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Although the hen's story is 100% real. Oh and just for the record, It is true that I was born on a Tuesday at 2:43Am.



my blabbering

(the way to keep my fantasies alive)


I just learned that i was born on a Tuesday at 2:43Am.blame it on my mom for hiding my birth certificates. That reminds me. On my birth CERTIFICATE, they wrote my father's name wrong. Now as i think of it... it does arise some suspicions. I will go talk to my mom...

 Me:- "Mom.. Why is dad's name written wrong in my birth certificate? In addition, why do my sister and brother get to carry dad's name while I do not. That reminds me... Why don't I have a last name? 

MOM: - "Why are you holding a fake birth certificate E..."

Me:- "Don't. Mom do not say my real name ... you know I go by Reese When I am online. This was just a stunt I pulled on to show that you dated. So why a dating prohibition on me? Answer me young woman"

MOM: - "I was 21 when I got married. 22 when the great devil was born"

Me:- "You were 22 when I was born. Well I guess the devil and I are brothers, anyway according to the original marriage certificate you were 19 when you got married."

MOM:- "Well... then wait till you are 19 to date. Now do not disturb me. I have to cook lunch"

Me:- "But mom... you are eating lunch"

Mom (hits on the forehead. Then an evil gin):- "Ok mister. I guess we can talk about the condom I found under your bed while I was vacuuming then... Come on... sit down"

Me:- "Uhhhh... I just remembered something... I will be right back"

(Running away to Far East, then avoiding mom for eternity)

(Comes back home after 7 hours)

. Dad is standing inside the living room. A banana and aluminum foil of some sort in front of him. Great, here comes the talk. Bees and god knows what... I have to get away...

(Running away to Far West)

*note to self.   Never let your Best Friend to bring anyone to your room, Even if it is his girlfriend. Oh and make sure you vacuum your room yourself... and make sure you keep the window shut tight. The hen is still out there.  Oh and just hide all the bananas in the house and if it is possible everywhere on earth.

Real fact. I never had `the talk' with my father or anyone else. YES, was difficult for me. Try waking up at the age of 12 with `a tent' and not knowing where it came from until you are 15.

Oh and many of you have showed a lot of concern over my "reese5753" account's latest status. So just to make it clear for you GuyX, It is just a status and I am perfectly fine. It's just me being me, don't worry.


Ok back to the story.

Chapter 14


 Ry's POV

After a lot of laughter and jokes and a little bit of being lectured later, we all were feeling fine. Steve then proceeded to tell us how he ran away and how he spent the last few years doing small jobs and staying away from police. As it turns out Steve had been secretly coming home, or more like standing outside and watching others.  Last night what happened was Mary and Brian returned home in a different time. (Usually, the Ronaldinis's have a schedule time, like a freaking school bell... always on time). He was not happy that he was caught at first; right now, he was more than happy. After a lot of hugging, Jeff spoke up.

"Ok now for phase ... Let us say next phase... anyway... so let us decide on a name for Ry over here... we cannot have two Steve's running around. Not these two."

"Ok how about...Marcus" I spoke up

"Nope... does not suit you," Jeff said.

"How about...Gabriel... I always wanted to name one of my children Gabriel" mom spoke up

"Nope. I don't like that name" pop said

"And I just remembered why I could not name a single one of them Gabriel" mom said pouting

"How about Jamie" Ash spoke this time.

"I was once bullied by a kid called Jamie you know" Brian said

Then like a miracle, all of us said one name at the same time

"Jayson" we looked at each other and smiled.

"So Jayson Ronaldinis it is," Jeff said

"Oh no... its Jayson Milton, he married me so he had to take my family name" Ash said seriously.

Jeff and Ash started to argue why I could not be Ronaldinis and why I could not be Milton. I sighed, lay down, pulled the covers over my head and went to sleep.

This was going to be a long day.

When I woke up Ash and Jeff were sitting on the sofa engrossed in their mobile phones.

"So you guys decided who I am going to be?" I asked rubbing my eyes.

They looked at me and Jeff said.

"We reached an agreement on `Jayson Milton-Ronaldinis.  your identification cards, birth certificates, passport and driving license will arrive soon"

I looked at him, shocked "and how on earth are you going to get me a fake identity?" 

He looked at me, smirked and then said, "Let's say I have ways. These are 100% identical to real ones because they are real ones"

"Ok Jeff anyway... So I do not know how to say this more... let us say I don't know how to beat around the bush on this issue so I am going to say it straight out. Get the hell out of the room so I could get all mushy with my Boyfriend... or more like hubby that is," I said winking at Ash making him blush.

Jeff made a gagging sound and then got out of the room. As soon as he got out Ash came and flopped down next to me and I laid my head on his chest. From there we drifted on towards our own world where we discussed about god knows what. I tried to remember what we talked about or what that important topic was that we discussed for 3 hours straight... but what I remember is Ash stroking my hair and giving me occasional kisses. This was what being in love is like.

They kept me in for another 3 days because of some allergic reaction to pain medicine and to make sure the wounds were healing properly.

When I entered the Ronaldinis house after coming from the hospital, I felt really peaceful and calm and a feeling that I cannot explain. Maybe escape from the disgusting hospital food. YUK.

I moved out of Steve's room despite his protests, because he had lived in that room more than me. After moving to the room next to his room I arranged my room like the one I had back home. Pops even bought new furniture for that room and when we were shopping, I even got some posters and other sorts of decoration. It was decided that Steve would move to our new house when we start school and will also go to school. Pops wanted to buy new furniture for that house but I convinced him to make it cheaper by taking the furniture I had with me.

Within like 15 days, I was back to my normal state. Now the house was full of laughter happiness... and the smell of teenagers (come on... u know how it smells)

Maria was more than happy to cook for an army of teenagers. She tried new types of food like Mexican, Italian, Indian and my favorite Korean food. Every day she cooked or experimented something new and we enjoyed it.

My relationship with ash got stronger, stronger, and happier. Our love life was in full blossom and we enjoyed our time more than anything else we did. If we were not 17, I am sure he would have asked to marry me... or more like dragged me and married me. Of course, that would not be a forceful marriage because I would have been more than happy to marry him.

Jenny had to move to another city because of her college and Jeff was moping around like a lost puppy. If he had a tail, I am sure it would be dragging behind him on the ground.  But he tried his best not to show his suffering and all. He was always trying to appear happy and all, although he did a terrible job at it.

Time dragged by so did our lives. Before we knew it we were moving into our new house. We moved all the things into the new house. Steve and I were now more like twins and we liked to play with others head. Sometimes I would act as him and he would act as me.  Others were always fooled by our acts and we loved it. Onetime Ash actually kissed Steve on the lips thinking it was I. but as soon as his lips touched Steve's lips he jerked away and then looked at me and then in an evil, jerky voice said "you are so going to pay for this". YES. I had someone who knew me inside out (no comments)

There were 5 rooms in total and we had 5 of us in total. Brian, Jeff, Steve, Ash and me. As soon as we stepped out of our house Jeff turned around to address us.

"ok listen guys. Right now and in the future, I will be in charge. Therefore, you will listen to me always. We are going to have some rules and regulations. You are going to follow them or I am going to kick your asses hard. Rule number one is, you are not allowed to being in anyone without asking me first. Rule two, no form of fighting. If you have a disagreement, solve it with your mouth. Ash and Ry I am not talking about kissing or sucking your faces or blowjobs. Third rule, from this second onwards, there is no Ryan. There is only a jay or more like Jayson Ronaldinis. Ash I am sorry but there was some problem and they could not print out Milton" 

Jeff snickered and Ash was more like cool and laid back. He knew this was going to happen. We all got into our cars except for me; I got into Ash's car, as I had no car and Jeff lead us out of the Ronaldinis grounds and into our new house.

Within a short time, we were parking next to our new house. There were four garages and the house looked nicer than last time. Someone must have done more work, repainted the house, and repaired even small areas.

When we got out Jeff gave us our keys and then he unlocked the door and went inside. Ash put his arms around me and we got in. the house smelled like roses and the electricians had done a marvelous job of putting in new lights and repairing the air vents. All the rooms were in the second and third floor. We climbed to the third floor where my room as located. Next to my room was Ash's room and in front of my room was Steve's room. Bri has his room on the second floor and so did Jeff. He had taken the master bedroom that had a large balcony (although each room had one) and a bath with Jacuzzi. All the rooms had their own bath, for which I was grateful, as I did not have even the smallest fantasy to run around naked.

Although Ash had his own room, his belongings were in my room. The movers had kept his suitcases and other things together with mine as instructed. We were going to share a room and I was more than excited.

After putting away the useless stuff such as clothes and other things Ash propped down onto the king sized bed and I followed his lead. The only difference was that I decided to use Ash as a pillow, we both kept staring at the ceiling. This was something I enjoyed about being in love. You can do something really boring and still enjoy it.

I looked at him. He was lost in a deep thought.

"What's wrong baby?" I asked rubbing his chest

"Nothing, J. it's just... I don't know... how are we going to do this? What if you get hurt?" he asked rubbing my dyed blond hair.

"Don't worry; it's going to be fine. So do you want to grab something to eat? I am starving," I said playfully.

"Ok... we can't cook... so how about we go and take out something from McDonalds or somewhere like that" he replied.

"How about going to the McLaren's? It's a local place but I just love the food there." I replied with a huge smile.

"Ok... let's see if anyone else wants to go" he replied.

In the end, Steve agreed to go. We could not ask bri and Jeff, as they were asleep in their new beds. We all got into Ash's black BMW and I gave him directions to the McLaren's.

When Ash parked the car, I was a little shocked to see a familiar car parked next to our car. It was Gary's car. I looked at Ash.

"Ash, that's my brother's car. It means that he is here," I said pointing to the car

"Ok... So do you want to go back? We can come back later. I can understand if you don't want to face Gary" he replied hugging me.

"No this is something I have to do. We cannot progress in our work if we back down. I have to let go of my fears and do this" I replied letting go of him and looking at him

"Ok baby. As you wish. How do you want to do it?" he said looking at me.

"I don't know," I said looking at him.

Just then, I saw Gary coming out from the front doors, lost in his phone.  

"Ok, first I will go out, then you then Steve. Ok!" I said looking at him and then back at Steve. He gave me thumbs up. I kissed Ash, took a deep breath and then got out.

I took my mobile phone and acted as if I was doing something serious in it. Gary himself did not seem to be aware of the surroundings. As we, both drew nearer, my heartbeat got faster. Just as he was going to pass me I `accidently' got in his way making him to bump into me and making both our phones to fall to the ground. He was still looking down.

"Oh.. I am sorry," I said, trying to look sorry.

When he heard my voice, he quickly jerked his head up and looked at me. I was scared for a second, then I quickly tried to look cool. I bent down and took both phones and gave Gary's phone to him. He still seems to be in a shock, his mouth wide open.

"I am really sorry; I wasn't looking where I was going. If there is any damage I am going to pay for the repairs," I quickly said.

He still did not utter a word.

"Hi, I am J, Jayson Ronaldinis, I am new in town" I said thrusting my hand forwards for a handshake. Gary looked at me and then took the hand and shook it.

"I am Gary, Gary McElroy," he said in a whisper."

Right then Ash walked in and stood next to me.

"Oh and this is Ash, Ash Milton, he is my boyfriend. I hope you are not a homophobe," I said as Ash wrapped my hands around him. And then shook Gary's hand

"Oh I am not a homophobe" he replied. Then he looked behind us and turned pale.

Steve walked next to me and stood there next to me.

"Oh and this is my twin brother Steve, Steve Ronaldinis" I said. Steve put his hand out to shake but Gary did not respond this time.

He was staring at me and then at Steve.

"you in there" I asked a little amused and a little scared.

Gary looked at me for a second and as his brain processed what I was saying he shook Steve's hand.

"Gary honey, where are you" someone yelled from behind him.

I looked over his shoulder to find Mom there. As soon as she saw me her eyes went big.

I was so not ready to face this.


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