Tamed Jock Goes Crazy - Chapter Three - Yves


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By Colton Aalto

8:30 A.M. - YVES

I didn’t start work until 9:00 a.m., but Tony had to be at his job at 8:00. So I always had an hour to kill after he hit the showers. I usually did some extra reps or worked on muscle groups Tony didn’t care about. The dude focused on his chest and arms and paid cursory attention to the rest of his body. I was happy to watch him work his chest and big guns, but on my own I tried to be more balanced. Well, balanced if you didn’t count the insane exercises I did for my abs. As good as they’d been in high school, this summer they’d popped out. Yeah, I was way too proud of them, but damn were they awesome.

Every time I lifted my chest up while doing a crunch, my ass felt like Xavier’s and Tony’s cum was sloshing around inside me, threatening to seep out. My hole felt relaxed, happy and tingly. It had been some morning. Two hours at the gym and I’d already taken two loads and seeded a tight, muscular jock ass. The sex had only whetted my appetite. Despite pumping iron, my cock kept stirring and getting semi-hard.

In my head I was still mulling Tyhcinn’s orders to give in to my inner cock whore. I wondered what it might mean and where it would lead, but I was psyched to find out. Getting dicked by Tony wasn’t a change from what we’d done all summer but giving it up to Xavier was. He’d said he’d been watching me and I wondered if other guys had the hots for me. I wasn’t going to say no – I couldn’t. Tyhcinn had been clear that I was to be easy. Slutty. I certainly hadn’t resisted when Xavier put the moves on me, not that I wanted to anyway.

I scanned the men in the gym, paying more attention to them than I had during the summer. Most were regulars. Asking myself if any were potential sex partners was a new way of looking at them. Several were intriguing possibilities. One dude in particular caught my eye; I’d sorta been cruising him all summer. He had a dark, messy hair and a smooth, tight body with amazing thick thighs that I imagined wrapped around my head as I sucked his dick. As much fun as it would be to get him in the sack, I struggled with how to propose hooking up. With only three weeks before leaving for college, it wasn’t like I had time for a long romance. I wanted a quick score, but it didn’t seem productive to walk up to the dude at 8:30 a.m. and ask, “Do you wanna fuck?”

Maybe I should visit Xavier and see if the coal-black stud wanted another round with my ass. Maybe he’d finish the hand job he’d started on my leaky tool. That option didn’t seem promising, either. Even though the Friday morning crowd in the gym was light, there were still enough people likely to need something from him that he could hardly disappear for the time it would take to bone me again. I didn’t want to get him in trouble. Still, the thought of being on my knees in front of the tall baller and sucking on his black rod before it sank inside my sloppy asshole was making me semi-hard despite the cardio I was doing on a new elliptical machine.

I finished the cardio, considering whether to sneak off somewhere and whack off. I normally resisted that urge, much preferring to blow my wad with a guy’s hard cock deep inside me, but despite fucking Tony’s ass I was so horny that I was seriously thinking about it.

I was startled from my cock fantasies when a deep voice behind me said, “That nice, that nice.”

I turned to see a tall, caramel-skinned dude staring at my ass with a cocky smile like he was undressing me with his eyes. He was gazing at an ass he owned. Or at least that’s the way it seemed. Maybe it was my imagination, but fuck, it sure felt like the stud was sizing me up for a fuck. He scanned the rest of the gym quickly before fixing his stare on me again and casually saying, “Xavier say you still here.”

The dude had to be one of Xavier’s basketball buddies. He was 6’6” or 6’7”, an inch or two taller than Xavier. His skin was much lighter than Xavier’s, only slightly darker than Tony’s. The dude’s racial makeup looked like a rich stew, a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Black, Latin, White, maybe even Asian. Maybe not Asian, given how tall he was. Although, hell, there are Chinese guys who are seven feet tall and playing basketball, so who knows?

The stud’s body was chiseled, no other way to describe it. His café-au-lait skin was tight and smooth and he had greenish-brown eyes, but two things were striking. The man had amazingly large feet. Either that or he was wearing shoes that were way too big. And his hair was stunning. He sported long dreadlocks that were sun-bleached into a dark, coppery swirl. The hunk was nothing if not distinctive-looking.

I was little perplexed but I said, “Um, hi, I’m Tyler,” offering my hand.

The dude smirked. After a pause, he shook my hand and said, “Yves. I already know you’re Tyler.”

The stud gave me a predatory grin and leaned in and whispered, “I also know that you like dick. And that you have a talented mouth and a tight ass. I got the highest possible recommendation from my bro, Xavier. That boy know fucking and he don’ rave about an ass or a cunt very often. You wanna know something about me? I’m horny as hell and I could use a hot mouth and a tight hole. I love to see pretty blond boys going down on me and then beggin me to bitch breed their boi pussies. I’m partial to blond twink ass. You got more meat on you than most twinks, which is damn fine with me, particularly seeing your awesome bubble butt. That butt need my bone.” Yves openly groped his junk, squeezing it a couple of times with a confident smile.

I’d become the gym slut with Xavier handing out operating instructions.

Tyhcinn’s orders from the night before echoed in my mind. “If a man gives even the barest hint that he might want it, you’re gonna give it up to him.” Yves had gone well beyond a bare hint, so what I had to do was obvious.

But fuck, the tall drink of chocolate milk was hotter than hell and doing him was scarcely a chore. If I’d seen him in the gym, I would have been lusting and fantasizing about getting it on with him. Tyhcinn was right. I was a cock whore. And with my newfound license to slut, giving into my desires and pigging out on cock was perfectly appropriate.

“Sounds like we’re a perfect match, because I love sucking cock and getting butt banged, especially by a hot stud who’s gonna fuck me into tomorrow. I got a mouth and an ass that’s hungry for cock.” I paused before adding, “Your cock.”

Yves grinned. The dude’s face lit up when he smiled. He was more than handsome. “Good that we understand each other and don’t have to go through a bunch of bullshit before we get down to it. I wanna fuck.”

That was fast, I thought. Yves pointed me toward the stairwell. “Xavier say to fuck you in the stairwell. That way he can watch.”

Shit. Tony and I had fucked in the stairwell on numerous occasions. It was never used and we assumed completely private as a result. But there must be a security camera in there. Well, it was too late to put that genie back in the bottle. That would explain how Xavier knew Tony and I fucked at the gym. The black stud apparently liked to watch, too. I can’t say I was disappointed to know that Tony and I had put on a show that was apparently well-received. Still, I had a nagging sensation that Xavier was pimping me out. I mean, he’d practically given Yves a roadmap, pointing me out and telling his bro where to take me.

So what if Xavier had set me up? I should thank him. I was a cock whore and excited to get it on with Yves. For some reason I’d been hornier than hell all day long, ever since I saw Tyhcinn’s dark house and remembered how awesome his big dick had felt ramming my holes last night and the sense of excitement and anticipation I’d felt when he instructed me to slut. Hooking up with Xavier and doing it with Tony had only whetted my appetite for sex.

As soon as we were through the door to the stairs, Yves grabbed my head and crushed my mouth with a brutal kiss. Fuck. What were the odds of finding two gay basketball studs on the same day? Maybe Yves was straight or bisexual. But he obviously liked fucking boys and kissing them, too. And straight boys don’t kiss. I let the stud ravish my mouth, relishing the sensations. His long dreadlocks gave him masculine look that dripped sex appeal.

Yves wasn’t settling for a quick kiss. We sucked face for a good five minutes, maybe longer, as his hands wandered over my body, massaging my bare chest and abs and manhandling my ass. I mean he grabbed my glutes and gripped them so hard that I almost whimpered. When he wrenched my crack apart and jammed a finger from each hand into my hole, I knew I wasn’t in for a gentle fuck. That was fine with me.

I returned the favor, feeling up Yves’ muscular, lanky body and working my way into his jock strap to grab his sweaty, hard cock. “Yeah, baby,” he said as he came up for air. “You’re gonna get very familiar with that slab of meat. Show me how good a cocksucker you are, bitch. Get on your knees and suck that dick. I wanna see you praying to my piece. Get down with it, baby. My dick needs it.”

I dropped to my knees – with a little help from the tall stud pressing me to the ground – and tugged his shorts and jock to his ankles, exposing his black fuck stick. It was long, narrow and uncut. I pulled the foreskin over the head and marveled at how beautiful his dick was.

Yves grabbed his tool and slapped it across my face. It was the second time today that I’d been on my knees in front of a hot black stud who was bitch slapping me with his cock. The second time that I’d had a big black cock resting on my face. My own dick lurched with excitement, complaining about being tightly confined in my jock strap.

“Yeah, boy, you know what to do with that dick. Suck it. Suck that cock good, baby.”

I began to lick, gradually working his pole down my throat. His trimmed pubes had a manly scent that I couldn’t get enough of. I eagerly deep-throated the stud, feeling his hard prick pressing against the sides of my throat.

“Fuck, bitch. You like cock, don’t you? You like black dick, huh? Xavier say he gonna make you his blond bottom bitch at college this fall. Well, he and I share everything. I mean, everything. So, I guess that mean you gonna be serving two black cocks. Oh yeah, that good. Suck it bitch!”

Yves’ cock, coated with my spit, looked awesome as it sank into my mouth. He let me do the work, leaning on a stair rail with his eyes closed. My hands wandered over his muscular thighs and ripped stomach and chest, lingering on a tiny silver barbell that graced one of his tits. I wondered if he and Xavier had gotten their piercings at the same time and whether their barbells were identical. He moaned softly as I worked the metal.

Yves’ ball sac may have been the biggest I’d ever seen or felt. Helped by the heat in the stairwell, his black eggs dangled so low they looked like two golf balls in a silky, dark-brown bag. His sac had tiny, wispy hairs that provided just enough texture to be hot. They kept bouncing off my chin as I bobbed back and forth on the stud’s manhood.

I was so lost worshipping Yves’ hooded pole that he startled me when he said, “Boy you getting into my dick. The best cocksuckers love dick, and you loving mine. Your blue eyes looking silly-happy to be sucking black cock. Those pouty red lips are made to wrap around a stiff cock. I wanna shoot in your mouth, but I wanna get inside your boi pussy more.”

“Do both,” I panted before realizing I might not have time for the dude to dump two loads in me. The leisurely hour between Tony’s departure and the start of my pool boy job was looking tight, even if Yves could recover quickly.

“Fuck yeah, I love a slut who can’t get enough nut,” Yves said. Without waiting for me to react, he clamped two huge hands on my head and began a serious, determined face fuck. He’d let me do my thing earlier but now the tall stud was in total control. I loved it.

Yves had been close, because he pounded my throat for only two or three minutes before growling, “I’m cumming! Fuck yeah! Swallow my nut, bitch, swallow it all! Every freaking drop.” I desperately gulped spunk, trying to keep pace with the flood that erupted from his rod. I was successful only to a degree. By the time Yves’s dick stopped pumping, jizz covered my chin and had dripped onto the floor of the stairwell.

He pulled me to my feet, kissing me again. Dude must have liked his own nut, because we were both tasting it. He wasted no time in slipping a long finger into my ass crack. My hole was wet with sweat and the morning’s cum dumps and Yves added a second finger and then a third before penetrating my hole with all three fingers. Shit. The black baller’s fingers were probably getting coated with Tony’s and Xavier’s loads. I moaned as he located my prostate and worked it like a pro.

“Yeah, baby, you’re hot for it, aren’t you? White bitch boi have a hungry hole.”

“Uh, huh,” I moaned. “Fuck it! Fuck that ass!”

“That’s what I like to hear. Blond boy beggin’ black dick.” Yves raped my mouth with his tongue as he finger-fucked me. I wrapped my hand around his shaft. It was still wet and rock hard. Fuck. The dude shot a huge load down my throat minutes ago but was ready to work my ass.

The stairwell had a broad shelf built out over some machinery and Yves backed me against it and lifted my ass on top of it. It was the perfect height. His lanky frame meant his stiff shaft lined up precisely with my willing asshole. He never stopped kissing me other than to say, “You’re so wet I don’t need lube. I’m gonna fuck you raw. Thas’ the way I like it. A raw hole. You gonna like it, too.”

I mumbled a muffled, “Yeah,” and he began to press his cock into my ass, simultaneously jamming his cummy fingers into my mouth. I sucked greedily, causing Yves to grin.

The dude was right about my hole not needing lube. His tool was inside me with only a couple of quick thrusts. He might have softened a tad after cumming but not much. Still, that little bit probably helped my tender ass.

“Fuck, bitch, your ass is dynamite,” Yves hissed. “That mouth of yours is fabulous, but thas just an appetizer. This is the main course.” He pressed his thick lips against my mouth again and began to move his cock in and out of me. I wrapped my legs around his back, pulling him farther into me.

Yves slowly picked up speed. His cock fit inside me perfectly and having my legs wrapped around him while we sucked face was hot. I lifted my ass slightly as he thrust forward, running my hands over the dude’s chest and shoulders, paying special attention to the barbell in his tit. He liked me playing with it.

With no air conditioning in the stairwell we were soon drenched with sweat. I was into feeling Yves’ lanky body and muscles. I loved holding his ass cheeks, feeling them flex each time his cock impaled my hole. Perched on the edge of the shelf, I was totally in the dude’s control. I was his fuck toy.

“Yeah, bitch,” Yves said, “dicking your boi pussy is feeling mighty good. And you’re enough of a whore to like it, aren’t you?” I moaned an affirmative response.

“Thas right, work that blond boy butt. Work it good, cuz my big black cock owns it now. In college, you’re gonna be dropping to your knees and sucking my cock and then taking it up the ass whenever I’m horny. And I’m fucking horny all the time.” He punctuated his speech with a deep thrust, grinding his rock-hard dick into me.

“You like that boy? You like black dick? You like getting butt fucked?”

“Uh, huh,” I moaned.

One of his big hands gripped my boner and he squeezed. “I can see you like it, bitch. I like a white boy with a hungry mouth and a hungry ass who can’t get enough balling. I like a ho who’s boned when he get fucked by my tool.”

Yves’ cock continued to slide in and out of my ass. He had an even, consistent pace and between our steamy sweat and the way he was kissing me, it was hypnotic. I lost track of time, mesmerized by the feel of his silky-smooth skin under my hands and the relentless power of his manhood as he powered into me. He was controlling me. His tongue was in my mouth, his cock was in my ass, and his strong, slender arms held me on the shelf, with my butt perched on the edge.

I suppose I wasn’t paying close attention, but I snapped to when Yves stopped thrusting his fuck stick into my boi pussy. “You’re not done,” he said. He was barely breathing heavily. “I got a third load of ball juice for your tight ass. I’m gonna fuck your pussy until my balls are dry. That’s what blond bitches are for baby. That’s what you’re good for. To take black nut.”

Fuck. The dude had juiced my ass without me noticing. No strangled, “I’m cumming,” no frantic rush to the finish. Yves snuck up on me. I mean, if it was possible for a big black cock to sneak up on you. He’d bred me quietly and calmly.

I was kinda excited that I’d gotten the hot college stud off twice and now he was planning to seed me a third time. Maybe he always was good for multiple climaxes. But I hoped he was fast because I didn’t have much time.

Yves waited maybe three minutes, kissing me while his cock rested inside me the entire time. Then he slowly started to pump my ass again. If he got soft, I didn’t detect it. His fuck rod was as hard as before. If anything, his dick drilled into me farther. The load the stud had left in my pussy was evident; my ass was wet and sloppy as he began his second pass.

I was lightheaded from the heat or the sex or both, but if Yves was affected, he showed no signs. He was in great shape. Running up and down basketball courts will do that. He pummeled my ass with the same measured pace he’d used before. “The load I dumped down your throat was only to get one off,” he whispered to me. “My second load marked you as my personal bitch boy. My third load means your ass belong to me.” I tightened my legs around his slender torso and pulled the stud’s fuck pole farther into me.

Yves accelerated until he was piston-fucking me. I put my arms on his shoulders and felt the movement of his back muscles as he thrust his cock into me. He had little body fat so it was as if my hands were resting directly on his muscles. His dreadlocks covered us both as we kissed. It was like we were in a tent.

I began to worry about the time. Shit, how long had Yves’ dong been buried in my pussy? Lang was supposed to pick me up at the gym at 9:00 and I had to shower.

Yves’ powered into me like he was sprinting to the finish and this time I sensed his climax. I clamped my anus around his fuck stick and squeezed. “Yeah, baby, work that ass,” he snarled. “Show me how much like black cock inside your white boi pussy. Show me how much you need black ball juice deep inside you.” I worked my ass intently and was rewarded with Yves’ third climax. The dude rammed into me with one final thrust and kissed me hard as his balls emptied. I loved that I could still taste his spunk from the blow job while he rifled another load into me.

Having shot his third wad, Yves pulled out from my ass, leaving it feeling empty. Well, empty of cock. It was filled with spunk. I couldn’t resist hopping down from the ledge and licking the coated cum off the stud’s fuck pole. I was tasting a cocktail of thick black ball juice with a spray of spicy Italian Stallion jizz. I recommend it. Hell, it was wonderful.

As I was chewing down on his semi-hard, hooded black cock, something caught my eye. The dude’s gigantic feet. They were enormous. It would be amazing to kiss them.

But before I tried, Yves lifted me up and planted a sloppy kiss on my lips. His huge hand, used to palming basketballs, closed around my leaky boner and he started stroking. The feel of his hand sliding over my dick sent shivers through me. I could have blown a load in record time. But I worried that Lang might already be waiting for me outside the gym, so I reluctantly stopped the stud and, staying in cock whore mode, said, “I gotta run. Next time you can milk me. Next time you can have your way with me.”

The tall, dreadlocked dude was in no hurry to let me go. He laughed. “Damn right there’ll be a next time. A lot of next times. And damn right I’m gonna have my way with you. I like blond boys. With you I got me a blond boy with a hot body and a bubble butt who can suck like a vacuum and ride my dick like his ass was made specially for it. My big cock and your tight ass will be spending a lot of time together. Blond boy with the beautiful butt gonna be taking buckets of my ball juice. And he gonna be beggin for it.”

The stud kissed me one last time and I broke away to get dressed. I crammed my erection into my jock strap, hoping it would go down by the time I got to the locker room, and pulled on my shorts. “You fuck my ass like you just did and it’s yours for the taking, anytime you want.”

“I know that already.”

Yves’ green-brown eyes sparkled. He grabbed me and pulled me into another deep kiss. Shit. I’d be hopelessly late. “I love a hungry, cock-crazed bitch,” he said. “I was barely getting started. Next time we gonna do it till my dick sore and your ass on fire.” He tugged my hand to his semi-hard slab of manhood, still wet with my spit, and said, “This is what you crave, bitch. It own you.”

It wasn’t as late as I feared. Still, I had to hustle to shower and dress in time to meet Lang. My ass absolutely would not stop leaking cum. Every time I thought I had it cleaned out, I was in for a surprise. Fortunately the showers were mostly empty. If they hadn’t been, I’d have gotten curious looks as I continually slapped soap into my ass crack and scrubbed while my semi-hard boner bobbed up and down. My hole felt empty without a cock inside it, but it had been tingling practically all day long and felt alive.



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