The Quarterback and the Bookworm 6
by Milk Baby

This story is complete fiction. Any and all characters are pure fiction. This story contains homosexual acts between colleged aged boys. Please be 18/21+ and above when reading.
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Brad started his walk home feeling rather happy with himself. He had just pinned down Baby, told him what he'd wanted to say, and made them both cum. During his walk home his mind kept thinking back to Baby's face as his thick, meaty finger dug inside the boy's warm, tight hole and stroked that area that made him scream like a bitch. It made Brad feel like a man. It was just like when he made girls scream while he rubbed their pussies. Although deep down, he liked it more when Baby screamed for him.

In Brad's drunken state, he was feeling joyful. He felt like a man who'd just claimed a bitch. He felt like the stud the girls told him he was. He was finally returning back to his old self. As he reached his house his brothers (the ones who stayed awake and kept drinking) welcomed him with more cans of beer and the night went on. The boys talked about girls, like they always do.

This time, Brad joined in. "Bros, I got this bitch that's so into me. Just a finger and she fucking blows all over herself." Brad said proudly, his brothers cheering him. It was about Baby but his brothers didn't have to know about the little gender change. He was drunk and was convinced that Baby really was into him thanks to their little encounter that night. The ego trip felt amazing to Brad. His brothers celebrated him like they did when he told stories of his conquest.

Soon, the little party died down and all the boys drunkenly walked back to their rooms. Brad's brothers patted his shoulders and congratulated him as they walked back. Brad was glowing with pride. He stripped except for his underwear and fell straight to his bed. Before drifting off to sleep, Brad's last thought was Baby with massive pair of tits and the most pristine pussy crawling on top of him. He fell asleep, a satisfied smile on his face.

Waking up wasn't as delightful as it was falling asleep for Brad. The first thing he'd noticed was the killer headache. It felt like he'd just gotten hit by three 10-wheeler trucks and then trampled by a stampede of cows. After the pain became less intense and torelable, the second thing he noticed was the disgusting wet, sticky feeling in his boxer briefs. He reached down, lifting the waistband to see a huge cummy mess with his cock still at half-mast.

He had a wet dream. He couldn't remember what but what he did know was he was embarrassed as fuck. His brothers could not know about this. Quickly, he stood and took off the soiled underwear, using it to wipe the remnants of his emmission. After grabbing a towel and wrapping it around his waist, Brad makes his way to the bathroom. It was quite the challenge thanks to his hangover but he was lucky he was an early riser. Many of his brothers were still snoring up a storm.

As the warm spray of the shower hits Brad's taut skin, his body immediately began to feel better. The headache and nausea were still there but a wave of relief and relaxation overcame him. Thanks to that, Brad had begun to think. He woke up with cum all over his crotch, something that hasn't happened to him since he hit puberty (at the early age of 10). The last thing he could remember was the blurry image of a woman's naked body with Baby's face on top of him, cowgirl style.

Of course. Of course it had to be Baby. With a sigh and a groan he mentally cursed the boy for always infesting his mind, even in a drunken state. The boy had his claws dug deep in Brad and had shown no signs of letting go. Just the thought of what had happened between the two the night before made his cock twitch and fill a little with blood. He was tempted to rub one out right then and there, but he didn't and washed off instead.

Brad's coach wanted them at practice early. Their first game of the season was next week and they've been practicing like hell the past few days. The little party they had the night before was a mistake. Thankfully, Brad was a morning person. Though he couldn't say the same for his brothers. Once he got out of the bathroom, Brad could see his brothers trudge out of their room, groaning, clutching their heads and trying to down as much water as they can.

With a sly, evil smile Brad heads to the kitchen, still in his towel. Grabbing two baking trays from the cupboard, Brad begins to bang the two together. "WAKE UP LOSERS, WE GOT PRACTICE." Brad shouted while the painful clanging of the metal trays filled the house. Immediately, frat boys in killer headaches flood the hallways to see who the culprit was. Curses, death threats and groans were directly flung at Brad. "Shut the fuck up asshole!" "I'm gonna fucking kill you with my bare hands, Wright." and more were sent at Brad. They were mad and in pain but at least they were up.

* * *

Getting to practice was a challenge. The boys were an hour late. Their coach was livid. He made them do 100 push-ups and one run around the field after every 20. Luckily, Brad was exempted thanks to his little cymbal monkey that morning. So while the rest of his team were dying on the track, Brad played with the football, throwing it around. He was deep in thought. About Baby, obviously.

Was he reading a book? Eating? Hanging out with that emo loser?

Just thinking about Baby laughing with that guy pissed Brad off. Were they friends? Best friends? Boyfriends? Baby denied that he lost his virginity to that loser but Brad didn't trust him. This pissed him off more and threw the ball with his anger fuelling the throw. It reached the other end of the field. His team and his coach could only stare. After a few moments of silence, his coach spoke up. "And that is how you play, ladies. Take notes. Good job, Wright."

Brad processed what had just happened and released a sigh. Of course. Leave it to Baby to possibly letting the whole team win.

* * *

Practice went off without much of a problem. Once they performed their plays, Brad was able to get Baby out of his mind, though only temporarily. The boys' were doing good. Their teamwork, chemistry, winning was going to be easy. The coach commended them and dismissed them early. He was confident that they were going to do well, especially with Brad as the captain, leading them.

As the boys were on their way back, some had left to spend their saturday night hanging out. Brad was invited but he declined. Doug begged him for a bit but refused, which bummed Doug out but left anyway. Brad then made his way home, alone.

Brad was whistling to himself as he walked, enjoying the peace and quiet of the campus on a weekend. While walking Brad looked on ahead at the cafe and noticed that someone familiar had exited. He didn't really know who it was but the height, the nose buried in a book, and the ass. The ass was the dead giveaway. It was Baby, reading a book and heading back to his room. Brad wanted to follow him but he thought of a better idea.

Baby looked rather alone. Probably because Brad told him not to hang around his emo friend anymore. Probably his only other friend. Brad had felt guilty and had decided that he'd hang out with Baby that night. It was Saturday night and he had nothing to do. Maybe hanging out with his new obsession would do him good. If something would happen between them, so be it. Brad smiled a little at this, anticipating it already.

Watching the bookworm walk away, Brad hurried home. Once there, he heads to his room, drops his bag and opens his closet. He decided to go for something casual but also makes him look good. A tight sexy black shirt that shows off his muscles and some jeans was what he settled for. Heading to the bathroom, brushing his teeth, washing his mouth, flossing his teeth and looking at himself in the mirror, he wondered why he was going through such an effort. For a boy. Shaking his head, he decided not to think too much about it.

Brad was at the door, his jacket slung on his arm when he suddenly stopped. What was he planning to do at Baby's place? Talk? No, things would probably eventually turn awkward. Turning around, he grabbed his bag and grabbed his books. He'd use the tutoring crap as an excuse to hang. Brad then exits his room, his books tucked in his arm as he wore his jacket and headed for Baby's place. His heart was beating fast as he walked. He was getting excited, even his cock was twitching a bit.

Brad could only imagine what the two of them would do. Probably sit on the table, study (or at least try to). Brad would then get a boner, Baby would notice and stroke it through his jeans. Brad would moan, eyeing Baby's hand then his gaze switching to Baby's slutty, flushed face. He was desperate to suck Brad's cock and Brad was gonna give it. Soon, deep into the night, Brad would be on the sofa, drinking a beer, watching some old move with a cocksucker between his legs, milking out his third load of the night like a good bitch.

Maybe Brad didn't actually want to hang out and only wanted to get his cock sucked. Hey, nobody said Brad was a kind person.

Before even noticing it, Brad had reached Baby's door. With a gulp and his cock growing, Brad knocks. After a few moments, he'd heard the loud footsteps inside running to the door. The door then swung open, revealing a surprised Baby in a huge shirt and pants. "Brad?" He asked, completely puzzled at the sight of the massive man at his door. "H-Hey," Brad replied, stuttering a bit from the nervousness. Why he was nervous, he had no answer to.

Before Baby could speak, a voice was heard from his bedroom. "Who is it Baby?" And out goes Ian, peeking through the corner.

Both Brad and Baby turned to look at Ian and back at each other again, having distinctly different expressions. Brad was pissed. Livid, mad, angry. Baby was afraid. Very afraid. Brad pushed Baby off to the side and approached Ian. "Bro, I suggest you leave before things turn out bad for you." Brad said in an intimidatingly deep tone. Ian wasn't backing down easily though. His head turned immediately to Baby. "Woah, Baby, what's going on here?"

"It's okay Ian, j-just leave. I can handle this." "You sure? It looks like trouble." Baby bit his lip. "I'm sure."

Ian looked doubtful but proceeded to head for the door. He looked worried at Baby at looked pissed at Brad. Brad couldn't care less. Soon, Ian exits and the two fell into a tense silence. The tension was palpable. "I can explain." Baby first spoke up. "You don't gotta explain shit because I know what it is already. You're a fucking slut." Baby looked up, offended beyond belief.

"HEY! Need I remind you that I don't owe you ANYTHING. You're a fucking douchebag." Baby spat back. The back talk set Brad off. His face contorted into absolute anger as he proceeded to grab Baby, throw him over his shoulder and head for his bed. Baby struggled, pounding the bigger man's muscled back with his fist, which were obviously ineffective. Baby was then tossed onto the bed, a huffing Brad towering over him.

Brad then crawled onto the bed, on top of a cowering Baby. "Listen here faggot, if I tell you to do something, you do it. Now if I tell you to stop hanging around that loser, you stop hanging around that loser. Got that, whore?" Brad asked, his face now inches away from Baby's, his hot breath hitting Baby square in the face.

Suddenly, the sound of a slap filled the room. Brad first felt his face forcibly look to the side, then the sting of a palm hitting him perfectly on the cheek. He looked back, shocked, seeing Baby with the most defiant look. "You're not my father. You don't tell me who I can and cannot be friends with. You don't own me."

Brad let out a roar of frustration. Grabbing Baby's hair roughly, he pulled it up, exposing his neck. He smirked as he sees the mark he left earlier. "This bitch mark on your neck begs to differ." Baby struggled, trying to get Brad off of him. He managed to slide out underneath Brad, though the bigger man had quick reflexes and before Baby could fully stand, he was quickly pulled back, now sitting on Brad's lap. His hand bound behind him by Brad's massive paw.

Baby struggled and resisted. Brad could only laugh. He leaned forward, his mouth right beside Baby's ear. He began to whisper. "I guess you still don't get it. Fine, tonight, I'm really gonna make you mine. I'm gonna make you my bitch tonight, Poler." Brad growled into Baby's ear, punctuating his announcment with a nibble on the boy's earlobe.

Baby looked frightened and struggle harder. He knew what that had meant. Brad was taking his virginity. Contrary to the reaction of his penis (it had twitched and grew a bit), Baby was afraid and definitely not ready. "B-Brad, please, no." Baby begged, still struggling. Brad could only laugh. He then began to take off his shirt, Baby's eyes almost automatically being drawn into that hard, chiseled torso. "Look, even while denying me, your body obviously wants this. Faggot."

Now topless, Brad used the discarded t-shirt to tie Baby's hands together. Brad then grabbed Baby's hair, forcing him down onto the bed. Baby groaned from as he laid on his stomach, Brad kneeling behind him. Fingers started to pull on Baby's loose pants, easily pulling it off. "Holy fuck, commando? Talk about easy access. Such a slut." Brad laughed at his own comment as he watched the big snow white ass. It was shapely, muscled. It was perfect for Brad.

Baby teared up a little from Brad's insults and from the embarrassment of being exposed in front of the campus' biggest douchebag. "Brad, please stop." Baby begged, trying to get the shirt off of his wrist. "You know, eating pussy was one of the best things I've done. Girls went crazy for me. They begged, cried, screamed for more. Those sluts couldn't get enough of my mouth. I bet you'll be the same since you're a fucking slut too."

"What are you- AGHHHNNNN!" Before Baby could finish, the sudden feel of wet, slick, slimy tongue swirling around his entrance. His back arched and his ass pushed out, trying to get more of that pleasure. Brad couldn't believe how good the boy tasted. To him, pussy tasted good but Baby's ass was something else. He was hooked.

Baby whined from the pleasure as Brad began sucking on the boy's pink hole. His tongue prodding at the entrance before slowly slipping in. The boy was tight, his walls were clenching around the his tongue. Brad could only imagine how it would feel around his cock. He let out a groan into the boy's hole as his tongue dug deeper. Baby began full on screaming. He had never felt anything like this. The bigger man's face was buried in his ass, his tongue sliding in deeper as if it were trying to exit through his mouth.

"B-Brad, hnnggg- stop, I-I can't take it anymore." Baby looked over his back to see the quarterback pull of his ass, spit flowing down his mouth as he pants, looking down at the boy. A primal, animalistic look was burning in Brad's eyes. Baby was scared for his delicate ass. "It's gonna happen right now, faggot. Get ready."

Brad grabbed Baby's pants and pulled them all the way off. He then followed suit, rushing to take his own pants off. His angry red member looked painfully hard, leaking precum. "Got any lube?" Brad asked surprising Baby for his concern. Baby bit his lip, unsure of what was going to happen between them. He pointed to the nightstand. Brad opened it, smirking as he sees a half empty tube of lube. "Nice. I like my bitches prepared.: Brad said as he pops off the lid and squeezes some lube onto the boy's quivering hole.

The cold liquid made Baby whimper. Brad's fingers proceeded to spread it, going around the boy's anus and deep into his tight hole. Brad at that point was intoxicated with the boy's taste and the animalistic need to dominate. There was no room to think rationally. Only fuck.

After lubing himself up, Brad began to align his tip with the boy's pucker. Baby looked behind him nervously. "Brad, please, I'm not ready. It's not gonna fit!!" "Shut the fuck up." Brad began to push. The boy's cunt was resistant but Brad was beyond horny. Nothing was stopping him. With enough force, Brad's mushroom tip managed to get past the entrance. Both the boys groaned for completelt different reasons. Brad's spong,y sensitive tip was in the tightest space it had ever entered. Waves of electric pleasure shot down his long shaft. His eyes rolled back from intensity of Baby's walls.

Baby groaned from the pain. His hole burned and his entrance felt like it would rip. He started screaming but Brad's massive hand pushed him into the pillow, muffling his screams. Soon, the bigger man was pushing in deeper into the virgin, inch by inch. With the help of the lube, Brad finally managed to bury all 9 inches into the boy, his sweaty pubes resting on the boy's pristine ass while his balls pushed against the boy's smaller pair.

"Shit, I'm all in. Fucking slut, you took all 9 inches in you." Baby couldn't believe it. Brad had been pushing hard and Baby only felt the burn. It was unbearable. Thankfully Brad paused. Both of them were trying to get used to the new sensation. After a few moments, Brad slowly began to pull out. His lengthy shaft had stroked something on its way out, causing Baby to jerk from the sudden pleasure it had brought. He was kind of sad that Brad was pulling out. His body craved for that on intense shock.

"W-What are you doing?" Brad's massive paw took hold of Baby's shoulder and forcibly turned him around. Now on his back, Brad grabbed the boy's legs and placed them over his shoulder. "I wanna see your face while I take your virginity."

Brad plugged his mushroom tip inside again. It felt less painful for Baby as he looked up into the animalistic blue eyes of the quarterback on top of him. The bigger man's forehead rested on top of the boy as he began to slide in deeper, much easier than the first time. Baby groaned from Brad's shaft hitting that spot once again. "I can't take it. I'm gonna fuck you right now."

Brad pulled out again but quickly slid back in, slowly at first but his pace grew. He pulled all the way out and pushed his cock all the way back in. Baby's ass burned but Brad kept twisting his waist in order to hit that spot. Brad took hold of Baby's face as his waist began slamming into the boy's ass. Baby was whining, groaning, squealing. The pleasure and the pain of his virgin ass taking this man's masive cock was too much. He was painfull hard.

"This is it. I'm making you mine. You're gonna be my bitch." Brad said between grunts from his rough thrusts. Baby could only moan, his eyes still trained on the bigger boy's. Both boys stared at each other, the sounds of panting, heavy breathing and fucking filled the room. The smell of sex and two sweaty boys surrounded them.

Brad stared down at Baby, his face matching the sounds he was making perfectly. He looked like a complete whore, loving the rough strokes that Brad's massive cock was giving. He couldn't get this rough with girls but Baby seemed like he was begging for more. This was the most intense he'd ever had.

"Brad... HNGG-Brad you're fucking me so good." Baby whispered, a moan sliding between his words. Brad couldn't help it.The smaller boy looked so powerless and vulnerable. Before he realized it, he had crashed his lips onto the smaller boy's and began kissing him. Baby was surprised but the passion took them both away. Their tongues clashed as Brad's cock pounded the poor boy's tight walls. Their lips mashed as Brad's balls slammed onto the boy's ass.

Their orgasm burned deep in their balls. It was Baby who first pulled away. His balls ached from the urgency. "Fuck, I'm gonna cum. Brad, I'm gonna CUM!!" With one final squeal, his eyes still on Brad's, Baby let loose a massive load of cum. Strings of spunk flew up between the two, some landing on Brad's barrel chest and some landing on Baby's delicate nipples. Every shot elicited a moan from the boy.

From Baby's orgasming face to his ass clenching around Brad's monster shaft as he came, Brad felt his orgasm rise from his balls as well. His hips thrusted faster, his balls hurt from the intensity. He was cumming. He could only watch the boy's face as he began to unload. Piping hot, thick white ropes of cum flooded the boy's hole. Brad grunted with every shot as Baby rode out his orgasm, soon dying down.

Baby could feel the flood of cum filling him up. His hand quickly clasped Brad's face and brought it down, the two kissing once again. Brad groaned into the kiss as he filled Baby like a balloon. Their tongues fought for dominance, with Brad winning. Eventually, Brad's orgasm died down and so did their kiss. They pulled off, eyes still closed, panting and catching their breath.

"Shit." It was Brad, realizing that this was the most he'd cum in sex. The boy did something to him, but he didn't deny that he liked it. "Y-You just took my virginity..." Baby said quietly, almost to himself. Brad opened his eyes, a bit annoyed. "Yeah, so what? Now you know your first ever fuck belonged to me." And hopefully, you only get fucked by me, Brad added mentally, but shot it down as soon as it came up.

After a few moments, Brad slowly began to pull out. Before he could reach far, Baby's hand grabbed his arm to stop him. "Who the fuck said we were done?" Baby asked, looking offended. He then wrapped his arms around Brad's neck and rolled them over, Baby on top this time. He sat up, looking down at a shocked Brad. "This time I'm riding you."

After that, the two boys fucked twice more, getting rougher and rougher each time. It was a long night, spent well.

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