I'm drinking."

Lang's party promised to be wild. It was an end-of-the-summer bash for kids in our high school class who were headed to college and would be a jock reunion. Tony would be there as well as most of the other guys on our high school baseball team. I was surprised Tyhcinn not only knew about the party but he'd apparently been invited. He wasn't a jock like most of Lang's friends and didn't hang with Lang's crowd. The skinny black geek had been hands-down the biggest nerd in the school. Also the smartest and the most-likely-to-succeed. The only reason that would explain Lang inviting him was that Tony, Lang and Tyhcinn got it on throughout high school, doing daisy-chain suck offs. I'd learned that over Memorial Day. They'd apparently stopped earlier in the summer when each of them started dicking my ass regularly. I was glad they made the switch.

Lang decreed that the theme of the party was `70s retro, complete with disco music and a disco ball. I cringed when Tyhcinn instructed me to wear my slut getup. The cropped T-shirt was bad enough, although it did have the benefit of exposing my rock-hard abs. The faded, short-short jean cutoffs that had been my dad's when he was in high school in 1979 were the worst. Coupled with no underwear, the odds of my junk falling out of the leg hole at least once during the night approached virtual certainty. That might not even have been the most embarrassing thing. The damn cutoffs had been chopped so short that I swear the bottom of my glutes showed in the rear. I'd have to remember not to bend over for any reason. I had sudden sympathy for girls wearing tiny short-shorts.

It wasn't like Lang to plan anything, much less go to the trouble of organizing a theme party, so I wondered if Tyhcinn had come up with the retro idea and planted it with Lang so I'd be forced to wear the most humiliating outfit possible. It wasn't like I had a choice. Tyhcinn called the shots. We slipped up to my bedroom and I got dressed if you can call being mostly undressed getting dressed. When I finished, Tyhcinn frowned and said, "I'll check downstairs to make sure the `rents aren't watching before we leave." My fear about how ridiculous the outfit looked was confirmed, but I was relieved to have some cover. So to speak.

We had plenty of time to kill before Lang's party and I hoped for a trip to Tyhcinn's room where he'd nail my ass. However, as we left my house Tyhcinn said, "Let's go for a walk, cock whore. I'm feeling sentimental about leaving town. Time for one last tour of the old hood."

The last thing I wanted was to be seen in the embarrassing costume, but we took a route next to the ravine near our houses and ended up at the high school. We'd walked there so many times that maybe we did it out of force of habit. Tyhcinn appeared to have a plan when we arrived. He circled around to the stage door of the school theater and punched in a code on the electronic door lock. "They don't change the codes until the beginning of the school year," he smiled conspiratorially. Tyhcinn had been in the theater group so it made sense that had the door codes.

Inside the theater it was dark, hot and stuffy. No air conditioning during the summer, at least on Saturdays. The exit signs provided enough light so we could maneuver.

We were barely inside when Tyhcinn said, "You know the drill. Leave those clothes by the door." He tossed me the rubber band cock ring that he'd constructed over Memorial Day and used on me all summer. My cock lurched at the sight of it.

As bad as getting caught in the school would be, getting caught naked would be dramatically worse. Okay, maybe not that much worse than the `70s male-whore costume I was wearing, but still it would have been hugely embarrassing. I knew better than to object. Despite my misgivings I slipped out of the cutoffs and T-shirt, folding them and leaving them by the door, and fed my junk into the cock ring, handing the attached twine to Tyhcinn. He smiled and led me out into the hallways. I was nervous and on edge about being naked in the school, but my cock wasn't fazed. Even though it had been stuffed in Tal's tight ass only a few hours earlier, it might have even been harder than normal.

We did a tour of the school, checking out the cafeteria, gym, library and a couple of classrooms. With most of the lights off and the place completely quiet, it was eerie. Padding through the hallways in bare feet, my junk hanging out for anyone to see, was weird. I was acting out one of my worst recurring dreams being naked in school. Fortunately there were no signs of security guards.

During the night I'd spent with Tyhcinn a week ago after he returned from the trip with his parents, I'd told Tyhcinn about sucking off my old chemistry teacher Mr. Graves in the park before Reynolds took me to the gangbang in the woods. I also told him about Graves owning the gay bar and Tommy working there and working Graves' holes, from the way Tommy described it. I thought Tyhcinn would be surprised that the nerdy chemistry teacher with the trendy beard was totally into guy-on-guy action, but Tyhcinn reacted with a "What's new" shrug. In fact, none of my last three weeks of sexual adventures had gotten anything more than a ho-hum reaction from him, except maybe the wild party Lachlan Patten threw halfway through Tyhcinn's trip.

Whether it was my story about blowing Graves, Tommy fucking him or some other reason, Tyhcinn guided us into his classroom. He told me to take his old seat in the front of the room. He sat on top of Graves' desk, the same way the chemistry teacher often did.

"You know why I sat in that chair? It wasn't because I was trying to be a goody-goody. Nope. Graves wore his cock ring to class almost every day. Usually he went commando. There were days when he'd lean against this desk or pace in front of the class and I could see the outline of his tool perfectly. Four or five times he wore a leather harness beneath his shirt and tie. That was harder to make out, but you could if you knew what to look for. When he wasn't wearing the harness, I could see his nipple piercings.

"Remember how he often stayed in school late? There was a reason for that. The cleaning crew knew that if Graves' light was on, it was pump and dump time. Open season on his holes. They'd let themselves in, ram it in and shoot it in. Punch the time clock, do your job, punch the chemistry teacher, go home for the night. No conversation or introductions needed. Graves likes it that way: anonymous sex, silence when he's being dominated. Most of the crew was black or Latino, and our bearded teacher liked nothing better than to slurp on a black or brown cock and eat a big load of babymakers. If a dude wanted something more than a blow job, Graves' ass was there for the taking. He especially liked it if a dude roughed him up a little, slapped him around a bit, maybe spanked his bare ass or even stuffed a ball gag in his mouth. Half the crew didn't speak English, but they knew exactly what Graves wanted."

Between the night in the park, Tommy's tale about Graves in the gay bar, and Tyhcinn's story, my mental image of my former teacher had been completely rewritten. When I blew him, I'd assumed that he was straight maybe bi but didn't mind getting head from another guy. What else would you think about a man who seemed to be happily married and had a little baby? It wasn't like Tommy to make stuff up, and now Tyhcinn was also painting a far different picture. Still I was confused. "What about his wife? He has a baby."

Tyhcinn nodded knowingly. "Baby doesn't look a lot like him, if you know what I mean. But hey, Graves and his wife make it work. They love each other and are a great couple. When it comes to sex, they just prefer different partners. Well, actually they prefer the same partner: a hairy muscle daddy. You probably won't have another opportunity to suck his cock because he isn't into twinks or college jocks, but he makes exceptions for dudes with huge cocks that will destroy his ass. He's totally a size queen.

"He looks like a dominant leather daddy but when you get him alone, he throws his legs in the air quicker than you can blink. He loves anonymous hookups, so that's probably what he found intriguing about you sucking off Reynolds in the park. You never know, maybe your paths will cross in some dark room where neither of you can see the other."

I wondered how Tyhcinn knew so much about Graves. My old buddy seemed to know everything, period, which was one of the reasons I was in awe of him. When I'd blown Graves, I'd been curious about whether he fantasized about keeping students after class and bending them over one of the chemistry work tables before ramming his manhood into them. Based on Tyhcinn's and Tommy's descriptions of Graves' sex life, if he was fantasizing about anything, it was the reverse bending over a work table himself and getting bred by a big cock. Maybe that was how Tyhcinn found out about Graves. It wouldn't have been surprising for him to have returned to class after school to ask some esoteric chemistry question. Maybe the slender teacher had been unable to resist Tyhcinn's butt buster and he'd begged the skinny nerd to pound him with his big black cock. However, Graves hadn't approached Tommy until he was no longer a high school student, so the teacher probably was careful to stay on the right side of the line and nothing happened with Tyhcinn. He probably found out about Graves from the cleaning crew.

Tyhcinn gazed down at me. "You've got a cock ring on like Graves always wore in this room. Why don't you reenact what he did for the crew after hours? Give each of us a something to remember about this classroom besides hours of boring chemistry."

He spread his legs and groped his oversized package. It was a move I eagerly awaited, regardless of when and where it happened. I reacted like a dog hearing a can opener, the same way I always did around Tyhcinn when he mentioned sex. My dick, which had never completely softened during our tour of the school, lurched and I couldn't wait to get my mouth on Tyhcinn's enormous tool.

In no time I was on my knees between his skinny legs and had his buttbuster out of his shorts. It seemed even heavier, thicker and longer than before. I licked the length of his shaft, circled its head with my tongue, and quickly began swallowing it. I loved getting all of it in my mouth before it was fully hard and then feeling it expand, threatening to cause my throat to explode. Once my nose was pressed all the way into his kinky pubes, Tyhcinn clamped his hands on my head, thrusting his rod even deeper down my throat. I concentrated on breathing and fighting the urge to gag.

"Damn, boy, I don't know how you learned to swallow me before I get completely hard, but I love getting completely stiff inside you. I love fucking your throat."

I was in no position to answer with more than a muffled gurgle. But I was happier than shit about the compliment.

I began to bob up and down on Tyhcinn's tool, relishing the slippery black python. I couldn't help but envision one of the cleaning crew sitting on Graves' desk like Tyhcinn was, with Graves kneeling in front of the dude and cleaning his cock. I could almost hear one of the Latin crew members call him a puto as Graves swallowed his cock and got off on the humiliation. I wondered how many times a man had let Graves get him hard and then shoved him on his desk and fucked him in the ass. Maybe a couple of the crew had spit roasted him. Maybe there'd been a line of dudes waiting to use his holes the same way there'd been a line of truckers waiting for me to service them in the men's room at the truck stop.

Tyhcinn began flexing his butt and thrusting his prong forward. I met each forward movement with my own forward movement, burying my nose in his pubes. His smell was heavenly.

"Fuck yeah! Suck that cock for all you're worth. You gotta make this blow job last for months!"

I always sucked Tyhcinn for all I was worth, but his comment brought home the reality that we'd soon be separated. It left a lump in my throat. Or, it would have if there was any room there given that Tyhcinn's mammoth tool filled it completely.

Tyhcinn slid forward slightly so that his big eggs hung off the side of Graves' desk. I took the opportunity to fondle and squeeze them. They were huge and smooth. Maybe it was my imagination, but I thought I could feel his cum churning inside, readying for a full-scale assault on my mouth.

The nerd began breathing heavier and he panted, "Suck it! Suck that cock!" Moments later I felt his ball sac contract and the first wave of thick boy juice coated my mouth. I sucked greedily, savoring Tyhcinn's flavor. He shot three or four times before pulling me off his dick. The last several spurts of his nut painted my face. Tyhcinn shoved his cock back down my throat, face fucking me for several minutes before coming to a rest. He pulled out and spread his jizz across my face using his huge black fuck stick.

I was a mess, but Tyhcinn chuckled and said, "You're pretty, Tyler. I know you're insanely proud of your abs and they're great, but you have a hot body and a handsome face. It's a face that begs to have a stiff cock resting on it. A face that begs to be smeared with cum. A face that begs to have a ball sac planted on it. A little dick juice is the perfect finishing touch for your costume tonight."

When he was done swirling his fresh spunk on my face and into my hair, he said, "Let's talk about you. I'm impressed at what you accomplished this summer. Not the sex. You have a hot body and all you had to do for that was open your legs. Although I will say you totally overachieved. You have a weird ability to make every dude in the room think of getting down and dirty. It's uncanny.

"Instead, what I'm talking about was the discipline you showed to work out six days a week and sculpt your body, do your job for Lang's brother and do it well, and concentrate on baseball and excel. You followed my instructions not to drink, smoke weed or party." He grinned and added, "Except partying with your ass, but that was unavoidable.

"You've convinced me you have some great potential. Not only at baseball, but other things, too. At the beginning of the summer, I questioned whether you were worth my time. It was mostly for old times' sake that I figured I'd see what would happen during the summer. That plus your bubble butt is incredible and was very available, being right next door. You've learned how to give damn good head, too. Despite all that, I fully expected that at some point during the summer you'd fuck up royally and I'd wish you good luck and move on. You proved me wrong.

"We're not gonna be at the same college for the next four years, but we're still gonna be connected. I'm keeping you, in case you had any doubt about it."

Shit. Tyhcinn's words gave me a warm happy glow.

We returned to the school auditorium and Tyhcinn pushed me against a wall and planted a big kiss on my mouth. Damn, did I ever love his big, soft lips. We sucked face for a long while before he said, "I'm gonna miss you, hot stuff. Too bad we wasted so much time in high school."

"Yeah," I said mournfully. In less than three months, I'd compiled an encyclopedia of regrets about high school. Nothing I could do about those, but I could focus on college. However, it would suck being miles apart from Tyhcinn, at different schools. Without him, I'd feel lost.

Tyhcinn drew a line down my bare chest with his finger, reaching my abs and bellybutton. He grabbed the twine attached to my rubber band cock ring, pulling up my springy junk up before letting it fall. "So, let me take a wild guess. I'm not the first man to touch your hot body today. How many dudes beat me to it?"

Tyhcinn was joking about the wild guess. He didn't have to guess. For the last three weeks, ever since he told me to let my inner cock whore out, I'd slutted around like I was starved for sex. He knew about each of my shenanigans and the only thing that would have shocked him would have been if I told him I hadn't done it earlier in the day.

"Twenty-one, sir," I replied. I didn't have to stop and count because I'd done a mental inventory on the bike ride home from my four-some with Tal, Tak and Tay.

Tyhcinn chuckled. "You're something else, slut. I always thought you had it in you. But that's good because you know the way I like your ass. Loose and juiced. How many of those lucky dudes seeded your hole?"

"Fifteen, sir." I was also up to double digits in blow jobs.

"Help me out here. Tony and Lang wouldn't have missed out on doing the honors. Who else did you manage to seduce? Did you get balled by any ballplayers?" He loved puns.

I told him about my forest fuck with Cal, including how the hunky Colombian second baseman had climaxed five times. I supposed soccer players counted as ballplayers, so I detailed the six-way with Lang, Marshall, Dillon, Eduardo, Ton and Aziz. I went on to explain my accidental meeting with DJ, the four-way with Tal, Tak and Tay and the wild hour in the restroom with Quyen offering my holes to one and all.

Tyhcinn laughed. "Damn. I should have taken notes. I could ghost-write porn videos and jack-off stories based on your experiences. Dude, men from six continents in one fuck session! That's impressive. Particularly Aziz. He doesn't favor many boys with his manhood. He's partial to blonds, so you must have caught his eye. Either that or he couldn't resist after seeing how much fun those other dudes had plugging your bubble butt. Be warned. Once Aziz claims an ass he never releases it. If you see him again he'll act like he owns you."

That didn't sound bad.

"I have to admit, I'm surprised by Quyen. I always knew the kid was kink waiting to happen, but a gloryhole! I'd say he got over the hump of being shy in a big way. It's interesting that he was so keen on sharing your assets with complete strangers." He looked at me with a glint in his eye and added, "Maybe he discovered what I have. Your holes were made to be passed around.

"Speaking of which, you've taken every color of cock today, but I think you need another black one. First, we need to set the stage. Front and center, ready position!"

I scrambled to follow his orders, positioning myself in the middle of the stage with my feet wide apart and my arms behind my back. I stood at attention and stared straight ahead.

Suddenly I was blinded by a spotlight. Before Tyhcinn aimed it at me I could barely make out things in the dark theater, but now I was completely blind. I stood blinking in the bright light.

"Hands behind your head!" I jumped to comply.

"Now will your cock to be rock hard. I want it dripping pre-cum. Do it!"

I was already semi-hard from blowing Tyhcinn and then sucking face with him, but it would be a challenge to get my tool hard without touching it and without having a cock in my mouth or my ass. The cock ring would help, however. Standing at attention in the heat of the auditorium with the spotlight blinding me, I began thinking of the hottest fucks I'd had during the summer.

There were plenty to choose from. My first time as a cock whore, when the black basketballer Xavier shocked me by hitting me up first thing in the morning and saying he wanted to have a little fun with me. Having his bud Yves tell me a few hours later that my butt needed his bone. The matter-of-fact way the blond dancer Aiden calmly offered my ass to his little brother Ash after he'd seeded it. Giving it up to the hot blond-Creole couple Nils and Rai, then getting double penetrated by Nil's brother Tal and Tay while Tak face fucked me. Taking Piers' cherry in the woods. Sucking off Reynolds in the park while Graves watched and later joined in. The night of revenge fucks I'd taken from Creed and his buddies in the woods, followed by riding home on Reynolds' motorcycle without a thread on. The six-continent gangbang in the towel room at the gym. An hour in a truck stop gloryhole with Quyen inviting strangers to ram their cocks into each of my holes. Cal's back-to-back-to-back-to-back climaxes and DJ announcing that he was going to fuck me rough and then causing me to cum hands-free on my face as he did it.

However, it was hard to top my Saturday from a week ago when Coach took me twice, Tommy spermed me four times in his attic, and Tyhcinn impaled my ass on his big black cock for the entire night and dumped six loads in me. The back-to-back combination of Tommy's white tower and Tyhcinn's black monolith had been something else. I'd ignored both dudes during high school and now would meet them whenever and wherever so they could meat me. Sleeping with Tyhcinn well, not that much sleeping, but sharing a bed with him had been incredible. I'd done it once before, over Memorial Day at my parents' cabin. In less than three months I'd gone from grumpily enduring the experience to salivating over it.

For a spell my cock stayed semi hard but wouldn't go to full mast despite the visions of sex swirling in my mind. I thought back to three weeks ago, my first day as a full-fledged cock whore, when Tyhcinn fucked me on the swing set in his back yard. How he made me squeal, juiced me and told me he wanted a demonstration of how much I loved being his personal fuck toy. That was the image I wanted. My cock began to power upwards. I thought of the times Tyhcinn had dominated me and how each time had only made me hungrier for him. Even now, as I stood naked on the school stage, at attention with my legs spread and my hands behind my head, it felt completely right because it was what Tyhcinn had instructed me to do. I channeled the thought that I was doing exactly what he wanted. My cock pointed toward the ceiling, rock hard and throbbing.

"That's impressive, slut. In due course, you'll also learn to climax through only mental stimulation. Hands-free, with nothing touching your dick. Do you know why you'll learn to do that?"

"No, sir."

He was silent for a long minute, then terse. "Because you can and I'll demand it. No other reason. Nothing more. Nothing less."

I swallowed. It was the first time Tyhcinn had talked in those terms and his tone was somber, not the playful, somewhat teasing tone he'd subjected me to all summer. It sent a thrill of excitement through me.

The moment passed and Tyhcinn was back to normal. "That's down the road. For now, why don't you give me a little show? Get us both in the mood for Lang's party. I'll get the music." Soon vintage disco music filled the theater.

"Front and center, Tyler," Tyhcinn shouted. "Show me some hot disco moves. Work that booty, baby!"

I felt silly but followed orders, slowly beginning to dance. I always thought I was an okay dancer and after a while I loosened up and started gyrating to the beat of the music, mentally picturing myself as a go-go boy in a late `70s gay bar. With the bright light in my face I couldn't see anything in the theater. I was alone and isolated but performing for Tyhcinn. Performing solely for the nerd.

From somewhere in the theater Tyhcinn called out, "Work it slut! We both know you're an exhibitionist at heart. Let it out. Show me what you've got."

I'd zoned out a couple of times during the day but it happened again while dancing. With the spotlight beamed on me the heat soon became stifling. I was dripping sweat but I continued to dance like crazy. My junk was still hard despite all the effort I put into dancing. The twine on the cock ring dangled on the floor like a snake.

I was startled when Tyhcinn stepped into the spotlight. He was naked and his big black python was soft and swinging between his legs. "You know what to do, slut," he said. I knew exactly. I dropped to my knees, salivating over the prospect of sucking his thick dong for the second time. I took it in my hand, getting a little shiver at how heavy it was. I never ceased to be amazed at how improbably thick and meaty it was. It didn't seem possible the rod could be attached to the geek's skinny body. Bending forward, I began to lick the shaft, taking the head into my mouth and swirling my tongue over it.

Tyhcinn slowly got hard. I loved the sense of power that radiated from him when his dick continually thickened and rose. It was the triumphant return of a mammoth piece of meat I was addicted to. The bright spotlight threw our shadows onto the back wall of the theater and I was amazed to see how big Tyhcinn's cock looked. It didn't seem possible that it fit in my throat. Actually, it didn't fit all that well. I couldn't help but gag and gurgle as I worked the shaft into my mouth and down my throat.

"Suck it, bitch!" Tyhcinn snarled. "Suck it like you're desperate for my nut and you want my manhood more than anything. Suck it like the cock whore you are. Suck it like... I own you." There was a flavor of his somber, dominating tone earlier. It thrilled me. Hearing only his voice, nobody would think that it came from a nerdy guy wearing thick black glasses who was a fucking genius. And nobody would think that the dude hungrily deep throating him was the high school big-man-on-campus, reigning prom king and all-around jock. Fuck. High school meant nothing. I had an odd premonition that Tyhcinn would be telling me what to do for the rest of my life and I'd revel in it and want nothing more. Yeah, I wanted Tyhcinn to own me.

In the bright spotlight I could see nothing other than our shadows on the wall and Tyhcinn's smooth, shiny black skin inches in front of my eyes. Soon the nerd took control of my head, wrapping his thin hands in my long blond hair and thrusting his slender hips forward, sending his manhood deep down my throat. The sounds of his junk smacking into my face echoed in the dark theater.

Sweat began trickling down Tyhcinn's chest. I was drenched from my impromptu go-go boy routine and now my face was getting another layer of sweat from continually being shoved into his flat stomach. In the heat, his ball sac was dangling as far down as I'd ever seen it and his big eggs were hitting my chin and neck each time his dick slammed down my throat.

Tyhcinn began breathing heavily and I concentrated on sucking his big prong, begging for his nut. It came without much warning. All at once I had a mouthful of ball juice. I was always surprised by how much the nerd could shoot, particularly when he'd already nutted. He'd filled my mouth with cum less than an hour ago. I swallowed as best I could, milking the geek's shooting cannon with my mouth. Nothing better than cock cream for desert and I was gorging on the best.

As his piece began to soften Tyhcinn pulled me to my feet, kissing me and tasting his own spunk on my tongue. We made out for a long spell. I occasionally stroked his black python, shivering at its sheer power. Tyhcinn concentrated on feeling up my bare ass, occasionally manipulating my junk with the cock ring. To my surprise he also fisted my leaky dick a bit. Not enough to get me close but enough to keep me rock hard, although I probably would have been hard anyway merely from the anticipation of Tyhcinn ramming his buttbuster into my hole.

Tyhcinn's black cobra hardened again and he hissed, "Bend over and grab your ankles, boy. I'm gonna drill your hot butt. Right here. I always wanted to have sex in the bright lights of the theater. Get ready to be bred onstage."

I followed orders. Hell, with Tyhcinn I always followed orders and got a warm, contented feeling when I did it. From the corner of my eye, I could see our shadows on the back wall as Tyhcinn aimed his rod for my hole. Damn. The dude's dick was always impressive and I watched it sink into me almost before I felt it. The nerd was quickly balls deep and I moaned, happy to be filled with cock again. And I mean filled. Despite the series of hard dicks that pillaged my hole for the last 12 plus hours including a double fuck Tyhcinn's big pole stretched me to the max. His was the cock that went deeper into me than any other.

Standing on the stage, we put on a show for the empty seats. Tyhcinn held my hips and rammed his pole into my ass while I held my ankles and tried my best to balance. Looking back between my legs was weird. The geek's big dick glistened in the spotlight as it withdrew from my ass and then rapidly plunged back in. His big black eggs dangled beneath his shaft, flapping against my nuts with each thrust. Looking sideways to see the shadow show on the wall was wild. Tyhcinn's cock looked enormous. Hell, it was enormous. It was puncturing my boi pussy like a hot lance plowing into butter.

Despite my hard rod being pressed against my stomach by the position I was in, the black baller bent over me and slipped his thin hand around my dick. He squeezed my tool and slowly stroked it, bending it down to pull it away from my stomach. That position always drove me crazy and I was soon on the verge of a climax. Tyhcinn must have figured that out from my whimpering moans, because he pulled his hand off my cock, stuck his pre-cum drenched fingers in my mouth and hissed, "Not now, hot stuff. I want you hot and horny for later." I groaned as the geek left my prick jerking involuntarily and on the edge of a climax. His big black cock raking my prostrate wasn't helping matters.

Tyhcinn grabbed my shaggy hair and pulled my head back. "Fuck yeah," he growled in my ear. "I knew you were a hungry cock whore even before we did it the first time, over Memorial Day at your parents' lake cabin. But that day cemented it in stone. The way you let me stick my fingers inside you and loosen you up while I sucked your boner and played with your balls. Fuck, I practically had my whole fist in your ass. And then how you let me slide my dick inside you, go balls deep, pull out and then slam back in. All without a single complaint. Kept your legs high in the air the entire time and let me fuck your brains out. I thought you'd scream your head off, pound the crap out of me and kick me out on my ass. I had no idea I was invading a virgin ass and taking your cherry. Hell, the way you laid there and let me juice your ass, I figured you'd taken a hundred dicks and that all those girls you claimed to have fucked were actually dudes balling you. I knew after I'd bred you the first time that I'd found one special cum dump."

I didn't tell him that first fuck session was the best thing that had or would ever happen to me. I didn't tell him that I'd found one special cock that I'd be addicted to forever. I didn't tell him that I'd found the man I'd serve as long as he wanted me.

I didn't need to tell him because Tyhcinn knew that already with certainty.

I whimpered as Tyhcinn's steel shaft piston-fucked my sloppy hole. I desperately wanted to grab my dick and whack off, but I didn't dare. I needed Tyhcinn's permission to climax and he hadn't granted it. He'd said he wanted me hot and horny for later, and I eagerly wondered what he had in mind.

"Whatever happens over the next couple of years don't ever forget that your ass was made for my cock and I own your holes. Fate put us together and it's permanent."

"Yes, sir. I know that. I'll never forget. I need you." As if to punctuate the point, Tyhcinn rammed into me and ground his tool deep inside my guts.

Tyhcinn was breathing hard, sweating and panting. He was close. "Beg for my nut, slut."

"Please sir! Seed me. Breed my ass! I'll never get enough of your cock!" A moment later his hot cum exploded into my hole. He rifled eight or nine shots into me before slowing and stopping. I didn't want him to pull out.

The dark theater suddenly felt suffocating. I hadn't been as hot in the sauna after I rode Tony first thing this morning. "Fuck, let's get the hell out of here," Tyhcinn exhaled, "I'm burning up!" He stopped only long enough to kill the spotlight. Getting into our clothes could wait.

Outside, the evening was a hot and still evening, but better than the theater had been. I couldn't resist dropping to my knees and washing Tyhcinn's softening monster with my mouth. I coaxed the last drop of black ball juice from his piss slit, loving the taste. So what if somebody chanced upon the blond jock worshiping the black nerd's big dick at the stage door?


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