The following story is a work of complete fiction. None of the characters exist and none of the events ever happened, keep that in mind.

The guys in this story might not be using rubbers, but they aren't real. You are. Please, Practice safe sex always.

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by David George

***Author's note***

This little tale just popped up, hope you enjoy, tell me what you think.

David *****

Raymond, What are you doing here?” I didn’t expect anyone much less him, standing there leaning on my door frame.

Emily wanted me to drop this off for you, said you’d probably need it” he held out my PDA, which I had apparently forgotten the last time I had been at their place, though I don’t know how it got out of my brief case.

Thanks, ahm come on in” I said, allowing him to come into my apartment, I got a healthy whiff of his very potent cologne.

I was in a bit of a predicament; here I was, totally bowled over by my best friend’s fiancé. They were supposed to be getting married in two weeks and she had asked me to be her ‘maid of honor’ as she put it, she hadn’t found out the male equivalent for that title.

Emily had definitely gotten herself a good catch. Raymond was in a word hot, very hot. I think that Emily associating with me probably influenced her decision. He was like me black and his skin was a rich caramel brown, he had close cropped hair and wore a goatee that framed his luscious mouth. But, that is where all similarities ended, for one he was hopelessly straight, I wasn’t.

Physically we were night and day; he was 6’ 3” and was about 210 pounds of former jock beef, I on the other hand was 5’ 10”, a little above average height I’d say and I weighed in at 165 pounds, I wasn’t muscular, I had more of a marathon runners build. While he had apparently played college football, becoming a lawyer hadn’t caused him to slack off or keep out of shape.

Emily knew how to pick them, since we’d been friends, she always had cute boyfriends, though before they were always white and I was never even remotely interested in them. This time however, she went all out crazy. Now, Emily is not your typical white girl, she isn’t phased or clueless about blacks, she wouldn’t ask stupid questions or stuff like that, so I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when she introduced me to Raymond, Mr. Tall dark and handsome himself.

He placed himself down unto my sofa, seems like he was right at home

So, you nervous about the big day” I asked as I closed the door

Yeah, I’m trying not to work myself up about it y’know, I’m just chillin’ ” he said smiling at me

So how about you, you seem pretty busy with your planning?”

I am, trust me, it isn’t easy trying to plan a bachelorette party especially when you’ll be hosting about 50 sex starved women” he laughed, the sound was a deep rich chocolate, it came straight from his soul.

Well, I’m sure you’ll have your hands full Laurence”

Yeah, the strippers will be a handful enough” he laughed again, this time even harder, his head flung back, showing me his strong neck. He was so good-natured, from the moment we met we hit it off.

Anyway Raymond, before you dropped in I was about to take a shower so…”

That’s ok, go ahead, I’ll stick around here for little” he said as he took up my TV remote and turned it on, he flipped through the channels until he found a football game.

I left him and went into my room where I stripped my clothes off and headed into the bathroom. I went into the shower and turned the jet on, I needed to cool down. This was the first time I had ever been alone with Raymond and of all places in my own apartment. As I said he is hopelessly straight, so I had learnt a long time ago to keep my hormones under control whenever I was around him but I wasn’t totally immune to him.

I was planning on maybe going to see a movie, by myself as usual, so I wanted to make sure that I was spick and span, I might just get lucky.

I finished showering and wrapped a towel around my waist as I made my way out of the bathroom. I entered my room and headed for the closet, I needed to find something to wear, pronto. I opened it and started looking through my stock, I had latched on to this really nice shirt that I hadn’t worn in a while when I was suddenly encircled in a tight grip.

I was so frightened that the hanger fell from my hand and then I heard a deep voice say

Relax”, it was Raymond, his entire body was pressed into my back, I could feel something pressing into my ass.

R-Raymond, what are you-”

Shhh, don’t say anything” he whispered, in my ear as he used his hand to raise the towel while caressing my thighs. Then he started nuzzling and kissing my neck, placing small bites along the way

R-raymond, we can’t do this” what else could I have said. I was dying inside, this is exactly what my wildest fantasies were made of but they were just that, fantasies.

Raymond, p-please, don’t, we can’t do this” I pleaded, but he wasn’t hearing, he wasn’t even saying anything. He responded by ripping my towel off and letting it fall to the floor, from what I could feel, he was still fully clothed.

Laurence, you need this,” he whisperedas he held me tighter

I wilted in his embrace as he continued to caress me and now his hand reached my rapidly swelling member. He held it and lightly squeezed.

Ahhhh…” I moaned, I couldn’t believe this was happening, what was he thinking, he wasn’t gay?

Suddenly, I was airborne as Raymond swept me up into his arms and planted his mouth on my left nipple. I knew he must be strong caus’ his shoulders were huge but now I knew for sure.

Ohh” I moaned like a slut in heat as he moved from one erect nipple to the other. He started to move towards my bed, carrying me like a sacrificial lamb to the slaughter. When he got there, he placed me down gently on my stomach.

I decided that this was the time for the nonsense to stop, he must’ve been out of his mind.

I rolled over partially in order to put an end to the episode but he just pushed me back over and planted his hands on the mounds of my ass and before I could say a word I felt his warm breath there

No Raymond, don’t” I pleaded, but he just ignored me and went for it anyway. In one quick move he parted my ass cheeks and buried his face between them.

Ohhhhh!” I whimpered with the first touch of his tongue to my sensitive ring and the sensation of his goatee touching the soft skin. He didn’t waste anytime though, as soon as he hit ground his tongue took off running.

His tongue first gently traced around the circle of my rosebud then suddenly attacked my hole with a fury, trying to force its way into me. He dug and dug until he did it, his tongue had softened me up enough and just pushed past my resistance and obviously, he knew what he was doing.

Oh God… ahhhh” I was making so much noise, when that wasn’t enough I started pulling at the sheets. This must’ve egged him on because his tongue became even more frantic as it flicked and dipped inside my chute. If that wasn’t bad enough he started chewing on my hole. He gently grated his teeth on the soft outer regions while continuing to drive with his tongue.

Oh Fuck!!” I screamed, as my hips started to buck and sway, trying to get away from the intense pleasure. I felt his baseball mitt sized hands grab my hips and hold me still. I was immobilized as he continued to dig into me with his tongue, I felt like I was going to pass out, he just wouldn’t relent.

Oh God, Raymond… ohhhh!!” what was the use, he would never respond, he continued to savagely dig in and make a mockery of my resistance I was a babbling idiot. So much so that when he stopped I wasn’t aware.

He apparently took a break to relieve himself of his clothes as the next thing I felt was his hands parting my legs even further, I hadn’t fully come down from my high.

I then felt his hands move up to my ass cheeks as he started to massage them, I guess he wanted to relax me. Then I felt his body heat for the first time as he came up unto the bed. His thigh brushed against my open ones as he positioned himself, by this time I hadn’t looked back to see what was going on, I had still been reeling from what he had done to me previously, then I felt it.

Something warm, hot, a bit moist and incredibly thick was being fed between my butt cheeks, that woke me up

Raymond, please… we can’t please” I said trying to raise my self up, but he placed his hand in the cleft of my shoulder blades and pushed me back down unto the bed.

Just then I felt his first nudge, as he tried to get his cock into my ass.

Open up Laurence” he whispered, I had never heard his voice like that before, so sensual, so deep, so arousing, it was enough to drive me out of my mind, I automatically raised my hips higher.

Then he moved his hands down to my ass cheeks and parted them to make way for his cock to ravage my ass, he pushed once again, this time with a lot more power and popped me open.

Ahhhhh!!” I screamed, I hadn’t been fucked in a while, he felt big. He didn’t let up however, he kept on feeding me his cock, I thought I would have passed out from the pain. He held my ass cheeks, massaging them as he pushed more and more of his dick deep into me.

ahhh” I heard Raymond sigh, when he finally had all of his cock in me,  I could feel his balls brushing against my ass. I was whimpering as this tower of a man took liberties with my ass, but I was loving it.

I then felt him repositioning himself on the bed, I could feel his pubic hair rubbing against my ass cheeks and then he stretched himself over me, holding both my hands down on the bed under his. I heard him let out a deep breath before he moved his hips in a circular motion, causing his dick to stretch me even further.

Ohhhh God” I whimpered as I felt his dick lobbing around inside me. The way he held me let me know who was in control, he had full control over my body and from what I had experienced so far he was going to use it. His dick felt like a fucking baseball bat, probably the biggest I had ever had.

So, here I was spread beneath Raymond, my best friends fiancé, whimpering, moaning, panting, and waiting. I didn’t know what he had in store but I had a pretty good guess.

He stayed stretched on top of me like that for a while, savoring the tightness of my ass, then his dick started it’s retreat from my ass.

Ohhh Jesus” I moaned, it felt like he was pulling my insides out, I was shaking, that was how intense it felt. When he stopped his head was the only piece of him left in me, then with a triumphal grunt, he impaled me on his dick once again, this time in one fast clip.

Ahhhhh!!” I screamed but if mercy was what I expected, there was none coming, one deep thrust followed another as Raymond layed his pipe to my tender ass. His grip on my hands got tighter as his hips conquered me relentlessly.

Oh God, Oh God… Uhhhhh, uhhhh!!” I screamed as he continued to plow into me viciously. No other sound could be heard except my whimpering and wailing and the smacking of his powerful loins against mine. He didn’t even as much as grunt as he pounded me into my bed. He was powerfucking me into oblivion and I couldn’t ask for more. He would pull out almost completely then dive back in, dicking me for all he was worth, I still was in shock that this was happening.

I was panting like an animal as he continued to labour away at my ass then I felt him slow down and then lodge himself completely up my chute.

Ahhh…” I breathed, momentarily relieved at the respite. He moved his hands from holding my arms and put them underneath my stomach and chest and encircled me in a tight grip, what was he doing?

Raymond held me and rolled me onto my side, his dick still hard and throbbing inside me. He then lifted my leg and held it underneath my knee, leaving my ass bare and open for his assault. He now had me in the perfect position to fuck me senseless.

He started sucking on my neck as he slowly pulled out, then he eased back into me slowly, I was hoping that this was his new technique, caus’ I needed it. He continued to chew on my neck, licking and biting me, it caused me to twitch in his embrace as he now started to slowly saw his dick in and out of me in short thrusts.

Uh, ahhh… oooo” I whimpered as his dick fiddled with my prostate repeatedly. By now we were both sweaty, it just seemed to make the experience so much hotter as he continued to make slow, sensual movements inside my ass with his cock.

He moved his fingers down to where his dick joined with my ass and pulled my as cheek even further apart to give him more access. He then started to long dick me in this position, slowly and tantalizingly pushing and pulling his dick deep inside me, ever tempting me with the threat of his withdrawal.

I whimpered every time he thrust into me and with his mouth latched on to my neck, it wasn’t easy. He knew what he was doing; it had been made devastatingly clear to me with his performance and he didn’t seem read to let up yet.

Raymond, Oh God, please…ahhh!!” I gasped as he made a powerful thrust into me, I guess that was his way of telling me to shut up as he resumed his gentle sawing motion up my chute. He was just lazily fucking me, playing me like a violin, his cock the bow and all I could do was lay there and take it, inch after pleasurable inch.

But he surprised me again, I had been getting close but it seemed that he was no where near

Uh! Ah! Uh!” I screamed as Raymond made three bone-crunching lunges into me before pulling out completely. I thought he was done but then he gently turned me over unto my back. I got my first glimpse of the monster that had claimed me. It was a monster indeed, all 9 ½ inches of slick, shiny and dripping black meat, bobbing between his strong legs with his every move. I also took in his naked body, it was more beautiful than I could have imagined, glistening with sweat, evidence of his exertion but my time for observation was short lived as he grabbed my legs and dragged until my ass was at the edge of the bed. Now I knew what he was going to do.

I looked up into his eyes for the first time since he started his mission to conquer me. In his eyes, I saw lust and hunger. He seemed to be almost in a trance as he lifted my legs to his shoulders. He broke our eye contact however as he positioned his dripping cock at my opening then he fixed his gaze at me once again, as he took the plunge

Ohhhhhhh!!!” I wailed as he once again took me this time deeper than ever before and as usual, there was no mercy. He had me clenching my teeth and tossing my head from side to side as his hefty dick punched into me repeatedly. His hips were like a jackhammer as he pulverized any semblance of resistance from my ass one powerful stroke after another.

Oh God!!… Oh, fuck, Raymond!!… uh, ah, ah, ah, ah…” I whimpered and shouted as he plowed and pounded me continuously. I had to choke back screams and moans as he pummeled me over and over again. I had had some good lovers in the past but I had never been fucked like this before. One of my legs fell from his shoulder and rested at his waist, he grabbed it and pushed it open further, giving him even more opportunity to get at my hole.

Until this point, my eyes had been closed but I opened them, I needed to see who this man was who could decimate my defenses so. I looked up at him, he had a smile on his face as he continued to frantically feed me his cock, which it seemed went deeper and deeper each time.

I looked back into his eyes, gasping and groaning each time he plowed into me, trying to find some control, but none could be had, he had a firm grip on my senses and he knew it.

Whenever I seemed to get accustomed to his routine, he would change on me, attacking my hole from a different angle

Ohhh Fuck… Oh damn!!” it seemed to give him immense pleasure each time he made me moan and whimper. For this type of pleasure however either I busted my nut or go insane so I wasn’t too surprised when I felt that familiar feeling, though what Raymond was doing to me was in no way well-known territory.

With him pounding away at my conquered ass, I felt my climax rising, I knew it was going to be powerful

I grabbed unto his biceps as I felt it rising, I squeezed when I felt it really close

Ugnhhhh!!!!” I grunted out loud as I felt my cum bubble up from deep inside, busting it’s way out my cock and through it all Raymond kept up his digging into me.

Uh, uh, uh, ah” I moaned, if cumming wasn’t enough, Raymond had now stepped up the pace making deep, hard thrusts into me. I could tell that he was getting closer, those contractions my ass just made around his dick must’ve had an effect on him.

It did, as he made one final deep thrust into me and I felt his cock fire off volley after volley of hot creamy man juice up inside me. He was breathing heavily, grinding his hips to make sure that I got it all. He fell on top of me, still catching his breath, as he lay between my wide-open legs, his head buried in my neck. I rested my hands on his strong shoulders as his body rose and fell with his breathing.

Then his hands went around again encircling, me as he turned over unto his back, me on top. Now I was the one lying on top of him, with his dick still up my ass. I looked down into his eyes, that smile again.

Ride me” he said, I was thinking he must be crazy, after what we just did but then I realized that his cock hadn’t lost it’s firmness. Still I wasn’t in a state to go riding anything, I rested my hand on his chest and started to raise my self up off his dick, but he must’ve read my mind, because right as I was about to dismount, with only the head left in, he grabbed my ass cheeks and shoved his hips vertically into me.

Ahhhhh!!” I screamed as I flung my head back, he had done it again.

Come on Laurence, you know you want more” he whispered he said as he sunk into me again

Ahh… Raym… Ahhh….uh, uh, uh, uh” he wasn’t giving me an opportunity to finish as he continued to pull my ass down to meet his cock. I couldn’t believe he was still able to go. He removed his hands from my ass cheeks and pulled me down by my shoulders so that I was now spread out on his chest

When was the last time you had it this good huh?” he whispered into my ear

Stop please… stop” I gasped, I had it, for now anyway. He let me go and I moved off him lifting my leg as he pulled his still rigid dick from my battered ass.

I rolled over unto my back and stared into the ceiling, What had I just done?

I turned to look at him and the first thing I saw surprised me, there was a tribal tattoo on his left bicep, I had never seen it before. He was looking back at me that perpetual smile he’d been wearing since this whole incident was still there.

How could I do this to my best friend?” I asked aloud

Hey, don’t start with that it was all me, I’m the one who did this to you… you needed it Laurence” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, had he lost his mind?

Are you out of your mind? We had sex, you are supposed to be straight and you are going to marry my best friend in two weeks” I was becoming in sensed with his attitude, how could he be so calm

Laurence, don’t worry about it, everything will work out fine, trust me… now I think I need to take a shower… what do you say, wanna join me?” he asked with an arched eyebrow and a coy smile. My open mouthed expression must have answered that question as he got up and went into the bathroom. Leaving me to wonder and contemplate what was going to happen next. It was a pity too, after such good sex, I would’ve liked to savor it, enjoy the afterglow but all I felt was the guilt of a stolen moment.

Just as I got up, Raymond was coming from the bathroom, all fresh and clean, wrapped in one of my towels. I rushed past him into the bathroom, to catch another shower, I didn’t want to have to look at him, strangely, I felt a bit embarrassed. I went in and just let the warm water engulf me, trying to soothe my body and if at all possible try to forget what had just happened, after all, it was a once in a lifetime experience.

By the time I got out he was gone, I didn’t even remember what I was planning on doing before he came. I just had all these things running through my mind, scenes where my friendship would end in some devastatingly humiliating fashion.

I put on my fleece lounger and went into the living room where I stretched out on the sofa, maybe some T.V. would help me get this into perspective.

I must have fell asleep as sometime later the squawk of the telephone woke me up…

Hello” I answered drowsily

Well you must be tired to be asleep at this hour” it was Emily

Oh…hi Emily”

Are you okay?” she asked sounding concerned

Yeah, I’m fine… ah, I’m just a bit groggy”

Well I’m just calling to see how you’re doing, especially with the plans for the party”

I’m doing great everything is under control… by the way thanks for sending Raymond over with my PDA earlier” I don’t know why I mentioned that

He came over? that’s so sweet of him, I did mention it to him but I didn’t know if he would have been able to bring it over or not, he was so busy today… he had to go the airport so I didn’t know if he’d have the time”

He went to the airport? Are your in-laws in town already?”  I asked

No, he went to pick up his brother Richard… Oh my God, how could I forget”

What?” she sounded really excited

They’re twins” Okay, she had told me this a million times Raymond had a twin brother, they were maternal or paternal or something.

Yeah, I know, you told me remember”

Yes but I didn’t know that they were identical”

What?!” I was shocked, Raymond had an identical twin brother?

And guess what Laurence, you’re not going to believe this but, he’s gay” she sounded elated, I was speechless

Hello, Laurence, did you hear what I said?”

Ahm, Emily, did Raymond get a tattoo?” she was silent for a second

A tattoo? No way, you know I hate those things but… it’s funny you asked Richard has a tribal tattoo on his left arm, says I can always tell them apart because of it, they are that identical… hello, Laurence, are you there?”



The End


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