The Quarterback and the Bookworm 10
by Milk Baby

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"Fine! You wanna know why it's so hard to forgive you?! Because I was sexually abused as a child. There. I said it. Happy?!"

Silence. The air was dead between the two boys. Baby's expression held a frustrated look. It was as if he was mad that someone else had to know that. He was pissed while bearing shame and embarrasment in the deepest parts of his eyes. He was trying his best to look away from Brad.

Brad on the other hand was the image of pure shock. He didn't know how to respond. One second, his mind was empty, unable to processs what had just been said to him. The next second, his mind was running amok with questions. The biggest question was who abused the boy, and why. Along with the questions, there was a particularly strong feeling. the feeling of "I'll fucking kill whoever did that.". Brad was speechless as he stared down at the boy's face.

And the silence stayed, until Brad was able to organize his thoughts.

"Why... Why did you tell me that?" Brad asked in a quiet voice. Their faces still inches apart from each other.

Baby maintained the lack of eye contact, shifting his vision to anywhere but Brad. Until finally, the silence between them became too much for the boy and he looked up at Brad, their eyes finally connecting. And what Baby found seemed to be, shockingly, genuine concern, worry and a bit of guilt. Unknowingly, tears began welling up in Baby's eyes until one slid down his cheeks, followed by another until streams of continuous tears formed on the boys cheeks.

The boy was crying, but his face was frozen. "I'm sorry." With just those two words spoken by Brad, Baby was weeping. Brad pulled Baby in, wrapping his arms around the boy's neck and back and pulled him into his chest. There, the boy wept, cried his heart out. His fists clung to Brad's wrinkled shirt as his tears stained his chest. But Brad didn't care. All he felt at that moment was the immense sadness for the boy. He felt devastasted that this boy was damaged to the point where he had to bottle it all up.

A silent understanding was formed between the two as the boy cried and the jocked comforted him. An understanding that made the two connect and had made them closer. It was after a few minutes when the boy finally calmed down but still keeping his face buried in the muscled chest of the jock. Brad was comforting him, subconciously caressing the boy's hair as he stared into the wall, lost in his thoughts. He ony noticed that the boy had stopped when he pulled away, looking away from Brad.

"Let's get you home." Brad said as he pulled away from the boy and moved to the side, allowing the boy to move. The two exited the alley and made their way back to campus. They walked side by side together, Baby kicking the random rocks they passed on the pavement and Brad with his hands buried in his pockets. The two had no physical contact with each other and the walk was quiet, but it was comfortable. The silence spoke beyond words. It was the understanding between the two.

The two were quiet until they reached Baby's door. Unlocking the door with his keys, Baby then opens the door with Brad tailing behind him. Surprised by the jock following him, Baby turned around looking up at Brad. "You're staying?" Baby asked. Brad seemed rather surprised with the question. "Uh, of course I am. You thought I was just gonna leave you?"

Brad moved past Baby and headed for his fridge, rummaging through the many items in there. It was mostly milk and other dairy products (like cheese and ice cream) and other sweets. Brad made a face at the overwhelming number of sweets stuffed inside the refrigerator. "Damn, how do you survive?"

"Shut up, stop judging me. And please leave, I'm not a child I can take care of myself." Baby said as he watched Brad grab one of the half-empty tubs of ice cream and crash on the couch. "Who said anything about taking care of you. I'm gonna hang around here for a while. I've got a killer headache and I'm not in the mood to listen to my bros shout and make a mess in the house."

It seemed that Brad was immovable as he grabs Baby's remote and turns on the rather tiny TV, surfing through different channels. Baby could only sigh with his arms crossed as he makes his way to the couch, sitting next to the jock, some inches away from him.

The two fell into thst comfortable silence once again as the sounds of the TV filled the room and their attention was on the mindless screen. Out of the blue after swallowing a spoonfull of ice cream, Brad began to talk again. "You know we gotta talk about sometime." His eyes were still glued on the TV but his words were directed at Baby.

"I know." Baby quietly said with a sigh. "Wanna talk about it now?" "...No." "Alright." And the silence fell again. Baby was surprised. Brad was being considerate. He wasn't forcing Baby to talk. He couldn't form it into words (or rather he didn't want too. He was a boy with pride.) but Baby was grateful to Brad.

The silence was broken once again when the show they were watching went to commercials. It was Baby this time. "So where have you been this morning, looking like a damn mess?" Brad was hesitant to answer. The sudden guilt from spending the night with a girl and sleeping with her. It took him a while to answer. "I was out with friends." Not a complete lie.

"Did you drink?"

The question made Brad reflect on the night before. He didn't drink a lot but somehow he woke up with the world's worst hangover. He was going to have a talk with that bitch Heather. "Yeah, I did." Still no lies.

"Figures." The boy said with a little smirk.

"What's that suppose to mean?" Brad asked, sitting up and turning his head to the boy.

"Nothing." Another sly grin.

The boy was met with a playful punch. Apparently, playful to Brad was painful to Baby. "Ow! Ass." Baby was grumbling as he rubbed the spot where the jock punched him. Brad was almost too quick to apologize. "Shit, I'm sorry. You okay? I didn't mean it. Fuck, I'm sorry."

It was weird for the boy to watch Brad fuss over him. The boy felt like he was an infant that tripped over himself. Brad was all over him, patting and checkin random parts of his body. "Brad, stop. I'm alright, I'm not a baby." Brad backed off, looking a bit relieved.

And then it clicked. "Is this about what I said?" Baby asked, pertaining to the confession. Brad's eyes shifted immediately. "What? Of course not..." Baby gave him a look, knowing otherwise. "..Fine. Yeah, it kinda is." Brad said, looking away guiltily.

With a heavy sigh, Baby pinches the bridge of his nose, closing his eyes. "This is why I didn't want to say it. People treat me like a fucking infant. I can handle myself."

"Look, I didn't mean to... I just," Brad began to explain before he was abruptly cut off. "No stop. Get out." "What?" "If you're gonna be treating me like a child and looking at me with pity, I'd rather you leave." Brad's face was pure shock. Baby was incredibly angry and he had no idea why.

"Look, I don't what's going on but I'm not leaving you. Not now." Brad said, standing up and approaching Baby, his eyes showing genuine concern. Baby stood up, his eyes defiant and angry. He then began to pound against Brad's chest. "I said leave godda--"

Baby was cut off when his arms were easily stopped, Brad holding onto them. Baby was surprised as he sees Brad leaning towards him, and their lips crashing together. Brad's eyes were closed as he began to kiss Baby.

Baby was shocked. His eyes were wide as he watched the football jock kiss hm, his lips moving passionately. Baby couldn't help but close his eyes as well and move his lips with Brad's.

It was as if their lips were dancing together. They fit perfectly with each other. Their movements were in perfect sync. It wasn't a lust-driven kiss like they've always had. They were exploring new territory. Passion. It was firey hot passion manifested through their kiss, and it was whisking them both away.

There was a new feeling within the two boys. It was exciting, but terrifying. It made them want to kiss each other more, to taste the other as much as they could. They wanted each other wrapped around their arms. They wanted their lips to stay together in a perpetual lock, forever moving together as if they were in a dance.

What felt like an eternity of kissing was actually just a few seconds. The need for air made the two pull away. Baby was looking down while Brad was staring at the top of the boy's head. The two were speechless. It was Baby who started to move, heading towards his bedroom, with Brad hurriedly following him.

Baby would fall onto the bed, facing the wall. Brad would follow, causing the bed to dip. Without a word, the two almost automatically began to spoon, with Brad wrapping his arms around the boy. The two were quiet, wordless. The comfortable silence falling upon them once again.

Brad, who had been staring at the boy's hair, was still curious. And this curiosity had taken the best of him. Once again, he was the one to break the silence once again. "I still want to know why you told me that." He'd say in a hushed voice.

Baby could only sigh. It seemed like whatever Baby said had left an impact on Brad, which could explain the strange behavior changes within the jock, Baby gave up. Brad was only going to keep asking if he didn't tell him now. "I-I know it's hard for you to say it, so if you don't want to, you don't have to." Brad hurriedly explained as Baby was formulating what to say in his mind.

Baby found it kinda cute that Brad was being like this to him. The jock must not have met someone with as much emotional baggage as baby had. Baby apprecieated the sensitivity. "It's fine. I'm over it. If you wanna know why I said, it's simple.

"I was molested as a child. By my own stepfather, no less. We hated each other so much. He was a total asshole to my mother, while he thought I was leeching off of him. Our bloods boiled when he saw each other. And him being the motherfucker that he was, he got his revenge. Every night. He'd tie my wrists with the blanket and take off my pants.

"He'd shamelessly play with my ass. Guess I just have that effect on straight men, heh. Thankfully, the bastard didn't do anything beyond that. But boy did he love shoving his musty fingers inside me. My mother, the dumb bitch that she was, was too head over heels my stepfather to believe what I was telling her. The only one who believed me was my sister. So as soon as I turned 18, my sister took me out of the house and brought me here.

"Now I confessed that I was sexually abused because of what I felt when I saw you kiss that girl. I felt the same thing everytime that bastard was done with me. I felt used. I hated that feeling. It was what made me cry myself to sleep for years before I moved on. I just hated having to relive all of that when I saw you."

There was silence. Baby didn't feel anything anymore. He used to cry and weep as he thought about it. He felt so dirty when he did. But he was over it. His sister took him away and he was happier. He rarely thought about his mother and stepfather anymore. They could have died and he wouldn't have cared. They were probably married by the devil himself.

While Baby was thinking off all the ways his parents could have died, he suddenly heard sniffling from behind him. Shocked, Baby sat up and quickly turned around, seeing Brad covering his eyes with his forearm and seeing what seemed like tears streaming down his cheeks.

"W-wha? Are you... crying?" Baby stared in disbelief. Here was this massive manly man covering his eyes and sniffling, obviously crying. It was a sight to behold. "Shit..." Brad whispered as he wipes away his tears. "That was just... the fucking worst thing to hear. I'm so damn sorry that happened to you."

Brad couldn't handle it. He realized just how shitty the boy's life was. He understood his reaction the night before. Brad also couldn't take the guilt. He didn't mean for the boy to feel like that but he made him feel like that. It was a shitty feeling.

Brad never cried. Ever. But the boy had been doing things to him since last night. His behavior was doing a total 180 when it involved Baby. He felt so damn shitty. He wished he knew all this beforehand. Maybe, just maybe, he could've treated Baby better, no matter how much the boy says he was over it.

The two boys stared at each other for a while before Brad laid down again, patting the space beside him. "Let's take a nap. This morning has been... a lot." Brad said. Baby nodded and went back to his position. The mental exhaustion got to both boys and they were soon out like a light.

* * *

Brad slept like a baby. It was dreamless but he hadn't slept as sound before. Probably because it was quieter in Baby's room. Much to his surprise, he woke up with Baby's side of the bed empty. The first thing he felt was disappointment. He was expecting to wake up, seeing the boy beside him.

Speaking of Baby, as soon as he thought that, Baby's bedroom door opens with Baby busting in. "You up? My sister's coming over." Brad rubs his eyes, sitting up and looking at the boy. He looked around looking for a clock. It was 6:27 on Baby's digital clock. He was surprised he slept that long.

"Why's she coming over? And why are you telling me this?" "Because I kinda miss her and we haven't been talking much. And I'm telling you this now because if you don't want her to see you here you better leave. Now." This set off a question in Brad's mind. Did Baby not want him here? Or did he think that Brad was ashamed of Baby.

"It's fine, I'm gonna stay. I wanna meet your sister." Baby looked at him as if he had a penis on his forehead. It was the strangest thing he'd heard from Brad. That was the trend today, apparently. "Really? Y-You wouldn't mind meeting my family? Like a... like a... boy--"

Baby was cut off when there was a loud rapping on the door. Realizing what kind of situation he was in, Baby immediately ran for the door, leaving Brad. Brad could hear two voices. Both feminine. Although he could immedaitely pick out Baby's voice, the other sounded familiar.

Wanting to investigate, Brad heads out of the bedroom and into the living room. What he saw shook him to his core.

"Oh he's here. Uh, Molly I want you to meet Brad. He's a, uh, a friend."

Baby watched as the two stared at each other in shock and disbelief. Brad couldn't believe it. It all made sense now. It was the girl from last night.

"You..." Molly trailed off.

A loud 'fuck' reverberated in Brad's mind.

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