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Reese Williams


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Chapter 16

Ry's POV

"ASSOLE" I said again.

Ash started laughing again.

"Come on that's the fiftieth time you said that in the past 30 minutes" Ash said looking at me, trying to look innocent.

"Yeah... and I am going to say it like forever... I soooo hate you" I said from the back seat.

As soon as Gary kissed and fled Ash came over and started to tease me. On top of that, 5 minutes later Jeff and Brian arrived and they started to tease me. Poor old me. Steve is the only one who is on my side and I know that only because from the moment he came he had been blushing so hard that if we were in a grocery store, someone would mistake him for an overly large tomato.

When we exited the park and started piling into our car, I quickly got into the back seat and locked the doors before Ash could get in. he begged and acted like he was crying but I avoided him. I wanted to laugh because I myself found being kissed by my brother amusing but I did not want Ash to find that out. We were having our first disagreement and proper fight and I loved it. In the end, Ash got in with Steve and started cuddling with him only to be rewarded with a hit on the head and a hard glare. Steve immediately divided the seat into two areas and threatened Ash that if he crossed the area he would face the consequences. I would not be surprised to find nuclear materials on Steve's side.

"Baby please" Ash said looking over the seat not looking even half innocent as he wanted to look like.

Before I could say anything Brian spoke up. "yeah he must be missing all the blowjobs" and then started laughing.

"Ash baby, why don't you ask Bri to give you a hot blowjob" I said with a seductive smile on my face. Brian started to cough. Before he could recover and start cussing at me, I quickly plugged in my headphones and then cast a sweet smile at Bri and Ash who were a little pissed off.

As soon as we got home, I quickly got out and went into Steve's room and as soon as he entered, I locked the door.

"What was that for" he asked as soon as I turned around.

"Well, mainly because I wanted to run away from my boyfriend and also because I want to ask you something." I said without an expression on my face, man was I trying hard not to gin.

"Then ask the question" Steve replied with a faint voice filled with worry.

"Are you going to be my BRO IN LAW?" I asked squeaking and jumping up and down like a girl.

Steve looked at me crazy then shook his head in wonder and then quickly got into the toilet.

Boy was I disappointed, the least he could have done was answer my question.

"J, open the door" Ash's knocking brought be back into the land of living.

I quickly shred my clothes and wore one of Steve's shorts and opened the door.

"Ash what the hell are you doing?" I asked trying to look sleepy and pissed off at the same time.

"Oh Steve, where is J?" Ash asked worried. So much for recognizing the one you love.

"He is in the john, lavatory, bathroom, toilet whatever you call it, now would you let me sleep?" I asked trying to look and sound pissed off.

"J what the hell are you doing?" Steve asked as he came out of the toilet.

 Realization spread over Ash's face and before he could say or do anything, I shut the door at his face and then turned around.

"Sleep over" I said in a high-pitched voice.

"No J, whenever you and Ash has a fight or he is away, I am the one to suffer, I can't tolerate one more day with that fat ass of yours," Steve said as he got into his clothes.

"Come on Steve, you don't really do not mean that, do you?" I asked trying to look hurt.

"Yeah I don't mean that" Steve looked at me trying to look understanding.

"Thank you Steve" I replied, relived that I found a place to crash, not they I couldn't go back to Ash, but still he had to suffer the consequences.

"But Still, you can't sleep over" Steve said and then literally threw me out of the room.

"So much for the understanding part asshole" I yelled at the closed door and then started to laugh.

"Man I always wanted to use that line," I said as soon as I controlled my laughter.

"So ready to get back into the room?" ash asked poking his head out.

"Sure, but do not tease me" I said before I walked in and shut the door.

A few minutes later, a naked Ash was thrown out of the room.

Mikes POV

I was shocked. Was one of them really Ry? I asked to myself as I passed around my room.

It would have been easier if I had finished him off when I had the chance. Properly. I thought as I looked at the broken mirror.

`Ry is going to suffer, so is that doppelganger and that Boyfriend.' I thought to myself as an evil smile made its way over to my face.


Gary's POV

I was really confused. Why was I attracted to someone who is an exact copy of my brother? What if he is my brother, thoughts like these kept swimming around my head and to tell the truth I had bit of a headache due to that.

The door opening startled me, I turned my head to find mom entering the room

"Mom, is anything wrong?" I asked as she came and sat next to me.

"It's about those kids we met; don't you think they look just like a copy of Ry? How can it be possible?" she said, looking directly into my eyes.

"I don't know mom," I said as I looked back at her. I could see and feel her sadness. She might not have been our biological mom but she loved us more than that a biological mom could love.

"Do you think one of them is Ry? Our Ry?" she suddenly said startling me.

"I don't know mom, I really don't know," I said as I got lost into my own thoughts.


Lynn's POV

It was hard to stay around them and not say anything. Gary had already told me about his encounter at the restaurant so I was not that shocked. However, the shock to see two Ry's was something I could not have avoided. Sadly, I forgot to tell Justin about it and he almost fainted.

I can forget myself, I can forget every other thing in the world, but there is one thing I can never forget and that's Ry. I know we had been friends for only 4 years, but that time was enough for me to identify every single move Ry makes.

 Today I could surely say that the one with Ash was Ry. His signature moves like how he coughs while holding his right hand in front of his mouth and when he is done he stretches his neck with his left hand are familiar with me. In addition, when he is bored, he would yawn and when he is yawning, his left ear would twitch and when he is done, he would clench his hands and then leave them. These are all familiar to me and I definitely saw J do that more than once, to be frank every time he yawned or coughed.

More over his eyes, if you do not know what to look for you would say that his natural eye color was Blue. However, I know what to look for and what to avoid and I can surely say that his eye color was not blue and was a brown that is same as Ry's. However, Steve's eye color seems to be naturally blue.

The final clue was how Ry kept looking at Gary. I could say his tongue almost slipped a couple of times but he caught it just in time.

I rolled in my bed to face the window. The full moon was completely visible and the wonderful scenery before me brought me a little calmness and pace. However, questions kept bugging me.

Why didn't Ry return after escaping the crash? It is not like he or his parents cannot afford to pay the fines for speeding.

What was he hiding or running away from?

The last thought in my mind as I slipped into dreamless sleep is that I must talk with Mike about this.


What happens next? Will Lynn talk to Mike?

Find out on the next chapter.

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