A Love Story

By Reese


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Chapter 3

Gary's POV

When uncle said those words the tears automatically stopped. I just couldn't do anything. Just these words came to my mind which I said out loud like a mad man.

"Maybe he was not in the car when the accident happened, maybe he escaped just in time or maybe he is at a friend's having a good time unaware that we are worried about him"

Uncle sighed and then replied in a soft voice "Gary I would love to say those words and I would do anything for that to happen but there is blood inside the car, there is hair struck into the glass where someone hit hard. The front door's glass is shattered and we believe either he broke out after the accident or after the accident he was thrown into the window which shattered it as the current is high here maybe his body flowed away with the current. We are not sure if he was wearing the seat belt while the car crashed so in this case we can't estimate injuries that Ry got. If he was wearing the seatbelt there is a small chance that he will survive but if he wasn't may be he would already be dead by the time the car stopped rolling. We are not sure that if it was Ry in that car. It could be anyone. We are not even sure if he was alone or with someone. Maybe he lent the car to a friend or something. So we are taking the blood and the hair sample for DNA testing." My uncle said not able to look into my eyes. Tears were swelling in his eyes.

"Was the accident caused by someone or was it his fault" my dad spoke for the first time.

"We are not sure about that. The man who saw the car falling down was at a lower altitude so he could not see the road properly. According to his account the car was travelling at a very high speed and his direction was towards my house. If we put this together maybe he was in some kind of trouble and was driving to my place to seek help or he was just driving fast without any reason." My uncle replied looking directly into my father's eyes.

"Why don't you guys go home and relax. I will call you as soon as we find something else take my car, I will hitch a ride from a fellow officer" my uncle said as he turned around to go towards the shattered remains of Ry's car was kept.

"uncle I want to see the car" I said jumping from the seat

"I don't think that's a good idea Gary, inside of the car is worse than that of outside and we are collecting evidence right now,  maybe later but not now."  My uncle replied after turning around.

"Now go home and rest. Please. I will call as soon as I find something else" uncle yelled aver his shoulder as he made his way back to the wrack again.

"I think he is right. Let's go home and rest. We can come back later" my dad said and he opened the door and went around the car and got into the driver's seat.

The drive home was quiet with silent sobs escaping from mom and I. Dad occasionally shifted and raised him arm from time to time as he wiped his tears away. As we were nearing our house I suddenly asked.

"Mom, do you think Ry will be ok!"

She waited for a few minutes and then replied in a soft voice. "I hope so. He is a fighter. I remember you telling me the story of him falling into the swimming pool when he was five and being under the water for more than two minutes and your dad rescuing him and him being hurt not the slightest" mom replied silent tears still making its way down her eyes.

When we got to the house I directly went to my room and fell into the bed still crying. After a while I fell asleep. I saw a dream. In the dream I see myself sitting in a car. I turn my head towards the driver's seat and I see its Ry who was driving the car. Suddenly the car makes a sharp turn and the car starts to fall into a bottomless pit. I woke up screaming my whole body wet with sweat. I cried again this time praying for him to be all right. I could not sleep after that every time I try to go back to sleep I see Ry's car which was all shattered. After I saw Ry's dead body once I did not try to go back to sleep, I did not want him to be dead. I wanted him alive and well. I can't live without him, he is not just my brother, he is my friend, the one who share his secrets with me and the one with whom I share my secrets with me. I promised that I will not let anything happen to him.

I lay awake all night remembering the fun time we both had when we were young. I kept remembering the times he would come to me to get my help. I kept remembering the sweet innocent face of 5 year old Ry when he came to me after a kid pushed him, tears running down his baby cheeks. I kept remembering Ry's smile.

I was so lost in my thoughts that I did not notice the sun raising. I was pulled away from my thoughts when suddenly my alarm clock started ringing. With a sigh I made my way into the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked horrible. My face looked tired, my eyes were red and puffy and my hair was a mess. I had no intention of looking good so I brushed my teeth, took a bath and made my way down into the kitchen. Mom and dad were sitting on the kitchen table, they looked tired and their eyes looked red and all puffy. They were still dressed in their yesterday's work clothes.

"Hi honey" my mom said without the usual glow in her voice

"Hi mom" I replied in an unemotional voice.

"You guys slept?" I asked as I sat down.

"No. we didn't go to bedroom. We kept waiting for Ry to return or your uncle to call" my mom replied taking a slip from her coffee.

"Why don't you guys go, take a bath and come back. You guys are still dressed in yesterday's clothes." I said making my way towards the coffee maker.

For the first time I think they realized they were dressed in their work clothes. They stood up and took off towards the bedroom. I did not want to go to school today so I made myself a cup of coffee and sat down. After a few minutes the phone in the living room started ringing. I ran and took off towards it.  I quickly answered it.


"Hello Gary this is uncle jack. I have some news. Where is your dad?"

"He and mom just went to take a bath. You can tell me whatever you found"

"Well the DNA reports came back. It's a match, it's his blood and the car, its wracked so badly we couldn't find any evidence suggesting  that it was a deliberate act of someone." Tears that stopped flowing from started falling again and I could not find my voice. I started to sob. Mom came running towards me and I sat on the floor. My mom took the phone receiver from me and started to talk. I did not hear what she was saying because I was too lost thinking about Ry.

"Honey its ok. Please talk to me" mom said hugging, tears running down her cheeks.

I remember mom trying to calm me down and dad telling me Ry is going to be ok, then darkness.

I opened my eyes and noticed that I was lying on the couch. I looked at the grandfather clock and saw it was a little after 2. For the first time I noticed mom sitting in the couch, asleep. Being quiet not to wake her up I went into the kitchen. My hunger after all gave its way. I had a quick snack and went back into the living room. My footsteps woke up mom; she rubbed her eyes then smiled at me although she looked like a mess.

"You woke up" my mom said standing up.

"What happened to me? I remember crying and then... Nothing" I asked sitting down.

"You fainted dear. All the stress and those things" mom replied looking directly at me.

"Any more news on Ry?" I asked breaking the eye contact

Mom sighed and then replied. "I'm afraid not. Your uncle did not call back but he said that the police are going to search the river for him" mom replied as tears slowly start to make its way down her cheeks again.

We stayed like that for a few minutes and then mom went to her room telling me that Elizabeth was coming over. I stayed in the same position for quite a while and then I had a sudden urge to go to Ry's room. I made my way over to his room and opened the door.

Ry's room was what you call a typical boy's room. Dark blue walls, light blue curtains, green-blue bedspread and white carpet. A queen sized bed and a study table and a desktop computer although he has a laptop.

Sitting in his room I remember the time when he demanded dad that he wanted a room which he designed. He even blackmailed dad that he will move out if he did not get it. Ry has always had a way of getting whatever he want one way or the other. He loved causing trouble when he was younger and had the cutest smile I ever saw in my life. He had always shared all his secrets with me, his first crush, mistakes he made, new discoveries such as jacking off and... Something I promised not to tell but what did I do? Despite my parents being positive towards their children being gay, I never dared to tell Ry the most important secret of my life, the fact that I'm gay.

I sat there in his room bringing up the sweet memories we had together. I was broken away from my thoughts when suddenly the front door bell rang.

I made my way and opened the door expecting to see Elizabeth but I was met with the smiling face of Lynn. Lynn often comes to our house and she is like a sister rather than a friend.

"Hey. How are you? Where is Ry? He didn't come to school today and he is not picking up my calls, is that little fucker sick or is he pretending" Lynn said in her usual cheery self. As soon as I heard this I start to remember the dream I had last night and Ry's car and tears start to fall from my eyes and I start to sob. Lynn's smile automatically fades as she knows something was really wrong to make me cry like that. She helped me into the couch and sat next to me. I laid my head on her shoulder and cried. When I finished she asked in the softest tone I heard her use

"What's wrong Gy? Is Ry ok?"

In a shaky, soft voice I replied "I don't know" then I told her about the accident and about Ry being missing. When I finished it was time for me to support her. After a minute or two I couldn't control my tears and I started to cry with Lynn. That's how Elizabeth found us when she arrived at our house. She quickly dropped her bags and hurried over to us. She kept telling that Ry will be ok but she herself was crying. After a while I fell into a deep sleep.

Ry's pov (a few minutes after the accident)

I pressed the SOS button and I quickly tried to open the door but it was jammed. The car was quickly filling up with water. Maybe my car was meant to be my grave. Then I did something that they did only in the movies. I took the glass cube kept over the dash board flung my arm as hard as I could and hit the front door's glass window. The glass shattered and water started entering the car. For the first time in my life I thanked the god for making me short and slim because with a small effort I made it outside. I remember flowing down the river and making it on to hard ground after a few hours and lying on the ground.

The last thing I remember was a blurry angelic face over me and the words "oh my god. Stevie"  the last thing on my mind was "thank god... I'm rescued... but who the hell is Stevie"  Darkness  settles over as I lost my consciousness .


To Be Continued...

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