The Quarterback and the Bookworm 9
by Milk Baby

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Brad was getting excited as he was walking back to his house. The little announcement that Baby made had him getting pumped out for their game. But why? There was something inside Brad that made him want to impress the boy. He wanted to show just how much of a man he is in the thing he does best.

When he was younger, he'd always be pumped knowing that a lot of girls in the audience (especially the hot cheerleaders) had all their eyes on him. But now, it was as if he was over those girls. They'd always be there, always watching him, lusting after him. But knowing that Baby was going to be there, the only person to know how much of a beast he is, the person he'd claimed as his bitch, would be watching was exciting.

As soon as he entered the house, he could feel the energy of his brothers. He could hear the loud laughter and even louder conversations all over the house. It seemed he wasn't the only one that was getting excited for their first game. The team performed very well during their practice earlier, that was probably why they were so confident.

Brad wasn't as excited as they were earlier though. Before heading for Baby's place, Brad seemed to have a lot of things on his mind and it affected his performance. Of course, as always, it was Baby. He couldn't get his mind off of the boy. He was a stubborn boy, but a slutty bitch. The two clashing sides combined to create Baby, Brad's guilty pleasure. But Brad felt weird obsessing over a boy like he was, especially since he still considered himself as straight.

The jock shot Baby a text telling him he'd be coming over. He wanted to talk about ending whatever the two had going on, even if they only fucked that one night. Baby was consuming all his attention. He had to focus on football. After a few more hours of practicing alone, Brad knew it was time.

He finished at 10:30, locking up the locker room himself. Walking to Baby's place wasn't easy. It was a chilly night and he was sweating, but he was determined to talk to Baby. Getting distracted from academics AND football, especially because of a boy wasn't something a big, straight jock like Brad needed to be doing. Pounding at Baby's door, he waited as he heard footsteps from inside.

This is it, he thought to himself.

As soon as the boy opened the door, both boy's eyes were on each other. There Baby was, standing, his face a mixture of sleepiness, irritation, and lust. His shirt looked too big on his body, making him look smaller. His tight pants framed his slender, feminine legs. The obvious outline of his penis indicated that he had no underwear. All of it topped with the sudden look of hunger in Baby's eyes as he looked at Brad. And at that very moment, Brad knew he couldn't give up this boy.

Fuck it, he said to himself.

Fast forward to Brad sliding his cock in and out of the boy as if his life depended on it. Fast forward to the two boys talking, with Brad expressing his feelings. Fast forward to now, with Brad laughing with Doug as they shared a drink. Fast forward to Brad falling asleep with a smile on his face.

* * *

The following Thursday, Brad and Baby had no contact with each other. As soon as his classes ended, Brad and his teammates went straight to practice, giving him no time to fool around with the boy. Brad was performing excellently during their practice, with Baby being his secret motivation. The whole team was confident that they would win their first game of the season, with Brad leading the pack, and Baby secretly fuelling that fire.

The team was worn out after the most intense practice they've had. Though excited, they were asleep as soon as they went home. Friday came quicker than they expected.

It was Friday and the whole campus filled with electric energy. The excitement had spread from the team to all over the student body. Most of the students were going since the game was being held on campus. And one of those audience members was Baby. Unfortunately, Baby was asked to stay for a bit by his Biochemistry professor to help with lab duties. She was a frail older woman, but the two were very close. This time though, Baby wasn't in the mood to help and only did it because he didn't want to say no to his favorite professor.

Baby got held back longer than he'd anticipated. Apparently, the TA had an emergency and couldn't help. Baby was stuck with cleaning, arranging and organizing all of the equipment in the lab. He was itching to leave and watch the game to the point where he was close to snapping at the old woman. Thankfully, he had enough self-control not to.

It was finally game time the teams were being introduced. The other team had a decent amount of cheers but the home team gained roars of cheers and hoots. Thunderous claps and incredible cries of support. This was Brad's favorite sound, but he didn't bask in it at that moment. Almost immediately as his feet touched the grass, his eyes began scanning the audience. He was afraid that Baby wasn't there yet, but it was hard to see and focus on one particular face because the audience was all a blur, so he trusted that Baby was there, watching him.

The first quarter began and Brad's mind was focused on the game. The audience was reduced to background noise as he began to formulate strategies to defeat the other team. As he was running, he noticed that the team was sluggish and he and his other teammates were easily outspeeding them. The game was already in the bag. Brad's team was scoring point after point easily, with Brad making the most of them. The crowd was going crazy for him.

The first quarter ended with Brad's team in the lead with a significant gap between their scores. During the short down time betweent he first and second quarter, Brad scanned the audience once again, looking for Baby. It was difficult but he was sure Baby wasn't anywhere in there. This bummed it out but decided not to let it get to him. The images of Baby somewhere out there sucking dick after dick wasn't easy to ignore, but he did because he didn't want it to affect his performance.

The second quarter was just as much like the first. Before the quarter began, Brad huddled up with his team and told them to do the exact same play as they did on the last quarter. It was an easy success. The opposing team had no teamwork and were slow. They were no match for Brad and his team. Point after point, Brad's team was scoring. It was going to be an easy victory. Just like the first quarter, the second quarter oon ended with Brad widening the gap between the two teams' scores.

As they were going back to the locker room for their halftime break, the crowd was cheering for them again. Brad and his teammates were waving back, but Brad was once again looking close into each visible face in the crowd. No sign of Baby. Brad sighed and groaned silently.

As they team sat down in the locker room, their coach approached them and began commending them for their excellent team work and great plays. Brad wanted to listen but he couldn't. His mind was stuck on Baby. Where was the boy? Sucking dick? Hanging out with that emo loser? Brad was getting more and more livid as he kept thinking.

Before he did something he'd regret, Brad stood up and headed for his locker. Opening it, he grabbed his phone and shot Baby a text.

Brad: yo, where tf r u?

Baby: sorry, I got held back by my professor. I'm here looking for my seat.

Brad's face quickly left his phone as he dashed out of the locker room. Peeking up at the audience, his eyes began to skim through each and every person sitting. Still no sign of Baby.

Brad: i cant see u

Baby: I see you! I don't know exactly where I am but I'm standing and I'm waving my arms at you

The jock began to look harder at the people who were standing. It was frustratingly difficult seeing as how there were a million standing. He was close to giving up when he saw a small frame with familiar milky white arms waving. Looking down at the arms' owner, he saw Baby. The familiar feeling of excitement flooded him again. A lopsided smile automatically appeared on his lips as he waved back at Baby. He was biting his lip as he watched the boy sit, smiling back at him.

With one last wave, Brad headed back to the locker room, the smile still stuck on his lips. Rejoining his team mates, the coach began to praise Brad's leadership in the field after seeing him join them. The coach then began to talk about what he didn't like and what they could improve. Brad was now listening fully, eager to give Baby a show. With a huddle and a cheer, the team headed back to the field, gaining loud cheers once again.

The third quarter began and it was as if Brad was playing in the first quarter. Pumped and eager to give a show, Brad was playing his best. He was passing, catching and running as best he could and each point he scored, the crowd went wild.

Brad was eating it all up, but he was even more glad to see that Baby was cheering and shouting with them for him. This continued until at the end of the game. Brad was giving a great show for his audience, but it was all especially for Baby.

Baby was clueless as to what was happening. He didn't know anything about football. But the energy in the audience was infectious. He was screaming and cheering at the same time they did. His eyes were kept on Brad as he did. He was there for the big jock after all.

As the game ended, with Brad's team earning a landslide victory and the crowd cheering them on as they returned to the locker room. The energy within the locker room was as electric as it was outside. Everybody was pumped knowing that they won the game easily. Everybody was congratulating Brad, thanking him for leading them into a win. The season was looking good for the team.

With the game ending, the crowd began to exit the field. Baby joined the massive crowd, still loud and rowdy from watching a great game. Baby couldn't wait to meet Brad after this. Spotting a big tree at the parking lot, Baby decided to head there, hiding himself in the dark as he waited for Brad.

It took a long while for Brad to exit. The parking lot was almost completely empty and the people were all gone. He was close to leaving, thinking that Brad and his teammates were busy until he saw the door burst open and out came Brad's team. They were still pumped up, laughing and joking around as they exited. Baby immediately saw Brad looking around as if he was searching for something. Baby decided to send him a text.

Baby: I'm over by the big tree

Brad read the text and searched for a big tree, seeing one in the far end of the lot. He then excused himself from his teammates. "You guys go on ahead, I've got someone to meet." "Brad's getting pussy tonight!" Someone in the group shouted which made everyone laugh. Brad chuckled at them and waved good bye and began to walk at the direction of the tree. Doug was eyeing him suspiciously as he watched the quarterback walk away.

Brad reach the tree and found the boy on the other side, away from Brad's teammates. Dropping his bag, Brad smirked at the boy. "Waiting for somebody?" He asked as he approached the boy. Baby smiled back, biting his lip. "Yeah, somebody that won their football game and somebody who's probably going to fuck me all night long. You know somebody like that?" Baby asked seductively. Brad closed the distance between them and grabbed Baby by the chin. "Guess it's my lucky night tonight."

"You were great out there," Baby said as he looked up at Brad's eyes.

"Yeah? Did I look hot?"

"Mhm, real hot..." Baby trailed off as he whispered at Brad in his seductive voice. "... Like you were sweating hard." Baby finished with a goofy smile on his face.

Brad chuckled at the boy. "Oh shut up. So are you kissing me or what?"

And kiss him he did. Baby reached for the back of Brad's head and pulled him in, crashing his lips on Baby's. This set off an intense makeout session between the two. Their lips moved perfectly with each other as if they were dancing. Their eyes closed as they moaned into each other's mouths. Their tongues battled for dominance, with Baby putting up a good fight but Brad naturally winning.

The kiss went on for a while before Brad pulled off, breathing heavily and staring into the hazy eyes of the boy. "Your place, now." He growled as he grabbed his bag and pulled the boy with him, walking in the direction of Baby's place. The two unknowingly left a shocked Doug watching them from behind the bushes.

* * *

As soon as the two reached Baby's place, every piece of clothing they have were thrown off into oblivion. The sounds of lip smacking, moaning and skin slamming on skin filled the room. Soon, both boys were naked and were making out as they walked. Brad turned them around and backed up into the wall, lifting his arm and resting it behind his head, presenting Baby with his muscled pit.

"I deserve a little reward. Eat my pits, bitch." Brad growled and Baby obliged. Nosediving into the jock's ripe pits, Baby began to feast on it. Sucking, licking, and nibbling all over the jock's arm pit. Brad threw his head back and moaned loud. Pulling the boy off, Brad lifted his other pit and shoved him in there. He reached down for his rock hard 9 incher, growling as he stroked himself.

Brad couldn't take the teasing anymore. Pulling the boy away, looking at his sweaty, flushed face, Brad took the both of them into his bedroom and threw the boy into the bed. Brad reached for the almost empty tube of lube as he stared down at the boy. Almost automatically, Baby reached underneath his knees and pulled his legs up, exposing his pink hole to the jock. Brad lubed his massive shaft as much as he can. He then lubed up his two fingers and shoved them inside the boy, swirling it around. The cold liquid causing the boy to whine.

"You want this cock, bitch?"

"Yes! Oh yes, Brad I do! Fuck me!"

"Say no more, faggot."

The two began to fuck like wild animals. Baby was even more slutty as he was before. He was moaning, crying, whining and begging for more. It was as if Baby was more slutty than ever after watching the jock play. Brad couldn't get enough. Baby on the other hand was going crazy from Brad's cock. The jock knew how to use his 9 incher well. He treated Baby not only for his own pleasure, but for the both of them.

The boys fucked well into the night. Their room was filled with screams, moans, growling and whining. They fucked twice more before collapsing on top of each other. Brad was on his back while Baby rested on Brad's muscled chest. A possessive arm wrapped around the boy's slender back and the two soon fell asleep, basking in each other's warmth.

* * *

"Fuck, Brad got pussy as soon as the game ended. Where's mine?!" A drunken teammate complained as the whole team (minus Brad) hung around a nightclub to celebrate their win. The others chimed in their agreement. Everyone was drunk and horny. Except for Doug.

Doug couldn't wrap his head around what he had seen. Brad, the manliest, straightes guy he knew was swapping spit with a faggot. It couldn't be. The gay boy did something to him and now here he was, in the clutches of a faggot. Doug had to help, and he knew just what to do. With a mischeivous smile, Doug called up this girl.

* * *

The morning after, both Brad and Baby were reluctant to get up but Brad had to. He didn't want his teammates to wonder where he was. Putting his clothes on, Brad looked at the boy who was struggling to stay awake. He looked almost... cute. Brad chuckled at him. "What?" Baby asked, groaning. "Nothing." A silence fell upon the two and all that could be heard was Brad's shuffling clothes.

"Hey, we got another game next week. You coming?" Brad asked out of the blue, a strange nervousness in his chest as he waited for Baby's response. "Of course, wouldn't miss it." Baby replied in his gravelly voice. "Great. Well, I'll see you around then." Brad said as he headed for the door, still looking back at Baby. All he got as a response was a lazy wave, making him chuckle.

As soon as Brad reached the frat house, he saw his brothers carrying in boxes and boxes of beer inside. Shane, his brother saw him and welcomed him. "Brad! Where ya been! How was she?" Shane asked jokingly, slapping Brad's shoulder. Brad didn't know what he was talking about for a few minutes, then it clicked. "O-Oh! Well, she was great man. Bomb pussy as always." Thinking about the boy made him smile and his cock twitch. "So what's all this?" Brad gestured to the boys bringing in beer.

"Oh! Well, we decided to throw a little party to celebrate the first win." Shane said. Brad was in no mood to party, but he didn't want to ruin the team's fun, especially since he was the captain. "Great." He said. Shane heard his name being called and he slapped Brad's shoulder once again. "Well they're calling me so I gotta go. See you tonight, bud!" "Yeah, see you." He entered the house and greeted every person he saw. He quickly made it to his room, shutting his door. Doug was watching him from the end of hallway. Dont' worry Brad, I'll save you, he thought to himself.

As soon as Brad entered his room, his dropped himself on the bed. Fucking all night with Baby left him exhausted, especially after an exhausting game. Brad fell asleep immediately, not waking up for the rest of the day. It was night time when he woke up and the sound of a loud, throbbing bassline filled the house. It was a rude awakening for Brad. Groaning, he stood up, knowing full well he wouldn't be able to go back to sleep.

Changing into party decent clothes, Brad exited his room and headed to the party. His first stop was the snacks, seeing as he hadn't eaten anything that day. After munching on a few chips, Brad headed for the dridge and grabbed a bottle of beer, greeting the people who said hi to him. On the way back, he spotted Doug dancing like a drunken fool. Doug spotted him too. "Brad! Hey Brad! Come over here!!" Doug shouted, trying his best to be heard thanks to the loud music.

Brad shrugged and approached Doug, sipping on his beer. "Hey man, I got somebody I wanna introduce you to!" Doug said with a suspiciously large smile. "Okay..." Brad replied. Doug disappeared for a bit before returning with a girl. A tall, blonde, curvy girl. If this was the previous Brad, he'd be all over the girl. But right then and there, he only saw her as a pretty girl and that was it. "Brad, meet Heather. Heather, Brad!"

Heather began to caress Brad's arm as she stood uncomfortably close to him. "Hey big boy." "Uh, hi..." "Wanna dance?" Heather asked, licking her lips and winking at him. Where the hell did Doug get this girl, he thought. "Uh, no thanks." Brad said, sipping his beer and walking away, signalling his disinterest to the girl. Apparently, she didn't have any brains on her pretty self as she began to follow him around, tyring unsuccessfully to flirt with the jock.

It went on all night and Brad was getting irritated. He wanted to shout at the girl but he restrained himself. He had to put a stop to this as soon as possible. "So yeah, I really--" Brad cut Heather off as she was telling a boring story about her dog farting on her shin. "Look Heather, you're a nice girl but I gotta go." Brad said, getting up and taking one last chug of his beer before heading up the stairs, the girl still annoyingly following him.

"Where are you going?" The girl asked curiously as she followed him up the stairs. "To bed." Brad kept it short as he approached his door. "Bed? Ooh. Can I join." Heather asked in the most seductive voice she could. She was failing and she wasn't even drunk. "No. Good night." Brad shut his door on her and locked it. He sighed in frustration as he heared his locked door knob being turned, most likely by Heather. Fuck, I wish Baby was here, he thought to himself.

The rest of the week happened just like it did in the party. Brad would mind his own business when Heather would suddenly pop out of nowhere and annoy him. After his classes, during his practices, she was always annoyingly there. He didn't even know how she knew his schedule. During his practices, Heather would be at the side, cheering for Brad. Brad was groaned and looked at Doug, eyeing him evilly. "Where the fuck did you find this girl and why is she so fucking clingy?!"

It was only a Tuesday and Brad already wasn't in the mood. Doug smiled sheepishly at him. "Really? I think it's cute how she's all over you." "Then fucking take her off of my hands. I swear if we lose on Firday because she keeps distracting me, you'll definitely pay, Doug." Brad said, his threat filled with frightening seriousness which made Doug gulp. "Yeah, yeah, I'll talk to her for you."

But it didn't end. The girl kept on clinging to the jock to the point where it was pathetic. Even some of his teammates were getting annoyed as well. Brad wasn't talking to Doug anymore. It was him that caused all this. The team's plays were getting a bit affected by the loud, shrill cheering by Heather from the stand. Brad kept Baby on his mind as motivation, and it worked. Most of the time.

* * *

Fast forward to Friday, game day. The team was pumped once again. Miraculously, Heather wasn't seen anywhere near the team the previous day, making their training session a peaceful, more focused one. Baby sent Brad a text saying that he was already in his seat and waiting for the game. Baby was finally going to be able to watch the full game. Brad was excited once again.

And just like the first match, Brad's team won. Although it wasn't easy. The opposing team played rough. Brad got tackled multiple times. The other team scored a few touchdowns. They lost the first quarter. But thankfully, thanks to Brad's determination, the whole team was able to win with strategies and smarts. Each and every point Brad scored was met with a loud roar of cheering. But Brad and Baby's eyes were only on each other. It was as if Brad was giving Baby a show and Baby was the only one cheering for him.

With the intensity of the game, the whole audience was abuzz was they left the field. Baby was just glad that Brad didn't get too hurt and was having fun playing. It was still a bit early when the game ended but Baby still headed for the tree and waited for the jock.

Baby was leaning against the tree, watching the door. It wasn't long until it burst open and out came the team, with Brad at the back once again. Almost immediately the boys' eyes met each other. Brad was beginning to go into his direction until a suddenly loud, shrill scream filled the lot.

"BRAD!! OH MY GOD BABE YOU DID SO WELL!!!" A girl came flying from out of nowhere and clung herself around Brad's neck. Everybody, especially Baby was surprised. "Get off m--" "OH MY GOD YOU LOOKED SO AWESOME OUT THERE!! LET ME REWARD YOU BABY!" Heather screamed and Brad's eyes was shifting nervously between the girl and Baby leaning against the tree. Before he knew it, a pair of chapped lips were suddenly on his.

And that was when tears started flowing down the boy's cheeks. He raised his middle finger and stormed away, wiping away his tears.

Brad saw everything. His eyes were wide open as he watched the boy walk off. Heather then pulled off, staring up at a shocked Brad.


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