Tamed Jock Goes Crazy - Chapter Five - Lang


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By Colton Aalto

12:30 P.M. - LANG

As I legged it to Lang's truck, my ass was still tingling from the breeding Aiden and Ashton had delivered to it. I could barely keep the brothers' big loads from leaking out of my hole. I was relieved to make it without an accident, and I tossed the pool equipment into the back and hopped in the cab, only to be confronted by a different problem. The distinctive odor of fresh cum. I didn't mind it I loved the aroma but I was convinced Lang would smell it too.

Lang was oblivious, worried that we were running late. "You mind getting sandwiches for lunch? We can eat in the park and save some time rather than driving back to the office."

I readily agreed. In the park I'd stand a better chance of Lang not smelling the brothers' jizz.

The sandwich shop we liked was in a small commercial district on the edge of the residential neighborhood we serviced. The picturesque district had become popular as the surrounding area gentrified and the population of mostly seniors was replaced by twenty-somethings and thirty-somethings. Among other attractions, it had elegant restaurants, avant-garde art galleries, a big bookstore, cool bars one was even gay and a great sandwich shop.

Lang parked his truck and we fished out our white polo shirts. It was entirely possible that the time it would take to order and collect our sandwiches would be the only time during the day that I'd wear a shirt. That was almost certain unless I got home early enough to have dinner with my parents. They employed the `no shoes, no shirt, no service' approach to family meals. My mom had reacted poorly earlier in the summer when I pointed out that she'd have less laundry if I ate shirtless. I was so used to being bare-chested that meals with my parents felt like formal affairs even when I was only wearing a T-shirt.

The shop was packed when we arrived, with a long line of customers waiting to order. Every sandwich was custom-made, so after ordering, customers had to wait for their sandwich to be made. We were saved by Quyen, a dude from our high school class who worked the counter. He spotted us and yelled, "The usual?" We nodded and he put in our order. Our food would be ready by the time we worked our way to the front of the line to pay.

"Cool dude," Lang remarked.

I was surprised by Lang's comment, because Quyen wasn't one of the jocks he hung with in high school. Instead, Quyen was one of the nerds Tyhcinn hung with. He wasn't as spooky smart as Tyhcinn, but they'd both gotten into Ivy League colleges. In fact, Tyhcinn had gotten into several and had a sweet scholarship. Quyen only had one Ivy admittance, but it was his first choice all along.

"He likes you," Lang whispered.

"What?" I'd spoken to the kid more often during the summer, while ordering sandwiches, than I'd talked to him during four years of high school.

"Yeah. He likes blonds and he likes jocks and he likes dudes with ripped bodies. Guess what? That's you, hot stuff. Told me he had a crush on you. Personally, I think he's hypnotized by your awesome abs. But hello, who isn't into them?" Lang playfully punched my stomach and I instinctively tightened my muscles. Yeah, they were rock hard.

Frowning, I took a closer look at the dude. He was Vietnamese, with black hair that was shaved short on the sides and longer on top. He was darn cute, with a tight, wiry body. He might be damn hot in bed.

I was only starting to look at other dudes in a sexual sense and it was almost like I was seeing Quyen for the first time. I'd never contemplated having sex with him, but through virtually my entire stint in high school I'd never contemplated sex with any dude. Now that the subject was raised it was sorta intriguing.

Lang leaned close and whispered, "You should hit him up. Dude has a mouth of velvet."

"How the hell do you know that?"

"Duh! Because he slurped down a load of my babymakers. Two loads."


"Um, right before Memorial Day. Tony, Tyhcinn and I used to have suck parties. You know that. Hell, we did those parties for two solid years, starting at the beginning of junior year in high school. Well, Tyhcinn brought Quyen to the last one. We drew straws and Quyen got me. Took him a while to get going. I don't think he'd ever seen dicks as big as Tony, Tyhcinn and I had, but he was excited as hell and once he got the hang of it, he did a nice job on my rod. Swallowed my nut with no complaints. A little later he asked if he could suck me off again. Like I'm going to refuse that? Hell, no! The second time was so fucking amazing! He went from an amateur cocksucker to a pro in the space of half an hour.

"Afterwards, the four of us talked and he confessed he had a big crush on you. That was before Memorial Day, so Tony and I told him that he had no chance. But fucking Tyhcinn had you figured out all along and told him that he should be patient. Dude, you'd make his day if you offered to hook up with him. And that mouth is well worth the effort."

"You're not just saying this? Like the story you and Tony fed me before Memorial Day about Tyhcinn having a boyfriend at Summit Heights College who he sucked off all the time?"

Lang giggled. "Dude! Did we ever have you going on that! We thought you'd never fall for it, but you swallowed it hook, line and sinker. That was so fucking fabulous. But this is straight up. I swear. Quyen wants you, dude. Wants to put his miraculous mouth on your tool and Hoover your nut. Go for it!"

We got to the front of the line and paid. Quyen gave me a shy smile. He was slender and little, probably no more than 5'6". His mouth was so small I had a hard time imagining how he went down on Lang Long Dong. Up close he was even cuter than I remembered. Yeah, I wouldn't mind getting it on with him. I almost said something but didn't because of the crowd of people behind me waiting in line.

I regretted it immediately. What kind of a cock whore passes up a great opportunity? Passes up any opportunity? Fuck, I'd given it up to Tyhcinn, who was the biggest dweeb in the school, and that episode had gotten me addicted to his fuck pole, so why not do some experimenting with other nerds? If Lang said the dude's mouth was great, it probably was. He knew a good blow job. I wouldn't mind finding out if his report was accurate and sucking some Asian cock at the same time. I'd be happy to slurp down a load of Vietnamese nut or take it in my ass. Or both. Quyen's pert little ass was damn inviting, so maybe I'd get a chance to find out if both of the dude's holes were velvet.

I made my mind up to go for it. After we picked up our sandwiches, I circled back to cash register under the guise of getting napkins and whispered to Quyen, "Dude, time to hook up. I'll text you." His astonished look was priceless.

Lang watched with amusement. As we left the sandwich shop, he whispered, "Velvet, dude, totally velvet. Your dick is gonna be so happy. You owe me one."

"If he's a good as you say, then you can name your price." Lang's eyes lit up and he grinned. We both knew what his price would be.

Lang drove a couple of blocks to a neighborhood park while I texted Quyen. He was working the lunch rush, so I didn't anticipate hearing from him right away.

In the heat of the day, the park was deserted, even the normally-packed skate park that occupied the far corner. We devoured our sandwiches, guzzled two bottles of cold water each and relaxed in the shade.

Lang looked at his watch and announced, "Hell, we're okay on time. The jobs this afternoon shouldn't take that long. The pools haven't been hit by big windstorms this week." We were scheduled for twelve pools in the afternoon, but we could easily shave our normal 30 minutes per pool down to 20, which meant we could be done as early as 5:00. It wasn't likely to go that smoothly, but still, we had a shot at finishing well before our usual Friday quitting time of 7:00. Because of our baseball games every Tuesday and Thursday night, Lang's brother let us knock off early on those days, but unfortunately we had to make the time up on other days. We didn't work on Saturdays due to baseball games, but sometimes we pulled overtime on Sundays, although that had cooled down as the summer progressed.

Lang gave me a sidelong look and said, "So, um, I've got an idea."

I had an inkling of what he would propose. The dude was perpetually horny, so it was impossible to be surprised when he had sex on the brain. "Whaddya say we sneak over to that john and get in on? Remembering how Quyen went down on me made me horny as hell. Plus, something smells like cum. I've been smelling it all through lunch and it's driving me crazy." Lang squeezed his semi-hard dick. I'd noticed that he was getting another one of his spontaneous erections and his cock was pressed against his jock strap and swim trunks. I had an idea what he was smelling, too, because I'd been smelling it ever since I bolted from the pool where Aid and Ash jizzed my ass. I opted not to disclose that the source of the aroma was most likely my recently-seeded boi pussy. The brothers' semen was probably having a family pool party in my ass.

Lang's idea sounded crazy. "What if we get caught?"

Lang couldn't be talked out of it. "Middle of the day, nobody's ever in that restroom. Whenever we come here for lunch, we never see anybody. It will be fucking hot to do it in a public restroom." He groped his long dong, then added, "we can use a stall and if we hear anyone, we'll stop and wait them out."

Yeah, like Lang was capable of stopping when he got going. However, the longer we talked about fucking, the more comfortable I got with the idea. The hornier I got, too.

I was a cock whore, so it would hardly do for me to be the cautious one. I'd already gotten fucked by three dudes in the gym and two guys next to an outdoor swimming pool, so this might not even be the worst risk I'd taken during the day. Fuck, if a dude discovered us, I'd invite him to join in the fun. "Sure," I said, "let's do it."

Lang was constantly horned up, but by Friday he was usually beside himself. I loved how frantic for sex the tall, redheaded pitcher was when he was horny. Lang's girlfriend du jour worked nights from Sunday through Thursday, which meant no sex for Lang Long Dong until Friday night rolled around. By that time, he'd gone five days since balling her. I enjoyed being around him then because he inevitably sprung boners and it was hot to see the dude's long, slender dong pressed against his swim trunks and threatening to bust through his jock.

Lang's spontaneous erections were only one of his problems. The dude tended to lose control when he fucked and inevitably got rough, particularly when he was extra horny. And after five days of not getting off, on Fridays he was guaranteed to be extra horny. Getting rough with a weapon like Lang Long Dong carried between his legs was a potentially lethal combination. Early in the summer we'd hit upon the perfect solution to relieve his dick and help him go easier on his girlfriend.

The last pool we did on Fridays had an old-fashioned pool house. After finishing Lang and I would sneak into it and he would take the pressure off his balls by fucking me in the ass. I not only didn't mind it when he got rough, I dug it. He got off on it, too. The stud didn't have to treat me as daintily as his girlfriends. He could let himself go and fuck to his heart's content. Dumping a load in my ass meant that when he got into his girlfriend's cunt later that night, he wouldn't be an uncontrolled wild man. Instead, I got to enjoy that aspect of him.

By Friday evening we were usually hot and sweaty after being in the sun all day long, and Lang often planted a couple of loads deep in my boi pussy before we left the pool house. As great as it was to be the recipient of his frantic fucks, the silver lining of getting dicked by Lang Long Dong happened later in the evening. Tyhcinn usually summoned me to service his mammoth monster and getting drilled earlier by Lang meant my pussy could take Tyhcinn's huge prick with less discomfort than would otherwise have been the case. So in an odd sense, Lang and I were both using our end-of-the-week fuck to get ready for what would come later. He didn't punish his girlfriend as much and I was happy and eager to take whatever abuse Tyhcinn doled out with his black python.

I was kinda excited about the change of scenery for our Friday fuck, although I wondered if it meant Lang wouldn't ball me after we finished our pools. For most guys, getting off once would be plenty. But Lang's furry low hangers seemed to recharge instantly, so it was well within the realm of possibility that he'd want my ass again after work. He might not be quite as sex-crazed then as he usually was, but Lang on low speed was most dudes on high speed.

We made our way to the john, keeping an eye out for anyone else in the park. On a hot, sunny July day, it was empty. The john was hotter than hell inside, but Lang was intent on getting off, so he guided me into a stall at the far end of the room. The stalls didn't have doors, but I didn't figure it would matter.

Lang only thought of sex in one way. Getting his long dong inside a hole. Granted, he would suck cock and we'd flip-flop fucked more than once. He wasn't bad at giving head and his ass was hot. I appreciated his willingness to reciprocate. But he was a different man when his dick was in a tight hole. He was an animal in heat. It was such a turn on to see him that way that I preferred to bottom. Lord knows he preferred it, too. So, while we'd started out after the infamous Memorial Day weekend sucking each other off and flip-flop fucking, we'd settled into a pattern. I sucked his cock, getting the long dong wet and hard. That merely got the lanky pitcher started and soon his mind was on a single track fucking me in the ass. He'd eat my boi pussy long enough to get it wet, roughly work his dick inside me and then drill my hole like crazy. I swear the stud could fuck the cum out of me when he got rolling. He always got rolling.

Mouth, cunt, ass; it didn't matter to Lang which hole hosted his cock. He was fond of my ass because he claimed it was tighter than any of his girlfriends' cunts and I didn't complain about his size. Quite a few of the girls he coupled with couldn't or wouldn't take the long dong. Dudes weren't a sure bet, either. The fact that I didn't complain didn't mean it was easy for me to take his big tool. I usually had to beg the dude to pull out a couple of times before my ass would relax enough so that the stud's fuck tool didn't rip my asshole apart. But once I adjusted to his pole, it felt incredible having him inside me, rutting in my hole like an animal.

Today, however, taking the long dong would be easier than normal. Five cocks had invaded my pussy and if ever it was open for business, now was the time. As soon as we were in the stall, I took my accustomed position, on my knees, and Lang pulled the long dong out of his shorts. Damn. The dude's pale white dick, rising from a bed of bright red pubes, looked awesome. It always did. I loved how the cut tool was so improbably long.

I began licking. Lang's dick was already wet with sweat and I loved how salty and warm it was. Inside the john, the light from the high windows glinted off his lanky, sweat-streaked body, highlighting his surprisingly muscular arms and shoulders and fiery red hair. His hungry blue eyes fixed on me with a dazed look as if he wasn't seeing me give him head. He was miles away, in sex nirvana.

My ass might adjust to the long dong, but my throat was different. I still struggled getting the red rod down my throat. I swallowed it quickly, enjoying his sweaty scent, but then felt the damn thing expand in my throat until I feared he'd choke me to death. I gamely bobbed back and forth, fondling his furry balls and squeezing the base of his cock until he was groaning and moaning. It wasn't long before he took over, grabbing my head, ramming his python down my throat and brutally face fucking me. My eyes started to water, but maybe I was reacting to the steamy bathroom. We were both drenched in sweat.

"Fuck, I need your ass, Ty," Lang hissed. "I gotta get my dick in your tight bubble butt."

Lang was getting close and for once I wasn't worried about taking his long fuck tool in my boi pussy. "Yeah, fuck my brains out," I said. "Bring it on."

Lang growled, pulled me to my feet and turned me to face the wall of the stall. He rammed his face into my ass, slurping and driving his tongue deep inside my hole. The dude had to be tasting a salty mixture of cum and sweat. While we were eating our sandwiches, I know some ball juice leaked from my pussy; it wasn't only sweat that was making my swim trunks damp. Maybe he was so focused on getting his cock inside me that he didn't detect the distinctive taste of fresh spunk. I was sorta jealous; I would have loved to eat Aid's and Ash's nut.

Because my boi pussy was already wet with sweat and leaked jizz, Lang didn't work on it long before it was soaked. He stood up and pointed the head of his dick toward my hole. His rod was drenched with pre-cum. Grabbing my hips, he breached my sphincter and took no time to sink all the way inside me. His pubes tickled my ass cheeks. Fuck, did it ever feel good to have a cock inside me again. My asshole hadn't complained in the least as it accommodated his big prick.

"Damn!" Lang gasped. "Fuck yeah! Nothing beats your ass, Ty. It's fucking amazing!"

"Give it to me, dude," I snarled. "Fuck that ass! Fuck my brains out!"

Lang had one fuck speed. Fast and frantic. Usually I had to slow him down. But with my ass primed and ready, I was digging it, so I did the opposite: I begged the redheaded stud to fuck me harder. "Fuck me harder! Dick me, dude!"

He didn't get that often. Maybe never. He was more than happy to grant my wish. Soon I was pressed between the cool wall of the stall and Lang's sweaty body, and he was in full assault mode, pummeling my sloppy hole with his long pale weapon. He raised one of my legs so he could get his shaft farther inside me, planting my foot on the toilet paper dispenser and leaving me perched precariously on the other foot. I clenched my ass around Lang's big member, milking his dick, and he growled happily and pounded me harder.

Panting loudly, he exclaimed, "Fuck, your hole is tight. Damn, dude, it's better than ever!"

"Ram your dick in it, dude! Breed that hole!"

"Fuck, yeah! Take that cock!"

"Fuck that ass!"

I was startled by what I feared was the sound of the restroom's metal door. Lang didn't notice not surprising given that the stud was in fuck mode, oblivious to anything other than ramming his cock into my hole. He continued growling, "Fuck yeah! Take that cock in your tight hole!"

If another man was in the john, he would have had to be deaf not to hear us. I didn't give a shit. I loved how Lang lost control when his dick was inside me and he morphed into a sex-crazed animal in heat, intent on only one thing: getting his rocks off and seeding my boi pussy. He continued slamming into me like a battering ram.

It was quiet for a while, other than the slapping sounds of Lang's groin hitting my bare buns and his heavy breathing. Then I heard the distinctive sound of one of the urinals flushing, followed by water running in the sink. Shit. The stalls were at the end of the restroom, but each of them faced the door, so whoever had wandered in to take a piss had to have seen us. Not to mention having heard us, too. I held my breath as Lang banged my ass.

Lang, however, wasn't so quiet. He shouted, "FUCK YEAH! FUCKING TIGHT ASS!" Any pretense of being undetected vanished.

The door to the john clanged for the second time. Either the first dude was gone or we had a second audience member. But I didn't hear anything else that suggested anyone was in the restroom. At least Lang and I weren't being arrested for having sex in public in the middle of doing it.

Lang came fast. He quickened his pace until his long dong was flying in and out of me like a jackhammer and then he made one final, deep thrust, lifting me off my foot until the only thing supporting me was the long dong, which was firing cum rockets into my hole. Unbalanced and impaled, I tottered and almost collapsed. Meanwhile, Lang's ball juice surged deep into me. His prick pulsed like it was alive as wave after wave of his thick nut filled me.

When he stopped shooting he was panting like he'd sprinted across the park. He kissed my neck and exhaled, "Fuck, Tyler. Your ass is addicting."

"Hmm. That's good, because it can't get enough of your cock." I loved how Lang Long Dong filled me.

It was so hot and steamy in the john that I wondered if I'd pass out, but I didn't want to lose the feeling of my ass impaled on the long pole. However, Lang said, "Hell, we gotta get back to work!" His softening cock slipped out of me. Damn. My butt felt empty. Happy and tingly, but empty.

I crouched down to slurp Lang's fuck tool and enjoy a little dessert after lunch. Fuck did I ever love the taste of fresh nut. I thought about scooping some of the accumulated spunk out of my hole and swallowing it, but it was so hot that I had to get outside. I pulled on my damp swim trunks, resigned to cum seeping from my hole, and we headed out of the restroom.

I looked around to see if I could spot who'd been in the john, but I didn't notice anyone. That changed when Lang and I legged it to pick up our coolers and return to his truck. I spotted a dude with long hair leaning in the shade of a tree. He was shirtless and holding a longboard. At a distance, I couldn't tell how old he was. Probably a high school kid. Maybe college, but I didn't think he was showing scruff so I assumed he was younger than that. Fuck, he could be in middle school. But middle school would be a little young for the big tattoos he sported on his arms and chest.

The dude grabbed his skateboard and hopped on a sidewalk that ran next to where Lang had parked his pickup. He timed his approach to pass as Lang was getting in on the driver side and I was reaching for the passenger door. He stopped and popped his board up.

Definitely high school. Probably a senior; he was considerably more than the skin and bones that made up most high school kids. Instead, he had a hunky body, with a narrow waist and built chest. A thin treasure trail disappeared into his low-hanging shorts. I thought I detected a faint line of trimmed pubes below the waistband of the shorts.

The skater gave me a jaunty gaze and blatantly grabbed his crotch. "So, uh, I could do with a little bit of the action you were dishing out to Red. Dude was enjoying himself a helluva lot and I think I might enjoy being where he was. I definitely would." He paused, licked his lips and offered, "I'll be skating here tomorrow night until at least 10:00. Maybe I'll see you?"

Flirt and give it up, Tyhcinn had ordered. I was squeamish about doing it with high school boys, but the skater was at least 17, maybe 18. Up close he was hot. Lang and I had two baseball games on Saturday, one in the afternoon and one at 6:00 p.m., but we'd easily be done by 9:00. "Yeah, I think you'll see me," I responded with a nod, licking my lips suggestively. "As long as you're offering me a ride. A ride on what's in your pants."

The dude flashed a big grin, unable to hide his cocky victory smile. He knew he'd ferreted out a cock whore who'd happily take it in the ass. Fuck, it's what I was and I had a feeling that a round of sweaty skater sex would be a perfect way to end my Saturday. Hell, two or three rounds. Tyhcinn would be out of town with his parents, so I could use a Saturday Night Special.

"Yeah, I'll give you one helluva ride. From the way you dudes were going at it, I'd say you can't get enough dick. You're gonna be desperate for more after I'm done with you. Crawling on the ground, beggin for more."

The talk was causing my prick to swell up, not that it had completely gone down after Lang spermed me. "Back up that talk and I'll crawl wherever you want."

Skater boy's eyes sparkled with excitement. "Damn right you will." He grinned and groped himself again before dropping his board and hopping on it. "Later," he said as he drifted down the sidewalk. I stared at the top of his ass crack, clearly visible above the waistband of his board shorts. Fuck, the dude was hot.

I joined Lang in the cab of the pickup. "Who was that?" he asked matter-of-factly.

"Um, just a dude who recognized me."

"From where?"

"Uh... balling." I grimaced about my stupid comment, but Lang assumed I meant playing basketball. Little did he know the long-haired skater wanted a piece of what he'd just enjoyed. And I'd be giving it up. I felt kinda smug and happy, wondering how skater boy's hard cock would feel crammed into my asshole. Wondering if he'd be the vocal type, growling and yelling "Take my cock," as he plowed me. Wondering if he was into rough fucks and would try to one-up the pounding Lang had delivered to my helpless hole. Wondering how many times he'd be good for and how much of his spunk I'd carry home in my boi holes. I had a feeling he'd be like Lang, an animal in heat who would flood my fuck chute with spunk and then make a second pass to fuck his jizz deep into my guts.

Lang started the truck and my cell announced a new text. It was from Quyen. A single word, "Serious?"

I shot back, "Totally!"


"You name it. Soon!"

Damn, my first day as a full-fledged cock whore had already been wild and a big chunk of it was still ahead of me. My cock and my ass were ready to go again. I was glad Lang was driving, so I could fantasize about skater boy and Quyen. I had to adjust my junk to avoid it being too obvious that my cock was hard. Hard and pre-cumming like a leaky faucet.

We headed off to our afternoon of servicing swimming pools. Little did I know I'd be servicing more than pools.




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