A Love Story

Reese L. Williams


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So here are the characters seen so far.


McElroy Family

                       Ryan-17 --------(Ry) lead story teller (5'7, 150 pounds, black hair, Black-brown eye, smooth skin, medium built)

                       Tucker-45  -----Ry's dad (6,4, weight unknown, dark brown hair , brown eyes, built )

                       Mother-41 -----Ry's 'biological' mother (black hair and black eyes)

                       Gary-19 --------Ry's brother  (6'2, dark brown hair, light brown eyes, Built)

                       Lily-39  ------- Ry's stepmom (5'9, Strawberry blond hair, Blue eyes)

                       Elizabeth-21---Lily's daughter (5'8, Blond hair, Gray eyes)


                       Mike-17------ Ry's So called boyfriend (6'3, 200 pounds, Red hair, Green eyes, built)

                       lynn-17 ------- Ry's only real best friend (5'7, Brown hair, Greenish blue eyes.

                       Jeff-22--------- (POSITION UNKNOWN) ;-)  (6'3, 200 ponds, Blond hair, blue eyes, Built to die for)

You guys might have noticed that the weight of ladies is not given. Where I live it is believed that it's not polite to ask a lady her weight XD. Funny RIGHT!!!!



Chapter 5

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(I know you guys want to know what happened with Ry but sadly right now...)

Gary's POV


Ry's memorial took place the following Saturday. It was a sad ceremony. Almost all the students of the school turned up with their parents and all the school teachers. I was surprised to see our elementary teachers and almost half of the neighborhood. The hall was packed full.

A slide-show was being played in the podium's background, which showed the happy memories we had with Ry. For the first time in my life I regretted something, for the first time in my life I wish if I were the person to die instead of someone else. Mom was crying her eyes out and dad was still in a shock. He haven't cried or said anything to anyone in 3 days. Mom managed to feed him something somehow. Mother, however was not even sad to hear about Ry. when I called her and told her about the news she just replied "so sad" without the slightest hint of sadness in her voice. When I asked her if she was coming for memorial she in the most annoying tone replied that she was `REALLY' busy.

The memorial progressed and before I knew it was time for me to talk. Groggily I made it to the podium.

"ladies and gentlemen thank you all for being here for Ry..."

 I told about the kind of person Ry was, Funny, caring, happy, joyous, cute, and numerous other adjectives. I told the audience about some funny times I had with Ry. I made the Crowd of sad listeners laugh once or twice by telling some stupid things Ry did. Before I knew it I was crying and laughing at the same time and there was not even a single dry eye in the audience. I ended my speech by saying that I will love and remember Ry till I breathe and will cherish his memory. It was after I stepped down that I remembered that I was afraid of giving speeches.

After me a girl from Ry's class stepped up to the piano and sang the favorite song of Ry, "Last kiss" by Taylor swift.

Some more fiends of Ry spoke about his behavior and some teachers and parents told the audience about Ry, surprisingly every single person mentioned that Ry was a model student, son, friend and a leader and it is a great loss that we are facing today. By the time everyone finished the whole hall was filled with the sound of sobs and sniffles.

After a few more minutes the crowd started leaving. I was surprised when Jason came towards me. From his face I could tell he was crying and I knew that he was a bully who always disturbed Ry. he stood in front, looking at his boots he spoke

"hi Gary, I know Ry and I didn't get along so well but I'm here to tell you that I'm really sorry for his death and I am sorry for every single time I hurt or bullied him and..."

That was all he could say. He started crying and tears started to fall down his cheeks, but still he continued, "I really liked him Gary, I really liked him, I wanted him, but I did not want that, I did not want to turn gay Gary, I wanted to be normal then the day before Ry's accident I got him into detention, when I got home I cried afterwards because I knew he never got into trouble or detention. I had a long talk with my dad and he told me that it's ok to be gay and no matter what he and mom will always love me. Then the next day I wanted to apologize to Ry, I wanted to tell him I loved him , I wanted to tell him I wanted to change but I was too late Gary, I was too late and now he is gone, he is gone..."

Jayson kept repeating on the same words. Then it dawned to me that Jason must be feeling much worse than me, what I feel for Ry is brotherly love and what Jayson feel for Ry is Romantic love and no matter what Jayson must be taking this harder than anyone else because he made Ry's life a living hell and lost Ry before he could apologize or tell him how much he loved him.

I wrapped my arms around jay and he leaned his head on my shoulder and started to cry openly. Deep down I knew jay is suicidal right now and I had to comfort him and take him under my wing because I knew he had no other siblings and friends, right now he needed emotional support and I was willing to help him. Rubbing his back I spoke.

"Jay I know how you are feeling right now. I am sure Ry will forgive you, I'm sure Ry never hated you because I never heard him say something bad about you. Now if you want to do something for Ry stop crying, change, make other's life happy, and have friends get a boyfriend and live a happy life."

"But who wants to be friends with me? Who want to hang out with a bully?" Jay asked still crying.

"I want to be, I know you are a good kid now, come over to our house if you want, I will be more than happy to have your company" I replied rubbing his head.

We spoke for a few more minutes and he calmed down. We made plans to meet the following weekend and we said goodbyes. As he walked away I looked at him. He sure reminded me of Ry.

After a few more minutes mom was tired so we all went home. Dad sat down on his usual chair, mom and I went into the kitchen to grab something to eat. We were startled by the sound of something breaking from the living room. We ran towards the living room and found dad crying with a broken vase next to his chair. I hugged dad and mom hugged dad. We cried ourselves to sleep in the couch.


Ry's POV 


I woke up with the sun streaming down on my face. I opened my eyes to find the most piercing blue eyes watching me, carefully. It was then I noticed that I was still in my angel's embrace.

"Hi angel" I stated rubbing my eyes with my good hand. It was then I noticed that I had a cast on my right hand and left foot.

I was replied with a deep chuckle. "What's wrong? Why are you laughing?" I asked looking into his eyes.

"Why are you calling me angel? Last night also my brother woke me up yelling that you were asking for an angel and when you were sleeping also you kept saying angel over and over again"

He replied brushing off the hair that fell over my eyes.

"Well you rescued me while I was dying and I don't know your name. so I will be calling you angel" I replied

"Well in that case I'm Jeff, Jeff Ronaldinis"

"You don't mean the J&J Ronaldinis do you?" I asked surprised.

"I mean the J&J Ronaldinis" Jeff replied with a light chuckle. 

I suddenly became aware that I did not know how long I have been here.

"How long have been here?" I asked

"Well 2 months, 1 week and 3 days to be exact. You were in a coma. When I found you were injured pretty badly and you kept repeating `don't let get him get me' over and over again so I was not sure who you were running from. So I did not alert the police and I took you here to my home and got the family doctors to treat you here. I still did not get your name." Jeff asked looking upwards and then snapping his glaze towards me.

"It's Ryan, Ryan McElroy" then I suddenly remembered about that night and about Stevie. "Who is Stevie jeff?"

I asked. It felt like it was not the right question. Jeff's happy expression suddenly changed to sadness. "I... I will tell you that later. Right now let me take a piss and give you a sponge bath." Jeff replied suddenly getting up and going towards the toilet.


Lynn's POV


Ry's death hit me like a huge brick. My one and the only true friend in this world was gone, After coming back from his house that I cried. My mom also cried with me after I told her why I was crying. I clearly remember the first time I saw Ry.

I was 13 at that time. I was dressed up in a skirt and a top for a party. I was pretty uncomfortable and I hated this type of dressing style. I loved T-shirt and jeans no matter what anyone said. I remember boys coming and complimenting how pretty I was. One cold stare was all it took to scare them off. I noticed a cute skinny boy looking towards me. After a few minutes he came towards me "Great here comes one more asshole" I thought to myself but I was quite shocked at what he said.

"I don't want to be rude but you look pretty ugly" he said looking directly into my eyes. That was it all it took. We hit off immediately and bonded in friendship. No matter how close we were I had no romantic thoughts toward Ry. when Ry was 15 he broke me the news that he was gay. Well that was another glue to stick our friendship and make our friendship more powerful. We joked around, looked out for cute guys and discussed about our lives. Our friendship was stronger than ever.

I kept remembering the fun times we had together. The first time I saw Ry was in a party and the last time I saw him was in detention.


Ry's POV

After Jeff came out of the toilet he gave me a quick sponge bath. Then we talked about our interests, football and soccer for a few minutes. Then he helped me into a wheelchair and we made our way towards the hallway.

It was what you call a GRAND hallway, a palace for kings. Ronaldinis were multi-billionaires and were known for their wealth. Due to this popularity their kids faced many problems so all their kids were homeschooled and up to today no one has seen any of their kids or even have an idea how many they have, but right now I'm standing next to the Blondie who happens to be the eldest lucky me.

We made our way to the end of the hallway and Jeff pressed a small button. With a tiny `ting' a door slid open from the wall out of nowhere. Jeff pushed me into the lift. As we were in the top floor it took some time for us to get down to the bottom floor so we engaged ourselves in a conversation. During the lift `trip' I told Jeff about myself, what I loved and what I hated.

"Don't be shocked, during breakfast our family is really active and are like animals gone wild" Jeff said as the lift doors opened. We went through double doors and in front of me I saw a large table, maybe enough for 10 or 20 people but there were only 5 people seated.

A man in his late 30's or early 40's sat at the head of the table. This must be Jacob Ronaldinis   I thought to myself. His face showed activeness and tiredness but he himself was still a handsome man. Bleach blond hair with sparkly blue eyes and rose red lips on a pale, highly defined face.

Next to him sat the woman who came to my room last night. She seemed to be in Jacob's age. Long strawberry blond hair with green eyes and small dedicate lips.  Next to her sat a small girl maybe 4 or 5. She herself was a cute kid, her mother's hair and her father's eyes. She was helping herself into a yoghurt cup. In front of the little girl was a boy about my age, dirty blond hair and blue-green eyes.

`What is with this family? Are they all super models? No wonder they never go out" I thought to myself as Jeff pushed me into the room. As soon as they realized I was there they stood up. Their faces showed surprise, confusion, happiness and millions of other emotions. As Jeff pushed the wheelchair next to the table a servant rushed into the room and removed the chair in front of me.

Jeff pushed my wheelchair into the empty slot. I became aware that everyone was watching me carefully so I blushed. They sensed my discomfort and looked away.

"Mom, dad this is Ryan" Jeff said as he sat next to me.

"Hi Ryan, I'm Jacob Ronaldinis, this is my wife Mary Ronaldinis and next to her is my daughter Cindy Ronaldinis and next to you is my son Brian Ronaldinis and your angel is actually called Jeff Ronaldinis. Now there is a simple rule in this house, everybody addresses the people in this house using their first names, no Mr. or Mrs. Ronaldinis. Understood?" Jacob asked looking into my eyes.

"Yes sir, I would be glad if you could call me Ry instead of Ryan because that's what everyone calls me" I replied in a quiet voice.

"Tell us how you were hurt? Why were you flowing down the river?" Mary asked looking at me.

For the first time today I remembered that horrible day. Tears started to fill my eyes, silent sobs started to escape from my mouth. Jeff quickly wrapped his arms around me and I cried on his shoulder for a few minutes.

"I think I would be more comfortable if I tell Jeff that first, then maybe he can tell you" I replied to Mary's question after I controlled myself.

After that the breakfast passed with brief questions about me and my likes and dislikes. After the breakfast Jacob quickly went to office with Mary taking Cindy with them over to Milton's who happens to be Jacob's partner in J&J Company. That left Jeff and Brian and me. Jeff wanted to talk to me alone so Brian had nothing to do. So he also quickly ran out from the front door to catch his parents before they left. Jeff took me into the living room and lifted me with no effort and put me in the couch, `comfort at last' I thought to myself.

Jeff sat next to me and wrapped his arms around me. I missed Gary more than anything and within these 24 hours I have taken up Jeff as a brother.

"Now squirt would you like to tell me your story?" Jeff asked

"Yes but there something I have to tell you before I tell you my story... You might not like me after I tell you that."

"What is it?"

"Jeff, I'm...I... I'm gay." I blurted out and waited for Jeff to shove me away and yell something nasty at me but I was quickly surprised when he hugged me tighter.

"Really? Whew... Now I'm not afraid that you will steal by Girlfriend. Maybe I can let you meet her" Jeff replied with a chuckle.

I was relieved and disappointed, Relieved because Jeff was open minded and for accepting gays, Disappointed because Jeff was completely straight. Well maybe all the good looking and nice guys are all straight.

I proceeded to tell Jeff my story. I told him about my dad, mom (lily), Elizabeth about Gary and how much I missed them, especially Gary and Liz because they were the best siblings ever. Then I told him about Lynn and how I met her in the party where she was dressed up as a clown. Then I told him about all the fun time I had and some funny things that happened to me. Then I told him about mike. I told him how we both met and how we became boyfriends, then I told him the events of that dreadful day and the day's events and how mike pushed my car out of the road. By the time I finished the story I was crying again. It took 15 minutes for Jeff to calm me down.

"Well it seems this MIKE had cheated on you bad. Now take revenge from him. You can't go back to your old life before mike is behind the bars. I think he will hurt you if you go back and there is no way to prove him guilty without evidence" Jeff finally said. I agreed with him. Then a question popped into my mind, an answer I have been seeking from the time I fell unconscious on the river bank.

"Jeff I told you my story, now please tell me!! Who is Steve?" I asked.

"Well I guess you will find it out sooner or later so I better tell you now."  Jeff replied. Then he stood up and went over to a cupboard and took a picture frame. Then he walked back over and sat next to me.

"Here this is Steve" Jeff said as he handed over the frame to me.

As soon as my eyes fell on the picture in the frame my eyes bugged out and my mouth hung open. I was in a state of shock. I could not speak for a minute or two. As soon as my body control came over me I looked at Jeff and in a shaky voice said.

"OH MY GOD JEFF!!!! ITS...ITS... ITS..."


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To Be Continued...

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