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Chapter 13


Jeffery's... wait that's wrong... sovwy.. Jeff's POV

I do not know how long I stood there not saying anything.

"Really?" I asked... still in a daze

"yes... right now he is asleep... but we will be bringing him over as soon as he wakes up" mom replied really excited.

"Did you tell dad about it?" I asked

"No... only Bri and I know about it... it was too late to call anyone... When I called your dad's number his phone was turned off, then I thought about calling john...But I decided to call you" mom replied still in her freakily high pitched and hyper voice.

"Ok don't tell anyone about it... when you come to the hospital... Make Steve wear something like a large cap to cover his face... Plus, make sure to call me... ok..." I said slowly and silently... an evil smile making its way over to my face.

"Jeffery Hilbert Ronaldinis what in the world is going on in that evil and devilish mind of yours you evil little child of mine... and partly your daddy's... but that's a small part. Anyway what the hell is going on in your mind young man?" mom asked in her authorized (with a lot of) hyperactive voice... my mom used this kind of language when she is really happy... (And sometimes when she... never mind)

"Mom.. God... do not tell me you did weed again...you know better than to smoke marijuana... Old woman!" I replied with an evil tone...I missed joking on with mom like this... ever since Steve got lost she kind of like lost her happy half.

"Come on son... tell me!!!" was my mom's reply.

"Just something evil... now come on" with that I ended the call.

"Now it's time to lighten up the mood" with that I laughed in my evil voice... which sadly ended with a lot of coughing.

"Now... Time to put phase 2 into action...and dear god... now I have to... I mean we have to find a new identity for Ry" I said talking to myself... some of my mom's hyper activeness transferring to me.


Ry's POV

I felt light headed. There was a lot of pain and I felt someone sitting next to me. Moreover, I was thirsty.

I carefully and cautiously opened my eyes to find Jeff sitting next to me, searching something on his phone.

"Jeff" I said in a small voice... I still felt tired and my mouth was dry

Jeff suddenly looked at me and then pressed the call button, then hugged me hard.

"Oh Ry... Ry how are you feeling... I am sooo sorry... I thought we lost you," Jeff said shaking... I could feel wetness on my back.

"Sorry... you shouldn't be... ash should be... he was the one who cheated on me." I said still in my dry voice.

"Oh Ry... You should really think before concluding something... you see... You actually saw Ash hugging his cousin... and I do not think ash is into incest..." He replied chucking...

"I feel like an idiot" I replied... with my own waterfall starting.

"Oh don't be... ash wants you to be ok... he is still in the hospital..." he replied.

"So what were you doing with your mobile when I woke up...watching porn...?" I asked to lighten up the mood

"No.. I was looking up for a new name for you... although I was doing that a little earlier" he replied

That instant a nurse came in...

"How are you feeling?" she asked.

"Fine I guess." I replied.

She then asked me some questions and the proceeded to take some readings. I turned to face and continued my conversation with Jeff.

"So why were you looking at names?"

"Oh... That's where the plan `duplicate terror' comes" he replied with an evil gin on his face and then started to laugh in an evil tone. Which sounded more like someone was choking on something. I looked at the nurse for some help.

"oh it was you? All this while we thought a stray cat choked on something," the nurse said looking at Jeff and then turning around and giving me a wink. It was the nurse's and my turn to laugh.

"so can you walk now?" she asked.

"are you mad? He just had a major surgery... "Jeff replied.

"oh no... it was a minor one.. the doctor was worried about internal bleeding and some other things... the scans and bla..bla..blaa's showed no problems... in fact... if your blood test results are normal we can discharge you... let's see.. .sometime in the evening. However, as there are stiches... You cannot go back to your `teenage regular life' for like 3-4 weeks." She replied with a slight smile and then left.

"now what the hell is going on... what's going in that evil and devilish mind of yours you sly old...don't let me continue... just tell me what is going in around your mind!!" I asked...

Jeff proceeded to tell me the plans.

After he told me what his plan was, he pushed me to the end of one side and then sat comfortably on the other side.

"so what do you think of the plan?" he asked relaxingly.

"I think its bloody brilliant" I replied.

 We sat there waiting for the call, just joking around.


Gary's POV (we just cannot forget Gary... Right... *gun pointing to your head... say yes... say yes... bohahahaa)

I woke up next morning on the couch alone. Mom was making some breakfast in the kitchen and by the silence in her work.. I can assume that dad was not around. After going to the toilet and taking care of my needs in both toilet and the bedroom, I went down to the kitchen to find making some noodles.

"Hey mom" I said silently as I sat down

"So... are you absolutely sure of what you told us last night? I mean it's like a really big bomb you dropped on us last night" mom said as she continued to work on the food.

"Yes mom ... How many times do I have to tell you? Let me call Lynn" I said as I stood up and took my phone from my pocket. Standing was necessary due to the tight jeans that I was wearing.

"Lynn... hey... How are you? ... ummm can you come down here for a second... ok see you in like 15 minutes... ok ...bye ... Take care..." with that, I ended the call.

"You can ask her when she comes down here," I said as I sat back down


Ash's POV

I woke up next morning very fresh but still with a huge hole in my heart. I sat down on my bed to find dad and Jacob asleep in the chairs on both sides of the bed. After quietly getting down from the bed, I went into the toilet to take care of my morning businesses. I came out of the toilet to find dad awake and talking to someone on the phone. When I entered, he was just ending the call

"That was Jeff... he asked us not to come to Ry's room till he says so... he did tell that Ry was awake... he needs to explain what happened last night." Dad answered the question that was I my mind.

I sat down next to dad and we talked about god knows what until Jacob woke up. From there dad went into the toilet while Jacob and I continued the conversation. After a while, dad returned and we three sat down talking... after maybe an hour and a few meals from the hospital dad's phone started to ring.

Dad talked to him for a few minutes before he ended the call and then proceeded to tell us that Jeff was going out for a second and we had to go into Ry's room.

Dad, Jacob and I walked out of our room and into the corridor to see Jeff walking out of Ry's room heading to the nearest exit.

I went first into the room to find Ry on the bed totally under the blankets. I watched him from the door.


Ry's POV

I could feel ash watching me and I had to control myself from not laughing aloud, thinking of our plan ahead. Ash sat down next to me and then rubbed my head... more like rubbed the blanket.

That instant Steve came out of the toilet and in a totally dramatic way shouted "not again"

I just could imagine the look on ash's face. 

That instant I pulled back the covers and in the same tone yelled. "Yes again"

Ash looked at me and then back at Steve than to my amusement he fell to the ground unconscious.

That instant both pops and John ran into the room... looked at us and then stood there gawking at us... not even looking at poor ash who was face down on the ground.

Steve moved next to them, looked at them, and then took both of their hands... their reaction were the same as Ash's. Unconsciousness + extreme love for the ground

We both laughed and Steve moved next to me and sat down next to me.

"We are going to have so much fun," he said wiggling his eyebrows. I gave him a high five.

That instant Susan and Vince stepped into the room.

I looked at Steve and then gave him a wink. He replied to me with an evil smile.



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