The Quarterback and the Bookworm 3
by Milk Baby

This story is complete fiction. Any and all characters are pure fiction. This story contains homosexual acts between colleged aged boys. Please be 18/21+ and above when reading.
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Baby exits the bathroom, leaving a dazed Brad catching his breath on the cubicle wall. Baby was proud of himself. To have such a big, studly, (allegedly) straight man lose control like that, just because of Baby's subtle little flirtations, must mean that he was that good. He couldn't help but smile at himself as he approaches their table.

He decided to tease Brad a little more.

Baby proceeds to rip a piece of paper and write his number on it, along with a little message for Brad. Call me, big boy. ;) . Baby was giggling to himself as he exits the library, heading back to his dorm room. Baby was usually very passive when it comes to guys. Just suck 'em and run was his style. Or rather, they run. But there was just something about Brad that made him want to... expose him more. There was something about Brad that just made Baby want to leave him undone.

On his way back to his dorm he kept thinking about Brad. His mind kept jumping back to the boy who was so easy to manipulate that his being straight was very questionable. Was he really straight or did he just have really bad inhibitions? All these confusing thoughts flooded his mind until he reached his door. He stood frozen on his feet.

"Ian?" Baby asks to the body leaning beside his door, arms crossed, looking cool.

The person beside the door snapped out of his trance and stood, looking at Baby. There stood Ian, 6'0", with a body between Brad's buffness and Baby's leanness. Baby was shocked to see Ian here. Baby had never admitted to it before but he had a bit of a crush on Ian before. Just a bit. Until he lost interest because Ian embodied the lone wolf, too cool vibe so much and seemed so untouchable. It hurt Baby before to see that sexy face look so uninterested at him. Until now?

"Uh, hey, Baby..." Ian began, his usual cool face morphing into slight embarrassment and reluctance. Scratching his head and sighing Ian began speaking. "Look, I'm failing English. My professor told me to get a tutor or I'll completely flunk out and then god knows what. And since you're the smartest person I know I thought you could help. I'll even pay. So...?" Ian trailed off, biting his lip, looking hopeful and nervous.

If this was freshman Baby he'd be swooning and falling to his knees, kissing Ian's feet, proclaiming his unworthiness of Ian's gaze. He'd also be ecstatic with the fact the two hot guys asked him to tutor them. He was in hot guy heaven. But this is older Baby who is shocked by the fact that Ian actually knew him and knew of him. "Wait, how did you know where I lived?" Ian hesitated to answer "I, uh, asked..." Ian said, sounding unsure. Baby didn't have a lot of friends so he didn't know who Ian asked but Baby brushed it off.

"Sure. I'll tutor you. I charge $50 an hour. When do you wanna start?" Baby said, sounding very professional and very business. Ian took a sharp breath at the Ian's fees but reluctantly agreed. "Fine. Can we start right now? I brought all my shit with me." Ian said, grabbing his bag from behind him. Baby nodded.

Baby directed Ian at the little coffee table in his room telling him to sit while he grabs them some drinks. After getting some juice pouches for the two of them, which Ian eyed curiously, Baby began their session. "So what is it you need help on?" "Well, for now I need to write an essay. Something about my childhood." Ian said, sounding exhausted already. "Oh that's not so hard." "It's a 12-page essay and the deadline's 3 days away." "Oh." Even Baby felt it was too much.

"Well, we better get started then. So what I want you to do first is introduce yourself. Like, who you are and stuff." Ian looked unsure, biting his lip as he looks down on the piece of paper, then back at Baby. "Uhh, I'm not very good with words." This made Baby chuckle a little. "Don't worry, I'll help you out." Ian, still retaining the unsure look began to write his first paragraph introducing himself. And after his first try Baby was there to dictate the corrections.

True to his word, Ian was still stuck on the first paragraph. Ian couldn't understand Baby's corrections, even when Baby tried to explain it in the simplest of terms. From grammar to structure, Ian had a difficult time. "Fuck this shit!" Ian shouted, slamming his hands down onto the table after the 6th time they've tried to revise the first paragraph. Baby let him blow off some steam and calm down. "...couldn't you just write this for me? I'll pay extra."

Baby chuckled and shook his head. "As tempting as that sounds, I cannot let a student of mine cheat. Especially if I get involved with it. Don't worry, Ian, we can do this. Here. Why don't you try writing down your concepts and I'll help you string them together." Ian grunted and nodded, desperate for a way to finally make some progress.

After a few more tries and a whole lot more coaching, Ian seemed to get the hang of it. Although his essay writing skills could still use a lot more polishing, he managed to finish three paragraphs with Baby's help. While writing, the two were silent, with Baby watching what Ian wrote and Ian writing as best he can. If it were Brad he was tutoring, Baby would've begun to touch him teasingly. But he kept his hands to himself this time. He had no ulterior motive (for now) and he didn't know if Ian would be open to that (but he sure wish he was.)

Baby was left staring at Ian's sharp jaw, his handsome face and stunning eyes as he was lost in thought. He hadn't even noticed he was staring, drinking in every detail of Ian's side profile until Ian was done and was looking at Baby. "I'm done with this. Baby? Baby...?" Ian asked, suddenly snapping Baby out of his stare. Baby was blushing hard, embarrassed to be caught staring at Ian. "S-Sorry, let me see that." Baby said, too quickly as he grabbed the paper and began to check it.

It seemed like he did still have some feelings for this boy. Or at least, infatuation.

Baby quickly recovered as he handed back Ian's paper. "You're getting better. Now I just need to you to work on your structure..." Baby instructed and Ian obediently followed. It seemed like the hesitant boy from a few hours ago quickly morphed into this enthusiastic (Well, as enthusiastic as he can get) learner. This time Baby avoided staring at Ian, as hard as it was for him.

The two soon finished after 3 hours. Ian started packing up while Baby cleaned up the table. Soon, Ian was standing, his bag slung on his shoulder scratching his head. "Hey, listen... I don't have the money now but I swear I'll have it by tomorrow. Can we meet tomorrow again?" Ian asked as Baby returns from throwing the trash. "I guess I'm just that good, making you come back so soon." Baby joked, winking at Ian, who blushed a bit, obviously a bit uncomfortable about that.

Baby chastised himself mentally. "Uh, sorry. But yeah, sure, let's meet again tomorrow. Same time?" Baby asked as he began walking Ian to the door. "Yeah, sounds perfect." Ian replied, giving a Baby a small smile. It made his heart flutter a bit with joy. What the hell.

Ian opened the door. "I guess I'll be going now, see you Baby." Ian gave Baby that smile again. "Yeah, see you tomorrow." Baby replied with a dreamy smile as he watched Ian walk down the hallway. Before Ian walked down the stairs, he turned back, as if he knew Baby was watching him, and gave him a little wave. Baby smiled again and waved back. He could feel the girly giggle just try to claw its way out of his mouth.

"What the fuck is with that gay ass look on your face." A sudden deep, brutish voice snapped Baby out of his daze. There stood Brad looking down at him with annoyance. How Baby missed the massive man was a mystery to him. "Wha-- Brad? What are you doing here." Baby said, looking up at Brad, shaking his head. "I was gonna return your book to you. You left it at the library. Looked like you had a date with your boyfriend." Brad said, almost accusingly.

Baby snatched his book from Brad's meaty hand. "What gave you that idea?" "He called you 'baby' before he left. Fucking queers." Baby found Brad's stupidity to be too hilarious? "What? Have you forgotten that my name is Baby?" Brad blinked a bit, processing what he just heard. "Oh. Well it's such a fucking gay name anyway." Brad defended.

Baby decided to provoke the man once again. "And so what if we did? Got a problem with that?" Brad looked down at the boy, his cheeks lit a little and his eyes showed just the tiniest hint of disappointment. "Wait, you guys are really boyfriends? N-NOT that I care or anything!" Brad retorted, making Baby laugh teasingly.

"Is that jealousy I hear? Is big, straight, Brad jealous of me and my boyfriend?" Baby teased, poking at Brad's solid chest. "Shut up." Brad warned. Baby continued. "Aww, Brad's so jealous!" "Shut. Up." Brad warned, firmer this time. But Baby persisted. "What you gonna do Brad? What you gonna do to me and my boyfriend? It's so cute how you're so jea--" Before Baby could finish speaking, Brad shoved him into his room, Baby falling to the floor. Brad quickly shuts the door.

"I fucking warned you, fag and now you've pushed me to it. Now you get punished." With a rough grab of his hair, Brad grabs Baby and shoves him to the wall, Baby grunting from the impact. Brad then stands in front of a fallen Baby, unzipping his pants, his soft cock flopping out. "To answer your question, Baby, this is what I'm gonna do. Now fucking suck me." Grabbing his hair and lifting his head up, Brad's tip starts sliding against a dazed Baby

Baby soon gathered himself and was growing a bit scared for his well being, decided to be obedient. He didn't know what the brute was capable off so it was better not to provoke him further. He takes Brad's flaccid dick into his mouth, looking up at him as the sizable 5 inches enters his mouth. He begins to suck on it, teasing the piss slit once again. He could feel the organ grow, filling with blood. Soon, the whole 9 inches would be lodged in his mouth.

Brad's tip starts to slide deeper, shoving its way into Baby's throat. This causes Baby to gag and cough a little which made Brad's cock twitch. "Fuck yes, fucking gag on my cock faggot." Baby looks up at Brad, his eyes filling with tears. He was having a difficult time breathing. All this was turning Brad on even more. To see a submissive bitch struggle on his cock was too much. "Fuck, ready or not I'm gonna fucking fuck that throat."

Brad's thrusts were slow at first but he quickly quickened his pace. His grip on Baby's hair grew tighter as he began to slide his cock all the way out then shove it all the way in. This made Baby gag, choke, groan and cry from the impact. Brad then thought back to earlier, where Baby took advantage of him. This only fuelled his anger. "Fuck fag. Take my cock bitch. I know how much you love this." Brad said between gritted teeth, growling as he thrust again and again into Baby's tight throat.

Brad could feel his balls ache, ready to fire another hot load. But before he could unload it in Baby's throat, he pulls his cock out, slick and shiny with spit and precum. He stroked it, looking down at Baby menacingly. "Stroke me bitch. Use your hand and make me cum." Brad commanded. Baby obediently followed, grabbing Brad's massive shaft, he began to do a screwing motion, teasing the head and then stroking the shaft. Brad groaned and moaned, his cock tingling.

"Fuck! Faster faggot I'm gonna cum!" Baby started stroking with two hands, licking his lips as he looks up at Brad. Even with his throat burning in pain, Baby's eyes still showed lust and obedience. This drove Brad to the edge. "FUCK! TAKE MY SEED FAGGOT!" Brad shouted as he began to shoot ropes of thick white cum, landing on Baby's face and body. Baby's face was coated with the strong smelling seed and he loved it. He could feel his own hardness twitching in his pants.

Brad was grunting with every shot, looking down to see Baby's face streaked with cum but his eyes still obediently trained on Brad's. Soon his orgasm dies down and while he catches his breath, he spreads his seed all over Baby's face, dipping his tip in Baby's agape mouth, shoving his load in which Baby swallows hungrily. This made Brad groan and his cock twitch. He then zips up, buttoning up his pants and heads for the door. "I'll see you around, bitch." Brad said with a commanding voice and a sly grin as he slams Baby's door shut.

Baby sat still on the floor, catching his breath. He hadn't known that Brad could be that dominating. And he loved it. He then takes out his own cock, throbbing, leaking with precum. He begins to stroke it, closing his eyes to the image of Brad's orgasming form. In barely a minute, Baby is shooting his own load high up in the air, landing on his face, mixing with Brad's seed. He desperately collects every drop of cum with his fingers, taking the essence into his mouth, savoring it.

After he has swallowed every drop, his head drops against the wall, looking up at the ceiling, his throat burning but his cock still hard. "What the fuck have I gotten myself to." Baby thought to himself, reflecting on what has happened.

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