A Love Story

Reese L. Williams


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Chapter 6

I know you guys have really been to find out who was in the picture so let's not keep you guys waiting.


Ry's POV


"Here this is Steve" Jeff said as he handed over the frame to me.

As soon as my eyes fell on the picture in the frame my eyes bugged out and my mouth hung open. I was in a state of shock. I could not speak for a minute or two. As soon as my body control came over me I looked at Jeff and in a shaky voice said.

"OH MY GOD JEFF!!!! ITS...IT'S... IT'S..."

I could not continue. I could not find words to describe it. I could not say anything. Jeff completed my sentence for me.

"It's you!!!!!"

I could not believe it. I was staring down at a boy with the same, completely same facial features as me the only difference was he had blond hair and Jeff's eyes.  For minutes I just sat there, dazed staring at the picture.

"Is... is  ... is he my  ......twin?" I asked still not able to take my eyes off the picture.

"No he is not your twin, but he is Brian's non-identical twin. We checked your DNA and it does not match ours or Steve's and Steve is a year older than you." Jeff replied

"But how is it possible? Scientifically, according to my knowledge there is no way that two people can look alike unless they are twins?" I asked in a shaky voice.

"Ry, sometimes there are things that science can't explain. For example take the big bang. How did something like this universe turned up out of nothing?"  Jeff replied calmly.

"You are right. But where is Steve?" I asked calmly, my question clearly shook Jeff.

"He... He ran away from home last year. He found out that he was gay; he thought that our parent's will not accept him and disown him. So he wrote a letter and kept it in our parent's room and by the time they found it Steve was long gone. Mom and dad tried their best; they hired their own detectives and police officers and swapped the whole state and states nearby. We tried hard and we could not find him. Then I found you on the river bank. I thought I found Steve. I was first puzzle to find you had black hair and brown eyes. I thought maybe you dyed your hair and were wearing contacts. I carried you to our farm house which was nearby. Like I said you kept repeating don't `let them get me'. I removed your wet clothes and when I removed your boxers I saw that you had black pubes..."

Jeff paused and looked at me. I looked at him and saw that he was clearly blushing guessing that it was the mentioning of removing my boxers I snickered. "It's ok, you were helping please continue" Jeff was clearly relaxed; he breathed a sigh of relief and continued.

"... So I was clearly shocked. I was sure that someone would not usually dye their pubic hair with their hair. So after making sure you were dry and breathing properly I disinfected my hands and I opened your eyes and checked if you were wearing any contacts, you weren't, so I was sure you weren't Steve. I quickly called up my parents and asked them to pick us up. So they picked us up, they were shocked to see you; I explained my founding's to them, they contacted their doctors and they treated you." Jeff finished up.

"Jeff you know I can't go back till mike is behind bars, so I guess till then I have to live with you guys. Is it ok? And can you be my brother? At least for a short while" I asked after a few minutes.

"we will be more than happy Ry, I know my parent's will also be pleased, they themselves told me to ask you if you could say here for a while and after what you told me about mike I'm not going to let you go that easily and I would be more than happy to be your brother forever." Jeff replied.

We watched TV for a while. I really missed watching my favorite drama series `vampire diaries'. Well one more reason to kick mike's butt!!!

We watched `how I met your mother' and some songs by lady gaga and of course my all-time favorite Greenday. Now this is the life, although what mike did to me really hurts and my arms and legs hurt and I had to pee really badly.

Then I thought will my parent's miss me? Will Gary miss me? Will Lynn miss me? And most importantly will mike ever realize what he did?


Gary's POV

Well we really Miss Ry the news of the new baby calmed mom and dad a little but the loss of Ry was still great. A few days after the funeral dad wanted to clean Ry's room but mom and I went totally opposite of it. we suggested dad to leave that room as it is to help us remind of Ry. so after a lot of discussion we agreed that no matter how many people come over to our house that room will always remain empty after that dad called up some carpenters and closed and barricaded all the windows and we all watched as dad locked Ry's room doors, never to be opened again.

Tears made its way down my cheeks, Ry died almost two months ago but still the wounds of his deaths are still fresh in my heart.

Someone hugged me from behind, I was sure this was mike because none of my parents are home and he is the only one who will come at such a time.

"Hi baby" mike said smelling my hair.

"Hey mike, how are you?" I said secretly wiping my tears.

"I'm ok how about we go up to your room?" mike asked releasing me.

"I'm sorry maybe not now I'm a little tired and I do not feel like having sex." The truth was I was still missing Ry so I did not feel like enjoying when Ry's dead.

Mike said that he was going to go hang out in the mall, he asked if I wanted to come. I refused and so he went, I went up to my room and fell asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow.


Ry's POV

After a while I just couldn't wait any more, I told Jeff that I had to pee really bad, so Jeff helped me into the toilet. After I was seated he went out of the bathroom to give me some privacy.

After I did my business we went into the living room and sat down, again enjoying the shows.

"Jeff if you don't get mad can I ask you to do a favor for me?"

"Sure ask me!"

"Jeff can you please call my house, I really need to hear mom's voice, right now I think it's better for me not to come in front of them, so can you please talk with her? Please!" I begged. Jeff smiled and then picked up the land line and put it on speaker.

I dialed the number and waited. After a few rings someone picked up the phone. It was mom.

"Hi, McElroy's residence, how may I help you?" mom was dad's secretary so she had a unique way of talking on phone. Hearing her voice made my heart cool down and this unexplainable warmth spread through my body.

"Ummm, this is Jeff, I'm a friend of Ry's I heard about his death so I wanted to tell you how sorry I am"

"Thank you for calling Jeff, I can't tell you how much it means to us, we loved Ry very much and losing him was very painful... I may not be Ry's birth mom but still I feel like I lost one of my own sons. His brother is also in a bad shape, he rarely eats and his father also had gone quiet, however I am pregnant so some of the sadness in the house is gone but still it's like we lost many things"

Hearing that made me cry all over again, but when mom said she was pregnant I was so happy that I had to really control myself from standing up and talking to her.

"Congratulations" Jeff said looking at me and smiling. After a quick goodbye mom hung up. As soon as she hung up I could not stop myself from sobbing. Jeff pulled me into a hug and I cried on his shoulder. After a while I calmed down a bit, I pulled away from Jeff.

"You must think I'm a real cry baby" I said wiping my tears.

"Actually no, it's healthy to let go what you are holding, it's ok to let you guard down, besides you asked if I wanted to be your brother and I said yes, so its ok to cry in front of your brother" he said rubbing my head.

I then remembered that I haven't asked Jeff about my injuries. "Jeff how injured am i? Is my arm and leg broken?"

"When you came you had some light skin damages, those are healed, no your arm and leg is not broken luckily but are fractured. But when I brought you in you were quite a bad shape, if I found you an hour or two hours later you would be dead, isn't it a miracle that I decided to take my girlfriend on a date to the river bank?" Jeff asked lost in his own daze

"Wait your girlfriend was with you?" I asked completely surprised.

It was then Jeff realized what he said. He blushed; some guys are so cute when they blush.

Then I realized one more thing, I couldn't resist asking "was she... She there when you... You... You know...changed...?" I asked

"Yes she actually helped me." It was my turn to blush, man I love making others blush but I don't like blushing.

"You turn so red when you blush" Jeff stated laughing.

We laughed together for a few minutes, and then Jeff asked me if I wanted to play video games. I had nothing else to do so I said yes.

Jeff took the advantage of my right hand being `out of service' and high scored from every single game we played. After about maybe forever Brian came home, I gave him my controller and he kicked Jeff's butt big times. Someone said the truth, the younger generation is much better at electronics.

Days went by and the Ronaldinis family became close. Mary and Jacob treated me like their own son and Jeff and Brian became close to me like real brothers. Cindy however was the sweetest, without even me asking she started calling me brother. It feels so wonderful to be a big brother.

Before I knew it a month passed, I enjoyed being in the Ronaldinis family. On a Sunday doctors came to remove the casts I was very happy and overjoyed. It stung a bit but after that it felt really good to be free, I could move my arm without being held back and walk on my own feet, although it hurt a bit. The doctor gave me some more medicine; I think these doctors were going to overdose me with all the medicines.

After a week I could move and walk around without hurting myself.

I was sitting on the couch reading a story when I saw Brian heading out. No one else was in the house and I was alone, Jeff himself went out with his girlfriend.

"Hey, Bri where are you going?"

"I'm going over to Milton's want to come?" I have heard about Milton's but never seen them, I had nothing better to do so I nodded and went with him,

After a 15 minute drive we were passing through a huge gate, what I saw on the other side totally blew my mind off. The mansion was huge and had a huge front lawn. I just sat there my mouth hanging open.

After a few minutes of slow drive we were pulling in front of the mansion. As soon as we exited the car a servant rushed over and drove the car to the parking area.

"Master Vince is expecting you in the library" a cute butler in his late 20's said as we passed the front door.

"Ry why don't you hang out in the backyard while I go and talk with Vince," Bri yelled over his head as he climbed the stairs. The butler escorted me into a small hallway and out of a small door then he went away. I stood there my mouth hanging open for the second time for the day.

I will be fucked up to call this a backyard, an area larger than the front lawn, a small pond, a small hill and a small jungle like thingy.

I slowly made my way over to the pond. The pond was a feet below the land so I stood there watching the water move with the wind and small bees buzzing around.

I was quite taken back when someone yelled "Stevie now time to get you back for the last time you pushed me into the pond" then pushed me.

I turned around and I managed to hold on to the shirt of my attacker, I thought it would stop me from falling in, instead we both fell in.

The pond was not so deep; it could pass for a puddle. I closed my eyes and my body made impact with the water. The guy who pushed me fell on top of me, talk about soft landings!!!!

I opened my eyes to find the most beautiful guy I ever saw in my life staring down at me. Brown eyes, blond hair; small dedicate lips, pearly white teeth and the most dazzling smile, the perfect guy.

I never believed in love at first sight, but now I think I have to reconsider.

To Be Continued...

Find out more about Ry's LOVE at first sight in the next chapter

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