All characters and situations are a figment of my imagination.

Special Note: This is my story; NO part of it has been plagiarized or 'internalized'

In My Own Home

[A Story by OUTLAW]


"Hello Sir..." he said as I opened the door.

It was that same guy again!

"Oh, hello Gaurav," I said, remembering the name, "But I've told you before, I'm not interested..."

"But Sir, you don't even know what I'm selling this time," he promptly cut in with a dazzling smile.

"Ok, c'mon in..." I said, finally surrendering, opening the door wider and stepping aside.

It was a Saturday afternoon and I had just finished a very late brunch and sitting, watching the news on TV when the doorbell rang. He was some kind of a door-to-door salesman and had been to my place twice before, the first time it was books for kids and then something else... and each time I had told him I'm not interested and closed the door on his face... Hey, I live alone and NEVER buy things from these men who go knocking on other people's doors. It's a thing about principle and also I don't really need all the extra junk that these guys usually sell... But that day it must have been one of those rare moments when you suddenly feel your heart reach out.... feel tender towards someone. C'mon, these guys slog it out in the rain and the heat to make a living and I had no right to be rude to them... OK, I won't buy a thing but what's the harm in just listening him out and then politely showing him to the door. And God, he was just a kid... maybe no more than 19 or 20 but could easily pass off as 17 or even younger, what with his tiny 5'4" frame and slim body along with an amazingly boyish face...

He came in and sat down on the couch as I took the divan.

"So, what are you selling today?" I asked with a smile, noting that he carried a small bag and nothing else, none of the usual huge bags or folders... nor any books, like the first time.

"My services..." he said looking straight at me, still smiling.

"Come again?" I said, not sure I had heard him right.

"My services," he repeated without batting an eyelid, "Though not exactly selling..." And in a flash he was on me... right on top of me and in that split second of shock and surprise I was totally paralyzed... And as I got my senses back I found myself lying face down on the divan, my hands behind my back, twisted and in a vice. And as his knee dug into the small of my back, I felt one of his hands withdraw and heard the clink of metal... Soon I felt the cold touch of the cuffs as he clicked them around my wrists. He lifted off a little and again I heard the clink of metal and as I tried to struggle I felt him grab my feet and restrain them too.

"What the hell is this!" I yelled in impotent rage, totally taken by surprise and thoroughly shocked at the speed and suddenness of it all.

"Nothing much Sir... I just want to make love to you. I have always wanted to, ever since that first time I saw you... I was totally enflamed... And I came again thinking maybe something might happen, maybe you would let me in... But you were equally rude that day too. So I decided I would come again... and again if need be, but I must have you!"

I could hardly believe my ears as I stared at him over my shoulders... my heart slamming wildly. I was not only shocked but also scared now...

"I like you Sir... I desire you like I have never lusted for anyone ever... "

I should have felt extremely flattered and thrilled to hear all this... but God, I was no fag, no fucking homo... "Let me up and take off those damned cuffs immediately." I shouted in terror.

"Not yet Sir," he said as he rolled me over.

"OW!" I screamed as the metal dug into my wrist and the small of my back, with the weight of my body now on top... "It hurts..." I hissed.

"OK, I'll see what I can do..." he said looking down at me and smiling again.

He was a very good looking kid... absolutely glowing complexion... full, pink lips and large brown eyes, but to me at that moment he looked terrifying... He jerked his head back, the slightly longish hair flying up, away from his face and again smiled. He looked so delicate, so fragile... and for a moment I wondered how he could overpower me so easily. After all I was huge compared to him. At 5'11" I stood way above him and though not exactly bulging with muscles, I was well toned... Then how could he...?

"Wondering how I could get you down? Well, for one it was the speed and suddenness..." he said, almost reading my mind. "and a little training in the martial arts that I had taken a couple years back.

He left me and went into the kitchen. I could hear him search for something... the cabinets being opened and closed... and then he came back, a triumphant smile lighting up his handsome face.

"Found it..." he said raising his hand high and showing me the ropes.

"Wh... what?" I stammered not knowing what to expect now.

"Well, you said the cuffs hurt... so I'm going to tie you up instead and your hands won't be under you and therefore won't hurt." He came close and kneeling down next to me brought his face closer, looking right into my eyes... "Don't do something foolish and force me to hurt you..." he had a peculiar edge to his voice that really scared me.

I nodded slowly.

He rolled me on my side... I felt him tie the rope around my right wrist and then I felt it being pulled... He next tied the rope around my other wrist and took off the cuffs. He quickly pulled the hand up, over my head, securing the other end of the rope to the ornate leg of the divan. I did think of using my right hand to lash out at him... but as I tried to move it I realized that it was already secured, unmovable! Once satisfied, he undid the other end of the rope holding my right hand and stretched it above my head, tying it in the same fashion as the left... Now I lay with both hands stretched way above my head, tightly secured!

"What are you doing... Listen kid, I'm really sorry if I was rude to you the other day.... now let me up and I promise nothing will happen, you can go..." But I couldn't complete as he got up and move close to my face again...

"Hush..." he said softly, almost cooing like one does with an upset child. "Just lie back and enjoy... I promise you'll see how pleasant it can be. I bet you'll want more..."

He now got up and went back down and undoing the bonds holding my feet he spread them wide before retying them as he had done with my hands... And suddenly I was feeling very weird, very vulnerable... In my 22 years I have never before felt this scared... I was frantic... close to whimpering like a hurt child... ready to beg him for mercy.

He stood back and smiled down at me, my mouth open and gasping for air, my heart beating at a rapid rate, my whole body trembling with an unknown fear...

He bend down slowly and touched my face, a light sensuous touch, the finger tips running over the high cheek bones, along the jaw line... caressing! I snapped my head, turning away, totally sickened, my eyes closing in an attempt to shut out what was happening.

I heard him laugh, a short, low laugh... and felt my stomach turn, my hands and feet straining at the bonds in a futile bid at undoing the knots.

His hands traveled lower... over the bobbing Adam's apple and then to my heaving chest... I felt him touch my nipples through the t-shirt and desperately jerked myself, trying to shake off his hands... It moved lower still... the fingers first dancing down over the flat stomach and then dragging back up, over the ridges of the tight muscles... then moving in circles... drawing closer and closer to the center... and then he poked into my navel, forcing me to twist and turn in desperation... making me groan in disgust...

If he was thinking he was arousing me the only result his actions were having was to leave me cold and disgusted.

The fingers moved further down... over the waist band of my shorts... and... I was mortified! He was closing in on my crotch... and the pressure of his hands increased... I could feel him touch the hair line through the sheer material of my shorts, but I was helpless, totally at his mercy... with dismay I remembered that I wasn't wearing anything underneath...

"Don't touch me!" I exclaimed with horror as I felt his palm cover my crotch, over my dick...

"You can never imagine how I feel for you... how much I want you... But don't worry; I won't hurt you. Just lie back and enjoy."

I wanted to scream... call out for help... But I knew it would be useless. My voice wouldn't carry far. That was the builder's pride... He had designed the whole apartment block in such a way so as to give maximum privacy to all it's occupants and the individual flats were so planned that sound from one never really breached the silence of the other. Besides being a Saturday afternoon, most men would still be at work and the housewives would be too busy catching up on the next episode of their favorite TV shows. I knew that my calls for help would never pierce the dramatic crescendo of the late afternoon soaps.

I heaved a sigh as I felt his hands release my dick and crawl lower... and once more he was touching bare flesh. Over my thighs and down past the knees... down to my feet and back again... now along the inside... up and up... I wanted to close my legs, keep his ugly touch away... but no matter how hard I tried my legs wouldn't budge... Up and now at the juncture of my tights... and then I felt him touch my balls...

"Uugghhh..." I hissed through clenched teeth, tugging at the bonds... my eyes still tightly shut.

It moved over and again grabbed my limp cock, squeezing it... And then he bent over and kissed the covered tip.

"Nooooo...... " I screamed, trying to push my ass into the soft divan, away from his mouth and the touch...

He stood up again and withdrew his hands... and quickly I opened my eyes, staring at him, hateful.

He just smiled and then looked around.

He moved away, beyond my line of vision and I heard drawers being opened... I knew he must be looking into the side cabinet in the corner... Where I kept my writing materials and stationary, and various other knick-knacks.

"Nice pictures," I heard him say, ""

There were numerous picture frames I had stacked the top with, pictures of my parents and sister, her kids and my best friend. My parents and me, me with my sister and brother-in-law and with the adorable kids.

"Your nephews?" he asked again as I heard him pick up a framed photo.

"Keep those down." I shouted back, "Don't you dare touch any of them..." This guy was a sleazy bastard and it felt his mere touching my family, people I loved, would pollute them...

"That's one real hunk..." he commented, "a real handsome dude... some past lover, eh?"

I guessed it must be Rohan, my best friend... or maybe my brother-in-law... but I had no desire to respond to his sick insinuations or comments.

"The guy with the blue t-shirt..." he continued, "... just look at the way he fills his crotch!" and I heard him whistle!

Well, it was my friend, it was Rohan... he was wearing a blue T when I clicked that picture... It was a couple years back and we were on vacation in Shimla, celebrating the very successful completion of our masters, in computers. We both got the jobs almost immediately but unfortunately, in different companies - he moved to Germany, while I remained in India, moving to Bangalore, where my company was based.

I heard him put down the photo and another drawer open...

"Ah... " I heard him exclaim with satisfaction... "I love it dude, your so fucking organized. Guess I can find anything I want, I'm sure I know where you put all your things," and he laughed that soft laugh, leaving me wondering as to the cause of his mirth or satisfaction.

He walked back to the divan and my line of vision... and I saw it, the large scissor he held in his hand!

I was terrified now... gurgling incomprehensibly... my mouth open, the throat dry as the desert sand... my eyes were wide and I was suddenly sweating profusely.

He saw the look on my face and laughed out loud..."Hey dude, hey, I'm no murderer... I'm not gonna kill you or something. You're too sexy a hunk for that and besides I'm not into necrophilia."

He used that dreaded word like any other ordinary, everyday word, but that new information about his intentions did nothing to calm me... Me tied down, totally defenseless and a stranger standing above me, brandishing a scissor...

"Please... what do you want?" I finally asked, regaining my voice, "Gaurav, please, you can have all the money you want... don't do something silly... You wont get away with it... you'll get caught..." I babbled away.

Again he laughed... "God, shit... man, your such a kid. I'm not gonna hurt you or rob you... uh, ok, I will 'rob' you I guess, but not money... I'm gonna take your seed man... take your cream... I wanna have sex with you... I already told you that, stud boy."

He sat down on the divan by my head and slowly reached out for the neck of my t-shirt... and as I futilely tried to pull away he gripped the material and brought the scissor closer... snipping the knitted collar band.

I don't know what I felt - relief (?), at not having the pointed tip plunging into me, or horror, at having my favorite T being cut away... It was old and a tad faded but it was so soft and comfortable, I loved it, especially to relax in on lazy evenings after a hard day's work.

He cut away... expertly snipping down the middle till with a final snip he reached the bottom and I felt the two flaps fall away from my body, revealing my naked torso...

I gasped and he gasped too, letting out a low whistle...

"Gosh... your awesome!" he said, running his fingers over my smooth pecs. "Just look at this..." he continued, his breath coming in hash spurts now... almost labored, "so fucking smooth... almost silky. And I love it this way... tight and toned but not too pronounced." he commented, probably about my toned, lithe form. "You must be working hard at it... huh?" he asked, never really expecting an answer.

"But what a shame..." he tut-tutted, "why work so hard when it's mostly hidden behind these unrevealing clothes, huh?" he continued, running his fingers over the exposed flesh, complementing me on the smoothness... the well defined muscles... the firmness of my pecs and abs... the way the light, almost invisible hairlets were bristling at his touch... the goose-bumps that he was raising on my tingling flesh.... "And you never get those girls home either... it's always a movie, shopping, lunch or dinner and you drop them off at their home... Like a decent, upright son from a good family, eh?" he went on, making me realize that he had been following me, spying on me... scaring me even more. "And you still say you don't dig guys, huh? Well, the friends that visit you don't really stay in here that long for something to really happen... besides I would hear if anything did happen." he announced, making it amply clear that not only he followed me, kept an eye on me, but also eavesdropped outside my door!

His hands on me felt even more repulsive now... He seemed a psycho... and I was terrified as to what else he had done and what more he was capable of doing!

"Sheeeesh... just look at these..." he said tweaking my right nipple, now hard from the continuous manipulation, "So fucking mouthwatering... so pink and erect," shaming me... "just like two tie-neee raisons ready for the plucking..." and lowering his face he took it in his warm, moist mouth...

I pulled at the bonds again, knowing well that nothing would happen and tried to pull away with utter revulsion... but completely helpless... at his mercy.

"Yum... yum..." I heard him say pulling his mouth away, my ears burning with shame. "You taste so fresh, so nice..." and back he went, to my left nipple... repeating the same act... revolting me... and then he nipped, jerking me with shock at the sudden electric pain.

"Owww..." I gasped, "Please Gaurav, don't do this to me... Stop it now... pleaseeee..." I pleaded. "I'm not gay..." I blurted out, "I have nothing against them, but I'm... I'm not interested in guys..."

He lifted his mouth off my chest and nearly froze me with the chill in his voice... "How many times will you say the same thing buddy... and how many more times do I have to repeat the same answer, huh? I want to have sex with you, is that clear? And believe me, nothing will stop me from having you today... And once I'm done I'll release you and walk out of your house." he said, "Trust me, you will love it... for I can promise you, you would have never experienced what I can do to you... for you. If you have slept with your girl, she would have come nowhere even remotely near to where I can take you. Relax and enjoy... for the more you resist the worse it will feel and if I really get irritated with your constant pleadings and refusal to cooperate, I may just end up using a little force, get violent... which I don't want to..." he paused for effect and it surely was having a lot, on me... what with tied up and all...

Back to my chest his wet tongue rolled over the tiny nubs and then flicked it's way down... lower to my belly button... digging in. And his hands never let up either... still caressing, kneading... over and around my torso... along the length of my thighs... over my crotch... And I lay still... scared, revolted... horrified and totally helpless!

He rose and moved lower, bending over, his back towards me... and I felt his hand grip and pull the waistband of my shorts... and then I saw his other hand pick up the scissor again... and as I dreaded it I heard the first snip and felt the waistband go loose... I groaned silently... there went my brand new shorts... being cut into bits...

He cut through the right leg first and then the left... and I felt the sides drop off as he snipped through completely and finally, slowly, he lifted the part that still remained on me, covering my privates and pulled off the whole tattered shorts from under me... baring me completely! Oh, the shame....

He turned around and facing me looked between my legs... exclaiming, "God! Magnificent! Just as I had imagined... I knew you wouldn't disappoint me," he looked up and smiled, forcing me to turn away, avoiding his eyes.

Now I was totally naked, completely bare... tied and spread wide in my own home, on my own divan, in front of a total stranger, a kid so much younger to me...And having him ogle at me... at my bared privates... I was mortified!

Opening his palm he grabbed my cock and balls, closing his hand to squeeze them lightly... "Wow, that's a handful," he giggled, raising his eyebrows high, "a real handful!"

Having someone grab your bare privates and handle them is something beyond words... I could just grunt and look away, wishing that I would wake up soon and this would turn out to be a bad dream.

And as I turned back he grinned looking into my eyes and I felt my stomach churn... And as I watched he moved to the foot of the divan and standing between my spread legs rubbed his hands before slowly starting to undress... I shook and shivered... my mouth opening to plead again and then closing it quickly as I remembered his threat...

I tugged and pulled, one last desperate effort at freeing myself... and as the bonds held I felt my heart sink... praying now with all my soul for release from the predicament I found myself in, from this terrifying young man that I had smilingly invited into my home...

I felt him climb in... between my legs and with a wildly beating heart looked down... he was totally naked... I closed my eyes and then immediately opened them... looking at him, his face, into his eyes... pleading silently... asking him to stop this sick game and let me up... free me...

He crawled up, over me... one knee planted between my open thighs and the other over it, to my right... his raging hardon touching my thigh, the tip already moist... making the skin of my thigh crawl... cringing from the touch of his cock tip. His hands settled on either side of my chest, the wrists touching me, his fingers touching the hair under my arms... His face over mine... just inches away... his hot breath washing over my face, singeing it... scaring the shit out of me!

I closed my eyes, terrified of what was happening... and maybe also to shut out reality... and that's when I felt his wet tongue flick out to lick my nose tip... I growled and turned away my face, trying to escape the tongue and only had him kissing me on my cheek...

"Ugghhh..." I hissed, shaking my head desperately but my upraised hands not allowing it much space for movement and as I thrashed about I inadvertently offered more of my face to be kissed... my lips... my mouth! And finally grabbing hold of my hair he steadied my head and crushed his open mouth to mine...

I guess, there can be no more greater shame than to have another guy kiss you on your mouth... lick your lips and then insert his tongue deep within the cavity. My stomach turned and I retched directly into his mouth, my tautly stretched body flexing and jerking...

He didn't seem to care as he kept probing my mouth and then sucking in my tongue... I mumbled my protests and pleas into his mouth but all that came out was a series of unintelligible garble...

It was a terrible nightmare and I wanted to wake up... my body, seeming to get a new force of strength from the certainty of the inevitable... jerked and twisted... trying to throw him off... pulling at the bonds in an attempt to escape at any cost. And the only benefit of my desperate struggle was that he lowered himself... on me! He now lay flat on top of me.... crushing me into the soft divan, his naked body pressed against mine... his legs pressing against mine, his hot, engorged penis pressed hard against my belly... twitching with lust. And as he continued to hold my head in place and kiss me, he rotated his hips... dragging the erect beast across my stomach, smearing the sticky discharge all over... sickening me further.

He took out his tongue and broke the kiss... licking his way all over my face now. The bridge of the nose, the cheekbones, the jaw line... diving into my ears... and back, over my tightly pursed lips... He kissed my eyes and the nose... nibbled the ear lobes and bit my lips, extracting a succession of groans of repulsion. And then his hips shifted, sliding lower, crushing my flaccid penis, his own rampant cock dragging over it... his mouth finally leaving my face.

But there was no respite and as I tried again, to wrench my arms free desperately wanting to wipe my face, I felt his hot mouth close in on my left nipple... sucking at it, nibbling the tiny nub! Flicking his tongue he moved to the other side and then even further... the wet tongue licking it's way into my armpits... swirling around in small circles... wetting the hair there... making me squirm at the funny feeling... and then he began licking the whole area with long swipes of his tongue, pressed flat in the hollows of the pit... and again swirling and then pursing his lips he tugged at the hair, forcing me to groan... feeling very sick.

Then back on my chest... licking and kissing... And my body started reacting... the skin beginning to tingle, the fine dusting of hair bristling, as the smooth surface broke into a million tiny bumps...

He moved lower still and as it became apparent where he was headed I prayed desperately... my body already exhausted from all the struggling, unable to fight the bonds any longer.

"Sad..." he said in a low voice, "your the first guy I've met who refuses to respond. God, your still not hard yet!" he commented taking my flaccid cock in his warm hands, making it shrink further, cringing from his touch.

Squeezing the soft shaft he began to massage me, his other hand cradling my balls...

"You are exactly as I had imagined. I knew you had to be large... gosh, look at this dick... can't wait to see it get hard," he rambled away, frigging my non-responsive penis, tugging at the shriveled column.

His fingers of the other hand felt around my scrotal sac... holding the globes first individually and then grabbing and lightly squeezing the whole scrotum, making me groan, with horror and also the amazing tingle that it seem to create in my lower regions.

He released me and as the cock lay heavy on my right thigh I felt his warm breath and then the same wet touch. I shuddered and groaned, shifting my hips, trying to pull away... But the tongue followed, licking the shaft, from tip to thick base and lower... poking at the loose skin, lifting up the balls and back to the tip again...

And gradually, ever so slowly, to my utter horror I felt the rush of blood, the familiar tingle begin... and as I silently ordered my brains to reverse the process my cock began to fill out... pulsing and twitching... slowly lifting off my belly as the tissues got flooded with the pumped blood.

"Aah..." I heard his satisfied laugh and then holding the base of my cock and pulling back the foreskin to fully expose the engorged glans, he took me in... in his mouth!

"Nooooo..." I hissed, scared... Scared of what I now knew he was capable of and afraid that my body would betray me.

The soft lips crawled slowly down the shaft, devouring my throbbing cock as a snake gobbles it's prey... the tongue creating an amazing tingle as it furled and unfurled over the sensitive head... the big vein pulsing with the gushing blood. He took me deep... and deeper, into that hot, wet cavity... well over half of it. Then he paused and I could feel the back of his mouth, the tiny glottis vibrating against my glans... And then he resumed again, the lips moving lower still... Once again he paused, my cock lodged snugly at the beginning of his throat... and then with a delicate lunge he plunged his lips to the very base, into the lush patch of my pubic hair... my sensitive cock-head snaking into his constricted throat canal and feeling it close over the head, as if in a loving embrace... I nearly screamed out at the awesome feeling and felt my hips jerk up, into his face, shoving my cock deeper into that hot mouth...

Suddenly he was all motion... pulling back and swirling his tongue over the glans, poking into the tiny slit... and then burying his nose back into my pubes... squeezing the head with his powerful throat muscles and then up again... and down... Then releasing my cock from his oral embrace to lick down the shaft... sucking on my balls, taking them inside his hot, moist mouth and back to licking the rigid shaft... and back in his mouth again... And almost instintively I knew that no woman could ever match what he was capable of... It was incredible - the amazing suction that he was creating, almost ripping me off the roots... the magical tongue lashing over the exposed glans... I let out a loud moan, beyond control and was instantly horrified!

And his hands too were busy... on my thighs one moment, massaging them and then cradling the balls, fingers pressing into the perineum... and then over my shuddering belly, up to the nipples, tweaking, and back to my groin... He was like a fucking octopus... all over me with his mouth and hands! And the only sound he made was a steady nasal gurgle... and the utterly obscene smacking of a starved traveler having been led to a lavish banquet.

To my utter horror I felt my hips respond, thrusting up... first my cock and now my hips... could anything be more shameful? My own body betraying me... wallowing in the depraved act of sick sexuality.

He suddenly withdrew and I shocked myself with a disappointed groan, my hips strutting up, reaching for the retreating mouth! Opening my eyes I saw him go into the kitchen and heard the fridge being opened and then closed, wondering what he was doing... silence... and then the sound of bottles being moved... He returned and I saw him holding the bottle of chocolate sauce in one hand and the large bottle of honey in the other.

"What are you doing?" I asked, wondering what he intended to do with those bottles...

"Well, still deciding on which I want, honey or the chocolate sauce..." he replied, looking at the two bottles in his hands. "You know, I love both and on you both will taste absolutely great. And that's the problem... which do I use?" he wondered aloud, brows knit in thought, "Both? No, honey and choco-sauce don't mix... guess I'll go for the honey, hon..." he finally said grinning with joy at his decision.

I groaned, getting the drift of what he meant...

"God, you've lost it again?" he exclaimed looking between my spread thighs, noting the limp cock lying heavy on my right thigh. "Not to worry, I'll get it hard..." he grinned looking back at me.

Dropping the chocolate sauce bottle at the foot of the divan he once more climbed in, between my spread legs and uncapped the large bottle of honey... Licking his lips he looked at me and tilted the jar, a thin trickle of the thick, golden liquid rolling out to fall straight onto my pubes, falling directly at the base of my cock, jarring me at the sudden cold touch. My hips jerked and a gasp left my mouth... He giggled and lifted the jar higher, now moving his hand in a tight circle, making the liquid draw a circular pattern over my pubic arch, my cock... and balls.... feeling the thick liquid spreading out, rolling down my inner thighs, along the groin, over the hip bones.

Lying there, tied and spread-eagled, I watched, his face, his hand... and the golden liquid as it cascaded down, almost fascinated...

Then his hands moved upwards... drawing a thin line over the sparse 'treasure trail'...pausing at the navel, pouring the golden liquid into the deep indentation, as if filling a cup with libation.

I groaned, both, at the weird feeling of that liquid flowing and at the thought of what it would do to my divan!

Again he moved, higher... making my skin flutter, my body reacting involuntarily to the cool touch of the honey... over my chest and then to my left, a tight circle over the nipple and then to the right to do the same...

Satisfied, when he thought enough had been poured he placed the open jar on the floor and placed his hands on either side of my upper torso and bent over me, just above but not touching me and began to lap... first the right nipple and then the left... small circles around the nub and then with the flat of the tongue...

"Mmmmm....aaaah..." was all I could utter as my body twisted and jerked.

Down he moved... over the cleft of my chest... down the fluttering belly and then made me gasp as he shoved his tongue into the belly button... swirling the honey and lapping it up... down along the honey line... and suddenly he was back at my pubes... the strong tongue playing with the curly hairs, licking at the thick coating of the golden dew that he had deposited earlier...

He moved between my thighs now and crouching down placed his hands on my thighs, pushing them even further apart and bent over my groin... I closed my eye, as if to shut out the reality and felt the warm touch of his tongue dart out to lick the tip of my cock. I gasped... my hips jerking... gasped at the amazing feeling that the touch aroused in my gut, the hips jerking in response, relishing the warmth, the sensual flutter of the tongue tip!

He lapped away, first with short, light strokes of his tongue and then longer swipes, adding more pressure... around the head, along the shaft... over the balls... along the groin.... right thigh and then left... and back again, swirling in tiny circles over the pubic hair as it dragged over the pelvic arch. And my body responded; against my conscious will... the hips jerking and pushing up, my mouth letting out moans, as the cock grew hard again!

He licked... spreading the honey... lapping it up, making an obscene smacking sound as he licked it off me.

"Mmmmmm...." he said lifting his face off my crotch, "See, you like it, huh?"

And to my consternation I felt my cock flex and a whole lot of pre-cum ooze out!

"It's a beauty dude," he said, "but it's gonna be difficult..." he added in a serious tone, then giggled and went back to his job, engulfing my cock in his hot, moist mouth, sucking in the shaft! I groaned and my pelvis shot up... driving more of it into his slobbering mouth. I felt him pause and slightly withdraw, his hands quickly at my groin, holding my still. And then slowly, he again began the downward slide, taking more of me.

Pause... slide... pause... slide... and soon he had my whole cock deep within his throat. I could feel that amazing clutch of the constricting throat muscles close around my broad cock head, his nose buried into my pubic arch!

He let out a nasal moan and I felt his hands slide around my pubes, massaging the area, his fingers stroking the pubes, the thigh, the scrotal sac... the thumb on the perineum... And his tongue did something absolutely magical around the embedded shaft and the part lodged inside his throat felt the rhythmic contractions of his trachea... forcing my hips to strut, my breath come in harsh gasps.

I don't know how long he remained like that and honestly, I wasn't giving it much though... but later I did wonder, how he could - hold his breath that long! But finally he did withdraw a bit, a sharp intact of breath marking the release of my cock from the grip of his throat.

And he was back again...

My head rolled from side to side, a constant moan urging him on, the hips aiding in his glorification of my loins... and I couldn't believe it myself... I was indulging in something that I had detested a moment ago. The flesh is indeed weak when aroused!

But it felt absolutely amazing and I gradually lost myself to the pleasure roaring at me... feeling my cock pulse and jerk, copious pre-cum shooting out of the tip... And then suddenly he released me, to my disappointment.... and utter consternation - disappointment at being denied the pleasure and consternation at desiring it!

He was now back at my pubes, licking at the residue of the honey... over and around and down... and then along the shaft again, dragging his tongue... flicking it, swirling it around and his fingers worked the same magic too.

Whatever my initial response, my aversion towards his sexual advances, now my body had failed me. It was wallowing in the depraved pleasure and my hips were like crazy, pushing up and at his slobbering mouth, wanting more of the touch, wanting the final release!

It's true, I was still a virgin and I was neither proud nor ashamed of that status... to be honest, I hadn't given it much thought really. And as for masturbating, well, I hardly did much of it either. No, I wasn't 'asexual', but guess, I wanted my first sexual experience to be more full, fulfilling than getting into a habit of 'self-indulgence'. So, usually I avoided jacking-off... again I had no guilt feelings what-so-ever for the few times that I did masturbate.

So, the present situation, though not exactly my idea of the 'full and fulfilling' experience that I had dreamed of, was still something that a healthy, normal, young male couldn't control... my mind had been told to 'shut-up' and go for a hike, as my body and the senses took over...

And as he continued I felt the tingle begin, deep inside my gut... An awesome, all-encompassing feeling radiating out in a continuous ripple.... taking me higher and higher... and then it snapped! Shutting my eyes tight I felt my hips lift off the mattress, the toes curling as the legs straightened and flex, my hands gripping the ropes and tugging at them... It seemed that my whole middle, my balls, my cock had all merged and melted into nothingness, pulsing and gushing into his magical throat!

I heard the strangled cry, almost animal like, and realized that it was me... My hips were still now and as my senses returned, and the sensations, I felt his mouth still with me, around my cock... still working that magic around the engulfed shaft... And I also realized, with a large measure of surprise, that I was still hard!

"That was incredible!" I heard him say, as if from a great distance... and looking down saw his face between my spread thighs, just above my crotch, his hand still holding my erect penis. His lips looked all puffed and red, the nose and chin wet, from the honey, saliva and a few gobs of escaped semen...

He got up and going to the couch picked up a cushion, returning to slowly slide it under me, under my hips... lifting my pelvis high, like an offering at the alter of some great God, the rigid cock pulsing on my belly... And then crawling between my legs he gripped my thighs, pushing them further apart, as much as the bonds would allow. And as I lay wondering 'what next' I felt his strong fingers on my ass cheeks, digging in... parting them... slowly, separating the two halves to expose the deep cleft...

"Please...." one final time I pleaded, totally terrified, on the verge of tears - 22 and ready to cry, that too in front of a mere kid, "please Gaurav, don't do this to me... don't rape me..." I was shaking all over, uncontrollably.

He paused and looked up at me, incredulous... and then he laughed, that same soft laugh, "No buddy I'm not gonna 'rape' you, I'm just goin' to give you a lot of pleasure... It's you, who's gonna fuck me!"

I sank further into the divan, groaning, eyes closing... I don't know if it was relief or a new sense of horror.

I felt it... first his breath and then the moist stab... and my hips jerked again... it was insistent now... poking at the closed orifice... wet... washed by the hot breath... amazing... I opened my eyes and tried to look down but couldn't see his face but just saw the top of his head, buried between my thighs... he was licking my ass, eat me out down there! I was grossed out... how much more depraved could he get and he looked so innocent, even cute... But thoughts were pushed right out of my mind in an instant... He was pressing in, gluing his open mouth to my anal opening, his tongue flicking out in tiny circles, licking, jabbing... as if cajoling the sphincter to open up and let it enter... And his nose poked my perineum, creating that same magical pressure that he had created a while ago with his massaging fingers... His fingers were now holding the cheeks apart, the thumb slowly massaging the flesh around and along the cleft. And it all felt absolutely incredible... awesome!

He was absolutely incredible.... he knew what he was doing and he knew how to do it... For a moment I even wished he was a girl and then I'd not feel this revulsion... and I'd neither feel this guilt about enjoying the awesome feeling...

And as his tongue slithered in deeper, I felt one of his hands withdraw and in a moment it was on my cock, cool and wet... massaging the throbbing shaft... rubbing in something. At first I thought it must be honey, but then realized that it was thicker, slippery and not sticky... Opening my eyes I looked down and saw his soft hand, the fingers wrapped around the thick column, rubbing something in, some clear jelly, making my shaft now glisten in the light from the window. He applied more of it till his hand was passing smoothly from tip to base with magical ease.

But I couldn't bother much about it for his tongue in me was demanding even more attention. I was practically out of my mind, grunting and squirming, pushing out my ass... wishing that my hands were free now so that I could hold his head and push him further in... stuff his face into my ass, have that whole tongue deep inside and feel it swirl away...

Suddenly he pulled back making me cry out in disappointment, making me open my eye to see what he was now up to. And as I watched he looked at me and smiled, his face wet with saliva, the hair disheveled.

"I've waited for this moment a long time..." he said in a low husky voice, almost a whisper. And then he was climbing over me, over my middle, his legs on either side of my hips, knees bent, touching the sides of my chest. He lowered himself, smothering my turgid cock with his plump ass, pressing down and rotating as he leaned over me, his mouth over mine, smelling of sex, my sex... and he kissed me on the mouth, his hands caressing my chest and arms.

He lifted off again, a look of concentration on his face as he raised his ass off me and felt him grip my cock in his warm hand, holding it up, the tip just about touching his cheeks... snaking into the deep cleft. It felt smooth and slippery... he must have greased himself up while he was eating out my ass and rubbing that same cream on my shaft.

Sliding the cock head along the valley of his buttocks... he placed the raging tip at the center of his pucker and I felt the tiny orifice flare open, the wrinkled mouth pushing out to kiss my cock tip.

Spreading his knees slightly he leaned forwards, adjusting his ass over the cock tip and then he pushed down! And I swear I could feel the ass mouth open, open wide, the tight muscle as if rolling over my sensitive glans in invitation. He shifted again, closing the knees, pressing them tight against my sides and straightening up... and then another slight downward push and I felt the heat of his innards...

Another slight rotation of his hips and another power shove and I felt an incredible, moist heat engulf my cock head... I was inside him, in his ass!

A sharp grunt escaped his open mouth and as I looked up I saw the handsome face, all concentration, the brows furrowed, the full lips parted, showing the gritted teeth, eyes tightly shut. His hand now left my cock and he placed both on my chest, palm open, flat.

I watched, almost mesmerized, unbelieving... the boy was impaling himself on my cock... the truth slowly sinking in... and I could feel the tight opening sucking me in! It was all so weird... so unreal, yet so very REAL... such an amazing sensation, such an erotic feeling!

He pushed down, slow and steady... Shifting his knees and rotating his ass as he pushed down even further... pause, shift, rotate... and a little more went in... inch by breathtaking inch my cock slid further into the seething interior. I couldn't see it, but sure did feel ever inch of my entry... The tight grip, the suffocating heat... the moist flutter of the undulating inner muscles... and I felt the tight sleeve slither lower and lower down my flexing shaft...

He was moaning now, a low steady groan emitting from between his clenched teeth as he kept opening and shutting his eye, looking at me... into my eyes, but that confident smile was off his face now... Beads of perspiration appeared on his forehead, the cheeks flushed, the nostrils flared, as the mouth opened in a silent grimace, sucking in extra oxygen that his lungs demanded for the endeavor of taking me in. The toned chest wet and shinning with a coat of sweat... the muscles rippling and flexing with the effort. The tiny nipples hard and pointed...

He had over half of me inside him now... and he was sweating profusely, his handsome face reflecting the pain, the discomfort. A constant gurgle coming from deep within him. A steady tremble shaking his tiny frame as his hands on my chest now gripped me for support, steadying himself...

Then another pause and another slight shift of his hips and then I felt him lift up... pulling back... releasing a tiny bit of my cock and it felt that the ring was reluctant, clinging desperately to the retreating penis... He shifted once more, loosening the tight grip of his thighs around my torso and straightening himself fully he took a deep breath and with an amazing power and a hoarse cry slammed down on me... taking me in completely!

I could just grunt and let out a long guttural moan, my mind totally gone.... it was an incredible feeling... out-of-this-world!

He fell forward, over me, panting, his open mouth plastered on my chest, saliva drooling, the body still... probably exhausted from all the effort. For an odd moment I felt pity for him, wanting to hold him, comfort him... But his ass was doing things, things amazing... forcing my hip to strut up, my cock to flex and pour out more pre-cum.

He lifted up... his face wet and flushed... but a smile now back on, a strained smile... lips quivering with the effort, the eyes moist.

"You are broad dude, real thick, more than I anticipated... That took a lot out of me!" he whispered with a grunt. "But I loved ever fucking inch of it."

He kissed me on the mouth, a sloppy peck and sat up, his whole weight on me now, the cock embedded snugly in the tight grip of his ass.

Placing his hands on either side of my pelvic bone he gripped me tight and started the act of mating, lifting off and shoving down... releasing my cock partially from his anal embrace and then taking it back in... bouncing on me... sending the cock ripping in and out of the constricted sleeve of hot boy flesh.

Seeing him like that reminded me, of all things, a cowboy desperately trying to control his bucking bronco... and in spite of myself and the situation, I couldn't stop but smile... and felt weird... I was finding the scene funny, suddenly enjoying myself... all reluctance now gone... Was his flopping over my groin funny or was it my sudden enjoyment?

I wanted to reach up... touch those pert little boy nipples... pinch them... maybe even suck on them if my mouth could reach them... I wanted to touch, touch flesh.... knead, caress... and the sex of this amazing creature didn't matter anymore... I wanted to hold him and pull him down, over me.... hug him... hold him... God, was I going crazy? Was the hunger of the flesh so powerful? So all consuming, so as to take total control of the very being?

But now was not the time for reflection for he was doing something deeper... something deep inside... inside his churning bottom. Squeezing my cock in a most amazing way, making my hips to jolt up, the cock jerk and flex, desperate to unleash the torrent of boiling passion into the very depth of the vacuuming suction.

It was like a hot velvet vice... rolling and pitching around the flesh column as it got inserted and expelled with a ferocious speed... the folds of moist flesh gnawing at the tingling glans like a million tiny fingers, clawing, intent on sucking the life-giving nector out of the throbbing invader, in revenge of it's ravishment. I just closed my eyes and let the awesome feeling take over...

Thrashing my head at the incredible sensation... the impossible pleasure ripping through my whole body... my hips went crazy, pumping up and down... lifting him off my groin and then falling back, letting his taut butts slap back onto them... in the process sending my raging cock rampaging in and out of that constricted orifice... thrilling me... making me even more ferocious in my desire. I was groaning with pleasure now, wishing that my hands were free so that I could hold his hips in a loving embrace... so that I could lift him off my cock and then slam him back down onto it again, and again... Wishing desperately that I could hold his lovely face and probe his mouth with my tongue... could lick those luscious lips of his... I moaned out his name... my body, and my mind, now totally beyond my control.... totally in the grip of this mind-boggling erotic perversion...

He seemed a bit more in control now... the beads of perspirations still rolling down his face but the grimace replace by an amazing contented look of bliss. His lips looked puffed and red now as they remained open, the perfect teeth glistening from between them, his eyes closed and the nostrils flared. The longish hair now plastered all over his forehead and face, giving him an even more lovely look...

His cock had, as I looked down his pumping, undulation body, regained it's rigidity and was standing tall... a very healthy piece of young manhood, decently long, slim, and totally silky smooth! It swayed up and down with his every move, hitting my belly with a thwack as he lifted off, before raising up to touch his belly as he slammed down! And the heavy balls flopped on my pubic arch as he repeatedly slammed into me... the globes warm and full... His hands now on my chest, the fingers pulling on the pointed nipples.

He was moaning wildly now, his ass slapping obscenely into my lap as he speeded up with animal-like ferocity. Pulling up and out and then slamming down to rotate his hips as he squeezed my cock with the powerful inner muscles before lifting off again...

Leaving my nipples he gripped my arms and shifted his knees and with a savage lunge, shoved himself into me, followed by a brutal squeeze of his ass around my fully buried cock... and instinctively I knew that he was on the verge of cumming...

His grip on my arms tightened and he was gasping now, his breathing labored... he leaned forward and was just grounding away at my groin, the hunches shorter and faster... before he gave a forward shove and held still...

A thick spurt fell on my right cheek and rolled down into my ears, another hit my chin... followed by atleast 3 more powerful shots, landing on my heaving chest, the atmosphere now reeking with the scent of sex... hot and sweltering...

If his ass was driving me out of my mind, tugging my embedded cock right off its root, now it was something totally indescribable! It was like a giant vacuum contraption... sucking and tugging at my cock like nobody's business... squeezing it with a force that seemed other-worldly... and the million little tiny finger raked the sensitive tip in a maddening frenzy... Closing my eyes I lunged up and felt my balls explode! Gushing out of my numbed penis in liquid heat, forceful.

My wasted hips sank back onto the soft mattress of the divan, exhausted... my legs still trembling in the after effect of the massive orgasm... The stomach muscles still flexing spasmodically, as if desperately trying to ejaculate a few more spurts of my seed into the young boy's inviting colon...

He too slumped forwards, over me, and buried his face in my shoulder... his body still shuddering from the massive orgasm that he too had just experienced, his ass hole still quivering around my embedded cock, still rolling over the whole length, pulsing as it squeezed the softening shaft...

After a long while he lifted his head and looked deep into my eyes and smiled.

"God, that was awesome... Thank you, sir..." he said, still gasping for breath... "nobody, and I mean, nobody, has ever stretched me that wide or gone that deep as you... your just incredible dude!" and he crushed his lips over my open mouth...

I gasped at the suddenness but didn't resist or try to pull back anymore... I let him lick my lips and flick his tongue within. And when he sucked my tongue into his mouth I let him, probing him, tasting him... suddenly feeling no more resistance... It was an amazing glow that engulfed me, a languid, ethereal feeling that surrounded me... It felt good, very good!

He slowly got off me, making me gasp as the large cock-head popped out of the gripping hole to slap back on my belly, the cock still twitching in the aftermath of the explosive orgasm.

He left me and went to the bathroom to return a short while later, all showered and refreshed. He carried a wet towel...

Sitting on his hunches he first wiped my face and then worked his way down to my feet... wiping away the sweat and his cum, playing along as he went... kissing and nibbling the refreshed skin, the nipples, the exhausted penis... the depleted balls... He rewashed the towel and repeated the whole process, before getting up to go back to the bathroom and replace the towel there. And then he returned each item that he had got out, to its proper place!

Again he bent down and planted another kiss on my contented cock, darting the tongue out to take a quick lick at the peeking glans before straightening up and slowly pulling on his clothes. Once fully dressed he bent down to lightly peck me on the mouth and then he undid the bonds of my right hand and told me to free myself when he had left...

"Thanks again, Sir..." he said, his left hand on the door knob, "I'll always be available if ever you need me," and blowing a kiss he winked, opening the door and silently walking out, pulling it behind him...

The last thing I saw was his tight, jeans clad butt before the door closed, hiding it from my view.


Long after he had gone and I had got up and taken a shower, I still felt weird and totally confused... I didn't want it, yet I HAD enjoyed it... I really couldn't say if I wanted it again... and that seed of doubt in my mind was upsetting... I wasn't rejecting it outright the way I fancied I should have. My mind was in turmoil and as I paced up and down the room I spotted it, a tiny square piece of a card stuck carefully under the frame of Rohan's picture. Wondering what it was and where it had come from I went over and picked it up and saw printed on it just a name "GAURAV" and a mobile number...

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