Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2019
From: Moritz
Subject: The Nearly Naked Mile
- Chapter ONE


Hey guys,

This is chapter one. I hope you enjoy reading this chapter.

I should also like to thank James, Scotland (UK) for his help in
the preparation of this manuscript.

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I am a German from Hamburg.

I have translated my work into English but some of the prose
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I always need a good editor for new stories!!!

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The Nearly Naked Mile

by Moritz, Hamburg, Germany

Edited by James, Scotland (UK)





For the past three years there has been a student charity run
at Jesse's university. The distance covered was around 1 mile,
but it was somewhat unusual in that the students wore only
their underwear, with the clothes worn before the event being
donated to a charity.

Of course, it was fair to say that the students donated clothes
that they would otherwise have thrown away in the coming
weeks or months. Nevertheless, the amount collected each
year was amazing.

Jesse decided, as it was his graduation year, to take part in the
event. Several of his friends were also taking part but, in contrast
to the typical, loose-fitting shorts or boxers that they wore, Jesse
wore sleek, figure-hugging, black briefs.

Few guys would have the body suited to such tightly fitting and
revealing underwear -- but Jesse had always had a nicely toned

Particularly during the exam periods, but at other times too, Jesse
used physical workouts to clear his head. He was a handsome
guy and justly proud of his body -- which was much more
developed and sculpted than any of his friends.

He'd been approached by several modelling scouts who'd offered
him the chance to have a photo-shoot. Jesse was certainly
interested, but at the moment he knew he needed to concentrate
on his upcoming, final exams.

This year the organizers came up with a new twist to raise
additional income. Spectators were invited to pay two dollars,
and they could then dip their hands into a bucket of colour --
yellow, red or blue. The colour was harmless and would easily
wash off afterwards. The entertaining part was daubing the
runners' bodies, leaving a trail of handprints all over their skin.

There was to be no touching of heads or clothing, but apart from
those two areas, nothing was out of bounds. It wasn't compulsory
for the runners, but Jesse was up for it and happy to be part of the
group of volunteers that would become living canvases -- it would
be great fun!

* * * * *

When Jesse was announced as one of the volunteers there was a
huge cheer and tremendous applause -- from the women, certainly,
but quite a few young guys also shouted their encouragement.

To be cheered on by the crowd was something rather special for
the good-looking young man, the crowd's euphoria encouraging
Jesse to adopt some bodybuilder-type poses. The student got a bit
carried away indulging in some exaggerated muscle flexing
and stretching -- after all, it was just good, clean fun!

It was a great party atmosphere and Jesse couldn't help but notice
that almost everyone, in addition to staring at him, was taking
photos or videos on their smartphones.

He thought they might like a little additional entertainment.

However, a situation like that can get a bit out of hand and affect
your judgment. The mood was very exuberant, and everyone was
in high spirits and looking for fun.

"Hey, pretty boy -- don't be shy! Let's see what else you've got to
offer -- what's inside those sexy shorts!"

"Get them off -- it's for a good cause!" brought a roar of laughter.

"Yeah -- cash for a flash!"

None of the other young volunteers was receiving anything like
the attention that Jesse was attracting -- all the audience focused
solely on Jesse. Quite out of character, Jesse got carried away
and slipped his thumbs under the waist band of his briefs and
started to slowly push them downwards. At the first glimpse of
his pubic hair the audience went wild -- screaming enthusiastically
and wanting Jesse to go still further.

As Jesse scanned the faces of the spectators, he could clearly see
from their almost crazed expressions that they adored his
athletic form -- they loved what they were seeing, loved what he
was doing and where things were headed.

More and more smartphones were pointed in his direction -- no-one
knew exactly what might happen, but they certainly didn't want to
miss it if something did happen! Everyone wanted to capture the
unfolding scene as a photo or video.

For Jesse the pressure was mounting - and he didn't want to
disappoint anyone.
He wanted to respond to the baying spectators --
"Off! Off! Off! . . "
with the temperature rising inexorably. Jesse turned his back to the
crowd and slowly, teasingly slipped his underwear down over the
top part of his muscular buttocks, little by little revealing his deep
ass crack.

Once the waist band was about half-way he stopped, stood fully
upright and started to wave his arms above his head as he wiggled
his slim, sexy hips.

There was a massive roar - "Yeahhhhh!" The audience was thrilled.

For Jesse this suggested that he should go further and show even
more skin -- the adrenaline rush that had taken hold of the audience
was affecting him too.

Absolutely anything was possible now!!

Jesse's mind was in turmoil; should he strip off completely and give
the audience what they clearly wanted.
Afterwards his butt, not to mention his cock and balls would be
immortalized in hundreds of photos and videos
-- Jesse -- full-frontal nudity.

He would certainly be THE topic of conversation for some time to

Jesse was astonished how much the idea of posing completely
naked in front of the howling crowd was affecting him -- it was a
totally new experience.

So much encouragement and approbation from the large group was
affecting his sense of reason -- one voice inside his head was saying
"Yes! -- do it!!",
but another voice advised caution
"Hold back -- you'll regret it!

"All eyes -- and smartphones! -- were focused in the one direction -- Jesse!

Everyone was waiting for the next step -- they all, but all wanted to
see Jesse completely naked, unadorned and without his black
And part of Jesse wanted very much to give them what they were
hoping for. Jesse turned back to his audience -- he wanted to see
their faces, to see the crazed lust in their eyes. He played with their
emotions by playing with his briefs -- pulling them up towards his
waist, then pushing them back down, firstly on the right side, then
the left -- teasing the crowd like a strip-tease artiste.

Jesse saw the effect on the audience and repeated it, going a little bit
further this time, and with a sexy leer spread over his handsome
In the faces of the crowd there was desire, lust and sexual hunger
as they ogled the hunk who was flaunting his charms.

It wasn't difficult to see where every viewer's eyes were focused --
no-one could drag their attention away from the bush of dense,
dark brown pubic hair that was visible above Jesse's briefs -- and
those same briefs couldn t hide that his cock was swollen now.

The shouts become louder and more frenzied, "Take them off,
take them off, take them off!" became a rhythmic chant from the
crowd, with individuals adding their own pleas "Don't make us
wait -- show us what you've got - show us what we want!"

"Show us your cock!"

"Let's see your dick!"

Jesse felt he's little to lose -- after all, he'd pretty well exposed
himself, "What the hell -- go for it!"

All sorts of possibilities began to suggest themselves to Jesse.
He thought about slipping one hand inside his briefs, covering
his cock and balls and, with the other hand, push down his

The crowd would get what they were demanding
-- Jesse removing his briefs and revealing his firm, tight ass as
he stood totally naked in from of them. But would the mob be
satisfied -- would he have met their demands, especially if he
covered his genitals?

And then there was the problem of all the smartphones pointed
in his direction; how would he cope, knowing that there would
be countless photos -- videos, too -- of him, of him nude
and in public!

Once on the internet, the evidence would there for all to see,
and for all time.

The Internet never forgets.

* * * * *

Just as Jesse was about to throw caution to the winds, two
members of the organizing committee intervened and brought
the show to a premature end -- for both Jesse and the spectators.
The disappointment was immense -- all foreplay, but no orgasm!
And no climax of any sort for Jesse -- SO close, and totally hyped up
by the experience.

But now it was over, and he was left thinking that a similar situation
would never repeat itself. He felt very much like his cock - deflated.
The organizers were keen that the crowd calmed down and suggested,
wisely, that Jesse slip away for a few minutes. After about 10 minutes,
when most of the crowd had dispersed, he could return, but the
organizers made it very clear that there was to be no repeat of the
earlier episode.

Although the event had started out as purely fun and totally
Jesse noticed quickly that it was not quite as innocent as it seemed.
The people who had paid there two dollars were keen to lay their
hands on Jesse's body. At first the brightly colored hand-prints
were on his chest and back, but then one very much more assertive
girl came right up to Jesse and demanded that he stand with his
legs spread wide apart, arms raised and hands behind his head.

Fixing her gaze on Jesse's handsome face, the girl then lowered
herself until she was crouching in front of Jesse's crotch -- at most,
only a few inches in front of her. She then slowly and deliberately
placed her hand on the inside of Jesse's thigh, tantalizingly close
to the edge of his briefs -- and kept it there!

None of the organizers had anticipated anything like this, and there
was no rule regarding how long a hand could remain in contact.
The girl had what could only be described as a leer as she gazed up
at the handsome hunk.

The situation was not lost on the onlookers, many of whom hooted
or gave wolf-whistles. Another girl joined the first, placing her
paint-covered hand on the inside of Jesse's other thigh -- again,
near to the edge of the black briefs. Both girls had a close-up view
of Jesse's developing bulge. There was a shout from the crowd,
"What are you waiting for -- pull them off! We missed out the first
time -- go for it!!"

Would the two girls rip off his briefs? Should he, as a precaution,
press his hands tightly against his hips to prevent his pants from
being pulled down? Jesse wasn't 100% certain exactly what to do;
Did he, in fact, want to be stripped naked -- and in public?
His indecision surprised him a lot.

Jesse's wild imagination created another ridiculous scenario.
Maybe he should let the girls pull off his briefs -- then it wouldn't
be his fault that he was exposed, stark naked, to the crowd?

The horde would then have what they clearly wanted -- a sexy
young guy -- being stripped naked in front of their very eyes!
But he would have to cover himself with two hands - he couldn't
possibly allow his family jewels to be put on display. And there
were countless smartphones, some of which would be able to
capture much more detail than Jesse would want.

He did have a little modesty left.

Jesse was a generous, kind-hearted guy who was never happier
than when making others happy. In addition his charisma meant
that no-one was able to refuse any request he made.

Sadly, however, he had learned that there is always someone
willing to take advantage of his friendliness and charm.

* * * * * *

..... to be continued ....

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2019 copyright Moritz -- Hamburg -- Germany

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