The Quarterback and the Bookworm 5
by Milk Baby

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Baby was left dumbfounded in the shower as he watched Brad's massive body escaping the showers, a flurry of emotion filling him. His chest burned with anger, his cheeks flushed with embarrasment and his eyes glassed as tears welled up in them. With a deep sigh and an unfortunately dying boner, Baby washed up. He soaped off all traces of Brad off of him. He especially didn't want Brad's BO all over his face during his session with Baby, no matter how hot it sounded.

Afterwards, Baby trudged to his locker and changing his clothes. The emotions never really left, only simmering down. He was angry at both himself, for ruining the moment and at Brad for cowering out. He was embarrased because he just admitted to another person for the first time that he was a virgin. The tears were for the hurt he felt from Brad ditching him as soon as he said that.

He didn't even know why he was hurt. Brad was an asshole. A douchebag closet case who's too hot for his own good; but Baby couldn't deny the little ache he felt as he watched Brad scurry off out the shower, his massive cock comically pointing to where he was going. He also couldn't deny the intense chemistry, and the even more instense sexual attraction between the two. They were so sexually compatible, it was criminal.

Baby let out another sigh. He had accepted the fact Brad was a mega asshole and he didn't want to see him anymore, no matter how much he craved that monster dong flooding his throat with thick cum. Baby's cock twitched at just the thought, but he had to leave. Ian was waiting and he didn't want to disappoint his new tutee. After getting dressed, Baby hurried out of the gym in a very Brad-fleeing-the-scene fashion.

Jogging back to his room, Baby had arrived at his door, panting and clutching his bag's strap. "You really gotta work on your stamina, teach." A deep, cool voice approached him as Baby tried to catch his breath. "And your punctuality. Let me help you with that." Baby looked up to see Ian with a smug smile and an outstretched hand. Baby more than gladly passed his bag filled with sweaty clothes. Ian chuckled at how fast Baby gave up on the bag.

After a finally catching his breath, Baby grabbed his keys from his pocket and opened the door for the two of them. "Sorry for being late, Ian. I just had a, uh, little situation at the gym." Ian wanted to ask what it was but the expression on Baby's face told him that it was a heavy subject. He decided to change the topic. "You know, your tardy will be taken from your pay." Ian said jokingly to which caused Baby to look sad.

Stopping in his tracks and looking down at his feet, Baby began to speak with a solemn voice. "God, not only am I a bad excuse for a tutor, but now I'm also broke. God, what am I gonna do?" Baby said with an overly exasperated sigh. Ian then grabbed Baby's shoulder in hurry, "Woah, Baby, I was kidding, sorry." Ian looked apologetic and afraid that he'd hurt Baby's feelings. Baby looked up at him, his eyes welling with tears, his lips quivering. Oh boy, here it comes, Ian thought to himself.

Before the tear even drops, with Ian looking guiltier and guiltier by the second, Baby suddenly poked Ian on the nose with a loud "SIKE! I GOT YOU!" and walked away, cackling to himself as he approached the coffee table. Ian gave an amused smirk as he sat down beside Baby on the floor, dropping his bag on the side. "I got you so good." Baby gloated and made Ian roll his eyes sarcastically. "Ya sure did, Poler. You sure did." "Damn, I should get into acting or something, that shit was Oscar-worthy." Baby babbled on.

Ian let Baby continue on his little victory until grabbing Baby's chin with his fingers, bringing their faces together and whispering seductively as he stared deep into Baby's surprised eyes. "So when are you planning to start this session, teach?" Ian asked, a little smirk forming on his mouth as he watched Baby's face burn a bright pink and his lips part erratically, frozen at the very sensation of his old crush holding him like this, their lips dangerously close together, and seemingly inching even closer.

Before Baby could finally speak, Ian giggled and shouted at Baby's face, "SIKE! GOT YOU BACK!" Then letting go of Baby's bright pink face, burning from embarrassment. "Damn, I got you even better! Your face was so red oh my god!" Ian was dying of laughter as he falls to the floor, clutching his stomach. Baby gave a defeated sigh and a small smile. "Fine, you got me good, I admit it. Now, let's start." It took a while for Ian to recover from his laughing fits, but he managed to get himself seated and get their sessions started.

The two fell into a serious, professional mood, similar to their session the day before. Ian was almost done with his essay, with Baby making everything possible. Baby had explained the concepts and structures so effectively to Ian that he wished that Baby would be his real English prof instead. He was learning easily and understanding quickly. Baby was glad that Ian wasn't the emo, lone wolf cutie that he knew before, instead, here was an attentive listener who's eager to learn. Ian, on the other hand, was glad that he was learning so much from Baby. He was grateful.

After a few hours of writing and teaching, the two had made great progress. "It seems like this essay of yours is almost done. Here's what I'm gonna have you do. You go home and finish the essay yourself. I want you to e-mail it to me before passing it so I can check. This way, you'll be able to practice everything on your own." "Yeah, makes sense, sure. Guess I'll be going then." The two of them stood and headed for the door. Ian opened the door and headed out.

Before reaching too far, he quickly turned around, and approached Baby who watched him in the door frame. "Oh, almost forgot to pay you. Here." Ian produce a considerably thick wad of cash from his pocket and handed it Baby. Baby was reluctant to accept. He didn't know why since this was the amount that he offered to Ian, so he swallowed his pride and took it, keeping it in his palm. Ian gave him a thankful smile. He started to walk again before stopping in his tracks and looking at Baby over his shoulder.

"Hey, maybe after all of this is done and I've passed it, we could go have coffee or something? My treat. A-As thanks. For everything." Ian asked, the usually calm and collected man suddenly becoming shy and awkward, blushing slightly. "You don't really have to, since you've paid me already." "I insist." "O-Okay." Baby gave a shy smile. "Great. See you then, Baby." Ian waved as he began his walk. "Bye Ian." Baby replied, closing his door.

He leaned back on the door, face burning pink, chest tightening, his heart beating fast and an uncontrollable smile forming on his lips. He was excited. He was excited from the fact that his freshman crush asked him out. Probably not a date and more like a friendly gesture, but his fluttering heart didn't allow reason. He was getting giddy.

* * *

Ian had tried his best to use what he'd learned from Baby to apply it on his essay. Once he was satisfied with his whole writing, he sent it to Baby, anxious about what he'd say. An immediate reply came back saying that it was even better than Baby was expecting. This brought a huge smile on Ian's face. He then passed it to his professor, proud of what he had achieved and forever grateful to Baby.

A few days passed and after the professor had graded their papers, Ian had received his. He got a 91, a grade he'd never had in English, ever. He was ecstatic. His professor congratulated him on finding an excellent tutor. Ian thanked him profusely before dashing off to Baby's room, a big smile on his face and his paper in his hands.

Ian reached it in no time and knocked impatiently on his door. After a few more knocks, Ian thought that Baby was probably still out. He then sent a text. "where r u?" "on the way home. why?" "hurry up." "why" "omg just do it." "fine, bossy." Ian was getting impatient but only because he wanted Baby to see his work and the fruits of their sessions. He wanted Baby to be proud of him and he wanted to tell Baby how great of a tutor he was.

Soon, Baby was trudging around the corner, breathing heavy from how fast he needed to get there. As soon as he reached the top of the stairs, he sees an Ian with a huge smile and papers in his hands. Baby eyed him curiously as he approached his door. "What's up?" Baby asked. "See for yourself." Ian replied and handed him the papers. Baby then saw the big, red "91" on the corner and looked up at Ian with a bigger smile than his. "IAN! OH MY GOD!"

Baby reached up excitedly and hugged Ian around the neck, standing on his tiptoes to reach him. He then let go, a joyful smile on his face. "I'm so happy for you, Ian! You did great!" "Hey, it's all thanks to you. And now it's time to give back. Forget coffee. You deserve dinner. My treat." Baby was surprised. "Hey, you don't have to, it's enough for me to know that you've got a high grade." "I insist. I'll pick you up at 8. See you." Before Baby could even refuse, Ian was already leaving, winking at Baby with a sly smile.

Baby quickly got into his room and headed for his closet. He wanted to dress up but not be too dressed up. He wanted to look good but not too flashy. He wanted to impress Ian but not steal the whole show. He wanted to look like he was going on a date but not a party. Wait... a date? Was this a date? Baby blushed once again as a million thoughts and questions flooded his mind, with the biggest being "Did Ian just ask me out on a date." As wonderful as that would sound, Baby always assumed that Ian was straight.

After even more pondering and wondering Baby decided he'd ask about this later. He grabbed the clothes he thought was the most appropriate but would make him look good and got into the shower. Afterwards, he headed to his room and got dressed up and ready. He was waiting for Ian to come when his mind slowly drifted to Brad. They haven't talked in a while and he wondered what the douchebag was up to. "Probably fucking and ditching girls." Baby chuckled at his own sassiness

Baby heard a knock while he was thinking about Brad, quelling all thoughts of him as he approached the door. Opening it, he saw Ian dressed in a black shirt, tight enough to show his well formed body, tight pants showing his legs and a coat hanging on his arm. Ian looked good. This made Baby bite his lip. "Ready?" Ian asked, eyeing Baby. Baby nodded, grabbed his coat, locked his door and headed out, Ian right beside him.

"So, where are we going?" Baby asked as soon as they exited his building and the cold wrapping around the two of them. Thank god for coats. "Hatty's." Hatty's was a restaurant just outside of campus and was popular among students. It was a bit pricey but the food made up for it. It was filled at all times. "Hatty's? It's late, would we even get a table. And besides, isn't kinda expensive. I wouldn't want you to spend even more because of me."

"Relax, I told you it was my treat and as a gentleman, I never go back on my word. And I made reservations so you don't have to worry." Ian said as they neared the restaurant, the amount of people can be seen from window's even from their distance. Baby was impressed with Ian. He had thought things out. Soon, the two reached the entrance and was seated immediately, thanks to their reservation.

"This place is filled." Baby commented as he held the menu, looking around at the chattering eaters and the busy waiters. "Well it is a friday night." Baby nodded and scanned the menu, biting his lip as he looked at the prices. Ian noticed this and held onto Baby's wrist. "Hey, I told you, my treat. Get whatever you'd like." Ian gave him a smile and a wink before looking back down on the menu. Baby blushed a bit. Soon, the two of them had ordered, Ian getting a rib platter and Baby ordering chicken quesadillas.

The question had been burning in Baby's brain and he couldn't control himself. He suddenly blurted out, "S-So is this like, a date?" He asked, biting his lip. Ian's face lit up and he started to laugh. "God your face looked so nervous, lighten up! And I guess, this could be a date if we want it to. Either way, I'm having a lot of fun." Ian gave his vague answer and Baby simply nodded, not fully satisfied but was too afraid to ask again.

Their food came and they both quickly dug in. They were both hungrier than they thought. Along with their food was talk. Their conversation flowed easily as if the two had been friends for a long time. Once in a while, Ian gave Baby a lame joke which was Baby's weakness. He had fits of laughter after every lame joke. Ian, on the other hand, loved making Baby laugh and kept going and going. Soon, their plates were cleaned empty and their conversation led to campus sports.

"You think we'll make it to finals this year?" Ian asked grabbing his fork and cleaning out the remaining flesh from the ribs. "What? Are you talking about sports because our this conversation will go nowhere." Baby laughed to himself, watching Ian try to clean the fork. "Well, it's just, the first time we had a tutoring session, I saw Brad Wright come into your room. I thought you guys talked sports 'cause he is the star player." Baby looked down. His efforts to try not to think about Brad was for nothing once he was reminded of him.

"Oh, no no. Brad just came over to ask questions. I was tutoring him before." Not entirely a lie but Baby ran with it and Ian seemed convinced. Baby took this opportunity to change the subject and soon, they were talking like they were earlier.

Meanwhile, watching through the windows of Hatty's was the devil himself, Brad. He stared at the two as his knuckles turned bright white on the bag of beer cans he bought for their little party. Brad's brothers noticed that he hadn't been himself in all his practices, and since they didn't want their star player to lose morale, they've decided to throw him a little party to cheer him up. He and a few of his brothers just came from the store to buy beer when he passed Hatty's and saw a certain fag slut laughing and talking with an emo looking dude.

Brad was suddenly livid. The flames of anger burned bright as he saw how much Baby smiled while they talked. Deep down, a new flame was sparking. Jealousy; but he Brad hadn't acknowledged this yet. He wasn't ready to admit that he was jealous. Still, his anger was only growing and if it weren't for his brother telling him to move it, he would've made a scene in the restaurant. Back at the house, the brothers were soon popping open their cans and chilling around.

Their little party lasted long into the night and soon everyone was drunk. Some guys had invited girls and went back to their rooms. Some chose to hang out with Brad to cheer him up, which seemed to be working. Brad looked like he was having fun. Laughing, fooling around, the brothers were convinced he was going back to the way he was before, especially Doug. Deep down though, Brad's mind was still stuck on Baby and what seemed to be like a date.

He couldn't take it anymore, he excused himself from his drunk brothers and went outside. He grabbed his phone and typed a text, hovering his finger over the send button, debating whether it was a smart thing to do. The alcohol helped and he sent it, making his way to the location he had sent. To Baby.

Ian and Baby's "date" had ended and the two walked back to Baby's room. Ian was such a gentleman to walk him home, Baby thought. Before leaving, Ian told Baby how much fun he'd had. "Maybe we could do this again? Dates with you seem like a lot of fun." He said causing Baby to blush. Baby agreed and before Ian left, the two of them hugged. Baby went into his room, a smile on his face. He headed for the bathroom to get ready for bed.

As he was brushing his teeth, his phone lit up, signalling a message. He stopped brushing as he saw who it was from. Brad. He took a deep sigh and opened the message, afraid of what he was going to see. "come to the field, now. alone. you better come." The text read. Baby's instincts told him not to go but Brad wasn't the type to jokingly threaten someone. After a few more minutes of pondering, he had decided to go. Grabbing his coat, dressed in warm clothing, he headed forthe field, unsure of what he was doing.

"bleachers near the entrance. now." Baby had received another text as soon as he stepped onto the field. He looked around, seeing nothing in the cold, dark night but decided to go. He might as well get this over with. He headed for the bleachers, his hands buried inside his pockets to keep them warm. Once reaching the seats, Baby began to look around again, having difficulty seeing in the jet black night.

"How was your little date, fag?" A rough voice spoke in the dark, startling Baby. "Over here, bitch." Baby followed the sound and found Brad, legs spread, leaned back sitting in the dark, his breath from mists as he breathed in the cold. "Brad? What did you want? Why did you bring me out here?" Brad clicked his tongue and made his way down to Baby. It was a bit difficult for him due to the dark, the cold and his partly inebriated state.

"You reek of alcohol." Baby commented as soon as Brad was near him. "Shut the fuck up." Brad replied. Baby rolled his eyes and looked at Brad, annoyance in his his voice as he spoke. "So why did you bring me out here?" "Because I'm fucking pissed at you." Baby was speechless. Whatever Brad was saying wasn't making any sense. "What the hell do you me-" "Fucking seeing you in that gay ass restaurant with your gay self laughing with that emo ass faggot pissed me off. Is he your boyfriend now huh? Are emo weirdos your type now? I bet you lost your virginity to that guy, fucking losers. You're gay, a loser and a virgin! Triple fucking threat." Brad laughed to himself.

Baby wasn't having any of this drunken nonsense. He rolled his eyes and began to walk away. That was until he was roughly shoved into the cold, metal bleachers and a big looming figure suddenly stood over him. "Who the fuck told you you could leave?!" Brad shouted coming on top of Baby and gripping his wrists down onto the bleachers. Brad's voice and his crazy angry eyes scared Baby. "B-Brad, stop, let me go!" Brad only laughed as he began to unzip and unbutton his pants.

Baby, still pinned down onto the bleachers, watched as the big burly man took his member out. He watched it flopped out, huge even in a flaccid state. He looked up at Brad, horrified of what he was going to do next. Brad began to stroke himself as his face inched closer to Baby's face. "No matter what kind of loser you try to get with, I know that you won't be able to resist my cock, faggot." Baby struggled as he replied. "Let me go Brad, I don't want you." Brad stopped stroking and cupped Baby's crotch, feeling the hardening cock through his pants.

"Care to explain this then?" Brad asked, chuckling, his warm breath hittin Baby's face. He then began to unzip and unbutton Baby's pants, letting Baby's hard cock out. Both boys' cocks were then out in the cold and began to rub each other. The sensation of a bigger cock rubbing and stroking against his own made Baby moan. Brad chuckled at this as he grabbed both their shafts, his leaking cock providing lube. "Shit, look at you, loving this gay shit. Fucking faggot." Baby wanted to retort that Brad was just as, if not more, hard as he was but he didn't want to provoke the drunken brute any more.

Brad began to stroke the two of them. Baby began to moan louder as Brad's meaty fist stroked the two of them. Brad's own bulbous tip rubbing against Baby's delicate one was sending shocks of electric pleasure down his shaft and into his body. While stroking the two of them, Brad began to pull of Baby's pants, down his ass, exposing it for him. Baby hadn't noticed this as the sensation of another cock on his overcame his body.

"Damn, look at your face. Fucking got so turned on because of this stud cock, huh?" Brad said as he looked down on Baby's flushed face. He started stroking the bother of them faster as he grabbed Baby's hair and pulled his head to the side, exposing the skin on Baby's neck. "I'm gonna show that emo boyfriend of yours how much of a bitch you really are. You don't belong to him." Brad commented before latching his lips onto Baby's skin and sucked. He licked and sucked while his fist stroked the both of them, causing Baby to cry out in absolute pleasure.

Brad pulled off of Baby's neck, appreciating the big red mark he'd left. He sat up, letting go of their cocks and pushed Baby's legs up exposing that familiar pink bud. Baby looked down, afraid of what Brad was doing. "B-Brad stop, please." He said as he feels Brad's tip rubbing against his entrance. As good as it felt, he wasn't ready to take a cock that massive. Brad on the other hand, was loving the feel of the boy's tight sphincter rubbing against his spongy tip.

Before he could thrust his hips, Brad inserted a dry finger in, roughly, causing Baby to scream and Brad to smile wickedly. He began to finger the boy as he did before, immediately reaching that spot that made the boy jump and jerk. "Look at how your ass just sucks in my finger. Fucking whore. I don't even know how you're still a virgin. Fuck." Brad commented as he began to slide in and out of the boy's hole while his other hand began stroking himself. He watched as Baby stroked himself as well, matching the rhythm of Brad's finger.

Brad pulls out, spitting on his other finger and jamming both digits into the boy's pussy. Baby couldn't get enough. The sensation of another man shoving his thick fingers deep inside his tight pussy was too much for him. His fist on his cock became a blur at the speed of his stroking. His eyes rolled back, his body shivering from the pleasure of prostate stimulation. Brad was hitting every right spot.

It wasn't long before Baby felt the ache of his balls and the coming of an orgasm. He threw his head back, face flushed and was fully screaming. "Brad! BRAD! I-I'm gonna cum! AHHNNN!! BRAD!" Baby shouted as rope after rope of boy cum shoot up to his face. His cock streaked lines of spunk, some shooting into his mouth. "Brad, Brad!" He shouted at each shot of his cum. Brad's cock grew harder. Seeing the boy cum and shoot like a fountain because of his fingers and the way the boy was screaming his name was too much. He was close too.

He then pulled his fingers out and straddled Baby's torso. The spent boy was breathing hard and powerless. Brad grabbed him by the hair and pulled his face up. Brad was stroking hard and aimed for Baby's face. "Open up faggot." And like the obedient bitch he was, Baby opened his mouth wide, his tongue sticking out. The whole image of a slutty Baby willingly doing what Brad wanted sent him over the edge. Brad was growling as he shot rockets of thick stud cum.

It went all over Baby. On his face, in his hair, and some pooling in his mouth which he obediently swallowed. Baby caught every single drop of Brad's cum. Soon his orgasm died down and Brad was panting, spreading his load on Baby's face using his cock. "Look at you. This is the real you, faggot. A slut, a whore for a football stud's cock. Your little boyfriend will probably ditch you once he finds our your like this. That's why I'm not allowing you to ever see that loser again. Got that?" He asked, punctuating his statement by slapping Baby in the face with his softening cock.

Baby nodded obediently, though he was half-concious and hadn't fully grasped what Brad was asking him to do. Brad then got off of Baby and zipped his pants up. "I'll see you tomorrow faggot." Brad said as he walked away, leaving a dazed, cum covered Baby laying on the bleachers, the boy's bottom fully exposed to the cold air.

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