A Love Story

By Reese


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How lucky am I? I have got a family who loves me more than anything else and a boyfriend who happens to be my best friend. I just came out to my family and the reaction I got was totally surprising. After beating around the bush for an hour and a half finally I just told my family I'm gay. My father had this blank expression for a few seconds and then sighed and showed a relaxed expression and said "finally you decided to tell us. We did not know how long we had to keep acting that we did not know anything." My unusual and mostly quiet brother just hugged me and told me that no matter what he is going to be always my older brother and now there is no way that he is going to leave me. So he just took me under his wing.

Well let me tell you about myself. I am Ryan I'm 17 and 5'7, 150 ponds. I'm a dwarf in front of my dad and brother and sister. My dad Tucker just turned 45 and had divorced mom a few years back who happened to be cheating on his back. Now he is dating a wonderful lady called Lily from his office who happens to treat us better than our own mom did. She is marrying our dad next November and I can't wait for that to happen. She has a daughter Elizabeth who is older than me by 4 years and she is just awesome. I call her sis (although officially she is still not) and she is the person whom I can share my feelings with. She was the first person to learn that I'm gay and she was totally cool about it. My brother Gary and is 2 years older than me. They are the best sibling that I could ever have and treats me like his equal. Well my boyfriend-best friend, Mike well he is 17 just like me he is 6'3 and has a build to die for. He can `fish' for any girl he wants. He is not out to his family and public and I am not exactly out to the public. So we just happen to have best friend attitude in front of the public and my family and boyfriend attitude inside the bedroom. So enough about my life let's get to the story.

NOTE: - in the story MOM is referred to lily (who lives with us and MOTHER is referred to as my birth mother. Lily lives with us although she has her own house just a few blocks away. Elizabeth lives in that house.


Chapter 1



Oh I hate Monday mornings. Why in the world does the school start at 7? Well I just extended my hand and hit the snooze button as hard as I can. "Silence at last" I mutter to myself. "RY WAKE UP OR I AM GOING TO HAVE TO GET YOUR BROTHER TO WAKE YOU UP THE OFFICIAL WAY I DOON'T WANT YOU TO BE LATE FOR THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL" my mom yells from downstairs. The official way she is talking about is dumping a bucket full of water over me. I was not in a mood to be given a morning bath on my bed so I just yell that I was awake at the top of my lungs and groggily make my way to the bathroom. My father is kind of rich, well ok he owns a multi-million dollar company, so our house is large with 15 bedrooms with its own bathrooms, a large hall, a sunroom, a large kitchen and a dining room. So I went into the bathroom and did my usual morning business and out came a totally refreshed Ry. I made my way down into the kitchen and I was really surprised to see mike having a really serious looking conversation with my mom.

"Hey guys. Are you guys planning a murder?" I joked as I jumped on to the table. "Yup" replies mike with a cocky gin. "Whose?" I say looking serious and taking a bite from the juicy apple I secretly took from the fruit basket on the table. "Hmmm. Let's say a guy called Ryan" mike replies trying really hard not to laugh. I just ignored him and let it flow

"Mommy what are you making?" I shift to my 12-year –old style which I usually use with mom around. Mike lost it then. He roared with laughter and just couldn't control himself and fell down from the chair he was sitting on. Mom and I exchanged glances which said "you should call a mental doctor" and we just decided to ignore him.

"How does a raspberry pancake with chocolate shake sound?" my mom says flipping a pan cake. "It sounds rally good. Hey where is Gary?" I said looking around. "Everybody does not sleep as much as you do Ry. He already left ages ago" mike replies wiping away a tear that slid down his cheeks. "Whatever" I said and started the wonderful breakfast.

"Hey my car is still at the mechanic's how about we take your car today?" mike says as we make our way out of the front door. "Well nobody told you to buy your car a ticket to the garage" I mutter under my breath as I follow mike to the garage. Mike just had a small accident a few days ago. He wasn't injured even a little bit but his car was wracked badly. God bless the wonderful invention of air bags.

"Oh I missed you baby" I say as I open the garage door. "I missed you too Ry" mike says romantically. "Oh... I wasn't actually talking to you I was talking to my car." I reply with an amused tone. Well my car. My car is the second thing that I love the most in the world. It's a dark red mustang, ad red as blood with the automatic gear system, GPS, and all the other things that a modern car will have.

"Well stop making out with your car and let's go!!!" Mike says as he gets into the car.

Well it was a smooth 20 minute ride to the school.

"I really missed you!" I say as we make our way into the parking lot. "Ok quit talking to your car" mike says sounding annoyed "actually I was talking to you" I just couldn't control my laughter.

I parked my car in its usual spot turned off the ignition and turned around to face mike. "I really missed you mikes" (I was the only one allowed to call him that) "I really missed you too." He says as he leans towards me for a kiss. Then we parted and looked deep into each other's eyes. "I really love you" I say not breaking the eye contact. "I love you too Ry. My RY" mike says looking into my eyes

Even after 2 years of us saying we love each other now also every time he says he loves me I find myself in a really emotional situation. A single tear made its way down my cheeks. "Why are you crying?" mike asks really concerned. "It's because I really love you and you loving me back had made me the happiest person on the planet" I reply wiping the tear away with my hand. "Then give me another kiss!" mike says and leans down and his lips met mine halfway. This time the kiss is more passionate and more long lasting. "Let's go we are already late! If we go any later than this we will be kicked out" I whisper breaking the kiss but still keeping my mouth close enough for him to feel my breath. "Ok" mike replies moving his mouth so it was pointed directly to my neck, that romantic vampire bite spot. "Hurry up. We can get some private time after the classes are over. Gary has football practice, mom and dad will be at work and the Maria (our maid) will be coming back to work from her vacation next Sunday so we can have the house all to ourselves and we can maybe use the sunroom." I say looking directly into mikes eyes expecting a positive, interesting answer. "Cool. We can get a tan while having some quality time" mike replies with his usual cocky gin plastered on his face. "Ok now let's go to class" I tell him moving away and making my way out of the car. "See you at lunch." I yell over as he made his way to the library

Mike and I had no classes together this year, so that means we see each other only during lunch.

I turned around and made my way into the hall. "Ry BOY!!" Lynn yelled as she made her way towards me. Lynn was my best friend besides mike and usually we are mistaken for my girlfriend. But Lynn was like a sister to me and she usually called me bro when we are not in school and `making her way towards me' I mean by pushing guys and girls away like pieces of dirt. She is the type of I girl I call `TOUGH'. When I am sometimes alone with mike and he's pissed off at me I sometimes joke that I will leave him for Lynn because I thought she was more boyish then him. That immediately cool him off because he starts to laugh uncontrollably and after even so many years that joke still worked and his question will always be "but are you sure that she got the right equipment?". But this was our own private joke. Even Lynn herself does not know about it and I have no intention of telling her because I'm afraid that after she is finished with me all my `jewels' will be stolen.

"Hey Leeney long time no see." I say as I made my way towards my locker after giving a brief hug. "Long time no see... ha? ... You forgot to call me after you went on your dream trip to your dream land. I bet you were 24x7 on call or online with that boyfriend of yours." Lily was the only outsider who knew I am gay and the only person who knew I had a boyfriend although she didn't know who it was. Girls are so dumb (no pun intended) anyone who knew I was gay and has a boyfriend will automatically know mike was my boyfriend because we always hung out together and it was very rare not to see the other if one was seen.

I opened my locker and rolled my eyes "No Leeney, there was no phone there, no internet. I was in the middle of a rainforest. How the hell was I supposed to contact you? Through the trees?? I sent you a post card as soon as I got into a civilized area." "Well MR, post cards are sent as presents in this 21st century. No one will take them as a mode of communication." She said opening a locker next to mine. "Hey did they finally change your locker?" I asked surprised "yeah, I told them that if they did not change my locker I will cause trouble...again." Lynn said taking books needed for her class

"Ok let's go to class" I said as I closed my locker and made my way towards my first class.

The classes passed quickly and before I knew it was lunch time.

I made my way into the cafeteria. Mike and Lynn were sitting in our usual table. I took my meal and slid into the seat next to mike's. "Hi guys" I said as I unwrapped my burger. "I will be right back" mike said as he shot towards the toilet.

Lynn had this disturbed expression on her face and I knew something was wrong. "What's wrong Leeney? Are you ok?" I asked looking directly at her. "Yeah, I'm ok it's just another dude just killed himself. You know that J&J industries right? It's the son of one of its directors. Rumors say that he found his boyfriend cheating on him and he couldn't take it. He was too depressed"

"Well I don't know about him but if I ever found out that my boyfriend was cheating I will definitely go for a suicide." I said as I took a bite from the delicious burger.

"Hey guys I'm back" mike said as he slid back to his seat. The rest of the lunch passed without any more serious conversation. I was surprised that Lynn decided not to tell mike about our `little' conversation.

I was again separated from mike when the lunch bell rang with all its might. The rest of the day passed quickly and before I knew it was time to go home. I made my way towards my car and was not surprised to find mike eagerly waiting for me near my car.

"Hey, are you ready to go?" I asked unlocking the car

"Yup, as ready as anyone can be" mike replied sliding into the passenger seat and looking directly into my eyes.

"I really missed you baby" I said backing the car to the road.

"I missed you too Ry, now let's hurry over to your place, you can show me how much you missed me" mike said not breaking the eye contact and putting his hand over my thigh.

In less than 15 minutes I was pulling over in front of my house. Phew I really did drive fast.

Like eager 5 year olds we made our way into the house pushing each other and giggling. I locked the front door and mike took me into a bear hug. "Now how about going into the sunroom" mike said leaning down and kissing me passionately. "That would be wonderful" I said breaking the kiss. Mike released me and we made our way to the sun room holding hands.

When we got into the sunroom mike made me sit on the long chair and again kissed me. My hands went under his shirt and I started to feel up his highly defined abs. Mike started to remove my clothes still not breaking the kiss.


******************An Hour Later******************


I was catching my breath after the wonderful orgasmic bliss and my wonderful boyfriend was under of me lost in his own orgasmic after glow. His head was resting in the crook of my neck and he was breathing hard sending shivers down my spine. This was what living was. My private heaven on earth, where I always want to be, where I will always be happy.


`Who could be calling at this time?' I think for alternatives as I spare some time for me to catch my breath. Then I flipped my phone open.

"Hi Honey" mom's cheery voice came from the other side.

"Yeah, mom what happened? Why are you calling from work?" I asked standing up.

"Umm... It's just Liz called a few minutes ago and asked me to tell you to go over house to help her with moving something. Can you go right over?"

"Ok no problem"

"Ok bye honey. I love you."

"I love you too, mom" I said and hung up

"I have to go over to Liz's right away. Sorry. Can you maybe walk back home? It's not far isn't it?" I asked mike trying to get dressed.

"Ok no problem" he said still lying on the chair and his eyes closed.

I made my way into the bathroom and progressed to make myself decent enough. When I got back into the sun room mike was sitting on the chair wearing his pants.

I said a quick good bye with a quick peck on his lips and went downstairs. Gary was just entering the house.

"Hey" I said as he looked up.

"Going somewhere?" mike asked removing his jacket.

"Yeah I'm going over to Liz's. Mike is in the sunroom. Now you boys behave" I said in a motherly tone and closed the front door quickly not wanting hear the curses mike made to answer me. Half an hour later I was standing in Liz's room helping her to decide a nice arrangement for here room. With a lot of effort within 15 minutes the room had a completely new arrangement.

"Would you like some lemonade?" Liz asked as she straightened after moving the last piece of furniture.

"Sure" I said and we made our way into the kitchen. We talked about the recent happenings in my life and she told me about her collage and about what is happening in her life. She ended up making my favorite cookies.

"I really love you Liz. You are the best sister ever" I said looking directly at her.

"I love you too. You are the best baby brother... ever" she said hugging me, her sound muffled as she kissed me on top of my head.

After a few more cookies, hugs and occasional laugh I was ready to go back to my house.

Gary was in the toilet. `Hmm... Maybe mike and he spent some time talking' I thought as I made my way into my room.

I had a physics test the next day so I took my text book and started studying. It was almost 8 when I went downstairs for dinner.

"Hey Gary, hey mom, where is dad?" I asked sliding into my usual spot in the dinner table.

"He called a few minutes ago and said that he will be a couple of minutes late today" mom replied serving the food.

Just then I heard distinctive sound of my father's SUV. A few minutes later he opened up the front door and entered the house.

"I see that you guys already started dinner without me!" dad stated hanging his jacket. Then pulled a medium sized package neatly wrapped up in paper.

"What's that?" I said pointing towards the package and taking a bite from my food.

"Just the usual early birthday day present for my sweetest son" my dad replied with a stupid gin plastered on his face and handed over the package to me. I quickly opened the parcel and was quite shocked to find a model of the latest iPhone. "Dad you shouldn't have" I said as a tear slid down my eye.

"Anything for my sweet birthday day boy" my dad said hugging me.

"Hey dad, this phone has a really cool GPS system. I can add your phone to my homing device and you can track me down through satellite whenever you want" I said breaking the hug. "Ok. Here is my phone." Dad said as he handed over his old, but still cool phone to me. I quickly did the settings and handed over the phone to dad who was `properly' said hi to mom. Who said old couples were not romantic.

"Get a room" Gary said still lost in a comic book. Gary was the jock type of guy but did pretty odd things like reading comics, watching childish cartoons and last but not the least a night snack.

Dinner passed with us telling how our day passed and some funny things that we crossed today.

After dinner mom started loading the dishwasher and insisted that I watch TV with my dad and brother instead of helping her clean up. Mom's the kind of women whose decision cannot be changed once it is made up. So I made my way over to the living room and set next to Gary. Gary put his hand over my shoulder and I lay on his chest. Gary can be an ass sometimes but other times he can be really sweet.

After about half an hour later it was difficult for me to keep my eyes open so after a quick goodnight and some goodnight kisses I made my way over to my bed.

I took off my clothes and quickly jumped into the shower. After a quick shower I dried myself and wore a boxer and lay down. I dozed off and the last thought on my mind was how lucky I am.

******************The Next Day******************


God I hate alarm clocks. I sometimes wish I had a large hammer. I pressed the snooze button and waited for mom's usual warning to come. But it never came. I quickly did my business in the toilet, took a quick shower and got dressed in a second and made my way down into the kitchen. A note was carefully kept over the table I quickly read it.

`Honey your father and I had to run to the office quickly. Sorry it was urgent so I could not make a proper dinner, however a peanut butter sandwich will be there in the refrigerator. *Love MOM*'

Well this was the time to remember our maid Maria our maid. Dad just had to give her a vacation against her protest. This was Gary's senior year and that means that he has to be at school an hour earlier than others. So I was pretty much alone in the house.

My phone beeped alarming me that a message has been received. It was mike.

`Hey baby, my dad just brought my car back from mechanics and I have to take it for a ride so that it will run smoothly. So you have to go on your own today.'

Well what else could I do? I replied an ok and finished my breakfast, locked the house and quickly drove over to the school. I was already a few minutes late so the whole parking lot was quiet. I saw mikes car parked not far away from my car. So that meant that he has already gone inside. I quickly locked the car and made my way into the building. Lynn as usual was waiting for her RADER to pick up my signal. As soon as she saw me she came running over and punched me in the side of my arm.

"What was that for?" I asked rubbing the place she hit me.

"For being late" she said and hit me on the other side.

"Now what was that for" I asked rubbing the area of the most recent attack.

"For thinking about suicide and taking it as an option." She said glaring into my eyes.

"Come on I told you that yesterday in lunch. It took you 2 days to process it? Girl I have to say you are slow" I said tying hard not to laugh.

"Whatever. Let's go. Today we both have chemistry for the first class" she said as she took her necessary books and made her way to the class pulling her with me.

The first two classes passed quietly but the 3rd class I had was with a brat called Jason who loved to cause trouble and was highly homophobic. He is the kind of guy who thought that he was the only straight guy on planet.

"Hey cocksucker" he whispered as I made my way into the class.

"Shut up" I said as I slid into my usual seat. At that time our math teacher Miss Janice made her way into the class. That shut Jason up but I heard him say "I will get you back" quietly

The class progressed smoothly until half way through the class a paper ball flew over my head and hit Miss Janice's back. She quickly turned around and looked directly at me.

"Mr. McElroy that's 2 hour detention for you after class" Miss Janice said pure anger blazing out of her eyes.

"But Miss Janice..." I started.

"Don't butt Miss Janice me. Detention after class means DETENTION after class, now if you argue I will increase the time." Miss Janice was poor in making decisions. So I just kept quiet and accepted the detention slip as I did not want her increasing the time.

I looked behind me and I wasn't surprised to find Jason sitting behind me with an evil gin plastered on his face. I just turned around and went back to solving the questions. After what felt like hours the bell finally rang and I made my way towards the cafeteria. Mike was sitting in our usual spot and Lynn was nowhere to be seen. "Hi baby" mike said as I slipped next to him. "Hi. Sad news I got detention after class" "let me guess... Miss Janice?" "Yup" just then Lynn slipped into the seat in front of me. Her annoyed expression clearly said that she herself did not have a good day. "Mr. Haggerty decided to give me 2 hour detention after class" she said taking her sandwich. "Well it looks like I am the only person who does not have a `date' with a teacher' mike said trying to sound amusing. Lynn and I decided to just avoid him. "What did he give detention to you for?" I asked opening my grape juice bottle. "For cursing in the class and yelling him that I would kill him nothing new. What about you?" Lynn said easily. Good thing I decided to wait before I took a slip from the grape juice. "Oh, me? Just for being on the route of a paper ball that hit Miss Janice...on her back."

"Well that sucks" Lynn said as she took a big bite from her sandwich. The lunch passed quietly and as the bell rang I said a quick goodbye and made my way towards English class. Our English teacher was famous for being late so I quickly sent a message to Mike apologizing for not being able to spend time with him. He replied just a smiley that could only mean `it's ok'.

Maybe it was that I wasn't looking forward to spending time in detention, the day progressed extremely slowly and I was almost bored to death. After what felt like years the final bell finally rang. I collected my books and made my way to the locker. Mike was leaning against my locker lost in his phone.

"Hey" I said as soon as I came close enough for him to hear me

"Hey. Still have detention?" he said putting his phone into his jeans pocket.

"Yeah too bad, I was really looking forward in spending some time with you after class." I said as I opened my locker and put away my books.

"It's ok, maybe later." Mike replied smiling.

We quietly talked for about 10 minutes about how our days went and then he told me he loved me very much and he made his way out of the building.

I stood there for a few minutes and made my way into the detention class. A few students were already there and most of them were lost in doing their homework and a few like Lynn were chewing away chewing gums. Our school had a pretty lame way of keeping the students in the detention. They were allowed to do anything except talk and play.

As I made my way into the class our detention teacher looked up and pointed towards an empty desk a little far away from Lynn. I sat down and started reading a book I took from library. Even five minutes didn't pass when suddenly Miss Janice rushed into the class. She looked carefully into the faces of the students there and when her stare fell into my face she made her way towards me. She stood next to my desk and spoke very softly not to disturb the others

"Mr. McElroy it seems that I rushed over a conclusion without looking into the matter carefully. So I'm sorry and you can go as you did not do anything"

"It's ok Miss Janice even teachers can make mistakes. It's ok. You don't have to apologize" I said looking directly into her face and for the first time I saw a small smile make its way over her face.

"Ryan I don't know what I will do with you. You are my best student in class and I couldn't believe you could hit me so I asked some students what really happened and they filled me on what really happened. If teachers can make mistakes teachers can even apologize." With that she turned on her heels and walked over to the detention teacher and whispered something into his ear.

I collected my books and made my way over to my locker. I was really tired so I thought of going over to my house and sleep for a little while then call mike to come over. So I made my way over to my car and drove away.

Within 20 minutes I was pulling over my car in front of my house.

Gary's and mike's cars were in the drive way. This was odd because mike usually does not come to my house when I am not around. `Maybe he is waiting for me to come back' I thought as I locked my car. I quickly went and opened the front door. I am not the kind of person who yells `I'm home' so I made my way over to the sunroom where mike usually spends time when I'm around. The sun room was completely empty.

Suddenly my phone flashed a `no battery' sign and a beep and turned off itself. With a small curse and idiotic mumbling of forgetting to charge my phone I made my over to my room. I opened the door. The room was empty. "Maybe he is in Gary's room" I mutter to myself as I threw my phone onto my bed and made my way into Gary's room on the 3rd floor.

When I got to Gary's room I was perplexed to her squeaks and muffled groans. I was shocked. `Maybe Gary had someone over; maybe mike was not in the house What if something is wrong' I thought to myself as I quietly opened the door.

I was totally shocked. Tears started forming in my eyes. My heart started to shatter into a million pieces. I felt as the world has ended.

Mike and Gary were in bed... Fucking... They had their backs to the door so none of them noticed that I was watching.

"I love you" mike says as he bottomed for Gary. Mike never said he loved me before I said it.

"I love you too mikes" Gary replies as he increases his pace. That was it. Tears started to fall uncontrollably from my eyes. I quietly in daze make my way down the stairs and out of the door.

To Be Continued...

What will Ry do??? Will he suicide? Or will he do something else?? Find out!!!!

Chapter 2 coming soon!!!!

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