Under the Covers


(This story is dedicated to mike.99999.)


Alone, at last, in his room, Josh wanted nothing more than to drop into bed and sleep. He was having one of those weeks when he seemed to have three things happening at once all the time. And people, people everywhere. Living with four guys in a two room suite, sharing a 12 x 12 dorm room with a noisy, sloppy roommate who never seemed to leave, sometimes made Josh want to just start walking and walking and walking. He'd walk till he was a 100 miles away, in the middle of the woods, and just be silent.


Josh knew himself pretty well. He knew that if he got alone in the woods, as long as it wasn't an ice storm, he'd probably get naked. Take off all his clothes, right there, and feel the air on his body. He'd enjoy the sensation of not having anything binding him . . . zippers, underwear, belts, buttons, heavy sweaters. And he'd probably get hard, and he'd probably jerk off.


Stripping down in his dorm room, happy to be doing it without his goony roommate in the next bed playing video games, Josh imagined what it would be like to shoot a load into the snow. Would he be able to see it? Would it freeze? If it did, would it taste like delicious ice cream?


Just thinking about eating frozen jizz made Josh super hard, and so he turned to his bed, pushed the sheets aside, and got under the covers. He loved the feeling of the flannel sheets against his body, especially his boner. Gripping his favorite toy, he pushed it straight up, sliding his dickhead against the slightly rough flannel sheet. It made Josh moan a little. He relished his aloneness. He rubbed his dickhead some more on the sheets, and moaned a little louder.


But as much as Josh liked being alone, he found himself thinking of someone. His new pen pal, Mike. Mike was Josh's favorite erotic writer, by far. Josh, in fact, thought Mike was a genius: what Mike did with words, and how Mike made Josh feel, was unlike anything or anyone else. Mike's stories made Josh's body vibrate with happiness and lust. They made him harder than anything and spurt like crazy. They made Josh feel as if someone who knew exactly how to make him excited--someone who knew all his secret desires--was speaking to him alone.


Josh loved all of Mike's stories, and so many images of horny boys just like him--sitting in the barber's chair, having their pajamas taken off by their dad in bed, or getting spanked by their neighbor--were embedded in Josh's brain. He thought of them when he jerked off, for sure, but also during class, at dinner, or walking across campus. Josh had a LOT of boners, and Mike was often responsible for them.


Because he fell so bad for Mike's stories, Josh decided one day to write him. To Josh's delight, Mike wrote back! Even better, Josh and Mike kept writing each other, and, for Josh, talking back and forth with someone whose writing he admired so much--whose writing made him feel so sexy--was the best thing ever. Mike had even written a story for Josh, which Josh had already read about 15 times, and Josh had written one back for Mike. Mike had even made Josh feel so inspired about his writing that he submitted his first story to Nifty. All this made Josh feel that he was sharing something very special with Mike.


Alone in bed, Josh slowly stroked himself as he thought all these happy-making thoughts. And he thought something else: that if he could get one wish, it would be that his buddy Mike could be with him right now. Lying just across the room, in his roommate's bed, making up one of his thrilling stories as Josh lay there, pulling on his dick. Or, better yet, under the covers in Josh's own single bed, right next to him. Their bodies would be pressed up against each other, side by side. They would feel each other's thighs skin-to skin, their toes would touch. Josh was a righty, so, having slid against the wall to make room for Mike on his right, Mike's left shoulder would be pressed against Josh's right one. Mike might be a lefty, Josh thought, which would mean that their stroking arms would be working side-by-side. He could imagine what it would feel like, the muscles in Mike's arm flexing against his own as they masturbated together.          


Josh got entirely under the covers, up to his head, and imagined Mike under there with him. It would be sort of like they were two buddies alone in a tent somewhere. As Josh's eyes got used to the darkness, he began to enjoy watching his dick stick straight up as he pumped it. He wanted Mike to watch it with him. Just as much, Josh wanted to watch Mike pump his dick, tight in his fist. He wanted to talk with Mike about how awesome their dicks felt and to share their favorite ways of making their dicks feel as good as possible. He'd show Mike his trick of rubbing his dickhead all along the sheets. It always made him start to ooze pre-cum.


Mike had sent him a picture of his dick with a shiny drop of pre-cum at the tip, and Josh knew, if Mike were next to him, that he would be excited to see those first drops appear on Mike's dick. He wondered if Mike would let him touch it with his finger. He wondered if Mike would think it was weird if Josh brought his finger to his lips and tasted it. He wondered if Mike would want to touch the heads of their dicks to each other, and rub them around a bit till they got super slippery. He wondered if Mike also liked to scratch his pubic hair while he stroked, or tweak his own nipples, like Josh did. And he wondered if Mike would want to do the ultimate true buddy thing of swapping hands, grabbing his buddy's dick, and jerking each other off. 


All this wondering brought Josh very close to the edge. He thought about how lucky he was to be able to moan as he stroked, with no roommate, for once, to hear him. He wondered if Mike was a moaner, too. Josh started stroking even faster, and as he did, it got hotter and hotter under the covers. It really started to smell like dick in there, and Josh thought how much hotter and smellier it would be if Mike were there next to him. And with that, imagining Mike's breath and smell and body and hand and dick under the covers there with him, Josh yelled "Let's cum, Mike," and he shot out his load all over his belly and chest, all over his hand, and all over the sheets.  


Josh lay there for a bit, completely happy. He made himself laugh out loud for a second, as he found himself wondering, in his sleepy state, if Mike had enjoyed himself as much as he had. "I wonder what Mike really is doing right now," Josh thought. And with that, Josh rolled over on his side, grabbed a pillow to spoon, and fell asleep.



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