My Train Journeys - 2

By Jason Beau



This series is largely a work of fiction based on my encounters with travellers of other ethnicities. In my younger days, I traveled extensively around Europe on overnight trains. Those were memorable journeys spent chatting with strangers about all aspects of life. These encounters could have been much more sexed up, if only. But it's still not too late to fantasize what could have been. In order to keep the narrative flowing, I have not included any use of safe sex. However, the reader is cautioned on such important aspects of gay love-making. 


The names, places and events are fictional. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.


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Paris to Rome Ride Pt 2


The train was starting to pull out of the station when I spotted a well tanned young man trying to catch my attention. I gave him a wink and he moved over to sit next to me at the bar counter. "Owen here, from Sydney," he proffered his outstretched handshake and was duly introduced. "I can't help noticing. One of you compartment friends has disembarked?" Owen had the kind of face that put you at ease immediately, and his blue eyes looked straight at me with a youthful innocence. His handshake was open, firm and manly. His hand was warm and well padded, his buldging forearms decorated by large swollen veins.


Nonetheless, the last few hours of intense gay encounter had sharpened my gaydar. I sensed a kindred spirit, an intangible force, linking him to me and to Mitch - an undercurrent of sexual tension that only our kind could instinctively connect and bond with. Goya was a different matter. The Jamaican was probably a bisexual blessed with a repressed alpha male ego that needed release through extreme gay acts in which he could impose his dominance over others thanks to his majestic fucktool.


Owen continued, "I'm not sure if it's too much to ask. I didn't sleep a wink last night on my seat. If your friend's berth is available, can I use it till we arrive at Rome?" As I pondered for a few seconds, he added, "I lost most of my cash to a pickpocket, so I am quite happy to provide some personal service, like a Swedish massage. It's as genuine as you can get anywhere cos I learnt it from a Swede expert in Stockholm."

I beckoned to him to follow me to the room which was now locked from the inside. In response to my knock, Mitch asked, "Who's there?" When I identified myself, there was a long pause before he pressed the release button.


What a sight greeted Owen and me! Clothing was shrewn all over the floor. The Thai boy that Mitch brought back from the restaurant had lost no time to avail himself of the Slovak's service. His face was covered by a towel, and Mitch was straddled over his chest, naked except for his cock, which was partially covered by the same towel. Mitch made a dollar sign with his finger to convey that it was a business situation. The boy made a guttural noise and Mitch leaned forward, raising his round arse a few inches. The Thai boy's left hand, which was cupping his own private parts raised up slightly, revealing a short five-inch but thick uncut cock in full erection. His other hand appeared to be supporting Mitch's bum, with the middle finger buried deep into the latter's anal hole. Mitch began to push in and out in a slow rhythm at the hidden face.


Owen gasped and sat down on the opposite berth trying to make sense and unsure what to say. From the ornaments - jade pendant, gold chains, diamond studded platinum rings - it was evident that the Asian boy hailed from a well-to-do background. Suddenly, the covered face turned aside and gave a cough, a sure sign that Mitch had emptied his ballsac into his client's throat.


The Slovak got off the berth, his cock subsiding rapidly into a limp state. The Thai boy sat up, wiped his lips and smiled sheepishly. "Call me Pronphat," he said in a London accent. He turned to give Owen a long hungry gaze as he sized up the Australian. "I can give a good massage for one hundred euros," Owen said quickly.


Pronphat shifted his gaze to Owen's crotch, which was showing a nice bulge. Owen unbuckled his belt and unzipped his shorts, and  his manhood, barely covered by a red over-stretched G-string, immediately caught the Asian's attention. Pronphat made a gesture to Owen to remove his chest hugging tanktop. 


Owen did as requested, and also stepped out of his shorts, naked except for his skimpy tog that was threatening to burst. The Australian had the build of a Greek god, with a discus thrower's chest and a well defined sixpack. To impress the Asian boy, Owen stretched up his arms to grasp the upper berth and raised his legs to an L-formation, his feet pointing straight at Pronphat's crotch. His abs contracted beautifully as his deltoids spread out to a wide V. His abundant armpit hair thus exposed gave out a sweaty masculine odour. 


Pronphat stepped forward to pull off the last vestige of cover from Owen's body. It came off with a jerk revealing a semihard cut dick. Except for a Y-shaped pale line around Owen's waist and down to his crotch, his skin was a glorious golden tan. The Thai boy sniffed at the musky G-string. "I'll pay you twenty euros for this," he said. Owen shook his head, "A hundred, it's a personal item." The bargain was struck at eighty.


"Swedish massage plus more for three hundred euros," Owen tried again to sell to Pronphat. "No, I'd rather you fuck me standing up," the Thai said as his hands started to play with the Aussie's balls and cock. His tongue gave the dick a few long licks. From a relatively small four inches, Owen's manhood engorged rapidly and grew to a curvy seven incher, and then some, his pink cockhead pointing upwards. "That'll be three hundred euros."


Pronphat heaved himself up the same way that Owen did but his legs opened up to grip the Aussie's waist. Owen cock met the Asian's puckered hole, and aided by the latter's earlier salivary lube, pushed into the entrance. The Thai boy gave out a small yep of pain as his love tunnel gradually yielded to Owen's invasion.


Pronphat placed his arms on Owen's shoulders to support the up-down motion of his own body. Owen wrapped his arms around the boy's upper back to support him from falling backwards. Each time Pronphat descended deep into Owen's boner, he gave out a loud moan of pain mixed with ecstasy. 


Mitch and I watched the sex action in awed fascination, ready to help out if needed. Pronphat's dick was rubbing hard against Owen's abs, his tangle of unkempt pubic hair caressing Owen's clean shaven abdominal area. After about ten minutes, the Thai boy said, "Release me." He was exhausted from the energy-sapping exercise so Owen allowed him to lean back. Mitch and I each grabbed hold of one side of his shoulders so Pronphat's torso was now horizontally suspended, and he could make wide-open eye contact with Owen as the latter's dick continued the aggressive pumping.


Though both of them had yet to climax they decided to take a break. Pronphat sat down on the edge of the berth inhaling deeply from the G-string and murmuring over and again, "Lost my virginity today. Big white cock." You sick wacko, I swore at him silently.


Suddenly, Pronphat's phone gave out a ring to the tune of Forever Young. The Thai spoke in his native language for a few minutes. Then he turned to us. "My girlfriend wants to come in," he said pleadingly. "She wanna have action with us?" Mitch asked. "Which one?" Pronphat let his gaze drift across all of us. "For three together, it would be one thousand two hundred," Owen said. Four hundred each, I guessed, although I wasn't sure if my less endowed member would deserve an equal portion.

Pronphat did a quick mental calculation. "Four hundred for white dicks, two hundred for Asian," nodding in my direction. Admittedly, I looked more Asian than Caucasian, but I still felt offended. With nothing special to sell, I agreed to the lower rate, cursing him again under my breath. Racist perv!


With the ringtone still fresh in his head, Owen started to croon the hit song, Forever Young.


Forever young I want to be forever young

Do you really want to live forever, forever young?


It was a rich throaty voice reminiscent of Harry Styles’ version, though not pitch-perfect. As we waited for Saisumon, the girlfriend, Owen asked to be paid for previously completed services. The Asian pulled out a wad of notes from his shorts pocket and counted three hundred and eighty - three hundred for Mitch, the rest to Owen. The Thai then picked four sleep blinders from the berths. "For use afterwards'" he explained with a wink.


With a soft knock, Sai was in. Shapely with above average breasts and reddish dyed hair. Kicking off her high heels, she silently moved towards the window which was now displaying distant snowcapped ranges. With a quick movement, she removed her silk blouse followed by the matching skirt. Then she turned around to face us in her bikini.


We all gasped in shock at the sight of the bulge in her groin. A tranny, or ladyboy as they are called in Thailand! "That should cost more," Mitch grumbled. "Up to the lady to tip you afterwards," the Thai boy said. "Now I want to make a video of your gameplay." Thinking that we could overpower the Asian pair if things didn't work out, we accepted. "Pay first," Owen said.


Sai pulled out a thousand euros from her purse and handed to Owen. Without further ado, Pronphat assumed the role of movie director. First, he made Owen sit on the floor with his hardon pointing forty-five degrees. Next, Sai lowered himself into the Aussie's dick. They both leaned back so Owen was now lying flat on the floor, his dick partially imbedded in Sai's tunnel whilst his hands grabbed the ladyboy’s bouncing tits. Mitch was told to kneel at Sai’s back entrance and to push his cock into the ladyboy's hole to do a double penetration. Rubbing hard against Owen's dick, Mitch took a few minutes to ease into the tunnel with the help of mouthfuls of spit from Pronphat.


Next was my turn. I had to crawl doggy style over Sai and Owen. My semi-hard cock traced a path across Sai’s forehead and face. Sai had removed his bra and Owen’s fingers were gently massaging the mammary glands. The ladyboy's tits were round, perhaps too perfect, no doubt the results of cosmetic implants that his country was so renowned for. Soon I reached his hardon, a greyish cock with a distinctly different hue from the rest of his fair body. And simultaneously, my dick touched his lips. So we swallowed each other in a 69 position.


Pronphat passed a blinder to each of us. Putting it on sent each of us into our own no man's world of pitchdark sexual exploration. But it wasn't what Pronphat had in mind. He wanted to make a video of his GF in action without compromising any of the participants. 


Action! Pronphat barked. We each enthusiastically contributed our share of shoving and sucking. It went on for several minutes, our moans no doubt faithfully recorded by the Thai boy's phone camera together with the highly charged action scenes.


I was the first to explode my load into Sai's eager mouth. The ladyboy sure knew how to give a delightful blowjob. He had also pushed his thumb my butthole to add to the pleasure. Then it was Sai's turn but I got out of his tensed-up dick just in time for his jism to shoot onto my face. At this point, Pronphat handed his phone to me to take over the video production. I removed my blinders and saw the Thai boy positioning at Owen's anal entrance. With a quick shove, he was in, and started pounding.


Rolling off Sai's sweaty body, I moved to continue videotaking the new backend action. Soon some white stuff was oozing out from Sai's pussyhole. Mitch gradually eased out his soaked dick. Sai's enlarged hole seemed to take ages to close around Owen's cock. The rear action sequence for the three continued for several more minutes. Owen sure had the stamina of a young ox in heat.


Then the Thai boy gave a cry of satisfaction and leaned back so pulling out his exhausted fucktool, his freshly ejaculated cum followed, dripping onto the cabin floor. Sai sat up to ride on Owen's dick. Up-down, up-down, as he moaned with his eyes closed. The pair than rolled sideways, and Owen resumed his fucking with Sai's leg raised up for easier entry. We watched agape in amazement at such a show of stamina by the pair. Next, as if choreographed, Sai shifted into doggy position and Owen mounted on him without missing a stroke of his pumping.


Finally, with a cry, Owen plunged deep into the ladyboy and exploded his cumload for the first time that morning. Sai desperately held on to Owen's buttcheeks to hold him in. Just then, Mitch's phone timer started beeping. Five minutes left from the hour of our booked time with the Thais. Reluctantly, Sai let go of Owen.


The ladyboy dressed up and left after giving Owen another five hundred euros. Pronphat replayed the sex action video for our benefit. None of our faces were recorded uncovered so we gave the Thai the green light to leave. As he was preparing to go, I asked, "What's the urgency about being fucked on a train?"


Pronphat sighed with a rueful smile. Sai had been pestering him for an orgy like this for months. If he didn't oblige, he was worried his GF might run off with another man. Besides, having it on a fast train in a foreign land, he could be sure he wouldn't be ambushed by thugs later. And, the two Caucasians had the right body builds to satisfy him and Sai. The video was the highlight, of course. It could fetch thousands back home. We should have guessed better that Asians weren't so silly with spending their cash. There's always another lesson worth learning in life.


Owen still had time for a ninety minute nap before arrival at Rome station. He was definitely in the seventh heaven having recovered his money, and made friends with two similar minded travellers. As he slumbered, I snuggled next to his naked body so that our cocks touched, and mine quickly stiffened again. Then I made an O with my thumb and forefinger around the neck of his soft cockhead. It reddened and glistened so I shifted down to give it a good suck. Owen didn’t open his eyes at all. Was he just playing coy?


At Rome, we exchanged numbers and promised to stay in touch.


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