Rompin' at Ritch Street

(Feb '97)


It had been a tough week. I'd started off on Monday hitting both Santa Cruz and Watsonville in the morning. Not too bad, but I got a trouble call -- I was needed in Modesto -- Shee-it! By the time I was done there, it was to late to drive back to San José.

I holed up in the company approved motel to get some sleep before I head for Walnut Creek in the morning. This was a great motel; it had thin walls and rented rooms by the hour. You were kept awake by the whangs and bangs and the moans and groans, but it was cheap and our company manager got a kick-back. I left a wake-up call and let my answering service know where I was.

Instead of my 7 o'clock wake-up call, may answering service called at 6:30 to send me over the hill to Reno. Double damn! I always hated Reno -- it was gaudy at night and tawdry in the daylight. At least I wouldn't actually have to pay for food and could still list it on my expense report. The motels all gave "freebee" packages of drink and food coupons and a few slugs for the nickel machines.

I got to Reno by mid-afternoon and checked into the motel and got a double set of coupons, then headed for the bowling center. I fixed their problem in couple of hours, but hung around to "baby-sit" the early league before doing the rounds and hitting the sack. The operators also owned a Basque restaurant and took me out for a good dinner -- lots of good food.

About 11:00, when the late leagues were going fine, I took off for the casinos. I had chits for 8 or 10 house (meaning weak) drinks, slugs for the slots, an two chits for breakfast eggs. I went to bed with a full tummy and enough C2H5OH for me to sleep. The answering service would tell Walnut Creek I'd get there when I could on Wednesday.

For a change, there was no problem at Walnut Creek so I chatted with the manager and service crew a bit before heading across the hill to San Pablo to watch their leagues. A night in my own bed -- how strange. I bummed some grass from my kid -- strictly medicinal -- I needed a good night's sleep.

Thursday was relatively easy, I got up there about noon and did some preventive maintenance before the afternoon leagues started and then hit the nearby skin-flick to kill a couple of hours before the evening leagues started. Another night at home -- great -- the kids acted like I was cramping their style.

I was about asleep when I got a call from San Francisco -- two of their console had bellied-up. I'd hit them early in the morning. Troubleshooting took me most of the day, but things were running fine by league time. I headed down Haight Street to grab a bite and eyeball a few hippie chicks. Friday night leagues at Park Bowl were the Tavern Guild -- teams from the gay and lesbian bars in the City.

I'd made friends with quite a few, but had a rule never to get involved with anyone remotely related to my job. When the leagues were finished, I didn't want to head back to San José; I'd be too accessible to the damned answering service. Instead, I headed for Ritch Street. I wouldn't get a lot of sleep, but I could spent the night for $7. It was right across the street from the commuter train station, so a good many of the patrons were yuppie businessmen.

Ritch Street was probably the best of the gay-baths in the San Francisco area. It was converted from an old warehouse and was huge. Their cubicles were larger than most places and the place was kept scrupulously clean. There were little hidey-holes with glory holes and a large, dimly lit room with a raised platform for group to gather. You could either participate or stand along the walls and watch the action. Of course there was action along the walls, too, and the scene was constantly changing. They also had a juice and health-food bar that overlooked a soaking pool and showers.

It was after midnight when I got to Ritch Street, and all of the cubicles were taken so I had to settle for a locker instead. Just as well, I was too keyed up to stay in one place and see what came to me. I changed into the warp-around towel they provide and wandered through the hidey-hole alley, but that's a little more anonymous for my tastes -- I at least want to see the person I'm with -- whether it's a man or a woman. I checked a couple out of cubicles with open doors, but the occupants were lying on their stomachs to indicate they wanted to be fucked in the ass and I don't really care for that either.

I checked out the group and watched the action of the dais for a bit. The place was really crowded, with several groups in action on the dais and SRO around the wall. In one of the groups, an older guy was getting fucked in the ass by a really handsome black dude while he sucked on a gorgeous blond hunk, and his own cock neglected and hard. I felt a cock rising up and rubbing against my own ass and reached back to give it a few friendly strokes, but it's owner suddenly left to climb onto the dais and glom onto the lonely lance.

I hung around for a while copping a feel here and there, but wasn't finding anything that interested me. I finally realized I hadn't eaten for several hours, but had had several drinks at the bowling alley and headed out to the snack bar for a tuna-melt and some tea. While I ate, I watched a couple of guys cavorting in the soaking pool and decided that what I wanted most was a long, hot shower.

I luxuriated in the shower for a long time, carefully washing ever nook and cranny, and washing and re-washing my cock and balls. I was finally feeling sexy and really rather oblivious to my surroundings. When I got out, I was joined by the two from the pool who carefully dried me and led me back to the dais. There they laid me out and sucked and kissed and licked me all over -- my nipples, my toes, my balls, and the crack of my ass -- everything but my cock.

Pillows were placed under my butt and my legs were spread so that one of my lovers could better lick my cock and balls while he gently worked a finger into my ass. My other lover continued his minstrations to my nipples and face, and rubbed his cock where his lips had been. My hands were filled with cocks from unseen lovers. Finally, my anus was open and ready to receive one lovers cock while the other sucked on mine and fucked my mouth.

We all came within a few seconds of each other. My orgasm came when my mouth was over flowed with one lovers cum. The contractions of orgasm caused my ass to be filled with the other lovers load. The two cocks in my hand soon released their juices over me. I stayed for a while longer, and others came to lick off the cum while I rested.

I showered again and dressed to head for home. It was light when I got outside, but still early as I drove home in the euphoria of sexual oblivion.