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The Joker and the Thief by Larkin 2010 all rights reserved.

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The Joker and the Thief.

The Joker and the Thief.

by Larkin

I didn't notice him until he was right up on me. His black hair wasn't long but it was sticking out in all directions. He had a slave ring through his nose that hung just above his upper lip and a raw hide knotted around his neck with an upside down cross strung on it. I had to back away to get a full look at him. Tall, very skinny and roughly dressed in ragged jeans and a black tee shirt that had scratchy white writing on it proclaiming anarchy. I guessed his age to be close to mine, maybe 19. He had a lazy eye that made him look slightly crazy.

He tilted his head at me as if he was waiting for an answer. "Well, you comin or what?"

I wasn't sure what he meant. He gave a broad smile revealing a chipped front tooth. "Come on, it'll be fun."

I have no idea why but I just picked up and ran with him. He looked back at me and was laughing. Maybe I am easily influenced but I had no idea why I was following someone I didn't even know, I was just doing it. Perhaps I was thinking that we were going to a hide-out to get high. We stopped in front of a building on Avenue C and using a key, he unlocked the front door.

He seemed excited and looked at me and said, "There won't be no one home but us."

I followed him up steep stairs and entered into a small apartment on the third floor. I looked around and saw that the whole place was a wreck. Stuff was piled up here and there with boxes and debris. 

Standing before me, the kid spread his arms out in a gesture of display. "Nice, huh?"

He reached his hand down into his pants and started rooting around for his dick. After finding it he began pulling up and down on it and then began opening his pants. It was only then that I suddenly realized that I had just been picked up for sex. How could I be so stupid? 

I backed away and said, "Oh shit, I didn't know what was up, I just followed you cause,...I don't know but I wasn't thinkin we was just gonna get high or something."

He gave me his rat face snarl and said, "It's alright, make like it's jerk-off time, only you got company. I'm not gonna make you do anything you don't want to do, so come on. You're a really cool kid, it'll be fun, I promise."

He took my arm and pulled me down on a bare mattress and got close to me. "Relax, it's ok. If you feel fucked up about it later, you can blame the whole thing on me, cause I don't fuckin care."

His body odor wasn't offensive as much as it was over whelming. He sat behind me and pulled me back so that I lay in his arms. He started rubbing my stomach and stroking my cock through my pants. I have to admit that his voice was calming and for some strange reason, I felt safe with him. After all, he was just a kid like me.

He said, "Relax and let me do it. Once you get a nice stiff one, you'll get into it." 

I have to admit that he was right. He undid my belt and pulled down my pants. He took off my shoes and dirty socks and tossed them all in the corner. I watched with fascination when he got back down and began sucking and stroking my cock.

He looked up at me and I noticed his lazy eye again. "I'll do anything you want, like the stuff you ask your girlfriend to do and maybe she will or maybe she won't."

I said, "I don't have no girlfriend."

He stopped what he was doing and said, "What?... And you was goin to pass up an excellent blow-job from me? That would be totally stupid." 

He went back to licking my balls. My impulse was to spread my legs and let him do anything he wanted. After a bit, I got up on my knees and started to really get into it. He wanted me to cum and now I wanted to do it bad. 

He said, "Tell me when you're gonna cum because I want it right here."

He leaned his head back and pointed into his open mouth and then went back to licking my balls. I helped by stroking myself. 

My stiff cock was in his mouth and I'm about to shoot my load in his face. What I was doing felt so evil and I looked down at him and said, "You want it?"

He nodded yeah. As weird as the idea seemed, it was a big improvement over the towel under my bed or a sock or crumpled tissue. He did many different things, even licking out my ass which impressed me as being incredibly twisted and bizarre and all of it brought me closer and closer until I began to cum.  Grabbing him by his hair, I held him tight and looked into his crazy eyes and when he looked back, I came all over his stuck out tongue. This was to be a memorable experience. I lay back and breathing heavily, just cooled out. 

It wasn't until this moment that the kid got himself naked. He was very skinny and all white like a boy who had never left the city. I hadn't intended to reciprocate and he told me not to worry that I didn't have to,... But that was earlier.

I couldn't take my eyes off of the large uncut cock that flipped out when he pulled off his underwear and then stood straight up between his legs. His foreskin was only partially retracted and what was exposed was gooey. I didn't have much experience so the sight of this wild boy made me nervous and unsure. Up on his knees he came closer and menaced me with his large uncut cock.

I pulled back and looked up at him. "I thought you said I didn't have to do nothin?"

He placed one hand on top of my head to demonstrate his superiority over me. "So, get up and go.. But if you go you'll be stupid because you'll be missin out. Haven't you ever sucked dick before?" 

I shook my head, no. He moved closer until his cock was inches away from my face. It had a lurid and dirty scent that was strangely intoxicating. Without deciding to, without even wanting to, I opened my mouth. He wasn't asking for permission to do it, he just held me in place and did it. He slid his stiff cock into my mouth as far as he could. I could have resisted but I didn't. I could have even got up and left but I didn't. Instead I just lay there and let him use me. He slid his cock in and out of my mouth. I decided that there was something dark and magical about having a big stiff cock in your mouth.  I looked up at him and saw that the expression on his face was looking goofy and deranged. His cock was going in and out of my mouth and increasing in speed and force. He held my head tight as if it was a careless possession and he fucked it hard. His arrogant selfishness filled me with strange and thrilling gratitude.

It was then that he turned his attention to my ass. He put three fingers in his mouth and lavished them with spit. Then he began probing my butt hole. When I recoiled, he turned and took a swing at me but missed. Undeterred, went back to working on my butt. 

I lifted my face out of the pillow and said, "I don't know about this, I never been fucked in my ass before. 

The kid didn't turn to look at me but said, "I'm too into it, I can't stop now. You should have left before I got started."

The kid changed his position so that he was behind me. With his stiff cock bobbing between his legs, he spread me to make my asshole more exposed and accessible.

"I wouldn't be doin this if I didn't think you had hot chemistry. I had my tongue up there and you are so fuckin good."

He gobbed more spit in his hand and stroked his cock with it. I made some motions like I was trying to retreat and he tried to swat me again. "Don't be such a bitch, I'm an expert, I started real early and I know what I.m doimg. You just gotta give it up." 

I heard him spit and felt it on my butt hole. "If you don't give it up, it's gonna fuckin hurt, if you do give it up and let it happen you'll like it and come looking for me tomorrow and be wantin me to fuck you again." 

I felt him pushing his boner on my hole. He did it again and then leaned over me and whispered into my ear. "Come on, open up, let me in."

I felt his cock slide part way in and stop. He was still for a moment and then started with just a little in and out motion. When he thought I had relaxed a bit, he pushed it up further. This experience was far more overwhelming than I ever thought it would be. My face was in the pillow with the kid over me pushing ever deeper. I was holding on tight to whatever was within my reach. Above me I heard the cooing and moaning at what he was doing to me. He was now going in and out of me easily and I admit that I was no longer feeling pain but the experience for me was no less intense. 

He called down to me. "Nice, huh?" All I could do was grunt. 

I felt him pull out of me and for a minute I thought it might be all over but it wasn't. He turned me over so that I was laying on my back, facing up at him. Then lifting both my legs up, he pushed them way back and moved up close so that his cock was being pushed back up my hole again. My ass rose up and he came down on me. This added two elements, much deeper penetration using gravity and unavoidable intimacy. He pushed his tongue and spit deep into my mouth and face to face, I had become both enthralled and captivated. He held me tight and fucked me fast and hard. I had no defenses. I hadn't just given up, I had given myself to a crazy and unpredictable kid who was getting ready to squirt his wad up my ass. He was moaning and gasping and holding me tight and pushing hard into me,... and then it happened. I felt myself being flooded and it seemed to go on and on. How much cum can one kid have? After a final push, he fell on me and lay motionless. 

Some time went by before we sat up and began to dress. Neither one of us said much. We could have gotten our clothes confused and it wouldn't have made any difference.

Before we went out the door to go downstairs the kid looked at me and said, "First time you ever got fucked? It musta been epic?"

Still dazed I nodded my head yes. I stumbled out of the building and onto the pavement of Avenue C. The sun was very bright and it was hot and I was in ruins.

Please send comments to jet2larkin (at) geemale dot kom (reinterpret.)