A Love Story

Written by Reese Williams


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1.     My laptop... that lovely thing passed away. ( I know this is a common lie writers tell but I swear to god that my laptop was damaged and was not even in a state to be used, even with care), anyway so every time I had to use one, I needed to borrow my aunts laptop. As I am in the closet I can't just type away a gay story in front of her!!!!!!!!!!

2.     New education, more advanced topics and struggling to keep the results high... Don't believe me? Ask mike... ahoy mike... u are now my spokesperson.*puts my hands behind the head, relax and give out a loooong breath.* yup... paradise...

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Ok moving on...


McElroy Family

Ryan (lead character)

Gary (Ry's bro)

Elizabeth (Ry's step sis)

Lily (Ry's step mom)

Tucker (Ry's dad)


Lynn (Ry's best friend)

Justin (Lynn's BF)


Mike (villain) XD


Ronaldinis Family







Milton family



Ash (Ry's new Boyfriend)



Chapter 12


Doctors POV

I felt my blood run cold as the monitors continue to make the emergency sounds. I turned around to find the surgery doctor (Adam) standing there with a sly grin on his face. I felt my temper rise.

"What the hell... This kid is dying... worse dead and all you can fu**ing do is smile" I yelled with hate in my voice although he was my Boyfriend.

"Phil... Cool down... the kid is ok..." Adam replied still calm.

"WHAT THE HELL... are you bloody deaf? Can't you fu**ing hear the beeps" I spat out.

With a sympathetic and a teasing smile on his face, he pointed towards the kid's chest. I turned around to find the wires that were hooking the kid to the machine removed, most probably by another doctor or maybe on its own.

"Those wires are disconnected Phillips, this happens usually. Last week, the hospital manager's kid was in surgery with manager watching, when the monitors started to beep, we had to sweep the kid off the operating table and put the old man in his place. It was hilarious." He said as he walked past me and hooked the kid back to the monitors, which showed an extraordinarily good reading for someone who went through such a major surgery. Then walked over to me and hugged me.

"So baby that's why they teach in medical school to trust your visuals more than these dumb old machines," he said releasing me.

At that instant, the doors opened and the teams of doctors flooded into the operating room. The first one was the hospital's lead surgeon.

"Why the hell are you guys just standing there? For the love of god start the emergency procedures." He yelled as he quickly put on the surgical gown.

"Oh don't worry ben... its Bessie acting up again," Adam said.

"Oh you mean it's happening again? Come on... When are they going to replace it?" Ben said as he slowly removed the half-worn gown.

"Don't know... but it's a lot of fun. Phil here just was on the point of breakdown..." Adam replied laughing.

"You mean all you guys, but I know about this?" I asked trying my best to sound hurt.

"Yeah" Ben replied, then started to shoo off the other doctors out until it was just Adam and me.

"So are you mad at me?" Adam asked as he walked over to me and nested his head next to my neck.

"Yeah... That means no chance for you to get me into bed tonight." I replied, pecked him on the lips and then started my way out of the room and into the doctor's lounge.


Jeff's POV

As soon as the doctor said that, I quickly turned around to find Ash falling forward and John catching him.

"Is he ok?" I asked running next to him

"Yeah... I think he just fainted" John replied after checking his pulse.

By then the nurse at the nurse station was aware of what was happening so with her help we quickly picked up Ash and moved him into a nearby room. John and dad decided to stay there. After that, I came back to my old spot to see a doctor emerging from the Operation Theater.

"Doctor, when you can be able to hand the body over to us. I don't think autopsy should be done on him" I asked the doctor.

He looked and me and then asked in a surprised tone.

"Body? Whose body?"

"Body of the kid who just died, your patient" I replied a little pissed off.

"Oh... that... it seems that we had some problems with the machine. The kid's ok... in fact he seems to be recovering after than most patients who had undergone such a surgery." The doctor replied with kind smile.

I was so happy that I hugged the poor man so hard that I actually cut off his oxygen supply. After leaving him from my death grip, I asked for permission to go in and see Ry.

"On usual circumstances we do not allow any one inside the Operation Theater. But this seems like an exceptional case so you can go in. but please don't touch anything and make sure you do not step on any tubes that are running on the ground." The doctor said as he started to go towards the nurse's station.

"Wait I did not catch your name doctor" I suddenly said.

The doctor turned around and then smiled. "It's Phillips" with that he moved towards the nurse's station and I moved into the operating Operation Theater. There was a small ICU unit in the Operation Theater, separated from the main operating area and Ry was kept there.

I moved towards the bed, careful of all the tubes running on the floor and stood next to the bed. Ry seems more paler and his small frame seemed to have shrunk further. Some of the blood was still dried on his forehead, most probably waiting to be wiped off before he was to be transferred into a room.

I tucked a strand of blond hair that had fallen over his head and then stood there staring until a nurse came in.

"Sir, I need to clean up the patient, can you please move out," she said in a friendly voice, much friendlier than the nurses you usually meet in a hospital. After looking at his face for a little while longer, I moved out of the room after giving the nurse a kind smile.

Then I went into the room where Ash was kept. When I walked in, he was actually sitting on the bed crying.

"Where were you?" dad asked as soon as he saw me.

"In the Operation Theater, that reminds me, I am sure Ry will be expecting us when he wakes up" I smiled through my tears.

"You mean he is ok?" dad asked me and without waiting for an answer, he hugged Ash as hard as he could. Then John hugged them both. It ended up as a four-way hug as I also joined them.

After talking for a bit, dad and John went out to get something from the cafeteria and fill out the necessary forms and things like that.

Ash got lost into a deep thought as I kept talking.

"So jenny and I decided to adopt a purple orangutan and then raise it as our baby," I suddenly said to see if he was still listening to me but he did not even hear what I said. Therefore, I touched his knee and suddenly jerked out of his thoughts.

"What were you thinking about?" I asked in a caring voice.

     "What made Ry lose his balance and fall?"  This was something I also did not think about.  

"What were you doing when Ry fell down?" I asked

"I was... Oh my God... I was hugging my cousin. Do you think...."

"I think so... yeah...i think he saw his past rolling again in front of his eyes." I said.

Ash suddenly broke down into tears. "So I... I am responsible for all this...god why can't I do anything right, I do not deserve him"

I quickly hugged him. "Don't worry Ash, you didn't mean to hurt him, you didn't do it on purpose"

After a while he finally fell asleep and I laid him down and sat next to him, stroking his hair. After a while dad and John came in with some food they picked down at the cafeteria and were a little disappointed to find Ash asleep.

"Why did you have to put him to sleep?" dad asked

"He fell asleep on his own. He was emotionally drained" I replied.

We ate and sat there until a nurse came in and told us that Ry was moved into his own room. I spent the night at Ry's room to see any movement from him, although the nurse told me that he was heavily sedated.

When morning rolled in I found myself drooling on a side of the bed. I moved and stretched only to find that I was hungry. That instant dad and John walked in carrying two paper bags.

"Why did you have to let him fall asleep? We bought him food" John said as soon as he entered the room.

We sat around eating for a few minutes before a nurse came in and told us that Ry was moved to his room and one of us could stay. I decided to go.

Ry was cleaned up and looked just like a little boy when I entered the room, his small figure was buried in the dense comforters and sheets of the bed, his skin was paler than usual due to blood loss and his blond hair and blue eyes just brought out the little kid in him.

I sat down on the chair and sat there watching him. When morning arrived, I was drooling on side of Ry's bed.

After going in to the bathroom to do my business and some other things (blush) I sat down back in the chair.

A few minutes later, my phone started to ring. I looked at it to find that mom was calling me.

"Hey mom" I said answering the call.

"How is Ry?"

"He is now ok" I replied.

"Ok... We are coming around 10 and we are bringing someone with us" the tone my mom used was not ok.

"Who is it?" I asked preparing for the worst; maybe someone from Ry's family came to know about Ry.

There was silence for a few seconds than mom replied. "It's Steve"



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