Tamed Jock Goes Crazy - Chapter Twenty - Midnight - Mystery Cock


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By Colton Aalto


My `70s gay slut outfit barefoot, cropped T-shirt, no underwear and short-short jean cutoffs was hugely embarrassing. With my shaggy, surfer-blond hair, which had bleached and grown far too long over the course of my busy summer, I looked like a cheap, male-whore version of Daisy Mae from the old Li'l Abner comics. Or maybe a blond Daisy Duke from a vintage Dukes of Hazzard TV show. The only plus to wearing the costume at Lang's end-of-the-summer party was that I got to show off my ripped abs one final time before leaving town for college. They were better than ever after my summer of working out at the gym and working as a pool boy. My stomach looked like a series of smooth river rocks covered with a layer of tight skin.

Surprisingly, my costume might not have been the worst one at the party. Tony wore a garish, see-through polyester shirt and white, bell-bottom sailor pants. The shirt was unbuttoned to his waist to show off his pumped pecs, and tight enough around the arms to leave no doubt about his best asset, his ripped guns. The pants rode low on his hips and displayed his junk in a manner that was within spitting distance of obscene. Lang was shirtless, a red afro wig covering his red hair, and he was dressed in yellow shorts and matching yellow suspenders. His costume made him a cross between a `60s hippie, a `70s disco boy and Ronald McDonald showing skin. A giant lollipop would have completed the costume and made him look like an oversized refugee from Munchkin Land in The Wizard of Oz. After our fuck session in the high school theater, Tyhcinn returned home to dress in a white polyester suit and a black shirt with enormous lapels. He had a big afro wig and looked like a twinky, black John Travolta from Saturday Night Fever.

Lang's parents were going out of town so Lang's brother, who owned the pool servicing business where Lang and I worked over the summer, had volunteered to keep an eye on things. It wasn't much of an eye. As soon as Lang's parents left, his brother told him not to let anyone do anything stupid and promptly split. It promised to be a wild night.

The party got going quickly and soon spilled outdoors to the big swimming pool in the backyard. It was a showpiece for Lang's brother's pool business and consisted of three pools at different levels, with streams flowing between them. The landscaping was incredible. It looked like a pool you'd find at a fancy resort.

As the designated driver, I wasn't planning on drinking, but when we arrived Tyhcinn grabbed two beers and handed one to me. I looked at him in surprise. He hadn't let me drink all summer. "You can have one, to celebrate your last night in town. We'll be here long enough that you'll be fine to drive home." I sipped cautiously and my head was soon spinning. I was a total lightweight after staying away from the stuff all summer.

Booze flowed freely, joints were shared, and kids celebrated big time. I pegged the odds of the cops being called at 50/50. It would have been higher, but Lang made a solitary concession to being responsible and kept the music down. The partiers were mostly male, given that Lang's friends were jocks, and the few girls in attendance were already taken, so there was little pussy to chase. Instead, dudes focused on getting trashed. Since Tyhcinn had decreed that I wasn't drinking, a real possibility existed that I'd be the sole sober person by midnight and I'd be ferrying dudes home who were too drunk to drive.

Two guests surprised me. Quyen's presence was as odd as Tyhcinn's given that both were nerds, but both had a connection to Lang. Quyen had joined at least one of Tyhcinn, Tony and Lang's circle suck sessions. His costume was a caricature of himself, sorta like how my `70s gay hustler costume was a caricature of my last three weeks. He'd come as a nerdy twink. The diminutive Vietnamese boy was dressed in baggy shorts with suspenders, white tube socks and a dress shirt with a bow tie. He wore his normal thick, black-framed glasses.

The other surprise guest was Jason Palmer. At first I didn't recognize the tall pitcher because his long hair had been released from the tight ponytail he wore when he I saw him throw earlier in the day. It now hung over his shoulders and down his back. Long hair was popular among some young, professional baseball pitchers. He looked hot. He was in `70s costume, wearing a tight, fishnet tank top and an old pair of cutoffs that were only modestly less revealing than mine. He was barefoot like I was, and I was stunned at the size of his feet. His hands were huge, but his feet were gigantic.

Jason's mesh shirt exposed his awesome arms and hid little of his chest, which was surprisingly buff. He had a big tattoo of a spider's web on the left shoulder of his million-dollar pitcher's arm. The tat covered his deltoid and wrapped under his arm. The dude's body didn't look like an 18-year-old's. More like 22 or 23. He wasn't as ripped as his brother DJ, but if he filled out in the same way he'd be amazingly hot. Jason and Lang were both tall and slender and while I liked Lang's body, I liked Jason's more. Lang looked like a skinny kid next to him.

Lang told me he'd gotten to know Jason during at an awards banquet for the best pitchers in the state. They were at the same table and afterwards they hung out and guzzled a flask that Lang always carried. Dude could be counted on for the hard stuff whenever there was a celebration.

I took pains to avoid being near Jason. Knowing from DJ how much he resented our shirtless celebration on the baseball field after we beat him in the spring, I had no desire to chance a scene. I contented myself with scoping him out from afar. With his shoulder-length hair and his fishnet tank top, he looked damn hot. I kept recalling DJ's comment that he'd taught Jason to throw hard and fuck hard. If Jason fucked half as hard as his hard-assed Marine brother, it would be something. But I was probably fantasizing about something that would never happen. I had no reason to believe Jason did it with guys and even at 18 he was a fucking baseball celebrity, so he probably had his pick of pussy from girls eager to put out for him.

I made the rounds, chatting with the partiers, most of whom I hadn't seen since the end of school and wouldn't see again until who knows when. I talked with some of my baseball and football buddies from high school around the outdoor pool, but I was bored with the conversation. I ducked away to check my cell, hoping the mystery dude with the huge cock had texted me. Nothing. I was out of time and reluctantly accepted the fact that I wouldn't discover his identity or see his mammoth meat in person. Bummed, I offered to fetch Tyhcinn another drink.

I'd gotten to know Lang's house over the course of the summer and took a short cut through a seldom-used side door that passed by Lang's bedroom. Except I didn't make it past the bedroom. As I entered the house, I heard Lang growl, "FUCK THAT ASS! RAM THAT MONSTER IN MY HOLE!" My eyes went wide and I wondered if I'd heard correctly. I crept a couple of steps down the hallway to the door to Lang's bedroom. It was partially open and peering in, I saw Lang on all fours. His bright yellow shorts were at his ankles and a tall muscular dude hovered behind him, fucking the tall redhead with deep, pummeling thrusts. He had a big hand wrapped in Lang's flaming red hair and was pulling Lang's head back while he pressed his other hand into the small of Lang's back so that the pitcher's ass was perfectly aligned for fucking.

I was stunned by the sheer force of the fuck. It was brutal, no other way to describe it. Exactly the kind of fuck Lang loved, except this time he was on the receiving end of it rather than dishing it out.

Even facing away from me, I recognized the top. I'd stared at Jason Palmer's fishnet tank top and brown, shoulder-length hair enough that I instantly recognized him. There was also the tell-tale spider's web tattoo on his deltoid. From the back, the dude's muscular shoulders, back and arms were awesome. So was a damn wonderful set of glutes that flexed each time he rammed Lang's asshole.

I stood frozen, my cock hardening and pressing against my dad's vintage cutoffs. Lang was usually vocal when he fucked, but it turned out he was even more vocal when he got rough dicked. At least he was this time. He was oblivious to having a houseful of partying guests who might overhear him. He yelled, "FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!" over and over. Jason's contribution to the dialogue was a series of deep, gravelly, "Fuck yeahs!"

Holy shit. I don't know what surprised me more. Jason getting it on with a guy or Lang getting butt fucked and loving it. It wasn't that Lang was bottoming; I'd fucked him more than once early in the summer. But it was clear that he bottomed for me only to reciprocate and wasn't really into it. While I appreciated the gesture and liked boning him, we quickly settled into the Lang-topped-while-I-bottomed routine. We both liked it better. I mean, it was hard to pass up an opportunity to let Lang Long Dong put his tool to full use. Seeing him going wild over Jason drilling him, I wondered if maybe I hadn't delivered a brutal enough butt bashing to the tall redhead.

From the sweat running down Jason's back, it appeared the two pitchers had been going at it for a while. Indeed, Jason was breathing deeply. I thought he might be getting close and sure enough, he growled, "Fuck yeah, take my cum!" and thrust into Lang's ass one final time. Lang was whacking himself off, his fist flying up and down on the long dong, and he yelled, "FUCK MY FUCKING HOLE! FUCKING SHOOT IT IN MY FUCKING ASS! OH, GOD!" He shuddered and a big ribbon of white cum shot from his dick, followed by at least five or six more spurts. The dude had filled my hole with jizz early in the morning, but he apparently had saved up plenty of spunk since then.

Mesmerized, I watched the panting pitchers for a few more seconds, but I was cognizant that I was a peeping Tom and perving on watching the two studs fuck and I'd be exposed if either of them happened to turn around. I reluctantly I tore myself away, stumbling to the kitchen to get Tyhcinn's drink in a daze.

In the kitchen I exchanged words with a couple of dudes from my high school, but I couldn't get the image of Jason pounding Lang out of my mind. I killed some time and debated whether to chance returning the way I came. I couldn't resist, carefully slipping down the hallway toward Lang's bedroom.

Fearful of being caught, I decided I'd walk past Lang's room as if I had no idea he and Jason might be inside. As I passed I chanced a quick glance inside. The two studs still had their backs to me but were done fucking. Jason had pulled his tank top and cutoffs on while Lang was still naked, his big dong looking like it was semi hard. Hard to know if it had never gotten completely soft or was powering up again.

The image of the two pitchers was seared in my mind. I continued past the doorway and was almost outside when I heard Jason ask, "Was that Tyler, your shortstop, who I saw by the pool earlier in the ridiculous jean shorts?" I stopped in my tracks.

"Yup. The one and same," Lang answered.

I surrendered to the temptation to edge back toward the door to Lang's room so I could hear better, making sure I couldn't be seen. Jason snorted, "Fucking asshole. The celebration that fucker instigated after our playoff game was bush league."

"Yeah, we shouldn't have done that," Lang conceded guiltily. "But dude, we'd just become the only team to beat you during the entire baseball season!"

"Fine. You guys beat me. Act like you've been there before. He's a fucking jerk. Somebody ought to fuck the shithead up the ass."

"That's been done," Lang deadpanned.

Jason either didn't hear Lang's comment or took it for nothing more than talk. "Dickhead probably sucks and swallows, too," he mused.

"He does," Lang said matter-of-factly. "Swallows and gives good head. Dude has some good hole." I should have known that Lang would be ready and willing to talk sex. He was with everyone else so why should he be any different with Jason?

This time Jason heard Lang. "What the fuck are you talking about?"

"Our hot-shot shortstop likes cock. What can I say? Nobody on the team knew it during the high school season, but afterwards we discovered he loves sucking and can't get enough dick in his ass."


"I kid you not. Dude sucks like a Hoover, swallows everything I've even seen him lick jizz off the floor and has a sweet, tight ass. Fucking awesome tight ass. Shame I didn't know during high school. I could have been pumping his butt every day rather than beating off." I leaned forward enough to see into the room. He was groping the long dong.

"You fucked him?"

"Hell, yeah. Ever since Memorial Day weekend. We worked together over the summer and his holes were open on demand. He was happy to get me off whenever I wanted. Dude, he'll take any cock that's stiff. You should try the slut's mouth. Warm and wonderful. Hell, try his ass, too. Dude has an awesome bubble butt and a frigging tight hole. No begging girls to go down on you or worrying about getting them pregnant or having them scream that you're too big. Tyler's as easy as turning on a fucking light switch. You want head, you tell him to get on his knees. You want a tight hole, you tell him to bend over. You look at him, he begs for your cock. Dude is totally a cock hungry whore."

"Damn," Jason said. He paused before asking, "You're not like, making this up? Or playing games?"

"Hell, no. Like I said, the boy's ass and mouth are there for the taking. Just this morning I did him with five other guys!"

"So a gangbang?"

"Yeah, I guess that's what it was."

"He let six different dudes ball him?"

Lang chortled. "Yeah, but it wasn't like he `let' those guys do him. He was hungry for it. He'd probably still have his legs in the air and be beggin' for stiff dick if I hadn't pulled him away so we could make our baseball game on time."

"So you've like been balling him all summer?"

"Yep. Nothing better than having a horny slut around who will give it up whenever you want." Lang laughed and added, "A couple of days this summer I fucked him in the public john in a park at lunch and then spermed him again after work. When it comes to a stiff rod, that boy doesn't know the word `no.' Has an ass that was made to take dick."

"Fuck. That little jerk has an awesome looking bubble butt. That was probably the reason I fucking grooved that damn fast ball he hit out. I swear the fucker pushed his ass out intentionally when he was standing at the plate. A little revenge fuck would be something else."

"You know the best thing about him?"

"No, what?"

"Dude is so appreciative when you ball him. I mean, I dick him so fucking hard I practically rip him a new asshole. Every time I've done that to a girl, she fucking screamed her head off. Tyler? He's like begging me to do him harder. Loves cum and cock so much that he's like cleaning you off after you seed his shitter. And thanking you like he just won the fucking lottery."

"No shit," was all Jason could say. I risked leaning forward enough to see him. His back was still to me but I thought he was groping his package. I wished I could see it. If he was hung like DJ, it would be worth the price of admission.

"There's something else. When I dicked him this morning, it was right before our last game of the season. His tight hole felt awesome as usual, and when I took the mound for the game, I was totally relaxed and on target. I've never had better control of my pitches. I could put them exactly where I wanted. It was unreal. I think it was because I took the pressure off my balls, got totally loose and warmed up and could concentrate on pitching. I'm convinced. From now on, I don't pitch unless I get off right before the game."


"Dude, I'm totally playing it straight. You should try it. I mean, I've never pitched better. I only gave up two hits a bloop single that was total luck and an infield hit on a play our third baseman should have made but didn't. I kid you not. I was in a zone. It was incredible."

Predictably, they moved on to discuss baseball. Feeling awkward and worrying about being detected now that Lang wasn't making as much noise, I crept out of the house and back to the pool. I hoped Tyhcinn wouldn't be pissed that it took me so long to get his drink.

The vision of Jason fucking Lang was etched in my mind. Even though I'd already had sixteen cocks in my ass during the day and more than that in my mouth, seeing the fuck scene between the two lanky pitchers made me hornier than hell. Improbably, I was ready for more. My innate cock whore blossomed and I had a one-track mind. Getting bred. I wanted to find a dick to suck and plug my ass.

For the last three weeks, it seemed there was a horny dude who wanted to get it on with me around every corner. Now I was surrounded by young, certain-to-be-horny dudes, but I had no promising prospects. Earlier in the day I thought that Tony and I might hookup again at the party, but he was already trashed and working on tomorrow's hangover. Lang would normally have been counted on for another fuck, but instead of planting a load in my asshole he'd just shot one on his bedroom floor as Jason buttfucked him. Needless to say I'd give it up again to Tyhcinn anytime or anywhere, but he'd blown three loads in my holes at the high school and I knew him well enough to know he wasn't interested in another round.

Quyen was a possibility. Although he'd bred me in the truck stop earlier in the day, it had been long enough that maybe he'd be up for an encore. I spotted him talking to an older dude in a police uniform, a furry, meaty, dark-skinned Indian who looked to be thirtysomething. I almost didn't go over to the pair, wondering if the guy in the uniform was really a cop. But the dude was wearing dark sunglasses, which seemed odd at night, and drinking a beer, so I overcame my hesitation.

Quyen introduced us; me as the cock-whore jock who he and several strangers had bred in the truck stop restroom several hours ago, and the other man as his submissive bitch who he'd met a couple of weeks ago. I blinked in disbelief.

I could accept Quyen as a dominant twink only because Tyhcinn had instructed me to treat him that way and then he'd performed the role perfectly in the truck stop john. But since when were masculine, thirtysomething dudes in police uniforms submissive bitches? The situation became only slightly less bizarre when Quyen explained that he'd found his new boyfriend online and then they met in person when at freshman orientation at the Ivy League college Quyen would be attending. The man was a professor at the college and the uniform was a costume.

Watching their interaction was jarring. Quyen was totally in the control, and it was clear his boyfriend would do anything he asked, including a three-way with me. Although I would have been up for it, it wasn't in the cards. Quyen grabbed a pair of handcuffs from the dude's costume and snapped a cuff around one of the man's wrists. He sneered, "Time for me to lock you back in your cage for the night, whore. If you're a good slut, I'll let you eat my ass and then I'll fuck your hairy hole." The dude was starstruck around the Vietnamese boy. I watched them leave the party not quite believing what I'd witnessed.

With Quyen out of the mix, I mentally cataloged the other dudes I knew at the party. I didn't think any of them were into doing guys, although I'd been surprised before, like when Piers and I fucked or when I took Creed's and several of his buddies' cocks at the gangbang in the woods. I wondered who might take me up on an offer to suck their cock. I narrowed the list of possible candidates to three. Randy was a stocky football player who always seemed, well, randy. Ricardo was a thin Latin dude on the baseball team. Maybe I included him because I was channeling memories of Cal's Latin sperm geyser. Last was Amos, a skinny black kid who I'd played basketball with. I began plotting how to get one of them alone for a suggestive conversation, although I was horny enough that I kept looking at other dudes and wondering if should add them to my list.

The problem was that I knew any action would pale in comparison to what I'd just seen. Against the odds, Jason dicked guys. Even more intriguing, he did it like his brother. Hard and rough. DJ's words from earlier in the day came back to me. "I taught him to throw hard and to fuck hard." Damn. I'd enjoyed a hard fuck from DJ, and Jason had delivered one to Lang. Hard didn't accurately describe either fuck. Brutal was more like it. That's what I wanted. Jason was damn hot and now I knew that he fucked boys, I wanted what he'd delivered to Lang. If I wasn't mistaken, he'd been kinda intrigued when Lang told him I was a cock whore, so maybe there was hope.

What was it with me and brothers? Earlier in the summer I'd gotten tag-teamed by the two blond Adonis brothers, Aiden and Ashton. They were both hot and had stayed in touch, making it known that they were interested in being fuck buddies. Then I'd gotten drilled by Tal this afternoon, only days after his brother Nils did me. Now I was faced with the tantalizing prospect of DJ and Jason. Based on the conclusive evidence that Jason fucked hard like his big brother, it would be fabulous to ride him.

But I had to be realistic. It wasn't going to happen. Jason already shot his wad in Lang's ass. Even if that didn't prove to be an impediment, a much larger problem loomed. The dude thought I was a huge jerk. A colossal shithead.

Nothing would happen tonight, but I could consider him a long-range project. We'd be on the same baseball team together at college and maybe I'd volunteer to service him before he pitched. Of course it would take some work to even get to that point. Not only would I have to deliver a big apology about the shirtless celebration, but Jason would have to accept it and get over the incident. DJ made it sound like his little brother wasn't particularly forgiving. I'd have to hope that the dude didn't think I was such an fuckhead that he wouldn't have anything to do with me. Although maybe the whole celebration fiasco could be to my advantage. Perhaps he'd extract his revenge on my butt rather than beaning me again with his fastball.

Jason wasn't my immediate problem, which instead was contemplating my short list of possible hookups. I was talking baseball with a group of guys next to the swimming pool, only halfway paying attention, when I spotted Amos with Tyhcinn. My list of prospects was suddenly whittled to one. I'd taken four black dicks since noon; why not a fifth? I could wander over to them, join the conversation and make sure an opportunity arose to offer the use of my holes. It would be an opportunity to give Tyhcinn a first-hand demonstration of how much I'd given into my inner cock whore.

I'd seen Amos's cock countless times in the shower after basketball practice. He had a long, hooded fuck stick. Not that thick and nothing to compare with Tyhcinn's, but still a damn nice piece. The dude might actually be gay. I didn't remember him dating in high school so maybe he liked guys instead of girls. Even if he didn't, maybe he'd be happy to accept a blow job. He'd guzzled plenty of beer so he'd have the age-old excuse of being really drunk. The thought of wrapping my lips around his rod and working it until I got a mouthful of black nut caused my cock to swell.

Focused on Amos and Tyhcinn, I was startled when I felt fingers slipping beneath the bottom of my jean shorts and into my ass crack. I'd worried that my butt was showing in the damn jean cutoffs and sure enough it must have been. Shit, they were so short I could probably get fucked up the ass without ever taking them off.

I suspected Lang it obviously wasn't Tyhcinn since I could see him, and both he and Tony were usually more discreet. Instinctively I started to turn around to see who it was, but I was stopped when a big hand gripped my jaw.

The hand didn't belong to Lang or Tony. It belonged to Jason Palmer.

He snarled in my ear, "Don't move, just listen. You save this ass for me, got it fucker? When I'm done with you, you can ride as many dicks as you want. If you can still walk. But I go first. Tonight, your ass is mine. If you can take getting your brains fucked out, say yes. If you can't, say no and I'm out of here. Your choice. Understand?"

I felt like I'd been struck by lightning. My heart thumping, I squeaked, "Yes, sir," belatedly realizing that I'd called Jason sir, the same as I called his brother. And Tyhcinn.

In the flash of an eye the lanky pitcher was gone. It all happened so fast that none of the guys I was with noticed anything.

I'd been totally wrong, both about whether anything would happen with Jason at Lang's party and whether the stud wanted anything to do with me. He wanted my ass.

I waited a minute or two before breaking away from my friends to search for the tall stud. Ironically my efforts led me past Amos. I hadn't spoken to him all night, but he was super friendly. Maybe Tyhcinn had mentioned that I was gay. Maybe he was hoping for exactly what I'd been hoping for minutes earlier. Maybe he was interested in sucking my dick. Maybe he wanted to butt fuck a white jock.

It didn't matter. Amos would have to wait. I was on a singular mission. Getting fucked by Jason Palmer.

I continued to search but didn't see him anywhere and began to wonder if he was playing me. Maybe he only wanted to see if he could get me to admit I'd let him do me but had no intention of following through. I hoped he hadn't split.

I ran out of obvious places to look for him and before retracing my steps, I figured I'd hit the john. The main restroom in Lang's house had a waiting line but the garage at the back of the yard had a toilet that most people at the party didn't know about. Sure enough it was vacant.

I'd finished pissing but my cock was still hanging out when a big hand closed around my throat. Palmer. Lost in my thoughts, I hadn't heard him enter. He wrapped an arm around my chest. "You'll do what I say, jock boy. And the first thing you'll do is to get on your knees and kiss my feet. You're gonna lick every toe. And then you're gonna suck. Suck... my... cock! Make it the best head of your life."

My dick jerked and woke. I whispered, "Yes, sir." He spun me around and shoved me to my knees, closing the door and locking it.

The dude must have worn like size 14 or 16 shoes. He feet were enormous. I'd never contemplated kissing a guy's feet, but Jason ordering me to do it went straight to my cock. Fuck. I was horny beyond belief. And yeah, at that moment I wanted nothing more than to kiss his feet.

I bent down and did as he ordered, kissing his skin, licking his bony feet, and taking each of his long toes into my mouth. My boner betrayed how excited I was, pressing against my cutoffs and begging for release.

Both of the stud's feet were wet with my spit when I heard him unzip his cutoffs. I looked up to see them shoved down to his thighs, revealing a pair of retro bikini briefs struggling to hold his junk. With a swift motion, he freed a thick slab of uncut meat together with two big eggs. His junk dangled lazily above his cutoffs.

Damn! The dude was hung. A huge, hooded monster swung above my head. My attention was riveted on it. I wanted it. Jason was two inches taller than DJ and two inches longer, too. His prick was awesome.

But I was stunned by a sudden realization. I'd seen Jason's tool before. Many times. I'd memorized it. He was the mystery man who'd texted me three weeks ago, asking "Want this?" and attaching a picture of his hard, uncut cock. I'd looked at that picture and others he sent so many times that I knew every inch of that slab of manhood intimately. I'd salivated over his string of suggestive messages and photos.

I looked up at his face in surprise, only to see him smirking. "Yeah, you've seen it before, dickhead. You've been desperate for it for three weeks. It's finally your lucky day! You've got the same shocked look on your face that your buddy Lang had after he bet his ass that his dick was bigger than mine. That bet didn't turn out very well for him. He thought he was gonna get his cock inside me but instead he took my tool up his butt. From the way he squealed, though, I think he liked losing the bet."

What I'd witnessed earlier now made more sense. Lang was trashed even before Tyhcinn and I arrived for the party, and I could totally see him bragging about his tool and being drunk enough to challenge Jason to a bet. Of course being drunk enough to make a stupid bet was one thing. Getting drilled and loving it was another. I had a feeling that Lang's days of constantly boning the ladies might have drawn to a close. As many times as he'd been inside a girlfriend's cunt, I couldn't see him ever being as turned on as he was when Jason's pole was inside him. As many times as he'd dicked me over the course of the summer, I'd never seen him as excited as he was to have Jason's fuck stick in his hole. Maybe the tall redhead only needed the right man to turn him into a dedicated bottom.

Perhaps getting fucked by Jason was that good. I meant to find out. I was excited to have discovered the identity of the mystery texter, but even more excited that I was about to get a ride on his awesome cock.

I reached for Jason's slab of meat, feeling it's heat and heft and marveling at how it filled my hand and weighed it down. My heart was racing as I brought it slowly to my mouth, reaching out with my tongue and beginning to lick, being rewarded with a clear, thick drop of pre-cum.

"Suck it!" Jason ordered. "Wrap your pretty red lips around my cock. Your lips are pussy lips. Just like the lips of a cunt's pussy. You're a frigging little cocksucker and you're gonna give me head. It had better be damn good head. Your buddy's ass juices are all over my cock, but you're gonna lick them off. And you're gonna take my prick all the way down your throat. Suck like your life depends on it, whore!"

I worked quickly, tonguing his tool before taking the tip into my mouth. The baseball stud tasted of cum and ass. Delicious! His dick throbbed as it thickened and hardened. I was excited at the prospect of seeing how big his equipment would be when full erect. From the pictures I was convinced he was a thick as Tony and his expanding prick was producing first-hand evidence that it was longer than Lang's. I might have huge pale weapon in my mouth that would edge out Tommy's ten inches. A mirror image of Tyhcinn's enormous dick.

Jason let out a soft moan as his dick sank down my throat. He growled, "Get me hard and wet so I can drill your boi pussy. I'm horny and I'm gonna fuck your brains out. You'd better like rough fucks." I did. His announcement that he'd rough fuck me echoed his brother DJ's similar statement. Ran in the family.

Jason's manhood was wedged tightly in my throat and I had to concentrate on breathing correctly to avoid gagging or worse. I pulled my head back, feeling the thick rod push against the sides of my throat as it withdrew. It pulsed in my mouth like a live animal. I immediately plunged back onto the big pole, slurping greedily as I swallowed the stud and sucked.

It was hot enough in the john that Jason pulled off the mesh tank top he'd worn to the party. It hadn't hidden much of his torso but I was happy to have an unhindered, close-up view. His pecs were perfectly proportioned, giving a broad platform to two pert brown nipples. The stud's stomach was flat and his shoulder muscles were like big balloons. His thickly veined forearms were covered with a light, downy fuzz, but otherwise the guy was smooth. Maybe in time he'd have some fur on his chest but not soon. Dude didn't even have a treasure trail beneath his bellybutton and the only hair on his long, muscular legs was confined to his shins.

I was fascinated by half a dozen dark moles dotting the stud's face and chest. I found them wildly sexy. One protruded enough that it was almost like a third nipple. Maybe on a dude with a mediocre body they wouldn't have been so great. But on Jason they were mesmerizing. I could have circled them with my tongue for hours.

Up close, the size of Jason's mammoth hands stunned me. Lang's hands were big, but Jason's were bigger. Most pitchers have big hands, but his were something else. As I stared up at him, his long hair gave him a primitive, erotic masculinity. Sort of like Tarzan coming out of the jungle and discovering how good it felt to get his cock sucked. Tarzan would only know how to fuck like an animal and after seeing Jason bone Lang, I suspected he'd give me the same treatment. I was ready for the pitcher to turn me into his catcher and fuck me like an animal in heat. I wanted it.

In its full, erect glory, Jason's prick was a cross between Tony's fat cock and Lang's long dong. As long as Lang and as fat as Tony. His combination of width and length was unmatched by any cock I had touched. Even Tommy's. Well, not Tyhcinn's, although I would be hard pressed to tell which horse dick was bigger. Tyhcinn might get the edge only because his piece looked bigger because it was juxtaposed next to his twinky body. Jason's tool fit right in with his muscular legs.

I bobbed back and forth on the stud pitcher's prick, trying to avoid gagging and looking for hints about what the tall hunk liked. My eyes drifted to his face and he growled, "Yeah, look me in the eyes when you're giving me head, bitch. I wanna see you worship that cock. Your eyes betray that you're a whore for it."

I kept my gaze riveted on him and his eyes continued to bore into me. He began to slowly thrust his hips forward, forcing his long shaft down my throat, and it wasn't long before he took control, planting his two huge hands on my head and beginning to deliver a brutal face fuck. He growled, "Yeah, cocksucker, work that dick. Suck it like you're in love with it. Worship that big tool. Worship it baby. Fucking worship it!"

Worshiping Jason's dick was a fair assessment of what I was already doing. I loved being on my knees and servicing the big snake. I could do little more than breathe and brace for impact as the lanky pitcher rammed his crotch into my face and drilled my throat. My dick, which predictably had slipped out of the leg hole of my vintage cutoffs, was rock hard, pointing toward the ceiling and oozing pre-cum.

"Yeah, bitch," he growled. "Your mouth feels so good that we have a little change of plans. You're gonna swallow my nut. But that's only act one. Don't think you're getting off easy. I'm still taking your ass." He began to pant, continuing to slam into my face with full force. Not that he had asked, but the idea of getting Jason's spunk in both my holes made my dick jerk happily.

I ran my hands up and down his bare legs, feeling his hard muscles flex as he thrust his manhood into my mouth. The stud's big balls flapped against my chin as his cock sank into my throat, but I wanted to massage the low hangers, so I began to knead the juicy eggs, eliciting a hungry growl from the hunk. He liked me pressuring his nuts, so I squeezed his sac steadily.

My cocksucking efforts were soon rewarded with a wave of thick cum that rifled down my throat. I was stunned by the force of the first blast, but it tasted incredible. His dick continued to gush jizz and I struggled to swallow so that it wouldn't spill out of my mouth. Happily, I succeeded, for the most part. A drizzle of spunk covered my chin. I cleaned it off when the stud's gigantic prong stopped firing, and I milked the last drop of cum from his piss slit.

"You're good with your mouth," Jason panted as he stared down at me, making me feel kinda happy. "It's nice to see you can handle a rough face fuck and not whine. But you better hope your ass can handle it, too. You're gonna get fucked so hard that you're gonna beg for mercy. Or maybe not. You might be a hungry slut whore who begs for more. Either way, by the time I'm done with you, I'm gonna own you. Something tells me you might just love that. Whether you do or don't won't matter to me. I'm using you as a cum dump either way."

My hard dick jerked again. With my mouth full of jock cock, I couldn't reply. But yeah, Jason had me pegged already. I hoped he'd love drilling my ass, but I knew that I'd love getting drilled.

Suddenly, a crack of thunder sounded and big raindrops started to pour down. Jason pulled his cock from my mouth and slapped it across my face a couple of times, sneering down at me. "You like this dick?"

"Yes, sir!" I replied, again wondering why I was calling him `sir.' It was the same reason I called DJ and Tyhcinn `sir.' It felt right. It was somewhat understandable with DJ, who'd been in full military uniform and was years older than me. But with Jason I had the same weird feeling that I had with Tyhcinn. If a man owns you, you call him `sir.'

Jason chuckled, rubbed his semi-hard prick across my face a couple more times and snarled, "We'll see if you still like it after I'm done with your ass, pretty boy."

He unlocked the restroom door and peered into the garage. "Looks like we've got the place to ourselves, slut. Everybody headed into the house when the rain started. And the way it's coming down, it probably won't let up for a while. That's good, because I intend to take my time fucking you in the ass."

Jason grabbed my hair and pulled me to my feet. He hauled me into the garage and, surveying the place, settled on Lang's old Jeep, which had its soft top off. He growled, "This'll do," shoved me into the back seat and crawled on top of me. His chest was inches from my face, and he raised his arms and growled, "Eat my pits."

For the second time during the day, I pushed my face into a dude's armpits and licked. Jason and his brother both liked having their pits worshipped. Doing him was even hotter than DJ. Something about being underneath his muscular, veiny, multi-million-dollar pitching arm was hot. The spider web tat on his shoulder made me imagine that I was trapped in a web. After working up a sweat doing Lang and face fucking me, he had a distinctive odor and taste. Smell, sight, hearing, touch, taste all five of my senses were focused intently on sex.

Jason let me work his pits longer than his brother had. Of course DJ was on a tight schedule while Jason was probably letting his cock recover before he plowed my ass. When he finally lowered his arms, his pits were drenched with my spit. He shoved my head into his crotch and hissed, "Suck, bitch. Get me hard so I can abuse your hot little bubble butt. You're gonna take it raw, so you better get me good and wet. I'm gonna fuck you so hard your toes are gonna curl up."

My sexcapade with Jason was getting better and better. His semi hard prick looked amazing and I dutifully went to work, sucking until his full erection returned. It wasn't all that long; the dude's piece came back to life in little time. Due to the tight quarters in the back seat of the Jeep, I was mostly helpless when he decided to take over and fuck my mouth. "You have no idea how good it's gonna feel to fuck you in the ass, you little bitch," he growled. "You've got it coming after gloating and talking trash in the playoffs. That smirk you had on your face after you won is gonna be permanently wiped off your face. I'm gonna pound your fucking asshole into tomorrow. You think I can throw hard? Well, you're about to find out I fuck as hard as I throw. You're gonna be squealing like a little girl."

Jason might wipe the smirk off my face, but the way things were going he'd leave a permanent, stupid-happy smile in its place. Shoving my cutoffs off my ankles and hoisting my legs high in the air, the stud pitcher braced himself against the front seats of the Jeep and grabbed his big fuck tool, exploring my ass crack until he found the entrance to my hole. I held my breath as the head of Jason's big tool pressed against my anus.

"Feel that dick head, cocksucker? In a moment it's gonna be inside you. And then my whole fucking cock will be deep in your guts and raping your tight hole. I'm gonna spoil you, boi. Squeal all you want, but I ain't stopping until I've bred you and seeded you like the bitch you are."

Jason's white monster breached my sphincter and wrenched my hole open. I gasped at the intrusion. It was a damn good thing Tyhcinn had opened my ass as far as it could go, because I was about to get fucked brutally.

The lanky, long-haired stud began a seemingly endless assault on my hole, advancing relentlessly until his trimmed pubes pressed against my crack and he was balls deep inside me. Once again, I felt the little thrill that came from having a dude's manhood buried deep in my boi pussy.

I moaned and stared at the tall fuck machine with a look that I'm sure was pure lust. Jason's cock stretched my hole to the max. Not that I hadn't loved it at the time, but now I had a second reason to be glad that Tal and Tay had double penetrated me not that long ago, not to mention Tyhcinn fucking me onstage a few hours ago with his black python. I needed every bit of stretching to accommodate the prick buried inside me.

But damn it felt good. I was filled with cock. Jason Palmer was inside me and about to breed me.

"I'm gonna love ramming my big cock into you and fucking you in the ass." Jason hissed. I didn't tell him that I'd love it, too. His next comment suggested that he knew anyway. He snarled in my ear, "Yeah, you like my dick inside you, don't you boi? Your ass feels damn good around my cock and I'm gonna enjoy this. For your sake, I hope you do, too, but I don't give a shit whether you do or not. You're nothing but a hole that I'm gonna use to get off. You're gonna take everything I can dish out." I moaned in response. His prick felt wonderful as he began his assault, pulling out, pushing back in, and dominating my ass.

He rammed his dong into my defenseless hole for a good five minutes before hissing, "You like this slut, don't you? Not one complaint, not one protest, not one objection. You're a fucking born cock whore, aren't you?"

No reason to deny the obvious. "Yes, sir." My voice was an octave higher than normal. It was like I was back in puberty, with my voice high one minute and normal the next.

"Good, bitch. I like that. I want a little demonstration of how much you like it. I don't fuck boys unless they cum while I'm inside them. Unless they cum at least every time I do. Show me how much you're turned on by being a slut whore for my cock. Work your dick while I'm breeding you like a bitch."

"Yes, sir," I replied again. This was sounding awesome. Tyhcinn often dispatched me with a disappointed cock and full balls, like he had earlier in the evening. He liked me being insanely horny. Jason wanted me to show how much I was into it in a different way. I wouldn't have trouble getting off with the pitcher's massive tool inside me. Matching him climax for climax would be no problem, not given how awesome my hole felt with his big white weapon inside it.

Unless... Well, what if Jason's huge eggs were plumbed like Cal's? As hot at that would be, no way could I keep that pace, even if I hadn't already blown a couple of loads.

Jason was right about throwing hard and fucking hard, and DJ had done a damn good job of teaching his brother to bludgeon an ass. The pitcher pummeled my boi pussy, grinding his big cock deep into my hole and slamming my butt until it sounded like he was spanking me. He hovered over me, his long hair dangling over his shoulders. He kept brushing it back from his forehead as sweat beaded on his brow. I fisted myself enough to stay on the edge of climaxing. It didn't take much. My boner was pre-cumming like a leaky faucet.

I was surprised when the stud leaned in and pressed his lips to mine. I opened my mouth and suddenly he was kissing me, his tongue exploring with a vengeance. I moaned again. It was damn hot to have Jason's big dick and his tongue both inside me. His huge hands were clamped on my shoulders. He owned my body and was using it to pleasure himself. I loved it.

Jason didn't signal his impending climax. Of course, that would have required that he do something other than grunt. Or maybe pound me harder and faster, although I'm not certain he could have. The only way I knew he spermed my ass was when my hole felt extra wet. He rammed into me one final time and I could feel his big pole thrashing about in my hole. He broke our kiss long enough to growl, "Fuck yeah!" Realizing that I hadn't nutted, I frantically worked my boner. It only took a dozen strokes before I soaked my abs with ribbons of thick ball juice.

Jason kept his dick buried inside me and went back to kissing. When he stopped and pulled out, we were both soaked with a drippy mixture of my jizz and our sweat. He collapsed into the back seat of the Jeep next to me, his long hair plastered against his forehead.

He stared at me with dazed eyes that gradually came to rest on the smeared cum on my abs. A cocky smile came to his face. "I see you liked that, bitch. Clean up your mess!" I dutifully scooped spunk from my chest and abs into my mouth, then carefully licked Jason's chest and stomach to gather anything on him. I licked the spunk off his body quickly but kept licking away. I was getting the chance to make love to the hot moles on his bare torso.

He wasn't done with me. When I looked up from my work on his chest and stomach, he was watching me intently with a scornful look. He grabbed my hair, shoved my face into his crotch and growled, "Suck, bitch. Gimme head."

I eagerly went to work on his hooded ivory monster, enjoying the mingled taste of his cum and Tyhcinn's. They were different but I loved them both. I slipped down to the pitcher's ball sac, licking the smooth, dangling skin. Jason spread his long legs wide and put his feet on the front seats, slouching down and giving me access not only to his balls but his taint and his tight ass crack. I soaked his hole, thrusting my tongue inside it repeatedly like I was fucking him. Then I worked his nuts, swirling his balls around until they were coated with my spit. I eventually went back to the white weapon that had so recently attacked my ass, slowly coaxing it back into a rigid fuck rod.

"Fuck, you don't stop, do you?"

"Only when you tell me I have to, sir," I replied. I swallowed his heavy dick, feeling it stretch my throat wide. His rod soon was in complete possession of my mouth.

Jason ran his huge hands through my long hair and gripped my head, forcing my mouth down as he thrust upwards with his shaft. "Fuck yeah, cocksucker, suck that dick." I mumbled an affirmative response, not that the stud pitcher could tell what I was saying with my mouth filled with dick.

I worked Jason until my jaws threatened to cramp but the lanky pitcher showed no signs of stopping me. Finally he pulled me off and snarled, "Your ass has been looking better and better the longer you sucked my cock."

The back seat of the Jeep was tight quarters, but Jason faced me towards the rear and shoved me against the seatback. He put his long, lean thighs on either side of my legs and pressed his spit-soaked dick into my ass crack, finding my hole and thrusting inside me. I moaned, happy to once again be filled with cock. I did a mental inventory, realizing I'd taken seventeen different dicks in my boi pussy. I'd tied my dubious record, set three weeks ago during the gangbang with Reynolds and Tommy. My hungry hole hadn't had a dick-free day in between.

Jason wrenched my head back, grabbing my hair to control me, much like he'd done to Lang. He growled, "Arch that back, bitch. I'm going balls deep inside you. Show me how much you want it." I did as he ordered, feeling his big tool reach a spot in my guts that only Tyhcinn had reached before. I was filled with cock.

His big hands held my chest and abs as he penetrated me, starting slowly but gradually picking up speed. Soon he was drilling me without mercy as my slimy dick pressed against the back of the seat. The stud pitcher's long hair fell on my bare shoulders as he nuzzled my neck. I wanted to turn my head and kiss him but didn't dare. Instead, I relished the feeling him holding my body in an iron grip as he used my hole to get off.

He slam-fucked me, plain and simple. The dude was an animal and I existed only to provide a hot, tight hole for him to use as he saw fit. With his long hair, he was an amazing mixture of primal, masculine lust. All directed toward breeding me, turning me into his personal cum dump.

"Yeah, you little fuck," Jason hissed. "You're not so cocky now, are you? Do you regret that shirtless celebration in the state playoffs?"

I'd come to view my stunt as an asshole maneuver by a complete jerk. So yeah, I regretted it. But I sure as hell didn't regret the payback. "Give me what I deserve," I panted.

"Yeah!" Jason growled. He responded with rapid series of deep, brutal thrusts into my ass. "Take it you little cocksucker."

Each time Jason rammed me, my slimy dick pressed against the back of the Jeep's seat. There was enough motion to get me close. More than close. I climaxed without warning, whimpering, "Oh, fuck," as I shot. I didn't think it could happen, particularly after the day I'd had. I'd painted my face as Aziz fucked me, cum hands-free with DJ's big dick inside me, balled Tal, and jerked off not long ago with Jason's butt buster up my asshole.

I don't think Jason realized he'd fucked the cum out of me. It was technically my second hands-free climax of the day, although with a big assist from the back of the Jeep seat. I shot wave after wave and I clenched my ass as cum rifled from my balls.

Jason might not have detected my climax, but he noticed my ass contraction. "That's right! Milk my dick. Show me how much you want another load of my cum inside you." I worked his big rod and was rewarded with yet another blast of jock seed. He propelled what was at least his fourth load of the night into my boi pussy and I was stunned by its sheer power. The dude was a fuck machine.

Panting, he pulled out and I peeled myself from the back of the Jeep seat. My jizz covered it. Fortunately Lang didn't have cloth seats.

Jason reached a long, thin finger to touch the spunk. He brought a glob of it to his mouth, licking his finger. Chuckling, he scooped up more and ate it. "You follow directions well, bitch. I like that. I like even better that I fucked the cum out of you, you little slut. The dudes were right about you. You're as easy as pissing after drinking beer all night." He licked more ball juice from the seat before growling, "Clean up your nut, cum dump. What would Lang think about his Jeep?" I carefully slurped down the last of my load, then turned to cleaning his dick.

By the time we emerged from the garage, the rain had stopped. The air was moist and heavy and smelled like it does after a heavy rain. The wet surface of the grass glistened in the lights surrounding the swimming pool.

The crowd had dissipated but Tyhcinn, Tony and Lang were sprawled out on lounge chairs arrayed by the side of the pool. There was some poetic justice to that. My journey to become a cock whore had started when the three of them tricked me over Memorial Day and used me as a cum dump for the weekend. That seemed like ages ago. At the time I thought it was hell. Now it was my fondest memory of high school.

Tony was passed out. It seemed likely he'd spend the night in the chaise lounge and would be sporting another serious hangover tomorrow. Unfortunately, he wouldn't have me to ride his fat cock in the sauna to help him recover.

Lang was drunk, but he'd been that way all night. He stared at Jason with a star-struck look. If I hadn't witnessed what the two pitchers had done earlier in the evening, I wouldn't have understood the look. I probably had the same look on my face.

Tyhcinn had downed plenty of booze, but he was his usual calm, collected and in-control self. If he was drunk, he didn't show it. He didn't even seem tipsy. He was the odd man out in the gathering. Not only because he seemed sober. He was black while Tony, Lang, Jason and I were white. We were jocks while he was a twinky nerd, down to his thick glasses. Of course, he had a monster cock and knew how to use it. He'd deflowered Tony, Lang and me over Memorial Day but reacted to that accomplishment as if it was merely another day at the office.

"Finally," Lang snorted as he spotted us. "How many loads did you plant in our cum dump, Jason? Took you long enough."

"Only three. Too much beer earlier. Always takes longer to cum when I'm drunk."

"And what did you think, Jason?" Tyhcinn asked calmly. He seemed almost serious, like he was asking questions for an investigative report and would soon ask Jason to rate my ass on a scale of one to ten.

Jason exhaled and shook his head. "Dude, you were totally right. Amazing ass. Sucks like a pro. The jerk has a hunky little body, too. He's a climax waiting to happen. I thought you were bullshitting, and knowing Lang I was sure he was, but you both were spot on. I owe you an apology."

Tyhcinn waved it off. "So you'll consider my offer?"

Jason gave me a satisfied smile and nodded slowly. "Yeah, I think so."

What the hell were Tyhcinn and Jason talking about? I was mystified that the two guys seemed to know one another, let alone that they apparently had some deal. None of it made sense.

Jason looked at me and asked, "So, cum dump, how would you like to be roommates at college? To recruit me, the baseball coach promised me a solo room in the athletic dorm, but I've been rethinking it because some of the guys told me that the rest of the team will think I'm a prima donna getting special treatment. Instead I was thinking about a double like everyone else. You'd be my roommate.

"So there's no misunderstanding here, this is what would go down. Pretty much every morning you'd suck me off. I always wake up with morning wood. After that, you can count on me nailing your ass at least once a day. I'm also thinking of trying Lang's idea of warming up before I pitch by getting off and I'd be using your butt to do it. When I'm not seeding your mouth or breeding your ass, you're gonna do whatever I fucking tell you to do. My laundry. Cleaning the room. Licking my balls. You'd be my gopher, fetching whatever the hell I tell you to fetch, whenever I want it." He paused, sneering at me, and added, "Actually, just think about it as you being my slave."

I stared wide eyed. The athletic dorm was spectacular and few freshmen got to live there. I didn't know the roommate I'd been paired with anyway, and I'd been worried about how the dude would react when he discovered his roommate was the biggest gay slut on campus. Not that it would have stopped me if he disproved.

And hell, yeah, I'd happily service Jason's big white weapon. The thought of pitcher's lanky body on top of me as he piston fucked my ass with his rigid python set me off. The animalistic pillaging of my hole I'd just experienced left me hungering for more.

As for the slave stuff... fuck. Thinking about it gave me a little thrill.

Jason went on. "I admit at first I wasn't inclined to even consider Tyhcinn's offer. It sounded too outlandish to be true. I texted you anonymously three weeks ago after he and I first talked and your response made it obvious you were a hungry cock whore. It was kinda fun stringing you along for the last couple of weeks, but I figured you were all talk and no show, or maybe you'd be freaked out by the size of my dick or wouldn't be able to handle a rough fuck. I didn't realize you really were the slut that Tyhcinn said you were until today, when my brother nailed you and raved about your holes and Lang said you took it up the ass from any and all. Even then I was skeptical, but I figured there was no harm in taking your ass for a test drive. I didn't think there was any way you'd be the fuck you were. But since you are, I'm willing to try you out at school."

I was ready to accept. Frankly, he had me when I watched him buttfuck Lang and I was completely sold when he made me cum twice, fucking it out of me the second time. But it wasn't my decision to make. I looked at Tyhcinn, knowing I'd do whatever he said. He nodded slowly, a faint smile on his big lips.

"Um, yeah, that sounds good, sir." There was that `sir' again.

I was pretty sure that if I was living with Jason I'd see DJ and his big prick again. I hoped so. Maybe Jason and I would both be looking forward to visits from the Marine. And maybe... maybe... I'd propose a DP. Earlier I'd been thinking of Nils and Tal double penetrating me or maybe Xavier and Yves. Not that I wouldn't give it up to both duos, but Jason and his big brother would be an incredible black/white combination of brother boning.

Come to think of it, I might not have to propose a DP. It might happen whether I proposed it or not. Both men liked fucking hard.

Lost in my thoughts, I realized that Jason was giving me an annoyed glare. His jaws were clenched. He didn't want me to merely say his proposal was okay. Or good. He'd told me to worship his cock when I went down on him in the garage. The stud wanted to know that in my new role as his roommate and slave I'd be desperate for his fuck rod.

Not a problem. It was time to let him know just how much of a cock whore I was. An enthusiastic cock whore. I licked my lips and said, "The best part will be milking your balls, sir. Until you tell me not to, you'll be waking up every day with your morning wood deep down my throat. And going to sleep with your dick buried in my ass after you've bred me as many times as you want and fucked the cum out of me. I'll drop whatever I'm doing to give you head or open my ass. That will be my main priority."

"Damn right it will." Jason grinned. It was a victory sneer. "You're gonna be my personal cum dump. This is setting up nicely. Quite nice." He cupped his crotch and I wondered if he'd fuck me once more in front of Lang and Tyhcinn, despite having already shot in Lang's butt, blown a load in my mouth and juiced my ass twice.

Jason liked having his ego stroked. But fuck, how many dudes don't? If all that was necessary to accomplish that task was stroke his cock and demonstrate how much I loved it in my holes, it would be easy. And hot. Damn hot. I'd get to play with the mystery cock day and night!

Tyhcinn interrupted. "I want him to concentrate on a handful of things, Jason. Go to class and study. Play baseball. Work out. Eat and service cocks. Well, the last two, eating food and taking dick, will come naturally, but I'm depending on you to keep on his ass about classes, studying, baseball and working out. He doesn't do anything else. Above all, no drinking or partying. Unless his ass is hosting the party."

Jason shrugged. "Easy. I'll kick his butt if he misses class or doesn't study. Even if he wasn't my personal cum dump, I'd be on his ass at baseball practice anyway." He snickered and added, "And in his ass, too. It'll be good to have a workout partner, particularly someone who has no choice but to keep up with my routine. I'll definitely like having his amazing bubble butt and hot mouth available whenever I bone and want to get off. You can waste plenty of time chasing pussy and I haven't found one yet that's as good as Tyler's holes. I may never fuck another college coed." Jason hadn't started college yet, so I concluded my earlier guess about women chasing him was borne out. I felt kinda happy that he liked balling me better than college women. My damn competitive streak again.

"Good," Tyhcinn said. "You'll find that he has an uncanny ability to ferret out cock. Sometimes I think he can smell a dude who'll do another guy from a mile away. He'll probably be the dorm whore before midterms."

Jason chuckled. "Okay by me. Far be it for me to deprive my dormmates of the use of a deep throat and a dynamite ass. Anyway, I like a sloppy ass that's been stretched wide so I can slam-fuck it right away."

"Me, too," Tyhcinn said. "That reminds me. Three bros of mine are already planning to use Tyler's holes at will. They're in the athletic dorm, too. Xavier, Yves and Zain. The X, Y, Z bone boys. They play basketball and like playing with white pussy bois for entertainment. Xavier and Yves already sampled Tyler's boi butt and they're fans. As for Zain... well, let's just say he isn't discriminating about the white boys he fucks, so he'll be easy to please."

Jason wasn't fazed. "Not a problem on my side. I like the idea that the whore's asshole will be stretched wide. He's damn tight and I'd rather ram my cock inside him without having to work to open him up. The first thrust inside a fuck toy needs to be balls deep. Going in hard and fast makes `em taste it. And this boy is gonna be tasting it constantly."

He sneered at me. "Here's my first order, jock whore. Don't bother to show up in our dorm with any underwear. Nada. None. Got it? From here on out, you're going commando. Better get used to it.

"When you're in our room, you're gonna be bare-ass naked. The only time you wear clothes is when you leave the room. What you're offering free access to your asshole whenever anyone feels like dicking it is always gonna be on full display. Anyone who comes to see either of us will get used to you being in your birthday suit.

"You can wear a jock strap beneath your baseball uniform and bring a jock brief for the rare occasion when you might need to keep your cock from being too obvious. Nothing that covers your bubble butt, understand? I better not find a pair of regular briefs or boxers, because if I do, you'll wear them on your head for a week. Understand?"

I nodded. My clothes were packed already, so I'd have to dig through my stuff and remove my underwear. The tattered and frayed jocks that I'd worn beneath my swim trunks and baseball uniform all summer would work for baseball, but my first order of business at school would be to buy some jock briefs. My mom bought me two packages of new boxers for college and I'd have to hide them at home so that she wouldn't find them and wonder why I left them behind.

Jason got a devious smile and added, "Make sure you bring those jean cutoffs you're wearing, slut. I'm pretty sure they're short enough that I can shove you against a wall and fuck you up the ass without ever having to take them off. It will save time. You may just start a new fashion trend on campus."

Shit. It would be one thing to go commando, but another thing to have my ass hanging out of short-shorts when I wouldn't have the excuse that I was only wearing them for a `70s costume party. I'd have to hope Jason forgot about them. If not, I'd have to beg him not to make me wear them. He'd already announced that I'd be his slave and he owned my holes, so it wasn't like I'd have much to bargain with. Maybe if I washed them with a bunch of tennis shoes they'd fall apart and I wouldn't have to wear them, although that might only result in the cutoffs getting holes in embarrassing places.

"You better understand one thing, Tyler," Tyhcinn said. "Yes you're a cock whore, but your first loyalty is to Jason. Never take another dick when he wants to fuck your face or ram your ass instead. At college, you'll give him the same deference you give me."

"Yes, sir," I nodded. It didn't seem like Jason was planning on keeping me to himself, so I didn't think what Tyhcinn was saying would ever be a problem.

"When your freshman year is over, I'll reassess things. I anticipate that Jason will own you for as long as he sticks in college and doesn't turn pro. Maybe the full four years. After that, when we're done with college, things will change. But one thing will never change. You and I are bound together. Understand?"

"Yes, sir," I replied automatically.

I felt warm inside. Tyhcinn had structured my freshman year of college and it felt completely right. I knew what he wanted me to do at every point. Go to class, study, play baseball, workout, service Jason and any other college dude who was interested in getting off. Hell, any other dude, period. My mom would be happy because I'd do well in school. My dad would be happy because I'd do well in baseball. Hell, he'd be over the moon knowing that I'd be in the athletic dorm rooming with Jason fucking Palmer. Jason would be happy because I'd suck and ride his big white weapon whenever he wanted to drain his balls. And Tyhcinn would be happy because his cock whore would be in good hands.

Yeah, I'd be happy too. Fuck! College would be great.

One thing echoed in my mind. Being Jason's slave. I hadn't thought of myself in those terms, but that was precisely what I was made for. When I made my own decisions in high school, I'd fucked up royally. Tyhcinn had changed that at the beginning of the summer, giving me a simple set of rules to live my. It had worked. The outside discipline was what I needed. Tyhcinn recognized I had potential if I was in the right setting. And that setting was submitting to a man who'd force me to be the best I could be.

Picturing myself as Jason's and Tyhcinn's slave was totally right. Fuck. Tyhcinn was so far ahead of me that he'd probably known I'd become his slave when we were dorky freshmen in high school. He'd waited patiently for me to work it out and accept what I was. I'd finally done that and understood the black nerd owned me and would forever. He'd loaned me to Jason, but he'd retrieve me when he wanted me. Or maybe he'd share me with Jason for the duration.

Looking back, the only way to characterize the last three weeks was that I'd gone crazy. Fucking batshit crazy. Crazy for cock. All because Tyhcinn announced that I was a cock whore and I should give into it. He'd known all along.

And now... the tamed jock cock-whore was headed to college.


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