Tamed Jock Goes Crazy - Chapter Two - Tony


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By Colton Aalto

7:30 A.M. - TONY

It was ironic that Tony and I worked out together every morning during the summer given that we'd gone through high school without being friends. Granted we were well acquainted in high school, but we were rivals, not friends. We'd gone to different middle schools and kids at our high school tended to keep the same friends they had in middle school. More importantly, Tony and I competed in seemingly everything.

We'd been co-captains of the football team and we both made all-state as seniors. While Tony was a punishing linebacker, I'd been a shut-down cornerback and played some offense as well. I constantly razzed Tony about saving his ass on the rare occasions when he got beat in coverage or couldn't finish a tackle. I also had receiving stats - half a dozen touchdown catches that he couldn't match.

Our roles were reversed in baseball, although it was my best sport. Tony was our left fielder and I played shortstop. He took an inordinate amount of pride in charging in to make catches that I could have made or refusing to throw to me on cutoffs and instead firing the ball all the way to home. Or, worse, fielding a ball that had gotten past me. That didn't happen often, but somehow when it did it was worse when Tony made the play. We were team players, but we each knew whose batting average was higher and by exactly how much. He swung for the fences too often so my average was better. My home runs didn't match his he led the team but he didn't have my speed on the bases. I could leg out a triple on a hit that would be a double for Tony and I led the state in stolen bases.

Tony had been homecoming king last fall, but I'd topped that by being crowned prom king in the spring. A bonus in our rivalry was that the prom queen was his girlfriend Melissa, a hot cheerleader with a great body, and as a matter of tradition the prom king and queen took the first dance together. I gave him a sneering smile as I danced with Melissa, holding her extra tight, and I made the most of a post-coronation kiss in front of the entire crowd. I slipped her the tongue, not because I had any burning desire to suck face with her, but because I hoped he would notice. I'm not certain Tony noticed. Melissa did, but that's another story.

I was jealous about Tony's smoldering dark looks. He was exactly what guys are supposed to be: tall, dark and handsome. His dark eyes, long straight jawline and high cheekbones were straight from a Hollywood casting call. His hunky body made him look older than he was he could easily pass as a college student. But his mop of curly, black hair made him look like a baby. He was cute and handsome at the same time. And fucking hot. He was most gay boys' idea of a wet dream.

In contrast, I lacked one element of tall, dark and handsome. Dark. I wasn't short and I wasn't hard on the eyes hell, I was hot but my pale skin and surfer-blond hair left me a long way from dark. I tanned reasonably quickly, but even my darkest tan didn't match Tony. He was Italian or Latin or something like that. He might even have had a black ancestor somewhere along the way. Whatever. He was handsome and sexy. He had the looks to go with his muscles.

Those muscles! He had an incredible chest and great shoulders. And awesome guns. I loved the way his biceps popped out when he bent one of his tanned arms. He knew his muscles were amazing, too, and took every opportunity to wear tank tops or sleeveless shirts, flexing and showing off his muscular arms. Watching his muscles move and expand could hypnotize me for hours.

My high school rivalry with Tony dissipated after the long Memorial Day weekend that I shared with Tony, Tyhcinn and Lang. It was set up when I pulled perhaps the most idiotic stunt I'd been guilty of during my entire stay in high school. Which is saying something. I can only report that it was stupidity on an epic scale.

Thinking I was alone, I jacked off in the gym showers one day after baseball practice. I was mistaken about being alone. Tony, who'd left the locker room, came back because he forgot something and spotted me. Worse, he recorded the event with his cell phone.

The steam of the lock room shower meant his photos and video were crap my face wasn't really visible and it was hard to tell I was whacking off. However, I didn't know that and in my mind Tony had a big-screen quality film of me frantically working my tool. It was only much later that I learned the truth.

The cell phone evidence set off a series of events leading to my wild weekend with the three big-dicked high school boys. Tony and Lang made up a story about Tyhcinn having a boyfriend in college who raved about the geek's cocksucking abilities. Tyhcinn was in on the plan, too, and the trio played me perfectly. It hadn't occurred to me that Tyhcinn was gay, but once I heard the story, all I could think about was how fine his mouth would be on my dick. Plotting to get nonstop oral service from the nerd, I invited him to my parent's lake cottage for Memorial Day weekend. I thought my scheme was working perfectly when Tyhcinn hit on me early and went down on me. His mouth was like velvet and soon I was putty in his hands.

Tyhcinn got me mindlessly turned on, to the point I didn't object when he started playing with my ass while sucking my rock-hard cock. He slipped a finger in my hole. Fingers. I didn't like him using my hole but it felt good and I didn't complain. Shit, coupled with Tyhcinn's expert work on my dick, it felt great. Fucker knew exactly where my prostate was and how to work it like a magician. And his big lips and hot, wet mouth were doing things to my dick that I'd never felt before.

Little did I know that Tyhcinn's long, skinny fingers were expertly preparing my ass for what was to be his complete and devastating conquest of it. I was so horny and turned on that I was helpless and the dweeb pulled his fingers out and slid his big back cock into my virgin ass. I was too stunned to react and too horned up to ask him to stop. Fuck, my ass felt so good with his oversized python inside me that I didn't want him to stop. Ever.

The weekend had taken an unexpected turn at least it was unexpected for me. Tyhcinn took my cherry, seeding me with a huge load of black ball juice. Then things got more interesting. Significantly more interesting.

The nerd snapped a picture of my ass impaled on his big black cock and texted it to Tony and Lang. Unlike the steamy shower video, Tyhcinn's photo was crystal clear. His black prong was halfway in my hole and my stiff shaft was still dripping from the huge load I'd spilled on my chest and abs. And yeah, I'd shot on my own face. I had a stupid smile, betraying the fact that I had completely loved losing my virginity to my old buddy.

Tony and Lang were ecstatic and rushed to the lake. Faced with Tyhcinn's threat to post his photos for all to see, I spent the weekend with my legs in the air and my mouth sucking cock. My job was to service the three oversexed teenagers whenever they wanted to get off. Which was basically constantly. They thoroughly enjoyed the use of my holes while treating me like dirt. It was revenge for me being a shithead during high school. Looking back, I deserved it. Or deserved worse.

I learned more than a few things about myself that weekend. When I was finally honest with myself about it, I accepted the fact that the experience was the best thing that could have happened to me. Tyhcinn said he felt bad about the whole photo thing and apologized, but I thanked him for doing it and dragging me out of the closet.

It took me a while to fully accept what I was after the weekend. I resisted it and made a futile and pathetic effort to reestablish myself as the stud jock ladies' man, targeting Melissa. Suffice it to say it was a spectacular failure and I soon embraced how much I loved sucking Tyhcinn's, Tony's and Lang's cocks and taking them up my ass. Getting into a girl's pants and balling her pussy couldn't compare.

Tony and I dropped the rivalry crap and became friends. Maybe not the best of friends, but we spent time together and had each other's backs. When Tyhcinn decided that I was going into a disciplined workout routine for the summer, it was only natural for him to put Tony in charge. The dude was addicted to working out. Tyhcinn picked him mainly to ensure that I'd stick to the workout schedule, but I adjusted to it and now I looked forward to meeting him every morning.

I was doing some stretches and happily reliving how Xavier's big black cock had felt when the college basketball player balled me on his desk earlier when Tony crept up behind me and whispered in my ear, "Dude, every morning this week I've been getting out of bed with a woody and thinking how fine it would be if you shoved your boner in my ass and fucked my brains out. I still remember the first time you fucked my ass, in the woods next to your house. But damn, when I get here and see the lines of your jock strap beneath your gym shorts and I scope out your awesome bubble butt, I can't resist it. I need that ass!"

"Good," I snickered, "because as much as I like your butt, I like getting filled by your fat cock even more." Tony chuckled and slipped a hand inside my shorts, grabbing my butt cheek and sliding a finger into my ass crack. Fortunately nobody could see us. I wondered if Tony's finger was coated with Xavier's nut.

We settled into Tony's usual intense, rapid work out. The dude knew what he was doing and before long my chest and arms were burning. He was an animal, constantly challenging both of us with heavier weights and switching up the routine to keep shocking our muscles. There was a method to his madness: getting our workout done quicker meant he would have more time to dick my ass.

I loved watching Tony's muscles flex as he lifted. His curly black hair got damp with sweat and his smooth skin glistened. We were supposed to wear T-shirts so sweat didn't get on the equipment, but we never did, instead keeping a towel handy to wipe down the equipment. It was all I could do to keep from tweaking the dude's tits to make them stand out when he was pumping his chest muscles with bench presses.

We were almost finished and I was bent over at the waist doing some dumbbell rows when Tony brushed his hand over my ass. It was early enough that only a few other guys were in the gym, but still it was a reckless move. I quickly finished my set and stood up, hissing, "Watch it, dude. You'll cause a scene."

Tony had a silly smile on his face and it was obvious he didn't care in the least about causing a scene. "Every time I see you bent over and your glorious bubble butt on display, I think about seeing you the first time at your parents' cabin on Memorial Day. When Lang and I arrived, Tyhcinn had you bent over your mom's table and you were spreading your crack and exposing your amazing pink hole. You were begging for a hard cock."

I hadn't been begging for cock so much as fearing it. Now of course, I'd have been wishing and hoping for it. Go figure what could change in two months.

"I'll never get that vision out of my mind," Tony continued. "Not that I want to. Tyhcinn's jizz was seeping out of your ass. Because of the picture Tyhcinn sent us, Lang and I both had boners the entire time we drove up to the lake. Plus we kept talking about how fine it would be to nail your ass. Dude! Sinking my cock into your juiced boi pussy that afternoon drove me crazy. Till then, I never knew how great fucking a tight ass could be. Hell, until then I never knew how great fucking could be, period."

At the time, I'd wanted to seep into the floor and stay there. Now I regretted that I hadn't found time during the summer for a second trip to the lake cottage with Tyhcinn, Tony and Lang. I would thoroughly enjoy a repeat performance. But my full schedule meant there was never time.

Tony groped his crotch and I knew our workout was finished. "Fuck this shit, I want your ass," he hissed.

We had three places where we did it at the gym. The stairwell was always empty, but had no airflow, so it got hot and stuffy. The sauna was unused early in the morning and had the added benefit of two rows of benches that were the perfect height for fucking, but there was a risk somebody would poke their head in. We'd also figured out that the towel room was unlocked and offered plenty of privacy but it also carried some risk. Tony motioned for me to follow him into the sauna.

As soon as we were inside, Tony was all over me, grabbing my ass and pressing his body against me while he raped my mouth with his tongue. He was hard and he released his boner from his jock strap so he could slide it in between my abs. That was one of his favorite positions. He dropped my gym shorts and pulled down my jock strap, dry fucking my stomach as he manhandled my dick and balls. It wasn't quite a dry fuck as his dick and my stomach were still moist with sweat from our workout and Tony was busily adding trails of pre-cum.

Tony kissed frantically, like he hadn't had sex in a week. The reverse was true. Friday would be the fifth day in a row that we'd met at the gym, worked out and fucked. Each morning I started my pool boy job with a load of his babymakers doing laps deep in my ass. For all I knew, he was getting off more often than our daily fuck and I wasn't the only person giving it up to the Italian Stallion. Actually I didn't know if he was Italian. But neither Latin Stallion nor Multi-racial Stallion had the same ring.

"Fuck," Tony moaned. "We've got enough time to flip-flop fuck. You go first. Fuck me in the ass and then I'll pound your jock pussy. I want your cock in my hole and my dick up your ass."

Tony was funny. He loved topping me, but every week or so he got hungry to bottom. I never knew for sure whether he begged for my cock because he felt like he should give me a chance to do him or whether he liked bottoming, although not as much as he liked topping. I guess we were compatible sexually, because I loved the feel of his fat prick deep inside me, penetrating me repeatedly, and how he lost control, sperming my fuck hole. But occasionally I liked plowing the stud's ass.

Fuck, yeah, we were compatible sexually. You don't do it with a dude five days in a row, week after week, unless something is working. Tony and I weren't dating or anything like that. Neither one of us saw each other that way. We were fuck buddies, plain and simple. Horny 18-year-olds who were taking full advantage of having found another dude with a hot body who liked fucking constantly.

"Damn, I wanna sink my cock in your butt and ride your ass," I replied. "Just don't play with yourself too much. I still want your fat dick inside me."

"Fuck yeah," Tony said, grinning and climbing onto a sauna bench.

I couldn't resist giving his cock a little mouth work before I nailed his ass. Tony had the fattest cock I'd touched. Well, it probably wasn't as thick as Tyhcinn's giant piece, but Tony's looked fatter because it wasn't as long. Even though Tony was a card-carrying member of the big dick club, his tool was so thick that it looked stubby, especially compared to Tyhcinn or the Lang Long Dong or Xavier. Pretty sick that I was going down on Tony's 7 inches and the dicks of all the other dudes I'd been with extended farther down my throat. The head of Tony's manhood was so big that I worried that it would get stuck in my throat.

I gave Tony a quick mouth job while he fisted me and I knew I couldn't delay getting my cock in his ass for long or else I'd nut first. Xavier getting me to the verge of a climax was still affecting my dick. I pulled off Tony and he handed me the lube he religiously kept stocked in his gym locker. I greased my tool and his smooth fuck hole and began to ease into it.

"Oh, fuck!" Tony sighed. "Put it in me. Fuck that ass!"

I moaned as his tight anus gripped my cock and I slipped farther inside him.

"Don't move!" Tony groaned. He was trying to relax until my cock didn't hurt. Despite his command I pulled out, giving him a chance to adjust, and then powered back inside him. "Oh, God, yes," he gasped. "That feels amazing. Ride me, motherfucker!"

Tony was like that. The first time my cock drilled him, it hurt. The second time, he was relaxed and ready to rock and roll. I began to pump his butt, rapidly thrusting in and out and shoving my tool all the way inside him. I bent forward to feel the dude's awesome back muscles and let my hands wander around to his pumped chest.

Tony's moans told me he was into getting fucked today. He usually was when he bottomed. In fact, he almost got into it too much. He would be so worked up after getting balled that he'd ram his thick shaft inside me and slam fuck me without paying attention to whether my ass needed time to relax. When he got like that, he was on automatic pilot. Normally, flip-flop fucking with him when I topped first was a mixed blessing that flirted with disaster. It felt great to ball him but the fucker's thick prick could do some damage when it was his turn and he didn't have a slow gear.

Today I was ready. Xavier had opened my boi pussy up and I'd have less problem than normal taking Tony's fat cock. The idea of getting slam fucked by the Italian Stallion was sounding good.

Between anticipating what the muscle teen would do to my butt and what the black baller had already done to it, I was horned up big time. Xavier had edged me to the point of a climax and inadvertently left me hanging, which added to the mix. I didn't dick Tony's ass long before my balls started to churn. "Fuck, I'm gonna cum!" I gasped.

"Fuck, yeah, shoot it in me," Tony said, working his hole so that it squeezed my cock. "Fuck that ass!"

Another dozen thrusts and my body shuddered and my balls exploded. Cum rifled through my cock into Tony's wet, warm asshole. I groaned. Damn. Getting fucked felt awesome, but there was something to be said about topping, too. Particularly when I was using a muscular jock ass.

"Keep that up and you're gonna make me a bottom boi," Tony said as I pulled out of his ass and he turned around to pull me into a deep, passionate kiss.

"Two bottoms are a crowd," I replied. "You promised I'd get your cock in my boi pussy. I want you to fuck my brains out!"

"Fuck, yeah! Your ass is gonna get it!" Tony put me on my back on the sauna bench. Rather than grease my pussy and ram his cock in it, he dove down with his mouth, eating my ass. I'd done a passable job cleaning it after Xavier filled it with black ball juice, but I hadn't anticipated Tony would rim me. Shit, his mouth felt awesome. I leaned back and sighed, not caring whether or not he tasted Xavier's nut.

If he did, Tony didn't let on. He hurriedly ate my ass, put my legs on his shoulders, leaned over me and jammed his freshly-lubed cock inside me. And I mean, all the way inside. One violent thrust and he was balls deep. I gasped at the intrusion, anticipating that it would hurt, but the pain never came. His fat prick filled me up, making me sigh and demand that he drill my ass.

"Fuck, yeah," I exclaimed, "pound that pussy like it was made for your big cock!"

"It was, Tyler," Tony hissed, "it was. Your ass fits my cock perfectly. I used to think Melissa's cunt was the sweetest thing in the world. But your ass beats her pussy hands down. Damn, you're tight. Oh, fuck yeah!"

Crap. Seducing Xavier every morning might be perfect. With my hole loosened up and lubed with cum, Tony's fat fuck stick felt better than ever. The black baller was planning on using my ass four days a week. That meant I needed to find alternatives on Fridays and Saturdays, because opening my ass up before Tony took me was definitely the way to go.

"Drill that ass!" I begged, "fuck me harder!"

I didn't see how Tony could fuck much harder, but improbably he picked up the pace and soon was pounding me like a wild man. He was intent on only one thing: getting off.

Fuck. I'd just pumped a load into Tony's ass, but my cock was awake again and stiffening. I resisted the urge to grab it and jack it with my fist. It kinda jumped each time Tony's dong pummeled my butt and raked my prostate.

Tony's chest and arms were flexed as he rode my ass. I ran my hands over them, loving how smooth and tight his skin was and how I could feel his muscles rippling. I dropped my hands to his ass, pulling him farther inside me. "Bone me, dude!" I begged. "Shoot it in my hole!"

Tony didn't last long. He was so excited by getting his ass pumped full of cum cream that he probably only dicked my boi pussy for five minutes before he gasped, "Holy fuck! I'm gonna seed your ass. I'm cumming!"

Tony rammed his cock into me one last time and it thrashed around as he blew his wad. He kept moaning, "Oh, oh, oh," as he nutted. He collapsed on top of me, kissing me as he tried to catch his breath.

"Fuck, dude," Tony gasped. "Every time I dick you I don't think it can't get better. And then, wham! It does. That was awesome."

We untangled ourselves and emerged from the sauna hot and dripping with sweat. We looked like the sauna had been at full heat when it hadn't even been on. Nobody we met thought anything of it.




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