The Quarterback and the Bookworm 7
by Milk Baby

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"Who the fuck said we were done?" Baby asked, looking offended. He wrapped his arms around Brad's neck and rolled them over, Baby on top this time. He sat up, looking down at a shocked Brad. "This time I'm riding you."

Baby had a fiery look of hunger in his eyes as he straddled Brad's muscled thighs. His hands resting on Brad's massive pectorals, propping him up as he gets into a comfortable position. He could still feel the bigger man's cock lodged inside him, his thick, copious load still plugged up in him.

Brad, still coming down from a mind blowing orgasm, could not comprehend what was happening. Here was this inexperienced virgin boy taking control. He looked hungry. That was when Baby started lifting his ass, slowly, almost teasingly. He made sure to clench his hole as his entrance slid up all the way to Brad's spongy head.

The slowness, the tightness and the overall sexiness of Baby and Baby's ass was making Brad groan. The boy was whining, moaning as the thick piece slid out of him. With a deep breath and his bottom lip in his teeth, Baby drops his ass, Brad's cock immediately shoving back in.

Both boys scream from the new sensation. The feel of a tight, suctioning hole engulfing his throbbing cock was orgasmic for Brad. Baby was screaming from feeling Brad's monster sliding past his prostate, stimulating it. Baby began to repeat this, his rhythm increasing time and time again until the sounds of his ass slapping against Brad's thigh filled the room.

Baby threw his head back, moaning as he bounced on the jock's cock, his own cock bouncing, his precum ficking off his tip. Ripples formed from every impact on Brad's tight, muslced body. One arm was behind Brad's head while the other was holding onto Baby's thick thigh. He could only watch as the little virgin nerd gave him one of the tightest holes he's had. The boy seemed so cock hungry, rather, Brad hungry and the thought that someone lusted this much after Brad gave the big jock a huge ego boost.

After a few minutes, Brad could feel the familiar ache of an impending orgasm deep in his balls. Suddenly, with Baby's head still thrown back and distracted, Brad sat up, pushing Baby onto the bed and fucking him missionary style. Baby yelped from the surprise but as soon as his back hit the bed, Brad began thrusting animalistically. "Take my cock, boy. I'm gonna fucking breed you again like the bitch you are." Brad growled into Baby's ear. Baby's claws dug deep into Brad's back, scratching him in response.

Baby was close to screaming as Brad's massive cock thrusted against his prostate time and again. He could hear the jock's coming orgasm which was drawing out his own. The moans, groans, and grunts of two men sweaty men filled the room. The sound of skin slapping on skin could be heard in the hallway. The intensity was getting to both boys. Brad's orgasm was coming. Quickly he pulled out, sitting back on his feet and started stroking his thick member right above a dazed, flushed Baby.

"Brad, hngh, Brad, c-cum on my face." The clouded look in Baby's half-lidded eyes staring hungrily into Brad was too much. "Fuck. You want cum on your face so bad, I'll give it. That's what a whore like you deserves." Scooting up, Brad aimed his throbbing cock down to the boy's rosy-cheeked face. Baby, seemingly drunk, caressed Brad's lightly furred muscle thighs, coaxing him to cum. "Yes, Brad. Do it. I'm your little whore."

And that was what did it for Brad. This fiesty little boy just admitted that Brad owned him.

With one last scream, Brad watched as streaks of cum landed on Baby's face. Though watery, the amount was still impressive for a second load. Brad squeezed his cock, milking himself further as Baby began to lazily lick around his mouth. The boy's hands had crept to Brad's solid ass, holding onto it as he watched this massive man and his massive dick make a mess all over his face. It was too good to be true.

The jock's orgasm seemed to take his body over. He was twitching, groaning, jolting as he shot a rope of cum after another. His other hand had gripped the boy's head, keeping it in place, making sure that every drop had landed on the him, making this innocent nerd look like a cum hungry slut, which apparently he was. His tongue kept sweeping around the every reachable drop, savouring it as he took it into his mouth. This only made Brad groan more.

Brad's orgasm soon ended as he watched Baby hungrily lick off every spot of cum. Brad then falls to his ass, his back resting against the headboard of the bed as he tries to catch his breath. He throws his head back, closes his eyes and rests.

A few minutes later, Brad could hear some shuffling and movement on the bed. Soon after that, he could feel his dick being picked up by some dainty hands. Surprised, Brad looked down to see Baby on his stomach, right between Brad's legs. Baby's hands wrapped around it as he leaned in, his eyes looking up at Brad, and licked up the jock's tip. Brad's sensitive tip sent uncomfortable shivers down his body and tried to force the boy off of him.


Baby was resistant. The boy took the tip into his mouth and began sucking, hard. "Oh fuck. Hungh... Shit!" Brad didn't know how to feel. His dick was still sensitive but the boy's mouth sucked so perfectly that his hard was chubbing up a little each second. His hands crept to the boy's head, holding onto it as the boy swallowed the rest of Brad's cock. Soon, Brad's semi was shoved all the way down Baby's throat. Brad let out a load groan as his back arched on the headboard. The sensations were killing him.

Brad's cock soon grew to full erection. His cock was starting to feel sore but the boy was desperate to have more, so he was going to give it. Brad's massive 9-incher was starting to choke Baby. The boy was gagging and coughing as he tried to keep the cock lodged in his throat. Seeing Baby gag and choke on Brad's massive penis was turning him on. With his hand gripping Baby's hair, Brad began to pull Baby off of him.

Baby was confused. It seemed like Brad was merciful this time. But he spoke too soon. As soon as the jock's tip touched the boy's tongue, he immediately pushed the boy back down, shoving his cock deep down the boy's familiar tight throat. The gagging, the coughing and the contracting throat felt electrifying.

"Fuck! You wanted to suck my cock, so take it. Take it you bitch." Brad growled.

Baby could only whine as Brad began pull and shove his face on his dick. The throbbing 9-incher was ready to let loose another load. The two had started going at a faster pace. Baby had left his mouth and throat open for Brad's ramming cock. Brad couldn't take Baby's hot submission.

Brad yanked on Baby's hard and pulled him all the way off, tossing him to the bed. Looking down at the boy menacingly he spoke in an almost growling tone. "On all fours. Now." Baby whimpered but obeyed. Brad watched as the boy scampered into position right in front of Brad.

The boy was on his hands and knees. His pale bubble butt spread open and his bright red hole was in full display. Brad shivered as a drop of cum escaped the boy's tight hole and started dripping down his pristine crack. Brad's cock twitched and a droplet of precum form at his bright red tip. He started to move closer to the boy, his eyes glued to the inviting hole. Holding his cock at the base, Brad decided to tease Baby.

"You want this cock huh?" Brad asked as his tip began to circle around the boy's entrance. This made Baby groan and whimper as he looked over his shoulder, up at the towering man. "Yes, Brad, please!" Brad could feel the desperation in the boy's voice, his cock throbbing and growing even harder. "Whose cock do you want, boy?" Brad's cock began prodding at the entrance, the boy becoming even more restless. "Yours Brad! Yours! I need your cock! Please!"

Brad let out a deep chuckle as he grabbed the almost empty tube of lube. He popped the cap off and started squeezing some out, lubing up his cock. Lubing up two of his fingers, Brad then moved on to Baby's hole, shoving them inside rather easily as he lubed up the boy's walls. "To think that an hour ago you were crying because you thought I wouldn't fit, but here you are now, bent over for my cock. You're a fucking slut. Now beg for my cock."

"Please Brad, fuck me. I need your cock, Brad! I need to feel you deep inside me, fucking me, owning me. I love it when you get rough. I love it when you call me names. I love your cock the most. Your cock's the best I've had!

Something about the thought of Baby sucking other, or even being near other guys' cocks had sparked a fire deep inside Brad. A bright, red, angry fire. Thinking about Baby sucking that emo guy's dick made the fire explode from the sheer anger. With a grunt and a growl, Brad popped his tip inside the boy. the tightness was still new but also very familiar to Brad. He began shoving it in deeper almost immediately, the lube helping him a lot. Baby was groaning as Brad dug in deeper inside him. Both boys were feeling electric from the pleasure. They were going crazy.

As soon as Brad reached as far as he could go, he started pulling out until all that was left was his tip. And right back in he went. The boy's looseness helped a lot as he shoved his cock back in, making both of them groan. Brad was getting rough, his hips going harder. His pace slowly grew. Pulling out and long dicking the boy. Soon, the familiar sound of sex and skin on skin filled the room again, this time the boys fucked with reckless abandon.

"This what you wanted faggot? This how you wanna get fucked?" Brad asked in between grunts and thrusts as Baby cries out in pleasure. "Yes, AH!!, Brad! I love, HAAA!, it!" Brad watched as the boy writhed underneath him from the pleasure. Grunting, Brad wrapped his arms around the boy's petite chest and pulled him up. "Fucking get up here, bitch."

Both boys were now on their knees, one of them thrusting hard into the other. With one muscled arm around Baby's chest, Brad grabbed the boy's hard and pulled it back, watching Baby's face as he fucked him. Baby opened his eyes and looked to his side, seeing the sweaty, manly face of the man ravaging him.

"What you said earlier about my cock being the best was damn right. I'm the best cock you've had. And starting now, I'm the only cock you'll ever have. Do you understand that faggot?!"

Brad asked a whining Baby, growling into his ear as his hand held tight onto the boy's hair, looking straight into Baby's half-lidded. "I said do you understand?!" Brad shouted, his thrust getting harder, more painful. "YES! YES BRAD!" "Good." Brad grunted as he began to thrust faster, his third orgasm of the night signalling its nearness.

Brad could hear Baby's hand on his own cock, stroking himself, matchin Brad's rhythm as the two stared deep into each other's eyes. Brad couldn't help it, the boy looked vulnerable. He crashed his lips onto the boy as his hips grew faster. The two mashed their lips together in a passionate, fiery kiss. Their tongues battling each other. Brad's cock slid in and out of Baby's hole, abusing the boy's walls and stimulating his prostate.

The kiss, the intensity and the electricity were getting to both boys. After a few moments of kissing, Baby pulled away, looking up at Brad with a pained look on his face. "Brad, B-Brad, I'm cumming, y-you're gonna make me... CUM!" Baby shrieked one last time before firing a long string of cum from his cock. It shot all the way past the bed. The other shot followed, though nearer, and so did the following other strings of cum. Baby screamed and cried from each and every release, the pleasure from his cock and the pleasure from his prostate combining into a big explosion of orgasmic pleasure throughout his body.

Brad could feel the boy jolt and twitch as he came. The boy's ass tightened with every shot, squeezing around Brad's cock like a vice grip. It was too much. Brad's orgasm was following. With one last, deep thrust into the boy, Brad began to shoot as well. "FUCK HERE I COME FAGGOT! I'M GONNA FUCKING BREED YOU AGAIN!!"

Brad let loose a flood of cum, beating his other two orgasms. His cum this time was thinner but it was the most. He came again and again deep inside the boy, flooding him once again. The boys came together, Baby moaning and whining while Brad grunted and growled. Their two sweaty bodies stuck togther as they rode out their orgasm. A thin, curvy one against a massive, muscled one. Brad held onto the boy's chest and stomach while Baby took hold of Brad's thick forearms.

Soon, their orgasms end and both boys collapse, Brad falling on top of Baby, his cock still lodged inside the boy. Brad rolled off of the boy, his cock sliding out of Baby, making a small popping noise. He lying on his back beside him while Baby turned to his side, away from Brad, both boys breathing heavily. Silence fell upon the room, and the only thing that could be hear was huffing and puffing. A few minutes later, Baby jolted up and ran to the bathroom, Brad eyeing him curiously.

Later afte that, Baby returned. Brad was on the brink of sleep as he heard the boy speak. "You staying the night?" Brad refused to answer, instead his covered his eyes with his arm, trying to fall asleep. This made Baby chuckle as he got into the bed beside the jock. "Not much of a talker now, huh? Well since the bed is small, I'm gonna have to warn you that we might end up cuddling. You know, since you are straight after all." Baby emphasized the "straight" word to tease Brad.

Externally Brad seemed unaffected, but deep inside this got Brad thinking. The thought of cuddling with Baby wasn't offensive to him. Actually, it seemed appealing. To have the small boy wrapped around his arms, the muscled arms that the boy seemed to admire so much. With that being said, Brad convinced himself that he was still definitely straight. This was just... simple experimentation. Yeah. That was it.

Brad fell asleep that night convincing himself. It was experimentation. It was the lack of good pussy. Whatever. Bottomline was, he was not gay.

* * *

"Wake up." Brad heard a faint, distant voice call to him. "Wake up!" The voice was getting nearer, louder. "GET THE FUCK UP!" The loud voice was followed by a body falling on top of him, jolting him awake. "What the fuck?!" Brad woke up screaming, seeing Baby sitting on top of him. The pain from Baby crashing onto him made him groan and shove Baby off of him roughly. "Yo, what the fuck is your problem?!" Brad asked, looking furiously at Baby.

"I was trying to get you to get up but it seemed like you were still dreaming about my ass." Brad quickly threw a pillow at Baby. "Fuck you." "Yeah you did that a lot last night. My ass is killing me. Anyways, don't you have douchebag practice or something to go to?" Brad was still waking up from his tired sleep. He didn't have practice that day but he was afraid that if he stayed longer in Baby's room that things would either get really awkward or really sexual, real quick.

"Whatever, I wanted to leave anyway." Brad said, getting off the bed stark naked. He stretched his arms up, his biceps bulging, his abs stretching and his crotch thrusting out. Baby couldn't help but stare hungrily. "Like what you see, boy?" Brad asked, snapping Baby out of his lust-induced daze. Baby flipped him off and left the room as Brad got dressed.

Brad soon exited Baby's bedroom, the smell of pancakes and bacon hitting him square in the face. He looks around, seeing Baby sitting on a stool eating on the counter, looking back at him. "I-I made you breakfast, you know, if you wanted some." Baby was blushing as he quickly returned to his pancakes.

Nobody's cooked breakfast for Brad before, except for his mother. There was a warm feeling in his chest as the thought of Baby cooking for him popped in his mind. Quickly shaking off those dangerous feelings, Brad sat down beside Baby and the two had a quiet, almost awkward breakfast.

Afterwards, Brad sat up, belched, and headed for the door. Baby followed, looking disgustedly at him. "What, never burped before?" Brad asked, as he opened the door. "Not like a fucking animal." "Whatever." Brad stepped into the hallway, getting ready to leave. "Guess I'll be seeing you around." Brad said, his back still facing Baby.

"Yeah, I guess." Came the quiet reply of Baby. It hadn't been two steps when Brad quickly turned around and pinned Baby to the door inside his room, kissing him. The two made out for a few seconds. The kiss was wet and quick. Sexual. Needy. Brad pulled away before things got serious. "I meant what I said last night. You belong to me now. I don't want you whoring around. You got that?" Brad sternly asked a flushed Baby and only got a nod in response.

With that, Brad left, a smile on his face thinking about how he left the boy speechless. He could still taste the bacon, pancakes and Baby on his lips.

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