Come On Up

Come On Up

by Jeff Wilson

“Come on up,” the garbled, static-filled voice came from a small intercom just a moment after the clicking of the electronic lock. I pushed the handle of the glass door and left the cold and snow of the outside world behind. It was a lot easier to enter the building now than it used to be. Oh, the procedure hadn’t changed, but the it was all kind of familiar and routine now, rather than scary and new.

The first time I’d come here, I circled the block five times in my car before finding a parking spot. Now there was a public parking complex right next door. After I’d parked I must have walked past that door a half dozen times before I’d worked up the courage to press the button on the intercom. I stood in the lobby, which wasn’t all that much warmer than the outside and waited for the elevator to arrive. The music playing softly in the lobby had a techno feel to it. I lightly bobbed my head along with the bass as I waited.

As I was waiting for the elevator door to open, the outside door opened up again. A tall, slender man walked in from the cold and wiped his feet off on the mat. He walked toward me to wait together for the elevator. We didn’t exchange much more communication than a nod of acknowledgement as we waited. I began to feel a bit awkward standing there with him, waiting for the elevator doors to open. I always hated the awkward elevator ride with someone with me.

The elevator doors slid open. An older gentleman slowly exited the elevator and made his way toward the door. The man who had waited with me in the lobby entered the elevator and pressed the button for the fourth floor. The music which had played softly in the lobby was a little louder now. We felt the tug of gravity pull us slightly as the elevator began its ascent. The man who was with me stared at the numbers above the door as they indicated which floor we were passing. I looked around at the various posters on the elevator walls, trying to pass the time without having to say anything.

The elevator opened into a small lobby. Both of us offered to let the other go first, but I smiled and said, “after you.” The man slipped into the lobby and I followed. The man approached a small pay window. I again spent my time looking around at the room. It was small, only intended to be occupied by two or three people at a time, though I’d once squeezed in with six guys when things got busy. The man who had entered before me finished his business and the man behind the window buzzed the door to our right open. He quickly disappeared into the next room. As I waited I saw through the door’s window a man who looked about seventy look into the lobby I was standing in at me, and then he was gone.

After the man who had come in before me was taken care of, the man behind the window turned his attention to me.

“Membership or one time?” he asked as I pulled my driver’s license from my wallet and handed it to him.

“One time” I said softly.

The man behind the window began copying my information onto a form. I’d seen him there many times before. I wondered sometimes why and how he’d ended up here.

“Do you want a room or a locker?” he asked.

“Uh, a lunchtime locker,” I replied.

The man didn’t look up at me as I slipped a twenty dollar bill across the counter and under the window. He handed me my change and buzzed me in.

I entered a familiar scene. The music was louder than it had been before, but not so loud as to be distracting. I walked to a second window and waited for the man to pull out a small storage lockbox in which he’d placed my license. I saw a couple of guys dressed only in towels make their way past me from a lounge area and down some stairs. The man at the window offered me a key and a white towel.

“Locker 66,” he said.

“Mario Lemieux,” I said. I always related whichever locker number I got to a sports star. I scooped up my key and my towel and walked down the hallway to an area filled with small half-lockers. I opened up locker 66 and hung my coat inside, which took up most of the room in the locker. I tugged off my shoes and placed them in the locker, and then pulled my shirt off, folded it sloppily and set it on top of my shoes. I tugged my belt loose and slipped my pants off. I folded them and put them on top of my shirt. My underwear quickly followed, as well as my socks. I was naked. Only minutes before I’d been shivering out in the cold, now I had chosen to shuck my warm clothes for a white towel, which I quickly wrapped around my waist.

I headed for the stairs and made my way into the next floor down. Used to be I would go to the porn room on the top floor to get more in the mood before I would venture around the place. But now I made my way straight toward the dark room on the third floor to see what kind of lunch crowd had gathered. I walked through the curtains and made my way inside. There was a mini maze on my right. Going deeper into the room there was a sling and a small stage area on my left. The place was empty except for a really large guy sitting on the stage. I wasn’t in the mood to deal with someone so fat at the moment. So I beat a hasty retreat out of the room and back into the hall.

I’d had my share of adventures in that dark room. The most memorable had to have been the time I did double penetration. That had been an unexpected adventure. Of course, I’d fucked quite a few guys in the swing, and I’d even been fucked myself on the floor of the maze. But today it seemed to be a bust.

I walked down the hallway toward the stairs. As I passed each room I could remember a time when I’d been in them. There was the room where I’d had a three-way the first time I’d come here. I remembered fucking the bottom while he sucked the other guy’s dick. I remembered pulling out, yanking off my condom and coming on the guy’s back. There was the room where I’d fucked the guy with the thick Greek accent, and then he’d fucked me. There was the room where I’d found a guy laying face down with a blindfold on. I’d left the door open and soon had a small crowd of three guys watching as I fucked him. The best though, was the guy who I’d fucked at the end of the hall. He had positioned himself laying down on his belly with his ass facing the hallway. I’d shucked my towel, slipped on my condom and fucked him with the door open. Then, for some reason, I pulled out, rolled the condom off and plunged my bare cock back into his hole and dumped my load inside him. Afterward I leaned down to his ear and whispered, “I just came in your ass.” The guy groaned in appreciation and I left the room to take a shower.

Since I’d done that, I had done bareback more and more. Used to be I’d walk around the place with a condom tucked into the stretchy band for my key, just in case things got serious. Now, I didn’t bother with the condom, as I hadn’t used one in quite a while.

I made my way up to the top floor and could smell the chlorine from the hot tub filling the air. I walked to the steam room and right back out. I remembered taking a huge cock in my ass in that room on one particular visit. On another, I’d fucked an older guy with a really nice ass right there on the floor. I hadn’t bottomed in a long time, and I’d never bottomed bareback. I had no intention of letting someone cum in my ass.

After a few minutes in the steam room I walked down the hall toward the porn room. I saw the guy I’d rode in the elevator with, watching one of the four screens with graphic gay pornography playing on them. He was jacking off lewdly with his towel splayed open and his junk on full display. There was the old guy who had looked at me while I was in the lobby too, looking eagerly at elevator guy. And then in the corner was a young man who looked to be in his early twenties with short blond hair and a smooth, hairless chest. Just my type, but so hard to catch in a place like this. For one, they could get a guy anywhere they wanted and usually didn’t like to come get stalked by trolls. For another, if they were here they were usually with friends, and almost inaccessible. They were more look than touch. I’d only ever managed to get a few twinks in my adventures here. One was so scared he only wanted blown and nothing else. Another one seemed so bored I gave up on him and found someone else. The nice thing about middle-aged guys is that they still found an early thirties guy like me as a catch.

As expected, the twink managed to slip out of the video room, followed lustily by the old troll. Elevator guy kept on jacking off. I gently massaged the front of my towel, but the guy didn’t seem all that interested, so I moved on. I went back down to the dark room and found that the fat guy had been replaced by a young couple making out on the stage. Well, I’d found blond guy’s companions, but blond guy himself was missing. I wondered if he’d been scared off by the troll and was hiding somewhere, waiting for his friends. I knew better than to try to get in on the action on the stage and left the room. Nothing was worse than some guy trying to horn in on the action between two guys who weren’t looking for a third. I’d had many a troll try to grab my balls or stick a finger up my ass when I was fucking somebody on that stage. A simple rule of thumb is if no one is inviting you, look but don’t touch. Sometimes don’t even look. Just don’t be a creep.

It was looking like the day was going to be a bust. There weren’t even any guys in the rooms with their doors open and their asses up, which was always good for a last resort fuck. I passed the old troll on his way to creep on the guys who were making out in the dark room. I went back to the top floor and found the fat guy from the dark room masturbating his almost impossible to see dick under the massive roll of fat. I turned around almost as quickly as I’d entered the room and wandered down the hallway toward the hot tub area. I wondered if the blond boy had found refuge in the hot tub, but it was empty. I turned to go into the sauna, but to my surprise I saw it was already occupied through the glass door.

I opened the door and entered. Elevator guy was sitting on a raised portion of the bench. There was a guy I hadn’t seen yet sitting on another bench, watching the scene which now had my full attention as well. Blond guy was standing, bent over and naked, sucking on elevator guy’s cock. The way he was bent over, there wasn’t much room to move in the small sauna. I stood behind him so that my hips lined up with his ass. I didn’t expect much from this action, but to my surprise blondie began gyrating his ass against my towel. I didn’t even think twice about it. I loosened my towel and let it drop to the floor. Blondie thrust his bare ass against my hips rhythmically as my dick inflated to full size and hardness. I slapped my dick against his ass cheeks a few times. He reached behind himself and grabbed my cock and lined it up with his asshole. Blondie knew what he wanted, that was for sure. I grabbed hold of his hip with one hand and my dick with the other and watched as my dick slid with little resistance into the guy’s eager asshole. It was slick with lube and felt so warm and tight on my cock. Blondie couldn’t wait for me to begin fucking him and started grinding against my hips, with my cock buried to the hilt in his gorgeous ass. I looked at elevator guy, who smiled at me.

“He likes that bare cock in his ass,” the unknown guy said.

“It feels good,” I replied. I didn’t need to do much thrusting, as blondie was fucking himself using my dick. I playfully gave his ass a spank. He gave a grunt of agreement that told my he’d liked getting spanked. I watched my dick sliding in and out of his ass. There’s really no better view than to be fucking a guy from behind. He groaned with lust and pleasure as he took my cock and elevator guy’s cock from both ends. I ran my hands up blondie’s sides, feeling his tight waist and nice ass.

“I’m gonna cum.” I said breathlessly. I said it to give blondie warning in case he wanted me to pull out. But blondie thrust himself even more forcefully against my hips and even reached back to hold my body against his, a tell tale sign that a guy wants bred.

“Yeah, give him your load,” elevator guy said.

“He wants that nut inside him,” the other guy whispered.

I grabbed blondie’s hips and my thrusting became more insistent and intense. I groaned in ecstasy and felt my dick spasm in orgasmic release. I thrust my cock as deeply into him as I could and released my seed into him. Blondie groaned in pleasurably bliss as well, pushing his ass against my hips, not wanting to lose a drop of my load. He let elevator guy’s dick slip from his mouth and he turned around to smile at me. He stood up to his full height, and the change in angle caused my dick to slip out of him. I leaned against the wall behind me, spent and very satisfied. Blondie turned around and bent over again, facing me. Elevator guy dropped off the bench and within seconds added his load to mine inside blondie’s eager and well-fucked ass. But it wasn’t over. The unknown guy dropped down to join us on the floor. Blondie turned toward the door and bent over one more time. The stranger lined up his cock and I saw it disappear into blondie’s cum soaked insides.

“You feel my load in there?” Elevator guy asked.

“Fuck yeah! Feels good fucking him with your hot loads for lube.”

Blondie didn’t say anything. Elevator guy and I both offered our dicks to blondie, and they jostled together as he took turns sucking them both. He kept on thrusting his ass backward against the stranger’s hips until the stranger grunted and gave the kind of stiff thrusts that told us that his load was mixing with the two loads already inside blondie. Blondie pulled off of the stranger and a few drops of cum landed with a heavy splat on the floor. Elevator guy then knelt over the lower bench and offered his ass to blondie.

“Thanks, but I’m a bottom,” blondie said graciously. His voice was much deeper than I’d expected it to be.

“You sure?” elevator guy asked.

“Yeah, I’m good,” blondie replied. “That was something else, huh?”

“Yeah…” I sighed. “Thanks, man.”

“Thank you guys,” blondie replied. “Man it’s fucking hot in here, huh?” We all laughed and agreed, and then we all went our separate ways, never to be together again. Funny how that goes. That’s the bathhouse for you. You spend time doing the most intimate sexual things with these guys, sucking, fucking, ejaculating in each other… And then you slap the guy’s ass and never hear from each other again. The hunt is over for another season. All the work put into finding and fucking, and then it’s over. You shower the guy’s smells and fluids off and you take a good hardy piss to make sure your urethra is clear, and then you make your way home. Sometimes, if the guy has a particularly strong aftershave or body spray you catch a whiff of it later.

As for me, I spent the next few minutes in the shower. I always call it the guilt shower, because no matter how much I’ve ended up with my dick in another guy, and no matter how many times I tell myself how stupid it is to bareback a complete stranger, I always end up back under that shower, I always end up pissing under that water, and I always tell myself that this is the last time.

I made my way back to locker 66. I opened it and much more slowly than I’d taken them all off, I put my clothes back on. I gave myself a good look in the mirror and slipped my glasses back on. Then I made my way back to the front window. This time, however, there was blondie and the two guys I’d assumed were his friends, sitting in the lobby. Blondie looked strange, wearing a hoodie and a towel. I wonder if he’s told his friends that the guy at the counter fucked him. I wonder if he can feel my sperm inside him, making their way through his belly. We exchange a knowing glance, then he goes back to chatting with his friends. I received my license back from the man at the window and go back into the lobby to wait for the elevator. It doesn’t take long this time. Soon I find myself at the exit, ready to head back into reality. I reach into my pocket and find my car keys. I find a golden ring on one of the key rings and slip it off the key ring and onto my left ring finger I exit the building and soon join the crowd of people walking on the sidewalk. Do they have any idea of what takes place in the building they’re passing? If they only knew the kind of guy who was now walking the street with them, and where he’d had his dick just a few short minutes before.

The phone in my pocket vibrates. I grab it and hold it to my ear.

“Hey babe… Yeah… Just hanging out… I’ll be home soon. Love you too…”

Hi! I'm Jeff Wilson! Long time no see! The last time I wrote a story was about ten years ago called WAR. I'm working on a rewrite of it. I've been reworking it for a few years now. Soon I'll be ready to re-release it. But until then, I had the urge to write this little tale. I hope you got a kick out of it. If you'd like, feel free to write me at and tell me what you thought!