Tamed Jock Goes Crazy - Chapter Six - Mel & Creed


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By Colton Aalto

1:30 P.M. MEL & CREED

Lang's brother used Fridays as a flex day for pool servicing. He kept a good portion of our schedule free to accommodate customers who, for whatever reason, needed extra service before the weekend. Usually they wanted their pools look top-notch before parties on Friday night or the weekend, although sometimes we had equipment or chemical problems. People might not mind being without their pools for a day or two during the week, but when it was the entire weekend, nobody wanted to wait until Monday to get their pools back in service. Lang and I had endured a couple of long Fridays, but generally Fridays were easier duty than the other days during the week, unless we had an inordinately high number of those special service calls. Sometimes we even got to leave before 7:00.

Our first stop after lunch was to fix a pool that had stopped working. It was a place we'd never serviced. At least I hadn't been there. Who knew about Lang, who'd been helping his brother in the business since he was like 13.

The house was on the west side of town. Rather than the elaborate Georgian mansions in our normal area, this was suburbia writ large nary a two-story house to be seen. The flat roofs and horizontal lines of mid-century modern stretched from eye to eye. Some of the houses hadn't been touched since they were built in the 1950s, while others had been updated and modernized.

Another team had cleaned the pool the day before, so we only needed to check the pump, which had gone down sometime after they left. As we pulled up to the house, Lang eyed it and exhaled excitedly, "Fuck! I'm sure one of those cougars who Kyle fucks lives here." Lang Long Dong had boned me only half an hour ago, but his meat was already pressing against his swim trucks. I didn't take it personally, but really! The dude was a total horn dog.

Like I should talk. I'd taken half a dozen dicks in my cummy ass and hoped I wasn't done for the day.

The pool was at the back of a big yard that surrounded a sprawling ranch house. Lang sent me to work on the pump while he wandered up to the house, checking to see if anyone was home. I located the pump housing and unscrewed it. I only had to replace a fuse. I retrieved a new one and it took almost no time to change it and reset the pump, which hummed back to life. I screwed the housing into place, checked the pool chemicals to make sure they were okay and went looking for Lang.

I found him a short time later. I hadn't exactly meant to spy on him, but he was hard to miss. He was stark naked and pounding the lady of the house.

They were inside the house, exposed by a row of floor-to-ceiling windows facing an interior courtyard. The house had been renovated recently and a new kitchen had been added at the back. Lang's cougar was on her back on top of a big island with her legs spread wide and the long dong was sinking into her pussy. I was stunned at how improbably long Lang's rod looked as he drilled her with deep thrusts. Scratch marks streaked his back. She apparently liked raking her prey with her nails. I guess the two of them had dispensed with the foreplay and went straight to the fucking.

I admit I watched in fascination longer than I should have. It wasn't the cougar who caught my eye. I mean, she was attractive enough and had big tits that jiggled every time Lang bonked her. However, I loved watching his lanky body in fuck mode. A sheen of sweat covered his skin and his muscles flexed with each thrust. When I was underneath him, I didn't get to see the full spectacle of the lanky, redheaded fuck machine. His flushed face as almost the same color as his fiery red hair and the scratch marks on his back.

I tore my eyes away and returned to the pool, figuring I'd check my messages in the shade while Lang got off. There was no way for the cougar to know it, but she owed me thanks for taking the edge off Lang's balls. Although maybe the scratch marks on his back suggested that she liked it rough.

I scrolled through some messages but was startled by the sound of an engine. A pickup truck pulled into the detached garage next to the pool and two men emerged.

I recognized one of them, Creed. I'd gone to high school with him, although he only bothered to attend classes the minimal amount necessary to keep from being expelled. He was one of the school freaks, unmotivated stoners who drifted through life high on marijuana and maybe other stuff. On the rare occasions that our paths crossed in high school, I hadn't been very nice to him, although that hardly made him unique. In high school I'd been the reigning jock jerk.

He was with an older man. The two of them couldn't have been more different. Creed was tall, pale and skinny. The other man was short, dark-skinned and stout. He was bald, or at least I assumed so since he'd shaved his head, although his arms, legs and chest were hairy. Creed had long, unkempt brown hair that was halfway tied in a ponytail and halfway lose, dangling to his shoulders. They looked like a modern version of Mutt and Jeff, the tall, skinny and short, fat comic characters from a century ago.

The pair didn't notice me killing time in the shade and headed toward the house. I watched them walk across the lawn but suddenly realized I was about to witness a disaster. They were on the verge of interrupting Lang's fuck. This wasn't going to end well.

I hopped to my feet and bolted after them, catching them halfway across the yard. They stopped and turned toward me as they heard me approach.

"Hey, Creed!"


"Yeah, uh, I was just fixing the pool pump."

Both men stared at me suspiciously. The older one glanced once at the house while Creed nodded slowly. He was probably high already.

I needed a plan and needed it fast. Disaster loomed if I didn't figure out a way to avert the two men continuing into the house. On the spur of the moment, I blurted out, "If you want, I could show you how to reset the pump. You know, in case it goes out over the weekend."

The older man frowned, took another look at the house and said, "Fine." Creed shrugged.

Relieved, I led them back to the pool equipment and launched into a thorough and painstakingly slow explanation of how to take off the housing, exactly what type of fuse to use, and how to replace it. Try as I might, I hadn't bought Lang much time. The fact that he'd seeded my ass less than an hour earlier meant he'd probably take a while to shoot his wad.

My stalling tactics didn't go unnoticed. The older man glared at me and said, "Something tells me you don't want me to go inside the house quite yet. But so far you haven't given me a good reason not to." He groped his crotch, staring at me with a sneering grin that was halfway disgusted and halfway challenging.

My eyes shot open. I'd totally missed whatever signals Mel may have given me earlier because I'd assumed he was straight, but suddenly the dude was overtly making overtures. Tyhcinn had been clear that if a man gave any hint, I was to give it up. My destiny was determined.

"I can give you a good reason," I said with more confidence that I had. I licked my lips in an effort to put a belated exclamation point on my offer.

The man grinned, squeezed his package again and snarled, "Well then get to work, pool boy."

I dropped to my knees, tentatively reaching for his pants, undoing them and exposing his junk. Cowering beneath his paunchy belly, it didn't look appetizing, but I knew exactly what Tyhcinn would tell me. Cock whores weren't choosers. I gripped the man's dick and began licking. In the heat of the day, his tool tasted of sweat.

"Fuck, he's sucking your dick, Mel!" Creed exploded, jolted out of his drug haze.

"Yeah, and after he gets me hard, I'm gonna shove it all the way up his pretty little ass and fuck the bitch like a cheap whore."

"Shit! All through high school I fantasized about ramming my cock in jock boy's filthy mouth and face fucking him."

"Now's your chance, Creed. I hope you enjoy his mouth as much as I'm going to enjoy his ass."

It was unnerving to hear the two dudes to talk about me like I wasn't there, but it wasn't like I was much of a conversationalist with a rapidly swelling dick sliding down my throat. Mel wasn't content to let me run the show for long. He soon grabbed my head and began ramming his cock down my throat. Luckily he wasn't as big as Lang. I had no trouble swallowing his tool down to the root.

Creed responded by lighting a joint, taking his shirt off and pulling his dick from his cargo shorts. His fist covered it and he stroked it slowly. When he was walking toward the house with Mel, I thought he was wearing a long-sleeved shirt even though it was a sweltering July day. I was correct about the shirt, but he'd rolled the sleeves up and unbuttoned it almost to his navel and what I'd taken for the sleeves and front of his shirt were instead elaborate tattoos that covered his chest and both arms. The dude was inked from his neck to his dick except for a streak of pale, white skin below his left arm, including part of his left pec. Pec was an overstatement, because the skinny dude didn't appear to have any muscles on his chest or anyplace else for that matter. I never knew the stoner was covered with tats, but in school I don't think I'd seen him wearing anything other than a hoody. Maybe he'd gotten a lot of the ink after he graduated.

It wasn't only the tattoos that caught my eye. The dude had a dozen piercings, from his tongue to his nipples to his bellybutton. I had to admit the decorations made him look interesting. Distinctive. If it wasn't for the ink and metal, he'd have been nothing more than a skinny, gangly kid. I found his body sexy in a weird way.

Creed jacked his slim dick while sucking on his joint, sharing it with Mel as the older man pounded my face. The dude was doing more damage with his gut than his dick. His meaty stomach slammed into my face each time he thrust his cock down my throat.

I sucked cock for maybe five or ten minutes as the two men finished the weed. Mel took the last drag and pulled his prick from my mouth, grabbing my head with both hands and sneering, "Drop those swim trucks, turn around and grab your ankles, boy. I'm gonna fuck you in the ass!"

I did as I was told, but there was a problem. Mel was too short for his dick to line up easily with my hole. Instead, he pushed me to a picnic table. It was behind a hedge so at least we wouldn't be exposed to the street as I took it up the ass. With my knees spread wide on the bench, his dick slid into me with no problem. If the man wondered why he didn't need lube to fuck me bare, he never let on.

"Fuck, what an ass!" Mel growled. "Blond boys are always the best. This ass was made to take dick." He grabbed my hips and began drilling me. My lower back was soon supporting his big belly and getting soaked with his sweat as a result. Smacking sounds filled the air. He grabbed my long hair and jerked my head back, hissing in my ear, "What does this cock feel like fucking you in the ass, pool boy? You like it? You like being turned into a pussy boy?" I wasn't certain how I was supposed to respond, so I kept quiet. In truth, it felt good to have his stiff rod inside me. Hell, it always felt good to get butt fucked. But it wasn't immediately clear to me whether Mel wanted to hear me say that or that it felt awful.

Creed slid onto the top of the picnic table and I realized for the first time that his tits and tongue weren't the only body parts that he'd gotten pierced. His cock was graced by a thick Prince Albert ring that looked improbably big next to his thin, smallish dick. Unlike Mel, who had a hairy belly and thick bush, Creed was about as hairless as they come and he'd completely shaved his pubes. He grabbed his shaft and slapped it against my cheeks a couple of times. "You want this, jock boy? You want this cock?"

Unlike Mel, I knew exactly what Creed wanted to hear from me. He wanted me to grovel and beg for it. He wanted to humiliate me to get back at me for all the times I'd dumped on him during school.

"Uh, huh," I nodded, "I want your cock. I wanna suck you."

"Ha! I should have known you were a gay boy from the way you always pranced around school. You were an asshole. A fucking jackass! You can start making amends by sucking me off. And make it a damn good blowjob! You're competitive, Tyler, so do your thing and make me feel good."

I had a sudden fear that Creed's ring would get stuck in my throat, but there was only one way to find out if I could take it. I gingerly worked his metal ring and dick down my throat. It was a little painful in a weird sort of way, but I managed to get the pierced cock and the big ring deep into my throat and began to bob up and down on it.

"Fuck, yeah, gimme head."

Behind me, Mel snarled, "Fuck, yeah, take that cock!"

It had crossed my mind that Lang would owe me big time for diverting Mel and Creed from the kitchen, where they would have found him balling like a banshee, but I might be enjoying myself as much as he was. I'd gone from getting spit-roasted by the blond Adonis brothers to getting spit-roasted by a bald, overweight man who was at least twice my age and a pimply, tatted boy who was nothing but skin and bones. Talk about night and day. However, both liaisons were hot in their own way. What was happening to me was sleazy and kinky with a big dose of humiliation, but my hard dick betrayed how much I liked it. Yeah, I was a cock whore, no doubt about it.

It was hot and soon all three of us were covered in sweat. I kept blinking it from my eyes and staring at Creed's thin torso as he jammed his rod down my throat. He had a ring of silver and black studs pierced into a circle around his bellybutton that kept hitting my forehead as I deep throated him.

"Suck it, fucker! Suck that dick. Make love to it. Suck the cum out of my balls!" I worked his ball sac and pressured his cock with my mouth and hands. He began thrusting his rod down my throat, flexing his skinny thighs each time he fucked my mouth.

Creed shot first. He seemed as surprised as I was. Maybe his climax snuck up on him because he was stoned. With no warning he yelled, "Fuck, I'm cumming!" and moments later a blast of thick, hot spunk filled my mouth. The dude's cock may not have been that big and his balls weren't huge either, but they were damn plentiful. I gulped down wave after wave of cum as it flooded my mouth.

I nursed his tool, PA ring and all, until he shuddered and pulled out. He stared at me and said, "Fuck, he swallowed! He fucking swallowed! The cocksucker swallowed!" He seemed happier about me eating his nut than giving him the blow job.

Hell yeah, I swallowed. Why waste a good load of sweet and tangy jizz? And yeah, Creed's was super thick and tasty.

Creed contented himself by rubbing his softening dick over my face, squeezing out the last bit of ball juice and painting it over every inch of my skin. Mel took a while longer but shot after ramming his cock into my hole and holding it there for what seemed to me like a long, long time. He was panting and sweaty and as much as I loved the feeling of being plugged by a hard cock, I was relieved when he pulled out and took his belly with him. He slapped my bare ass and laughed, "Fine piece of ass you got there, pool boy. And you know what to do with it."

Creed would have happily spent all afternoon sitting on the picnic table and rubbing his spent cock on my face, although it probably wouldn't have stayed soft for long and he'd probably have wanted it in my mouth again and again. Mel began to dress and Creed reluctantly followed suit. I slipped into swim trunks. My pesky boner was rock hard inside my jock strap, betraying how I'd gotten turned on by the spit roast.

Once dressed, Mel announced to Creed, "Let's see if your slut sister is done giving it up to pool boy's buddy."

Creed shook his head and said, "She's a friggin whore. I warned you before you married her."

"You were right. But what do I care? Marrying her got me into the country and she can't complain about me nailing dudes when her pussy's open to any man who can get hard enough to stick it in. I think the reason she orders so much stuff online is because she's giving it up to every delivery boy who rings the bell. And don't even get me started about the two college boys next door."

Shit. My effort to distract Mel and Creed from Lang's activities was a complete failure. Mel had known what was going on as soon as he'd seen me alone; he put two and two together and knew another pool boy was around because we always worked in pairs.

I'd failed but wasn't complaining about making the effort. My tingling, seeded ass and spunk coated mouth were reward enough.

Lang was finished fucking. He'd just come out of the house and was headed toward the pool area to look for me when we met him. Mel said, "How'd you like dicking my wife, Red? You get off or was her pussy stretched so wide that you couldn't cum?" The stunned look on Lang's face was priceless. I couldn't discount the possibility that his entire life was passing in front of his eyes.

Mel shrugged. "For your sake I hope you got to nut. Feel free to come back and fuck her anytime you want, as long as you bring your buddy here and he puts out the way he just did. If you haven't used his tight ass you should. It's a helluva lot better than my wife's saggy cunt. Jock boy gives good head, too."

"And he swallows!" Creed added with a leer.

Lang was shell-shocked, staring at Mel as he headed into the house. Before following him, Creed paused long enough to snarl to me, "Later, cocksucker." He gave me a snarky look and a gloating smile.

"What the fuck?" Lang asked quietly, watching them go.

He turned to me and stared, mentally debating whether Mel and Creed had made it all up or I was such a cheap whore that I'd let Mel fuck me and sucked Creed off. I shrugged and said, "So, uh, the pump is fixed. What's our next stop?" I wondered if Lang could smell the remnants of Creed's cum crusting on my face or Mel's spunk ready to leak from my ass.

Back in the truck, Lang didn't talk about his latest sexual conquest, which was totally weird because he loved reliving all of them. Each one, including the ones with me. Particularly the ones with me. Instead he was uncharacteristically quiet. That left me time to wonder about Creed saying, "Later, cocksucker," and speculate about what might happen if I met him again. He wasn't going to forgive and forget. He'd make me pay for every slight in high school, perceived or real. In his mind, I probably owed him a hundred blow jobs to make up for being an asshole to him day after day. I had a vision of being on my knees in a room full of Creed's pothead friends, being passed from dude to dude as they smoked dope and enjoyed free blowjobs from the high school jock. The scene didn't fill me with disgust. It was kinda hot to imagine. The humiliation part of being a cock whore was new and different and kinda intriguing.

Damn, Tyhcinn had pegged me right when he detected I was cock whore. I wondered how he knew when I hadn't a clue. But he'd totally read me.

It took Lang a while to work out what happened back at Mel's house. As we approached our next stop he said, "Shit, dude. You were trying to distract that guy from discovering me fucking his wife. I guess I owe you one."

"I'll put it on your tab."

"He totally has that bitch figured out. He probably knows about Kyle." I was certain Mel knew about Kyle. The dude probably assumed Kyle doing the honors today when it was actually Lang. Kyle's prior escapades with Mel's wife were what tipped him off.

Lang mused, "Dude was right about your ass. It's a helluva lot better than his wife's cunt."

"Thanks. You know where to find me."

Lang instinctively squeezed the long dong, grinned and let out a loud, "Fuck!" I guess he was ruling out the return visit that Mel had offered.



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