The Quarterback and the Bookworm 4
by Milk Baby

This story is complete fiction. Any and all characters are pure fiction. This story contains homosexual acts between colleged aged boys. Please be 18/21+ and above when reading.
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The smug little grin Brad had while exiting Baby's room quickly disappeared as he enters the hallway. He started heading back to his house, pissed and frustrated. As satisfying as it was to dominate a little faggot like Baby, he wasn't proud of himself for losing all his restraints and inhibitions like that. He was afraid that Baby has gained some sort of control on him, regardless of who seemed like the dominating figure. Baby had Brad wrapped around his little finger.

The walk back to his house, much like the one he had after his first encounter with Baby, angry, frustrated, mostly at himself, maybe at Baby for being such a cock whore. Before he knew it he was home, and was in no mood to socialize with his brothers, but he didn't want to wallow in his mental frustration alone. With a deep breath, he headed for the living room where his brothers were and joined in. Doug saw him and invited him with them. Brad spent the rest of his night drinking, joking around and having fun with his brothers.

He didn't even think of Baby, not even once that night.

Thanks to spending time with his brothers, Brad had missed playing around with girls. The various 'conquest' stories his brothers had shared made him crave girls again, and got him a little hard. So Brad, a little tipsy, headed back to his room, thinking about girls. Since his name was essentially muddied in Penny's sorority, Brad was going to have to work a little harder. Before drifting off to sleep, Brad had the most genius idea. Soon, he'd have a girl in his bed again, just like old times. The old stud was coming back.


Brad then woke up, stretched and headed for his closet. He'd changed into his workout clothes, which was the tightest muscle shirt he had and some gym shorts. He was heading to the gym, he had to show off. Before leaving his room, Brad stopped in front of his mirror. He flexed his massive arms and even more massive thighs, growling a little in appreciation of what he's seeing. With a wink at himself, he leaves his house, heading for the gym.

Brad had missed girls and this was his great comeback. No longer was he the football stud whose mind was stuck on a cocksucker. No, he was the football stude who was going to get all the pussy. And where could else could he show off while checking out other girls than the gym? His arms were his lady killers, and boy was he prepared to kill.

Brad entered the gym which held mostly guys, but a few girls were present. That was fine, Brad had to work with what he had. As soon as he entered the room, all eyes were on him. Brad noticed this and it gave him a huge ego boost. He knew he looked good and he liked knowing that others thought it too. Especially the ladies. There was one girl off to the side, biting her lip as she checks Brad out. Brad gives her a wink, which makes her giggle.

Brad first started with the weights. It was his time to show off. The girls were watching so he had to give a show. Brad started with his bicep curls. Grunting with every lift, his biceps bulging with every lift. His eyes were stuck on the girls, whose eyes were stuck on his incredible biceps. Just the fact that these girls were obviously getting a bit turned on watching Brad's adonis-esque body, turned him on.

Of course, Brad had to check out the girls too. He loved seeing their asses bend as they stretched. Their tits bounce as they ran worked on the treadmill. Brad was in heaven. All the other guys were feeling threatened and initimidated by Brad simply by his presence. A big jock god, his cut muscles glistening with sweat as he worked on his body. Grunting, growling with every movement. Some guys had to leave, unable to bear Brad's presence.

A few hours later, along with a few more weight lifting, Brad was finally approached by a girl. Tall, though shorter than Brad, blonde, tan, killer rack. Brad could just imagine her in his bed. His cock twitch a bit as he sees her hips sway as she walks towards him. Brad shoots her his killer smile, biting his lip as he observes her figure.

The two hit it off as well as any two people looking to hook up would. They started with the small talk and was now currently at the point of light flirting when Brad had noticed a new person off in the corner, squatting. His eyes immediately dart to their ass. The blonde, was talking, him nodding mindlessly as he watches the figure, squatting, their ass the absolute best he'd seen. Breaking out of his trance, he'd also noticed that the person's leg was masculine. Brad's eyes then darted to the person's head. A sense of familiarity had hit him.

It was a man, and not just any man. It was Baby.

A surge of emotions had flooded him. Why was Baby everywhere he didn't want Baby to be?! The girl noticed that Brad was obviously not listening to her talk anymore. "Hey, you okay?" she asked, more annoyed than concerned. Brad continued to ignore her. All he could do was watch Baby, squatting in his short ass gym shorts, barely covering his ass. His skin was sweaty as he squatted. He'd been here a while. Brad could do nothing but stare at him, fury in his eyes.

Brad was convinced that Baby followed him here. The first time in the library, he'd counted it as a coincidence, but now he was sure that Baby was following him, dead set on tormenting Brad. This little consipracy theory had only fuelled Brad's anger. The girl, now forgotten, huffed angrily and walked away, heading for the locker room. Brad hadn't even noticed her leave as he watched Baby finish up, heading for the men's locker room. Brad decided to give Baby a little visit.

Brad followed Baby into the locker room, keeping a large enough distance that Baby doesn't feel him nearby. Brad watches Baby as he heads for a locker, taking off his shirt first. This was the first time Brad had seen Baby shirtless. Baby had a slim torso with the beginnings of a good chest and abs. Baby's nipples were a bright pink, blending in well with his milky white skin. Brad couldn't help but stare, gulp and lick his lips. He didn't know why he was ogling this boy's body when he could've been ogling the girl earlier.

Baby then hooked his fingers onto his waistband, pushing it down. The garter stretched as it crossed down his bulbous ass. His ass jiggles a little as his shorts are fully removed. Baby, now only clad in skimpy blue briefs grabs a towel and heads for the shower. Before reaching too far, Baby suddenly bumps into what felt like a wall.

"What the hell?" He said, quickly back away. His brows then raised, surprised to see the jock stud standing in front of him, arms crossed his meaty chest, nose flaring with anger.

"Brad! What are you doing here?" Baby asked, genuinely curious. This, weirdly, seemed to anger Brad even more. "I should be asking you the same question." Brad growled in a low voice, his face morphing into something intimidating. It worked on Baby as he started back away, his back hitting the cold metal lockers. "I-I don't understand." Baby reasoned, his eyes showing fear as he looks at Brad's own, burning with fire with just the tiniest hint of hunger.

"Stop acting like a dumbass. It's obvious you followed me here. Fucking creepy stalker. Are you that desperate for my cock?" Brad said, an accusing finger poking on Baby's bare chest. Baby's expression turned from scared to offended. "Wait, you think I'm following you? HA!" Baby said as he slapped Brad's finger off his chest. "I know you are faggot. You love choking on my dick so much that you keep following me around." Baby could only roll his eyes.

"Listen, you might be hot and hella hung, but you're not worth stalking." Baby said, looking defiantly at Brad's eyes before walking away. He was suddenly grabbed by the shoulder and shoved into the lockers. An even angrier Brad inches away from his face. "You don't walk away until I tell you to, faggot." Brad said with his deep voice, his hot breath hitting Baby in the face. "I thought you wanted me to leave? Now let me go, I've someone to tutor."

This only made Brad chuckle. "Sure, "tutor". Bet you're just going to go suck cock. That's the only thing you're good at. Other than that you're basically a worthless slut." Brad's comment was met with a harsh slap. Not as painful as Baby wanted to be but it sent the message. A sharp red mark was left on Brad's cheeks as he looked down, shocked, at Baby's furious face. That was when Brad has snapped. He grabbed the scantily clad Baby and headed towards the shower.

Brad pulled as much as Baby resisted. Baby no longer had the desire to spend any more time with this man, but Brad had different ideas. He'd never gotten hit by anyone, ever. He couldn't take this humiliation. Baby was roughly pushed into an empty shower stall. Brad followed in, shutting the door and looked down at an equally angry Baby. "You think you can hit me and get away with it? Think again faggot." "You can't stop me, douchebag. You don't own m-"

Baby was stopped abruptly as Brad suddenly grabbed him by the back of his head and shoved him into his pits. This caught Baby off guard, causing Brad to shove his face deeper into the hair, sweaty pit. "Shut up. You're just a fucking faggot. Now eat my ripe pits." Baby resisted, pursing his lips and closing his eyes. After a few moments, Brad had noticed this and pulled him off. His fist then raised into the air. "Be disobedient again and you'll get your face smashed in."

The threat sounded serious and Baby simply wanted to get this over with. Ian was waiting for him and he didn't want to disappoint him. Brad grabbed his head once again and shoved him back into his pit. This time Baby had started to lick on Brad's sweaty skin. The taste of his pit mixed with his heady, manly musk was intoxicating for Baby. Douchebag or not, Brad could easily turn Baby on, just like what he was doing right then.

"Shit yeah, feast on my pit. Fucking nasty faggot." Brad growled as Baby licked, sucked and inhaled Brad's pit. A few more seconds and Brad pulled Baby off. Baby was panting, catching his breath as he licked his lips. "Do my other one too." Brad raised his other arm, inviting Baby into that musky hair pit, glistening with sweat and manliness. Baby didn't even need to be shoved in. He dove into it himself, chewing, sucking on it as he did to the other.

Brad was resting on the wall, his head thrown back, growling from the sensation of a person willingly eating his pits. It's been one of his deepest fantasies. It was a surreal moment. Slowly, his eyes had traveled down Baby's neck, down to his slim torso and down onto his fat ass. Brad couldn't take his eyes off it. Baby's probably had so much cock in that fat piece of ass that he was disgustingly loose. But Brad's boner didn't disappear. Somehow, the thought of seeing a boy's hole was turning him on. Things were getting dangerous.

Brad couldn't take it anymore. He shoved Baby off of him, and ripped his shirt like a beast. Baby helped, pulling his shorts off desperately, watching Brad's monster spring out, poking him on the nose. This made Baby giggle and bite his lip as he looked up at Brad, his mountain-like pecs framing Brad's masculine face. Brad looked down at him with a look saying 'you know what to do.' And like an obedient cocksucker Baby gladly started licking on Brad's cock.

His slick tongue began to tease the familiar underside of Brad's spongy tip. This made Brad shiver and groan as his most sensitive area gets teased by an expert tongue. Before long, Baby began working on his shaft, sucking down along Brad's length until all 8 inches is lodged in his throat and mouth. Baby then pulled off, taking a deep breath before quickly impaling his own throat with Brad's massive, leaking prick. The taste of Brad's sweet pre kept him going, getting him excited for the rest of Brad's potent beast load.

Brad's eyes began rolling to the back of his head. Nobody knew his cock better than this faggot and this faggot worked him. Hard. His sensitive cock was embarrasingly close to letting loose so he shoved Baby off him, his knees buckling as his desperate tip slides against Baby's slick tongue. He watched as a cock hungry Baby falls onto the floor, his own boner causing a tent in his sluttly little briefs. "Stand." Brad said in deep commanding voice, looking down at the boy in heat.

Baby stood, using Brad's massive firm thighs to help him get up. His hands then land onto his rock hard, chiseled abs. This caused Baby to moan as he slid his fingers on the hard muscles. Brad's cock twitched and spurted a string of precum from the worship. "Fucking faggot, you love my jock god body huh?" "Yes Brad. You have the hottest body I've seen. You look like a greek god. I want to worship you forever." Baby whispers, still caressing Brad's hard muscles.

The ego stroke made Brad groan and his cock twitch. With a growl he shoves Baby to the other wall, turning him around and shoving his face into the wall as his other hand grabs Baby's underwear and tucks it under his massive cheeks. Brad could feel his cock burn with hunger as he sees the naked cheeks. Baby didn't know what Brad was doing but it sure was turning him on. "Spread your fucking ass." Baby hurriedly grabbed his cheeks, his fingers sinking into his ass as he spread them for Brad.

And there it was. Baby's pink pucker. It was as pink as his nipples, quivering and twitching as it becomes exposed to Brad. Brad groaned, his apprehension of getting turned on by a guy's hole was long gone and out the window as he watches the boy's bud. He then reached forward, shoving a finger into Baby's mouth. "Suck." And Baby obiediently did. His tongue swirling around Brad's thick digit until every bit of it was slick and shiny with spit.

With his slick finger, Brad circled Baby's entrance, teasing it. Baby could only groan as an unfamiliar finger slowly enters his tight hole. Brad's finger crept into the tight entrance. Baby's ass seemed to swallow the finger slowly as it tightens around it naturally. Brad was going crazy as he imagined his cock, instead of his finger, sliding into this tight pussy. "You like this, faggot?" He asked, shocked with himself as he begins to enjoy sliding his finger inside a guy.

A whine and a moan escaped Baby's lips. "Fuck, yes Brad! It feels so good." Baby said, his voice breathy and laced with lust.

This only encouraged Brad more. His finger dug deeper until he made contact with something that made Baby weak and basically scream. "Shut up!" He shouted at Baby but his finger kept stroking that particular spot. He was secretly loving the sluttly little reactions Baby had. That little spot must feel so good for him, Baby though.

After a few more minutes fingering Baby, Brad couldn't take it anymore. His cock was in actual pain. He needed to fuck. He pulled his finger out, roughly. Baby's tight walls made it a bit difficult but he was able to do it. He then spat on his throbbing cock, still dripping with precum and Baby's spit. Once he was satisfied his cock was well lubed, he aimed it at Baby's hole. He walked closer and began rubbing his angry-red spongy tip on the wrinkled entrance, not pushing it yet, but desperately wanting to. Then the hunger to fuck ignited in him. He was getting ready to enter this little slut.

That was before Baby suddenly screamed for him to stop. "W-WAIT! BRAD! NO!" Baby had realized what Brad was trying to do. He released he cheeks and turned around, genuine worry on his face.

Brad growled frustratedly and roughly grabbed Baby by the shoulders, trying to turn him around again. This time Baby pushed him as hard as he could, trying to create distance between them. Brad roared in anger. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?! ISN'T THIS WHAT YOU WANT YOU FUCKING SLUT?!" Brad shouted, Baby bracing himself in fear. Baby looked down as Brad finished. After a few moments of nothing but Brad's heavy huffing, Baby spoke in a quiet voice.

"I'm a virgin, Brad."

Brad snapped out of his animalistic trance and came back to his senses. The whole weight of the situation came crashing down on him. Quickly, he turned around and exited the stall, his cock leading the way. Baby tried to follow, calling after Brad.

Brad could only hear the faint voice of Baby calling after him as he grabs some clothes from his bag and quickly leaves the gym, leaving Baby dumbfounded, confused and disappointed. Both at himself and at Brad leaving. He was beyond confused as he watched the massive man flee.


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