A Love Story

Reese L. Williams


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           Ryan-17 --------(Ry) lead story teller (5'7, 150 pounds, black hair, Black-brown eye, smooth skin, medium built)

           Tucker-45  -----Ry's dad (6,4, weight unknown, dark brown hair , brown eyes, built )

           Mother-41 -----Ry's 'biological' mother (black hair and black eyes)

           Gary-19 --------Ry's brother  (6'2, dark brown hair, light brown eyes, Built)

           Lily-39  ------- Ry's stepmom (5'9, Strawberry blond hair, Blue eyes)

           Elizabeth-21---Lily's daughter (5'8, Blond hair, Gray eyes)


                       Mike-17------ Ry's So called boyfriend (6'3, 200 pounds, Red hair, Green eyes, built)

                       Lynn-17 ------- Ry's only real best friend (5'7, Brown hair, Greenish blue eyes.)

                       Jeff-22--------- Ry's savior and new found big brother  (6'3, 200 ponds, Blond hair, blue eyes, Built to die for)

                       New comer, 17 ------ Ry's crush at first sight. (6'0, 190 ponds, Blond hair, Blue eyes, nice build and REALLYYYYY cute.


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Chapter 7

  Ry's POV

I kept staring into his eyes and he kept staring into my eyes.

Like a scene from an old film. I felt the time slow down and I felt the other things fade into the background. The temperature outside was close to 14C but I could not feel my clothes getting wet me getting cold I was too lost into the guy's eye.

"Steve where have you been" the guy spoke clearly for the first time. His sound was smooth and easy to listen to. It's like my ears have been waiting to hear that sound forever. I lay there unable to move under this hunk enjoying every single moment.

"Oh my god Ry, are you ok? Andy get off him" I snapped out of my dreamland when I heard Bri cry out.


Bri's POV

Vince is a class mate and my only best friend in the world. Well we both and Jeff and Andy (Vin's little brother) are all home schooled and as Vin and I are in the same grade our parents decided that it was best for us to study together, because of course two is better than one.

I went to the library to find Vince lost in some kind of novel. Man when this guy is reading a novel he will read it till it is finished.

"Vince, why did you ask me to come?" I asked standing in front of him. As usual he did not hear me the first time. So I thought of a mighty little plan in my brain. "VIN MAN SNAP OUT OF IT, THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE"

As usual, although this was an old prank Vince suddenly jumped to hear that and as usual fell from the chair. Although I had seen this reaction like a million times, I was still amused to see the stupid expression on his face. I also fell down, not because I was scared or anything just because I could not control my laughter and my stomach was starting to hurt.

Vince was 5'6, a little short for his age and had sky blue eyes and blond hair.

Vince stood up brushed off his dresses and started to get up, I finally was able to control my laughter so I also stood up and sat down on the chair. Vince took the book he was reading and went to put it back on the shelf next to the window. The window had a full view of the backyard; I was suddenly startled to hear Vince gasp.

"What's wrong Vince?" I asked looking at his direction.

"Did you guys finally find Steve?" Vince asked still not able to move his gaze away from the window. I mentally slapped myself that I forgot to tell Vince about Ry, but this guy is so detracting that even if I came to warn him that somebody was plotting to kill him I would forget.

"Well about that, it's not Steve" I replied standing up and walking over to him. Ry was standing next to the pond, obviously enjoying the beauty.

"What do you mean by its not Steve, I may be a little dumb but I can clearly see that, that it Steve" Vince replied sounding a little annoyed.

"The kid only looks like Steve, his name is Ry, same age as Andy and we crossed checked his and Steve's DNA and it does not match till like out triple times great grandfathers." I replied

Then I proceeded to tell Vince about how Jeff found Ry and about how Mike tried to kill Ry.

"Man that's horrible" Vince replied when I finished the story. As soon as he said this we heard Andy scream out "Stevie now time to get you back for the last time you pushed me into the pond". We both alarmingly turned to find Andy on top of Ry and they were both in the pond.

We both sprinted down the stairs into the backyard. Ry and Andy were in the same position and I could see that they both were in a romantic scene, I was far more concerned about Ry hurting himself during the fall so as soon as I stepped into the backyard I cried out "Oh my god Ry, are you ok? Andy get off him".


Ry's POV

I diverted my eyes to find Bri running over to me, with concern written all over his face closely followed by a cute boy. What's with these families? Are they all X-models? I thought to myself. The guy, who assumed was Andy pulled himself up with a questioning expression on his face. I immediately started to shiver. Bri ran up to the pond and without hesitation got in. he came and sat down next to me.

"Ry are you ok? Is any part of your body hurting?" Bri asked still concerned.

"I'm ok. Please help me get up" I replied with a huge smile. Bri helped me up and I again started to shiver as water ran down my back.

"Why are you calling him Ry, Bri?" Andy asked standing next to the cute guy who I assumed was Vince.

"It's because it's not Steve, this is Ry, he looks like Steve he..." Bri cut off his sentence when I sneezed. "Let's get you out of these wet clothes, Andy, ask your brother to explain all this" Bri said as he guided me into the house.


Andy's POV

I watched as Bri lead Ry into the house. I turned and faced my brother.  "Ok please explain, my brain is hurting"

"Well let me tell the story in short. Like Bri said it's not Steve, his name is Ry, your age. Well he found his boyfriend fucking his brother behind his back, then his boyfriend tried to kill him but in time he managed to escape. Jeff found the kid near the river bank and he brought the kid home, he is afraid that his X will try to kill him again so he is staying here, and if his parents find out that Ry is alive, they will try to take him home so his parents don't know that he is alive." Vince managed to say it all in one breath.

"Wait did you say his boyfriend? Is he gay?" I asked starting to gin.

"Yeah, gay! What do you have in mind?"  Vince asked looking at me.

"I think I like the guy" I yelled over my shoulders as I ran into the house.

 Ry's POV

I kept thinking of Andy as I was showering in the bathroom of one of the many guest rooms in the house. After a long hot shower, still lost in Andy's thought I wrapped around me I went into the room, Bri was sitting on the bed and as soon as I entered I heard him gasp and then giggle.

"What?" asked still lost in my own thoughts.

"That!" He said pointing my crotch. I looked down and saw that the towel was tenting, talk about inappropriate boners. I immediately start to blush.

"OOOOO. Is that for me?" Bri asked in his best girly voice and then broke down laughing. Well two can play the game. I took the shirt and jeans on the table and then looked over Brian and then mimicking his style I replied.

"You? For you? Come on! You are not that sexy! This is for the old lady who lives down the road!" I replied shaking my hips. Brian immediately stopped laughing and dashed towards me. I was already prepared for this reaction. I stuck out my tongue and then quickly closed the toilet door. I heard a thump of someone's head hitting the door, then a hell lot of cursing and then... silence. Ginning I got dressed.

When I got out Bri was lying on the bed, rubbing his forehead. I wanted to play with him more so I said. "You know you should start topping, they say the bottom gets all the headaches" Bri looked at me questioningly; well some guys will never understand

Bri and I went down into the living room, or should I say living hall? Well we climbed downstairs to find Andy and Vince on the couch, they both looked disturbed.

"Hey guys what are you guys thinking about" Bri said as soon as he climbed the last step.

"Well don't you think you gave us hell of a surprise, you could have at least warned us!" Vince was the first to talk.

"Well I would have told you. But every time I come you are always talking about some Melinda, Ashley or some Maria or Jennifer." Bri replied flopping down on the couch.

"Whatever are you really not Steve? Is this some kind of prank?" Andy replied looking at me. Man I just can't stop staring at those eyes.

"Come on guys. You can call mom or dad or even Jeff." Bri replied a little annoyed.

"Shit, how are we going to explain this to mom and dad? You guys better hurry out. They are returning from their Tokyo trip this evening, its better if your parents explain this than us. You guys should go before they get here. It took me an hour to explain all this to Andy" Vince replied a little worried.

"Yes, let's go Ry" Bri said standing up.

There was the unmistakable sound of a car screeching to a stop and then the sound of the butler welcoming Mr. and Mrs. Milton. Bri looked at Vince with a worried glance then he snickered.

"How about rock, paper and scissors? Loser gets to explain this!"

Man this is going to be a long day.


Gary's POV

I watched the sky get dark with the clouds. Unmistakable sound of thunder could be heard far away.

I set there in my room watching all this. Mike was sleeping snuggled to me. We just had another great session of love making. Still the guilt of enjoying my life while Ry's dead lingered in me. I felt disgusted and dirty. With the guilt I fell asleep.

I saw a completely white room. No doors, nor windows, no walls and no furniture, just white walls and then me. Then I saw a boy from far away, the boy was just standing just there, I felt some recognition. It was Ry. I ran towards him. As I neared him I was able to see that he had blond hair and blue eyes. I ran up to him and hugged him hard.

"Oh god Ry, I missed you baby brother." I said staring to sob. I felt him put his hands on my shoulders and then he pushed me away. I looked at him questioningly. "Who are you" he said with coldness and questioning in his mind. I felt my heart shatter.

He started to fade, I tried to hug him again, but I ended up hugging myself. I looked around; I spotted him where I was standing earlier. I started to run towards him again. He just stood there but I could not get near him how hard I ran. Then I saw a faceless man behind Ry, what caught my attention was the large butcher knife he was holding. I started to run faster. I saw him lift the knife over his head and then bring it towards Ry's neck hard.

"RY GET AWAY" I screamed and closed my eyes. Someone was shaking me. I opened my eyes to find mom over me. I looked next to my bed to find mike gone.

 "Gary what's wrong why you are screaming in your sleep. Did you have a bad dream?" mom asked concern in her voice. I ended up hugging her and crying myself to sleep again on her shoulder.

Ry's POV

Well just as I suspected this turned out to be a long day. Bri and Vince played Rock, paper, scissors and Bri ended up losing. Well serves him right.

Mr. and Mrs. Milton or as they prefer John and Susan came to find me sitting on the couch. There was one more round of the same speech. "GOD STEVE, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN" seriously I have heard this speech more than I need to. One more and I'm blasting off.  Well next on the agenda was a long speech by Bri and cut offs in middle my Andy, Vince, John and Susan. I just sat there drooling and forget the manners I think I fell asleep once or twice. By the time it was finished I was just a few seconds away from dying from boredom.

As soon as Bri finished his story Susan came and hugged me. I really missed this. I hugged her tighter and she ended up petting on my back and rubbing my hair.

After a wonderful dinner and some other things we went home after gaining me another mom and dad. Why can't some parents like my biological mother be a little more caring? How can they just leave their kids behind like this? How can they kill or abandon their own flesh and blood.


(May I request a one minute silence for all the innocent lives of infants, teenagers, kids and young men who were murdered by their own, self-centered parents, brothers and sisters. The world will be a much better place without these fuckers.)

I'm sorry that this chapter is a little short. I was really busy. I will make it up to you guys on the next chapter.

To Be Continued...

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