The Quarterback and the Bookworm 8
by Milk Baby

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With Brad's departure, Baby was left to reflect on what had just happened. He had just lost his virginity thrice in a row. Those days of fingering himself and finding his prostate sure paid off. Chuckling to himself, Baby drops onto the couch, turning on the TV for some background noise.

Usually, on the weekends, Baby would have his nose buried on his second book that day, but the past few days have been anything but usual. To start off, Baby had been making new friends. Well, two friends. And one of them apparently claimed Baby as his, but still, they're technically friends.

As a college sophomore, Baby had been lagging in the social department. He's very smart. He was taking Chemistry and it had been a bit of a breeze for him. He'd always been a chemist as a kid. He was curious about the elemental makeup of all things. His love for reading was what made him choose to minor in Literature. In short, Baby Poler was a terribly bright kid that didn't socialize much. Except for the occasional Grindr hook up. But those stories are for another time.

His mind automatically thought of Brad. Brad Wright, the apparent star quarterback. Baby paid no mind to campus sports, but if he had, he probably wouldn't care and just dismiss Brad as another jock-for-brains douchebag. Which he was. The jock was actaully far from his ideal type. His ideal type was someone like Ian. Tall, mysterious, kept to himself. The wonder that Ian made Baby felt was what got him in the first place. And the fact that they're becoming friends was exciting to him.

But apparently, Brad didn't like that.

Just the thought of Brad acting like Baby's father made Baby roll his eyes so hard it hurt. Brad didn't control his life. Brad didn't own him. Baby doesn't owe Brad anything. As his train of thought progresses, Baby gets angrier by the minute.

"What do I care about what he says? He's just a body attached to a dick to me." Baby grunted to himself, extremely pleased with his little remark. This wasn't enough for him though. Out of spite, Baby decided to hit Ian up.

Baby: What you up to?

Ian: Literally nothing. bored as sheeeet.

Baby: Come over, then, loser. Now.

Ian: Asshole. I'm there in 10.

Baby was getting excited. The thought of rebelling against a massive douchey jock right after they made out was thrilling. The thought of Brad finding out, getting pissed, and bending him over... Okay, that went too far. Baby shook his head and willed his boner to die down as he waited for Ian. He also willed himself to forget about Brad before things get reckless and... sexual.

Ian had arrived a bit earlier than he'd announced. Baby was mindlessly staring at an infomercial about a massager for dogs when he heard a few loud pounds on his door, jolting him into conciousness. He dashed to the entrance and opened it, seeing Ian standing dressed in an old shirt, sweatpants and dirty slide slippers. He was also holding what looked like a bag of groceries. "Ooh, what you got over there?"

"Not even a good morning? Or a hello? Nice." Ian walked past Baby and headed for his little dining table where he dropped the bag. The bag contained several sweets. Cookies, chocolates, candies and more. "You're a jerk too for just waltzing into my room. I ought to report you to-- AHHHH!" Baby was shutting the door when he turned around and saw the pile of sweets at his table. His shrieking had caught Ian off guard. H ewatched the smaller boy run to the table like a feral person. "WHAT?! WHAT IS IT?!" Ian was frantic.

"YOU BROUGHT SWEETS!! AGHHHH!" Baby screeched as he held the packs of sugar goodies as if it were huge amounts of money. "Well, yeah, I wanted to bring treats if we were going to hang out." Ian said with a bit of an amused smirk on his face as he observed Baby childishly stare at the sweets. "Oh my god we should watch movies while we eat these. Come!"

Baby ran to his living room and plopped down on his couch, the sweets cradled in his arm, and invited Ian to join him. Booting up Netflix, Baby began to browse through the movie selection. "What you wanna watch?" Baby asked, his eyes still glued on the TV. Ian couldn't help but smile as he stared at the boy. "Anything you want." He replied, still staring at the focused boy. "I'm feeling brave today. Let's watch a horror movie."

Ian was genuinely surprised. He had Baby pegged as the cowardly type. The sugar was probably doing things to him, even if he hasn't consumed them yet. As soon as the movie started, Baby scooted closer to Ian, opening a tray of red velvet cookies. "Are you scared already, Poler?" "Shut up." Baby replied as he munched on a cookie. "Don't worry, I got ya," Ian said, wrapping his arm around Baby's shoulders. "Hand me a cookie."

The movie seemed like it was too much for Baby. He was screaming at every jump scene, burying his face in Ian's chest. His jittery nature combined with the dangerous amounts of sugar he had already consumed had created a jumpy, erratic Baby that was on a sugar rush. Ian couldn't help but laugh at him and find him amusing. He noticed that his eyes were more on Baby rather than the movie.

Minutes passed and during a particularly boring section of the movie, Ian began to ask Baby. "So what happened between you and Brad Wright last night? He was pretty pissed and I was worried you got hurt by him or something." Baby's ears perked up at the utterance of Brad's name. Memories of last night flooded his mind. Their sweaty bodies, sexual cries, the scent of sex, every mind blowing orgasm, everything flashed in Baby's mind. Shaking his head and closing his eyes, Baby tried to purge his mind from all the thoughts of Brad.

"Nothing happened. We talked. That's it."

"You sure? You can tell me."

"I-I'd rather not. Just... don't worry, nothing bad happened."

This only made Ian worry even more. It was obviously a touchy subject, but the worry and curiosity were killing him. But he respected Baby enough not to push the subject even further. "All right, I get it." Baby was relieved that Ian wasn't stubborn. He'd rather not talk about the explosion of lust that was last night to his only other friend. Especially since Brad made it clear that he didn't want Ian near Baby. He also felt like it was wrong to tell Ian about his sexual experience. Deep down, he felt like Ian wouldn't look at him the same if he knew Baby was quite slutty. He was glad they stopped talking about it.

The two boys soon fell into a comfortable silence, with Baby occasionally burying his face into Ian's chest to hide from the scary scenes. Soon, the movie had ended and Baby was coming down from his sugar rush. Eating 3 trays of cookies (mostly, he shared some with Ian.), Baby was feeling disgusting. He just wanted to sleep everything away. Ian had felt this and decided it was time to go. "Guess your weaknesses are horror movies and cookies. I'll take note of that." Ian said as he watched Baby groan on his chest as a response. "Guess I'm gonna get going. Walk me out."

Baby forced himself off and walked Ian to the door. He was staring at him tiredly but he didn't want to be rude. "I had a lot of fun even if all we did was watch a movie and you pigged out on cookies while I watched." Ian got a smack on the arm as a response. "Ass. But yeah, I had a great time too. Thanks for bringing cookies." Baby said as he opened the door for Ian. "Let's do this again, yeah?" Baby asked and Ian nodded.

Baby closed the door and headed for his bed, which still smelled like sex. Like Brad. The memories came back but he was too tired to focus on them. He plopped onto the bed, right on the spot where Brad slept. He took a deep whiff and a crystal clear image of a sweaty Brad underneath him appeared in his mind. He hate how he was so hung up on the jock. He didn't want to be but Brad had him hooked. Both boys were hooked on each other.

Baby soon fell asleep, as soon as the image of Brad appeared. He could still smell the sweat and sex very clearly as he drifted off to sleep.

* * *

Monday and Tuesday went by quickly for Baby. Brad hadn't made any effort to contact Baby, and all Ian and Baby did were text each other Dad jokes. It was a good break from the tornado of crazy events that has happened to him. That was, until Wednesday night.

It was about 9:50 at night and Baby had just finished some school work and was cleaning up his desk when his phone lit up. It was a message. Chills ran down his spine when he saw that it was Brad. He both excited and nervous. Excited because he hasn't heard from Brad since and as much as he hated to think about Brad, he craved to be fucked hard once again. He was nervous as well because h8e didn't know what Brad wanted. After not talking for a few days, Brad could've wanted anything. The suspense was killing Baby.

Brad: im coming over.

Baby read as soon as he opened the message. With just three words, Baby was on fire. His mind went into overdrive. What was he going to do here? What time? Will we fuck? How many times? He was suddenly neurotic. The first thing he noticed was that he felt a bit sweaty. And to the bathroom he went. Shedding his clothes as fast as he could, he was under the cold blast of water in an instant. He didn't know what time Brad would be coming so he was scrubbing himself rapidly.

He was focusing a lot on his ass. He could still remember the feel of Brad's mouth on his ass. His cock twitched a little as his fingers caressed his hole. He was getting hungrier by the second. A few minutes of rinsing and out he went, heading for his closet.

He opted to wear something casual. A t-shirt that swallowed his whole body and some tight sweatpants, commando of course. After dressing up, Baby headed for his couch. And waited. And waited. And waited. He waited until it was almost 11 PM and he was getting drowsy. That fucking douchebag stood me up, he thought. "I'll never trust another man again."

He was grumbling to himself and was heading to his room when he jolted from the sound of loud pounding on his door. He didn't know if he was still mad but he headed for the door. Swinging it open, he found what looked like a sweaty and equally as grumpy Brad.


Without even so much as a response Brad, pushes past Baby, grabbing him by the back of the shirt and kicking the door close. "B-Brad, let go!" Baby struggled as Brad dragged him to the couch where he forced Baby to sit. Standing right in front of the boy with his dirty pants and his legs spread, Brad began to unbutton his jeans. Shoving it down forcefully, Baby was greeted with Brad's semi-erect cock, reeking of sweat. Surprisingly, it wasn't an offensive stench. Baby was getting hard from it, even more so as he watched the massive man in front of him.

"Suck my fucking cock, faggot." Brad growled.

Baby snapped from his cock-induced trance and looked up defiantly at Brad. "Hold up! You can't just--"

Baby was cut short as Brad suddenly grabbed him by the back of the head and shoved towards Brad's musky pubes. "Shut the fuck up and suck me, whore." Brad began to shove his growing cock down Baby's throat. It was easier for now as the man's member could still fit in the boy's tight throat but a few more seconds of Baby's vacuum-like sucking and Brad was rock hard.

Brad's cock began to grow at full mast. The boy began to gag and choke as the massive member inside his throat filled with blood. Brad could feel his cock twitch and spew precum as he watched the boy struggle. He kept the boy stuck on his cock until he could feel him struggle to breathe. That was when he shoved the boy off. He watched as Baby caught his breath, his face looking flushed and his spit dripping down his mouth. Thsi only turned Brad on even more.

He straddled the boy's lap as he lined his throbbing monster right at the boy's lips. "Open up, bitch." And like the bitch he was, Baby gladly opened up, his eyes looking up at the jock in heat. Brad moaned as he felt the boy's soft lips wrap around his thick shaft. He groaned as he felt the boy's tongue all over his angry red tip. And he growled as his cock naturally slid in the boy's throat. It was as if his cock was meant to be there.

Brad let the boy adjust for a bit before he announced in a gravelly, breathy voice. "I'm fucking your throat." It was a command that gained a moan as a response. Brad began to buck his hips, his cock sliding in and out of Baby's constricting throat. It was as if the boy was teasing him. Brad began to pick up his pace. Soon, he was fucking the boy's throat hard. His balls slapping against the boy's chin as Baby's spit flew all the way to his cheeks. Baby's eyes were still trained on Brad's dominating ones.

Baby knew how to treat the jock's cock and thanks to his ministrations, Brad could feel his balls ache. He was getting dangerously close, even if he were only fucking the boy for a short while. It was hard but Brad pulled out of the boy's mouth, strings of spit forming between his tip and the boy's tongue.

"Strip," Brad commanded.

With just the utterance of the word with Brad's deep, dominating voice, Baby was up, shucking his clothes off faster than he did in the bathroom. Their eyes couldn't leave each other as Baby stripped. Brad took his shirt off as well, his sweaty, muscled body contrasting against the boy's milky white skin. "On all fours. Now." Baby obeyed. His hands on the backrest of the couch while his knees were on the seats, his ass perking up and opening for Brad.

Brad growled as he watched the boy's pristine ass spread on its own. His hole showed itself, puckering and quivering, almost as if it were begging for cock. "Fuck. I'm going to fuck you so hard. Get ready for this cock bitch." Brad groaned then spat on his cock, doing his best to slick it up. He spat on the boy's hole as well, shoving two fingers deep into the boy. Baby groaned and bit the backrest as he felt Brad's meaty fingers probing inside his tight hole.

His hole remained untouched since Saturday night but here it was, getting ready to get fucked by a massive prick once again. Strangely, he craved it so much more. He was starving for it. "Fuck me Brad. Please. I need you." Brad groaned once again as he pushed his massive tip into the boy's tight entrance. It looked impossible at first but Brad knew the capacity of the boy's hole. He watched in fascination as the boy's entrance stretched to accommodate Brad's massive tip.

Brad threw his head back as his cock slowly began to dig in deeper. It was difficult due to the lack of proper lubrication. The friction was hurting the both of them, but they continued. Brad's cock was sliding against Baby's prostate, sending waves of electric pleasure and pain up his body and into his cock. Baby's tightness was hugging Brad's cock just right. The pleasure overtook them both.

"I'm all in, faggot. Tell me what you want me to do." Brad was breathing shaky breaths as he leans into the boy's neck, his mouth right beside his ear. Baby turned to look at him, his eyes half-lidded and brimming with lust. "Fuck me, Brad. Please! Fuck me like you did the first time!" "Fuck. Gladly." Brad replied as he stood straight and held onto the boy's wide hips. Fixing his stance, Brad was ready to fuck.

And fuck he did. Brad began to slowly pull out all nine inches until only the head was left. Spitting a few more times onto it, Brad began to dig it into the boy's hole once again. This time exerting more force. Both boy's were moaning. Baby was whining while Brad was growling from the sheer pleasure both of them were experiencing.

As soon as Brad bottomed out, he began to pull back again. He continued this pattern until his cock was slick with Baby's ass juices. That was when the show began. Brad began to thrust faster, sliding all the way out then all the way into the boy. Unsatisfied with his speed, his hips began moving faster and faster.

Soon, the familiar sound of skin smacking on skin filled the room. Brad's balls slammed into Baby's own, almost painfully. But all pain was overpowered by the pleasure. Brad's cock was digging deep into the boy's hole as Baby thrusted his ass back, matching Brad's pace. This made Brad's cock reach deeper than before. His cock was getting hugged so tight that it was painful.

Brad leaned in once again, holding Baby's jaw and forcing him to look at Brad as he pounded into him. Brad's finger was at the entrance of Baby's lips and the boy almost automatically. Brad's mind was going crazy from the boy's willingness to please Brad.

"You're liking this a lot, huh faggot?" Baby moaned in reply as he closed his eyes and sucked. "Probably more than I like it. Look at me when I'm talking to you!" Grabbing the boy by the hair, he shook his head and forced Baby to look at him, the boy's mouth slightly agape, moans exiting from it. "Yes, I-I, ahn, love it when you fuck me! Y-Your cock's the b-best, ahhn!"

The ego boost and slutty moans was getting too much for Brad. Watching the boy moan and shiver from the pleasure of getting dicked was getting to him. His orgasm was coming. "Fuck. Fuck. I'm gonna fucking cum, bitch. Where do you want it?" Baby's hand found its way to his cock. He began to stroke himself as Brad's pounding grew faster and more desperate. "Inside me! Brad! Please cum inside!"

"Fuck. You're gonna get it, bitch!! Say my name!"

"Brad!!" Baby moaned out

"Louder, motherfucker!"

"Brad! Brad! BRAD! BRAADDD!! I'M C-CUMMING!!" Baby screamed at the top of his lungs.

"FUCK I'M CUMMING TOO! TAKE IT BITCH!!" Brad shouted as well.

Both boys blew their loads, hard. Baby blew over the backrest and seat, streaking thick white ropes of cum all over the couch. Brad flooded Baby's insides like a hose. Baby milked Brad's cock with every tightening of his ass from every shot of his cum. This made Brad's orgasm even more mind blowing. He couldn't grasp the thought of the boy's tight ass getting even tighter, but here it was. Brad's orgasm was so intense he had to hold himself up or risk passing out. His cock felt so good it hurt.

Brad collapsed on top of Baby. Both boys were sweaty and made them stick together. As soon as their orgasm died down, all that could be heard were the sounds of heavy breathing. A few more minutes of silence and Brad began to pull out of Baby. "Shit..." He whispered as he pulled off of the boy and sat down beside him. Baby clamped his ass immediately to avoid Brad's copious load from leaking. He collaped onto the couch and laid on his back, his feet resting on Brad's legs.

"Why'd you come over?" Baby asked all of a sudden. Brad sighed. "Just... wanted to blow off some steam." This got Baby curious and made him want to prod further. "Stressed?" "Yeah." "Why?" Brad was getting a bit irritated at the boy's interrogation. It was as if he were a 4 year old. "Just football shit. We got our first game coming up on Friday and I've been getting the nerves. As the quarterback, everybody's expecting a lot from me. It's a lot of pressure."

Baby was surprised. He didn't expect this big jock to open up about his feelings, especially to a 'faggot'. "Oh. Well, did I help?" This made Brad chuckle as he rested his head on the backrest and covered his eyes with his arm. "Yeah. You did. A lot." "Great."

Silence fell upon the boys again until Brad stood up and began to put on his clothes. "I'm gonna head out." He said with no particular emotion. "O-Oh, okay." Baby replied, trying not to sound dismayed, but failing. Putting on his sweatpants, Baby walked Brad to the door. "Hey, good luck." Baby said as Brad opened the door. "Thanks, man." Baby bit his lip as he watched the brute walk away.

"Hey! I'm gonna be watching you on Friday, so you better do well!" Baby shouted from down the hall.

Brad nodded and waved Baby goodbye. As he was walking in the cold, he noticed that he had a mysterious smile on his face and an excited feel in his chest.

He wasn't sure what was happening to him but he was sure as hell that the boy was fucking him up. Big time.

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