The Quarterback and the Bookworm 3
by Milk Baby

This story is complete fiction. Any and all characters are pure fiction. This story contains homosexual acts between colleged aged boys. Please be 18/21+ and above when reading.Fair warning, the sex scenes might get a bit raunchy. You've been warned.
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Brad was rushing back to his house. His mind was an angry, panicking mess. He thought that if he'd finally get blown by a guy, this mental torture would be over. But it wasn't, if anything it became worse. The first issue was that that was the best orgasm he's had, and it was head from a guy. Second was that he knew, deep down, that one blowjob wasn't enough and that he'd most likely be craving more from that guy. Third, and the most confusing, was that how could a guy be give such good head?

Those along with millions of other questions flooded his mind. He hadn't even noticed that he'd reached his house. He took a deep breath, not wanting to seem suspicious as to why he was out so late. He made his way to his room, looking around for any of his brothers. There were some in the living room playing video games and some in the kitchen having a snack. Most of them said a quick 'hi' to Brad, which Brad was grateful for. That was until he'd reach his door and see Doug standing by the doorway. He didn't know why but he started to grow hot from anger.

"Hey bro, just wa—" "Get the fuck out of my way, bro." Brad said with such animosity as he opens his door, shutting it on Doug's face. Doug, the clueless meathead that he is, shrugged and said "Okay, g'night bro." And went back to his room. This pissed Brad off even more. How could he simply go back to his room, all innocent, when he's the one that made Brad like this? Fucked up because of a guy giving him head.

With a long, deep, angry sigh, Brad falls to his bed, fully clothed. He grabs his phone, seeing a million other messages on his app from horny gays around campus. Not even checking his inbox, Brad quickly deletes his account and then the app itself. He wanted to simply just sleep this away. Problem was, he can't. His mind kept going back to what was probably the hottest encounter of his life. The way that nerd was submissive to him, letting him fuck his throat as hard as he wanted. It wasn't just his cock that felt good, but also his ego. Girls never let him do that. They never let him dominate them. But this gay nerd even welcomed it.

From the way that his throat opened up for Brad's monster dick, which scared a lot of girls, to the way that he was moaning, loving it as much as Brad did. The way that nerd treated his balls. Brad has never had his balls sucked, or at the very least, touched by any other girl. This nerd literally sucked on them like fucking candy. And the way the nerd was looking up at him as he fucked his throat gave Brad chills. He looked so obedient, so slutty, so in his element. Brad's cock was growing hard again. He could still feel every lick and every suck from the nerd on his cock. It was too good.

Brad couldn't help himself. He whips out his cock, closes his eyes and begins stroking. His mind was stuck on the fact that someone let Brad face fuck them, and he loved it. His stroking grew faster. Brad's mind then slowly turns to the nerd's ass. He wondered how such a nerd could have such an ass. His stroke grew faster again. Suddenly, an image of the nerd naked, on his back, legs spread apart, and Brad's thick shaft pounding away into his tight hole appeared in his mind. The nerd was screaming in pleasure, begging Brad for more. Brad's fist became a blur on his cock.

"More Brad, ngaahhh,I need more! Your huge cock feels so good inside me!!" The nerd shouted, desperation in his voice as Brad begins to fuck him harder, his balls slamming against his ass, hurting a little. Brad's breath grew faster, his balls disappearing inside him. "Brad! I'm cumming! Your big cock is making me cum! AHHHHH!" The nerd shouted. Just then, Brad as well begins to shoot ropes of cum high up in the air. Brad groaned with every shot as he makes a mess all over himself.

Brad's breathing slowed down as his orgasm ended. What the fuck was that? he thought to himself as he grabs a sock on the floor and starts wiping his cum. With a defeated sigh, he decides not to think about it anymore. He'd rather fall asleep and forget about that strange (but hot) scene he'd thought off. He'd rather not think too deeply about it or risk another mind panic. He falls to the bed again, his mind clear. He easily falls asleep.


Brad wakes up the next day more refreshed than he'd ever been. Since he'd decided not to think about anything about the nerd from last night his whole body seemed to be at peace. He takes a deep sigh and exits his room, joining his brothers for breakfast. He hadn't had any plans for that day and since he had a big test coming up, Brad decides to head for the library. After breakfast and showering, Brad heads back to his room, grabbing his books. As he was locking up his door, Doug appears beside him with a sly smile.

"Must've been a nice nuttin' session last night." Images of the nerd started to flood his mind again. Shaking his head and taking a deep breath, Brad clears his mind once again. "You were listening? That's kinda gay." Brad retorted with a chuckle. This caught Doug off guard. "Wha- No I-I wasn't..." "See you later, bro" Brad said as Doug stuttered an excuse. Brad begins to head towards the library, saying goodbye to a few of his brothers.

Once in the quiet haven, Brad grabs a seat and drops all his books. He begins his learning session as he buries his face in his books. A few minutes later and he's ready to give up. The words left as quickly as they entered his brain. He slaps his face, shaking his head and trying again. This time, he tried to use the meaning of each word. It was tedious and tiring but he was learning. Barely.

After an hour, Brad's brain felt like it would explode. He drops his head on one of the books, groaning, ready to give up. These were the days where he wished he could trade his perfect good looks for a perfect brain. As Brad was pondering what his ugly self would look like, he heard footsteps approach his side and a hand tapping him to get his attention. He looks up and his body freezes. It was the nerd.

"Hey, I've been looking at you for an hour," That's not suspicious. Brad thinks to himself. "And I thought you needed help." The nerd offered a smile. Brad could only look at him with shock and confusion. Why was he standing there as if he didn't gobble up Brad's cock last night? "Oh and if you're worried things might get weird because of last night, don't worry, I won't mention it." Was he reading Brad's mind? And even so, it won't be that easy to forget. This guy gave him his best orgasm.

"Look, I promise I won't let it get weird. I just wanna help since you look like you need it." Brad thought about it. He was flunking in this subject. He needed to step it up. Looking away and sighing Brad reluctantly answered. "...Fine." The nerd's face lit up and began taking a seat right beside Brad. "Oh, I don't think I've introduced myself yet. My name's Baby. Baby Poler." That's a weird fucking name for a guy. Baby was putting out his hand for Brad to shake.

"I'm, uh, Brad. Brad Wright." Brad took Baby's hand and shook it, taking note of how small his hand was compared to Brad's. And how smooth. No. Stop thinking about how smooth his hand is. Brad chastised himself. "Alright let's get started. What subject are you studying?" "Chemistry." Baby looked a little shocked at Brad's answer. He hadn't expected that a big jock brute like him would be studying one of Baby's favorite subject.

The tutoring session started. Baby seemed like a professional because he kept it professional. Brad, at first, was unsure. He felt like Baby would attack his cock any second. But they soon fell into a professional mood. Brad was engrossed in the lesson. He was learning and his curiosity about Chemistry was piqued. Chemistry in high school seemed so boring. Baby made it interesting with his teaching style. If Baby hadn't come he'd probably given up an hour ago and went back to the house, eating junk food. A few hours have passed. Brad and Baby were now on their second book.

"So if we transfer some of its electrons to the other element..." Baby explained and Brad listened obediently. That is until he noticed Baby's knee rubbing against his own knee. His focus was broken as he grew curious and anxious. What was Baby doing? Was he doing this conciously? Was he sending a message? Brad's paranoid mind went to work once again. His focus shifted from the lesson to Baby's knee. Brad didn't know if he should keep his knee there or move it.

Apparently he didn't have to. Baby moved his knee as he turned to the side, grabbing another book to explain the topic to Brad. Brad was relieved, but also was a bit disappointed. He didn't know why. Baby opened the book, handling it professionaly. Baby continued with the lesson with Brad getting engrossed into it once again. That was until Baby's knees returned, rubbing Brad's own. This knocked Brad out of his focus and began to look uncomfortable. Baby took notice. "Brad? What's wrong? You okay?" Brad was getting a bit pissed with baby acting all innocent when he's the reason he's uncomfortable. Was he doing this on purpose? "Yeah, I'm fine.

Baby's hand then fell onto Brad's thigh. Brad froze. Baby was definitely trying something. "Hey, you can tell me if there's something wrong. Is it the lesson? Should I teach it better?" Baby said in a low voice, almost seductive. His hand began slowly rubbing Brad's thigh. Brad would've been pissed if it wasn't turning him on a bit. Here was the boy who'd willingly let Brad fuck his throat, rubbing his thigh, obviously wanting another sexual encounter.

Brad was growing hot. His gaze was switching between Baby's seemingly innocent eyes and Baby's definitely not innocent hand on his thigh. He was trying his best not to moan. How could a small little nerd like him shift the mood from professional to let's-fuck-right-fucking-now? It was crazy how this boy could easily manipulate Brad. But Brad decided to fight back. Two could play that game. Brad said to himself. He then brushed off Baby's hand.

"Nah, it's not the lesson. It's just, sitting on this table for the past few years makes me wanna stretch, y'know." Brad said as he began to stretch his meaty arms. First, upward, showing off his impressive triceps, huge even in a relaxed state. Then flexing his biceps behind his head, the muscles growing to such sizes, two hands won't be able to cover it. Then he stands up, bending his back. He subtly thrusts his crotch right in front of Baby's face while his shirt rides up, showing his rugged, deep cut abs, covered with a little bit of fuzz. All his stretches were matched with quiet moans and deep breaths, just to add to the sexiness.

After a few more stretches, Brad sits back down. The look on Baby's face was priceless. He was breathing heavy, mouth slightly agape and his eyes were trained on every muscled part of Brad. "Fuck, that did the trick. Let's get back to Chemistry. Baby? Baby?" Brad said, trying to shake off a hypnotized Baby. Baby shook his head, recovering from the muscle show he'd just seen. Catching Baby off guard gave Brad a triumphant feeling. But it didn't last long. While they got back to studying, Baby's knee once again began to rub against Brad's.

The air stayed electric and sexual. Brad couldn't even think straight, both figuratively and literally. He wanted to punish Baby for his incessant rubbing. He want to shove Billy on top of the table, his head hanging off the edge. And once he's ready and agape, Brad'll take out his cock and fuck his throat, seeing Brad's engorged tip moving in Baby's throat. Brad grew hot once again. He had to stop this before things take a turn. He hurriedly stood up, surprising Baby. "I need to pee." He said very quickly as he begins his walk to the bathroom.

Brad approaches one of the urinals, looking at his almost erect cock, willing it to go down. The boy was fucking up his mind. It pissed him off so much. He stared angrily at his cock, threatening to cut it off and flush it down the toilet if it didn't go back to being soft. Then paused, thinking about what he'd just said. Baby's making me both gay AND crazy. What the fuck.

Just then, the door opens and in comes Baby, standing next to Brad's urinal, all with a smile. Brad wanted to punch that smile off his face. After cumming in it. Three times. Brad shook his head, looking down at his cock, still semi-erect. He looks back again at Baby. "What the hell are you looking at?" Brad said, anger apparent in his voice as he sees Baby's eyes staring at his cock. "What? Nothing I haven't seen before." Brad had no comment. Baby was right. "Look's like you got a bit of a problem. I can help." Baby said with a mischievous smile, winking at Brad then looking at an empty stall.

If this was normal Brad, he'd have punched the living daylights out of Baby and walked away. But normal Brad is long, long gone. There was only always-craving-for-Baby's-mouth Brad. He didn't know how but soon, both boys were in a stall, Baby sitting on the toilet, his feet up, with Brad standing in front of him. Was Brad really that weak to Baby? Probably. Baby was immediately unbuttoning Brad's pants and underwear, pushing them down and tucking them under his balls. Brad was rock hard almost immediately. Make that definitely.

The sounds of sucking filled the bathroom as Baby started suckling on Brad's spongy tip. His same technique returned. His tongue was teasing at Brad's most sensitive areas, making Brad groan and grab onto his hair again. Baby started swallowing Brad's shaft, deepthroating him on his own accord this time. The pleasure sent electric jolts deep down Brad's body. Baby was deepthroating him like a damn pro. Bobbing Brad's sensitive cock in and out of that tight entrance.

Baby didn't gag, not even once. Brad's seemingly endless shaft disappeared into Baby's mouth as his nose buried in Brad's musky, manly bush. He rubbed his nose there as he kept Brad's sensitive tip lodged down his throat. Brad could feel Baby's constriciting throat tightening then loosening around his tip, making his knees buckle and making him moan even louder. The things that this boy was doing to Brad's horniness was indescribable.

Baby then began to pull out, catching his breath. He takes a kiss and a little lick on Brad's tip, swallowing Brad's sweet precum as he did before. Seeing Baby's slutty little face licking Brad's huge cock was such a turn on for him. Baby then took Brad's cock into his mouth once again. Baby this time began to bob up and down on Brad's cock, with Brad's tip thrusting in and out of Baby's tight throat. Baby started to gain momentum. He started fucking his own throat with Brad's cock, going faster and faster.

Just then, the two boys heard the door burst open. The man apparently had to pee real bad as his footsteps were fast and his breathing was heavy. Baby was unphased by this. His throat fucking continued, keeping it quieter tis time. Brad was shocked. He didn't know what else to do. Let Baby continue on his 5-star blowjob and risk exposing Brad or stop and give himself blue balls. Baby apparently had the answer as he suddenly swallowed Brad's cock all the way to the hilt, looking up at Brad, giving him a mischievous wink.

From the mix of surprise and electric pleasure, Brad unintentionally moans. "Nguhh.. Fuhhhh...!" He immediately covers his mouth with his palm. "Woah, must be one big load you got there, dude." The man said as he heads for the sink washing his hand. He dries up and begins to exit. "Good luck with your shit, bro." He said, Brad growing red from embarrassment. As soon as he leaves, Brad roughly pulls Baby off his cock by his hair. "Fucking FAGGOT! You want a goddamn throat fuck so bad, I'll fucking give you one!" Brad exhaled, anger laced in his voice.

Just like their first time, Brad grabs Baby's head and shoves it all the way down, this time rougher, making it hurt just enough for Baby. Brad began doing this faster. Pulling Baby's hair back and then shoving it all the way down, letting him swallow all 9 inches. Brad also began to thrust his hip upward, meeting with Baby's shoved face. This caused Brad's head to dig deeper into Baby's throat, making Baby gag and cough this time from the intensity.

"Fuck. Fuck yeah. This is what you wanted, right faggot? Teasing me back then. It's my cock you're after all along, right? Well, swallow it faggot 'cause you're getting my seed too." Brad grunted with every thrust, force feeding his cock to Baby. "Here it comes... HNGGGH!!"

Matching the intensity of his orgasm the first time, Brad was shooting ropes of thick, white cum deep down Baby's throat. Baby looked up at him, tears, sweat and spit streaming down his face. The show of submission only made Brad bury his cock deeper inside Baby's throat as he unloads. Baby obediently swallows each drop.

After the last spurt, Brad takes his cock out and leans on the wall, catching his breath. Baby clears his throat as he grabs some tissue, wiping his face. "You know, for a straight guy, maybe you're not so straight after all." Baby jokingly said as he throws the tissue into the can. He brushes his clothes and opens up the door. "Not that that's an issue for me. See you around, big boy." Baby said, winking at Brad playfully as he heads for the exit.

Brad could only shake his head as he catches his breath on the cubicle wall, staring at his cock, dripping with spit and cum. "That boy's fucking me up." Brad said quietly to himself. But maybe I like it... he trails off.

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