Date: Tue, 4 Feb 2019
From: Moritz
Subject: A Nearly Naked Mile
- Chapter TWO


Hey guys,

This is chapter two. I hope you enjoy reading this chapter.

I should also like to thank James, Scotland (UK)for his help in
the preparation of this manuscript.

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I am a German from Hamburg.

I have translated my work into English but some of the prose
needs a finishing touch.

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I always need a good editor for new stories!!!

Hope you enjoy!




The Nearly Naked Mile

by Moritz, Hamburg, Germany

Edited by James, Scotland (UK)





One of the student organizers decided to intervene, and both
girls had to remove their hands -- reluctantly -- from the inside
of Jesse's thighs.

An argument ensued between the girls and the young man
who'd spoiled their fun, and with everyone's attention focused
on the three who were arguing loudly, no-one noticed the figure
slip round behind Jesse, grab hold of his butt cheeks, and make
a rapid exit through the horde.

Jesse turned around to see who'd groped him, only to spot a guy
disappearing quickly into the crowd.

Despite the problems, the event was great fun for everyone
Many who were there, whether participant or visitor, took loads
of photos and videos -- something which Jesse was unable to do,
having taken the decision to leave his smartphone in his room.

Being dressed only in his running shoes and underwear, there
was no obvious place to keep his phone, and he certainly didn't
want to have to constantly hold it in his hand. Plus, there was
the risk of dropping it or laying it down and forgetting to pick
it up.
Anyway, in contrast to many other young people, he could live
without his phone for an hour or two.

Jesse looked down at his colorful body -- there was scarcely
a square inch of his naturally lightly tanned skin left uncovered
by the many yellow, red and blue handprints.

He had an athletic, but not overly-developed body, with
well-defined chest muscles that were his natural good fortune --
even without intense weight-lifting he had beautifully toned
pecs and abs.

No-one could fail to notice Jesse's eye-catching looks -- his
narrow, oval face, with beautiful eyebrows, and upper torso
featuring the classic, V- shaped, sexy back. His shoulders
weren't particularly broad but, in combination with his
narrow waist -- and a beautifully rounded butt! -- his body
had attracted the attention of many visitors.

A youth had been eagerly taking pictures of the event and,
partly due to his using a professional SLR camera, he had
attracted Jesse's attention from the beginning of the event.

Whenever Jesse looked directly at him, he would always turn
his camera away from Jesse. But Jesse was certain that
most of the time the photographer was taking photos only
of him. Jesse had never seen him on campus -- perhaps
he wasn't a student, as he looked to be two or three years
younger than himself.

Jesse had made a point of watching him out of the corner
of his eye and it was obvious that the camera was always
pointing in his direction.

By this time Jesse had enough handprints covering almost
all his body -- there really wasn't room for any more -- and
he went to find his friends to chat about the day so far.

They were all disappointed that their attempts to impress
some of the female students had been unsuccessful.

Jesse glanced behind and saw that he'd been followed
by the young photographer. "Now I have my own stalker",
he thought -- more amused than annoyed. He almost felt
like a celebrity being pursued by the paparazzi.

Jesse was aware that he looked very sexy in his tight,
black underwear and he felt flattered by the young
photographer's interest; more than that, it aroused

In Jesse's imagination he created the scenario of the young
man at home, viewing the day's photos on his computer
while jerking off.
Almost certainly he would imagine how Jesse looked naked.
He would gaze longingly at Jesse's chest -- his arms -- the
bulge in his underpants -- his muscular thighs.

His breathing would become heavier, the gasps
accompanied by facial contortions as he stroked his
rigid cock, the hand movements now a blur as he
approached the inevitable finish. The image was intensely
erotic for Jesse - so much so that his own cock swelled

A boner in these tight briefs would be immediately
apparent to everyone, so Jesse tried to dismiss the
erotic image and focus on something else. However,
Jesse found it both amusing and flattering to have a
secret admirer!

As Jesse thought back over earlier events, he had to admit
that his previously unknown exhibitionist tendencies
were extremely surprising. He had never been shy,
for sure, and with many fellow students also going to
be dressed only in their underwear, the decision to take
part in the event had come easily.

He recalled another student saying that hidden traits and
desires are present in all of us -- even if only very slightly --
and that we all had the potential to be a thief, an adulterer,
perhaps a rapist or even a murderer -- or, as Jesse had
discovered, a shameless exhibitionist.

Thankfully, for most of us, we each possess an inbuilt
restraint that prevents us from realizing our darkest
desires and most secretive fantasies.

The race was scheduled to start in a few minutes, so Jesse
went in search of his friends, who were glad to see him.

Some of the runners wore fancy-dress costumes -- not ideal
on a hot day -- although the race was meant to be run
wearing only underwear -- not that it bothered anyone.

Everyone was looking to have a great time and a lot of fun.
It was also a good opportunity to meet other students -- it
was open to both genders -- and while some were perhaps
hoping to start a new relationship, others were looking for
a little sexual adventure.

Jesse enjoyed the race, which was all about taking part,
rather than winning. He'd almost forgotten about the
young man with the camera until he spotted him again
a few yards off the finish line.

And this time there was absolutely no doubt that the camera
was pointed directly at him. Once all the participants had
crossed the line there was a tremendous cheer from
everyone, with all the runners exchanging hugs with
each other, male or female.

One of Jesse's friends took a group photo, but knowing
his photographic talent -- or, rather, the lack of it --
Jesse was certain it would be blurred, at best, or really
poor quality.

Then Jesse remembered the youth with the camera; perhaps
he could ask him for copies of the photos he had taken
of him. After all, why shouldn't he benefit from being
a photo model?

There had to be some advantage to being stalked!

Jesse didn't have to look far for the guy. The young
man was standing in the crowd, quite close by, and his
camera was pointed straight at Jesse.

The young stud avoided making eye contact, said goodbye
to his friends and then walked in the approximate
direction of the stalker, but making a small detour.

He didn't want him to panic and run away.

Jesse's plan worked and he reached the guy, who, hadn't
spotted Jesse as he'd moved through the crowd.
As was to be expected, the young photographer was
very surprised and more than a little anxious when
Jesse spoke to him.

"Hi, my name is Jesse. I saw that you photographing me
a couple of times and wondered if I could get copies of
the photos, please? My friends are lousy photographers
and I would like to have some good souvenir photos.

You have a really good camera, so I hope you might
have a few pictures that are worth having"

The young man was a little tense, as if he had been
caught in the act of doing something wrong. Although
anxious and worried that he'd been found out, it had
been a public event, so he didn't need to have
anyone's permission to take their picture.

"Sure, you can get copies, but I don't think the photos
are that good. By the way, I'm Michael," said the
young photographer, who had slowly regained his
composure after feeling very hesitant. He didn't expect
any trouble from Jesse, even though he had
photographed him all the time without the courtesy
of asking if it was ok.

"It was a huge crush most of the time. Either someone
stepped in front of the camera and they completely or,
at best, partially obscured you, or I was jostled.
I reckon most photos will probably be blurred."

"That would be a real pity; can you still show me the

"Of course -- that's no problem."

Michael switched his camera from shooting mode to
display mode. The last photo he'd taken of Jesse appeared
on the display.

Jesse looked at all the photos and found that Michael's
fears were right. Either he was completely or partially
obscured by someone, or the photos were a bit blurry
because of camera-shake when the photo was taken.

"Hmm, there isn't really a photo I want; that's a shame.
You took a lot of photos of me, but none really came
out OK," said Jesse.

"I am a really good photographer -- honestly" said
Michael, almost pleading to be believed.
"The conditions were just not right - I could take
some pictures of you now - I promise you that you
will be very pleased with them - We could take some
at the edge of the crowd and then there would be no
one running in front of the camera - and you could
stand completely still."

Michael, in his enthusiasm, had barely paused to take
a breath. Jesse pondered - should he give this VERY
enthusiastic young man another chance?

"Okay, you can take a picture, but if it isn't what I'm
hoping for, then let's forget about it -- OK?!"

"Oh, great. Thanks very much. You won't regret it.
I'll take fantastic photos of you."

Jesse was willing to give him a chance, not least
because he found the youth quite attractive.

"So where do you want to take the photo?" Jesse asked,
enjoying Michael's obvious delight and excitement.
Michael was clearly very keen to photograph him.
Realizing this, Jesse, once again found himself getting
a little aroused.

Michael briefly checked the position of the sun and where
Jesse could stand in relation to the other runners.
Would they stay in the same place long enough?
Where would be the best position to avoid Jesse being in

"Let's go there", said Michael, pointing to the optimum
spot. "We can see some of the other runners in the
background, and the direction of light is perfect for you."

Jesse was impressed that Michael taken all the different
factors into account when deciding on the ideal position.
A few minutes later, and they had taken a few photos
under ideal conditions. Jesse looked at the photos on the
display and was thrilled; all the photos exceeded his

Michael was really a good photographer.

"If you have more time, we could take more photos.
I have some ideas . . . that you might like." Michael
blushed slightly.

Jesse noticed Michael's mild embarrassment. "Sure, why
not. But will you guarantee that I can get a copy of every
photo and do with it what I want?"

"Of course."

* * * * * *

Michael suggested moving away from the boisterous
group so as not to be disturbed. And a prolonged
photo shoot in sight of the crowd would almost certainly
have attracted the attention of the other students.
Sufficiently distant from the throng, Michael showed
Jesse a few poses that, whilst on the one hand, were sexy,
they wouldn't attract too much attention from the public.

All the time, Jesse smiled at the camera, while Michael
ensured that the choice of angles, lighting and perspective
enhanced the most striking features of his new-found

Michael could see that the images looked natural, not in
any way contrived -- but erotic Very, very erotic!
To begin with Michael brought out the musculature of
Jesse's arms and developed chest, before moving on to
the boyish, gorgeous face.

Then he devoted more attention to the legs and, although
it wouldn't be obvious to a passerby, Jesse's shapely,
round butt and nicely bulging crotch.

After every few photos, Jesse was keen to see how he
looked. Michael was only too happy to hand over his
camera -- after all, with Jesse engrossed in looking at
the sensual images, it gave Michael ample opportunity
to gaze at length, without fear of being discovered, at
the perfect body of his model.

He could hardly believe his fortune that a handsome guy
with such a stunning physique would not only pose for
him -- dressed only in skimpy underwear -- but would
allow him to take as many photos as he wanted.

And Michael was in charge -suggesting any pose --
including some that had been part of his fantasies, his
darker desires, for a very long time.

Jesse was no stranger to admiring himself in a full-length
mirror, so he knew his own body in detail. But Michael's
photos, due to the young photographer's acute awareness
of light and perspective, seemed to emphasize just how
amazing Jesse's body was.

The effect was, frankly, amazing.

Michael had experimented with some very unusual angles
-- looking down over Jesse's shoulder, for example, which
allowed him to get a striking perspective from Jesse's point
of view, looking down over his chiseled chest, the
delightfully flat stomach, the not-so flat crotch, and the tops
of his muscular legs.

Of course, to obtain that view, Michael had to get close -- very
close -- to his oh-so-sexy model. And looking in the opposite
direction, required Michael to lie on the ground, looking
upwards past the gorgeous bulge, the smooth skin, the
muscular chest, topped by an incredibly handsome face.

Michael clearly knew how to use the angle of the light to
create a sculpted, almost 3-D effect. And with Jesse being
totally cooperative, Michael was freely able to photograph
Jesse at close range -- something Michael took full advantage of!

"Could you pull your underpants up slightly?"


"Yeah - you have really great legs and if you did that they'd be
seen to advantage," Michael said.

Jesse accepted the compliment easily. "I'll do whatever you
want. Your wish is my command", he replied jokingly.

After Michael had taken a few more shots, having
photographed Jesse from both the front and the side, Jesse
turned his back towards him and cheekily pulled his
underpants halfway down.

Michael was surprised, but delighted, and wasted no time
in taking a few shots of Jesse's muscular butt, with a brief,
teasing glimpse of the dark, lightly haired cleft, before Jesse
pulled up the pants again.

Not that Jesse seemed in any hurry to cover his adorable
butt -- it certainly gave Michael additional time to savor the
very appealing sight. Although Jesse had been warned by the
organizers not to make a fool of himself, nor to do anything
that might bring the event into disrepute, making this photo
shoot had been fantastic fun for him.

Again, even just thinking about it excited him, resulting in a
noticeably larger bulge in his briefs, which Jesse now pulled up
as he turned to face Michael. Jesse was feeling horny, and
grabbed and squeezed his crotch, enjoying feeling his semi hard,
throbbing cock, covered in smooth, sensual fabric. Jesse was
now in the mood for lewd and revealing photos, but he had to
hold back because they were on the campus in broad day light.

There were other students still in the neighborhood; pity,
he thought.

Michael was taken aback by Jesse's openly sexual display, and
quickly tried to cover his embarrassment.

"You have, eh, eh . . . very sexy body hair. Not too much and,
eh, eh . . . not too thick, but you can see them. A pity that, that,
that your body is smothered in paint. Without all the
handprints, the photos would be . . . even more sexy."

Jesse knew exactly why Michael was finding it difficult to
speak, and he thought quickly, "My room in the hall of
residence is very close -- it's only five minutes from here -- I
could take a quick shower and then we could take some
photos without the body paint.
And my roommate is away today -- all day -- so . . . we won't
be disturbed."

"Oh! . . . Oh!! . . .yeah. That's a great idea. Let's not waste
any time!"

* * * * * *

..... to be continued ....

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2019 copyright Moritz -- Hamburg -- Germany

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