A Love Story

By Reese


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Chapter 2

Tears fell freely down my eyes I ran out of the front door and got into my car. My heart was shattering and it felt like somebody was punching holes in my heart with pins. Somehow I started the car and made my way towards the lake.

It was almost 3:30 when I got there. Tears which started falling almost an hour ago were still continuing to fall. I made my way over to a large tree and sat leaning against the tree. Why did mike do it? I kept thinking over and over again. How long have they been doing it and does mike really love me at all? These thoughts kept swirling inside my mind.

I have no reason to live. It turns out that I really didn't know mike. He has been my friend for 5 years and turns out what I really knew about him was very small. I kept crying my eyes out.

I have to know. Did mike really love me? Why did he cheat on me? Why am I crying when mike cheated on my back? I wiped my eyes. I won't cry for him. I had to know the truth.

I made my way over to my car and drove over to my house. Gary's car was gone but mike's car was still on the drive way. I got out of the way and made my way over to the house. Mike was sitting in the living room and as soon as he saw me enter he jumped from the couch and came running and hugged me. I had no intention of hugging him so I kept my arms as they were.

"How long?" I asked in a quiet voice, trying my best to control my anger.

"how long... what baby?" he asked still not letting me go.

I lost my anger then, I pushed him away with all my might and he stumbled backwards, stunned and shocked. "Don't you baby me!!!! How long have you been fucking my brother??" I asked slowly and in harsh, angry voice that I did not know I had.

"What are you talking about?" he asked still shocked but trying his best to cover his actions.

"Don't you fucking lie to me!!!! NOW TELL ME HOW FUCKING LONG HAVE YOU BEEN FUCKING MY BROTHER?" I asked in a louder and a more harsh voice, tears falling uncontrollably from my eyes.

It was either the harshness in my voice or the anger radiating from by eyes in an awe he replied "a year and a half" it was after he said that he realized what he said.

"Does he know that you are..... Correction you were my boyfriend?" I asked glaring into his eyes

"No" he replied in a quiet sound.

With tears still streaming down my eyes I turned around.

"Why the hell did you do it mike? I thought you loved me! Was I not enough for you?" I asked quietly sobbing.

"It wasn't about love Ry. it was all about money, your money. If I don't get it from you I will get it from Gary" mike said in a totally relaxed tone.

"it's Ryan McElroy for you and do you think Gary will want anything with you after I tell you about this" I asked turning around to face him.

An evil smile crept over to his face and in a totally different voice he replied. "Oh I think he will want to continue with me. Do you really think I will let you tell him all this. You know my secret now I have to kill you" with that he started coming towards me.

I was a good 20 feet away from him so as soon as he said it I bolted outside through the front door which I did not close. I quickly got out of the door, then I closed it as hard as I could and quickly pulled the door handle upwards, doing this I jammed the door and it will take enough time for me to jump in my car and drive away. As quickly as I could I jumped into my car and drove away as fast as I could as I crossed my neighbor's yard I could see mike finally opening the door and jumping in his car.

I quickly thought about what I could do. I quickly reached into my pocket to take my phone but then I remembered that my phone is back at house. Darn! Bad things just wait to happen on the worst days.

I thought about where I could be safe. Uncle jack!!! That's it!! Uncle jack is the sheriff and he can help me. I quickly change the route from nowhere towards uncle jack's house. Uncle jack lives 2 hours away from us and to get to his house I had to go through 1 and a half hours of uninhabited area. I was driving at 80m/hour a 30% increase on the approved speed limit. I was half way to my destination when suddenly mikes car showed up behind me.

He in a high speed came and hit on my car. It was just a small hit with no force so nothing happened. Next he came with more force and hit on the side of the car. My car slid out of control. The road I was travelling was on a small hill and the area next to road was very steep. A river ran at the foot of the hill. My car went over the wall at the border of the road and started rolling down the hill. I was wearing the seat belt so I was held on to the seat, however occasionally my head would hit on the side door. By the time the car made its way into the river I was bleeding badly and my vision started to blur. The car fell into the river and the car started to fill with water. I quickly undid the seat belts and did the only thing I could do to make someone alert that I was in trouble. I pressed the SOS button manually put into the car GPS board by my brother. Pressing the button sends a distress message to Gary's phone and a small red light on the car starts to glow. I can't remember why I did not press the button at the first place, maybe I was a little too frightened after my boyfriend attacked me.

I quickly tried to open the door but it was jammed. The car was quickly filling up with water. Maybe my car was meant to be my grave...

Gary's POV

Darn it!!!! I always forget to take my phone with me. After mike and I had sex I forgot to take my phone with me. Shit!!

I was sitting in my favorite fast food restaurant waiting for my burger to arrive. Then after that I have to go over to a friend's house.

It was almost 7 when I finally got to my house. Mom and dad's cars were parked outside but I could not see Ry's car. Maybe he parked it in the garage. My little bro can be strange sometimes but that's the reason I like him. "mom I'm home" I said as I closed the front door behind me and took off my jacket.

"Kitchen honey" came the voice of my mom.

I made my way to the kitchen and was surprised to find mom and dad still dressed in work clothes, which means that they just arrived from work and were too hungry to change the clothes. Mom was in front of the stove cooking something and dad was sitting at the table reading a magazine.

"And where are you coming from young man?" my dad asked not breaking looking away from the magazine.

"from a friend's house" I replied sitting down

"where is Ry? is he still in the room?" mom asked as she filled my plate with noodles and turned to fill hers and dads plates.

"I think so. Should I call him?" I asked putting the fork I took back down.

"Yes he will be disappointed if we didn't give him call him for noodles" mom said sitting down. "We will wait"

I made my way upstairs into Ry's room. The door was closed. I was not the type of guy who would just barge into someone's room so I stood outside the room and knocked on the door. No one answered so I opened the door. The room was empty. That's odd; he is usually home at this time. I thought to myself as I made my way back downstairs.

"Mom he is not in his room" I said as I entered the kitchen. "Maybe he is at my place" mom replied. "I will call him" mom said as she took her phone and dialed Ry's number. "That's odd his phone seems to be shut off I will just call Elizabeth." Mom said dialing another series of numbers. "Hey Liz how are you?" mom said. After a few minutes of listening she said. "im sorry I didn't go over this week. I will make it up for you next week. Umm tell Ry to come back home coz I just cooked noodles and tell him his brother is warning to eat his share!" mom said winking at me and smiling broadly but then her smile faded and she said worryingly "what? He is not there? Ok bye" mom quickly disconnected the call. "call mike's place" I said drinking some orange juice. Mom dialed his number and talked to mikes dad for a few minutes. It was clear that he wasn't there either. Mom started making calls to all his friends and dad started to call the parents of Ry's friends. After a few minutes it was pretty clear that he wasn't at any of those places.

Mom started getting more worried and so was dad and I. mom quickly called uncle jack, the sheriff. He was nearby and he was knocking on the door a few minutes later. We tried Ry's phone again and again but his phone was shut off. Jack told us to get into his SUV so that we could go to some places he usually went. Mom and dad went and got into the car. I remembered that my phone was upstairs so I told them to wait. I ran upstairs. As soon as I got into the third floor I knew something was really wrong, my phone was alarming a siren notifying me that there was an SOS message in my phone.

With shaky hands I took my phone and was suddenly shocked by what I saw. My heart started beating faster and my hands started to sweat, in red letters where these words.

`Help me, I'm in an emergency- Ry—car-001edf'

This was sent from the small GPS unit in Ry's car. I myself installed it for him and particularly asked him to press it only if his life was in danger, and now it seems that he was in danger. I pulled myself away from the stillness and ran downstairs. I was not even out the front door when I yelled "Ry is in trouble" uncle jack caught me as I slipped I started to cry uncontrollably and jack started to calm me down.

"Gary what's wrong? How can you be so sure that Ry's in trouble" jack asked me in the calmest voice.

Sobbing I told him about the SOS message. He himself stated to get worried and in his eyes I could see that he himself was scared. He made me get up and I got into back seat with mom and dad got into front seat with uncle jack. We started to look for Ry's car on the roads then suddenly an announcement over the police radio caught our attention

"A car is spotted in the river north of the lambent road. Police car already on the scene- backup police teams please head over to the scene and block the roads within a mile radius."

"Quick ask for a description of the car" I quickly said taking my head off from mom's shoulders.

My uncle took the mouth piece and spoke into it "control, please give a description of the car" he was told to wait for a few minutes and then the sound came over again.

"It's a blood red mustang, registration number unknown because it's fully submerged under the water"

Mom started to calm me down as I started sobbing uncontrollably, telling me that it could be someone else's car. Uncle spoke again into the mouth piece.

"Damage information please"

This time a different voice came over "umm it's pretty bad. If the driver wasn't wearing any seatbelts I would say that that person wouldn't have even a single bone uncrushed. The car is still in the water. We are preparing to take the car from the water. Only when it's surfaced we can say the real damages. According to the person who found the car more than 20 minutes have already passed after the even when he found the car so chances of the victim being found alive is... well nil." That was the worst and the saddest sentence I ever heard. The controlled tears started to fall and mom also could not hold back her tears.

In about 10 minutes we arrived at the scene. The first glance I got was the car being pulled from the water and when my eyes fell on the registration plate my heart fell and I started to sob louder. "t..h..a...that... that's his car" I managed to say. With that mom started to cry and tears started to fall silently from dad's eyes. The car was carefully kept on the road and medics hurried over to the car. Jack also got out and went over to the car. He opened the door. That was all I could dare to see. I quickly dropped my head and continued with my hysterical sobs. After a few seconds the car door opened. I looked up and saw uncle jack in a daze. He looked directly into mom and said

"Lily... The car... It's ... It's empty!!!"


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