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I would like to thank Mike

 For the countless things he had done for me in the past year. Countless in the sense I cannot actually, really count them all... You helped me through some difficult situations and through some embarrassing situations as well. You are one of the best ... (Let me correct that)... You are the BEST human being I have ever come across in my short life. You are truly a friend I would like to keep forever... even if had to cuff you. *runs to find the cuffs...

Love you



Chapter 15

Ry's POV

Mom just stood there staring at me and I could not do more than stare at her. I could see that her belly was a little bigger. She was really pregnant. I knew I had to do something or else all the work I had put in would go to waste. So I did the hardest thing I did so far. I stopped myself from hugging her or calling her mom.

"Hi, you must be Gary's mom. I am J... Jayson Ronaldinis. " I said thrusting my hand out. Cautiously she took my hand and then gripped my hand hard.

"Oh and this is my twin brother Steve and next to me is my boyfriend Ash Milton." I said letting her hand go. She shook their hands and then just kept staring at me and then at Steve, as if she knew one of us was Ry.

I started to get uncomfortable, Gary must have sensed it "mom you are supposed to introduce yourself" he said silently.

Mom looked at Gary and then she broke out of her thoughts.

"Oh I am really sorry. I am Lily. I am still dating Gary's dad. We were going to get married in November but now it's postponed to next march." She said. "Sorry for staring at both of you... it's just we lost someone really close to us a few days ago and you reminded me of them." She said with tears in her eyes.

`I am so going to kill mike for making my mom cry' I thought with venom in my inner voice.

"I am really sorry for your loss. Do not worry; I am sure he is in a better place." I said trying my best not to cry. "We are actually running late... please excuse us... we hope to see you later" I said and then shook their hands and waited for Steve and Ash to shake their hands as well.

We then continued to walk towards the building. Right before the door closed, I looked behind me to find mom looking at me.


Lily's POV

I was truly shocked. He was just a mirror image of Ry. He had to be Ry. I was just going to call him Ry when suddenly my eyes fell on the boy behind him. Again my eyes went big. Another Ry. I could not say or do anything.

Then he talked to me, that sweet sound that we all loved and missed. If it were not for Gary, I would have kept staring at both of them for ages.

After a short talk, they walked to the restaurant. I knew something was bugging me. I knew something was wrong, I knew I missed something. And then just before the door closed it finally hit me.

How did he know it was a `he' we lost?


Ry's POV

As soon as I got inside, I felt tired as if I had done a lot of work. If it were not for Ash who was right behind me, I would have collapsed on the ground. He wrapped his arms around me and we slid to a booth.

"Are you ok?" he said sitting next to me and putting my head in the crook of his neck.

"Yes... I think so" I replied inhaling his scent that always left me in a comfortable state.

"Do I smell bad?" he asked with amusement in his voice.

"For someone who hasn't taken a bath in like 3 months... you sure do" I replied playing along.

"Well... if I remember correctly we took a bath together last night and you gave me a wonderful b..."

Steve coughed to remind us of him. Ash and I looked at him. He had one of those evil gins on his face. Immediately I started to blush.

"Jeff was correct about your blowjobs," he said avoiding looking at our eyes.

If I had not blushed before, I sure was as red as a tomato right now.

"Umm hey J... that was your blood brother... right... same mom and dad... right... not adopted right" Steve said the blood brother part silently.

"Yeah... why?" I asked looking around for a waiter and not looking at him. "He is hot... right... like me" I said joking

The waiter seems to be a guy from my high school.

"I will have a vegetarian burger and some French fries with roasted chicken and a chocolate milkshake with a cherry on top," I said as soon as the waiter reached us.

Ash and Steve ordered something of their own; I was not sure what because I was engrossed playing angry birds on my phone.

"Die you green `A' holes." I said silently. Just then, Ash nudged me; I looked up to him to see him turn his head towards Steve.

I looked at Steve to find him blushing crazy.

"What's with him?" I whispered to Ash. "Was the waiter that cute?" I asked looking at the waiter to renew my ratings, as I did not find him THAT cute.

"I would rate him 7, that's a really low score," I said not giving Ash a chance to talk.

"I think Steve has a crush on your brother" he whispered.

I think my eyes actually bugged out of my eye sockets and my mouth went wide enough for a boing aircraft to fit inside it. Then an evil smile made its way over to my face, Time for a payback.

Before I could chant, "Stevy got a crushy on Gary" in a teasing voice Ash interrupted my plan.

"I swear, if you chant anything that would embarrass Steve I am not going to sleep with you tonight." He whispered.

I weighted the two choices. Payback for all the embarrassment within the last 5 months or 1 night without Ash, I finally decided that one night without Ash was too much. I ended up teasing Steve within my mind.

After we had out breakfast ( and Ash Stealing half of mine) we paid for the food (actually Ash did for all of us) and buying something for the two sleepyheads back at home we piled into Ash's car and took off for our house.

As soon as we got into the house, Steve went up to his room, Ash and I lay on the sofa and ended up sleeping, Ash hugging me tightly.


"NO" Jeff said for the third time.

"pleaaaaaaaaase Jeff" Steve and I said in a whiny voice.

"Come on guys. We should wait for like a few days to settle down before we go to the amusement park," he said still reading the paper. 

"Not with us" I silently said enough for Steve to hear then I took my phone out and dialed pop's number.

"Steve put the phone down." Jeff said looking at me.

"Nope" I said amused that he could not differentiate between Steve and me.

"Why not" he asked clearly pissed.

"because I am not Steve" I said sticking my tongue out.

"Ry... I mean J put..." before he could complete the sentence pops answered his phone.

"POPs... Hey..." I said and then stuck my tongue out at Jeff.

"Hey Ry... Why are you calling me at this time?" he asked, clearly busy in office.

"Poppy this is Stevie, Jeff is being a mean and not taking me and J to the amusement park," I said whining like a 4 year old, and then winking at Steve.

"Give him the phone" dad said, clearly annoyed.

"Here" I said giving Jeff the phone.

"Yes dad... No dad... Ok dad... Ok dad... yes dad... Ok dad... Love you dad... Bye dad..." Jeff said, then ended the call and looked at me. "you are so dead" he said trying to look serious but failed to hide the smile on his face. "Get ready in 30 minutes..." he said smiling.

"yipeeee" Steve and I said jumping up and down.

"And make sure you wear your diapers" Jeff said before he started to run up the stairs. That clearly clouded our sunny mood.

30 minutes later, we were all piling into Jeff's car. Jeff was driving and Brian riding shot gun. Steve was sitting in the middle and Ash and I occupied the last row as usual. It was a 3-hour drive so Steve lay down on his seat. Ash lowered our seat so it was flat and then we both lay down. Ash took my phone and started to read the messages he sent to my phone and I started playing with Ash's hair.

"And no blowjobs" Jeff yelled from the front seat. Steve started to laugh hysterically. Before I could say anything Ash suddenly gasped.

"Oh yeah J... that's it baby... don't stop... yeah right there... oh yeah" Ash said his eyes closed and a smile on his face. Then opened them and kissed me.

"Gross, get your butts out of my car," Jeff yelled from the front and Steve started laughing so hard that he fell from his seat with an audible thud.

Jeff and Bri had enough of our jokes or were lost in the mental image of Ash getting a blowjob, they shut up for the rest of the trip and I ended up falling asleep in Ash's arms.

"Baby wake up. We are here," Ash said kissing my forehead then my nose, then my lips and then my chin and finally my neck, where he ended up sucking for a few minutes.

"A hickey to show to others that you are mine" Ash said kissing my lips again.

"Yeah just do not end up pissing all over him," Steve said from the front seat.

We did the best thing we good do in that situation. We ignored him and continued on kissing. 

When we finally got out Jeff had already bought passes. We quickly got into the changing rooms and changed into our swimming clothes and we were all set to go.

"so where should we go first?" Jeff asked as we put our regular clothes into the locker we were assigned.

"I would love to go to the monkey ride. How about we go first to the water disco? I want to dance first" I said excitedly. One thing I learned within the time I spent with Steve is that we both rather had the same behavior and we thought a little bit alike. So as soon as I said that Steve started to jump and we both took off running holding each other's hand squealing like a bunch of girls.

If I had turned around, I would have seen Ash and Jeff shaking their heads and bri... Well, him eyeing the half-naked girls that went by and also Mike, Liz, Lily, dad, Lynn, her boyfriend and Mike entering the Park.

As soon as we got into the `disco' Steve and I started to dance. Grinding against each other and moving our bodies to the music. However as soon as Ash got in I moved next to him and started to dance with him. The water spraying around us soon made us wet and our shirts and shorts stuck to our skin. Soon Ash and I were both lip locked with each other as we moved to the music.

"Ok that's enough dancing, let's go for something else." Jeff said.

"We just got here," Ash, said hugging me and bringing me closer to him.

"Yeah... like 30 minutes ago. Come on... Let's go to the other rides," Jeff said as he pulled Steve and Bri out, Ash kissed me one more time and then scooped me up in his arms and carried me outside.

"ok let's go to that ride" Steve said pointing towards a water slide. A HUGE water slide.

"LETS GOOO" I said as I jumped out of Ash's arms and ran away yet again with Steve.

"Wow this must be like thousand feet" I said as I looked down.

"You know that you are 17... right... u shave and have pubic hair... right," Jeff said as he stood back, waiting for his turn.

"Yeah. Whatever. When I was 12 my mom was like too...you know... and she never took us to a place like this... So I can be as excited as I want" I said as I stuck my tongue out.

"I might decide to bite that tongue out" Ash said as he sat behind me, his legs stretched, his arms around me and his spooning behind me.

"you can anytime" I said as Ash hugged me and then kissed me behind my neck.

"ready, set GO" I said as we slid down the slide. When we slid down what a feeling it was. The rush of air around us and all the adrenalin release and the water gushing towards our face. Finally when we reached the bottom it was the most exciting as we plunged into the water.

"NOW THAT WAS A RIDE," Ash said as soon as he got his head out of the water.

"Want to try the wave pool," I asked excitedly

"Anything you want baby" Ash replied kissing me.

This time I ended up dragging Ash behind me as well as Steve.

Wave pool is a round pool where the water swirls around like a whirlpool; the only difference is that this does not drag you inside.

"YAYYYYY" I yelled as we jumped in. there were other people in this and were yelling their lungs out. Ash quickly grabbed on to me and stuck me to his chest.

"enjoying?" I asked Ash

"YUP" he replied and then started to yell at the top of his lungs, temporarily making me deaf.

After a while the pool stopped and we got out.

"I feel dizzzzy" I said as I climbed out and started to walk like a drunk.

"Let's sit down there," Ash, said walking ahead of me and walking towards a bench where Steve was already seated. I shook my head, my eyes closed and crashed into someone. I opened my eyes and my eyes bugged out.

"Gary... right" I said as I stuck my hand out.

"Yup..." he said as he shook my hand. "ummm... you are J or Steve" he asked a little embarrassed.

"Oh sorry... I am J... its ok... people always confuse between us both..." I said as I swayed around a bit.

"Are you drunk?" he asked a little amused

"Nope... just went on the wave pool ride," I said. Just then, mike and Lynn together with some guy I don't know came behind Gary.

"Hey Gary... they said the wave pool is..." mike started to talk and then stopped as soon as he saw me.  Lynn also looked at me, she did not look shocked, however the guy next to her was surely shocked.

"umm this is mike... next to him is Lynn and her boyfriend Justin" Gary said. Justin, oh that did ring a bell. I knew him but long time no see so I guess I forgot about him.

"Hi I am J. Jayson, over there Is my boyfriend Ash and next to him is my twin brother Steve, we did bring my older brothers Jeff and Bri, but guess they are running behind the half-naked girls, not everyone is gay like me" I said laughing and then shaking their hands. When I shook mikes hand, I wanted to do nothing but squeeze his neck as hard as I could.

I swayed and almost fell down Gary caught me in time.

 "umm... can you help me till the bench" I asked a little embarrassed.

"Sure" Gary replied and then walked me till the bench with the others following us.

"Hey Gary" Ash said as soon as Gary set me down next to Ash. Ash quickly wrapped his arms around me.

"Hey Ash, hey Steve" Gary said shaking Ash's then Steve's hand. When Gary took Steve's hand Steve blushed a little bit and refused to look at Gary.

Ash was right after all.

"Ash, Steve, this is Lynn, Justin and Mike" I said pointing to each of them, When I said Mike Ash Tensed behind me, however when I looked at his face, it showed his regular expression.

"Hey" He said as he shook everyone's hand.

"So you guys here fir long? Maybe we can move together," Mike said after a bit awkward pause.

"Sure" Ash said before I could refuse.

"Ok, we will ride on the wave pool and then we will join you guys" Gary said as they walked towards the pool.

"Why did you say yes?" I asked as soon as they were far away enough.

"If we refuse they might suspect, that's why" Ash replied as he pulled me to his chest.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the closeness.

"Let's sit next to that wall," Ash said.

We walked over to there and sat down, leaning against the wall and I lay my head on his thigh and steached my legs and then closed my eyes. Steve Sat next to Ash on the other side.

I guess I fell sleep because the next thing I knew was Ash calling to me.

"J, baby wake up.. Time to go" as soon as I opened my eyes he leaned down and kissed me on the lips.

I around to see Gary and the others looking at us, I did the only thing I could do. I blushed.

"You guys will get used to it. Trust me... they both kiss more than their heart beat. If you guys hang around us you guys will see them lip locked always." Steve said as he walked in front of me and stuck his hand out to help me stand up. I took it and stood up.

"So you guys from around here," Gary asked as we walked towards another ride.

"Nope, we live on the next town. We used to be homeschooled but we decided to experience high school and so here, we are. We had to move out of our house. Mom and Pops and my future in-laws bought us a new house," I said as ash wrapped his arms around me.

"Future in-laws... u mean" Gary said looking at me.

"yeah, this guy over here proposed to me under the Eiffel tower, more like a commitment, we are waiting for me to be 23 and the we will get married." I said as I looked at Ash and then moved to kiss him; I do not know how long we kissed.

"Ok, I get the picture, they kiss a lot" Lynn talked for the first time and then ended up bursting to laughter with the others while Ash and I stood there amused. I noticed that Mike was not laughing.

"Yeah, yeah enough laughing" I said Ash and I walked towards the next ride.

We all walked around and rode on different rides for a long time, surprisingly I was comfortable with Gary, Lynn, and even mike and they seemed to be comfortable with me, except for mike, who looked nervous as hell. 

I looked at my watch to find that we had 2 hours until closing.

"Hey guys we want to ride on the Ferris wheel and other `dry' rides on the other side. So we will be leaving now" I said

"Oh... we will also go, my mom and dad are already there. Let us change and then we will go" Gary said. Mike looked as if he wanted to run away.

We all walked to the changing room where we found Jeff and Bri talking to two girls. We all then got inside and changed our clothes and when we walked out to find Gary's gang outside, mike however was missing. Jeff and Bri walked away with the two girls who themselves changed their clothes.

"Hey guys, where is mike, waiting for him?" Steve said as we walked up to them.

"umm no, he was sick so he went home, he came here on his own car" Gary said.

`Yeah the same car he tried to kill me with' I thought to myself.

We all walked to the Ferris wheel. Ash and I climbed to the first one, Lynn and Justin to the next one and that left Gary and Steve who climbed into one.

"Now that's a payback for him," I said to Ash.

He looked at Steve, then laughed a bit, and then pulled me to his chest.

The Ferris wheel started to move and we rose up. The incredible skyline was visible and as it was close to sunset, the sky was lit up with a soft orange glow. The clouds were colored in different colors. Orange, Yellow, Red and purple and other mixed colors.

When we reached the peak, it was an awesome sight. Then we started to move down and then with a buzz, the lights on the wheel went out and the wheel stopped moving.

"What's happening?" I asked moving away from Ash.

"Don't know. Might be a small problem, do not worry" Ash replied pulling me towards him yet again.

After a while, still there was still no movement.

I pulled out my phone and dialed Jeff's number. He picked up his phone on the third ring.

"Hey, where are you guys?" I asked. 

"Definitely not in the Ferris wheel, Heard the electric cables to that just melted, the people on that are not going to get down anytime soon" Jeff said laughing.

"So where are you guys?" Jeff asked.

"Umm... on the Ferris wheel" I replied quietly.

"Hehe... serves you guys right" he replied "call me when you get off" he said then cut off still laughing.

"So I guess we are stuck here," Ash said, he must have heard what we were talking.

"Any regrets" I asked putting my phone inside my pocket.

"Naah... not when you are here" he replied and then started to kiss me.


Steve's POV

I was shaking inside when I sat with Gary in the Ferris wheel, and when it stopped, I was almost ready to jump out.

Suddenly my phone started to ring. I looked at the caller ID to find it was Jeff.

"What?" I asked as soon as I picked it up.

"You won't believe what happened to Ash and J, they are stuck on  the top of the Ferris wheel, the cables are melted and they won't move anytime soon" Jeff said laughing and really pissing me off.

"Jeff can you see the Ferris wheel right now?" I asked calmly

"Yeah" he said as he stopped laughing.

"Look at the car at the top.. Right at the peak" I said.

"Ok" he replied.

"Now can you raise your hand?" I asked, looking out but hiding so he could not see me.

He raised his arm and I spotted him near a hot dog stand. I stuck my hand out and did something I really wanted to do. I flipped him off.

"Oh My God..." He said and then started laughing. I ended the call and put the phone into my pocket.

"Who was that?" Gary asked, with a little smile on his face.

"My ass of a brother Jeff" I replied

"Umm can I ask you a question?" Gary asked. I nodded my head and looked at him.

"Why are you so skinny? I mean thinner than J. you live at the same house right?" he asked.

"oh that... umm well I kind of ran away from my house when I was like 15 or something and I lived off around doing small jobs and things like that. I returned home just a few months ago when J was in hospital, back then I was thinner," I said looking at him.

"J, in hospital, Why?" he asked, his eyes narrowed.

"He fell from the stairs like 5 months ago and hit his head hard. And there was a cut and a lot of blood" I replied calmly.

"So tell me about you" Gary asked and then looked down blushing. Now this was getting interesting.


Gary's POV

 Steve looked exactly like my brother except for the blond hair and the blue eyes. I was actually attracted to him, I do not know why but I felt like I had a crush on him. I know I was with mike but we were not like serious boyfriends. I asked Steve to tell me about him, he started talking about him and I felt myself holding to every single word he was saying.


Ry's POV *ouch JEFF! Ok J's POV

It was very dark when the wheel finally started to move under emergency power. The guy at the foot continued to apologize to everyone who was sitting at top and offered hot dogs to everyone who was at the wheel. There was no light so it was still dark.

Gary said that he wanted to call mom and dad and then walked away.

"So do you want a hot dog?" Ash asked hugging me.

"Yup, but I am a little tired" I replied sitting down in a bench.

"Ok you sit here Steve and I will be right back" he said before he dragged Steve towards the hot dog stand. I pulled out my phone and started to text Jeff.

"umm Steve I wanted to say something to you" Gary said as he stood next to me. it was dark so he could not see my clothes and so he thought I was Steve.

Talk... hmm... time for a payback Steve

"yeah" I replied sweetly while standing up.

"ummm... I don't know how to say this but... I really like you... Want to go out for a date next Thursday?" he asked.

"I would love to, call me ok" I replied sweetly and then gave him Steve's number. `karma is going to be a bitch for you Steve' I thought to myself

What Gary did next shocked the hell out of me. he leaned down and kissed me full on the lips, flashed a huge smile, winked and then ran off.

My phone buzzed.

I looked at to find a text from Ash

`Karma's a bitch baby. For making me kiss Steve... LOL  XD'

`Great, kissed by my brother in front of my boyfriend.'

I thought as I wiped my lips with the back of my hand.

`What's next?'



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