A Love Story

Reese L Williams


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Chapter 11

Ash's POV

My cousin matt dropped by without a notice. I was lying next to Ry, holding him when my phone started ringing. I silently slipped out and went out of the room and took the call.

"Hello" I said a little lazily

"Hey ash... I need your help. I'm at the gate." Came the voice of my cousin matt.

"matt... are you ok... what `happened ... don't move I'm coming to get you" I said a little worried. I quickly took my shirts and jeans and put them on and ran downstairs. Matt was at the gate holding his luggage and all looking all defeated and lost.

"Matt, what the hell happened? Why are you here at this time? Why are you carrying your entire wardrobe?" I asked as I opened the gates and helped him with his things. Matt was a few years older than me. He is the only son of my mother's sister. He married at the age of 23 and got a kid a few years later... But to his and our grief... his kid died a few days later..."

I as I opened the gates the light from the house windows fell on him and I could see that he was crying and his eyes were all red and puffy.

"What happened matt? Why are you crying? Before you answer that lets get inside... its really chilly outside and I don't want you catching anything" I said taking his luggage from him and helping him inside. I took him to the room on my floor, in front of the stairs so that he could leave and come easily. I set his luggage inside and sat him down on the bed and sat down next to him.

"Ok bro, tell me all about it" I said looking into his eyes.

For the next half an hour or so he told me all about how he came early from home and found his wife in bed with his co-worker and how he found out that the kid he thought was his was actually never his. And how his wife confessed that this was going on for many years, it ended up matt being out of control, some yelling and matt taking his things and leaving the house by the time everything was over, matt was crying uncontrollably. I did the only thing I could do to console him. I hugged him tight. After a minute or two we parted.

"Are you going to be ok" I asked looking his to face

"I think so" he replied trying to fake a smile.

What I heard next shocked the hell out of me. I heard the dreadful screams of Ry. without even thinking I did the only thing I could. I yelled his name. I quickly jumped out of the bed and ran out of the room. Ry was lying at the end of the staircase, in a large pool of blood, unconscious, looking lifeless and all broken. I felt my body's responses shut down. I could not move or even move my eye lids. I felt as if my brain has just lost all its connection. I felt as if my heart was broken into million pieces, I felt my heart ache, I felt my eyes tear up... but the only thing I could do was stand at the top of the staircase... mom's yelling pulled me out of and made me move. I quickly ran down the stairs and sat down next to Ry... I took his hand and took his head and laid it on my lap... I could feel the small and slow breathing of Ry... it was as if he was dead...

"Mom please calls the ambulance" I sobbed as I tried to stop the blood flowing from the cut on Ry's forehead.

"I already did that... Ash... Use this napkin and try to keep his wound closed and try to stop the blood" my mom said quickly as she sat down next to me, she herself crying.. I quickly took the napkin and replaced my hand with it and kept it on the open wound.

I don't know I long I sat next to Ry holding his hand and begging not to leave me. The first aid guys came and moved me away from Ry's head.. But I kept holding his hand and continued to cry. Before I knew what was happening Ry was loaded into the ambulance, still motionless and I quickly climbed in. the ambulance ride to hospital was the same... me, still begging Ry to not let me go... when we got to the hospital Ry was taken into the emergency room and we all had to stay behind. My mom quickly hugged me and we sat down on the seat. In a few minutes the hall was filled with both the Milton and Ronaldinis family members, Mr. Milton talked to my dad while my mom helped Mrs. Milton. There was not a single dry eye in the room. Jeff and Bri, both set on both sides of me, while Vince stood in front of me... they all tried to talk to me to stop crying and hold myself up. After maybe half an hour later a doctor finally came outside... my dad and Mr. Milton quickly ran up to him and started to talk to him. They talked about for a few minutes and when they were finished... from the expressions on their faces, I knew this was not good news. The doctor went back inside and so they came back to the group.

"Dad what's happening? How is RY? Is he going to be ok" I asked still sobbing.

My dad came and sat down next to me and hugged me. "Son, I'm not going to lie to you and tell he is ok. the doctor told that he is currently in a critical condition. The impact had already caused a lot of damage. There is some internal bleeding and there is only a 20% chance that he will pull out without any minor injuries... the worst that could happen is us losing him or worse... he could become a vegetable" my dad said still hugging me.. I cried on his shoulder... I just could not stop crying.

I fell asleep on my father's shoulder, still crying...

Gary's POV

I looked at mom and dad... they were standing there... not moving and not saying anything.

"Mom please talk... dad... please say something" I said a little worried.

"Son... is you ok" my dad asked looking at me if I was crazy.

"DAD... I'm serious. Ask Lynn... she saw him... ask half of the teenagers of the town... they saw him" I shouted a little crazy.

My dad sat down next to me. This was a sign that he was going to believe me.

"You really saw him?" my dad asked sitting next to me and asking me.

"Yes it was him, him, and him. He could have messed himself up but I recognize my brother when I see him. It was him... same face and same look. It was him" I said bewildered.

"Tell me about it..." my dad said... finally believing in me. Mom also sat down, took her cell and phoned Elizabeth to come right away. We waited for Liz to come... who thankfully was nearby at a friend's house. For the next half an hour or so I told them all about how Lynn and I see Ry and all about how he behaved and all... I could see the colors that appeared and faded from their faces. By the time I was finished with my story they all had gone all pale.

I finally told them how I saw Ry and how he behaved and why he was at that house.

I finished my story and lay back on the chair. It was so quiet that u can even hear a pin drop...

" we will talk about this in the morning... right now we need to process all this... It's a huge shock for us" mom said looking pale and her voice shaking...

They said goodnight and went to sleep... Liz stayed with me... I sat next to her and laid my head on her lap... she gently moved her fingers through my hair... I fell asleep... still thinking of Ry...


Lynn's POV

Justin and I sat at the bench in the park... our main topic of the conversation was not about our relationship but about Ry... jus was one of the many guys in the school who admired Ry... when Jus first came into town 5 years earlier, he was scared and frightened... he had heard about the racism and was scared that someone might harm him...

On the first day of school no one would approach him or talk to him. Everyone stayed away from the "new Asian kid" jus was quite withdrawn when suddenly a boy same age as him came up to him

"Hi... I'm Ryan... my friends call me Ry... do you want to call me Ry." little Ry asked sitting next to jus... it was the start of their friendship... They became friends... but not that close.

"Lynn... Are you sure its him" jus asked.. he was laying on my lap and I was moving my fingers through his hair.

"Yes baby, I'm sure it's him" I replied.

"So what are you going to do...? He is going to live next door." He replied... his eyes closed. Obviously enjoying what I was doing.

"I'm going to get to the bottom of this... that's what I'm going to do" I replied.


Mikes POV (I really wish they had devilish font I can use here)

I was walking around the room, confused and scared...

"How can it be... how is he alive? How can he escape? I killed him... how can he be alive" I thought to myself...

"Will he tell everyone about this... will he ... oh my god... I got to kill him" I thought as I hit the wall with my fist... then turning around and hitting the mirror...

"That's what I am going to do... I'm going to kill him... again" I thought to myself as an evil smile crept across my face..

"School starts in almost a month... That's when I'm going to kill him..." I thought to myself as I observed the blood flowing from the cuts in my fist...

The smell of the blood is so sweet


Jason POV (we can't obviously forget him... can we???)

I was also at the restaurant when Ry dropped by. I was sitting at the very back but I could see the people entering... when Ry entered the shop my eyes bugged out and I went completely cold... he had blond... Almost white hair and I felt that I have seen an angel... I heard the talk between him and Lynn and I was purely shocked... I was still in shock when he left. The whole restaurant went into a complete silence and it seemed as if everyone was paused... even the cashier was half way in giving the cash and paused and the customer was half way and paused.

It was almost a few minutes before the first sounds came and then the whole room burst into the sound of silent murmurs and I don't think anyone else had anything more to talk about then about what they saw a few minutes ago.

I quietly stood up... still shocked and quietly went out of the mall.

"Is this god finally giving chance for me to set things right."

Ash's POV.

I sat up... was it all a dream? I thought then I realized that I was in a hospital room. I quickly got off the bed and went out. Dad was sitting at the chair in front of the room.

"Dad how is Ry..." I said as soon as I saw him

"He is still in the operating room... No news from him till now..." He said sounding a little down...

"Your mom and Mary went to the Ronaldinis house to get things ... Bri went with them" he said making me sit next to.

Doctor in-charge of Ry POV

I was just getting off my duty when the call came. Usually I don't take cases that are out of my duty time, but when I saw the boy I could not find it in my heart to leave him. He was looking so vulnerable, so broken but still handsome and childish.

"Get him to emergency ward ASAP" I said as soon as I saw him. They quickly rolled the kid to the emergency ward. I quickly changed into my scrubs and entered the emergency ward.

I quickly went and observed his wound. It was not good. I quickly took an x-ray... it showed that his skull had cracked and from the experience I had... I knew this meant that he was having major internal bleeding.

In a few minutes the ward was filled with nurses and a few doctors and in a few minutes and a major head surgery was underway. I felt that I really needed to save this boy so unlike other patients I was really careful about this boy. The head surgeon carefully drilled and took the operation to his hands. Things were looking good for this boy... I thought to myself.

Bri's POV

Mom and I were tired and mom wanted to take some clothes with her to the hospital so we decided to go to our house for a while and then get back to the hospital. As we neared the house gate we saw a figure sitting at one side of the gate.

"Mom... who is that..."I asked as we got near the gate.

"I don't know Bri" mom replied herself trying to recognize the dark figure sitting there.

As the cars headlight fell on the figure he raised his head... And bam... I felt light.

"mom... its its...oh my god mom its Steve..." I said as I opened the car door and bolted out of the door...

"STEVE WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN" I yelled as I ran up to him and hugged him... I felt him hugging me back.

"I'm sorry... I missed you guys so much... I just came to catch a glimpse of you guys... You guys must hate me a lot" he replied sobbing...

"no Stevie... we don't hate you" mom said as she got near us.. Mom wrapped her arms around both of us and hugged us tight.

"Never ever...ever leave like that ok... you got that" mom said as I left the group hug and mom hugged Steve...

"What's wrong if you are gay? You are still our son... We love you... So don't ever do that again" mom said sobbing.

"Mom... I love you" Steve said sobbing and hugging mom tighter.

Mom led Steve into the house and sat him down on the chair. Under the bright clear light I could see that he had gone thinner and he was wearing really old and dirty clothes...

"Steve... Where have you been" I asked sitting next to him

"Here and there... I don't know... I always kept running but never leaving the state... I did some jobs like helping people clean things and move things and like that to feed myself and at night I slept at random places... there were some crazy people who tried to take advantage of me , but I knew much better to protect myself."

I helped Steve into his room. He was a little taken back to see that the room was already occupied by the things in it.

"Who is staying in this room" Steve asked as he looked around the room.

"It's a long story...let's get you cleaned up and then I will tell you about it" I said as I pushed him towards the bathroom... Silently thinking how he will react when he sees Ry...


Doctor in-charge of Ry POV

I watched as the chief surgeon cleaned up the wounds and put on the bandage and stich up...

"ok it's a success" he said removing his mask...

"I never thought that this kid will make it... but miraculously he did it... the nurses started to move out and before we knew it... the room was empty and me and the chief surgeon were the only two in the ward.

"love I think we pulled this kid though" the surgeon said as he removed his mask.

"Ya I know ... it's a miracle" I replied as I hugged my boyfriend...

At that moment the monitors started beeping alerting that the patient's heart has failed.

"Oh shit" I said and jumped toward the bed...

"Holy shit... He is not breathing and his heart is failed and I think... I think he is dead..." I said as I pushed the red button on the monitor sending an alarm to the doctor's lounge alerting every available doctor to come to the ward...

Ash's POV

I was sitting outside the emergency room when all of a sudden a huge group of doctors came running towards the room... I was more afraid to see them get into the emergency ward where Ry was being held... Jeff quickly grabbed one of the doctors...

"What's going on" he asked as the doctor came to a stop...

"the kid who just was brought in... he is dead" the doctor replied and freed himself and went inside...

I felt the darkness settle over me...

To Be Continued...

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